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Wiki Targeting Wiki originally meant quick, but in the modern world it also means created by the public. So Wiki Targeting is a quick method of discovering who your target audience is by seeing which members of the public choose to interact with your company. Wiki Targeting takes advantage of demographic and psychographic advertising online to see which segments of the population are most likely to click on your ads, stay the longest amount of time on your websites, and are most likely to opt into your marketing program by choosing to follow you through email or social networks. As with all initial targeting research, follow up studies should be done to insure that the people who have opted into your program online are actually purchasing your products.

Advantages Lower cost Wiki Targeting is a faster, less expensive way to reach tens of thousands of people. Surveying a few hundred subjects can cost thousands of dollars, but with Wiki Targeting you can potentially have hundreds of thousands of people see your ads, with hundreds of them opting to receive further communication from you for only a few hundred dollars. Faster It’s possible to show millions of online ads in a day to any one demographic or psychographic so you can test them all within a few weeks. Discovery By using ads as the method of finding your target, you can be certain that your target is likely to respond to advertising.

Disadvantages Chosen Demographics Your ads are only targeted to people within your chosen demographics, so you are unable to ask open ended questions which might lead you to a better understanding of additional interests which might be relevant. Unique population As with any survey method it is important to keep in mind that only a certain percentage of the population responds to the method being used. This means that those people who are likely to opt in to receive additional messages may not be representative of the population as a whole. Uncertainty In a survey you are asking someone if they would buy your product, and while they may not be entirely truthful all the time, you at least get confirmation of interest. In Wiki Targeting this isn’t necessarily the case. People will choose to receive further communications from a company for many reasons, so you can never be certain that they are ac-

tually interested in purchasing your products. For example, just because a teenager is interested enough in an expensive fashion store doesn’t mean that they can purchase products at the store.

Steps to Wiki Targeting Step 1 Develop Brands and Messages With wiki targeting you begin by developing some basic brands and messages that you will be able to pull off if it turns out they are what your chosen demographic wants. Step 2 Choose Demographics and Psychographics to study Based on these brands and messages, you select desirable target demographics and psychographics that you would like to test. Step 3 Create Ads Create ads based on your brands and messages and release each set of ads to each set of demographics and psychographics in a separate internet campaign utilizing Facebook, Adwords, AdBrite, or some other ad system which allows you to deliver ads to specific demographics and psychographics. Step 4 Track Results Track the success rate of each ad and each psychographic/demographic group. Step 5 Optimize Odds are you’ll find a few psychographics and demographics which respond the best to a given brand and message. Once you’ve discovered this group, begin to optimize your business, brand, and message to be more attractive to them just as you would if you’d discovered them through traditional research.

Wiki Targeting  

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