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Chicken Pox Virus Facts And Treatment People have always wondered what really causes this common childhood illness, in the past they attributed it to exposure to bovine and fowl animals but recent developments in science showed that the Chicken Pox virus is the causative agent. The Chicken Pox virus or varicella zoster virus (VZV) is the microorganism that causes people to have Chicken Pox. It comes from the line of herpes viruses that cause pathologic conditions among human beings and other mammals such as monkeys. As mentioned, the lesions at the skin particularly the macules and vesicles are part of how the herpes virus infecting individual; such as in shingles by the herpes virus and the genital warts from herpres simplex. These characteristics of the Chicken Pox virus are important in order to address and perform measures that aim to control and manage the illness, specifically those that involve stopping the spread and killing the microorganism. Since the causative organism in this disease is the Chicken Pox virus, taking of wide spectrum antibiotics would never kill it. Instead of taking these expensive and risky medications, strengthening the immune system and keeping a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins will make the body capable to withstand fighting off the Chicken Pox virus. The Chicken Pox virus tends to be accumulated in the mucus membranes and in the vesicles. Localizing the infection may be helpful through proper disposal of phlegm and secretions from the skin lesions. Maintaining good hygiene practices such as through covering the nose when sneezing; and covering the mouth when coughing are ways that prevent the transfer of Chicken Pox virus to other people. Another importance of disease transmission is that it is another means to kill the Chicken Pox virus since they are obligate parasites and require a host to survive. The eruptions of these skin lesions caused by the Chicken Pox virus may cause severe itchiness and uneasiness because of wanting to remove the dried crusts. Even though, the Chicken Pox virus is not present in these lesions anymore it is still important to address the problem of pruritus to prevent scratching that may cause secondary skin infection.

Chicken Pox Virus Facts And Treatment The inoculation of the Chicken Pox virus may cause our body to remember it and be able to fight off developing Chicken Pox again thus rendering lifetime immunity. However, it is still necessary to limit contact with those people sick from the disease because the Chicken Pox virus is a microorganism that can find its way from the skin lesions to the sensory nerves. The Chicken Pox virus remains latent there and in appropriate conditions may resurface not as Chicken Pox but as shingles or other conditions. Looking for some effective Chicken Pox virus cures? Click here to learn more about the Fast Chicken Pox Cure.

Chicken Pox Virus Facts And Treatment The Chicken Pox virus or varicella zoster virus (VZV) is the m...

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