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Dec 4, 2013





“Drunk America Twitter account”

I currently run a Twitter account with 38K followers. This account is called Drunk America. It all began when one of my friends told me about how he was making up to $500 a week to to tweet funny stuff. At this time I was hurting for money and thought I’d give it a try. Turns out I succeeded and have been very successful with it thus far. My account brings me in over $100 a week right now but as my followers increase so does my revenue. The way I make money is through a website called This website pays me to post their ads. Companies and other people pay them to

have their ads posted on their website. Mylikes then pays me, the publisher, to post the ad and I then earn money depending on how many times the ad was clicked. So far in the past few months posting ads on Twitter has made me over $100 in total. That’s a whole lot of money for doing a whole lot of nothing. Some people have made Twitter their main sources of income. One guy named Branden Hampton even became a millionaire from posting ads. Ads aren’t the only way to make money on twitter. Many people turn their Twitters into websites and gain even more money for merchandise.

“Tyler Webster’s MyLikes account earnings

These Twitter accounts that are starting websites have began selling t-shirts, koozies, and keep coming out with more products. Many people even have turned this into a career making a lot of money, some bringing in over a million dollars a year. A great example of a twitter who has monetized greatly of of Twitter is an account called Cloyd Rivers. This account is a parody account of a fake country American patriot. The account started off sloww and has quickly worked its way up to over 500,000 followers. They have now started CloydRivers. com which sells their own

brand of t-shirts, coozies, tank tops, and more. These clothes are pruchased and shipped all over the U.S so there is no telling how much profit they have made, and to think it all started from a funny little Twitter account that gained fame. Everyone should consider sarting a Twitter account to make money. Even if you only make $20 a week it’s still extra basically free money. It can be tedious, time consuming, and take a while to gain followers but once you get the account going it’s a cake walk from there. -Tyler Webster


Don’t let the money pass you up, start a Twitter account today!

Making Money on Twitter  

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