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June 2010

Fore &Aft VOL. 28, No 2

Published Quarterly The official publication of The Yacht Harbour Association, the Association for the development of International, Coastal, and Inland Boating Facilities.

JUNE 2010

Contents Chairman’s Report ...................................................... 2 Sam & Sue’s Retirement............................................. 4 General Manager’s Report .......................................... 6 Marina Management A New Coalition Government ...................................... 8

Alarms & Detectors ................................................................. 9 Raising Finance..................................................................... 10 Environment Update.............................................................. 12 Training Opportunities with the BMF ...................................... 14 Green and Blue ..................................................................... 15 HEAD OFFICE: BMF Brighton Conference ..................................................... 16 MARINE HOUSE Clever new Income Stream for Marina Operators..................... 18 THORPE LEA ROAD Olga’s Story Part 1 ................................................................ 20 EGHAM Summer Visit .......................................................................... 27 SURREY TW20 8BF Order Form Summer Visit .................................................... 29 Telephone: 01784 223817 Order Form Which Marina? .................................................. 31 Which Marina?........................................................................ 33 Down the Danube Part 2 ....................................................... 36 British Marina Sector News New Haven master for Larg ................................................... 46 Chairman: Wey & Arun Canal Trust ........................................................ 46 Julian Goldie Dun Laoghaire Marina ........................................................... 47 Premier Marinas – New Dry Stack at Gosport .......................... 48 General Manager: Gold Anchor Gareth Turnbull Gold Anchor Assessor’s Update.............................................. 50 Admnistrator: Gold Anchor Award Scheme .................................................. 51 Royal Phuket – A 5 Gold Anchor Marina................................. 55 Libby Gordon International Marina Sector News Note: The Association Polaru Marina ....................................................................... 57 welcomes articles of Istanbul Tall Ships Regatta...................................................... 59 general interest to readers. Please send to Index to Advertisers T.Y.H.A. office. Page Number

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Comment from the Chairman It is a great pleasure to introduce myself as your new Honorary Chairman of The Yacht Harbour Association. I have been a member of your Management Council for five years, and have run Tollesbury Marina, on the East Coast for the last twenty years. I have to step into some pretty big shoes, in following the excellent work of my predecessor, Sam Bourne. Sam worked tirelessly for over eleven years, to encourage the growth of the Yacht Harbour Association, both at home and overseas. I would like to say at huge thank you to Sam on behalf of us all. As you know, Sue Lambert retired as our Association Secretary at the end of March, after some twenty four years dedicated work on behalf of this Association. I am sure that I speak for us all, Sue has left an indelible impression of TYHA within our industry. Thank you Sue, for making us all feel so welcome into the Yacht Harbour Association. I would like to thank so many of you who sent in some very kind comments that we were able to publish in the “notice board “ section of the last issue of “fore and Aft “. Please feel free to ask for an extra copy of this Collectors’ Issue. We shall have some copies available at the forthcoming conference. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new team at TYHA. I would like to welcome Libby Gordon as our new Administrator. Libby has a wealth of experience in this field and is hugely enthusiastic. I would also like to introduce Gareth Turnbull as our new General Manager. Gareth has gained much of his experience in the Water-ski and Wake-boarding Association, including working with the RYA. Gareth will spend much of his time out and about meeting members, in order to find out your issues, and encouraging new members to join TYHA. I hope that you will take the opportunities of both the conference and the summer visit to introduce yourself to both Libby and Gareth. I can assure you, that you will be impressed by their enthusiasm for our industry. At this point, I would like to thank the entire team at the BMF for their support, welcome and very kind help over the setting up of our new office in Marine House. In particular, I would like to thank Sarah Dhanda for her very hard work on our behalf. I look forward to meeting many of you at the forthcoming Marina Managers’ Conference, Sponsored by Walcon Marine, in Brighton, on the

12th and 13th May. I am sure that this will be a hugely successful event, very informative and an excellent opportunity to network together. Taking us forward on TYHA business, we are currently organising the TYHA Summer Visit to the Norfolk Broads, to take place early in July. So that you are aware, we plan this event, one year, as an Inland Waterway Marina location, with the following year, as a Coastal Marina location. The aim is to show the wide variety of Marina networks that we have in our Industry, and some of the individual features that you find in different areas. It has been a long time since we last visited the Broads, and I look forward to joining you on this most interesting trip. We have a packed schedule, which will include an opportunity to have a dinner together, on the evening before the visit. You will read more on this great event a little further on in this issue. We shall waste no time in preparing for the “Which Marina?” Stand at the 2011 Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show. I recently attended the excellent presentation made by Andrew Williams, MD of National Boat Shows, where he was able to show the full extent of the benefits of the recent extension to the Excel Exhibition Centre, the new interior water feature, the greatly extended boat viewing Broadwalk, and indeed the complementing shows, to be held near the West Entrance. A considerable amount of customer research has been undertaken by NBS, and I have to say that I share the view that attendance next year will be considerably higher than the last couple of years. We need to work together to highlight this really important event to all our customers, so please tell your customers that our industry will present a real “ Wow “ factor ! The show promises to offer them what they really want from the London Boat Show. Your Boat Show Sub-Committee will be putting the finishing touches to the once again brilliant stand, which acts as a major focal point for the Marina Industry. Gareth or Libby will be in touch with you directly to highlight the opportunity to place your order for one, two, or three panels! Again more details will follow shortly. I am delighted to report that our work on the Gold Anchor Award scheme is once again in full swing, with new assessments and re-assessments taking place throughout the spring and summer months. I am delighted to report that we are able to welcome Mieke Vleugels onto our team of assessors. Libby will be in touch with you in due course, to remind you of your renewal, and to forward the questionnaire to you. I look forward to serving you as your new Honorary Chairman, and will do all that I can to promote The Yacht Harbour Association both within our UK Economy and as an International Association. I am delighted to be supported by such an able team, and look forward to hearing your views, taking up your issues, and meeting you at our Conferences, Boat Shows, Marina Visits, and Meetings. Thank you for your support, I wish you all a very successful season. Julian Goldie, Honorary Chairman.

“March 24th 2010 was a date for everyone in the Marinas World’s diary, not only was there one retirement of a long standing TYHA servant but two. Totalling 30 plus years of dedicated service to TYHA between them, Sam Bourne and Sue Lambert enjoyed a joint retirement dinner on 24th March. The event was held at the Royal Southampton Yacht club and it was a fitting venue for this auspicious occasion. Over 50 People enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and some free flowing wine, followed by presentation of some fantastic gifts and then the speeches began. Sam gave an eloquent summary of his time in office and others including Tim Coughlin added to his memories. Sue also gave a fantastic speech which although previously prepared was perfect for the occasion. We wish them both every happiness, Sue in her retirement and Sam with his continued business interests in the marina world. Both Sam and Sue wish to extend their thanks to all those who contributed to their retirement gifts which included a large print of Sam’s J Class Yacht, Velsheda, Table mats to match the Print, a Ewer and a bottle of Fine Wine (not currently in the Ewer) and a beautiful Silver Salver for Sue. Hopefully the photographs give a glimpse of the fun and occasion of the evening.”


General Manager’s Report It is with great pride that I introduce myself as the newly appointed General Manager for TYHA, forming part of an exciting new team comprised of Libby Gordon (TYHA Administrator) and Julian Goldie (Chairman). This is an exciting step for the organisation as it is a real investment in staff resources with the intention of delivering an excellent service to our rapidly growing membership. We believe in building a relationship with our members and providing a service which they all benefit from as such. I would like to draw your attention to some services available to you as a member: Gold Anchor award scheme A voluntary scheme aimed at recognising high operating standards at marinas internationally. Gold Anchor is promoted directly to boat owners and has been particularly valuable during the ongoing Global Financial Crisis boosting marina operators marketing campaigns, promoting those involved to potential customers. Gold Anchor is quickly growing globally and is benefitting from the ever growing recognition among marine businesses and consumers. 2010 Summer Visit A networking and educational event touring around several marinas in Norfolk Broads on 7th July. Tickets are available by contacting the TYHA HQ or by completing the booking form enclosed in this issue of Fore and Aft. Which Marina? stand Held at the Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show, this is the centre of attention for marinas at the show. To register a stand please complete the enclosed booking form or contact the TYHA HQ directly. Berth search is a website marketed directly at boat owners. It lists vacant berths at member marinas and provides details on their status with the Gold Anchor program. This is the definitive guide to Marinas, internationally. These are only some of the services TYHA offer, if you would like to get involved in any of these or to have a discussion about them please contact me directly. I look forward to working with you all in the future. With best regards, Gareth Turnbull M: 07717 683107 E: 6

The Key to Effective Harbour and Marina Management

New – W35/4E Marine Hoist

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Cradle and boat transporter – self powered and tractor drawn 10 to 25 ton

Cradle Systems 3 to 25 ton

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A new coalition Government The British Marine Federation (BMF) has watched with interest as a new coalition Government has formed for the first time in over 60 years. Of significant importance to BMF members are the appointments in the following areas: G

Prime Minister – David Cameron MP


Deputy Prime Minister – Nick Clegg MP


Chancellor of the Exchequer – George Osborne MP


Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – Caroline Spelman MP


Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills – Dr Vince Cable MP


Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change – Chris Huhne MP


Secretary of State for Transport – Phillip Hammond MP; and


Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Olympics and Sport – Jeremy Hunt MP

The BMF already has well established working relationships with politicians across all three main parties. And although we are waiting for final confirmation on junior ministerial appointments, we look forward to working closely with the new members of the Government and 232 new MP’s over the coming months and years. As part of the coalition agreement between the two parties, the new Government agreed to develop proposals to ensure there is a sufficient flow of credit to viable SMEs. We are pleased that the Government has chosen to take early action to help small business, an issue on which we have campaigned in the last 12 months. We believe that any support which helps to retain and build our manufacturing sector and grow our members’ businesses should be welcomed and we look forward to working closely with the Government as it develops its proposals. A new coalition Government will pose some interesting challenges. But we are committed to working hard to build our relationships with the new administration, build the profile of the leisure marine industry as a successful sector of the UK economy and ensure our members’ interests are represented at the highest level of government. The last few days have been quite an upheaval in British politics - but we intend to carry on working hard for our members, to help get them the support they need during these difficult economic times and ensure that the Government listens to our concerns. For more information on the work of the BMF please contact Howard Pridding, Executive Director of the BMF, at 8

Alarms and Detectors Save Lives Note: Fire can spread quickly on a boat, even on water Alarms and detectors can help keep your crew safe. Smoke Alarms G

Optical sensor alarms with hush buttons and ‘sealed for life’ batteries are best for boats. Visit for advice and guidance


Fit alarms in places you will hear them clearly if they go off


Consider installing linked alarms that will go off at the same time


Test the alarm when you board. Never disconnect it or remove working batteries

Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Gas Detectors G

Fit a CO detector to alert you any poisonous carbon monoxide


Check your detector is suitable for marine use and meets the BS7860 or EN50291 standards


Fit a bubble type leak detector in the gas locker


Look out for these ‘approved’ symbols when buying alarms and detectors:

TOP TIP Fit alarms and detectors to stay safe!

Don’t Forget – A handy reminder of top tips G

Fit smoke alarms, carbon monoxide and gas detectors


Turn fuel off properly after use


Dispose of cigarettes carefully. Put them out , right out


Make sure appliances are installed and maintained by a trained fitter


Clean up fuel spillages straight away


Plan your emergency procedure and make sure everyone on board knows it


Avoid fighting a fire youself. Get out, stay out and wait for the Fire & Rescue Service


If you are moored near land, move everybody off the boat and call 999 immediately


If you are offshore move as far away from the fire as you can on deck. Get everybody into life jacket s and make a mayday call


Keep fire blankets and extinguishers close to exits and risk points, such as the galley and engine area. Only use them if you know how to


Raising finance – where can you go today? Cash is the lifeblood of business and its injection is of vital importance at certain times. For businesses in the marine and leisure sector, as with any business, where to raise your capital is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. The choice generally is between debt and equity, or a combination of the two. If you are looking at the equity route what are you giving up and what do you expect in return? Private equity can often provide the leverage, focus and contacts to help your business grow faster than would otherwise be possible, but the price can be high – potentially losing overall control of your business. This might make your overall stake more valuable, but it depends very much on the initial calculation: which will grow the business more, your own stake or the investment of additional equity players? Get it wrong and you could be left with less than might have ben achieved with a more cautious growth policy. It is clear that the rules on bank lending have radically changed over the last few months and bankers have less flexibility, becoming more risk averse. The government is pushing the banks to lend to businesses on the one hand, while requiring them to boost cash reserves on the other. The traditional big four banks maintain that they are lending at levels similar to the precrunch period, but small businesses are still complaining, so what is happening? The banking sector in the UK exploded during the run up to 2008, with a considerable proportion of new funds coming from abroad. Following Lehmans collapse much of this foreign funding source has simply dried up, leaving the traditional UK banks to cope with what was an over inflated demand for debt. At Vail Williams, our experience is that the banks can pick and choose who they will lend to and will tend only to back the very good propositions. As to the terms, the simple loanto-value formula is now less important as the banks look much more towards the sustainability of income streams to cover debt financing. Cash flow is therefore of paramount importance and a business plan demonstrating how the cash flows can be sustained, or even 10

grown, is essential, provided it is accurate and realistic. Of equal importance is the borrower’s standing and experience in operating in the chosen leisure or marine business. So will there be funding available? For now, maybe, but there is a debt time bomb in the offing with vast amounts of debt in the leisure sector requiring re-financing over the next five years, as previous arrangements set up during the boom years mature. Finding funds to meet this demand will be difficult with banks becoming even more selective in deciding who they will support. As to the terms offered in the market, these have changed considerably with a reduction in loanto-value levels and an increase in interest level cover. This return to ‘old fashioned banking’ is to ensure that the banks are nor overly exposed in the event of a downturn. The Government, in seeking to boost lending, has sought to help small businesses through the Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme. This provides businesses with a turnover of up to £25 million with loans up to £1 million, which can also be used to convert existing overdrafts. The launch of the EFG means that viable businesses which can no longer secure bank lending as a result of the financial crisis can still gain access to additional funds. However, like its predecessor the Small Firms Loan Guarantee, these secured loans can be difficult to get, with only a few banking business managers being award of the terms or availability. As with any bank loan, EFG loans are only granted to commercially viable businesses. However, since the government only secures 75% of the loan and the banks take the full risk on the balance, the commerciality of extending an EFG loan tends to be under tighter scrutiny. For the banks, this becomes a less attractive option as typically they would look for full security in the current climate. When a company is unable to offer security, as is required with the other funding options, the EFG is often one of the few options up to the £1 million mark. Beyond that is the realm of the venture capitalists.

Hazel Studios Greenhills Estate Tilford Farnham Surrey GU10 2DY

. . . and we’ll clear it with our bottom leveller, MAPS VI. This craft carries out levelling operations in marinas and berthing areas where full scale dredging is not needed. This vessel is also able to plane off undesirable underwater pinnacles in flooded quarries and lakes which are used in water sport activities. Call MAPS today and make sure you get your way efficiently and economically cleared.

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Metermaid Portable Electricity Meter The best in ship to shore in-line metered leads



Designed and manufactured in Britain Tried and tested over 15 years in G 16A or 32A capacity G 200-260V and 100-130V marinas around the world G Cable lengths to suit you Class 1 accuracy G 2 year warranty Reliable, rugged, waterproof Available throughout Europe, USA and Canada from selected agents or direct from:


85 Cavendish Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 8AX, UK

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Environment Updates – Technical Report

Carbon Reduction Commitment – Does your company need to register? Over the past 18 months, BMF has raised awareness of the Government’s forthcoming mandatory carbon trading scheme known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme and the significant effects it may have on a number of our members. Companies whose electricity was supplied through at least one settled half hourly meter (HHM) during 2008, and that consumed 6,000 MWh during this time will qualify to comply with this scheme. However, companies such as BMF who operate under a HHM, but do not consume 6,000 MWh will still need to make an information disclosure of consumption details. Full participation of the scheme equates to c£500,000 per year. From 1st April 2010, those businesses affected will need to make either an information disclosure of their consumption or register as a full participant under the CRC by 30th September 2010. Failure to do so could lead to significant financial penalties. We predict that although many of our members won’t necessarily have to take part in carbon trading, they, like BMF, will be required to formally declare their consumption. For marina facilities, it may be of use to note that energy use on private vessels is excluded from CRC. Within CRC a vessel is defined as any boat or ship which is selfpropelled and operates in or under water. Government has decided to allow participants the flexibility to decide whether 12

to include in CRC electricity or gas used for transport where there is no sub-metering in place. Marina operators should note that all domestic accommodation (private recreational craft) will be outside of CRC’s scope, irrespective of the supply arrangements. You must therefore assess any accommodation against this definition. With regards to the exclusion of energy that is classified as domestic, Government has decided that participants will be required to identify and deduct the energy consumption associated with domestic accommodation when determining qualification and reporting emissions during the scheme. This would be done through sub-metering or estimation techniques. The Environment Agency is the lead authority for the CRC and the registration portal will be available at from 1st April. The CRC page provides all the explanatory information you will require to complete your declaration and explains the process of full participation in the scheme.

Oil Spill Dispersants used in the leisure marine sector An oil spill in the marine environment is possibly the easiest type of pollution to identify. In most cases, even the smallest spill will produce a distinctive odour and an oily rainbow effect (iridescence) on the surface of the water.

Oil Type Oil Sheen Oil Sheen Crude and Fuel Oil Water-in-oil Emulsions

Appearance Silver Iridescent Brown to Black Brown/Orange

Approximate Thickness >0.0001mm >0.0003mm >0.1mm >1mm

Approximate Volume (m3/km2) 0.1 0.3 100 1000


An estimate of the quantity of oil observed at sea is important as guidance in planning the required scale of clean-up response. The table below gives some guidance. Most difficult to assess are water-in-oil emulsions and viscous oils like heavy crude and fuel oil, which can vary in thickness from millimetres to several centimetres. So, when there is a small oil spill, it is quite understandable that boat owners, boatyards and marina operators would want to remove the oil as soon as possible. There are many ways in which you can manage an oil spill, for example booming off the area and applying oil absorbent equipment which should be removed and disposed of as hazardous waste. However, the perception that oil dispersants can be used as a “quick fix” may cause more problems than the original spill in the first place. It is important therefore for the manufacturers, retailers and users of such oil dispersants to understand the legal requirements when marketing, selling and applying these products in the marine environment. The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is the new enforcement authority in England and Wales whose remit is protect the marine environment whilst Marine Scotland approves oil spill treatment products in Scottish waters and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency in Northern Irish waters. The MMO was created following the enactment of the Marine & Coastal Access Bill in November 2009, and replaces the Marine & Fisheries Agency.

Although exempt under the Food & Environment Protection Act (FEPA), the application of oil spill dispersants in the marine environment is a strictly controlled activity. Before ANY oil spill dispersant is applied in the marine environment, the individual “depositing” it must ensure that they seek approval from the MMO when doing so. This also applies when oil spill dispersants enter the water from the deck of a boat, pontoon or slipway. An unlicensed deposit into the sea could carry a fine up £50,000 and/or up to a 2 years prison sentence. A tier 2 offence – which includes not notifying the licensing authority (i.e. MMO) of the use of an oil spill treatment product – could carry a fine up to £500. The dispersant used must also be registered on the MMO website as an approved product which has met stringent efficacy and toxicological tests. These tests, if carried out by laboratories on behalf of the MMO can cost in-excess of £10,000. If you have existing toxicity and efficacy tests on the product which match the required testing protocols, the MMO will charge around £2,000 to validate the information. If a product passes the required tests it will be added to the list. Each product will require re-assessment after 5 years. Many of the oil spill dispersants on the MMO approved list are for the treatment of large scale spills from oil tankers or large commercial ships which pose an immediate threat to marine wildlife, infrastructure or human safety. Advice from the MMO suggests that if there is a small scale spill (e.g. less than 1 litre), 13

it is often better to notify the relevant authorities (Environment Agency and Harbour Authority) and allow them to assess and manage the treatment. Typically, small scale spillages of diesel will naturally evaporate over 5 – 10 hours, leaving little impact. Manufacturers and distributors of oil spill dispersants in the UK have a duty of care to correctly label such products for their suitability and the advice they give users. BMF members who currently market oil spill dispersants as a product which can be used by recreational boaters in the marine environment may wish to review their advice, ensuring that messages are appropriate and are legally compliant as negligent misstatements could lead to prosecution from Trading Standards. The product label must be agreed by the MMO before the product can be approved. The label must contain the following information: 1. Product name. 2. Name, address and daytime/silent hours telephone number of manufacturer or importer/rebrander. 3. List of ingredients. 4. Oil treatment product (dispersant type, sorbent, bioremediant or other).

5. A warning against mixing the product with any other products. 6. Date of manufacture, batch number and expiry date (subject to extension). 7

Recommended storage instructions.


Risk symbol and description.


Usage instructions including a statement that details that the product should not be used in less than 20 metres of water or within 1 mile of water less than 20 metres deep without the approval of the licensing authority.

10. Basic safety instructions or caution and any appropriate chemical hazard signs. For more information and to download the MMO’s guide to the approval and use of oil spill treatment products in the UK, visit ecting/pollution/approval.htm For information on trade descriptions and trading standards, visit Contact Environment Team For information on these or any other issues please contact Brian Clark, Environment & External Relations Manager on or 01784 223644 or visit

Training Opportunities with the BMF

MARINA MANAGER COURSES Advanced Marina Managers School 7 – 13 November 2010 Dublin

Intermediate Marina Managers Course 15 – 18 February 2010 Windsor, UK For entry requirements and to book onto this event, please contact Deidre Williams, or all on 01784 223630 14


The Green Blue is the BMF and RYA’s environment programme established in 2005 to promote the sustainable use of coastal and inland waters by recreational boaters and the boating industry. Operating across the UK, it provides valuable advice on green matters to a wide range of organisations. So what can they do for the TYHA members? Firstly, The Green Blue has a number of printed resources aimed at individual boaters ranging from a yacht checklist to a Green Guide explaining the environmental impacts associated with coastal boating and the practical actions boaters can take. These resources come in a range of sizes and can also be sent digitally. So there are a number of ways in which The Green Blue can add value to the marina handbook and appeal to the bertholders, but what can they do for the Marina? Well, The Green Blue team can look at your environmental utilities such as your waste, water and energy costs and come up with ways to reduce your consumption and expenditure. The Green Blue has a proven track record of working with many marinas across the UK saving them thousands of pounds and enhancing their facilities, improving their reputation and minimising the impact on the environment. Lastly all the materials and advice are FREE so what are you waiting for, check out the new website which offers case studies and plenty of information for businesses such as yours. Alternatively get in touch with Dan Reading who is the Sustainable Facilities Officer to book a visit and he will be happy to get you started. 15

Successful 2010 Marina Conference held in Brighton The sixth annual Marina conference sponsored by Walcon Marine was held in Brighton in May. The two day networking event was attend by 119 delegates, including Steve Sammes CMM and Jeff D’Albora CMM from Australia. The conference included a range of pertinent presentations including Innovative Marina Practices, Developing new marinas and Yard Operations and Equipments. Various experts were on hand to discuss, legal and environmental issues with delegates, the Green Blue were once again on hand to give valuable free sustainability guidance to marinas. All Presentations are available at . Dr Tim Brabants MBE, Kayak Olympic Gold Medallist gave an entertaining after dinner speech, highlighting the build up to the Olympics and post event from an athlete’s experience. Tim was on hand afterwards to talk to delegates.

Libby Gordon, Tim Brabants, Julian Goldie and Gareth Turnbull

Debbie Burns CMM, Chairman of the UK and Europe Certified Marina Managers Group, had the pleasure of awarding six delegates with their CMM designation. The Six new CMM’s are; Sarah Hanna, Lowestoft Haven Marina, Charles Bush of Mayflower Marina, Tony Dye, Castle Marinas, Charlie Telfer, St Katherine Dock, Chris Windsor, Dover Marina and Mike Gates, Marina Developments Ltd. Congratulations to all our new CMM’s. There are now 253 Certified Marina Managers worldwide, with the UK and Europe 16

Tony Dye Castle Marinas, Chris Windsor Dover Marina, CharlieTelfer St Katherine’s Dock, Charlie Bush Mayflower Marina, Sarah Hanna Lowestoft Haven Marina, Mike Gates Marina Developments Ltd, Debbie Burns Chairman CMM UK and Europe

Group now having 58 members. In order to achieve the CMM status, marina managers need to have at least five years managerial experience in the marina industry, be a graduate of an Advanced Marina Managers School, be an active member of a trade association and manage a facility of at least 100 berths. The conference concluded with a field trip to Premier’s Brighton Marina. Marina Manager Phil Godfrey took delegates on a boat trip around the marina, demonstrating the vastness of the marina.

Thank you from Julian Goldie The Walcon Marina Managers' Conference in Brighton was a tremendous success, extremely well organised by Dee Williams and many of her team at the BMF, supported by the UK and Europe CMM Group. The Holiday Inn, on Brighton seafront was an ideal venue, providing both excellent food and service. The Conference was very informative and we all took away some really good ideas. I was delighted to meet many of our overseas members, in particular Steve Sammes and Jeff D'Aldora, from Australia. Thank you! 17

Clever new income stream for Marina Operators Cardiff-based WaterSpace Developments think savvy marina operators will see the potential of their floating units as a way of generating new income. Their floating office product, "H2Office" (, opens up new possibilities in both coastal and inland marinas and waterways. Instead of empty berths or under-utilised areas of water marina owners can moor floating offices and let them out to local businesses. The rental income achievable will usually be much more than the equivalent berthing rates and that's where the commercial opportunity lies. It's a low-risk hassle-free business model. WaterSpace Director Andrew Masters said: “Many marinas have some wasted areas of water - we now have a clever incomegenerating solution. Floating offices are attractive to many business people not least because of the novelty factor - it helps them stand out from their competitors. Even at quite modest rental levels the income for a marina owner makes the return on investment excellent." WaterSpace's floating units can also be used as part of a marina's infrastructure. Instead of expensive landbased buildings floating units are a cost-effective alternative and can be used as offices, toilet/shower blocks, ticket booths, retail outlets or storage units. They fit into standard-sized marina berths and have a shallow draft of just 0.5m - making them ideal for areas of water inaccessible to boats. The price for a standard specification floating office is just ÂŁ59,950 + VAT. More information is available fromthe web site at H2Office" floating office unit


RMCS - Industry Specialists We understand that decisions are made on quality and price. With over 20 years industry knowledge and expertise and due to recent success, RMCS can now offer you even more competitive prices. Some of our range of services:

Sterling Range


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Installations Computerised Metering Testing to 17th Edition Adaptor Plates

TCU/2CM TWO Way credit card metered unit with 2 x 10/16 amp, RCBO’s, 2 credit card meters and 2 sockets

from only ÂŁ110! The Sterling Range is cleverly constructed from one slender mould with all internal wiring and switch gear accessed from a single removable front panel, ideal for narrow pontoons. Available from 250mm up to 1500mm

2 x 16 amp 600mm and 400mm Sterling units.

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Just some of the reasons you need to choose PacsoftMMS to help manage your marina ~ Now compatible with Rolec Berthmaster and Smartmaster software ~ 26 | | Ph +44(0) 845 003 4220


Dear Member TYHA Summer Visit to the Norfolk Broads You are invited to join Members of TYHA on a Summer Visit to the Norfolk Broads which is taking place on Wednesday 7th July 2010. You can join us just for the day or you may wish to enjoy a Networking Evening on Tuesday 6th July 2010 at 3rd Crossing Restaurant, Lowestoft Haven Marina. The official hotel accommodation is at the beautiful Ivy House Country Hotel which is only a short taxi ride to the restaurant.



TYHA’s summer visit this year is taking place on 7 th July on the beautiful Norfolk Broads.

Starters Crab, Prawn & Bearnaise tartlet with herb salad Baked Portabello mushrooms , topped with chilli, red onion & smoked mozzarella Oulton Broad Smokie Pan Seared scallops, sauté potatoes, pancetta crisp & cauliflower puree

We begin the day by heading to the newly Mains refurbished Waveney River Centre which is an Pan fried fillet of halibut set on a pancetta & pea award winning holiday park and marina. Next risotto with glazed horseradish cream stop is St Olaves Marina, a traditional family Roast fillet of seabass with aubergine caviar, run business offering marina and boat sales chorizo sausage, herb dauphine potato & red pepper sauce facilities. Situated on the river Waveney and Fillet of smoked haddock with gratin of potatoes, the New Cut, St Olaves also has easy access herbs & leeks to the sea via Lowestoft or Great Yarmouth. Surf & Turf From there we set off for Goodchild Marina Steaks from the Grill which offers its own deepwater marina and Moroccan curry of butternut squash, spinach & dock, a 32 tonne boat hoist and all accessible cashew nuts with a minty couscous at all states of the tide. They also are boat •Open tartlet of spring vegetables with shallots, builders for pilot type craft and have been sherry & thyme dressing awarded the contract from The RNLI for the A selection of deserts on request refit and refurbishment of the Tyne class craft. (sample menu) Last stop before lunch takes us to Eastwood Marina. A small, family run marina which prides itself with providing excellent facilities for their customers. We will then have a guided tour by boat over Surlingham Broad before having lunch nearby. After our ferry crossing back to the bus, we head off to Powells Marina which offers holidays both ashore and afloat, with a ruperb range of different cruisers to hire. A quick visit to Landamores, builders of the Oyster yacht, they have acquired an international reputation for craftsmanship in powerboat and yacht building. Our final stop is at Ferry marina located on the River Bure offering day and holiday cruiser hire, and having just under gone serious refurbishment it is well worth a look.

Ferry Quay

St Olaves Marina


Goodchild Marina

Oyster 655 Yacht

Eastwood Marina

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Termsandconditions: Payment:Pleasenotethatallfeesarepayablepriortothecommencementofvisit. Thefeeincludesdinner,morningtea&coffee,lunch,coachandferryhire.  Afullitineraryandpresentationpackwillbesentoncepaymenthasbeenreceived.  Cancellation:  If TYHA cancels the trip or you cancel giving us more than 10 working days’ notice in writing, you will receive a full refund.  If you cancel giving us more than 3 but less than 10 working days’ notice in writing no refund will be given. This payment is to cover venue and administration costs.  Substitutions:YoumaysubstituteanotherdelegateontheSummerVisitbyadvisingusoftheirname.  IhaveunderstoodandaccepttheaboveTermsandConditions—PleasesignandreturntoTYHA  Signed:_____________________________________________Date:______________________ 30

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WhichMarina? TullettPrebonLondonInternationalBoatShow, ExCeL



Marine Pump Out anywhere, anytime! LeeSan UK +44 (0)1295 770000













NEW HAVEN MASTER FOR LARGS! Roger Jones has joined Largs Yacht Haven, Largs as full time Haven Master. Roger joins the 15 strong staff team at the 700 berth marina on the Clyde to assist with berthing and day to day operations. With the calendar fully booked for sailing events this year Roger’s hands will be full dealing with the new Largs Open Weekend on 15/16 May, the IRC Scottish Championships on 12/13 June, Clydeport Largs Regatta Week on 28 Aug- 5 Sept, and most importantly the Laser Radial World Championships from 6 – 25 July. Roger, who lives in Fairlie, co-owns a Hanse 342 based on the Clyde. During his professional IT career he has also been actively involved with the Ocean Youth Trust for many years, rising to watch leader on part of their round the world cruise. Largs Yacht Haven forms part of the Yacht Havens Group who own and operate 2500 marina berths around the UK. The Group’s other Scottish marina is at Troon, 20 miles from Largs.

For further information please contact: Carolyn Elder Tel: 01475 675333 e-mail:

LEGACY WILL ALLOW WORK TO BEGIN AT NORTHERN END OF WEY & ARUN CANAL Although most of the Wey & Arun Canal Trust’s recent work has concentrated on the operational section at Loxwood, WACT is mindful of the need to link the former Wey & Arun Junction Canal to the rest of the navigable waterways system. This was identified as a priority in the study produced by Atkins plc, and commissioned by local authorities along the line of the canal. WACT’s particular desire for the area at the northern end of the canal, near the A281 road over the navigable River Wey, is to provide a ‘green corridor’. This will provide a public


amenity and a route for walkers, cyclists, riders, etc – and later for boaters - based where possible on the original canal route,. The Trust’s proposals for this area in Shalford, near Guildford, were the subject of a public consultation in Shalford last year, and received very strong support from the local residents. The ‘green corridor’ is now taking a significant step nearer to reality. WACT has received a substantial legacy from the Ed and Doris Hunt Memorial Fund. This will enable the Trust to begin landscaping work at Shalford and to this end, WACT is working with local landscape consultants Community Realm CIC to produce plans for improvements to the area for the public benefit. The scheme will include areas for walking and seating for picnics, and open spaces to enjoy the countryside and views. The project will also include tree management so that the work can also include rejuvenating some of the planting that is in need of attention. This generous bequest will make it possible for the Trust to start preparatory work shortly and

to carry out the various surveys needed for the area. Luke Taylor from Hart Brown, the solicitors who acted for the Hunts and who administered their legacy, commented "The Hunts lived in Loxwood near the Wey & Arun Canal. They wanted their legacy to be used for the conservation of the countryside and, in particular, wildlife. The Trustees of the Ed and Doris Hunt Memorial Fund were delighted to use the legacy for the benefit of the Canal Trust. Having seen its work at Loxwood and having studied the plans for the Shalford landscaping scheme, they concluded that this was exactly the sort of project that the Hunts would have

wanted to support." Further information about the Wey & Arun Canal Trust is available from the Trust’s office, on 01403 752403.

DUN LAOGHAIRE MARINA – HAL BLEAKLEY WEIGHS ANCHOR Having been involved in the construction, management and development of Dun Laoghaire Marina since 2001 Hal Bleakley is retiring from his position as General Manager of the Marina and Managing Director of Marina Marketing and Management Ltd / Karnool Ltd. Paal Janson has been appointed to succeed him with immediate effect. Hal will be ensuring a smooth handover from now until 30th June. A Chartered Engineer with extensive experience in a service industry, his other qualifications as a keen sailor in the Dublin Bay Mermaid class and as a past Commodore of Dublin Bay Sailing Club and Committee member of the Royal St George Yacht club ensured a steady hand on the helm. When he took up the position in January 2001 the Marina, was a collection of driven piles unconnected to any marina furniture. The office administration building was an outline of foundations. Using his car and mobile ‘phone from his car on site for three months he coordinated with the various contractors and suppliers until the Marina opened on 17th

March 2001 with a 24/7 operation. He recruited a further seven staff to provide operational, security and customer services to berth holders and visitors. Porta-cabin office and shower/toilet facilities catered for the initial basic comforts. The office and facilities building became fully operational in May 2001, catering for a 275 berth capacity. Additional berths were added virtually every year up to 2006. Hal was responsible for many alterations to the basic design layout and was also responsible for many innovations –one which he is particularly proud of is the Facilities Barge containing 4 cabins fitted out with shower and toilet facilities. In 2006 the last extension brought the capacity to 820 with some 725 of these under contract. Under his stewardship in 2008 Dun Laoghaire Marina was awarded the Environmental ISO 14001 for its management policies, In the same year Dun Laoghaire Marina also became the first marina in the Republic of Ireland to be awarded the Yacht Harbour Association’s Five Gold Anchor grading. While retiring from his active role within the Marina he hopes to continue he long association with sailing by continuing to assist in the race management programme of Dublin Bay Sailing Club.- he may have raised the anchor within the Marina organisation but he will continue to be associated with DBSC – he has no intention of “sailing off into the sunset “ ( not quite yet anyway.) 47

PREMIER MARINAS OPENS NEW DRY STACK AT GOSPORT IN MAY Premier Marinas celebrated the opening of its new dry stack at Gosport Marina with an open weekend on May 15th/16th. Visitors who signed an annual dry stack contract at the twoday event were able to take advantage of a special 10% introductory discount and a free month in the dry stack. Visitors to the event were able to see live demonstrations of how Premier’s new specialist marine forklift will lift boats from the dry stack and launch them in the water. Other open weekend attractions included opportunities to try and buy from a fabulous range of RIBEye ribs plus advice on power boat training and rib co-ownership schemes. Premier’s new dry stack will initially store up to 80 boats between 4.5m and 10m, rising to a final working capacity of 152 boats. This new facility at Gosport represents just part of Premier’s £7m ongoing investment in the infrastructure of the site since the company

purchased it from Camper and Nicholson in 2003. Premier’s Managing Director Pete Bradshaw commented, “We are very pleased to be opening our first dry stack at Gosport. We see dry stacking as a key element in a long term strategy that aims to provide the boating community with first-class facilities and service for storing boats - on and off the water.” He continued, “Gosport Marina is the perfect site for dry stack as it offers 24-hour immediate access to the world-renowned boating pleasures of the Solent and Portsmouth Harbour. Besides unlimited launching throughout the year, a 10% introductory discount and one month free, our new dry stack customers will benefit from complimentary visits to Premier’s other 7 prime south coast marina locations and a raft of costsaving advantages.” For further details on the dry stack at Gosport Marina contact Gosport Marina on 023 9252



SURREY TW20 8BF Telephone 01784 223817 48

Boat Cradles and Props Time to think about a satisfactory means of layup. The Tennamast range of support systems will have something to suit your needs. Tennamast manufacture a wide range of: Fixed, Modular, Fixed base folding, Dry sail, Yard Cradles and Prop Stands, Suitable for all types of craft and application.


Fixed base folding leg RHS type

Web Site:

Prop Stands

Tel 01505 503824 Fax: 01505 503246

Fixed base folding leg Channel type


Tennamast (Scotland) Ltd 81 Mains Road Beith, Ayrshire, KA15 2HT

WATERSIDE PROPERTIES Looking to sell a Marina or Commercial Waterside Property? With over 12 years of specialist experience in commercial and residential waterside property sales, combined with an in depth knowledge of the marine industry, Waterside Properties offers clients an unrivalled service. Our expertise includes, valuations for sale, property advertising (including stands at major boat shows and on our Internet website), marketing for new build developers, introduction of buyers and sales negotiations through to completion. WHEN THE TIME COMES TO SELL MAKE SURE YOU CALL US Paul Simpson Waterside Properties UK Ltd Brighton Marina Village Brighton, East Sussex BN2 5WA Tel: 01273 622007 49


GOLD ANCHOR ASSESSOR’S UPDATE by John Turgoose The Gold Anchor Marina Assessment scheme is underway for 2010 and the scheme is going from strength to strength. Many readers will know that five marinas were assessed in Northern France in the autumn of 2009. A further ten Belgian marinas expect to be assessed over time, following the example of VVW Nieuwpoort which has been a participant in the scheme for several years. Another marina in Holland, Compagnieshaven Enkhuizen (to the north of Amsterdam, on the Ijsselmeer) was assessed in December, 2009. The latest news for 2010 is that the Yacht Havens group of marinas has joined the scheme and three of the group’s marinas have been assessed so far. It is encouraging to see the scheme gaining more international recognition. In response to this increasing demand Mieke Vleugels has become an assessor, joining the team of Roger Granger, John Turgoose and Sam Bourne. Mieke has firsthand experience of running her own marina in Holland and has helped with the assessments of two marinas in the UK as a part of her training to ensure that standards are applied consistently. The photos show some of the experiences of assessors as they carry out their task. One photo shows an excellent example of a refurbished toilet facility at Troon Yacht Haven. The second photo shows some signs of Accelerated Low Water corrosion and a power cable hanging in seawater (at another marina). The purpose of the Gold Anchor Assessments is to encourage increasing and higher standards in marinas. The scheme does not operate in the same way as hotel assessments – there are no surprise visits. However, the assessors are in effect another pair of eyes looking at the things marina managers see in their marina every day, but with a new or different perspective - and hopefully able to provide some constructive suggestions.


The Yacht Harbour Association Gold Anchor award scheme TYHA represents the marina sector by supporting its members, helping them get the most out of their business. This is possible by using TYHA’s resources to provide a variety of valuable support tools including: • Expert advice on relevant political, environmental, financial and practical marina issues • Promotion at the London Boat Show ‘Which Marina’ stand and on • A free marina sector publication with news, case studies and ongoing guidelines • Networking opportunities with other marina operators and industry stakeholders • Quality standards through accreditation – ‘Gold Anchor Award Scheme’ • An up to date code of practice for marina operators and developers One of the key support tools is the voluntary ‘Gold Anchor Award Scheme’ which was established in 1984 and designed to give marina operators a marketing advantage. Members of TYHA can participate in this scheme and apply to have their facility inspected against the Code of Practice. Assessments consider a variety of aspects including: Facilities, Health and Safety policy, Customer services, Environmental policy, Services and Layout. Marinas will then have the opportunity to gain 3, 4 or 5 Gold Anchors and currently there are 56 ‘5 Gold Anchor’ marinas, 28 ‘4 Gold Anchor’ marinas and 7 ‘3 Gold Anchor’ marinas. Successful marinas are promoted through the ‘Fore and Aft’ industry publication, the ‘’ website and they are issued with the corresponding Gold Anchor logo to use throughout the marketing campaign. “We are confident that the services we offer and the facilities we manage are on par with the best in the country and therefore worthy of recognition, through independent objective audits by industry professionals. We fully endorse the objectives of the Gold Anchor award” Kevin Baird – Assistant Manager, Quay Marinas Limited, Bangor Marina For more details on any membership benefits please visit the TYHA website or contact Libby Gordon at


Gold Anchor Award Holders

Gunwharf Quays Marina, Hampshire, UK Hartlepool Marina, Cleveland, UK Port de Plaisance de Etaples-sur-Mer, France

Port de Plaisance Gravelines, France Trinity Marinas, Leicestershire, UK

Bristol City Docks, Bristol, UK Brundall Bay Marina, Norfolk, UK Dart Marina, Devon, UK De Brink Yachting, Kerkdriel, Holland Falmouth Marina, Cornwall, UK Jachthaven Wetterville, Loosdrecht, Holland Marina Muiderzand, Almere, Holland Mayflower Marina, Plymouth, UK Milford Marina, Pembrokeshire, UK Nottingham Castle Marina, Nottinghamshire, UK Penton Hook Marina, Surrey, UK Poole Quay Boat Haven, Dorset, UK

Port de Plaisance de Boulogne-sur-Mer, France Port de Plaisance de Calais, France Port Edgar Marina, Edinburgh, UK Ramsgate Yacht Marina, Kent, UK Royal Quays Marina, Tyne and Wear, UK Shepperton Marina, Middlesex, UK Tidemill Yacht Harbour, Suffolk, UK Tollesbury Marina, Essex, UK Troon Yacht Haven Upton Marina, Worcestershire, UK Waveney River Centre, Norfolk, UK Windsor Marina, Berkshire, UK

Atakoy Marina, Istanbul, Turkey Bangor Marina, Northern Ireland, UK Bray Marina, Berkshire, UK Brighton Marina Village, Sussex, UK Carrickfergus Marina, Northern Ireland, UK Celebi Marina, Antalya, Turkey Chichester Marina, West Sussex, UK Conwy Quays Marina, North Wales, UK Deganwy Quays Marina, North Wales, UK D-Marin Turgutreis Marina, Bodrum, Turkey Dover Marina, Kent, UK

Dun Laoghaire Marina, Dublin Gillingham Marina, Kent, UK Gosport Marina, Hampshire, UK Hafan Pwllheli, North Wales, UK Hamble Point Marina, Hampshire, UK Harleyford Marina, Buckinghamshire, UK Ipswich Haven Marina, Suffolk, UK Jachthaven Naarden, Holland Jersey Harbour Marinas, Channel Islands, UK Kemer Turkiz Marina, Antalya, Turkey Lowestoft Haven Marina, Suffolk, UK


Largs Yacht Haven Marina De Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal Marina De Lagos, Portugal Marina De Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal Marmaris Yacht Marina, Turkey Marti Marina, Mugla, Turkey Mercury Yacht Harbour, Hampshire, UK Milta Bodrum Marina, Bodrum, Turkey Northney Marina, Hampshire, UK One 15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove, Singapore Penarth Quays Marina, South Wales, UK Port Bodrum Yalikavak, Turkey Port de Plaisance de Dunkerque, France

Port Gocek Marina, Fethiye, Turkey Port Hamble Marina, Hampshire, UK Portishead Quays Marina, Somerset, UK Porto De Recreio De Oeiras, Portugal Port Solent Marina, Portsmouth, UK Raffles Marina, Singapore Royal Phuket Marina, Thailand Salterns Marina, Poole, UK Sovereign Harbour Marina, Eastbourne, UK Swansea Marina, South Wales, UK Thames and Kennet Marina, Berkshire, UK vvw Nieuwpoort Marina, Belgium Woolverstone Marina, Suffolk, UK is a marketing tool provided by The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) specifically marketed at boat owners. Berth Search lists all TYHA member marinas and any vacant berths. It is updated on a daily basis and can be searched according to location and gold anchor status. You, as a marina and mooring operator and as a Member of The Yacht Harbour Association and the British Marine Federation, can list your available berths on the website free of charge. The new website has been designed by Ocean Road and TYHA is delighted with the ongoing developments of the site. It certainly seems to be a hit because it is receiving on average 66 unique visitors each day browsing an average of 4 marinas each time they visit. If you would like to list your available berths please simply contact Libby Gordon with berth details on Tel: +44 (0) 1784 223817 or email


LATEST NEWS ON THE SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW New undercover space available in Solent Park Due to the phenomenal demand for undercover space at the 2010 PSP Southampton Boat Show, National Boat Shows has created an additional Marquee in Solent Park. The Cruise Hall will be between the ever-popular Guinness Bar and a new Royal Navy attraction which is always a real draw; located opposite will be the Show Stage with its continual timetable. Stands start at £1048.68 + Vat for a 3m x 3m stand. If you are interested in taking advantage of this new opportunity – you’ve either previously been unable to book undercover space, are on the waiting list, or are new to the show – please contact the Sales Team on 01784 223620 or email

Get out and on the water at the PSP Southampton Boat Show Make the most of the last days of summer at the PSP Southampton Boat Show. From 10 -19 September 2010, the UK’s leading outdoor boat show returns to Mayflower Park, bringing hundreds of boats, exhibitors and visitors together on the south coast. Set on one of Europe’s largest marinas, the PSP Southampton Boat Show in association with ITV Meridian offers an essential interactive experience for everyone with an interest in boats, on-water adventures and an active lifestyle, from sailing enthusiasts through to families and the ‘just curious.’ Over 10 action-packed days, visitors to this year’s PSP Southampton Boat Show can enjoy the very best of the UK’s vibrant marine industry: • Explore more than 1000 boats, ranging from small canoes and versatile dinghies to sleek sail boats and motor yachts • Get afloat and enjoy one of Europe’s largest purpose-built marinas, with 400 boats moored on over 2km of pontoons • Browse the products, kit and services of hundreds of Show exhibitors. You don’t have to be in the market to buy a boat; see the latest clothing ranges, shop for boat gadgets and electronics, book a sailing course or gather inspiration for an unforgettable boating holiday • Get out on the water and try a selection of boats for yourself. Get Afloat with Rockley Watersports offers 8 – 16 year olds a fantastic chance to test their sea legs with a qualified instructor, while Try a Boat with allows visitors of all ages to jump aboard and trial a range of boats for free • Back on dry land, experience water from inside a giant Water Zorb. Based in Solent Park, these inflatable spheres allow you to literally walk on water, with no danger of getting wet. Also based in Solent Park, the Nautical Imaginarium Stage Show will test your marine knowledge with a number of enjoyable interactive elements including a climbing wall and bosun’s chair 54

TYHA Gold Anchor Award Scheme

ROYAL PHUKET MARINA by YP Loke Royal Phuket Marina has the distinction of being the only Gold Anchor rated marina in Thailand – and a 5 Gold Anchor one at that. Conceived by Asian-based (but UK National) business mogul Gulu Lalvani it is an upmarket development comprising residential, retail and hotel components. Phuket is the sailing Mecca of Southeast Asia. It’s location at the top of the Straits of Malacca makes it the ideal springboard for bluewater cruisers crossing the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean. Circumnavigators flock here from October onwards, with numbers peaking around December, then like migrating birds depart en masse fanning across the Indian Ocean when the wind turned favourable for the crossing. The Phuket sailing fraternity takes the opportunity to host the Kings Cup in December, adding frenzy to the high season and setting the sailing scene abuzz with activity. This unrivalled regatta has a distinctly Asian flavour and attracts over a hundred yachts worldwide. Royal Phuket has been the choice venue hosting the prize-giving and closing dinner for this prestigious regatta in recent years.It is also the venue of the Phuket boat show (known as PIMEX, acronym for Phuket International


Marine Exposition), an event in show organiser Informa Yacht Group’s extensive portfolio. Co-marketing with these marque events help raise the profile and branding for Royal Phuket Marina. The first phase of 86 berths in the outer lagoon is fully occupied in the high season. It acts as traffic generator for the bustling cafes and restaurants that dot the boardwalk along the marina. The second phase now under construction consists of an inner harbour that is ship-locked. A distinctive feature of the inner harbour is a pioneering housing concept, branded as the “Aquaminium”, that allows owners to drive their boat into their own covered garage, much like a car. Covered shade is of course much coveted in the tropics. When completed, the development will have capacity for some 350 boats. The hardstand adjoining the marina has a 50 tonne travel hoist. With a growing boat base and diligent & inexpensive workforce, Phuket has built itself a reputation for getting quality work done at an affordable price. Over the years, a cottage industry has sprung up with an array of contractors offering a myriad of yacht services. The affable Marina Manager Mete Izmen hails from Turkey, and runs a tight ship. The courteous and congenial staff at Royal Phuket certainly live up to the Thai claim to being the land of smiles, giving the marina a much deserved place in the Gold Anchor Scheme.

Courtesy Trolleys Hot dipped galvanised and well balanced roller bearinged solid or pneumatic wheel option, Float system available.

Ace Equipment Oakley Farm, Croxall, Lichfield, Staffordshire. WS13 8QZ Telephone: 01283 790320 Facsimile: 01283 790456 Email 7day/24 hours telephone service 56

With an area of 444 km2, Curaçao is the largest island and the most populated of the Dutch Antilles Isles in the Caribbean. Sited at the south-west of the island, on the sheltered ‘Spanish Water’ anchorage, the Santa Barbara Plantation real estate complex is one of the largest in the region. It covers 600 hectares and includes a hotel, villas, a golf course, swimming pools, tennis, etc. In 2006, Poralu Marine had contributed to the creation of Seru Boca Marina, located at the heart of the complex and which can now accommodate 128 boats up to 45m in length. In the face of the success of the Seru Boca Marina, the client for the Barbara Beach Plantation project once again approached Poralu Marine for the construction of a luxury marina located opposite the new Hyatt Regency hotel in Curaçao. Signed at the end of 2008, the value of the contract is some 700 k . Finalised in mid2009, this top of the range marina will be inaugurated during the first half of 2010, to coincide with the opening of the hotel. The original feature for the Hyatt Regency hotel marina project was to bring together fixed landing stages for the Super Yachts and floating pontoons for the smaller vessels. The floating pontoons, covered with composite polypropylene (EcostyleTM) decking, accommodate 50 boats from 6 to 20 m in length. Positioned so as to protect the Barbara Beach section, this floating section comprises ‘design’ bridges,

integrated solar-powered LEDs and underwater lighting. These innovative products bring real added value to Poralu Marine's construction. The aluminium fixed section comprises some ten moorings for Super Yachts over 25m long. By using its aluminium structural experience, Poralu Marine was able to reduce the number of supports required to support the fixed structure by nearly 2/3, thus optimising the costs. This was done while still meeting the needs set out in the specification for an appealing design where particularly clean and airy lines were desired. The new marina for Super Yachts is an excellent sales window for port systems in an area where a variety of clients are looking for innovative processes and products. Moreover, there are more projects in the offing for the Santa Barbara Plantation property development program and, more generally, throughout the Caribbean islands.

Creation of the Casino Seven Clans marina on the Lac des Bois in the United States Bordering the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba and the US state of Minnesota, the Lac des Bois extends over 100 km and has 14,552 islands. The Casino Seven Clans, owned by the Red Band of Chippewa Indians, is based in the district of Warroad in Minnesota, to the south-west of the Lac des Bois. Against a backdrop of other activities being developed around the casino, the creation of a marina was entrusted to Poralu Marine.




Thirty moorings were delivered and installed during the summer of 2009 with the first phase of the works. The floating pontoons are finished with EcostyleTM decking, designed with environmentally friendly materials (polypropylene composite) and the MANTA fender intended to absorb impacts. The design of these pontoons mean s they blend perfectly into the natural surroundings, while still being an innovation on the Lac des Bois, equipped traditionally with all timber pontoons.

The Casino Seven Clans marina

In the coming years, other phases of the works will be added to this initial construction. These developments illustrate Casino Seven Clans growth policy and participation in the local tourist economy. Members of the First Nations account for a very active clientèle in the water sports market in both the United States and Canada. In addition, the position of the Lac des Bois on the border between the two countries has given Poralu Marine major a great reference in this region.

Renovation of the Pointe-auxAnglais Yacht marina in Canada The Pointe-aux-Anglais Yacht Club marina is located on the Deux-Montagnes lake, in


the town of Oka to the north-west of Montreal, Quebec. Awarded 4 anchors in 2009 by the Quebec Tourist Industry Corporation, this marina has achieved Ecomarinas certification from the Quebec Maritime Association. The Poliseno Marine Group is one of the largest boat dealers in Montreal. In January 2009, it purchased the Pointe-aux-Anglais Yacht Club marina and initiated a redevelopment and extension project. At the end of a tendering exercise, Poralu Marine was awarded this contract, beating its local competitors. Laid out on a site with an established reputation for sailing, this marina has increased its mooring capacity (170 moorings initially) to meet growing demand from yachtsmen. Poralu Marine's mission was to create 30 additional moorings on floating pontoons with MANTA fenders to accommodate boats between 8 and 20 m in length. This first phase of the works was delivered and inaugurated in May 2009, as the sailing season opened. There will be a second phase of the works in 2010/2011. Negotiations between the Poliseno Marine Group and Poralu Marine are currently in progress. These three projects mark a significant step for Poralu Marine in its market conquest in this geographical area, with its strong growth potential and where its Canadian subsidiary is maintaining a sustained business development campaign. This demonstrates Poralu Marine's capacity to provide global solutions and appropriate technological responses to complex configurations.

Tall Ships Regatta 2010 – Istanbul The Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta takes place between 27 – 30 may 2010, in Istanbul where the Regatta will be a centrepiece of the city’s celebrations of its designation as European Capital of culture in 2010.

Myconos and Naxos to port. The third race will be about 220 miles in length and will finish off Lavrion by 4 June and the fleet will be alongside here until 7 June when ships disperse back to their home ports or on to other events.

The Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta will be a wonderful experience for anyone with a spirit of adventure, a love of the sea, and a desire to visit new places and different cultures. It doesn’t even matter if you have never been on a boat or a sailing ship before.... most of the participating vessels welcome novices as well as experienced sailors.

Fifty years of Tall Ships races

The first race leaves Volos, Greece, on 9 May, with the start area established due south of the island of Skiathos, some 30 miles from Volos. With the Sporades Islands to port, the fleet will head, via a number of waypoints, to a final waypoint to the west of the entrance to the Dardanelles, some 160 miles distance. Ships will take their time at this waypoint and will stop racing. They will be allowed to pass through the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus under engine and will have 60 hours to get to the starting waypoint for the second leg of the first race in the Black Sea about 170 miles away. During this 60 hour period, they can stop where they please, take on provisions - but not crew - and relax. They cannot start to race again in less than 60 hours and must finish the race in Varna, Bulgaria by 21 May. After four days of festivities the fleet will leave Varna on 24 May, Bulgarian National Day, and start the second race. This race will go via a number of waypoints, covering about 200 miles to the northern entrance to the Bosphorus where it will finish on 27 May. The fleet will then assemble in Istanbul, Turkey for another four days of festivities. The fleet will leave Istanbul on 30 May and make its way through the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles to the race start area. The third race will start on 1 June and head south towards Lavrion, Greece leaving the Cyclades islands of

In 1953, an idea was mooted which would bring together young sailing cadets from around the world. The idea was put forward by retired London solicitor Bernard Morgan, who believed that a one-off Tall Ships race would be a fitting way to mark the end of the sailing era. The suggestion won support, and so it was that in July 1956, 20 vessels lined up off Torbay for the start of the inaugural Tall Ships Race to Lisbon, Portugal. On board the sail training ships were crews made up of a mixture of cadets and seamen under training. The race was split into two classes - one for vessels over 100 tons, and one for those under 100 tons. Ships from 10 countries took part, and a British vessel, Moyana, won the overall race. However, disaster and bad weather struck when she was on her way back to the UK, and she broke up in a storm. Thankfully, all 23 people on board were safely rescued. What was intended as a one-off event received so much international publicity, that Sail Training International - set up to run the race - decided to do it again...and again.


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