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Words from  the  Editor………………………………Page  1     Insight  Media’s  Research………………………….Page  2-­‐3     Website  Goals………………………………………..Page  4     The  5  S’s……………………………………...……Page  5-­‐10     Website  Goals……………………………………….Page  11     Online  Value  Proposition…………………………...Page  12     Search  Engine  Optimisation………………………..Page  13     Source  Code…………...……………………………Page  14     O.V.P.  Summary…………………………………….Page  15     Frequently  Updated………………………………..Page  16     Personalisation  &  Dynamic  Design……………..Page  17-­‐20     Aesthetics……………………………………..…Page  21-­‐24     Page  Design……………………………...…….Page  26–27     Navigation  &  Structure……………….………...Page  28-­‐34     Interaction………………………………………Page  35-­‐37     Social  media  Engagement……………………...Page  38-­‐40     Content………………………………………….Page  41-­‐42     Ease  of  Use………………………………………....Page  43     Evaluation……………………………………….Page  44-­‐49      

Welcome to   this   month’s   issue   of   Insight   Media,  this  month  we  are  looking  into  Male   High  Street  Brands.     We  have  chosen  four  of  the  biggest  brands   to  look  into,  these  are;     Ø  -­‐  Topman   Ø  -­‐  River  Island     Ø  -­‐  Burtons   Ø  -­‐  Zara    

As we  do  in  everything  issue  of  Insight  Media,  we   will  be  analysing  these  four  companies  and  how   they  look  to  engage  with  their  customers   digitally.   Inside  this  months  issue  will  include  primary   research  conducted  by  insight  media  and   secondary  resources  from  the  most  reliable   sources.  Also  inside  this  moths  issue;   -­‐PR  of  the  companies,  how  they  manage  and  look   aGer  social  media  and  network  sites   -­‐The  Five  Ss’   -­‐Online  Value  ProposiKon   -­‐The  Key  Design  on  the  websites   -­‐SEO   -­‐Google  AnalyKcs   -­‐Dynamic  Design  and  PersonalisaKon  

For this  months  issue  we   gave  the  responsibility  of   the  research  to  Tyler   Lawrence,  one  of  Insights   top  Marketers.  

So the   first   part   of   my   research   is   simple,   yet   needed!  We  have  made  the  statement  of  these   brands   being   the   top   high   street   brands;   we   need   some   evidence   for   our   statement!   Insight   Media   have   gone   into   the   top   high   streets   and   shopping  centres  in  the  country  and  made  sure   these   brands   are   there.   Here   our   findings   and   the  first  part  of  our  primary  research.  

The High  Streets  and  shopping  centres  we   checked  are:     -­‐WesSields  Shopping  Centre  -­‐  StraSord  


You can  follow   @tylerlawrence03  or   connect  with  him  at  his   LinkedIn  profile.  

-­‐MetroCentre –  Gateshead   -­‐Bluewater  –  DarSord   -­‐Lakeside  Shopping  Centre  –  Thurrock   -­‐The  Centre  MK:  Milton  Keynes   -­‐The  Eden  Shopping  Centre  –  High  Wycombe   -­‐Oxford  Street  –  London  (Retail  Week)  






The! Centre!

Eden! Centre!

Oxford! Street!

























River! Island!








So here  from  the  Birst  part  of  the  research   you  can  see  that  these  four  brands  are  top   high  street  brands!  Passing  the  Birst  insight   media  test,  these  brands  have  stores  in  the   top  shopping  centres  and  most  famous  high   street  within  the  UK.     ! Time   for   the   second   test,   inside   our   head   quarters   we   set   up   a   focus   group   with   a   twist.   We   invited   ten   males   between   the   ages   of   18   –   24,   and   let   them   visit   and   explore   each   of   these   brands   websites   and   take   items   into   the   online   checkout   to   see   how   easy   it   was   and   what   they   thought   of   the  website.    

After they   had   visited   and   explored   the   website   we   asked   them   to   discuss   and   rate  the  website  on  these  points:     -­‐The  websites  ability  to  Mix  –  mode  sell   -­‐Easy  to  view   -­‐Easy  to  Use   -­‐Ability  to  personalise   -­‐Online  RecommendaKons   -­‐DuraKon  on  site  –  maximum  allowed  was   10  minutes   -­‐Easy  to  Purchase   -­‐Would  they  visit  it  again  

! Mix7mode!selling! ! Easy!to!view! Easy!to!Use! Ability!to! personalise! Online! Recommendations! Duration!on!site! Easy!to!Purchase! Visit!Again!

Burton! Yes!–!80%! No!–!20%! Yes!–!90%! No!–!10%! Yes!–!100%!

Zara! Yes!–!100%!

Topman! Yes!–!100%!


River!Island! Yes!–!80%! No!–!20%! Yes!–!100%!


Yes!–!70%! No!–!30%! No!–!100%!

Yes!–!80%! No!–!20%! No!–!100%!

Yes!–!90%! No!–!10%! No!–!100%!





Avg!–!8mins! Yes!–!100%! Yes!–!100%!

Avg.!–!5mins! Yes!–!100%! Yes0!90%! No!–!10%!

Avg.!7!mins! Yes!–!100%! Yes!–!80%! No!–!20%!

Avg.!8mins! Yes!–!100%! Yes!–!100%!


So here  are  the  two  primary  researches  conducted  by  Insight  media.  So  before  we  look  into  the   secondary   research   what   can   we   take   from   the   primary.   Well   firstly   and   simply   as   already   menKoned   the   four   high   street   brands   have   the   status   to   be   called   a   “top   high   street   brand”   this   can  be  said  with  them  having  stores  in  the  top  shopping  hot  spots  across  the  country.    

The content   and   overall   funcKonality   of   a   website   is   governed  strictly  by  its  overall  goal.  Why  is  it  there   and   what   is   its   aim.   With   a   goal   comes   relevant   content,   and   this   in   turn   projects   how   the   website   will  look  and  how  it  is  organised  in  order  to  operate.       Common   examples   of   how   a   website   serves   a   customer  include:     -­‐    Helping  them  purchase  something  they  need.   -­‐    Aid  them  with  research/informaKon   -­‐  Seek  ways  in  which  they  can  save  Kme  and  money   -­‐   Encourage   communicaKon   between   them   and                                 the  organisaKon     -­‐    Allow  them  to  enjoy  a  beeer  web  experience.   (Chaffey,  2011)    

These goals  can  be  summarised   into  5  key  factors.  Those   factors  are  known  as  the  5s’.   Insight  Media  has  applied  these   factors  to  this  issue’s  brand   leaders.

“Growing sales  can  be  achieved  through  effecKvely  communicaKng  a  crystal  clear  online   value  proposiKon”  (Chaffey,  2011)    This  means  that  the  website  uKlises  the  opportunity   of   the   internet   to   the   benefit   of   not   only   the   company   but   the   customer.   These   can   include  immediacy  (taking  the  customer  straight  to  what  they  want)  convenience  (faster   to   buy   online,   more   relaxing   shopping   experience,   wider   availability)   it   could   also   include   being  cheaper  to  shop  online  as  opposed  to  offline.


The  homepage  for  this  site  clearly  suggests   that  the  customer  can  shop  online.  This  is   demonstrated  from  a  banner  that  informs   “This  site  ships  to  the  United  Kingdom”,  the   banner  also  gives  the  customer  the   opportunity  to  “change  country”  meaning  the   website  could  sKll  provide  service  to  those   customers  who  live  abroad.        There  are  also  11  tabs  which  lead  to  specific   product  groups,  and  large  pictures  of  models   wearing  products  that  are  available  for  sale,   all  displayed  on  the  homepage.  Beneath  the   11  product  type  tabs,  there  are  tabs  which   give  further  informaKon  about  delivery  and   returns.      This  is  the  very  first  page  the  customer  will   see  and  it  seems  heavily  orientated  toward   product,  and  delivery,  thus  encouraging  sales.    

Here the  website  idenKfies  exactly  who  you   are  shopping  for  (as  the  brand  caters  for  men   women  and  children),  once  idenKfied  product   is  presented  instantly,  including  price,   something  that  was  lacking  from  the  Topman   website.          This  website  similarly  to  others,  informs  the   customer  that  they  can  delivery  to  over  100   different  countries,  once  more  allowing  for   internaKonal  sales.

The digital  architecture  of  this  website  is  very   similar  to  that  of  Topman,  and  this  comes  as   no  surprise  as  the  two  companies  are  both   owned  by  the  Arcadia  group,  quite  possibly   using  the  same  web  design  team.        Looking  beyond  the  aestheKcs,  the  website   offered  by  Burton  is  heavily  orientated   toward  sales,  with  the  home  page  displaying   the  latest  deals  and  offering  a  direct  link  to   the  relevant  secKon  of  the  website.    

This website  offers  shopping  funcKonality,   however  it  is  quite  covert  in  its  approach   when  compared  against  the  other  websites   menKoned.  The  website  comes  across  more   as  a  ‘look  book’  or  fashion  magazine,  the   prices  are  listed  but  don’t  appear  as  obvious   as  for  instance  River  Island  or  Burton’s  are.        Where  the  website  is  detailed  and  provides   clear  imagery  against  the  products  available   to  buy,  this  website  doesn’t  strike  the  user  as   boldly  as  the  others  do  in  pumng  the   message  across  that  this  is  in  fact  an  online   shop.    

“Add value   through   designing   easy   to   use   interacKve   services   that   help   customer   to   find   relevant   up   to   date   informaKon   quickly”   (Chaffey,   2011)   This   essenKally   means  that  the  website  provides  recent  informaKon,  in  an   easily  accessible,  interacKve  format  for  the  user  to  for  fill   their  needs.


The  website  is  clearly  organised  and  labelled;  there  is  

no ambiguity  as  to  what  it  is  you  might  be  selecKng  to   look  at.  The  website  is  also  very  Kdy,  drop  down   menus  automaKcally  appear  when  you  place  the   cursor  over  the  relevant  tab,  and  from  this  come  more   opKons,  which  are  but  a  click  away  from  the  product   range  available.     Within  two  clicks,  the  customer  has  the  potenKal  to  be   looking  at  their  desired  item  in  full  detail,  there  is  a   selecKon  of  large  pictures  detailing  the  item,  and  a   magnificaKon  tool  provided  in  order  to  really  get  a   good  idea  of  what  it  is  they’re  to  be  purchasing.    

Similarly to  the  funcKonality  of  Topman,  this  website  is   very  clean  and  concise  in  the  number  of  clicks  to  get  to   the  items  which  are  of  interest  to  the  customer.       Because  this  company  offers  ranges  to  more  than  one   gender,  they  put  themselves  at  a  slight  disadvantage   by  keeping  all  the  products  under  one  website.  For   example,  where  there  are  11  clearly  labelled  and  well   thought  out  drop  down  menus  on  the  Topman   website,  River  Island  provide  one  drop  down  menu,   which  appears  bulky  and  very  busy.  This  makes  it  less   efficient  than  other  websites,  because  the  customer   has  to  carefully  read  through  all  the  different  product   types  available  in  one  go,  rather  than  only  seeing  the   product  types  that  are  relevant  to  their  needs.

Here the  website  is  packed  with  informaKon  as  to   the  latest  deals  in  store,  achieving  Serve  by   clearly  displaying  this  informaKon  on  the   homepage,  and  giving  direct  links  to  the  relevant   pages  to  which  the  products  involved  with  the   deal  are  on.     This  is  a  good  example  of  serve  as  the  informaKon   is  clear,  and  easily  used.    

Once the  customer  has  selected  the  area  of  the  site   that  applies  to  them,  for  instance  Man,  the  site  does   then  offer  a  page  which  hosts  two  links,  one  to  a  “Look   book”  and  another  to  “What’s  new”.  These  are  of   benefit  to  the  customer  as  essenKally  they  become   sales  assistants,  there  to  help  guide  the  customer  to   the  latest  products  or  products  which  are  popular  at   the  moment.       However  should  the  customer  not  be  buying  for   themselves,  idenKfying  which  of  the  navigaKon  tabs   would  be  most  relevant  does  become  slightly  tricky   should  the  customer  not  have  shopped  with  Zara   before.      There  are  a  number  of  tabs  which  aren’t  labelled  as   clearly  as  for  example  River  Island  (they  do  however   work  in  the  same  way.  One  tab  drops  down  and   presents  the  enKre  available  product  for  that  category,   rather  than  individually  segmented).  There  are  also  a   selecKon  of  tabs  which  lead  the  customer  to  pages   that  are  less  focussed  on  product  and  are  more  like   magazine  fashion  supplements.    

“Converse and   get   closer   to   customer   by   providing   tailored   content   and   designing   interacKve   faciliKes   to   create   dialogue   when   customers   talk   to   each  other,  as  well  as  learning  about  their  needs”  (Chaffey,  2011)  Here  the   aim  is  to  build  communicaKon  between  customer  and  company,  this  can  be   from   providing   capability   to   the   customer   to   view   a   site   that   is   specifically   tailored   to   their   needs,   for   instance   recommendaKons   for   products   they   might   be   interested   in.   This   can   also   be   achieved   through   direct   communicaKon   to   the   customer,   for   instance   through   social   networking   or   internal  website  popups.  


This website   displays   which   of   your   Facebook   friends   ‘Like’  the  company,  and  should  the  user  wish  to  click  on   this   informaKon,   it   automaKcally   ‘Likes’   the   website   via   their   Facebook,   and   encourages   the   user   to   post   this   acKvity  onto  their  personal  Facebook  wall.          This  simple  addiKon  to  their  website,  has  contributed   toward  the  page’s  193,000  fans.     Featured   items   on   the   Facebook   page   include   links   to   Youtube,   an   RSS   feed,   direct   link   to   the   Topman   online   shop.   The   external   Topman   Youtube   channel   has   been   acKve   since   2005,   and   has   only   accumulated   20,000   upload   views.  Perhaps  an  area  that  could  be  expanded  upon.   Topman  also  has  an  acKve  Twieer,  tweeKng  at  least  once   a  day,  and  has  accrued  almost  23,000  followers.    

Not overly   interacKve   with   their   customer   on   the   main   website,   there   is   a   toolbar   which   offers   the   opportunity   to  sign  up  to  an  emailing  list  however.         Their   contribuKons   to   the   likes   of   Facebook,   Youtube   and   Twieer,   are   again   quite   covert,   and   are   simply   represented   via   the   social   networking   symbols   at   the   boeom  of  the  website  page.         When   invesKgated   further   River   Island’s   Facebook   page   have   over   a   million   fan   likes.   The   page’s   wall   is   full   of   messages   outlining   discounts   for   students,   user   compeKKons   in   return   for   free   product,   and   the   latest   fashion  clothing  and  accessories.         Their   Twieer   is   also   a   success,   hosKng   over   40,000   followers,   and   also   a   very   acKve   resource,   with   consistency  to  Tweets,  oGen  more  than  twice  a  day.      Their  Youtube  contribuKon  started  in  2009,  and  so  far   their  uploads  have  had  over  300,000  views.   Overall   they   have   made   a   strong   impact   into   the   social   networking  field.

Here Burton   disrupt   the   shopping   experience   for   the   customer   with   a   pop   up   that   requests   feedback   from   the   customer  upon  finishing  their  visit.  Where  this  is  quite  a   direct  aggressive  approach  from  the  website,  should  the   visitor   click   No   Thanks,   the   website   remembers   this   should  they  return  to  the  website  at  another  Kme,  which   is   a   great   bit   of   personalisaKon   for   the   customer,   meaning  no  annoyance  of  consistent  pop  ups.     Externally   Burton   host   a   Facebook   page,   and   have   designed   the   content   to   come   across   as   quite   personal   and   on   a   level   with   the   customer.   For   example   the   “About”  descripKon  of  the  page  menKons  “We  look  aGer   our   mates;   become   a   fan   for   sneak   previews   and   exclusive   promoKons.”.   The   page   runs   compeKKons   for   those  who  have  joined  the  page  and  also  allows  users  to   post   comments   on   their   wall,   allowing   for   direct   communicaKon   between   company   and   customer.   The   page  currently  has  less  than  30,000  fans.     Burton   are   also   on   Twieer,   offering   similar   funcKonality   to  the  Facebook  page,  however  currently  only  have  just   over  1000  followers.    

Currently the   site   hosts   a   large   Flash   player   video   on   their  homepage,  which  can  be  shared  through  Facebook   or   Twieer.   However   this   neither   helps   nor   hinders   the   customer  using  the  website  in  terms  of  communicaKon.           This   website   very   covertly   displays   a   link   to   their   Facebook   page,   and   this   is   shown   aGer   the   customer   has   selected   a   secKon   they   wish   to   look   into.   However,   the   Facebook   page   itself   has   proved   very   successful,   with   over  10  million  fans.         The   page   provides   fashion   arKcles   that   have   been   produced   by   Zara,   and   also   short   films.   Perhaps   taking   the  approach  of  entertainment  as  opposed  to  overt  sales   markeKng  is  a  beeer  approach  for  this  parKcular  industry   to   aeain   a   beeer   social   network   following.   Providing   arKcles  that  may  be  of  some  interest  to  read,  as  opposed   to  essenKally  ‘junk  mail’  offer  aGer  offer.         In   contrast   to   their   Facebook   success,   their   Twieer   seems   fairly   inacKve,   having   only   posted   84   tweets.   They   have  accumulated  over  11,000  followers.    

“Costs are   saved   through   delivering   online   content   and   services   that   may   have   previously   been   achieved   through   print   and   post   or  face  to  face  service  and  sales  transacKons”  (Chaffey  2011)  This   boils   down   to   saving   on   overheads.   Area’s   that   this   can   include   are   email   promoKons   as   opposed   to   printed,   use   of   mobile   applicaKon  rather  than  catalogue,  or  even  saving  costs  of  payroll   –  online  transacKons  do  not  require  staff.  


Topman/ Burton   offer   an   email   mailing   list   to   which   visitors   can   sign   up   for   to   be   apart   of.   This   is   a   basic   funcKon   of   most   retailing   websites,   and   looking   beyond   this,   there   are   no   further   aeempts   at   uKlising   digital   to   save   on   costs   and   thus   maximise   on  profits  of  online  sales.       There  is  no  mobile  applicaKon  for  purchasing  on  the   move,   or   contacKng   consumers   directly   with   promoKons  and  deals.       The  lack  of  mobile  applicaKon  could  be  down  to  the   iniKal   cost   factor   in   the   short   term   for   the   design   and  creaKon  of  the  app,  however  it  should  be  noted   that,  aGer  only  14  months  from  being  launched,  the   iPad   accounts   for   1%   of   internet   browsing   throughout   the   world   (Mintel,   2011),   and   that   in   the  UK  Ofcom  esKmate  that  15%  of  households  are   completely   mobile   only,   and   have   no   landline   nor   broadband  (Mintel,  2011),  introducing  a  mobile  app   could  potenKally  break  this  large  percentage  of  the   market.    

River Island   have   uKlised   digital   in   a   big   way   by   introducing   an   iPhone/iPad   applicaKon,   which   is   free  to  download,  and  it  adverKsed  on  the  website   as  well  as  in  the  iTunes  store.       This   app   has   been   developed   by   a   company   called   No   Need   4   Mirrors,   who   appear   to   specialise   in   retail   applicaKons,   having   also   developed   apps   for   Oasis,  Karen  Miller  and  Warehouse.       This   applicaKon   allows   the   user   to   shop,   create   ‘wishlists’   that   can   then   be   shared,   locates   nearest   stores  and  receive  news  and  offers.       A   fantasKc   tool   which   saves   the   customer   Kme   by   having   the   freedom   to   shop   on   the   move,   or   plan   what  they’d  like  to  purchase  then  be  told  where  the   nearest  place  to  buy  is. Zara   have   aeempted   to   break   into   the   market   of   mobile   applicaKons,   however   have   made   a   poor   aeempt.  Their  applicaKon  has  been  widely  criKcised   and   shunned   by   various   ecommerce   websites,   and   quite  rightly.       The   app   provides   very   liele   informaKon   to   the   customer,   it   does   demonstrate   some   of   the   new   lines   available   for   purchase,   but   only   details   them   with   a   single   picture,   no   product   informaKon   or   code,   no   price,   no   availability.   There   is   also   no   menKon   of   local   stores   to   the   customer’s   locaKon,   and   no   contact   details   for   any   stores.   You   also   cannot  purchase  from  the  app.     Overall  a  disappoinKng  aeempt  from  Zara,  however   the   foundaKons   have   been   laid   and   perhaps   this   is   an   area   which   could   be   improved   upon   going   forwards.    

“An excellent  site  design  helps  build  the  brand  and  reinforces   the  brand  values  through  the  type  of  content,  interacKviKes   and   overall   style   tone   or   feel.”   (Chaffey,   2011).   Sizzle   is   an   area   which   focuses   on   portraying   the   brand   effecKvely   online,   so   that   where   the   new   digital   proposiKon   is   put   forward,   it   is   done   so   in   a   way   that   is   familiar   to   that   parKcular  brand’s  clientele.


Topman have  styled  their  website  very  similarly   to   how   they   would   merchandise   window   displays   in   store.   The   stores   are   decorated   with   pictures  of  models  or  manikins  that  are  dressed   in   product   available   to   purchase,   and   this   is   mirrored  brilliantly  through  the  website.       As   a   brand   Topman   target   a   specific   young   male   audience,   that   are   on   trend   and   are   a   modern   man.   The   website   reflect   this   with   opKonal   music   delivered   through   the   site   add   on   ‘Topman   Player’,   this   is   a   nice   feature   which   again   brings   to   the   table   the   essence   of   the   nature  of  the  brand.  .    

River Island   have   altered   the   look   of   their   website   from   the   look   of   their   stores,   by   making   the   website   more   clean   cut.   There   are   displays  of  models  wearing  product  which  does   reflect  the  in  store  manikins,  however  at  store   level  the  brand  appears  more  lively,  with  stores   being   fieed   to   look   more   like   dressing   rooms   someKmes   including   dressing   tables   to   which   clothes  are  displayed  on.       The   website   seems   more   professional   and   more   like   an   online   catalogue,   which   is   a   useful   tool   for   the   customer   but   however   doesn’t   reflect  the  brand’s  in  store  look.

Once more,   very   much   similar   in   approach   to   Zara’s   website   stands   out   from   other   online   Topman,   however   lacking   the   opKon   of   a   retail   websites   namely   because,   it   doesn’t   personal  music  player.     follow   the   standard   format.   There   are   no   elaborate   “sale”   signs   or   “30%   off”   banners.   The   website   is   very   subtle   and   elegant,   and   as   menKoned   before,   appears   more   like   a   professional  fashion  magazine.       This  bodes  well  against  the  nature  of  the  brand,   which   appears   to   pride   itself   with   connecKons   to   the   fashion   world,   by   providing   detailed   interesKng   arKcles   about   the   latest   trends   and   news   within   this   industry.   It   also   reflects   the   professional   clean   cut   modern   appearance   of   stores.    

All companies   have   goals   they   wish   the   website   to   achieve,   companies   also   wish   for   their  website  to  be  different  to  its  compeKtors,  as  to  ensure  their  website  is  the  site  the   users  visit.  However,  it  is  believed  that  four  factors  affect  what  makes  customers  return   to  a  website,  these  are:   •  •  •  • 

Ease of  use   Content   Frequently  updated   Quick  to  download  


Nowadays the   Internet   is   even   more   mobile   than   ever.   So  much  so  that  most  mobile   phones   have   the   Internet   on   it.     The   percentage   of   people   using   mobile   Internet   is   on   the   rise   and   is   set   to   keep   increasing.     Therefore   websites   need   to   ensure   that   they   are   mobile   compaKble,  this  applies  to  all   4  factors  previous.    

Ease of  use   A   good   website   should   always   be   easy   to   navigate   through.   A   website   should   be   clear   and   signposted   well   for   the   user   to   be   able   to   navigate   to   any   page   with  ease.  Chaffey  and  Smith  (2008)  say  that  the  ‘form   or  structure  of  the  site  is  neither  over  complicated  nor   too  big.’  The  user  should  never  find  themselves  lost  or   overwhelmed   with   informaKon   and   therefore   unable   to  do  the  task  they  wish.     Content   Content  is  seen  to  be  the  most  important  factor  of  the   four.   This   is   due   to   the   fact   that   ‘quality   content   helps   visitors   to   make   the   right   decisions,   also   aeracKng   visitors   through   SEO,   therefore   increasing   brand   awareness.’   (Chaffey   and   Smith,   2008)   The   more   relevant  the  content  as  well  as  how  good  the  content   it,   the   more   likely   the   user   to   want   to   come   back   as   well  as  enKce  new  users  to  visit  the  page.     Frequently  updated   A  good  website  needs  to  stay  updated  and  make  sure   that   it   is   ‘with   the   Kmes.’   A   frequently   updated   website  ensures  that  it  is  relevant  to  users  as  well  as   useful.  (Chaffey  and  Smith,  2008)  This  also  means  that   the  site  needs  to  have  out  of  date  informaKon  filtered   out  or  archived.       Quick  to  download   This   refers   to   the   Kme   it   takes   for   a   page   to   load.   Some   pages   are   so   heavily   loaded   with   useless   content  that  a  low  bandwidth  Internet  speed  will  take   forever   for   a   page   to   load.   So   a   good   website   will   ensure   content   and   the   page   is   in   a   format   in   which   it   will  load  quickly  and  correctly.    

Defined by  Chaffey  as  “an  organisaKon’s  online  offering  disKnct  from  offline   or  compeKtor  offering”,  online  value  proposiKon  in  many  ways  is  the  unique   selling  point  of  the  online  facility  –  what  is  the  website  offering  that  cannot   be  aeained  by  offline  means,  and  more  to  the  point  why  should  the   customer  use  the  online  channel  as  opposed  to  regular  offline  means.  

In many  instances,  websites  seek  to  exploit  opportuniKes  made  available  to   them  through  the  internet  could  include:  

-­‐  Immediacy  

-­‐ InteracKvity  and  depth  of   content   -­‐  Faster   -­‐  More  convenient     -­‐  Easier   -­‐  Cheaper  to  buy  online   -­‐  Beeer/new  experiences   online   -­‐  More  resources/informaKon   online   (Chaffey,  2011)  

Example of  Headlines  on  a   Google  Search

When a   website   idenKfies   its   proposiKon,   they   must   then   communicate   this   clearly   and   concisely   to   the   customer   in   a   way   which   supports   their   brand   values.   This   summary  essenKally  sets  the  website  apart   from   compeKtors   and   will   inform   their   customer   as   to   why   they   should   use   their   website.    Achieving  this  summary  concisely   can   be   translated   by   way   of   a   strap   line,   these  are  usually  found  on  a  search  engine   and   are   later   displayed   on   the   web   browser  header.  Further  descripKon  of  the   website   is   put   forward   beneath   the   main   hyperlink  provided  by  a  search  engine.  

So, what  is  SEO?      

“A structured  approach  to   achieve  the  highest  ranking   position  on  a  organic   (natural)  search  engine   listing  after  a  specific   combination  of  keywords   (key  phrase)  is  entered.”   (Chaffey  and  Smith,  2008)       “The   Position  or  ranking  to       which  the  result  shows  is   dependent  on  the   algorithm  used  by  each   search  engine.  Each  search   engine  will  use  its  algorithm   to  match  relevant  site   content  with  the  key   phrases  entered.”   So,  as  you  can  see  from   these  two  images,  by   changing  the   combination  of  the   keywords  used  in  the   search  bar,  the  more   relevant  and  precise  the   results.   As  well  as  this,  it  shows  in   order  which  websites  out   of  the  specific  search   entered  are  highest  in   ranking.     Burton  1st,  with  Topman   2nd.    

(Chaffey and  Smith,  2008)      

Meta tag   Having  the  right  keywords  used  in  the  Meta  description  helps  a  website  to  be  found   better  wishing  search  results  as  well  as  higher  up  the  organic  list.     Topman  and  Burton  both  come  up  in  the  search  results  relating  to  clothing.  Zara  and   River  Island  do  not.         Here  are  the  Meta  descriptions   used:   Zara  -­‐  <meta


name="description" content="You can buy all the new clothes that arrive to our store once a week and you can also find the pictures of the catalogue, lookbook and collection." / > Burton - <title>Burton Mens Clothing - Mens Fashion - Burton Menswear</ title>   River Island - <meta name="Keywords" content="fashion, glamour, women, men, clothes, jeans, goiung-out, trendy" />   Topman - <title>TOPMAN Mens Fashion - Mens Clothing - Topman</title>  


When looking  through  the  source  codes,  Topman,  Burton  and  Zara  do  not  have  Meta  Tags   (Keywords)  as  such  that  are  easy  to  find.       However  the  Keywords  that  are  used  in  the  ‘title’  for  Topman  and  Burton  act  the  same   as  a  meta  tag.            

Given that  these  retailers  are  all  popular  and  successful  high  street  retailers,  some  of  the   descripKons   do   strike   as   rather   un   inspiring   and   quite   basic,   which   comes   as   a   direct   contrast  to  the  products  that  the  brands  sell,  and  so  have  not  supported  their  overall  brand   values.   This   alludes   to   Chaffey’s   observaKon   that   “many   sites,   in   fact   most   sites,   do   not   achieve  this”.

Once more,   Topman   and   Burton   holds   very   liele   ground   between   the   two   brands   that   disKnguishes   one   from   the   other,   here   using   a l m o s t   t h e   s a m e   wording   for   their   strap   l i n e s ,   a n d   s i m i l a r   descripKon  content.    

Zara’s description   seems  almost   completely  alien  to   the  content  of  the   website,  in  the  sense   that  the  website  is  so   clean  and  professional   in  appearance,  and   could  be  likened  to  an   online  fashion   magazine.  The   description  fails  to   put  this  image  of  the   brand  across,  using   basic  language  heavily   laden  with   conjunctive  words  as   opposed  to  emotive.  

River Island   champions  above  the   other  brands  in  this   issue,  encapsulating   exactly  what  is  on   offer  from  the  website   (thus  the  proposition)   and  communicates   this  using  emotive   language  to  draw  the   customer  into  the   website,  and  the   description  reads  in  a   welcoming  tone   which  invites  the   customer  in.

All of  the  websites  have  a  designated   secKon   for   new   stock,   which   Kes   in   with   the   latest   fashions   on   the   market.   These  websites  must  keep  up  to  date   with   fashion   or   they   will   fall   behind,   therefore   they   are   updated   as   much   as   fashion   is.   The   new   secKons   are   clearly   marked   so   users   know   there   is   new  stock  in.    

All websites   offer   the   choice   to   the  consumer  of  signing  up  to  the   company   newsleeer,   however   Zara   is   the   only   website   out   of   the   4   to   offer   a   more   personal   newsleeer   as   it   allows   consumers   to   select   what   departments   they   have   an   interest   in   and   this   will   come  through  in  the  newsleeer.  

Only two   out   of   the   4   websites   being   analysed   greeted   the   consumer   by   their   first   name   once   they   created   an   account   with   website   then   revisited,   these   were   Zara   and   River   Island.     DisappoinKngly   Topman   only  welcome  a  customer  to  a  degree  by  displaying  the  message  “logoff”   which   is   very   impersonal,   however   the   Burton   website   displays   no   change   in   having   an   account   and   visiKng   the   website   to   not   having   an   account   and   visiKng   the   site.   The   “MY   BAG”   opKon   displays   only   what   people  have  chosen  to  buy  and  this  opKon  is  available  for  both  non-­‐and   current  registrants.  

AGer the  accounts  had  been  created   for  each  of  the  four  websites  only  2   out   of   4   of   them   replied   with   an   automated   email.   Topman   talk   about   the   benefits   that   a   customer   will   now   receive   since   creaKng   the   accounts   as   well   as   reinforcing   the   safety   of   the   customers   private   details,   finally   Topman   have   addressed   the   consumer   by   their   first   name   which   adds   to   the   whole   personal   shopping   experience.   On   the   other   hand   the   River   Island   email   does   not   address   the   user   by   their   first   name   but   by   the   registered   email   address.   The   appearance   of   the   email   seems   to   differ   from   Topman’s   as   River   Island’s     email   focuses   on   selling   the   product   where   as   Topman   focuses   on  the  benefits  of  having  an  account   with  the  site.  

Zara &   River   Island   offer   their   website   consumers   informaKon   about   current   event.   Zara   being   a   mulKnaKonal   company   have   tried   to   accommodate   a   vast   amount   of   their   worldwide   customer   base   by   hosKng   events   in   various   locaKons.   However   the   site   does   not   recognise  the  user  and  their  locaKon  and  then  personalises   the   page   to   display   local   events   to   the   consumer.     River   Island   again   does   not   take   full   advantage   of   demographic   targeKng   for   their   events   through   the   means   of   IP   addresses.   Although,   River   Island   have   added   mulKple   locaKons   for   their   events   across   the   UK   to   cater   for   their   customers,   but   this   could   not   be   regarded   as   a   website   using  personalisaKon  to  its  full  potenKal.  A  more  personal   feature   River   Island   have   added   is   the   feature   to   socialise   on  the  events  secKon  of  their  website  with  other  registered   users  

Topman is   the   only   website   that   tries   to   use   member’s   addresses   to   enhance   the   personalisaKon   on   their   website.   The   image   above   is   a   screenshot   of   the   Topman   website   recognising   the   country   of  origin  the  user  is  located  in.  

The best   way   to   design   a   website   is   in   around   the   lower   end   spectrum   of   technical   specificaKons,  this  way  the  largest  possible  audience  can  reap  the  benefits  provided  by  the   website.     Two  F’s  of  AestheKcs  –  Form  and  FuncKon.   “Comprises   graphics,   colour,   style   and   Form   refers   to   the   appearance   or   design   typography.   Many   websites   indulge   in   over   factor,   FuncKon   is   the   interacKon/ elaborate   graphics   and   ignore   their   navigaKon  element  to  the  website.  “A  site   audiences’   capability   and   paKence   to   view   with   powerful   aestheKc   appeal   can   help   them”   (Chaffey,   2011).   In   order   to   combat   c o m m u n i c a t e   a   b r a n d ’ s   e s s e n K a l   this  problem  it  is  the  job  of  the  web  designer   values”  (Chaffey,  2011).   to   consider   the   restricKons   of   the   varying   levels   of   internet   connecKon   and   screen   resoluKons   in   conjuncKon   with   the   different   Element  1:  Graphics types   of   internet   browsers   (Internet   Explorer,  Safari,  Firefox  etc).  


      The   Topman   website   uses   a   basic   graphic   interface,   which   includes   simply   photos   and   interacKve  drop  down  menus.  However  there  is   a   link   to   launch   an   external   flash   player   for   “Topmusic”   which   launches   a   player   pre   loaded   with   music   selected   for   Topman.   This   means   the  website  can  be  read  by  a  vast  audience  and   sKll   carry   the   same   visual   aestheKcs   with   no   missing  elements.    

This website  includes  a  very  basic  graphic  user   face,   with   no   more   beyond   interacKve   menus   and  images  displaying  product  choices.       Further  into  the  site,  for  closer  product  detail  a   JavaScript   graphic   is   used   in   order   to   zoom   in   on  a  product  image.

Burton hosts   a   site   with   virtually   no   graphics,   This   site   carries   a   flash   player   on   the   home   once   more   includes   them   via   images   and   page,  which  displays  a  short  film  created  by  the   interacKve  menus.     company.   This   reflects   brand   values   through   the   content   of   the   video   however   means   that   the  site  can  only  fully  funcKon  on  browsers  that   have  flash  capability.     Further  into  the  site  however,  flash  is  replaced   with   JavaScript,   and   graphic’s   explored   are   limited  much  like  the  other  sites.    

“CombinaKon of   colours   used   is   important   since   they   create  a  feeling  about  the  site  and  brand.  Colour  schemes   need  to  be  right  i.e.   -­‐  Right  for  a  personality  which  fits  the  target  audience   -­‐  Right  for  a  colour  scheme  that  fits  the  brand   -­‐  Right  for  usability  and  accessibility”  (Chaffey,  2011)

Element 2:  Colour


The majority   of   this   website   is   displayed   in   black/grey   and   white,   with   contrasKng   colours   to  highlight  offers  or  important  informaKon.  In   terms  of  accessibility  this  means  that  the  site  is   equally   as   impressive   on   monitors   that   can   display  256  colours  to  16  million.     In   terms   of   colour   scheme   fimng   the   personality   of   the   brand/audience   this   clean   cut  classic  image  is  in  keeping  with  the  current   fashion  trends  and  products  available.    

Basic colours   used   for   the   majority   of   the   pages,   white   background   with   black   text   make   for   ease   of   readability.   Images   display   the   most   part   of   colours   used   on   pages.   This   gives   the   brand   a   modern   stylish   image,   much   in   keeping   with  the  brands  clothing  selecKon.   In  terms  of  accessibility  this  is  a  bonus  too,  as  it   allows  for  maximum  audience  impact.

This site   uses   a   lot   more   colours   due   to   it   being   more   image   based.   The   colours   used   contrast   against   the   colours   used   in   pictures,   and   in   terms   of   the   brand/audience   percepKons   give   the   brand   a   bright   lively   image,   which   is   in   keeping  with  their  stock  which  is  mainly  casual   wear  as  opposed  to  formal  amre.    

Similarly to   River   Island,   this   site   is   mainly   set   out  on  white  background  with  black  text,  once   more   allowing   for   maximum   accessibility   and   reflecKng  the  chic  style  of  the  brand.    

Element 3:  Style

“Tests by   Amazon   have   shown   that   they   generate   best   average  order  value  with  a  design  with  many  containers   in   the   leG   and   right   sidebars   and   with   opKon   to   scroll   several   Kmes   –   there   is   simply   more   opportunity   to   connect   a   diverse   audience   with   relevant   products   and   promoKons”  (Chaffey,  2011).  Most  retail  websites  follow   this  design  outline.

Element 4:  Typography

“The power  of  typography  in  adding   to   the   visual   appeal   and   persuasive   power   of   a   website   is   oGen   underesKmated”  (Chaffey,  2011).

So what  are  the  important  elements   that   should   be   considered   in   the   typography  of  a  website?  


Elements Implements  







River Island  


1. Never   use   underline   in   body   text   as   a   reader   will   think   it’s   a   hyperlink     2.  Avoid  extensive  use  of  italics  as  it   is   difficult   to   read   on   screen,   however  they  can  add  to  variety     3.   Agree   a   standard   capitalizaKon   of   headlines   and   link   text.   Generally   sentence   case   is   best   as   it   is   most   ‘scannable’   to   the   eye,   where  Title  Case  Is  Ugly  And  More   Difficult  For  The  Reader  To  Scan.     4.   Headlines   of   more   than   3   or   4   words   may   work   best   for   SEO,   so   ensure  font  size  is  not  too  large  to   support  this.       5.   Remember   that   many   web   browser   users   will   increase   their   type   sizes   so   check   that   design   renders   gracefully   as   type   is   enlarged  

All the  websites  successfully  demonstrate  great  use  of  typography  by  having  consistency   amongst   fonts   used,   no   excessive   use   of   italics   and   no   un   clickable   use   of   underline   (oGen   replacing   underline   hyperlink   style   for   use   of   bold   to   indicate   a   click   through   opportunity).  The  websites  all  equally  have  used  few  words  in  their  headlines,  meaning   all  the  key  informaKon  chosen  to  be  delivered  to  the  reader  can  be  easily  read.  Finally   the  websites  do  not  ruin  under  type  size  enlargement.    

Content Management  Systems  are  web   applications   that   are   used   to   create,   edit   and   update   documents   accessed   by   the   internet.   Of   these   applications,   page  templates  are  used  to  format  page   layouts.   The   design   will   be   more   effective   should   there   be   a   different   template   for   different   sections  of  the  site  which  have  different  objectives.  It  is  however  necessary  for  each  of   these   different   layouts   to   have   consistency   and   usually   have   elements   which   are   the   same  throughout  a  website.  (Chaffey,  2011)  





Things A  Good  Page  Template  Does     -­‐  AestheKcally  pleasing  layout   -­‐   Clear   emphasis   of   different   content   types     -­‐   Visual   hierarchy   showing   relaKve   importance   of   different   content   through   site     -­‐  PrioriKsaKon  of  markeKng  messages     -­‐   Clear   navigaKon   opKons   to   a   range   of   content

Though each  of  the  four  reviewed   websites  have  implemented   consistency  throughout  their  pages,   namely:     -­‐  Company  name/logo  for  idenKty   -­‐  Menu  and  submenus  for  navigaKon   -­‐  Footer  for  reference  to  copyright  and   privacy  informaKon   -­‐  Page  Ktle  for  content     Some  sites  have  been  more  effecKve  in   implemenKng  differenKaKon  between   site  secKons  with  different  objecKves,   namely  the  checkout. (Picture  1)  

River  (Picture  4)  

Throughout the   site,   the   colours   and   layout   remain   much   the   same   as   the   homepage,   keeping   the   majority   of   the   pages   in   tones   of   grey   to   black   and   using   pink   to   highlight   checkout  bueons.   The   company   logo   also   links   back   to   the   homepage.     There   is   some   difference   in   layout   of   the   checkout   page,   as   the   page   become   more   text   based  as  opposed  to  image  clad.    

This site   uses   the   most   graphics   and   yet   the   least   colour.   InformaKon   isn’t   very   well   prioriKsed   and   there   are   no   markeKng   messages   used   (unlike   Burton   which   clearly   promotes  a  discount  offer).       Due   to   the   use   of   graphics   they   innovaKvely   approach   the   checkout   page,   and   make   it   really   stand   out   by   having   it   emerge   on   top   of   the   shopping   basket   page,   whilst   fading   out   the   rest  of  the  screen. (Picture  2) (Picture  3)  

The navigaKon   menus   and   company   name   are   the   main   successes   of   the   consistency   here,   making   navigaKon   easy.   There   is   also   clear   emphasis   on   content   on   the   checkout   page,   with   images   of   payment   methods   accepted,   making   it   easy   for   the   customer   to   idenKfy   ways  to  pay.     AestheKcally  however  the  site  is  very  similar  to   Topman.    

This site,   though   following   the   same   generic   structure   of   the   others,   was   the   easiest   and   clearest   to   use.   All   the   informaKon   is   set   out   with   regard   to   visual   hierarchy,   making   it   a   v i e w i n g   p l e a s u r e   f o r   t h e   c u s t o m e r .   PrioriKsaKon   of   messages   has   been   thought   out,   with   links   to   similar   or   related   products.   Clear   navigaKon   throughout,   plus   good   differenKaKon  in  regard  to  the  checkout.      

Site allows   for   users   to   sign   in   to   g a i n   a   m o r e   p e r s o n a l i s e d   experience.   Also   a   search   bar   has   been  embed  enabling  users  to  find   products  quicker.  

Links to   social   media  websites.  

Newsleeer subscripKons   available,   which   give   user   access   to   personalised   offers.  

The home   page   is   very   clear   and   laid   out  to  maximize  flow  of  use  in  order  to   find   the   knitwear   secKon   for   men.   As   well   as   this   a   search   opKon   has   been   allocated   to   find   items   faster   for   the   user  too.  

When hovering   the   mouse   over   the   men’s  selecKon  a  drop  down  box  menu   becomes   available   for   the   user   to   choose   from   a   range   of   products,   and   this  increases  once  again  the  fluidity  of   the   website   for   the   user   to   navigate   to   the  knitwear  secKon.  

Finally once   selecKng   the   previous   opKon   of   knitwear   a   new   opKon   menu   becomes   available   which   allows   the   user   to   specify   sizes   and   colours   they   are   searching   for.   This  website  has  followed  the  three-­‐click  rule  which  has   lead  to  a  very  easy  to  navigate  website  

T o p m a n h a s   clearly   listed   and   parKKoned   areas   of   interest   to   the   user   in   the   header   of  the  home  page  

Topman also   has   a   search   opKon   in   the   homepage   to  increase  the  speed  the   user   can   navigate   to   a   parKcular   product   on   the   site.    

D ro p d o w n   m en u   becomes   available   s i m i l a r   t o   R i v e r   Island’s  website.  

Unlike River   Island,   Topman   use   the   type   o f   k n i t w e a r   a s   a   speciBic,   rather   than   River   Island’s   colour   choice   or   age   range   c h o i c e .   T h e   u s e r   arrives   at   their   chosen   destination   selected   prior  in  3  clicks,  which   River  Island  does  also.  

Facebook personalisaKon  

Account sign-­‐in   allows  for  user   personalisaKon  

Search embedded  

Links to  Social-­‐ media  sites  

Unlike the   other   websites   Zara   has   the   navigaKon   bar   on   the   leG   hand   s i d e   o f   t h e i r   website.  

Once clicking   the   men’s  secKons  a  new   navigaKon   menu,   w h i c h   s e p a r a t e s   each   segment   of   clothing.   Exactly   the   same   feature   as   the   other  websites  

The user   arrives   at   their   desKnaKon   in   under   three   clicks,   abiding   by   the   three   click   rule   and   so   far   the  fastest  website  to   d o   s o   w h e n   compared   to   the   other  websites.  

Search embedded   allows   the   user   to   navigate   the   site   more   thoroughly   s i m i l a r   t o   t h e   other  websites.  

Sign in  option  for   users  of  the   website,  which   delivers  the   consumer  a  more   personalised   experience.  

Links to  social   media  and   Facebook   events.  

The homepage   has   a   clear   laid   out   opKon   list   creaKng   a   more   user-­‐ friendly  navigaKon  experience.  

Just like   Topman,   the   Burton   website   creates  a  drop  down  menu  box  when  the   mouse  hovers  over  a  specific  opKon  in  the   footer   of   the   main   navigaKon   bar.   This   means   that   technically   the   website   saves   the   user   unnecessary   loading   and   redirecKon   to   other   pages   and   maintains   the   ease   of   navigaKng   by   making   unneeded  clicks  redundant,  

Finally the   user   is   redirected   to   the   knitwear   page,  with  a  given  opKon  to  simplify  the  results  if   they   choose   to   similar   to   the   River   Island   website,   however   what   is   different   in   comparison   to   River   Island   is   that   a   slider   scale   allows  the  user  to  adjust  the  price  range  to  their   budget,  which  saves  the  user  Kme  rifling  through   pages   of   products   that   bare   no   relevance   to   them.  

Account sign-­‐in  for  a   more  personalised   experience  shopping   online.   Search   enabled   allowing  for   faster   navigation.  

Social media  links  

Newsletter sign-­‐up  form  

Businesses use   pictures,   videos,   flash   images,  and  gifs  as  a  way  to  interact  with   users.   This   is   a   way   to   keep   them   on   the   page   as   well   as   engage   with   them.   Along   with  this,  websites  use  Blogs,  Forums,  and   Social  networking  sites.   As  well  as  sign  up  pages  as  a  way  for  users   to   interact   on   a   two   way   level,   thus   engaging   with   the   brand   whilst   giving   feedback.   This   can   be   good   and   bad   as   if   blog   or   Facebook   page   is   not   set   up   in   the   right  way,  people  can  use  this  as  a  way  to   issue   bad   publicity   and   can   have   a   negaKve  effect  on  businesses.         When  logging  onto  Burton,  I  was   prompted  to  enter  a  survey   regarding  my  thoughts  on  the   website.  None  of  the  other  websites   had  this  funcKon.     Using   social   sites   such   as   Facebook,   users   are   able   to   link   a   given   brand   such   as   Topman   to   their   profile,   and   can  even  tag  themselves  as  ‘Logged  In’   when   they   visit   a   Topman   store,   this   then   shows   up   on   their   site   as   well   as   Topman’s.       This   all   with   all   the   other   data   businesses   and   websites   are   able   to   gather  from  this  link  with  its  consumers   is   a   great   insight.   This   can   help   tailor   stores   to   consumers   needs   beeer   in   the  future.           All  of  the  4  websites  have  social  network  pages  they  use  to  interact  with  their  consumers,  above   are   some   examples.   They   all   use   Facebook,   YouTube   and   Twieer,   with   Burton’s   and   Topman   using   Blogs.   Zara   have   a   newsleeer   you   can   sign   up   to   use.   Top   man   was   the   only   site   to   use   Google+,  this  is  the  newest  social  networking  site,  which  is  sKll  building  up  its  hype  to  take  out   Facebook  as  the  social  networking  site  to  use. offers   the   strap   line   “-­‐   Mens   Fashion   –   Mens   Clothing   –   Topman”,   with   the   website   descripKon   “Retail   chain   for   men   offers   online   shopping,   store   locator   and   fashion   advice”  provides  no  strap  line  

but the  following  descripKon  “Find  the   latest  clothing  trends  at  River  Island  as   well  as  the  latest  girls  and  boys  clothes   collecKons.  Shop  online  at  your  favorite   high  street  store” “-­‐   Mens   Clothing   –   Mens   Fashion   –   Burton   Menswear”,   following   with   the   descripKon   “On-­‐line   shopping   and   men’s   lifestyle   features   from   the   high  street  retailer” once   more   boasts   no   strap   line,   offering   a   short   descripKon   “You   can  find  all  the  new  clothes  that  arrive  to   our  store  once  a  week  and  you  can  also   see   the   pictures   of   the   catalogue   and   lookbook”.  

Secondly, from  the  test  involving  ten  males  Insight  Media  can  grasp  a  liele  informaKon  on  what   the   customers   think   about   these   brands   websites.   From   these   results   you   are   able   to   see   that   Zara   had   30%   of   users   say   that   they   had   difficulty   in   navigaKng   the   website   while   browsing.   Also   20%   of   users   said   the   same   about   River   Islands   website.   Zara’s   website   was   only   used   for   an   average  of  5  minutes  out  of  the  users;  this  may  show  concern  for  engagement  with  the  online   viewer.  

Overall from  these  results,  from  the  customers   who  took  part,  the  two  brands  that  stand  out   that   may   have   potenKal   issues   with   there   website  is  Zara  and  River  Island.   Now   Insight   media   will   find   some   relevant   secondary  research  to  help  with  this  issue.    

In   September   2011   Zara   recorded   a   rise   on  

profit of   14%   in   its   half   year   results.   They   put   this  down  to  their  growth  and  development  in   online   engagement   and   online   sales.   (retailweek)  

Sir Philip   Green’s   Arcadia   Group   has   signalled   the  importance  of  online  as  a  key  growth  plank   with   the   simultaneous   relaunch   of   all   its   fashion  sites  this  week.  (retail  week)  

Online sales   is   worth   a   lot   of   money   to   all   of   these   brands.   In   June,   this   year,   5.3   billion   pounds  was  spent  on  online  shopping,  this  was   a  rise  of  21%  compared  to  last  year,  this  June   also   saw   a   fall   of   0.6%   on   the   high   street.     (reuters)  

This secondary   research   that   Insight   Media   have   discovered   has   shown   how   important   online   engagement   and   online   sales   with   the   customers   is.   As   in   store   sales   seem   to   be   decreasing   online  sales  conKnue  to  increase.  This  evidence  shows  how  important  digital  can  be  within  any   retail  organisaKon.  

Social Media   Engagement   is   a   tool   used   for   traffic   building   for   an   organisaKon.   It   is   used   to   increase   menKons   of   the   brand   or   site   on   other   popular   sites.  There  are  many  acKviKes  that  can  be  used  and   managed  as  part  of  the  online  PR.     -­‐Search  MarkeKng  AcKviKes     -­‐Brand  Engagement  AcKviKes   -­‐Buzz-­‐building  AcKviKes   -­‐Defensive  and  Crisis  PR    

The opKons   available   for   Social   Media   are:     Social   networks   –   the   brands   can   create   pages  on  sites  such  as  Facebook,  twieer   and   YouTube.   These   three   sites   any   brand  are  able  to  buzz-­‐build  about  new   launches   and   fashion   ranges   within   the   brand.       Blogs  –  brands  can  have  their  own  blogs   on   their   own   websites   or   using   other   sites   such   as   word   press   to   talk   first   hand   to   their   customer   online,   such   as   one   of   the   brands   can   have   a   blog   discussing  there  new  range  of  clothes  or   a   specific   piece   of   clothing   to   market   them.     Having   successful   social   media   can   increase   brand   awareness   and   also   increase   sales   for   the   company.   Urban   ouSieers  who  are  another  high  brands,   have   shown   how   successful   online   PR   can   be   when   you   invest   correctly   in   it.   Urban   OuSieers   set   up   their   Facebook   page,   by   September   of   this   year   they   increased   their   fans   to   the   page   by   148%.   This   saw   their   fan   base   on   facebook   grow   from   490,579   to   822,223.  

These  are  the  opKons  of  social  media  engagement  each  brand  gives  on  their  website.       On  the  top  is  Topman  then  its  Burton,  Zara  and  at  the  boeom  River  Island.     From   the   variety   of   opKons   available   Topman   have   a   lot   more   opKons   for   the   customer   to   follow   them  on,  even  including  Google  +  which  is  the  latest  version  of  social  network.       Topman  and  Burton  are  the  only  brands  to  offer  a  blog.  Zara  don’t  use  the  social  network  icons  to   promote  in  on  their  website.  Also  they  are  a  lot  harder  to  find  on  the  website.  

To conKnue  looking  into  the  brands  social  media  engagement,  Insight  Media  is   going  to  look  into  one  of  their  social  network  sites.  As  all  the  brands  have  the   popular  Facebook  site,  we  are  going  to  compare  each  brands  Facebook  site.    

These are   the   four   Facebook   pages   for   each   of   the   brand.   Zara,   being   an   internaKonal   high   street   brand   have   the   most   “likes”   on   their   page   with   over   10   million.   River   Island   are   in   second   with   over   a   million.   Topman  are  far  behind  in  third  with  just  under  200,000   and  then  last  but  not  least  with  just  over  30,000  likes.      

Zara are  expected  to  have  a  higher  traffic  on  their   social   network   site,   being   an   internaKonal   brand   they   have   more   opportuniKes   for   the   traffic   on   Facebook.  Surprisingly  Topman  have  less  likes  then   River  Island.  This  may  be  due  to  the  range  of  social   media   engagement   opportuniKes   that   Topman   offer   and   their   customers   are   spread   all   over   the   other   opKons   available.   River   Island   compared   to   Topman  and  Burton.      

Topman and  Burton   Both  have  links  to   users  accounts.    

After scrolling   to  the  second   half  on  the   page,  Burton   links  you  to  a   Facebook  page.  

On the   Burton’s   website   the   first   thing   a   user   sees   when   entering   this   page   is   the   big   banner   linking   Burton’s  TV  Ad  (referring  to   discount).    

Users can  listen  to   Topman  radio  

Whereas on   the   Topman   website,   the   same   offer   is   much   smaller,   giving   space   to   show   models   wearing   selected  lines.        

This website,  much  like  the   Topman  and  Burton   website.  Offering  a  display   of  ranges  available,  links  to   discount  as  well  as  the   option  to  enter  a  search   into  a  search  bar  much  like   on  the  Topman  and  Burton   sites.    

There is  a  small  link  to   Facebook  at  the  bottom,   as  well  as  link  to  a  Zara   account.    

Once the  desired   destination  is  chosen,  i.e.   T-­‐Shirts,  all  websites   offer  a  selection.    

All of  the  websites   have  a  simple  tab  bar,   where  all  sections  of   the  website  clearly   labeled,  can  be   entered.  The  only   difference  is  on  the   Zara  site,  the  tab  bar  is   on  the  left  side  of  the   page,  and  to  reach  the   different  sections  on   the  River  Island  site  the   user  must  hover  on  the   selected  tab.    

Once the  chosen  item  is   picked,  all  websites  link   to  add  the  item  to  a  bag/ cart.    

All of  the  websites  follow  the   same  ease  of  navigating  to   the  desired  purchase.  

Overall Insight  Media  find  that  given  the  extensive  analysis   into  each  of  the  selected  Men’s  fashion  retailer  websites,   River  Island  present  the  best  example  of  a  quality  website,   and  across  all  aspects  of  website  design  and  functionality.          

Burton   Topman     Zara     River  Island  

From the   Research   and   Social   Media   Engagement,   River   Island   are   seen   to   be   in   stronger   position   then   the   other   brands.   River   Island   have   a   more   niche   presence   across   social   networks,     they   boast   more   followers   and   a   better   developed   Facebook   page,   which   is   easier  in  terms  of  usability  and  navigation  for  the  customer.  

In terms  of  Personalisation  River  Island  allows  consumers  to  search  for  clothing  of  a   specific   style   or   colour,   and   tailor   product   choices   to   their   own   personal   budget,   a   feature  excellently  presented  to  create  a  user  focused  personal  shopping  experience.   They   also   offer   an   e-­‐mail   service   to   inform   the   user   of   new   style   lines   which   may   be   of   interest  to  them,  this  information  is  filled  out  during  the  account  creation  process,  this   allows   for   a   more   efficient   consumer   targeting.   In   conjunction   with   this   River   Island   allow  the  user  to  create  a  bespoke  personal  newsletter,  via  a  simple  tick  box  survey,   which  specify  the  users  interests  e.g.,  Men’s  trouser.  The  advantage  of  this  is  that  the   consumer  is  more  willing  to  read  the  newsletter  rather  than  disregard  it  as  junk  mail  as   the  offers  and  new  information  is  targeted  to  the  users  interests.    

When looking   at   the   5   P’s,   River   Island   go   from  strength  to  strength  in  each  aspect  of   the   analysis.   Some   of   the   stronger   areas   include   Sell   and   Save.   In   regard   to   Sell,   River   Island   being   a   mixed   gender   retailer,   they   pay   close   attention   to   this   factor   and   tailor   the   contents   of   the   website   specifically   to   the   appropriate   consumer   i.e.   from   the   homepage   the   website   identifies  whether  the  customer  is  male  or   female,   and   redirects   them   to   the   appropriate  product  areas.  Save  is  another   strong  area  for  River  Island,  being  the  only   brand   featured   in   this   report   to   have   a   functional  mobile  shopping  application  that   provides   good   service   to   the   customer.   Compatible  on  iPhone/iPad,  the  app  is  a  key   tool   in   targeting   the   mobile   market,   and   an   area   which   has   been   overlooked   by   the   other  brands.    

Online Value  Proposition,  River  Island  uses   emotive   language   to   engage   the   user   into   clicking  through  onto  their  site,  and  uses  a   clear   and   concise   approach   to   presenting   the  sites  proposition    

Key design   objectives.   I   feel   that   River   Island   was   the   hardest   to   navigate   through   and  did  not  offer  enough  content.  I  also  did   not   think   that   it   was   like   its   store   in   the   sense   that   it   did   not   have   the   same   ranges.   Also   I   feel   that   River   Island   was   not   as   up   to   date   with   the   latest   fashion   as   the   other   three   sites.   I   feel   that   River   Island   could   improve   their   site   by   possibly   working   on   their  tabs  where  you  pick  which  section  to   go   to   as   this   feature   as   it   stands   is   not   as   easy  as  the  other  sites  to  get  to  where  you   want  to  go.    

Search engine   optimization   When   searching  for  ‘Men’s  High  Street  Fashion’  in   a  search  engine,  Topman  and  Burton  came   up   high   on   the   list.   This   could   be   because   they  paid  to  be  put  higher  on  the  list.  When   looking  into  the  source  codes  for  all  of  the   sites   almost   all   of   the   sites   fail   to   use   ‘meta   tags’.   With   the   exception   of   one.   The   only   site   which   had   a   ‘meta   tag’   is   River   Island,   and   due   to   this   organic   approach   to   SEO,   River  Island  champions  this  area.    

Interaction All   of   the   websites   offered   good   interaction   with   users,   however   River   Island  focus’  theirs  into  a  smaller  selection   of  successful  interactions,  an  uniquely  offer   a   very   good   YouTube   page,   an   area   which   fails   in   other   brands,   as   well   as   highly   successful   social   sites   including   Facebook   and  Twitter.  It  seems  River  Island  puts  the   most   focus   into   achieving   successful   interaction   with   their   consumer,   as   opposed   to   simply   creating   social   pages   and   leaving   them   to   blossom   on   their   own,   River  Island  drive  interaction  through  their   website.  

Aesthetics, a   real   strong   point   for   River   Island   is   its   aesthetics.   It’s   a   clean   cut   website,   clearly   reflecting   the   store   image   of   the   brand,   and   also   allowing   the   site   to   be   easily   viewed   on   a   lower   spec   PC   or   mobile   device,   due   to   simple   colour   schemes   and   low   graphic   (yet   effective)   pages.     Page   Structure   and   Navigation,   River   Island  stay  within  the  three  click  rule  when   navigating   to   a   specific   section   of   their   website,  as  well  as  having  a  refiner  for  the   users   search   results   fitting   in   the   assigned   number   of   clicks.   They   also   boast   an   intelligent   search   option   in   their   website   which   allows   the   user   to   search   for   a   unique   item   of   clothing,   or   should   they   know   the   product   number,   they   can   enter   this   and   find   the   product   instantly,   which   saves   the   user   time.   Finally   shortcuts   to   social   media   sites.   River   island   have   incorporated  the  feature  of  the  user  being   able   to   log   in   their   Facebook   profile   and   comment   or   like   the   River   Island   page   via   the   official   River   Island   page   this   simplifies   the   whole   process   of   liking   the   River   Island   page  to  a  novice  level  as  well  as  providing   an   innovative   structure   for   the   user   to   perform  this  process  in    

Research and  SME   B u r t o n ,   e v e n   t h o u g h   t h e y   h a v e   m o r e   opportunities  within  social  network  sites,  they  are   seen  to  have  confused  online  customers  with  too   many   sites   and   customers   unsure   of   which   one   too   follow.   Burton   should   look   at   River   Island   as   an   example   where   "quality   is   better   then   quantity"   and   how   River   Island   have   managed   to   engage   on   a   social   network   more   successfully   then  any  other  brands  within  the  UK.     5   P’s,   Online   Value   Proposition   &   Aesthetics,   the   main   issue   for   Burton   in   these   areas   is   the   similarities   between   their   site   and   Topman’s.   Which   operate   as   part   of   the   same   retail   group   Arcadia,   it   seems   that   Burton’s   site   has   been   designed   and   developed   around   versions   of   the   Topman   site.   It’s   clear   that   Burton’s   site   mimics   Topman’s,   for   instance   looking   ‘Speak’   and   ‘Sizzle’,  area’s  in  which  Topman  excel,  Burton  have   failed   to   implement   sufficient   content   to   succeed   in  these  aspects.           Aesthetically   Burton’s   site   looks   and   feels   the   same   as   Topman,   and   to   improve   Burton   should   differentiate   themselves   away   from   Topman,   and   establish  their  own  website  design.         In   terms   of   Online   Value   Proposition,   Burton   need   to   bring   their   brand   to   life,   with   emotive   language   rather   than   the   bland   corporate   approach  they  have  currently.     A   lot   of   the   right   ‘notes’   are   available   on   the   site   as  it  stands,  however  they  just  need  to  be  clearly   defined  and  ‘played  in  the  right  order’.    

Interaction   When   logging   onto   Burton,   I   was   prompted   to   enter   in   a   survey   on   how   I   feel   the   site   is.   This   I   feel   was   a   good   attempt;   none   of   the   other   sites   offered   this.   However   this   was   misplaced,  asking  the  user  to  fill  in  a  survey  about   their   experience   of   the   website,   before   even   getting   the   opportunity   to   browse   the   site,   is   an   injustice   to   the   interaction,   and   actually   leaves   a   negative  feeling  toward  the  brand.  Aside  from  this   attempt,   Burton   offered   the   least   interaction   and   engagement   for   users.   To   improve,   placing   this   survey  further  down  into  the  website,  perhaps  at   the   checkout,   or   through   an   email   after   a   purchase,   would   be   a   much   better   approach   to   customer  interaction.     Personalisation   Burton   do   not   send   the   user   any   information   about   offers   or   information   about   new   clothing   when   the   account   has   been   created,   to   fix   this   problem   they   should   focus   on   designing   some   form   of   small   fashion   interest   survey   on   the   account  creation  page  as  this  would  allow  them  to   create   a   more   personal   experience   for   the   shopper.   Information   about   local   events   would   be   something   they   could   improve   on,   for   example   when  the  user  goes  on  to  the  Burton  site  their  IP   address   is   recognised   and   relevant   event   information   is   briefly   explained   say   on   the   footer   or  the  wings  of  the  page.  This  would  enhance  the   personalisation   the   user   is   expecting   as   well   as   geo-­‐demographically  targeting  consumers     Search  Engine  Optimisation   In   contrast   to   River   Island,   where   Burton   have   a   high   ranking   on   search   engines,   this   is   not   an   organic   ranking,   and   so   need   to   focus   on   the   introduction  of  ‘Meta  tags’  to  their  source  code  as   this   could   help   to   improve   the   ranking   on   the   organic  listing.     Page  structure  and  navigation   Developing  their  search  option  the  results  do  not   always   bare   relevance   to   what   is   being   searched   sometimes   such   as   searching   for   “blue   t   shirts”   the   search   option   does   not   recognise   the   colour   being   specified,   perhaps   some   coding   could   be   done  to  tweak  this  minor  issue.    

Insight Media  recommend  by  way  of  improving  the  site  and  keeping  it  up  to  date  with   future  technologies,  would  be  to  implement  widgets  to  the  site.  A  new  development  in   this  arena  is  Blippar,  a  Smartphone  device  application  that  uses  the  in-­‐built  camera  to   recognise   things   in   the   real   world   and   instantaneously   provide   the   user   with   digital   connections,   information   or   interactive   entertainment   on   our   phone   screens.   River   Island  could  implement  this  as  part  of  their  website  by  way  of  further  product  detail,  i.e.   having   a   3D   preview   of   the   clothing   selected,   simply   hold   your   Smartphone   device   over   the  product  image,  and  a  model  walks  out  of  the  screen  to  present  the  features  of  the   clothing   and   an   interactive   look   at   how   the   product   looks   when   worn.   Blipper   could   also   be   used   to   download   a   catalogue,   or   even   the   shopping   App   currently   used   by   River   Island.   This   widget   can   also   be   applied   to   offline   campaigns,   in   order   to   drive   internet  sales.    

On the  whole,  Burton  need  to  address  their  brand  in  relation  to  their  website.  A  lot  of   their  problems  could  be  improved  by  simply  applying  some  time  and  effort  into   developing  the  site  correctly,  based  on  what  they  currently  have  in  place.  The  site  is   lacking  a  sense  of  stand  alone  differentiation  from  the  Topman  website,  and  compare   against  it,  is  lacking  a  lot  of  lustre.  Should  this  action  take  place,  Burton’s  site  could   equally  rival  Topman,  and  perhaps  even  River  Island.    

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