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Podcast17 Story Contest By the Podcast17 Community As a child, Gordon Freeman always knew more than his teachers – He seemed to excel at every task they gave him. Our story begins here, with a young Gordon Freeman, age 11; an eager child ready to learn. He entered his six grade classroom hesitant and bored. As he walked through the archway of his classroom something felt different… strange… out of the ordinary. His vision blurred, flashes of light sprang around him and he quickly came crashing to the ground. All around him stood scary creatures chanting words unknown to him. Gordon scurried into the corner; he was astonished that none of his other classmates saw the things he did. Worried, the teacher went to see what was the matter, but before she approached Gordon stood up and walked to his desk. Even at the age of 11 Gordon knew he didn’t want to be labelled as “that kid” or “the weirdo”; he already received plenty of nicknames based around his black thick rimmed glasses. Gordon simply sat at his desk and pretended to pay attention as he always did. (CubicVirtuoso)



Although he put up the illusion of perfect mental health, the sight of these creatures stayed with him. They looked at each other, as well as Gordon, while they communicated to themselves in their foreign language. Albeit afraid, Gordon had a burning desire; a fasicination with these mystical looking lifeforms. From a quick scan of their bodies, Gordon managed to perceive these creatures were a charcoal black colour with a thin purple-blueish animated shroud surrounding their bodies like a second skin. Their heads were a fair size but with one oddity, they had blueish dominant cyclopean eyes with 3 smaller eyes of the same colour above them. The most disturbing attribute, however, were third arms protruding from their chests. This intrigued Gordon, as his many excursions though his Animal Encyclopedias failed to yield anything similiar to what stood before him. He suddenly stood up when curiousity got the better of him during a brief lapse in judgement. He needed to physically interact with them, and nothing would stop his scientific enthusiasm. As he reached for the nearest creature, they all stopped speaking and stared at him. He quickly retracted his arm out of shock for their unexpectedness, but soon retracted this motion when these creatures seemed to mean no harm. The creature closest to him slowly reached out its arm to meet Gordon’, but this interaction was short lived. As soon as their hands touched Gordon lost consciousness.(Dridje) As Gordon came around, he was forced to squint his eyes from the bright light that shone directly at his face. He turned his head to the right and stared at the wall, puzzled about what he just experienced. Although something about the wall reminded him of his classroom, that thought was low on his priorities list, directly under the obvious questions such as what those creatures were, or what just happened to him.

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While he slowly helped himself up, he noticed more detail about the room which unnerved him. The white brick walls looked exactly the same as those of his classroom, as well as the beige carpet that covered the floor. The only major difference was this room was in a horrible condition, as opposed to the beautifully pristine classroom in which he visited daily. This room had various sized holes scattered throughout the walls and ceiling, in which light poured through. The debris everywhere consisted of broken bricks, cracked wood, rusted metal, many miscellaneous objects, and a magnificent amount of dust and dirt. Gordon’s jaw dropped with his next realization, this room wasn’t like his classroom, it WAS his classroom or rather what remained of his classroom. Hurriedly, he navigated the debris and made his way to one of the bigger holes and peered through, partially out of curiosity and concern.(Dridje) Through the bulletholes in the wall that was once part of his second floor classroom, young Gordon expected to see a busy street full of his classmates. After all, where were they? The first thing he noticed was that the time of day had changed – it was now late afternoon and everything was bathed in a thin orange haze. Gordon looked up and noticed that the buildings across the street were torn away at the halfway point. They appeared to have been severed at the head and hollowed out. Twisted metal stretched into the air and orange god rays poured out through the windows, as though the whole city block was an empty shell. Gordon looked down and stared at piles of rubble. The street was barely discernable through the gridlock of rusting, abandoned cars and the interspersed ocean of still wreckage. Gordon lingered on an open car door for a moment when movement caught his eye.

Podcast17 Contest Entries


He stifled a cry of shock as a loud YIPPING noise echoed through the smog from below. Something yellow and blue hopped across the street and into the first floor of Gordon’s schoolhouse. Gordon backed away from the wall and paused, listening for anything, unsure of what to do. Moments later, another YIPPING noise issued from somewhere inside and something metallic crashed to the ground in a faraway room. As Gordon’s heart raced and his thoughts of missing classmates faded, he thought he also heard helicopter blades approaching…(zonbie)

Congratulations to zonbie for his winning entry! Now listeners, what happens next?

Podcast17 Story Contest - Episode 132  

Congratulations to Zonbie for the win! Every week, the listeners of Podcast17 are urged to make their own contributions to an ongoing story...

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