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Finding Email Addresses - 6 Techniques - Professional Email Address Ideas ___________________________________________________________________________________ By Kaamil Kasou -

If you are wondering how to find an email address of someone you have not spoken to in quite sometime, there are many ways to go about it. It is easy to lose touch with people who are important to us. Maybe you need to contact someone about an old debt or unfinished business. Perhaps you want to get in contact with an old teacher, high school buddy, or girlfriend. Here are 6 ways of finding email addresses. Click Here

First off, have you ever received an email from this person before? I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but often if you go way back to your undeleted emails you may find an old message you forgot about. Most of us are pretty lazy about cleaning out our inbox. You may even want to rifle through your sent messages box.

If you have already thought of this but the email is no longer valid, here is another idea-many people like to hold onto those old email addresses even when they switch providers. Often, if they have a tag like, it may be a self-given nickname they use all over the web. Or even something like, which seems like gibberish, likely consists of numbers and letters that have significant meaning to them or are easy to remember after long-term use. Another great way to hunt down an email address or even a phone number is a quick Google search. Don't just Google their name unless it is absolutely unique. Instead, combine their name with something you know about them, such as the name of the business they work for, the city they live in, a team they compete for, or a club they belong to. Think of what you know about their life and which details would be likely to end up on the web.

With the growing popularity of social media sites, a great way to find email addresses is to go on Facebook or MySpace and do a quick search for their name. Of course, if they are a friend and you find them on one of these sites, you may not need the email anymore; however, in professional or legal situations an email is more professional. Luckily, most people have no qualms with putting their websites and email addresses on their online profiles. You could always hire a private investigator, but this can be very expensive and is probably only a possibility for you if you have both a strong need to get in touch and deep pockets. Good private investigators are very skilled at their trade and can usually hunt the typical citizen down pretty easily, just make sure you hire a real professional, as there are many shady people in the business.

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