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accretion disc (noun) a disc of high speed matter, attracted by hyperdense object's gravity pull dysk akrecyjny brown dwarf (noun) (noun) a stellar type of an object, smaller than a star, but still larger than a plamet, glowing with a very dimm red light. brązowy karzeł celebrity (noun) a popular person gwiazda, celebryta cognitive (adjective) a mental process having to do with perception and logic kognitywny, poznawczy combat drug (noun) is a name for a chemical substance, dediated for busting ones combat ability, stength, reflex, endurance, toughness proch bojowy, szpryca, stymulant dark matter (noun) in astrophysics, a type of matter not precieved with the use of light waves ( like neurtinos) ciemna materia dwarf planet (noun) a celestial object, smaller than a planet, but having its own orbit i.e. not a moon, and being larger than an asteroid planetoida, planeta karłowata EVA suit (noun) Extravechicle activity suit, used by astronauts for space walks and external reapirs and maintenance skafander kosmiczny, skafander zewnętrzny jet (noun) 1 a stream of matter spraying straight of the axis of a hypermassive object i.e. neutron star or a black hole dżet, struga; 2 (noun) an airplane propelled by a jet engine odrzutowiec peace (noun) the absence of war pokój room (noun) a chamber pokój skinjob (noun) an offensive term, used towards androids or replicants sztuczniak, andek star (noun) a celestial body gwiazda superposition (noun) 1 in quantum physics, a hypotthetical state of atoms, in which, unless percieved by the observer, they are in all possible states and places at once superpozycja; 2 geology, the pehnomenon of layers covering up one another nałożenie (się) zombie cell (noun) an organic cel, injected with silicate acid derivatives, which partly sustain it;s functions after the cell's been damagd or dead komórka zombie

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