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Muso makes his mark Qden Blaauw has had a phenomenal year taking part in music competitions. He received first place for the Piccolo (Junior) category at the Johann Vos Music competition at Hugo Lambrects. After that he went on to share first place at the National Hubert van der Spuy competition for primary school learners. The 12­year­old Welgemoed Primary learner is also headed to Warsaw soon as one of only 10 learners – and the first candidate from Africa — to be selected from more than 500 applicants globally to attend the prestigious Allianz Music Camp. Here he is on the Artscape Theatre stage during the 2016 Schools Arts Festival. More on page 8. PHOTO: JEFFREY ABRAHAMS


Ratepayers rallied MICHELLE LINNERT @linnertmb


akdale residents are being called on to start their own ratepayers’ association (RPA) to address issues outside of the mandate of the local neighbourhood watch. Oakdale Watch chairman, Tommy Milakovic, recently met with local ward councillors Leonore van der Walt and Jackie Visser to discuss the establishment of an association for Oakdale, he says. “It is time for Oakdale to have its own ratepayers’ association. This is the proper plat-

form on which one can deal directly with council to bring up all concerns and recommendations regarding Oakdale,” says Milakovic. “For too long, the Oakdale Watch has been tackling issues at large, which an RPA should handle. For instance, more lights, fences, potholes and community outreach is not the mandate of a neighbourhood watch. Oakdale Watch needs to concentrate on keeping our streets safe. An RPA works to the benefit of all and is in the best interest for all in Oakdale to join.” Milakovic called on the entire community to come into contact to start up the RPA. “Any interested parties who live in Oak-

dale and would like to join or would like to assist in starting up an Oakdale Ratepayers’ Association, can send an email to Specify whether you would just like to join or whether you can help in the process of setting it up.” Leonore van der Walt advised that Milakovic involved councillor Taki Amira, who recently helped set up a new RPA in Parow North – the 19th one he has been involved in getting off the ground, she says. “Taki Amira is absolutely phenomenal. I would definitely advise the organisers to see him. Oakdale is part of my ward and I implore the organisers to go ahead with their


plans for an RPA,” she says. “There are certain things a neighbourhood watch can do, but their mandate ends with crime issues – they are exclusively the means of communication between the police and the community. “They cannot address municipal issues like broken lamps in the road. I am very positive about an RPA, as the job of such an organisation is to talk to the community at grassroots level about what is important to them.” V Are you an Oakdale resident? What are your thoughts on these plans? Let us know at briewe@ty­



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Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016

Teens all ‘brain damaged’ ESMÉ ERASMUS



ou are worthy” and “You are loved” are the most important messages a parent can convey to their teenage child, said Gavin Keller, an expert in brain-based teaching. Keller, principal of Sun Valley Primary School for the past 23 years and well-known for his “no homework” policy, was the guest speaker at the latest LiveLove support group meeting at Durbanville Primary School. In his talk, Keller shared his secrets about the inner workings of the teenage brain. “There is a massive gap between being a child and adulthood. The teenage years are the most dramatic period of any period in one person’s life. It is the worst time of ev- Seen at the meeting of the LiveLove support group is the guest speaker Gavin Keller, principal at eryone’s life. Teenagers have to know they Sun Valley School, with (from left) Magda Bell (LiveLove), Naretha Bekker, learner support teacher are going along a really, really rough road.” at Durbanville Primary School, and Lynda van Niekerk, teacher at Durbanville Primary School. Keller said South Africa has one of the PHOTO: ESMÉ ERASMUS highest teenage suicide levels in the world. “We as parents must not allow shame and “It is like massive road works. Your teenag- he is in what he does.” guilt to defy us. We teach shame and make er is actually brain damaged. Every neuroGirls are driven by serotonin which our children feel guilty. If teenagers are in path is ripped up. It is like driving 120 km/h makes them feel adorable, part of a group a relationship where they feel guilty or full on the N2 and then hitting a gravel road and communicative, Keller said. “If your of shame, they hurt, and especially boys without any warning signs. You cannot ex- teenagers do not feel this, they will self-medthen self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. pect your teenager to be a superkid now. icate and start to use alcohol and drugs.” We as parents often show ‘investment love’ You have to watch them more than when The third secret, Keller said, is “practice and say things like ‘Do you know how much they were three to five years old,” he said. makes permanent”. that child is costing us?’ You expect returns, “You don’t want to be your child’s best “We don’t want them to practise the and what do you get? A cheeky arsehole. friend. I say this to all the parents, do not wrong things. If they feel loved and safe, it “In 32 years in education I have never dress and shop at the same stores as your will build their confidence. Their thinking seen so much childhood sadness and anger. daughter. This it the time to be the fat, ugly pathways will become a habit. What a child Our children do not feel safe. Being good mother. They do not want to compete with does a lot of, will prescribe what they beparents means to perform theatre and not a gym poppie mom. They need a mother and come as an adult. What they do not do, will to get upset by their behaviour and sarcastic father who will parent them, not a friend. get pruned off. If your teenager experiences comments. Ask yourself ‘What must I do to “If you get this right, they will be your with drugs in his teenage years, it is most make my child feel safe?’,” Keller said. friend when they are adults. If they are your likely he will continue this into adulthood.” He referred to teenagers’ “crocodile” be- friend as a teenager, you will lose them as Keller said the secret was to do a lot of haviour when they swear, “bite at you” or an adult. So Mom, wear the mother T-shirt, things together as a family. “Take them on girls “call you a bitch”. get fat and be a parent,” he said. family holidays. No, they will not want to “When your child shows this ‘crocodile’ The second secret is that a brain craves go with you, but force them. Lay those neubehaviour, it means they do not feel safe. drugs – natural drugs. “The best pharmacy ro-pathways. Do not protect them, but teach However, only when children feel safe, is it in the world is in our brains,” he said them coping mechanisms; that they must possible to get into their emotional brain.” In boys the neurotransmitter dopamine not allow a ‘bad’ teacher to get into their Keller said parents must realise the brain drives them on – sports, movement, compe- head, but that they must learn to go into the of their teenager is “under massive con- tition, challenges and recognition. “Tell ‘lion’s den’ and then come home to safety.” struction” between the ages of 11 to 19 years. your son how great he looks and how great V Visit for more information .

Nominate your favourite NHW Entries to nominate your neighbourhood watch (NHW) or favourite watch member, will be closing on Friday 11 November. The first Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Awards event was held on Friday 27 November last year, and delivered seven official award category winners on the night, as elected by the NHW Awards Nominations Committee. A total of 122 entries from NHWs all over the Peninsula were received. In the end, six outstanding individuals and the NHW of the Year stood out. Last year’s winners were: NHW member of the Year – Neil Thyss from the Tuscany Crime Watch in Blue Downs and Logan Frieslaar

from the Vredelust NHW in Kuils River; the Safe City Award went to Lianne Lippert from the Tygerhof NHW in Milnerton; the Community Cohesion Award went to Amina Rajap from the Statice Heights NHW in Athlone; the Innovation Award went to Reagan Croeser from the Summer Greens NHW; the NHW of the Year was the Ikamva Peace Makers from Samora Machel and the Working Partnership Award went to Hennie Koekemoer from Bellville. Lastly, Tony Schreiber from Bergvliet won the Above and Beyond Award. TygerBurger is the media partner. V All nominations can be done and more information sourced at

Remember to nominate your watch before Friday 11 November.

Maths help for Grade R to 7 using a perfect combination of a maths teacher and the latest in tablet technology.

Tablet + Tutor = Maths Success Visit us for a FREE DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENT with this ad. Our expert teacher will discuss your child's maths needs with you.

SHOP 19 • Cobble Walk Centre De Villiers Road • Durbanville

Aan die stuur: Michelle Linnert (37) is

met ingang 1 Oktober aangestel as die nu­ we redakteur van die TygerBurger. Sy sal voortaan die produksie en inhoud van die 14 titels in die TygerBurger­stal oorsien. Lin­ nert neem oor by Marita Meyer, wat op haar beurt die uitgewer van WP Media (Tyger­ Burger, People’s Post en City Vision) word. FOTO: SHARIEF JAFFER

Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016


TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 3

Cnr Raglan & Durban Road Bellville


Are you Diabetic? In pienk getooi: Bome in Edwardstraat teen Durbanweg is in pienk getooi ter viering van borskankerbewustheidsmaand in Oktober. Quintin Rossi, eienaar en vennoot van die Spear Property Group, wat talle van die geboue in dié straat besit, sê werkers van die Leggato­groep het met dié idee vorendag gekom. Die bome staan brandwag oor die motors tussen Durbanweg aan die linkerkant en Edwardstraat regs. FOTO: MICHELLE LINNERT

Stad sleep voete met waterlek aan stelsel ESMÉ ERASMUS



ers sowat drie maande nadat ’n inwoner ’n ondergrondse waterlek aan die besproeiingstelsel by die Sonstraaldam ontdek en by die Stad Kaapstad aangemeld het, is die watertoevoer ná etlike heenen-weer-e-posse eindelik op 6 Oktober afgeskakel. Volgens die inwoner was hy veral kwaad toe hy lees van nóg strenger waterbeperkings, terwyl “die Stad self só water mors”. Dié inwoner van Brackenfell, wat anoniem wou bly, het in Julie op ’n Sondag met sy gesin en hul hond in Bokmakieriestraat om die dam gaan stap. “Ons hond het gaan stilstaan en begin grawe. Ons het gaan kyk en kon hoor hoe ’n waterpyp onder die grond erg lek. ’n Mens kon die water onder die grond hoor uitspuit,” vertel hy. Hy het die lekkasie dadelik by die Stad aangemeld. ’n Persoon is na die dam gestuur, wat hom gekontak het om die presiese plek waar die pyp lyk, aan te dui. “Ek het aan hom oor die foon verduidelik waar dit is en hy het dit opgespoor.”

Toe hy egter sowat ’n maand later weer daar gaan stap, het hy gesien niks is nog aan die lek gedoen nie. “Tot my verbasing is dit nooit oopgegrawe om die lekkasie te herstel nie en lek dit toe steeds. Wat ek nie kan verstaan nie, is dat ons as inwoners graag wil help, maar daar word nie aandag gegee wanneer ons help nie,” het hy gesê. Eers vandeesmaand op Donderdag 6 Oktober toe hy die munisipale amptenaar ná verskeie heen-en-weer-e-posse by die dam ontmoet het, is die watertoevoer afgeskakel. “Hulle het gesê hulle gaan ’n private kontrakteur kry om die besproeiingstelsel na te gaan en reg te maak,” het hy gesê. Op navrae aan die Stad oor dié voeteslepery, het Anda Ntsodo, burgemeesterskomiteelid vir gemeenskapsdienste van die Stad, gesê amptenare van die Stad se parkeafdeling het die klaer gekontak om (weer) die presiese plek waar dit lek, uit te wys, waarna die watertoevoer afgeskakel is. “Dié lek is veroorsaak nadat die hoofklep deur ’n onbekende persoon oopgemaak is,” het hy gesê. Volgens Ntsodo sal die foutiewe klep teen vandeesweek herstel wees.

Praatjie oor tiener-dwelmmisbruik gehou ’n Praatjie oor tieners en dwelmmisbruik word op Dinsdag 25 Oktober deur Badisa Trio in Durbanville aangebied. Die praatjie begin om 18:30 vir 19:00 in die saal van die NG kerk Durbanville (moedergemeente). Dit is die tweede van ’n reeks praatjies vir ouers om hulle te bemagtig. Badisa Trio is ’n kinderbeskermingsorganisasie wat Bellville, Durbanville, Brac-

M-KEM can assist you. M-KEM’s Orange Cross Diabetic Clinic has specially trained Nursing Sisters who can guide you on lifestyle & treatment when living with Diabetes

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M-KEM’s 24 hour dispensary can assist you to get your diabetic medication onto Chronic Status with your medical aid

- - - - - - - - - - - M-KEM has a wide range of OTC (over the counter) & complementary health products that can also assist with the management of Diabetes

Mr M’s tip: “Moderate exercise & a good, balanced diet will do no harm!” Tel: 021 948 5706 l

The Miracle of Thai Traditional Massage

Thai oil Massage weekly special 60 Min Only R299 From 9.00-16.00, On Monday - Thurday From 17 Oct Until 30 Nov 2016 Tel 021 976 7446, 084 663 6542 | X1RXFKVR-AL191016

kenfell, Kraaifontein en Scottsdene met maatskaplike dienste bedien. Die gasspreker is Edna Lambrechts, ’n maatskaplike werker in Panorama. Toegang is gratis, maar ’n donasie sal verwelkom word. Koffie en tee is teen R10 beskikbaar. V Bevestig bywoning voor 24 Oktober by Sjean Smit by 021 987 2940 of per e­pos na ssmit@badis­ X1RW4CRD-AL121016





OUR EPPING HOSPITAL IS DESPERATE FOR AN UPGRADE OF OUR CAT CAGES. New cages will allow us to clean more effectively and keep our cats even more comfortable and safe. We need extra funds in order to purchase custom made cages that start at R8000 for a set of 3 PLEASE ASSIST US WITH FUNDS SO WE CAN MAKE OUR CATS HAPPY.


MPHO 021 534 6426 or




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29 MONTAGUE DRIVE, UNIT 7, MONTAGUE GARDENS, 7441 TEL: 021 552 6648 X1RKE3R9-AL191016


4 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016

Young maestro to train under master MICHELLE LINNERT @linnertmb


is mom played classical music to him in the womb and when he was one, he used to stand and stare at the piano, waiting for someone to play to him. But it wasn’t until Qden Blaauw (12) was eight years old that he took to the keys and started making his own magic. Now the youngster from De Tyger in Parow, who is a Grade 6 learner at Welgemoed Primary, is headed to Warsaw in Poland to train under the great master pianist Lang Lang and his colleagues at the Allianz Music Camp. Making this week-long, all expenses paid camp even more exclusive, is the fact that Qden was chosen from 500 entrants from 63 countries – and is only one of 10 children and the first from Africa – to be chosen for this great honour that starts on 1 November. His dad, Denric, will be accompanying Qden, leaving mom Quinette and little sis Quiné (8) at home. Says Quinette: “They will have the oneweek programme with master classes with Lang Lang and other professional pianists, then they will be performing, but there will also be fun activities.” Qden has made quite a name for himself in the classical music circles: He received seven trophies at the Stellenbosch eisteddfod earlier this year, which also earned him the HB Thom shield for most promising contestant, his mom says. “It’s important for us to manage everything well and keep him grounded. We wish for him to grow up well rounded,”

Qden Blaauw in Austria during a family visit to the birth place of his favourite composer, Mozart. Quinette says. For the master camp, Quinette says the organisers looked for children who can play at a high level, but of whom they also expected to make a three-minute video answering eight questions about their love for classical music and themselves. The aim of the camp is to hand-pick ambassadors that will ensure the future of classical music, she says.

She adds Qden made it to the semi-finals of this competition last year, but the video was very hard for him then, even though Qden has always been a “natural born performer”. “When he was three or four, I was already saying this child is going to be a performer one day!” Quinette jokes. “I thought he’d be a perfect TV presenter, because he always wanted to entertain people.”

Quinette says he interacts as well with children as with adults. “He has this unique ability to be adaptable or flexible in how he interacts with people – like his peers at school, or when he’s with his orchestra mates.” Even as a baby, Qden showed a tremendous “brightness”, his mom says. “He learned very quickly – like he had this innate, deeper insight into a matter.” And the love of classical music and composing his own music? “He used to love classical music even as a baby. We played it to him in the womb, and when he was a toddler, his favourite programme was Little Einsteins – where they play classical music all day!” she laughs. “We never knew he was watching the show just to listen to the music. “When he was three, he watched ballet with me for the first time. Qden could not take his eyes off the TV. What little child is that interested in ballet?” says Quinette. He only started playing four years ago, but is already composing his own music. “He is a gifted composer and I think that is his dream – to be a world renowned composer one day. He is humble, and this camp can be life-changing for him,” says Quinette. And they wish big things for him, which are within reach as this critical event in his young life takes Qden on an upwards trajectory into his musical future. So when his mom says: “Wouldn’t it be great if he ended up being the first great master composer from Africa?” one can firmly believe it will happen. V What do you think of Qden’s achievements? Let us know at

Various activities at open garden event It’s time again for this year’s Stellenberg Gardens Open Day. The event, in aid of St Joseph’s Home, will be held at the gardens at 30 Oak Avenue in Kenilworth on Saturday 12 November and Sunday 13 November 2016 from 09:30 to 17:30. The cost is R50 for adults and children un-

der 12 enter free (tickets at the gate). A Garden Tea will be held at R30. There will also be exciting raffle prizes to be won, with the proceeds going towards St Joseph’s Home for Chronically Ill Children in Montana’s Adopt-a-Bed campaign. V Enquiries: Call Magda on 021­934­0352.

Dr. Ockert Bekker

BChD (UWC) PDD (Endo) (UWC) PDD (Aest) (UWC)

Monday – Friday: 8AM – 6PM Saturday: 8AM – 1PM Medical Aid Rates Apply Tel: 021 976 4610 Email:

Now open in Aurora, Durbanville! Office 1A Aurora Ipic Shopping Centre c/o Aurora and Burton Road

KENNISGEWING VAN ’N VERGADERING VAN DIE RAAD VAN DIE STAD KAAPSTAD ’n Vergadering van die Raad van die Stad Kaapstad vind op Woensdag 26 Oktober 2016 om 10:00 in die Podiumblok, Burgersentrum, Hertzog­boulevard 12, Kaapstad, plaas. Let asseblief daarop dat daar ’n beperkte getal sitplekke vir lede van die publiek beskikbaar is en dat dit dus op ’n eerste­daar­eerste­gehelp­grondslag toegeken sal word. As u die vergadering wil bywoon, moet u asseblief tussen 09:00 en 16:00 vir Nadine Damon by 021 400 3708 skakel. Alle versoeke om bywoning moet teen nie later nie as een dag voor die vergadering ontvang word. Daar sal van u verwag word om u van, voorletters en kontaktelefoonnommer te verstrek. Besoekers word vriendelik versoek om hul sitplekke teen 09:30 in te neem.

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00 | Saturday 08:30 - 15:00 | Sunday 09:00 - 13:00(Tokai and Somerset West only)


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016


Wildevyebome raak nou ’n groot turksvy MICHELLE LINNERT

solute pes. Die ou wat dié bome hier aangeplant het, het natuurlik nie gedink dit sal so ’n las wees nie. Ons moet gereeld iemand oewel hul boomryke laning dalk as inkry om te kom skoonmaak,” sê hy. een van die mooistes in die Kaap beMet TygerBurger se besoek was daar juis skou kan word, het inwoners van ’n man besig om die Van der Merwes se op13de Laan in Boston al genoeg gehad van die rit skoon te vee. wildevyebome wat probleme by hul opritte, Die munisipaliteit het darem al iemand dreine en sypaadjies veroorsaak. uitgestuur om die wortels wat in sy dreinpyMickey Anthony is heel verontwaardig pe verstrengel was, te kom uitkap, sê Pierre, oor dié bome wat hy sê so hoog is dat die terwyl hy die dreindeksel weer terugplaas takke wat op sy dak hang, reeds drie keer nadat hy dit aan TygerBurger gewys het. lekkasies in sy kombuis veroorsaak het. Hy sê hoewel een boom reeds verwyder “Ons is nou net mooi moeg van die bome is, bly dit ’n probleem. Dit is sigbaar aan die wat so mooi is,” sê hy, en voeg by sy een baksteenplaveiwerk by etlike van die opritbuurvrou se hele oprit is deur die boomwor- te wat duidelik opgelig word deur die bome tels opgelig. “Die bome is al so hoog, jy ry se wortels. omtrent deur ’n tonnel in dié straat!” Leonore van der Walt, raadslid, sê dit geDis ook nie die einde van die sonde met beur nie sommer dat die Stad bome lukraak die bome nie. Sy buurman oorkant die pad, sal verwyder nie, tensy dit basiese dienste Pierre van der Merwe, sê die bessies wat uit beïnvloed. dié bome val, vereis dat hulle gereeld ie“Ek bly staan by die Stad se boombeleid. mand moet kry om hul oprit en die sypaad- Sy boomrykheid is juis een van die redes jie te kom skoonmaak. “Die bessies is ’n ab- hoekom Boston so gewild is. As ons elke boom moet uithaal omdat mense probleme het met bessies en blare wat val, gaan daar baie bome uitgehaal moet word,” sê sy. “As daar egter ’n drein verstop is, móét die munisipaliteit gaan help, want dis ’n basiese diens en beteken dat ons dienslewering nie op standaard is nie. “Dít kan ’n mens verstaan. Maar om ’n boom af te kap omdat dit vir iemand ongerieflik is, is nie ’n oplossing nie. “Boston en sy boomwortels ís ’n probleem, maar ons hanteer dit maar van boom tot boom.” V Raak bome u ook en is daar ’n oplossing? Pierre van der Merwe wys waar die een boom reeds Laat ons weet by briewe@tygerbur­ verwyder is. FOTO: MICHELLE LINNERT


TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 5

Golf day raises funds for disadvantaged The annual Durbanville Lions Golf Day will be held at the Durbanville Golf Club on Sunday 30 October. “This is the 28th year of this very popular event,” says the convener, Pierre Craye. All proceeds of the golf day will be used

for community projects for disadvantaged people. The tee off is at 11:30 and the competition is in the format of a 4BBB Stableford. V Contact Pierre Craye on 082 451 0937 or the Durbanville Golf Club Pro Shop on 021 976 8121 for more information.








All Standard colours

POLVIN 5Lt White Only

289 95

POLVIN 20Lt White only

799 00


499 00 CASHMERE 5lt White Only

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VELVAGLO WB 5Lt White Only

399 00 CASHMERE 20lt White Only

1560 00

Tel: 021 976 39 55 • 021 975 1152 | Fax: 021 975 5511 | Email: Prices valid until 31st December 2016 (While Stocks Last ) X1RXFK0M-AL191016

1 Myhof Road Kenilworth

Tel: 021-671 7840 021-671 8802

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 9am-3pm Sunday 9am-1pm

33°9'84.37"S 18°48'89.37"E

Unit no.10 Estoril Road Killarney Gardens Tel: 021-557 3136

Unit 2, Corner Dynagel & Noble Street The Interchange, Somerset West

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 2pm 33°49'44.73"S 18°32'2.95"E

Tel: 021-852 8874

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 2pm Sunday 9am - 1pm 34°4'44.65"S 18°49'1.82"E

6 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016

Still searching for the light ANDRÉ BAKKES

Andes Gillion from Parow has managed to find the light where there was never supposed to be any light at all.PHOTO:



Off to world championships:

Congratulations are in order to Marné Campbell and Mandy Vroon. The duo from Kenridge Primary were selected to represent the country at the World Biathle and Triathle championships which will be held in Sarasota, Florida (USA) from 21 to 23 October. These champion­ ships consist of a run­swim­run event and a run­laser­swim event.

Trots op Liam: Die Laerskool Kenridge is trots op Liam Stander, wat gekies is as skumskakel vir die WP se o.12B­rugbyspan. Die span het in die vakansie na Riversdal getoer vir ’n kusstreektoernooi. Die WP se A­ en B­spanne het ál agt hul wedstryde gewen en baie goeie rugby gespeel. Welgedaan ook aan een van die afrigters, Kenridge se eie Nico Aldrich, sê die skool.

he dark corridors of life hide many demons. How does it feel to have nothing – no hope, no light, no love, no food, no dignity? In February this year a 50-year-old man from Parow was fishing at a tranquil dam in Durbanville. He had casted nine rods and was waiting patiently for that first fish to take a bite when he saw a boy and his family. Soon he talked to the boy who seemed fascinated with fishing. He told him that if his dad can successfully cast three times into the dam, he would give the boy a rod, hooks, bait and a fishing net, which he can keep forever. The dad acquiesced and a short while later the boy caught a huge fish with his secondhand rod. He looked proudly at his fish and then saw the laughing stranger nod his head approvingly. “See, this is what I want to do,” says the man from Parow. Last week Andes Gillion called TygerBurger to find out more about an elderly couple mentioned in the article “Car couple struggles in search of home” (TygerBurger 12 October), but instead it was the newspaper who found out more about Andes. He dreams of helping the helpless... of empowering the vulnerable; of finding hope where, at first, there appears to be nothing but unimaginable terror just lurking in the shadows. “A few months ago I met a homeless man who lived in a shelter in Woodstock. His wife and two children were living in a lounge in Table View. When I met the woman she was very depressed, because she did not have money to feed her children. I gave her money and she said she’d pay it back. I said I didn’t operate that way. If she had to pay it back


then I’m not filling that hole with soil,” says Andes. “I asked her if she was in a dark tunnel and whether she’s been praying to find relief out of this tunnel. She answered yes. She only saw darkness. I then said her prayers have been answered, because I am with her in the tunnel and all I can see is light! I also told her I saw her, her husband and their children living in a house in Parow.” On 1 June this year, the day Andes, his wife and his son moved into their new home in Parow, the homeless family moved in with them. Andes inspires people, but dreams of empowering them to set their lives on a better path. One might wonder what one man who sees only light can say to someone stuck in pitch black darkness. What does this former business analyst know about suffering, after all? “When I went for psychiatric evaluation the woman just looked at me and asked me why I haven’t committed suicide yet. She said no-one could go through what I have gone through without killing themselves.” Andes was just six years old when he was

sent to live in an orphanage. “I was an abused child and my mother was also horribly abused by my stepfather. She tried to kill us (Andes and his two brothers) because she didn’t know what to do with us. So we constantly ended up in hospital. She fed us sleeping pills... Tried to chop our heads off; stab us. We were put in a children’s home, a prison, in Port Elizabeth. “It was their priority to get the 90 children out to families so that they can go on holiday themselves. They farm the children out to whoever can take them, so many of the children were sent to abusive families. They gave me up to this ‘God-sent angel from heaven for ‘holiday week’. I’ll never forget this. This highly religious man, a Methodist, gave me a lot of alcohol one night and then early the next morning – on my 14th birthday – I had the most fearful experience of my life. I lay there, my blood running cold, as cold as ice, through every single vein in my body. I lay there with my eyes closed while this man was abusing me.” Despite Andes being molested by a “man of God”, he emphasises that God must not be judged.

Visit us for the love of plants


open 7 days a week Sat 8:00-15:30 • Sun 09:00-15:30



Mon-Thurs 07:30-17:00 Fri 07:30-16:00 •Sat 08:00 – 15:30 Klipheuwel Road (R302) Fisantekraal Durbanville (021) 975 1724 ( 021) 976 4900 • Co-ordinates: 33o 47’ 22, 67 S, 18o 42’ 07, 08 E While Stocks Last 1111111-AL191016



Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016


TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 7

School pageant a ‘magical show’

From left are Anne Venter (winner), Kaitlin Solomon, Kelly October, Mishka Westraadt, Mieke Potgieter and Robin October.

Welgemoed Primary’s Mr and Ms Blessie Pageant was definitely one to remember. Ten finalists competed, namely Kaitlyn Solomon, Mishka Westraadt, Kelly October, Mieke Potgieter, Anne Venter (winner), Zack Nell, Tian van der Westhuizen, Devon Milne, TeaHoen Kim and Pierre-Simon Rossouw (winner). The theme was “Disney Magic” and there were four categories of dress: casual, sport, theme and semiformal, as well as community projects that each of the finalists did. “It was truly a magical show,” said Stephanie Erwee, a school spokesperson.

From left are Zack Nell, Tian van der Westhuizen, Tea­Hoen Kim, Devon Milne and Pierre­Simon Rossouw (winner).

8 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016

Help met seniors se Kersfees­bederf G

Die Sonstraaldam in Durbanville soos gesien deur die lens van Annina van Niekerk.

Foto’s skep MNS-bewustheid ’n Foto-uitstalling met die tema “Life is beautiful” word van Woensdag 26 Oktober vir twee weke by die Frame Ace Art & Decorgalery in Bellville aangebied om ’n bewustheid vir motorneuronsiekte (MNS) te kweek. Annina van Niekerk, ’n fotograaf van Durbanville, dra haar uitstalling op aan ’n vriendin, Lossie Visagé, wat verlede jaar met MNS gediagnoseer is. “Ek wil wys hoe kosbaar en mooi die lewe is en mense bewus maak van hierdie genadelose siekte, wat die wese van die mens aftakel. Dis belangrik om die mooi in die lewe raak te sien en te waardeer,” het Van Niekerk gesê. Sy konsentreer op landskappe en straatfotografie, waarin sy oomblikke van menswees en besondere landskappe probeer vaslê. Sy het reeds verskeie kompetisies gewen en in 2014 by die Untitled Art Exhibition in Londen uitgestal. Sy stal gereeld op die Weskus uit, “waar ek meeste van my inspirasie kry,” vertel sy. Frame Ace Art & Decor is geleë in Canterburystraat 32, Bellville. Die uitstalling open op Woensdag 26 Oktober om 19:00 vir 19:30. Die spreker is haar seun, Pieter du Toit, assistentredakteur by Huisgenoot. Bespreking is noodsaaklik. Al haar werke is te koop. Die foto’s is gedruk op duursame Duitse hahnemüle-papier. V Rig navrae aan of bevestig bywoning by Van Niekerk by 082 415 4863.

eld vir die waardige projek wat elke jaar die harte van senior burgers van Bellville en Brackenfell verbly, drupdrup maar vanjaar in. Dié projek, die Toebroodjies vir Oues-projek (Top), word elke jaar gehou om ’n lekkerdingetjie in ’n roomysbak aan ’n ouer persoon by ’n gekose instansie af te lewer met Kersfees. Werner Schwella en die span by Teahmo in Brackenfell koördineer al jare lank hierdie projek. Maar hy sê vanjaar sukkel dit maar om by die R32 000-merk uit te kom, hoewel hulle ontsettend dankbaar is vir elke enkele donateur wat tot dusver al ietsie inbetaal het. “Ek wens ek kon die dankbaarheid in woorde vasvat wat die senior burgers toon as hul die roomysbak ontvang, want met hul karige pensioen kan hul nie bekostig om hulself te bederf nie,” sê Werner. “Dit is werklik ’n belewenis om dit te ervaar en elke jaar as ons as vrywilligers die

Benjamin Landmessar

roomysbakke uitdeel, moet ek my emosies met ’n knop in my keel onderdruk. “Hierdie senior burgers moet in baie gevalle hul karige pensioene onbaatsugtig deel in huishoudings waar werkloosheid weens die ekonomiese omstandighede sy tol eis,” sê hy. “Die Top-projek het u ondersteuning nodig en ons vra hulp om ons mikpunt te bereik. ’n Spesiale woord van dank aan elkeen wat voorbidding doen vir die projek en vir elke donateur wat dit moontlik maak dat ons die projek vir behoeftige senior burgers kan doen.” Tot einde September is daar altesaam R2 270 inbetaal, en die totaal wat sedert Mei ontvang is, staan tans op R10 000, “waarvoor Top baie dankbaar is”, sê Werner. “Om die mikpunt te bereik, kort ons nog R22 000.” V Kontak Werner by 083 591 6691 of stuur ’n e­pos na vir meer inligting.

Jade Brown (left) and Tyler Kramps

Learners excel at competition

Annina van Niekerk is hier by van haar ander werke by ’n vorige uitstalling.

Several learners of Fairmont High School in Durbanville excelled in Destiny, the official national championship for sports martial arts, jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA). The competition, which was held on 1 and 2 October at Coetzenberg in Stellenbosch, was attended by over 1100 competitors from all over South Africa with high standards and tough competition.

Jade Brown, a Grade 12 learner, was placed second in the MMA division and Benjamin Landmessar, Grade 10, placed third. Jade Brown also received his Western Province colours for jiu-jitsu and MMA. Another three learners, Calib Ehlers (Grade 8), Dylan Mantel (Grade 10) and Tyler Kramps (Grade 12), also received their Western Province colours for jiu-jitsu.

Sauvignon-fees besonders PROMOSIE Skaars 20 minute se ry vanaf die Kaapstadse middestad is een van die wynlande se grootste skatte, die Durbanville-wynvallei. En dis hier waar sauvignon blanc gemaak word en waar heerlike kos, puik wyn, musiekvermaak en vermaak vir die kleingoed weer eens gaan bydra om die Durbanvillewynvallei se jaarlikse Season of Sauvignon iets besonders te maak. Die fees is ’n naweek van sauvignon blanc-vierings wat deur die 12 wynprodusente in die vallei aangebied word. Sauvignon blanc is per slot van sake die kultivar waarvoor hierdie vallei bekend geword het! Die 12 wynkelders wat aan die fees deel-

neem, is Altydgedacht, Bloemendal, D’Aria, De Grendel, Diemersdal, Durbanville Hills, Groot Phesantekraal, Hillcrest, Klein Roosboom, Meerendal, Nitida en Signal Gun. Die naweek se feespret word afgeskop met ’n afskopdans op Vrydagaand 28 Oktober op D’Aria. Kaartjies kos R250 per persoon en die aand beloof om ’n fees van heerlike plaaskos, wyn en litte losmaak te wees. Die musiek sal deur Newton & Co verskaf word. Die fees word op Saterdag 29 Oktober en Sondag 30 Oktober voortgesit by al die deelnemende kelders. ’n Volledige program is beskikbaar by Rig navrae per e-pos na

Dylan Mantel

Calib Ehlers

Run or ride at annual Durbie Dash The annual Durbie Dash, one of the most prestigious fun ride and run events in the Western Cape, will be presented by Durbanville High School on Saturday 29 October. This year R5 of every entry fee will be donated to the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN). BEN’s overall objective is to promote sustainable social and economic empowerment through the use of bicycles by donating or ensuring affordable bicycles to disadvantaged communities and institutions. Durbanville High School is again partnering with Chris Willemse Cycles for the Durbie Dash, as well as with Ribbens Office National and Simply-store. Participants can enjoy exhilarating

routes with a choice of four MTB and two road routes. Those not interested in cycling can register for a challenging Urban Fun Run on either the 35km or the 11km route. This year Subaru Cape Town will be sponsoring prize money to the MTB King and Queen of the Mountain. There will be a great vibe with entertainment, excellent giveaways, delicious food stalls and a huge enclosed beer tent, with fun activities for the young ones and a secure bike park. V Visit for online entry de­ tails. Contact Leonie on 021 976 3188 or by email to, or visit www.durbanvil­ for more information.

Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016

What to do when ODD is diagnosed ANDRÉ BAKKES



oughly one in ten children and teens have Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), so the parent of a six-year-old who goes to Grade R at a school in Parow assumed teachers will know how to treat someone with this condition. His expectations have, according to him, never been met. On the contrary, Pieter Boonzaaier feels there is a need for Western Cape teachers to be trained on how to deal with ODD. “We have implemented a performance chart at home, where he will get a red sticker if he’s been ‘bad’ that day and a blue sticker if he met our conditions. We have been doing it for seven weeks, and in that time he has only received two red stickers,” says the father. Despite ODD being reasonably common, few people are aware it even exists. The trustworthy website,, explains it as follows: “ODD is a condition in which a child displays an ongoing pattern of an angry or irritable mood, defiant or argumentative behaviour, and vindictiveness toward people in authority. The child’s behaviour often disrupts the child’s normal daily activities, including activities within the family and at school. It’s not unusual for children to defy authority every now and then. They may express their defiance by arguing, disobeying, or talking back to their parents, teachers, or other adults. When this behaviour lasts longer than six months and is excessive compared to what is usual for the child’s age, it may mean that the child has ODD.” After hearing of his son’s aggressive mood at school, Boonzaaier first tried to find a cure himself and then took his son to an educational psychologist, an occupational therapist, a paediatrician, an audiologist, and a clinical psychologist. Results have shown that his son has ODD, and that it will take a mindful guiding hand to help him along in his educational development. Says Boonzaaier: “I have finally managed to organise meetings with the school after contacting the governing body and the education department. I want to know if they are equipped to deal with this situation.” To use an example of a recent incident that happened at the school, Boonzaaier explains: “I believe a fellow learner blew him against his ears and he then left the class because he was angry. When he came back the teacher asked him where he was and apparently said in front of everyone that he will not be allowed to go to Grade 1 if he behaves that way. He then tore down posters in class.” According to Boonzaaier, the clinical psychologist told them that the best way to handle a child with ODD is to give them plenty of praise for a job well done and be supportive and understanding. He adds that it is still important to discipline them, but not in a humiliating way through shaming. “We should learn more about this condition and find creative ways to deal with children who have it,” concludes Boonzaaier.

Bellville CPF meets The next Bellville Community Police Forum (BCPF) public meeting will be held on Thursday 20 October at 19:00 at the Sanlam head office in Strand Road. Advocate Thys Giliomee of the strategic programmes department will be discussing the Green Paper on the Western Cape alcohol-related harm reduction policy. Brigadier Andre van Dyk, commander of the Bellville police, will be giving a crime overview, followed by a question and answer session. V Contact the chairmain Hennie Koekemoer on 081 318 9328 or 021 913 3431.


TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 9

10 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei


‘Koekedoor’ laat my na my ma verlang

Ek kyk weekliks na die program Koekedoor op kykNET en wens só my ma, Christina de Lange, het nog geleef, want sy sou darem die finaliste opdraand gegee het. Sy het in haar leeftyd op Woensdae die kos gemaak vir die destydse MetroBurger se sopkombuise in die verskillende verspreidingsareas. Sy het ook aan baken kookkompetisies van Anchor-gis, die Eierraad, Aartappelraad en Tastic-rys deelgeneem en was met haar mosbolletjieresep die wenner van Anchor-gis s’n. Jammer om te sê, maar ek het nie haar kookvernuf geërf nie. Die meeste van ons ouers het skool vroeg verlaat om jonger broers en susters te help onderhou, want gesinne het destyds uit meer as sewe kinders bestaan. My ma het altyd gesê: “Ek is in standerd ‘v’... uit die skool” – jy kon maar self besluit of dit “vier” of “vyf” is. Sy het nie die geheim verklap nie. Die wonderlikste oomblikke met my ma was gewoonlik wanneer jy self agter die kospotte moes inskuif, want sy wou jou leer. Ek is seker Daar was nie so iets soos gooi ’n baie lesers teelepel van dít of ’n eetlepel van dat kan boeke in die gereg of nie. Dit was skryf oor hul gebak altyd: gooi nóg ’n ma’s of ou­ bietjie van dít of dat by, want jou mas se kook­ kos ruik nog nie reg nie. Ek weet tot kuns ... vandag toe nog nie hoe die ouer garde sonder mates spoggebak of kos kon voorsit nie! Ek dink sy het later moeg geraak vir ons kinders se vrae oor hoe om geregte voor te berei toe ons getroud is. Die uiteinde was dat elke kind – ons was drie wat in Eersterivier gewoon het – se Pyrex-bak saans met gekookte kos reg gestaan het, net vir vat en loop, wanneer jy ná werk jou kinders kom haal. Ons kerrievis en mosbolle was elke Paasfees klaar voorberei – ook net om afgehaal te word, want volgens haar was dit te moeilik om nog te verduidelik hoe dit gemaak moes word. Ek is seker baie lesers kan boeke skryf oor hul ma’s of oumas se kookkuns. Ek het altyd gewonder wat is die geheime bestanddeel in my ma se kos of gebak, want myne proe of lyk glad nie soos hare nie. Nou weet ek uiteindelik wat dit is – die bestanddeel se naam is Liefde! Dankie, Mammie, ek wens so ek het meer aandag geskenk – dan kon ek ook nou met jou kookvernuf gespog het en sélf aan kompetisies deelgeneem het. – Avril Fillies

SMS V Weet iemand dalk wat van die houers by vulstasies geword het waar papier en glas gestort kon word? – EvdM, Brackenfell V Verwys SMS van 12/10: Ja, my krag ook van Lifeline na huishoudelike tarief. Hulle gebel en deur reëls gegaan. Hulle sit my terug op Lifeline met 25 gratis eenhede en 90 eenhede vir R100. Bel Stad, moenie net aanvaar nie. – Christine S V Regarding “Maai die hele toetie af”, 12/10: Agreed – rugby looks very bleak indeed, but as a consolation, let’s salute our Proteas for drubbing and whitewashing our old foes, the Aussies. We are proud of you guys and good luck on your upcoming test series against them, keep our flag flying high. – Kenny G V A so-called clothing “boutique” in Blaauwberg is selling tops bought at the Parow fleamarket for R30 at boutique prices of R350. What a rip-off! – Anonymous ) SMS’e kos R1,50 elk. Stuur die woord “Tyger”, gevolg deur jou boodskap, na 45527.


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016


Balancing act: Seen on Durban Road last week: An alternative way to hang around? Or is this man just taking a cat nap?


BRIEWE|Faks: 021 910 6501|Posbus 747, Bellville 7535|Briewe wat nie langer is as 250 woorde nie, sal voorkeur geniet. Verskaf asb. u naam, adres en telefoonnommer by (nie vir publikasie). Spertyd is Vrydag om 12:00

Thanks for not mowing! Thank you City of Cape Town for the delay in mowing the sidewalks and fields in the Brackenfell area. Yes, thank you. Looking at several complaints published in TygerBurger about the mowing of public fields and lawns I wish to respond. At times we as residents need to look beyond our preferences of a visually neat environment. We are – individually as property owners – collectively the landscape creators of our residential “habitat”. Through our garden sculpture activities – big or small – we individually contribute to the greater picture of our environment. When we refer to weeds – what are we referring to? Some may be weeds in our minds, but factually it’s part of our natural flora. Annually in mid-August these “weeds” and grasses explode, often to the visual dismay of some residents, and it just does not look “neat”. We in Brackenfell are blessed with various wide open spaces and wildlife other residential areas do not have. I understand this uncontrollable growth is not visually stimulating, but at times we need to bear with it. Beyond our personal environmental preferences, our wild bird residents depend on this annual bloom in vegetation, the seed it produces and the insect life it attracts. After a hard, cold winter of limited food resources, this abundance brings the birds into breeding condition to naturally reproduce. In spring – early in the morning – sparrows, white eyes, doves, thrushes and robins sing praise to the change of a new season. Our

local Cape Canary puts up a chorus even Pavarotti would have been proud of. These little indigenous birds favour the dandy line seeds and are often seen feeding along our pathways among this vegetation. Where weed vegetation creates a fire hazard, I accept we need to intervene, but we as humans only act if we understand. I then also wish to ask the CCT to review the spraying of herbicides along our pathways. Looking at the contractors spraying the herbicides, and the day temperature while the herbicides are being applied, it’s a waste as the majority of herbicides are only effective in vegetation control if the day temperature during application exceeds 23 degrees. In applying herbicides without taking all the environmental factors into consideration in the long run makes your soil infertile, creating other problems. WEHAHN Brackenfell

Be grateful – there are great doctors We always hear of all the negative stories about state hospitals and how bad the service is, but never the positive stories. Personally my family got great service when we had to rush my mom to Karl Bremer hospital in the early morning around 1:00 due to a heart attack. They struggled to get her stable for almost two hours with three doctors working on her. The next day she was taken by ambulance to Tygerberg Hospital where she was monitored all the time and had a procedure to have a stent put in. She made a full recovery and I can honestly say from our experience they have some of the best doctors, so

maybe it’s time people stop complaining about the food and all the rest they find to complain about, but be more grateful there are doctors available when we really need them. So from me and the rest of my family – thank you to all the doctors at the Karl Bremer emergency unit and the Tygerberg heart unit. MARIO Bellville

Elderly not always the victim I refer to “Report elderly abuse here”, TB 5 October. Let’s look at it from a different angle: I am a single woman aged 44 and suffered abuse from my father, who recently turned 69, from a very young age – since I was a little girl. Alcohol was his weakness and he would come home and used to beat up my mom, so domestic violence was the order of the day. We had to look on as we were still very small. Now when he’s drunk, he takes out his frustration on me, swears at me and has made three attempts to hit me, but some family members have always intervened just in time. Where do you draw the line when verbal, emotional, financial and attempted physical abuse comes from the very elderly person you are referring to, as we all should “live a life free from abuse and exploitation” as quoted. He doesn’t want to admit he has a problem. I offered help (from our employee assistance programme) which he refused. It affects one’s health and overall well-being, as many a time I was a nervous wreck. Captain Chandler needs to realise what is really going on in family homes, as many

times the children are the victims of such abuse. I refuse to “suffer in silence”. See what the shocking reality has on the effect of abuse in a broader spectrum and not just towards the elderly. After all – who’s abusing who? ANONYMOUS Email

Gratitude on behalf of Tygerberg kids Please allow me the opportunity to publicly thank MarieLouise Lockey and Marcelle Lamour for organising a very successful fundraiser in aid of the Tygerberg Children’s hospital. They spent countless hours running around, selling tickets and gathering donations. Thank you too, to those who assisted them – especially Grant. The “Denim and Diamonds” themed dance was held on Friday 7 October at Bothasig Community Hall. Seven of Cape Town’s most popular DJs each donated an hour of their time to do their magic, keeping the 350 ticket holders on the dance floor. Thank you DJ Newton, DJ Jules, DJ Tyronne Paulse, DJ AK, DJ Willy, DJ Michael Mikey G Ziegler and DJ Godfrey. You guys were great. Thank you to the coordinators who arranged this. People also made donations of cash and kind – table cloths, glasses and cheese and wine, thereby enhancing the amount that could be paid to the Fund. An amount of R65 000 has already been paid to the trust fund – well done. We look forward to next year’s function. Keep up the good work. With deep appreciation, PETER A C HENDRICKSE Welgelegen

Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016

What’s up | Wat’s Waar V The Tank Art Gallery will open a solo exhibition by Marittie de Villiers titled Soul­ batical on Thursday (20 October) from 18:00 for 18:30. The gallery is open on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 15:00. The exhibition will run until 21 November. Email to RSVP for the opening or visit V Reach for a Dream will host their 14th annual gala dinner at The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay on Saturday 22 October from 18:00. Tickets cost R1000 or R10 000 for a table and include welcome drinks, a three-course meal with wine and entertainment by the School of Rock’s Team Rock, the Gugulethu Tenors, and Dave Levinsohn. Verity Price is the MC for the evening while Joey Burke will handle the auction. Email to book. V The Windhoek Oktoberfest will be held at Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 October. Highlights over the weekend, amongst others, include the 500 years celebration of the Reinheitsgebot and performances by the Kirchdorfer band. Tickets from Computicket. Visit V The Market at the Barn, an indoor and outdoor food, fun and craft market on the Klipheuwel Road (R302) outside Durbanville, will be open Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 to 15:30. For enquiries call 072 168 1716. V The Malmesbury Outdoor Cinema will be presenting blockbuster favourites along with treats from local food vendors at the “Ou Bloues” Rugby Sports Field in Malmesbury from Saturday 29 October. Tickets cost R85 or R165 for couples. Students and school learners pay R45 while children under 12 pay R35. Send a WhatsApp message to 082 865 9513 or email for bookings or more. V The Cape Town Flower Show takes place at The Castle of Good Hope from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 October where 20 diverse and creative show gardens designed by the country’s top landscape architects and designers will be on display. This annual lifestyle show will also include gardening and planting trends along with celebrating local food, culture and community. Tickets are available at Computicket. Visit V The Oude Libertas Gallery will host the opening of a retrospective exhibition and book launch by Kaffie Pretorius on Sunday 30 October from 11:00 with guest speaker Dr Christo Wiese. Kaffie Pretorius will lead a walkabout on Thursday 10 November at 11:00. Visit for more. V The Tops at Spar Bierfest 2016 will be celebrating Bavarian bier culture at the Newlands Brewery, Village Green from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 November with live music and plenty of traditional Bavarian bierfest activities on offer. Visit for tickets and more information. V Perdeberg Winery will host their annual Family Festival on Saturday 5 November from 10:00 to 17:00 where visitors can enjoy gourmet fast foods, arts, crafts, a supervised children’s area and of course, wines to taste with selected ranges on at special prices. Tickets cost R80 from iTickets or at the door. Children under 18 enter free. The day will also include a family fun run. Visit for more about the run or to register. V The Gallery at Grande Provence in Franschhoek will host an exhibition entitled Being Here (and there), a rare body of works by Andries Botha from Sunday 30 October until Friday 25 November. The gallery is open from 10:00 to 18:00 daily. Call 021 876 8630 or email for more information. V The God’s Karoo Women Conference will take place at Willowmore on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November with guest speakers Danie Botha and Lynette Beer. Registration costs R200. Visit, call Sonja on 083 658 4000 or email for bookings and more information.


TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 11

12 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016

Family fosters a brighter future




good night out – enjoying a musical tribute to Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury, Meat Loaf, Billy Joel, Pink and Cher at the Barnyard Theatre – can make a huge difference to the lives of abandoned babies and children. Pumpkin Ministries is presenting its first annual fundraising event, Six of the Best, at the Barnyard Theatre on Friday 2 December to pay off the nine-seater van they use for their extended “family”. Since Pumpkin Ministries was started in 2011 by Mark and Louise Wilkinson in their small three-bedroom home in Goedemoed, a total of 29 babies received loving care through their ministry. They have loved, cared for, fostered and adopted children and many have been placed into forever families. Pumpkin Ministries, a registered non-profitable organisation, cares for abandoned, abused, mistreated and orphaned babies and children from all walks of life. It was started after Louise had a vision of a house filled with abandoned and orphaned children and believed it was a call from God to start such a house. Apart from their own children, Wesley (17) and Sarah Paige (15), they have adopted three abandoned children, Gideon (8), BoazJoy (5) and Ross (4) and also take care of a further five foster children. The family recently moved to a farmhouse on Hooggekraal farm

Mark (front right) and Louise Wilkinson (behind the steering wheel) are here with their extended “family” in their new van. With them are their assistants (from left) Pumla Mjali and Dianah Chindove. PHOTO: CARINA ROUX just outside Durbanville. “There is lots of space and farmstyle life creates a place that the whole Pumpkin Ministry family can really enjoy,” says Louise. “We have 10 children living with us on the farm, so life is busy and fruitful in many ways,” she says. “Our approach has been to inform and educate the community

and hopefully South Africans that foster care and adoption should be and can be a process that can run smoothly. There are so many babies that need to be fostered and adopted in the Western Cape. When people are educated and informed, they can make informed decisions,” she says. “Louise and I want to create a

platform were the process can be made faster and a lot of the red-tape reduced,” Mark adds. “Many folk in our community have been misinformed about the process of foster care and adoption and have not carried through because of the tedious process and being shifted from pillar to post. “We want to make a change to

people’s perception of foster care and adoption, help people through the process and assist with the process as much as we can,” he says. The challenges they face include creating a forum and platform where people can ask questions, get honest answers and work with social development departments who will work hard to “love kids into family”, he says. “With the van settled we will have extra funds to run and manage other aspects of Pumpkin Ministries. We would love businesses to get behind us and support us in our ministry to babies and children,” Mark invites. Businesses can become involved by attending the Pumpkin Ministries charity event. They also need sponsors of prizes or financial donations. “As we are a section 18A company, financial donations or sponsorship donations are tax deductible to the donors,” Mark says. “We are passionate about foster care and adoption and are excited to encourage, promote and provide information to anyone interested, as well as to support and come alongside families already doing this,” he says. The show starts at 19:00 for 20:00. Tickets at R190 per person, a lucky draw included, can be purchased directly from Pumpkin Ministries by email to Tanya Taylor to V To assist them, contact Louise or Mark Wilkinson on 083 625 8834 or email markwilkinson Visit for more.

Fundraiser for surgery The Radiance Foundation is presenting a fundraising dinner at the Crown Restaurant at Meerendal wine estate on Friday 28 October in aid of cataract operations for disadvantaged people in the Western Cape. According to Madeleine Pretorius from Durbanville, a co-founding member and cochairperson, the organisation has sponsored cataract operations for at least 98 patients since its start. The operations are performed on Saturdays at the Eerste River and False Bay hospitals. The Radiance Foundation was founded in July 2014 when Dr Junet van der Merwe, an ophthalmologist who worked at the worldclass eye clinic at the Eerste River Hospital, identified the need for a shorter waiting period. “This 15-minute operation is often lifechanging and can improve the lives of patients dramatically. Unfortunately they have to wait up to two years,” Pretorius said. We hope to assist to allow people to receive these operations even faster.” The foundation aims to raise funds to enable operations on Saturdays. The cost of one operation is about R2250 per person. The guest speaker at the fundraising event will be the well-known motivational speaker Anne Dreyer, founder of Colourworks International. She is internationally respected in the image industry for her years of experience. The ticket of R500 per person includes a three-course meal, wine on the table, an auction of wine and art by Corlie de Kock, as well as live entertainment and a Bok Radio DJ. A cash bar will be available. For more information on the Radiance

The team behind the Radiance Foundation consists of (front from left) Dr Junet van der Merwe, Izak Smit and Anita Janse van Rensburg. At the back are Ulrica Stander and Madeleine Pretorius. Foundation, visit https://youtube/ ZVMaO8tibrY, their website at or visit them on Facebook. V Book tickets by sending an email to Madeleine at or phone her on 082 224 9167 with further enquiries.

Fun festival to put a spring in your step A fun walk and spring festival is presented on Saturday 29 October at the Durbanville race course to raise funds for the charities of the Durbanville Catholic Church. The festival is held from 08:00 to 13:00 and includes a 2.5km and a 5km fun walk. The entry fee for the 2.5km and 5km for children 6 to 12 years is R30 and R60 for the 5km for

people 13 years and older. Medals and goodie bags will be handed out. The festival offers a variety of food stalls with burgers, hot chips, candy floss, pancakes and breakfast. The children will be able to enjoy crafts, face painting and jumping castles. V Send an email to for registra­ tion, indemnity forms and banking details.

Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016


TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 13

Comedian explores SA quirks LOUISA STEYL @lousteyl


outh Africa is an interesting place – especially when you consider its cultural quirks and odd slang from a foreigner’s perspective. These idiosyncrasies are the subject of American-born comedian Joe Emilio’s debut one-man show, Jou Ma se BBQ. Joe, who now lives in Uitzicht, will be performing the show at the Collective Arts Theatre in Bellville on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October. “I’ve been doing comedy for five years, so I thought it would be appropriate to launch my one-man show,” Joe explains. He was advised right at the beginning of his comedy career to treat every show as an opportunity to work on a one-man show, which is exactly what he’s been doing. His show takes its title from one of Joe’s oldest jokes, and he’s always had it at the back of his mind as a title for when the time was right. “That phrase is basically what I am in terms of being an American in South Africa and having to learn that you don’t call a braai a barbeque.” This is a lesson Joe learnt just two weeks after arriving in the country. He accidentally referred to the braai he was at as a barbeque and his host responded with, well, the name of the show essentially. Jou Ma se BBQ’s tongue-in-cheek name is also a good way to sum up Joe’s comedy style. “I take South African culture from my experience, being here for nine years, and find a new, fresh way of looking at it for everyday South Africans that may take stuff like Pick n Pay for granted. “ Joe will also be sharing his experience on travelling to and in South Africa, learning what a robot is and his disappointment at discovering that Tyger Valley is in fact a shopping mall and not a tiger park.

Joe Emilio will be presenting his debut one­man show Jou Ma se BBQ at the Collec­ tive Arts Theatre at the end of the month. He points out though: “I talk about the culture in a respectful and joyful way, [the show] is in no way insulting or demeaning. “After all, I myself love South African culture,” Joe adds. “I’m going to marry a South African, so I have to.” Directed by Nelson de Gouveia, the Jou Ma se BBQ’s narrative takes the audience on a journey from Joe’s arrival in the country to now. “Basically, I ask the question: ‘Am I a South African now?’.” Joe is presenting the show with the support of True West Designs, a clothing company that will be selling merchandise at the

venue, Creative Rite who offer affordable legal support to performers, Le Cut Hair Boutique, Acorns to Oaks who offer business advice, and Hael Services, who’ll be documenting both evenings. He says asking Nelson to direct the show was a no-brainer. “Nelson supported me from the beginning,” he says, adding that he’s grown into a really close friend. The two have worked together before and Joe says simply: “I trust him; that’s what it boils down to.” Not one to take things slow, Joe is already working on his next project, which is set to take off on 4 November. He’s been hard at work promoting comedy in the northern suburbs for a few years now under the banner of #ThatsFunny. From the end of November, #ThatsFunny will have its own dedicated comedy club, and while he doesn’t want to give away too many details yet, Joe says the club will be in Burgundy Estate. He’ll make the official announcement about the club’s opening on the #ThatsFunny Facebook page on Friday 4 November. He’s also preparing for his debut at the Cape Town Comedy Club where he was invited to perform in December. “This is a big deal for me,” Joe says, pointing out that the club has pretty high standards. “I was over the moon when I got the email.” In the meantime, comedy fans can catch Jou Ma se BBQ at the Collective Arts Theatre in Bellville where he’ll be joined by Jaak Erasmus on Thursday 27 October and Etienne_D on Friday 28 October. Doors open at 18:30, the show starts at 20:30 and the audience are invited to bring their own alcohol. Tickets cost R50 from or R70 at the door. V For more information about Joe, his comedy, this show and other #ThatsFunny events around the northern suburbs, visit or the “HashtagThatsFunny” Facebook page.

Gamers take to Canal Walk Gamers, their supporters, Cosplay artists, children (of all ages), parents and fans are expected to fill Canal Walk from Wednesday 26 to Sunday 30 October for the Canal Walk Gaming Expo. Building on the success of their inaugural event, visitors can look forward to more competitions, more prizes and more opportunities to experience electronic entertainment next week. Complementing the latest gaming releases, early festive season specials, news and insights from the gaming world, the Canal Walk Gaming Expo will also stage the Kwesé Ace Football Tournament using the brand new Xbox FIFA 2017 game. With a R10 000 first prize up for grabs, early registration for this event at ace.kwesesports .com is highly recommended. PlayStation fans will also have their share of the fun with a chance to experience the much talked about PS Virtual Reality headsets, which run on PS4 consoles, in special booths that will be on site at Canal Walk. Now that a number of PSVR specific games have been launched in the UK (13 October), BT Games has confirmed there will be a wide selection from which to choose at the upcoming expo. Aside from the E-Sports releases on offer, the Canal Walk Gaming Expo will also host a number of other competitions, including an even bigger and better Cosplay initiative on Saturday 29 October from 12:00. V The expo will be open from 10:00 to 21:00 daily. Visit or the “Cos­ play at Canal Walk Gaming Expo 2016” Face­ book event page for more information.





‘I enjoy a room with a view.’

Die Stadskoor Tygerberg, onder leiding van Linda Claassen, sal op Dinsdag 8 November in die Kaapstad­stadsaal te sien wees.

Koor bied Fauré-werke aan bestaan uit gesoute Kaapse simfonie-orkeslede en staan onder die konsertmeesterskap van Lucia Di BlasioScott. Die program word aangevul deur gewilde werke van Fauré, naamlik die Pavane Op. 50 en die Berceuse Op. 16. Laasgenoemde werk word in ’n harp- en fluitweergawe uitgevoer. Vokale werke op die program is die Ave Maria Op. 92 (duet vir twee soprano) deur Elsabé Richter en Lente Louw, asook die twee liedere van Op. 67 Salve Regina en Ave Maria deur Barend van der Westhuizen. V Kaartjies kos R120 by Computicket of koorlede.



Die Stadskoor Tygerberg, onder leiding van Linda Claassen, bied op Dinsdag 8 November om 20:00 ’n program van die bekende Fauré se werke in die Kaapstad-stadsaal aan. Die hoofwerk op die program is die Requiem Op. 48. Die “In paradisum” uit hierdie besonderse liriese werk is al as temalied in verskeie flieks gebruik. Elsabé Richter is die sopraansolis in die aangrypende “Pie Jesu” en Barend van der Westhuizen die bariton in die dramatiese “Libera me Domine”. Mario Nell bespeel die stadsaal se manjifieke orrel en die saamgestelde orkes, wat

i made#thesmartmove


Pinotage by Die Boer gevier Pinotage is trots Suid-Afrikaans en om dié produk te vier, bied die Pinotage-assosiasie van Suid-Afrika twee onvergeetlike aande by Die Boer-teaterrestaurant aan. Proe die beste, soos hierdie heerlike eet-, proe- en kuiergeleenthede bekend staan, word vanjaar op 2 en 3 November by Die Boer aangebied. Bekende wynmakers soos Beyers Truter (Beyerskloof), Etienne Louw (Altydgedacht), Abrie Beeslaar (Kanonkop) en De Wet Viljoen (Neethlingshof) sal oor hul wyne gesels – hoewel dit nooit net by wyn bly

nie, terwyl die gaste vyf geregte en sewe wyne gaan proe. Die Boer is bekend vir sy uitstekende kos en die sjef Jean Louis Geldenhuys het met gewilde Suid-Afrikaanse bestanddele ’n spyskaart saamgestel wat elke wyn komplimenteer. Danie Niehaus, wat bekend is daarvoor dat hy lief is vir kuier met goeie kos en wyn, sal die kos- en wynproe afwissel met liedjies en van sy skreeusnaakse vertellinge. Kaartjies vir die aand kos R450 en dit sluit alles in. V Bespreek by 021 979 1911 of 083 406 0111 of aanlyn by


Free WiFi

Personal Training Group Training

Cycle Studio


Wellness Key

14 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei


Singers ready to celebrate women LOUISA STEYL

in the middle of the stage with a microphone,” Anray quips. Instead, the cast will be interacting with their audience, performou’ve probably already seen their fa- ing choreography and going through cosces plastered all over your Facebook tume changes. timeline, but the three “It’s very real in the sense that Cape Town singers who’ve been we explore things we’ve all been causing a stir online have somethrough.” thing much bigger up their There will also be something for everyone, with music ransleeves. Mitchell’s Plain’s Anray ging from the 1920s to current Amasure, Paarl’s Felicity Kiran pop, all with a special touch of and Bellville’s Lauren-Lee Bock magic. have had a busy month since a As solo artists in their own video of the trio performing right, all three songstresses altheir unique Capetonian take on ready having an impressive muBeyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” dursical CV. Felicity and Anray ing a rehearsal was posted on Fa- Lauren­Lee Bock have both toured with produccebook. tions overseas and Lauren-Lee With more than 200 000 views on Face- raised more than R100 000 in the UK earlier book, their version, which they call “Stap this year when she performed in aid of the Links” (walk left) was created by director Kendal flood victims. Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd, and ofFor this show though, Ramaine fers just a small taste of the music says she’s pushing them outside on offer in the upcoming producof their comfort zones. tion Woman2Woman. “I believe that I have a gift of The three will be performing finding strength in artists that the show, with guests Karen they don’t know about and what I do is bring that out.” Kortje and Ruyterwacht’s Cole Adams and the Winston Siljeur For Lauren-Lee that meant tryProject at the Grace Performing ing her hand at acting and imArts Centre in Parow on Friday mersing herself into a character 28 and Saturday 29 October. Winto the point of tears, while Anray ston Siljeur is the musical direct- Felicity Kiran found putting her “sexiness” on or. display and exposing her vulner“The show is basically a celebration of ability challenging. women, of who we are: our weaknesses, our Ramaine adds that artists sometimes take strengths and the things we relate to,” An- for granted how performing comes so naturay explains. Ramaine is quick to rally to them. “Watching young add that it’s not a “man-bashing” artists finally learning how to do production. People immediately it and seeing the transition is think: ‘Ooh, it’s a women’s show, big.” they’re going to rip men to Because the show takes place shreds’. It’s not that; it’s just from in October, which is Breast Cana woman’s perspective.” cer Awareness Month, the womWoman2Woman spawned from en have decided to use their voice an idea Lauren-Lee and Felicity’s for a cause and proceeds from Woman2Woman will be donated manager had to stage a big production. Once they pulled Anray to the non-profit organisation and Ramaine on board they realCansa. The evenings will also feaised they had the opportunity for Anray Amasure ture a raffle with prizes including a show that celebrates femininity signed sports memorabilia, and that female artists can work together meals and beauty treatments up for grabs. without competition. There have already been requests for the “In society today, sadly, women are the show to tour to Johannesburg, but for now, ones who are bashing women,” Anray points the women are focusing on making their perout. “It’s sad that, that is what it comes to.” formance next week a spectacular celebraWith Ramaine’s direction and the girls’ tion. theatre background, Woman2Woman uses V Tickets for the shows are available at Computicket. an element of drama to get its message Visit the RBL Productions Facebook page to watch across. “We don’t want to be just standing rehearsal videos for a taste of what to expect.



Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016

What’s On | Wat’s Waar V Six of the Best will be on stage at Barnyard Willowbridge until 31 December. Visit for bookings or more information. V Camerata Tinta Barocca will perform Handel’s Gloria with Lynelle Kenned (soprano) and Bettina von Dombois (baroque violin) at the Dutch Reformed Church Rondebosch tonight (Wednesday) from 20:00. Tickets cost R110 at the door. Call 076 259 3304 or email for more. V Francois van Coke and The Vanilla will be at Aandklas Stellenbosch tonight (Wednesday) from 20:00. Tickets cost R50 from

V Jaak Erasmus, Mikhail Johann Kunneke, Chantal Jax Venter, Este Kotze and host Joe Emilio will be at the Collective Arts Theatre in Bellville on Friday from 20:30 for the #ThatsFunny’s Improv Bak­ ery. Tickets cost R40 from V Mike McCully and the Harmonix will be at the Milnerton Playhouse on Friday from 20:00. R100. Visit, email bookings or call 082 267 1061 to book. V Urban Blues, The Flamels and Broken Arrow will be at Ellington’s Saloon in Northumberland Street, Bellville on Friday from 20:00 for Rocktober. R30 at the door. Call 021 948 8835 for more information. V Boulevard Blues, Crimson House and singer Tauna Fern will be at The Durbanville Golf Club on Saturday from 20:00 for the next instalment of Blues meets Rock. R100. Call 021 976 8120 for bookings or more information.

V My briljante egskeiding met Anthea Thompson is vanaand (Woensdag) en Donderdag by Die Boer te sien. R120. Bespreek by 021 979 1911 of V Stephen Carlin (UK), Carl Weber, Eureka Nkese and Lindy Johnson will be at the Cape Town Comedy Club from Wednesday until Sunday. Tickets are available at Computicket.

Tree op: Nataniël kuier

op Vrydag 21 en Saterdag 22 Oktober vanaf 19:30 in die Hoërskool Durbanville­ ouditorium. Kaartjies kos R200 of R180 vir pensioe­ narisse en studente. Bespreek by info@event­ of 082 074 1269.

V in (s)kin and Syria? will be presented as a double bill at Artscape Theatre from Wednesday until Saturday 29 October. Tickets are available from Computicket. V Benguela will be at the Blah Blah Bar in Oranjezicht on Thursday from 20:30. R80 at the door.

V Beach Party will perform a once-off reunion show at The Mercury Live in CBD on Thursday from 21:00 with support from Runaway Nuns, Heroine, DJ Eure Mutti (Berlin) and DJ Step On Me Moron (Berlin). Tickets cost R80 from Quicket or at the door. V Schalk Bezuidenhout will be at the Baxter Theatre from Thursday to Saturday with his one-man show Second Lan­ guage. Tickets are available at Computicket. V Cape Town Opera will be presenting Carmen at the Artscape Opera House on Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday 25 October. Tickets are available at Computicket.

V Sakka Stone en vriende kuier Saterdag by Die Boer. R120. Bespreek by 021 979 1911 of V DeFINitioN will be playing blues/rock cover hits at Casa Do Mar in Blouberg on Saturday from 21:00. Entry is free.

V Canyon Spree (Berlin), Jett Screams, Black Lung Band and The Lost Souls will be at Mercury Live on Saturday for Psych Night & Vans Present Endless Daze Festival Warm Up. Tickets cost R50 at the door. V Eugenie Grobler is Sondagmiddag in Dis tyd by Die Boer te sien. R100. Bespreek by 021 979 1911 of V The Symphony Choir of Cape Town, Annemarie Steenkamp, Makudu Senaoana and George Stevens will be performing Rossini’s Stabat Mater and Schubert’s Mass no 2 in G major D167 under the baton of Maestro Alex Fokkens at the Boshops Memorial Chapel on Sunday from 17:00. Tickets are available at Computicket. V Raoul and Black Friday will be at Die Boer with guests Dr. John and Richard Pryor on Tuesday for Blues Tuesday. R80. Call 021 979 1911 or visit to book.

Eat, E , Chat Ch & Chill


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016




Web ref. 155

R4 750 000




R935 000

Townhouse in gated complex! Bedrooms 2 One full bathroom Open plan living area Kitchen Communal POOL! Courtyard for washing line Parking bay!

Newly built 4 bedroom 4 en-suites NO transfer duty Bedrooms 4 En-suites 4 Living areas 4 Garages 3 Modern kitchen with large scullery NO pool! Security Estate!


Web ref. 309

Web ref. 289

R1 999 000 neg



Web ref. 180

R3 650 000

Spacious – Neat family home! Bedrooms 3 + Study! Bathrooms 2 + outside toilet Living areas 3 Heated pool! Large auto double garage

Free standing townhouse! Security complex! Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Open plan living 3 Upstairs living/Study area Double auto garages

TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 15


Web ref. 298



R3 295 000


Spacious 5 bedroom + VIEWS! Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 3 Living areas 4 Study! Large double garage Granite kitchen + large scullery + Pantry Outside toilet



Web ref. 295

R3 999 000 neg

Very spacious family home! Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 4 Study! Pajama TV room Open plan living areas Braai room with indoor braai! POOL! Lapa with built-in braai

Web ref. 211


Web ref. 311

R4 395 000


R2 350 000

Modern + Spacious in gated Estate! Bedrooms 4 + STUDY! Bathrooms 3.5 + outside toilet Living areas open plan + double volume! Large kitchen + scullery + pantry Garages auto 3 NO pool!

Lovely townhouse on +-400sqm plot In gated Complex!!! Bedrooms 4 + STUDY! Bathrooms 2 Guest toilet. Open plan living areas 2 Kitchen + Scullery POOL! Extra large double garage. X1RXFKRM-AL191016

DURBANVILLE HILLS – R5 350 000 WORD VERRAS DEUR HIERDIE LIEFLIKE RUIM SJARMANTE FAMILIE WONING! PRAGTIGE LIGGING NABY GOEIE SKOLE! PRIVAAT OMMUUR! UITSIG OOR BERGE! ONTHAAL IN STYL! Vyf (5) Ruim slaapkamers met ingeboude kaste! Ruim studeerkamer! 3 volledige badkamers plus gaste toilet! Ruim “Franch Provinial” kombuis. Opwaskamer.. Spasie vir al u toebehore! Gasstoof! Ruim sitkamer en eetkamer met deure wat na buite lei. Groot TV kamer met plek vir ‘n “Pool”-tafel! Gym-hoekie. Instap kluis! Lieflike tuin met swembad en groot braai kamer met toilet en jaquizzi! Dubbel ingange met automatiese hekke en 4 motorafdakke en ruim automatiese dubbel motorhuis. Addisionele parkerining! Buite onderdak braai patio aan agter kant van tuin ook! Baie veilig vir kinders en diere. WILMA: 0836314755



NUWE VRYSTELLING! GELEë IN POPULERE SEKURITEITSKOMPLEKS! Oulike eie titel Drie slaapkamer dorpshuis met ‘n “min werk” klein tuin! Ingeboude kaste. 2 badkamers, Kombuis met opwaskamer! Ruim eetkamer en sitkamer (Lugversorging) met skuifdeure na onderdak braai patio en tuin. Wasgoed lyn area. Dubbel motorhuis – een deur is outomaties! Loopafstand vanaf winkelsentrum en Educare skool. Toegang na uitgangsroetes! Sekuriteit!! WILMA: 0836314755

STELLENBERG, BELLVILLE – R2 750 000 RUIM FAMILIE WONING MET APARTE RUIM EEN SLAAPKAMER WOONSTEL. 3 Slaapkamers, 2 badkamers, studeerkamer of TV kamer, sit kamer en eetkamer oopplan. Ruim kombuis met ontbyt toonbank. Oordekte braai area wat lei na swembad in privaat tuin. Dubbelmotorhuis (Auto) en Dubbel motorafdak. Ommuur. WOONSTEL: 1 SLAAPKAMER, BADKAMER, SIT /EETKAMER. KOMBUIS OOPPLAN. WILMA: 08363147755 ALLEENMANDAAT!


TE HUUR! Lekker ruim 3 slaapkamer huis naby Stellenberg en Eversdal skole! Studeerkamer! Ruim slaapkamers. 2 badkamers. Langtermyn huur beskikbaar. Ruim sitkamer en eetkamer plus groot braaikamer met skuifdeure na swembad en privaat tuin. Kombuis met groot opwaskamer. Automatiese dubbelmotorhuis en baie parkering. Buitekamer met toilet en stort. WILMA: 0836314755

AANDAG: VERKOPERS: UITSTEKENDE TYD OM NOU TE VERKOOP! EK BENODIG DRINGEND EIENDOM VIR GOEDGEKEURDE KLIENTE IN U AREA! REEDS 16 HUISE VERKOOP SEDERT 11 JANUARIE 2016!! Waarom meer kommissie betaal as u as Verkoper meer in u kan kry?? Skakel my vir meer inligting. 3.8% kommissie, beter diens en u kry meer in u sak! Huise in alle prysklasse welkom.... GRATIS WAARDASIES.


(s) 083 631 4755 (e), X1RXDMR9-AL191016

16 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei



021 949 4949


84 Barnard Street OAKDALE Klasie 079 857 8485 Estelle 079 257 7664 Morné 079 347 4677 Oakglen, Blommendal LaRochelle, Blomtuin

Oakdale, Chrismar, De La Haye, FLATS

Web Ref. 610

R799 000



R1 120 000

Duplex 3 Bedrms, Full bathrm, lounge, dining, fitted kitchen, Parking, Security, +

Duplex 3 Beds, 2 baths, lounge, dining, fitted kitchen, garage, “Braai”, security, +

Web Ref. 608

Web Ref. 616


079 257 7664


079 257 7664

NEW listing


R1 750 000

3 Beds, 3 baths, lounge, Braai-room, Bar, Study, TV room, new kitchen, garage, ++


079 347 4677



Web Ref. 567

Web Ref. 607

R E g FF din n e p

Web Ref. 611

Web Ref. 615

R2 695 000

3 Bedrms, Full bathrm, lounge, dining, fitted kitchen, garage, Pool, parking


NEW listing

Price reduced


079 257 7664

OWNERS, If you consider selling, I have Buyers in :


R1 350 000




079 347 4677


079 257 7664

079 257 7664


R1 295 000

3/4 Bedrms, 2 bathrms, Lounge, Dining or Study, large kitchen, garage, or OFFICES


079 857 8485

Web Ref. 614

Web Ref. 613

EIENAARS, As u oorweeg om te verkoop, ek het Kopers in :

NEW listing


R2 350 000


R2 295 000

Stunning! 3 Beds, 2 baths, lounge, dining, 4 Beds, 3 baths, lounge, dining, study, TV, study, TV, new kitchen, d/garage, Pool, + “Braai”room, kitchen, d/garage, 8 parking

079 257 7664

Web Ref. 612

Web Ref. 581

R525 000

Lovely One bedroom, Full bathroom, lounge, fitted kitchen, Parking, Security

3 bedrooms, full bathroom, lounge, dining new kitchen, garage, Outside room + toilet

Oakdale, Bo-Oakdale, Chrismar De La Haye, Groenvallei

4 Beds, 2 baths, 4 living areas, new fitted kitchen, d/garage, lapa, pool, 2 Bed FLAT




LD E st






E st




Web Ref. 609


Boston, Loevenstein, Welgemoed, Hoheizen


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016


Web Ref. 589

079 347 4677

Web Ref. 600


079 347 4677


Jurgens Tubb 0861 919 070


R3 950 000

4 Beds, 3 baths, lounge, dining, study, Bar, “Braai”, TV room, fit kitchen, 3 garages,+


079 857 8485


R2 995 000

3 Bedrms, 2 bathrms, 4 Living areas, ++, 4 x Separate FLATLETS with Tenants


079 857 8485


R2 475 000

3 Bedrms, 2 baths, lounge, dining, Study, sunroom, full kitchen, Double garage, Pool


079 257 7664


R2 790 000

5 Bedrms, 3 bathrms, Lounge, TV room, fitted kitchen, D/garage, Pool, ++


079 857 8485

has an opening for a suitably qualified and experienced Rental Managing Agent to set-up and take control of our new Rental division in Oakdale. (Afrikaans welkom)

Please send your CV to

The retirement you’ve earned. Lifestyle Apartments from r94 9 9 0 0

Luxury Retirement Living

Lifestyle Homes from r3 199 900

Medical Assistance

Exclusive Facilities

Monday - Saturday: View by appointment

082 656 2852 | 082 441 6031

Sunday: On Show 14:00 - 17:00


Z e v e n w a c h t - C a p e To w n

The images, perspectives and finishes shown are merely impressions of the proposed development and are therefore subject to change at the developer’s discretion. The developer will not be held liable for any changes.

Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016


TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 17

ROSEDALE MANOR With your own choice of flooring and wall colours, you can make your Vision of Luxury come to life and capture the mood you are looking for in your own home!


Special features include (T’s&C’s apply) : Aluminium window and door frames Upmarket fittings and fixtures Technistone kitchen tops Insulation in roof space Seamless gutters Instant lawn Clay paving Gas hob Heated towel rails

HANNELY JOOSTE 072 040 4935

JEANDRE MOSTERT (083) 794 6600

021 976 3042


.. .





THE IDEAL FAMILY HOME 3 Bedr. with b.i.c., laundry, modern bathroom, fully fitted kitchen, lounge, sparkling pool. Double garage. Granny flat with open plan lounge, kitchen, dining room, 1 bedroom with en suite. Nadine van Wyk 082 862 9925

A FAMILY HOME IN A QUIET AREA This is in a quiet area of Sarepta and consists of 5 beds, 2 baths, lounge with fireplace. Wooden & tiled flooring. Undercover parking with safety gates. Lots of space for children to run around. Come and see for yourself. Web ref: 1484070 Gavin Jefferies 078 168 2958

THE ELEGANCE DEFINED DREAM HOME A modern designed 5 bedr. double storey house plus study, 2 en-suites, 2 guest bathr., walk in closet, scullery, laundry and enough space to entertain. Top floor: balcony looking down on pool with open stoep and veranda with a braai area. Web ref: P24-104331324 Levona 083 235 2355

RE/MAX Property Associates Kuils River 021 903 2024

RE/MAX Property Associates Kuils River 021 903 2024

BELHAR R650,000

KUILS RIVER R1 680 000

JUST MOVE IN !! This Gem is in the quiet part of Belhar. It consists of 3 bedrooms with b.i.c. A bathroom with bath and a shower. The kitchen has b.i.c. and a a big lounge and dining room. It has a garage and parking for 3 cars. Don't waste any time. Come and view !! Web ref: 1519953 Gavin Jefferies 078 168 2958 RE/MAX Property Associates

ON SHOW 23 OCT. 16 2 – 5pm

Kuils River 021 903 2024 .





RE/MAX Property Associates Kuils River 021 903 2024



I am your Kuils River agent in the area. Contact me for a listing and free evaluation.

I am your Sonstraal Heights agent in the area. Contact me for a listing and free evaluation.

Liz Raubenheimer 082 929 8903 Office: 021 823 7882

Marietjie Huisamen 072 826 7318 Office: 021 823 7882


Duplex home with ample space and big double garage, braai room. Garden at the back, Breath taking view on Mountains.

Sandy Fourie 082 785 1108 Ref 104305361 on



SPACE Close to all amenities!! 3 Bedroom Family Home 3 Garages, 2 carports, Braai room, Beautiful kitchen, big erf See ATTIE 083 788 9605 021 948 9813 X1RXDJXM-AL191016

18 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016

: 087 740 1091 – .


GOOD NEWS FOR ALL FINANCIAL AND RELATIONSHIP EXPERT MAMA AMINA * Bring back lost lover * Win Lotto / & Casino/Marriage Problems * Spiritual loans & Cash in your account. * Clean houses from evil spirits * To clear debts, Magic stick amagundwane to get rich in 24hrs * Pensioners Free Treatment PAY AFTER JOB IS DONE!!!! 205 GOODWOOD OPP VASCO STATION 071 964 3216 / 076 948 4999




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DStv Installations .

07/01/1954-12/10/2016 Ons geliefde vrou, ma en ouma, sag heengegaan. 'n Merkwaardige vrou, 'n pragtige roos is gepluk vir die Hemelse tuin. Vir altyd in ons harte. Jou geliefde man Donald Jason & Crystal, Jenascia & Cahliyle Vir besonderhede kontak 071 327 9335





060 416 3638






ANNAH A MIRACLE EXPERT *Clear Debts & Magic Wallet & Bad Evil Spirits *Unfinished Jobs & Win Big Contracts *Quick Money *Lost Lovers & Settle Marriages, promotion at work. *Divorce & Court Cases & Pass Exams *Luck in Gambling, Casino & Lotto plus Business Pay After Results. Goodwood SMS OR CALL 078 190 1108 .

Call Us 078 778 5900


PAY WHEN THE JOB IS DONE CELL 084 049 6064 X1R739KH-QK150316







. Decor & Hiring: roof/backdrape etc 083 423 6885/ 021 945 2274 / Email: .




A TRUE TESTIMONY - BISHOP AARON I am Michelle from Tyger Valley. After losing hope, I phoned Aaron. My life was falling apart, my marriage & love were a mess, my finances were bad, didn't pay my accounts & car, MONEY just disappeared. Was working for 30 years with nothing to show! People at work were jealous of me. Aaron helped me with my love and financial problems. Today, I am rich & happily in love. For Love, Settling Marriage, Financial problems. Domestic workers and nurses are welcome. CALL/WHATSAPP 078 018 0309 .

Ek het baie dokters gesien totdat Paapa Azola en maama Ann my gehelp het. Baie dankie Paapa. My besigheid kon nie groei nie. Die vorige dokter het gesê ek moet my huis verkoop en my werk los. Toe ek vir Azola bel het hy en maama my binne 2 uur gehelp. My suster se kêrel was vir jare weg, maar toe sy vir Azola bel het hy haar binne ’n uur gehelp. Hy het haar gebel en nou is hulle getroud. My vriendin, Noreen, kon nie swanger word nie, nou het sy 2 kinders. My pa het die lotto gewen en my ma is ’n suksesvolle sakevrou. Hy het ook my suster gehelp om haar eksamens te slaag. Dankie paapa en maama. Bel vir paapa Azola met al jou probleme. Jy sal nie verkeerd gaan nie.

063 470 3211




SPITBRAAI KING DURBANVILLE 20 Yrs Exp. Best price & value. Indoors or Outdoors. WINTER SPECIAL NOW ON. Phone Jan 083 457 1060 .


. CHILDREN'S FUN Jumping Castles, tables & chairs and Theme parties. 021 905 6119/072 909 1203 . All Weather Jumping Castles & Waterslides. Free delivery/ collection in Northern Subs. See for prices/pics. % 083 651 2570 021 911 0595 (a.h.) . JUMPING CASTLES 4 HIRE Tel: 0219351773 / 082 4576807 0R 0825941796 . JUMPING Castles, kids tables & chairs and catering equipment for hire. % 021 930 5282 or 082 202 3495 . WELGEMOED J/Castles & W/slides. Carin 072 147 4414



A PROFF ABASSI King of Healers Association 100% GUARANTEE

Specialist in money problems. Magic rings and sunai lucky oil for winning lotto Same day lost lover. CALL / WHATSAPP. 071 907 4615 BAILEY THE NO. 1 PROBLEM SOLVER 17 years successfully helping millions of people * Get financial freedom now, Fix all money problems * Clear your debts / accounts, get cash in your account * Win lotto/powerball, get magic wallet/ ring for luck * Get back your lost lover, settle your marriage now. Consultation - R99 083 369 6616 .

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We install new DStv systems and do the maintenance of existing DStv systems. We also offer a complete service of installing Home Theater Systems, as well as wall-mounting TV's. 100% client satisfaction.




. AGAPE Driving school learner + driver's lessons code 8+10+14. Patient Instructors Lorraine 082 336 0391/021 917 1935 . ALL CODES: Learners classes, driving lessons code 8. Contact Charmaine 072 210 1774 / 021 591 2575 DRIVE DYNAMICS . DRIVE ALIVE Driving School Learners classes / Driving lessons 021 911 2657 / 074 300 3476 .



* Golden Produkte* Onafhanklike GNLD Verspreider. Tel. 021 553 2343 of 072 173 8763 .

HYPNOSIS CENTRE Tel: 021 975 3620 Kan help met ophou: Rook, Stres, Dwelms en Gewigverlies Kontak Elsie Britz . MASSAGE THERAPIST Reg. AHPCSA - also Travel. %Sharon 083 404 2636 In Durbanville area.

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PROF SALEE * Financial problems * Troubled relationships * Magic wallet / stick Sms your problem to 071 993 0338 .

MAMA MIMO Fortune Teller & Herbalist *Love problems * Financial growth *Lotto numbers/jackpot *Financial problems *Bad Luck, tokoloshe etc Pay after success Call/SMS/Whatsapp 078 175 4140 Bellville - Cape Town

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PETER the Healer * Financial problems * Bring back lost lover * Win lucky numbers * Magic Wallet * Clear all Debts * I give good luck & fight bad luck * Pay after work is done 078 875 1819 .


My name is Anna, I want to thank Prince Riyan for the good work he did for me for when I was a nurse for 32 years suffering at work. *Let big money be your dream *Have you worked long and still no success *Are you a teacher, nurse, doctor or social worker * Lucky numbers or lost lover *Cash in account *Clean bad luck from your house Prince Riyan - key to success 081 461 3554 .

WOMAN HEALER AISHA *Bring back lost lover * Money in account * Sell property quick * Spiritual loanl 083 492 5736 .

LEGAL . Attorney: Divorce, Criminal Matters 0219493619 Rob v.d. Linde .


BOEDELS Testamente, egskeidings, voorhuwelikse kontrakte. Bel Gideon 021 948 4872 Meyer Nel Prokureurs

. EGSKEIDINGS, Boedels, ens. Cap van Tonder 021 930 5721 . EGSKEIDINGS,strafhof ens. Buks vd Schyff 083 462 9298 . IN NEED OF AFFORDABLE LEGAL REPRESENTATION whether family law (divorces, maintenance, antenuptial contracts etc), civil litigation,criminal law (bail applications, after hour bail, trials, pleas etc), labour law, contracts, administration of estates (wills, trusts etc) Contact Tiemmie-Duncan Attorneys 078 133 6546 .





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      !  !  "    

Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016


TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 19




082 257 4164




A BEST LOAN W/a 072 905 7862 .

A BRIDGING LOAN Waiting for Pension / Package payouts? SMS or send "please call me" 082 301 7856 Ph: 0860 105 546 .


is dringend opsoek na Hartley Josephs i.v.m familie sake. Hy was laas woonagtig in Kraaifontein. Kontak S. Drijfhout 021 948 3637 . VOLMAAN-vriendskapsklub. (Sedert 1994). Enkel en alleen, op soek na jou sielsgenoot? % Elize, 021 801 0580 / 071 340 2290 .

A Cash Loan up to R200 000 PH Approval, No Admin Fees Ph /sms Lizzy 074 295 9559

. AA PAWN ANY VEHICLE Lowest interest 5%. Tel. 082 058 9735 . AANBOD: Pawn your vehicle 021 975 6166 / 084 247 4726 . AANBOD: Verpand motors by ons! % 021 987 2277 / 082 558 4836 .




. A MARRIAGE OFFICER Get married anytime, anywhere. Phone 021 930 5119 / 082 852 4571 .






JR WENDYS 3 X 6m R7900 FLAT ROOF Gratis Voering AFBETALING WELKOM Tel: 021 905 8097 072 870 6973



. Ek koop antiekeware,juweliersware , speelgoed, kombuisware, linne, skilderye, ornamente & meubels Skakel Anita 082 963 8877 .





. Get your bond approved. 1st or 2nd bond. ITC not important. Approval guaranteed. T's & C's apply send PCM to 081 398 5833 . NEED A LOAN URGENTLY All welcome. Tired of scammers, No upfront fees required. Call or Whatsapp Melissa on 061 724 5198 . SUKKEL MET LENING! Plc/sms or whatsapp Donovan 073 389 9203 .


BELASTING Opgawe en konsultasie Individue en klein besighede Quantum Portefeuljes 082 498 3738 of 021 975 1615

2de handse en nuwe klere, skoene, beddegoed, gordyne, breekgoed, potte, panne, eletriese ware, MEUBELS bv. beddens, sitkamerstelle, yskaste, TV's ens VIR HARDE KONTANT Tel: Johan 074 474 4275


AANDAG ALMAL Werner soek dringend al julle 2de handse meubels. Betaal kontant. ALLE AREAS 0219824176/0781501702 AANDAG: Barend soek dringend 2de Handse Meubels, Beddens, kaste & yskaste om te koop. Betaal kontant en kom haal self. Skakel 082 848 2880 . AANKOOP van meubels vir kontant % 021 982 2401/ 083 383 2505. .

AAN ALMAL SPOT CASH There in a flash Ons koop alle 2de Handse meubels en yskaste, stowe. Goodwood 021 591 5708 076 017 0630


2de Handse Meubels. % 083 310 1081. .




Asook Bruinklip, Rivierklip, Kompos, Topsoil. Klein en Grootmaat. Skakel: 021 930 5411




AANBOUSPESIALIS (Sedert 1980) Granny flats, badkamers, kombuise, betondekke Alle soorte aanbouings en huise. CHRISTIE 082 5700261/ 021 5582325



2de handse en nuwe klere, skoene, beddegoed, gordyne, breekgoed, potte, panne, eletriese ware, MEUBELS bv. beddens, sitkamerstelle, yskaste, TV's ens VIR HARDE KONTANT Tel: Johan 074 474 4275

ALL BUILDING, PAVING & TARWORK % Adams 074 259 8496


LOOKING FOR GOLD KRUGER COINS TO BUY. If you are looking to sell your stock please contact me on 081 315 3115


. AANDAG ALMAL: ALLE GROOTMENS-DOEKE beskikbaar. Laagste pryse in die Wes-Kaap. Skakel Vera of Dian Tel: 021 5911104 .

A Cash Deal on All Goods Cash paid for all your . unwanted good quality ATTENTION ladies, mens, kids clothing. . PETS Shoes, linen, bric 'n brac CASH PAID 1660 etc. PSYCHIC MIA FOR ALL SECOND. For accurate answers to all Christelle/Christiaan HAND FURNITURE, problems, SMS your name, Beds, lounge suits, stoves, 0844081437 Ervare, tweetalige date of birth and a specific fridges & bric a brac. honde-opleier. . question to 38381. Tel. 021 558 7546 / Saterdaemiddae, FURNITURE R10 per sms 082 4100 405 Kuilsrivier Volgende groep: Einde - Oktober 1635 . . . Chris 021 851 4303/ Enige huishoudelike items 082 590 7660 AANDAG en meubels gesoek vir kontant. Skakel: Liza Magdalenahuis AAN ALMAL 078 4534400 DIRK BETAAL is dringend opsoek na . Prins Khan i.v.m familie KONTANT . MOBILE DOG WASH & DIP sake. Hy was laas Vir alle Good service, low rates. Hennie % 076 220 1607 FRIDGES WANTED woonagtig in Kraaifontein. 2de-handse meubels, WORKING OR FAULTY kombuisware, ens. Kontak S. Drijfhout . ROTTWEILERS reuntjies (3) gereg, SMS sell to Tel. 021 558 9815/ 021 948 3637 pragtig, pa is 'n kampioen, R8000 elk 083 425 0447 082 443 2640 Nelia 084 317 8380

. 1802


ALLE BOUPLANNE Skakel Izak 021 981 4352 of 082 920 0839





. AWILL BOUERS. NHBRC- gereg. Aanbouings, strukturele betonwerk, nuwe huise, afdakke & verfwerk. William 072 229 7619 . Bou, herstel, verf en vibracrete. 021 988 5917 / 076 197 9053


Teken & ontwerp van nuwe huise & aanbouings. REG. MET SACAP. Skakel Riaan % 082 415 9696


ALL APPLIANCES REPAIRED ON SITE We repair fridges, stoves washing machines with guarantee and regas from R180. We buy broken appliances. % Cathy/Francois 079 838 1851 All areas .

Building Plans / Bouplanne Karel 021 981 4788 072 446 5054 .


MATTE - NAT of DROOG. Bekleedsel, meubels, matrasse, ens. nat. Deon 084 564 8225





HOMES, OFFICES & SPRING CLEANING. 0219499082/0743096830 072 617 8083 .


Wanted dead or alive ,,,,Ys/vrieskaste, stowe, wasmasjiene, mikro golfoonde. 072 197 1064



New Tech Dry Carpet Cleaners Tired of Wet Carperts we offer you sparkling clean Carpets. Rain, cold or wet weather, 90% dry carperts No steam or powder. We use only quality carpet shampoo. Upholstery cleaned will be 70% dry. % 021 592 0487 083 289 6674 Email: Tableview, Bothasig, Edgemead Northern suburbs




. CARPETS, COUCHES CLEANED A deep wash at best rates. 021 592 0626/082 428 7163 . Estie Matdroogskoonmakers 90% Droog. 1 Kamer +- R250 2 Kamers +- R360. Meubels 6 x sitplek 70% Droog R480 Nuwe no. 021 592 0487 083 289 6674


BOUPLANNE Billike fooie. Flink, kundige diens. estetiese ontwerpe. SACAP - Reg. Goedkeuring. Alle Ure: 021 903 8063 Mitch 083 601 8476






. STEVE'S SATELLITE SERVICES DSTV & antennae installation (HD PVR), extra points, home theatre system. CONTACT: 073 161 0655


. BEST CASH PAID PER ITEM For: Clothing, Furniture, Appliances. 082 419 1110/ 021 555 3111 . Kontant vir klere, skoene, linne, ens. WhatsApp of SMS Loryn 084 857 7238 .

A SPECIAL CARPET CLEANING SPECIAL 3 Bdrms for R450 6 Seater Couches for R450 Beds, Curtains & Cars. Dry in 45 min Contact Rob 078 556 6708 web specialcarpet robertfenyes2013


NB Satellite Services DSTV Installs. HD PVR, X-tra View, Dish checks. Nicky 072 377 0471









AANDAG BETAAL KONTANT VIR ALLE 2DE-HANDSE meubels, beddens, sitkamerstelle, yskaste, stowe, elektriese ware, kombuisware, breekgoed, beddegoed, klere, ens. Tel. 021 558 7546 / 082 4100 405





Willie 073 228 3929


. EK KOOP BOEKE en langspeelplate. 0826708987 .


Eienaar toesig. Free quotes






Are u waiting on a PENSION /PROVIDENT payout? Lump sum only. Sms/Call: 0768867655





CALL ME: 078 095 5017

021 949 0458 .



CARPORTS / PATIO COVERS SEE www. 083 414 8103/ 021 858 1873 .


Alle tipe bouwerk aan huise en kantore. Opsit van hout en staal dakke. Bouwerk vanaf grensmure tot braaikamers. % Cornel 078 434 8706 vir 'n kwotasie. . ALTERATIONS, RENOVATIONS, MAINTENANCE Electrical, Carpentry, hanging of doors, roofing, tiling, painting & brick paving, carports, water proofing, plumbing, skimming, roof cleaning. Andrew 082 935 2251 / 021 903 9563 - AVAILABLE




DSTV Installers Call-out from R150 * Extra-view, Triple-view and Explora setup * Extra TVpoints * CCTV * Loss of signal + repairs * TV Repairs. Workmanship Guaranteed Call Now! Garth 072 381 4023 Brad 082 994 4054 .

. #1 AIR-CON & FRIDGE Services , Repairs,Installations,Fridges wanted. 021 945 1376/ 078 901 1594 .

Aircon & Appliances Repair: Fridges, Stoves, washing machines, tumble dryers, Aircons, Dishwasher, ONSITE Repairs Contact Tiaan 021 917 1620 082 776 2393 .

ALL APPLIANCES REPAIRS, fridge,washing machines, tumble dryers, stoves, regas from R180. We buy broken fridges. Franco 076 966 4768 .

ALTYD KONTANT Vir jou yskas, vrieskas. werkend of nie - werkend 082 086 4752 .

FRIDGES WANTED Dead/Alive & Repair. All makes & models. We'll fetch it & fix it. %072 493 9332

20 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei .

. AM LANDSCAPING Trellises, plants, pots, pavers, water features, stone, bark & roll-on lawn. New & up-grading of irrigation systems. I beat any written quote. Anton 082 729 3811 .


. CHESTFREEZERS & FRIDGES, dbl beds, tv's URGENTLY WANTED! (021) 911 3366 /083 377 7223 . ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS Registered and Qualified Power Failure, Rewiring, Stove Connections. Issue C.O.C. Patrick 0828368051/0796444087 .

Tuinuitleg, algehele skoonmaak, afsaag van bome, snoeiwerk. *PERSOONLIKE TOESIG* Tel: 021 903 1272 Tel: 082 775 0977 . Boomsloop,snoei verwyder 021 930 1258 / 074 789 2176 .

DIE ROMMELMAN Tuinvullis verwydering. Tel 083 458 3416/ 988-0374

ELECTRICAL WORK High and low voltage. No job too small. % Theuns 082 899 4807 for prompt, professional service.


ELECTRICIAN Michael 021 939 2543/ 082 479 6083

R20 per streepsak. Min. 30 sakke vir aflewering. Ook bakkievragte (1,75m2) beskikbaar vir R600. Skakel 083 650 4502


. Fridges & Deep Freezers wanted Working or not WILL PAY CASH! Tel: 072 592 2507 .






BUILDING & ROOFING Paving, braai rms, boundary walls, roofing, plumbing, garages,carports NHBRC 24/7. Plans guaranteed. Tel: 082 956 7776 / 021 982 1309



Roof repairs, Waterproofing, Gutters, Facias, Carports, Skylights. 2 Year Guarantee

Gavin 076 845 2182 .

ROOFCLEANING & PAINTING Water proofing & maintenance. Gutters repair and facerboard. Call STEVEN on 083 991 5730 021 952 2403 .



A BEST TILER All tiling wall and floor Call Desmond 021 988 3295/ 072 566 1281 AANDAG: ALLE STAALWERKE Alle Heinings, Vibracrete Mure, Veiligheids Hekke, Diefwering, Trappe, Handreelings, Afdakke, Mezzanine Vloere Skakel: Essential Steel (Pty) Ltd Johannes 072 623 6492 Ontvang 021 917 1900


. AHA Burglar Bars,Gates&Vibr Tel: 021 933 1647 083 542 1097 of 021 909 1807 .


for your electrical work Since 2009 Installation Electrician for certification. Tel. John 076 073 7150

SNOEI VAN BOME Skoonmaak van tuine en verwydering van tuinvullis. %Herman 083 368 1655


TREE FELLING/PRUNING Clean-ups, irrigation, wellpoints. Phone Kevin: 021 982 5111 or 081 481 7653




ON-SITE PC REPAIRS Free Quotes WERNER at 083 788 0876 or 021 982 4951 .



All repairs done on site by qualified technician.

076 220 8543 .




M.A.N .PROJECTS. For all your Paving needs, new or repair work, Mark 076 302 2468 .



GLASS/WINDOWS . ALUMINIUM windows, doors, b.bars, gates & glass repairs. Call: 073 429 7856 .




ALL BUILD IN CUPBOARDS Kitchens, Bedrooms, TV units + Office furniture (Private/Builders/Developers) 35YRS EXP WITH REF'S John 083 7347050 / 021 9192085


ACE TREEFELLING Felling of trees & palms, pruning, stump removal, general clean-ups, free quotes Selwyn 083 267 6181 021 903 2022 .


AAA TREE FELLING Pruning & Felling of Trees & Palms. STUMP REMOVAL

% Deneys Steyn: 083 769 9286 Charl Steyn 071 347 0717 .

Built-in Cupboards

Vir beste prys, kwaliteit, in alle areas. Tel: Brian by 0219495001/0828546051 .

BUILT-IN-CUPBOARDS Kitchens / Kombuise Bedrooms / Slaapkamers 3D Designs / 3D Ontwerpe Steven 084 945 1100 .


We beat any Realistic Quote % GLENTON 072 409 5224 .

Low Summer Rates for Tiling, Waterproofing, Ceilings, Brickwork, Paving, Plumbing, Plastering, Skimming & General work. Contact Vickie 0786005206 for Quotes and Refs. .


Sliding gates, palisade fencing, safety gates, burglar bars, etc. David 079 913 0618

& automation. 0765230306 .

Professional Tiling At affordable rates. % 063 292 8440 .




Afsaag en snoei van bome en palms Hannes 082 082 3116

BUDGET PAVE Affordable Paving Call 021 559 6148




SWEMBAD DIENSTE *Pompe *Filters *Lekke Tel: DJ 072 589 2802 Beste Pryse en Diens % 083 610 1211

. PRICE POOLS For all your pool equipment and servicing needs. Jaco Visser 082 336 9984



Staalwerk-Diefwering, skuifhekke & omheinings. Kontak Jaco by 076 574 3203




. GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom.6 & 8 sleepers from R1000 p/n 079 522 4309 . Kleinmond self-catering units available from R350. or Tel. Erika 082 550 5585




Enige tyd beskikbaar Gratis kwotasie Eienaar bestuur self Anthonie 082 611 5631/021 930 4565




. 1.3 Ton Bakkie met Drywer in Bellville area - 0799954815 .

. GESOEK: Canopies, trailers, cars & bakkies. Pawn as well. 021 987 2277/082 558 4836 .


. 3080

. ALL your motor vehicle repairs if you cant come to me, I will come to you. Call: 082 301 6618 . ALLE DIESEL-ENJINS: Herstelwerk. Billike tariewe. Skakel 073 092 7128

. .

REYNECKE'S REMOVALS No move too small. Storage & packaging available. Tel./fax: 021 591 0375 083 227 4245 083 233 1784 .

STORE MORE Self-Storage Secure affordable Call 021 556 0600



ACCESSORIES, SPARES & MODIFICATIONS . ALL CANOPIES: Sell or Pawn. Instant Cash. Phone 082 058 9735

AA ENGELBRECHT MEUBELVERVOER 021- 9813053/ 5920923 083 231 2964 - Stoor



AMAZING MOVES Billike prys vir meubel vervoer. % 021 931 0328 083 723 0263

Luukse en vertroubare, veilige taxi cab diens 24/7. Besprekings en direkte kontak diens vir vervoer. Electroniese kaartdiens aanboord. Sitplekke 4 en 7 .



PAROW-NOORD Volle losies vir bejaarde dames in privaat woonhuis, 3 maaltye, wasgoed, medikasiebeheer en versorging ingesluit. Vanaf R6,000 p.m. Skakel Sonya 021 939 5995



Aanbod : Koop alle karre,bakkies en mikrobusse vir kontant Beste pryse word betaal Alle areas %Marius: 083 478 9121 %Annette 081 270 2322 .




079 3297 003 .


. GOODWOOD, Tuinwoonstel vir slegs werkende enkel persoon. Verkieslik nie-roker met verwysings. Jaar tot jaar huurbasis. Krag & water meting. Onmiddelik beskikbaar. R3700 p/m. Depisito + huur vooruitbetaalbaar. Tel. 079 493 9965





. ALLE HERSTELWERK, dienste aan alle voertuie in alle areas. Billike tariewe. Tel. 083 529 9972

VZ Transport Taxi Cabs





. GOODWOOD: Gemeubileerde buitekamer met geriewe vir enkel werkende manspersoon. Dep. R700 en R2400 p.m. % 021 591 9329 of 062 239 4702 .

Oostersee, Parow buitekamer vir Christen dame. R2,500 p.m. + R400 vir krag. Ph 082 4796 083



R2 700 p.m. + deposito % Deon 084 551 6737 .



. Like to earn extra with AVON Call: M Blom 0833914754 or . EARN EXTRA INCOME selling Avon products. SMS/Whatsapp name & area to 084 470 9888 .

EARN EXTRA MONEY By Selling Avon SMS Name/Area Tel: 074 602 7373 .


ROOFCLEANING, PAINTING All building alterations and boundary walls. %Herman 083 368 1655

 1+ *1 +'   1+ *1 &+


. KWALITEITSTAALWERKE vir diefwering, Spaanse diefwering, hekke, rolhekke, omheinings, balustrades, afdakke, outomatisering van hekke. Skakel KOBUS DE JONGH 021 988 6547/ 083 962 8437

MIKES HANDISERVE Your all round ''make nice'' Handiman Call Mike 083 459 9748 021 949 1285





Vir alle verfwerk, houtwerk, kleinbou projekte, dakskoonspuit, dak lekke, lê van houtvloere, loodgieterswerk, opsit van droëmuur konstruksies & knottypineplafonne. Teëlwerk. Gratis kwotasie % Louis 0721251288

$)   ,%  )$

 % -$ # $)% .)%


FIRST CHOICE TILING Tiling from R70 /sqm, Plumbing, bricklaying, Skimming, laminated flooring, painting, plastering and wallpaper hanging. Call 074 484 0288

L & H Maintenance



. %083 302 5559 021 948 9479 k.u. TERTIUS MACFARLANE GRATIS KWOTASIES






A2B Afford-A-Move FREE Plastic Wrapping & insurance. Pierre 083 255 6148





BAKGAT POOLS New Pools, Renovations Repairs, Pool Nets & Covers, Pool Heating Call: 082 826 5455

GIDEES PLUMBING ALL TILING &PAINTING SERVICES CC Do work myself, Mike (Registered Licensed 076 936 4153/021 9307015 plumbers) (24Hours Reliable) . • Geyser specialist Burglar Bars Gates, •Pressure valves Fencing & Balustrade. • Blocked Drains Call Alex @ ABBG for a • Burst Pipes free quote.T:082 496 8760 • New installations e.t.c Contact: Gilbert . 078 283 4370 or email: DC STEELWORKS




Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016









Painting and Handyman Contractors Tel: 021 981 8919 Riaan 082 760 7060 / Andre: 071 241 9769 / Follow us on facebook / Riaan Claassen Projects





. ABRIE VERF/PAINT 021 981 6805 / 083 328 3628






GI ELECTRICAL Maintenance, Repairs & New Installations Fault Finding, D Boards, Lights, Plugs, Geysers. Compliance Certificates Gordon 079 464 0362

WE DO REPAIRS On all appliances. Regassing done on all types of fridges @ R180. Tel. 078 212 8078 3 months' guarantee!



. . 24/7 PLUMBING SERVICE & MAINTENANCE % Quinton 084 564 2451 .

. GELEENTHEID VIR LEEFTYD! Ekstra inkomste - Geen Verkope Maak verskil in gemeenskap SMS Naam/Area 084 887 0772


. 1.3-ton bakkie A2Z Transport anything. % 083 783 9458 . BOU-/TUIN-/MOTORHUIS -rommel. Tel 079 025 9221 . BOUROMMEL VERWYDERING MELINDA 021 930 5411 . Building - Rubble Garden Refuse, Renovation, Garage junk, treefelling Call Martin 084 907 5513 RUBBLE REMOVAL . ALLE ROMMEL VERWYDERING 021 949 7642 / 074 545 9110 .

RUBBLE 8-ton truck CALL 082 845 9998 .


Excellent Service. 4 Ton truck. Tel. 072 869 2559

EKSTRA GELD! Benodig 50 Avon Agente Ontvang gratis geskenk. Tel. 082 933 3986

. Like to earn extra with JUSTINE Call: M Blom 0833914754 or .


. ALL ACCOUNTING, tax, payroll & all Reg. 021 930 5310

STORAGE 4 U BRACKENFELL (near Cape Gate) AS FROM R630.00 PM 021 982 7426 X1R961PR-AL030816






AANBOD Ek soek nie-lopende, stukkende of ongelukbeskadigde voertuie. Ek betaal kontant en verwyder u voertuig gratis uit enige gebied Tel 021 949 6066 / 076 211 1620

Pos beskikbaar Ouderdom 1 - 3 jaar Ondervinding Toepaslike eerstehulp kwalifikasie.



Kits kontant vir u voertuig

082 767 1953 079 677 0221

. "ALL Bakkies, Cars, Micro Busses and Bikes Wanted." PHONE 082 058 9735 . Alle bakkies / motors gesoek. 021 975 6166 / 084 247 4726

SERVICES . MEUBELVERVOER met persoonlike toesig. 021 945 1376 / 083 303 8684

AANBOD AAN ALLE EIENAARS Ons koop nie-lopende of beskadigde voertuie vir kontant. Beste pryse. Ons verwyder gratis. Skakel 083 294 8428 of 021 949 9083

. Alle bakkies / motors gesoek. 082 558 4836 /021 987 2277 .

Stuur asb. verkorte CV na: .

NASORG JUFFROU * Afrikaans sprekend * Moet Matriek/ Graad 12 hê * Verkieslik woonagtig in Kuilsrivier area. * Eie betroubare vervoer. Stuur CV na : dieaftercarecompany@ .


. BETROUBARE Afrikaans spreekende huishulp soek werk vir Maandae, Woendae & Donderdaeverkieslik in Durbanville area. Vir verwysing Mev Coetzee 0832851210 Bel Jean 071 775 9742

Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016 .





benodig vir verpakking van droëvrugte en neute, met goeie verwysings en woonagtig in die Noordelike Voorstede. Stuur volledige SMS met u besonderhede na 079 515 2976 of CV na

. Halfdag. Volunteer-Entrepreneur JSE-analize/Ontvangs/Huishou. Woon verniet,CY. buchen1947@gmail .




Word betaal wat jy werd is!! Groei tot jou volle potensiaal!! Suksesvolle, ambisieuse applikante kan die volgende verwag. Begin met R5 000 en sel, vervoer en behuisings toelae !!


Employment now Cashiers, Cruise ship attendants, Flight attendants Call centres, Housekeeping /Cleaners, Pick & Packers Waitress/Bartenders, hospitality, office and general jobs. Whatsapp 076 938 1767 Visit us at: Heerengract Street, Pier House Bld, 6th Floor, Call: 021 418 4287 / 021 421 9170 Visit us at: 1 Kort Street, Regkam Building, 1st Floor, Bellvile Call 021 945 2223 / 021 948 9885

. REQUEST YOUR CASH WITHIN DAYS Extras needed urgently for Movies, Television and TV Commercials. All Looks, Ages, Shapes & Sizes required. High earning potential. Contact House of fame on 021 447 1506 .



SALON IN BRACKENFELL Benodig jong gekwalifiseerde dames haarkapper wat die ambagtoets geslaag het. Goeie pakket. Skakel: 082 775 8905

. Drivers Wanted All code. Sms "Go" to 34130 to be contacted


Earn extra money by selling Avon Products. SMS name & area to 084 516 3353

An interest in and love for pre-schoolers Experience in the care and development of children First Language: English – written and spoken Residing in the Northern suburbs and own transport 5. Organised with excellent interpersonal skills / team player 6. Physically fit, dynamic, responsible, positive and prompt




EARN EXTRA MONEY Sell Avon Products SMS/Whatsapp Name & Area to: 084 558 5777


Armed Response Officers

Salary: R7 000 plus Annual Bonus Certifications: Grade C, Armed Response & Fire Arm Competency. Must have a valid drivers license. EMAIL CV: tommy@ FAX 086 55 99 462




Matriek en rekenaarvaardigheid 'n vereiste. Aansoeke kan per hand afgelewer word te Jessiestraat 25, Chrismar, Bellville. Moet gerig word aan die bestuurder.

Sluitingsdatum : 21 Oktober 2016.

• Valmary Park Pre-Primary School reserves the right not to make an appointment. • Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.





We invite applications for the following position:




(School Governing Body Post) Preference will be given to QUALIFIED / EXPERIENCED female applicants.




VERKOOPSAGENT Jong, dinamiese bemarkingsmaatskappy in Stikland benodig die dienste van 4 OP-EN-WAKKER VERKOOPSAGENTE. Geskikte kandidaat moet “outgoing” wees, hard en doelgerig kan werk en ‘n visie hê om suksesvol te wees. Geen vorige ondervinding nodig; gratis opleiding word verskaf. Verdien R 5000 p.m. en maatskappy voordele. Skakel nou (021) 949 2929



Artisans for the

Cape Town Refinery Shutdown Kentz Field Operations are recruiting skilled Artisans for their Maintenance and Shutdown Service Line for the Cape Town Refinery Shut-down in February 2017. • Mechanical Fitters • Boilermakers • Riggers • Mechanical Foreman • Bolting Torque Foreman • Bolting Torque Fitters • Safety Watchers • Double coded Welders • Pipe Fitters Preference will be given to qualified Artisans with Oil and Gas experience. Competency assessments will be held at the Kentz assessment centre. No application or CV will be accepted at the centre.

All applicants are requested to either post their CV’s to Postnet Suite 19, Private Bag X3, Bloubergrant, 7443 or email:

Closing date for applications: 16 November 2016

1. Computer literate (MS Office/email and correspondence) 2. Excellent organisational and administrative skills 3. Good interpersonal relations AND communication skills 4. First Language: English – written and spoken 5. Residing in the Northern suburbs 6. Own transport 7. Professional, team player, presentable & punctual





. Char worker avail. Mon., Fri. & Saturday. Call: 0834776591 . Char, Mon., Tues, Wed., Thurs, Fri.& Satur. Call: Judy 078 411 1272





M&G Group Services PSIRA Grade B & C Male Security Officers Fluent Afrikaans & English NO CHANCERS Call: 021 939 8821

072 607 3371



The Principal, Valmary Park Pre-Primary School, Mills Street, Durbanville, 7550 (Hand deliver) OR


CONTACTABLE REFERENCES All products SABS approved All work strictly supervised and fully guaranteed. CBCONTRACTING.SA@GMAIL.COM

Contact us at: 021 933 0124 (During Office Hours) Or E-mail a two (2) Page CV to:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Submit a complete CV, with contactable references (with recent photograph) before the closing date to:

• Roof Cleaning And Painting • House Painting Exterior And Interior • Waterproofing • Minor Renovations • Ceilings • Plastering And Skimming

• Matric • PSIRA registered: Minimum C Grade • Valid South African ID • Drivers Licence Needed • Previous Work Experience as an Inspector will be advantageous • Certified Copies of documents must be presented.





Preference will be given to suitable female applicants with the following: 3685



We invite applications for the following SGB Contract Post.






Dames toesighouer met eie vervoer benodig vir Skoonmaakdienste. Ouderdom 30+ Skakel 074 309 6830

We welcome MARQUE as our new barber at our premises @ 32 Oxford Street, Durbanville For bookings call 083 644 6042


Werk Onmiddelik beskikbaar % LYNN 021 910 0992 / 072 416 3875

Skakel James Dell 081 435 5249



TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 21





Kingsway College DHET NO: 01999 2102 Accreditation Umalusi no: 14FET 02000011PA High School from Grade 8 - 12 is NOW OPEN!!! Nursing Programmes now open Diploma in Business & Management Studies (N4-N6) National & Intl Diploma Tourism & Hospitality Diploma in Engineering Studies (N1-N6) Diploma in (ICB) Accounting & Business Studies National Certificate Information Technology (mict) NCV Office administration Level 2-4 Certificate in Machinery Training e.g. Forklift, Over head Crane & more. Lots more short courses. Cape Town Campus Heerengract Street, Pier House Bld, 6th Floor Call 021 418 4287 / 021 421 9170 Whatsapp 076 938 1767 Bellville Campus 1 Kort Street, Regram Building 1 St Floor Call 021 945 2223 / 021 948 9885


Submit a complete CV, with contactable references (with recent photograph) before the closing date to:


The Principal, Valmary Park Pre-Primary School, Mills Street, Durbanville, 7550 (Hand deliver) OR

& wholesalers





We have moved to our new premises!

• Valmary Park Pre-Primary School reserves the right not to make an appointment. • Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

5 Gladstone Street, Boston

021 949 9127




SENIOR STYLIST POSITION AVAILABLE with existing clientele in Welgemoed area. % 083 450 2924



22 TYGERBURGER Tygervallei






NEVER compromise on quality NO NEED to compromise on price Tip-up, Sectional & Roll-up Doors and Motors Gate Automation,

• • • • •

Manufacturing of steel gates



Rodents, Bedbugs,

CONTACT US ON 084 463 4877 021 839 4486






L ice

For a FREE Quotation Call * Bellville * Cape Town * Claremont * Goodwood * Paarl * Table View * Kraaifontein


(T’s & C’s apply)











Tel: 021 911 3423 Cell: 072 243 7872

Cell: 084 756 3079

10% Discount for domestic business


The best place to take your leaks to!

021 949 5915 021 425 2363 021 674 5327 021 591 5209 021 872 4083 021 556 5601 021 987 6798

Ph 021 903 1111 Fax- 021 903 9083


Plumbing is our game, all areas 24/7

“They Bug You We Bug Them!”

Tel: 021 945 4402, 021 683 3336, 021 557 6633, 021 872 8879 Faks: 021 945 4456



For all plumbing problems. Commercial & Domestic

Bird Removal & Proofing

Sien ons permanente sonkamer by Cape Garden Centre, Joostenbergvlakte.


Ant s





(Registered PCO & Member of SAPCA)







076 825 8180

• carpeting • • laminated flooring • • vinyl flooring • • underfloor heating • • blinds • steam cleaning •






Skakel FRIKKIE vir ‘n kwotasie

Guaranteed Effective PEST CONTROL


CALL JASPER 071 329 4466

Hygiene & Bug’s ‘R’ Us


Fix it Paving & Steelwork Solutions (PTY) LTD

MATTE IS DROOG BINNE 1 UUR!!! Veilig op Persiese & Wolmatte Kol- & Vlekverwydering Diepreiniging van Vlekke Anti-bakterie & reukverwydering Verwydering van Bedmyte op matrasse Skoonmaak van Stoffering


021 981 7040



AFTER HOURS SERVICE 021 555 3295/93

WE ALSO: SERVICE & REPAIR ALL TYPES OF DOORS & MOTORS CALL Toll-Free: 0800 22 00 50 or 021 555 3295/93 021 555 3293 A/H Service Number Unit 4, Megawatt Park cnr of Dawn & Stella Road, Montague Gardens. E-mail:





PIETER 076 882 0307


Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016





Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016


TYGERBURGER Tygervallei 23

SA PGA gets youth hooked on golf T

he PGA of South Africa has piloted a radical new youth golf coaching programme that is sweeping across Europe with great success. The goGolf programme aims to get children hooked on golf and keep them there by using inclusive learning techniques and embracing the use of technology such as smartphones and Apps. “goGolf really encourages the social aspect of golf and is based on group interac-

tion,” says Andrew Gunn, PGA of South Africa’s education and training manager. “The methodology empowers the coach to be a facilitator to learning rather than a dictator of technique. “Many children start playing golf early and are keen, but then life gets in the way and they lose interest as they get older. This is a common problem across all sports, and is addressed by goGolf.” According to Gunn, goGolf takes young as-

pirant golfers onto the course in their first session so that they are immersed in the game straightaway. “Then from here on they can choose how they want to progress,” says Gunn. The programme was presented at the PGA of South Africa’s recent Coaching Conference by Tony Bennett, the training and membership director of the PGAs of Europe. A total of 17 PGA of South Africa profes-

sionals have signed up for the goGolf pilot programme in South Africa, and are already seeing the benefits. “The course was inspiring and gave me a new appreciation of the learning process whereby learning golf becomes a marvellous act of self discovery,” said PGA Head Coach Martin Briede. “I have been applying the philosophy with my students and have had a very enthusiastic response.”

Bellville baseballers make their mark SEAN CAMPBELL

Making the team:After being selected to play netball for Western Province and Western Cape this year, Stellenberg High School first team netball star Ebonie Gaskin is one of 35 players selected for the South African u.17 squad. After trials held in Johannesburg, Ebonie made the team of twelve players. She will represent South African next year on the international stage. Here Ebonie is with her proud coach, Joana Winterbacht.

Ses-aan-’n-kant-stryd skop af SAREL BURGER Sestien spanne sal dit vandag (Woensdag) uitspook vir ’n plek in die eindronde van Cemstone se gewilde jaarlikse sesaan-’n-kant-kriekettoernooi. Die spanne speel in vier groepe en die wenner van elke afdeling dring deur na volgende Dinsdag se eindronde. Die spanne is soos volg ingedeel: Afdeling 1: HS Bellville, The Settlers, Reddam House (voorheen bekend as Chesterhouse) en Parow (by HS Bellville); Afdeling 2: Brackenfell, De Kuilen, Belhar en Stellenberg (by HS Brackenfell); Afdeling 3: D.F. Malan, HTS Bellville, Edgemead en HS Tygerberg (op D.F.Malan-

veld); Afdeling 4: Durbanville, El Shaddai, Fairmont en Brackenfell B (by HS Durbanvilkle). Die Hoërskool Bellville se o.19A-krieketspan het die afgelope naweek in een van ’n handjievol skolewedstryde vir Hermanus goed afgestof. Nico Olivier (71*) en Rinus Oosthuizen (3/35) was aan die voorpunt van Bellville (171/5) se sege met 5 paaltjies oor Hermanus (169). Stellenberg (129) het met 7 paaltjies vasgeval teen HSS Wynberg. Evert Carstens (33*) het die beste vir die Stellies vertoon. In HS Tygerberg se oorwinning met 8 paaltjies oor Parow (82) het Wade Tilling (3/6) en Chris September (3/9) die beste met die bal gevaar.

VOB, with a much improved performance, surprised arch rivals Athlone A’s 3-1 at the Vangate Sports Complex in Athlone on Sunday. In a closely contested game, VOB scored a run each in the fifth, sixth and seventh innings off the pitching of Dean Jacobs, one of three Athlone pitchers who represent South Africa. In all three innings, VOB recorded single hits while Athlone made an error, meaning that all of VOB’s runs were unearned. Athlone made six errors in total compared to VOB’s one. A’s managed to get a run back in the seventh inning. VOB somewhat surprised everyone when it started with former Silvertree and A’s pitcher Josh Rich. Rich did very well in his 4.2 inning start, giving away a hit and no runs, while walking two batters, striking out three. He was replaced by regular starter Grant Robertson, who conceded a hit and a run in his two-inning stint. Michael Scritten closed the last 2.1 inning and gave up a hit and a walk. Before Jacobs’s turn on the mound, A’s started with Lloyd Stevens, who walked a batter and struck out four in his four-inning stint. Carl Michaels closed out the last two innings for Athlone. Bothasig pip Crusaders Crusaders put up a better display when they went down 5-2 to Bothasig at the Abe Sher sports ground in Bothasig. Crusaders started with another one of their youthful pitchers, Kyle van der Ross. Van der Ross pitched three innings, giving away four hits and four walks, while conceding three runs. Bothasig started with Damon Mitchell, who also threw three innings, giving up three hits and three walks and striking out three hitters without conceding any runs. In the top of the fourth inning Jordi King replaced Mitchell but struggled. King only managed one out while giving three walks and conceding two runs, making the score

3-2 to Bothasig. Lucien Swartz replaced Van der Ross in the bottom of the fourth inning and kept Bothasig scoreless until Bothasig managed to score its final two runs in the seventh inning. Devon Clarke threw the last five innings for Bothasig, giving up a hit and striking out six Crusaders hitters. Dayle Feldtman (3/4) and Nicholas Eagles (2/4) hit well for Bothasig, while Van der Ross (2/3) and Ashwin Kleintjies (2/4) did well for Crusaders. Giants smash Durbanville Maitland Giants outhit Durbanville 13 hits to three to record an 18-4 win in Durbanville. Home runs by Jayde Thorne (3/4) and Kyle Inglis (2/3) set up the Maitland offence. They were well supported by Brad Erasmus (2/3), Argentine Juan Martin (2/3) and Ryan Sarmie (2/4). Durbanville used four pitchers who found it very difficult to stem the Maitland run onslaught. Damien Perkins, Kevin Townend, Darryn Smith and Brandon Smith were all given a tough time by the Maitland hitters. Jas Shergill, Maitland’s Canadian pitcher, and Jayde Thorne kept the Durbanville bats quiet by only conceding three scattered hits. Two big innings – the fourth and sixth – set up Maitland’s victory. Bellville shut out Westridge After a promising start, Westridge Yankees faltered to go down 10-0 to Bellville at the PP Smit sports ground. After four and a half innings Westridge were 1-0 down. Luwayne du Plessis threw 4.1 innings, conceding four runs from five hits and two walks and struck out two. He was replaced by Jared du Plessis, who got the two outs. Jayson Ripepi closed out the last two innings, conceding six runs from seven hits. Bellville’s Bertus Mostert threw 6.2 innings, conceding five hits and striking out four hitters. Bellville’s top hitters were Kyle Ettisch (3/3, including a home run), Jonathan Phillips (3/4) and Anthony Phillips (3/5). Westridge had five scattered hits.

Brakke, Kraaie swoeg hard SAREL BURGER Brackenfell en Kraaifontein se senior krieketspanne moes die afgelope naweek hard werk om op die wenpad te bly in die Boland se topligas. Brackenfell (176) het in die Premierliga duidelik nie sy beste voet voorgesit nie voordat hy Vredenburg/Saldanha (160) met 16 lopies geklop het. Stephan Joubert (51 en 3/22), Manrich Kotze (31), Christiaan Mocke (3/28) en Johan Loubser (3/33) het die beste vertoon

vir die Brakke. In die Promosieliga het Kraaifontein (111/4) Saterdag wel maklik met Clanwilliam-Essex (110) klaargespeel – danksy veral Jonathan Clark (56*) en Fabian Faro (3/22), maar in ’n tweede wedstryd Sondag het dit maar broekskeur gegaan voordat die Kraaie (127/9) met ’n eenpaaltjieoorwinning teen Worcester United (126) deurgeskuur het. Cody Poole (69*), Faro (3/12) en Grant Isaacs (3/18) het die grootste aandeel in die oorwinning gehad.

Entries open for TygerBurger sports star competition Submit your sporting achievements to the TygerBurger Sports Star of the Month competition. Bosman, McNulty and Du Toit Optometrists award a pair of sunglasses and

Shihan Hennie Bosman awards R1000 in cash to the winner. V Submit your entries to­

Bikini muscle: Bernadine Schwartz (Bellville) won the overall women’s performance bikini line­up at the Nabba South African body­building and fitness championship in Pretoria.

We have stock ! ABS Wheel Speed Sensors & a huge variety of sensors for most vehicles incl. Crankshaft Position Sensors PROUD SERVICE

10 Taurus Street, Brackenfell • Tel (021) 981 4501 •


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Page 24 | Woensdag, 19 Oktober 2016 Onder redaksie van Stehan Schoeman Tel: 021 910 6500 | e­pos:

Smile 90.4FM

Local karter ready to fly SA flag in world final Local youngster and leader of the Western Cape Senior Max karting championship, Dino Stermin, is in his element in his ancestral home in Northern Italy this week. Stermin is racing in the Vortex Senior Rok World Karting finals until Saturday. The Grade 11 learner from Fairmont High School cannot wait to fly the South African flag in this most competitive international field with some daunting firsts for him. “I’m really looking forward to racing at a track that I’ve never been to as well as to drive a Senior Rok kart for the first time,” said Dino. “This is a new experience for me and I’m really excited. I’m also looking forward to working with former South African world karting champion Wesleigh Orr and having the support of SA’s leading Roos Kart Team in Italy.” Stermin has sound international karting experience, having raced in the rival Rotax Max Grand event last year, but switched to the Rok event recently. “My goal is to make it to the final and if that happens, I would like to finish in the top 10,” Stermin promised. “We have a few days to practice and prepare, so I’m going to give it my all and hopefully make SA proud. “Let’s hope for the best!”

Dino Stermin looking to fly the national flag high in Italy.


Agttal deins nie terug SAREL BURGER


lle eer aan die rugbyspan van Durbanville-Bellville se veel ligter voorhoede wat die afgelope Saterdag die aanvoorwerk gedoen het vir die oorwinning van 27-19 oor Evergreens in die nasionale klubkampioenskap-toernooi om die Goue Beker. Met hierdie sege oor die kampioenspan van die Suidwestelike Distrikte het die Durbies deurgedring na die halfeindronde

die komende naweek. Durbell kom nou op sy tuisveld te staan teen Valsbaai, die WPkampioen, terwyl twee Gautengse spanne, Rustenburg Impala en Brakpan, mekaar in die ander halfeindstryd sal aandurf. In ’n besonder fisieke kragmeting, waarin die Evergreens van Pacaltsdorp, George onder meer met vier geelkaarte gestraf is, het die Durbies hulle nie deur die geweldige swaar voorhoede van die besoekers laat intimideer nie. En wonderlike nuus vir die Durbanvillers is dat hulle beseringsgewys

redelik ongeskonde uit die stryd gekom het sodat hulle Valsbaai met hul beste beskikbare span kan pak. Durbell se voorspelers het hul uitstekend van hul taak gekwyt en het nooit tru gestaan vir die geniepsige spel van die Evergreens-manne nie. ’n Faktor waarmee die tuisspan wel deeglik te kampe gekry het, was die hardnekkige verdediging van Evergreens. Ná ’n rustydvoorsprong van 17-9 het Durbell die meeste aanvalswerk in die tweede helfte gedoen, maar dit was net

voor die eindfluitjie dat die Durbies eers – met ’n enkele verdere drie – ’n oorwinning kon verseker. Durbanville-Bellville het eweneens puik verdedig en het die besoekers net vir een drie in die hele wedstryd laat deurglip. Die Durbies het drie keer agter Evergreens se doellyn gaan draai. In ’n ongewone stap sal die halfeindstryde in dié kompetisie eers Sondag afgehandel word om (TV-gewys) nie te bots met Saterdag se Curriebeker-eindstryd nie.

Bellville stewig in saal; ander sukkel SAREL BURGER

Kuda Samunderu (3/20), links, is een van Durbanville se staatmakers teen Claremont.


Bellville sit stewig in die saal teen die Kaapstad-klub in die eerste reeks tweedaagse eersteliga-krieketwedstryde in die WP, maar die meeste ander topspanne van die Tygerbergstreek het al beter dae beleef. Bellville (155/8) het ’n wenvoorsprong teen Kaapstad (64) ná blink bydraes deur veral Lenert van Wyk (72 en 3/1) en Dewald Botha (33). Maar die Universiteit van Wes-Kaapland (149/8) het nog ’n bult om te klim teen die WP-klub (233/5 gesl.), ondanks hardnekkige kolfwerk deur Sharn Gomes (63). Dieselfde geld vir Durbanville (102/3) in sy wedstryd teen Claremont (228./9 gesl.). Byron Boshoff (55*) en Kuda Samunderu (3/20) het die beste vertoon. Edgemead (140) het ’n agterstand teen Avendale (159 en 83/2), maar Justin de Jager (5/37), Johan Swart (3/29) en die Nieu-Seelander San Blansord (46*) het hul kant gebring. In Kuilsrivier (161) se wedstryd teen Groenpunt (205/7 gesl.) het Craig Ephraim (67) die beste vertoon. In Sondag se 20/20-wedstryde was Bellville (197/7) met 40 lopies aan die wenkant teen Claremont, Kuilsrivier (108/5) met 5 paaltjies teen Victoria en Milnerton (77/2) met 8 paaltjies teen Tygerberg-klub. Durbanville (150/5) het onverwags met 10 lopies verloor teen Kaapstad, terwyl Edgemead (64) ook met 116 lopies ’n pak slae teen die Universiteit van Kaapstad gekry het.

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