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Chicken Pox in Infants Chicken Pox is a common viral infection that is caused by the Varicella-Zoster virus and this part of the herpes family. This is a common sickness that is found within children ages 15 and under but this can also be passed on to someone who hasn't been able to experience this sickness in the past or those who have not been immunized earlier. This can include infants and adults while this sickness usually runs its own course and will be gone after a few days; the consequences can be more serious on the part of infants. Chicken Pox in Infants can be of great threat and can be diagnosed only after the onset of the disease and the Varicella vaccine can only be given to those children above 12 months. There are two ways for baby's to be infected with Chicken Pox in Infants. The first would be because the mother suffered from this illness during her pregnancy. Secondly, Chicken Pox in Infants may contract the virus postnatal and this is not severe. Chicken Pox in Infants would usually run through this naturally and it is very important that you have them examined by a doctor and put them under constant care and observation. The symptoms for Chicken Pox in Infants would usually start with loss of appetite, fever, headaches and stomach aches and of course, in the case of young children like infants it would be difficult to tell that your loved one is having these problems. So it's best that you keep an eye out for rashes that would usually appear after a two days. The rashes for Chicken Pox in Infants would start on the face, trunk or scalp and this will spread across the body. The itchy feeling would keep your child awake at night, so the best thing that you can do for your child who suffers from Chicken Pox in Infants is to give them natural treatment that would ease or soothe the itchy feeling. There are lots of natural ways to stop the itching, and one of them is to apply Calamine lotion on the red rashes that you find on your child’s body. When this is applied, it would ease the itchy feeling of Chicken Pox in Infants . Another solution would be an oatmeal bath. You can take finely ground colloidal oatmeal like aveeno and just in case you don't have this available, you can blend dry oatmeal or even grind oatmeal in your baby's bath. Check this out: how to cure Chicken Pox Shingles fast!

Chicken Pox In Infants  

how to cure Chicken Pox Shingles fast

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