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sabbatical june 2008

& training in canada.

It has only been three months since I have last written... WoW so much can happen in such a short amount of time! I am currently two weeks into a 6 month sabbatical from Holmsted Manor. My first sabbatical after 10 year with YWAM. I am about to head out to Canada on Monday and then a possible trip to New Zealand towards the end of the year to visit family with my Father. At the end of April I had my staff review, during this time we figured out that I really need to take a break from Holmsted. This was not me needing to leave YWAM but more of a time of input, development and reflection - a Sabbatical. Naturally we felt that this could happen after the current course and run to sometime before the next course starts. Daniel, the base director, was praying for me and felt that I shouldn’t be restricted by the dates of the courses. He felt that I and the things that God is doing in me is more important than my job.

So after a fair few conversation and prayer we planned the weeks leading up to 16 June when my sabbatical would start. I stepped back from all leadership responsibilities at the base. I continued to oversee the School of Digital Communication (sdc) and base designing. I taught for two weeks on the sdc and was able to spend time transitioning, planning my sabbatical and preparing the sdc leader to continue to lead and finish the school well. During those two weeks teaching we took the sdc to YWAM Harpenden to do a mini outreach. They are opening a café on the base which will be open to the public. A few months ago I met the

person who is managing the café and offered the design services of the sdc to produce their logo, menu’s, signage and promotional material. The time we spent there was a great success and it was wonderful to bless another ministry and see the students grow in a real life project. I never thought the time leading up to 16 June would be the transition that it was. God has a plan for me which He only seems to be revealing a small amount at a time. I am very grateful for that as all in one go would be overwhelming. There have been some major changes in my life... one being that I felt my time leading design and the two design courses at Holmsted Manor had come to an end. I have a real peace that this is the right thing to do. There are some very experienced and quality people now working in the department who are more than competent to continue the work that I started over three years ago. On 16 June I was prayed into my Sabbatical and Jason was prayed into the role of overseeing the design work and schools. I am excited for Jason as he leads in this new season and am confident that as a team they will continue to do an amazing job. I started my sabbatical not really sure what I was going to do. I went to my parent’s house for a week of relaxation and continuing to work on handing over my job to Jason - preparing files and writing job descriptions and systems. I then went to YWAM Harpenden for a week to help prepare and finish the design work the sdc students did for the café. Shortly you will be able to see some of it at: During this whole process I have not wanted my sabbatical to be me just sitting around not doing a lot waiting to get back to ministry! I feel like this is a time of ministry for me. I have given out so much over the last few years that God is allowing me some time to receive. I have thought about 4 different areas and if there is something I want to do it needs to fit into one of these areas: Spiritual, Leadership, Design, Rest.

I really wanted to kick off this time with some kind of conference/training. Last year I spent some time in Toronto, Canada, at The Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF). I really enjoyed my time there and felt it was very beneficial for me. They run a “Leaders School of Ministry” which is described as follows: Training for leaders. Training for life. It’s your time to receive!

an associate pastor at TACF and she offered to push a few doors for me and see if it would even be possible! Guess what? Not only did they have space for me on the course but they were willing to cover half the cost as I am a long-term missionary! WoW!!! I found a flight and a place to stay. So I leave England 30 June and head off to Canada, to make the most of this trip I am going to stay there through the summer. God is revealing his plan for me in His time and not mine!

Are you tired? Burnt out by ministry? Or simply wanting some time and space to pursue greater intimacy and healing in the Lord? This is your opportunity to take time out from the heavy demands of ministry and instead, receive...receive...receive. A safe place

So now down to the fun part! Money! I have some money towards the course but not all of it, plus I need to raise funds for my flight, insurance, food and accommodation:

You are invited to a safe place where the Holy Spirit ministers to the ministers. It’s a life changing School for Leaders that is especially designed for full time ministers, lay leaders, missionaries and their spouses. The Leaders School has been created as an oasis where the Lord can restore, renew and refresh you. For 3 weeks you can soak in the sweet presence of the Father’s love here at TACF while He renews your passion and vision for Himself and the call He has on your life.

Course fees Flight Insurance Food and Accommodation Sub-Total Already covered TOTAL


£315 £410 £70 £500 £1295 £200 £1095

I have been told a fair bit recently that I am in need of this break, I deserve a sabbatical, that I need to work hard at making this happen, pray hard and ask for people to support me in this. So I ask that you take a moment to pray and see if this is something to which you would be able to give. I am stepping out in faith and if God is speaking to you, then please don’t hesitate... you can contact me or give directly to my bank account, details are below. Thank you for taking the time to catch up with my life, and for your continued prayers and support. I really appreciate it, I would not be able to do what I do without your prayers and generous gifts.

With lots of wonderful worship, ministry and teaching in the key areas we believe will lead you into greater intimacy and personal renewal.

Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

This seems like the perfect course to kick off my sabbatical time. It starts 1 July and I was thinking, in human terms, this is impossible! God is so great. On Monday I was chatting with my friend who is

Paul Youth With A Mission Holmsted Manor


bank details:

Paul A Bulgin, Holmsted Manor, Staplefield Road, Cuckfield, West Sussex, RH17 5JF. 07813 644443 ~

account name: Paul Bulgin. bank name: Barclays Bank. account No. 80003557. sort code: 20-84-17. If you would like to send me a cheque please make it payable to Paul Bulgin.

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