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Forward, march! Anti­crime: The Ravensmead Community Police Forum took to the streets of Uitsig on Saturday to promote their fight against crime and gangsterism. Leading the parade through the streets was the Delft Generation Cadet squad who also demonstrated some of their slick marching manou­ vers. PHOTO: GARY VAN DYK


Plan for beating gangs GARY VAN DYK @gvdcapejazz


community initiative in Bonteheuwel has been praised as a blueprint for communities working together to win back their neighbourhoods from crime and gangsterism. Bonteheuwel’s Joint Peace Forum hosted a mass meeting at the Multi-Purpose Centre on Sunday and keynote speaker, crime researcher Irwin Kinnis, praised the initiative. Kinnis pointed out that it is an idea that should be spreading across the Western Cape. “This area, like so many others across the Cape Flats, has a proud history in the fight for freedom in this country,” he said.

“Now it is once again leading the way to a new fight against the evils that are destroying our communities. “It is no secret when crime statistics reveal how bad the problems have become, and while there are many reasons why it has become so bad, we must keep in mind the history of Bonteheuwel in the fight against apartheid. “Like those leaders and organisations that were formed here in the 1970s and ’80s you are becoming the forefront of changing the situation for the better.”

Organised gangs He also pointed out that the problems experienced in the area was not restricted to Bonteheuwel but spread to many areas be-

cause the gangs were organised across the peninsula to maintain their strongholds in the communities. “For your initiative to be successful you have to start organising better than them, you have to unite forces with organisations who have the same aims in all communities threatened by crime. “Only the people of Bonteheuwel can lead the way in making the changes in their community. If you don’t take the lead nobody is going to help you stop the violence, stop your children from taking drugs and joining the gangs. “However, remember that this struggle is not yours alone so the time has come to reach out to other areas and maybe it is also time for a major indaba across all areas to

find the solution to how communities can work together to make a positive change for the safety of our communities,” said Kinnis.

Affected by crime Brian Adams, a member of the forum, also pointed out the activities that they were busy doing in the area and how it started. He asked those affected by crime to stand up. Very few remained sitting. He said the forum was started by organisations and individuals in the community who wanted to be part of the change for the better in the area. “We are people who are intent on doing things together to make those changes,” he said. V To Page 2

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FROM PAGE 1 “Our intention is to join hands to become one united Bonteheuwel to tackle the issues that face us - together. “We’ve already seen that in action when we held our first march through the area in February and it showed that there are so many people who want to be part of that change. “That change is already happening because we are organising participation at grassroots level, getting everyone involved area by area, street by street, and from this we will just grow stronger.” Police representatives Brigadier Christopher Jones, Major General Jeremy Veary and the Bishop Lavis cluster commander Andre Lincoln were on hand to present the latest statistics and answer questions from the public. Most of the complaints were about the shortage and visibility of policing and said gang shootings and other crimes could be prevented if policing was more effective. At the meeting, Lincoln responded to a memorandum of complaints from the Bonteheuwel Joint Peace Forum. The memorandum was given to the police during the march earlier this year, when residents demanded to see more police patrols and for gangsters to be arrested. He said he was very pleased with this initiative and other areas were now asking the people of Bonteheuwel come and show them the way by setting up similar structures. In response to some of the demands that were presented to police, he explained what actions were already being undertaken. “We have established a specialised unit that is doing special crime prevention duties over and above the regular patrols in the area. “There is also Operation Combat which is target driven investigations that investigates specific suspects for their activities relating to gangs. “Since our last discussion the relationship with the public has also improved, and people are now playing a major part in the fight against crime. “This must now continue with more people becoming involved in neighbourhood watches to make a bigger difference,” he said. Fotogalery


Golden voiced boy aims high GARY VAN DYK @gvdcapejazz

Nicolas Miso may be the head boy at Erica Primary in Belhar, but there is harmony in his heart that wants to shine in the Drakensberg Boys School Choir. The talent of this 13-year-old is obvious when he takes control of a microphone, and it will only be enhanced if finances can be found to help him take up the offer to attend the famed school from next year. His mother, Mbuto, is very excited about his acceptance but points out that she always knew that he wanted to sing. “He was two when he started singing,” she smiles. “We would watch him standing in front of a mirror, brush in hand for a microphone, and you just knew there was talent. “Somehow in my heart there was always that dream of him going to the choir, now it is a reality.” While he was born in Cape Town, the family moved to East London in 2008 but returned in 2012. Nicolas Miso is trying to raise money to accept his place at the Drakensberg Boys School Another major fan who wants to see his Choir and has the support of his mom Mbuto, left, and teacher Allicia Seconna. talent nurtured is teacher Allicia SeconPHOTO: GARY VAN DYK na, who was overwhelmed when he joi“I have taken him to a number of events “He played the lead role in the school’s ned the school choir in 2012. “I entered Nicolas for the Eisteddfod so- pantomime, Cinderella Rockerfella, which to sing, and wherever he performs the peolo song and he received 90% and 93% for was a huge success because he is very con- ple have been impressed. He has excellent the two categories he entered,” she says. fident in front of an audience and enjoys vocal techniques and one can even compare him to our famous national and inter“The adjudicator of the Eisteddfod, a entertaining. “He also performed at the annual Min- national vocal artists. previous voice trainer at Drakensberg “He was blessed to sing as part of a choir Boys School Choir recommended that he strels Carnival Juveniles Sentimental soshould audition at this prestigious school lo competition in January 2013, where he but is also an excellent solo artist and that but Nicolas did not have to audition, he won first prize in two of the three competi- is why I am looking for companies or indiwas actually accepted for 2013 already.” tions. “Some of this prize money helped viduals who will help get him to the DraWhile music is a major part of his life, with the registration fees for Drakens- kensberg where his talent will only be enhanced.” Allicia is quick to point out that he is also berg,” she continued. “I have applied for finances at Drakens- V For further information about sponsorships call a hardworking boy in class and achieves berg and they offered him R50 000 for the Allicia on 072 405 2600, or Mbuto on 078 299 good results. “I really believe that his talent can take year, but this is a single parent family and 3793. Catch some of his talent on www.tygerbur­ his mother is not able to pay the full fee. him to the top,” continues Allicia.

Omskep huis om seniors te help RICHARD ROBERTS @richardjohn_rj

Bok Radio speel krieket teen ’n span sangers ten bate van die Alta du Toit­nasorgsentrum.


Vandag (Woensdag) is stemdag. Loer môre op ons webblad vir video­onderhoude met mense wat besluit het om hul kruisie te trek.

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Woensdag, 7 Mei 2014

’n Tekort aan sentrums vir bejaardes en die groot aanvraag daarna, het ’n maatskaplike werker van Eersterivier genoop om sy huis in ’n tehuis vir bejaardes te omskep. Die Eerste River Home for the Elderly Group, wat geleë is in Alberthastraat, Forest Heights, is die inspirasie van Willie Nel, ’n jarelange maatskaplike werker en inwoner van dié gebied. Willie en sy vrou, Maureen, het 14 jaar gelede na Brittanje verhuis, waar sy vrou tans nog werksaam is. Hy het sy huis, wat hy vir jare lank uitverhuur het, opgeknap en einde verlede jaar in ’n ouetehuis ontwikkel. Die tehuis is in Augustus 2013 as ’n maatskappy by die kom-

missie vir intellektuele eiendomsreg geregi- te voldoen. My ma het siek geraak, my vrou se ma het ook siek geraak en so ook ons famistreer. “Om geld te kry, moes ons op die databasis lielede, maar daar was geen beskikbare plek van die departement van maatskaplike ont- waarheen hulle kon gaan nie. “Alles het toe eintlik soos ’n legkaart inwikkeling kom en moes ons ook die onderneming as ’n nie-regeringsorganisasie regi- mekaar begin pas,” het hy gesê. Sy vrou, wat jare lank by Lentegeur gestreer,” het Willie verduidelik. Die tehuis spog tans met ’n vermaaklik- werk het, wou ook omsien na mense wat heidsarea vir die bejaardes, ’n televisieka- aan Alzheimersiekte en demensie ly. “Maar die behoefte het anders bepaal in mer, verskeie kamers en badkamers, sowel as ’n stoorkamer. “My broers het my gehelp die sin dat ons wel Alzheimer- en demensieom die huis te verf. Die huis was verniel. pasiënte het, maar ons het ook bejaardes “Die laaste huurder wat hier gebly het, wat nie vir hulself kan sorg nie. Daar is tans agt verpleegsters wat omsien wou nie hier uit nie en wou ook nie betaal nie. Ons het gesukkel om hom uit te kry. na die bejaardes. “Dan kry ons ook hulp vanuit die gemeen“Ons het die plek agterna begin regmaak met die hulp van familielede en die gemeen- skap, studente wat kom van die MIV/Vigsondersteuningsgroep in Eersterivier en ’n skap,” het Willie vertel. Die tehuis word deur hom en sy vrou be- organisasie wat studente oplei in tuissorg.” Die ouderdomme van die bejaardes wissel fonds. “Ons het ook borge uit die gemeenskap. Hier is ’n vrou wat ons uithelp met tussen 50 en 97 jaar. “Dis iets wat ek nog altyd wou doen. Daar brood, dan het ons ook iemand wat ons help met die opknapping van die vermaaklik- is so ’n groot nood, maar ons kan nie genoeg spasie maak vir almal nie. Ons waglys strek heidsarea,” het hy vertel. Die beddens in die tehuis is ook danksy nou al by tien verby,” het Willie gesê. Die tehuis kan tot 25 bejaardes huisves. die goedhartigheid van individue en privaat maatskappye. “Maar die oorgrote meerderheid van die meubels wat ons kortgekom het om die plek te laat funksioneer, het ons uit Engeland laat kom. “Ons moes dit in vraghouers laai en Suid-Afrika toe vervoer,” het Willie verduidelik. Die besluit om die ouetehuis te stig, is ’n gesamentlike besluit tussen die egpaar en hul twee seuns. “Ons het gewonder oor wat ons met die huis hier gaan doen. Die seuns is ook geraadpleeg. Daarna het die hele idee oor die tehuis vorm aangeneem. Willie Nel, ’n maatskaplike werker van Eersterivier, het onlangs “Die hoofdoel van die te- ná 14 jaar in Brittanje na Suid­Afrika teruggekeer om ’n tehuis huis is eintlik maar om aan vir bejaardes in Forest Heights te open. Die tehuis sien tans om die behoefte van ’n sentrum na 16 bejaardes. FOTO: RICHARD ROBERTS

Woensdag, 7 Mei 2014


‘Thieves now attend church to get to assets’

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Tel: 021 948 5706 l

GARY VAN DYK @gvdcapejazz


unning thieves may be posing as parishioners at local churches to seek out their targets after a daring theft at a Bishop Lavis church. Saint Martin de Porres Catholic Church has lost its data projector after thieves broke in through the roof but their methods revealed that they must have attended a service there to know exactly where it was situated. Malcolm Swartz, a parishioner at the church, explained they had improved their security over the past two years since their solid brass bell was stolen. Nothing could have prepared them for this incident though. “We think the thieves must have been keeping a watch on the church. “Our priest went on vacation last week so there was no normal Friday morning mass and the theft was only discovered later in the afternoon. “So we think it was done during Thursday night, but its how they did it that gives us an indication that they had attended the church,” he said.



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Malcolm Swartz points out where the thieves broke through the church’s ceiling to steal the data projector. PHOTO: GARY VAN DYK covery of the InFocus Data Projector. “We also want other churches in the area to be aware of how thieves may be targeting


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their assets,” Swartz concluded. V Call 061 100 9940 with any information leading to the recovery of the projector.





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Climbers Swartz explained the thieves had climbed onto the roof and removed two asbestos sheets to gain entry into the church. “They knew exactly where to remove the sheets to get to the projector,” he said. “Then they broke through the ceiling and must have lowered somebody into the church to remove the projector. There is no way you can reach those bolts by just leaning through the opening.” He also pointed out that the thieves knew what they wanted, because they simply left the sheets there. “It looks like they had some kind of power tool to remove the screws on the sheets.” The church is offering a reward for the re-

M-KEM partners Gill Watson, Mr M & Leigh Hershaw

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Woensdag, 7 Mei 2014

UWC invites future students to Open Day The University of the Western Cape (UWC) once again opens its doors to prospective students. Their annual Open Day will take place on Saturday 10 May from 09:00 to 15:00, with grade 11 and 12 learners invited to attend. “The Open Day programme will provide wide-ranging information about undergraduate courses, extracurricular activities, and the exceptional opportunities the Uni-

versity has on offer,” said UWC media officer Aidan Van den Heever. Learners and parents attend a general information session about admission requirements, online applications, bursaries and loans, selection processes and residence options, as well as tour the campus and see what faculties have to offer. V The public can contact UWC for more information on 021 959 3900/1/2.

Cancer support group meeting held The Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) will be holding its next support group meeting at Elsies River Community Health Centre (Corner Halt Road and 29th Avenue) on Wednesday 14 May at 14:00.

All are welcome to attend including cancer survivors, anyone impacted by cancer and caregivers. V For more information contact Jennilee 021 689 5347 during office hours.

MONDAY - FRIDAY 07:30 - 5:30 pm SATURDAY 08:00 - 1:00 pm


TEL: 021 948 1852 Robert Sobukwe Rd. BELLVILLE (behind ESKOM)

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Die area onder die Tierbergbrug is maande laas skoongemaak, sê inwoners.FOTO: MAGRIET THERON

Parow se onderrok hang uit MAGRIET THERON @magrietron

Parow se onderrok hang uit, sê inwoners wat op verskillende plekke naby brûe bly. Dis hier waar vuilgoed net so gelos word as die “trolliemense” weggooigoed sorteer vir herwinning. “Hulle vat net wat herwin of verkoop kan word en die res los hulle net daar,” bevestig Ernest Sonnenberg, die stad se voorsitter vir vaste afvalbestuur, wat sê hy is deeglik bewus van die probleem. “Ek wil nie hê ons buurt moet so agteruitgaan nie. Ek is ’n trotse inwoner, maar op die oomblik voel ek baie negatief,” sê Chantel Brand, wat naby die Tierbergwegbrug bly en gereeld met ’n babawaentjie onder die brug moet deurloop. Sy sê behalwe dat sy daagliks moet fyn trap om nie oor ’n dooie muis of iemand se ontlasting te loop nie, het iemand nou die deurgang van die straat na die brug

met betonstene vernou, sodat sy haar baba uit die waentjie moet haal en die waentjie dan bo-oor die stene moet tel om daar te kan loop. “Ek voel die munisipaliteit vergeet gerieflikheidshalwe van die area,” sê Brand, wat elke oggend en middag onder die brug deur en dan met die trappies na Tierbergweg toe loop op pad werk toe. “Ek het vroëer vanjaar die munisipaliteit geskakel nadat daar vir weke nie skoongemaak is nie, en dit moeilik geraak het om oor al die rommel te trap wat daar lê.” “Die munisipaliteit het toe binne ’n week daar kom skoonmaak, soos belowe, maar nooit weer nie. Ek weet, want ek gebruik die trappe daagliks,” sê sy. Sonnenberg sê die munisipaliteit maak gereeld onder die brûe skoon, maar kan nie byhou met die tempo waarteen dit weer morsig raak nie. Die publiek kan die munisipale inbelsentrum by 086 0103 089 te skakel met klagtes.

Woensdag, 7 Mei 2014


TYGERBURGER Ravensmead & Belhar 5

New centre promises internet access for all Elsies River is set to become home to a new Digital Access Centre to bring internet access to all. The Western Cape Government, in partnership with the City of Cape Town, recently announced that a R2.8 million digital access centre is set to be launched in Elsies River. The Interactive Community Access Network (ICAN) Centre forms part of the roll out of the Western Cape Government’s R1.3 billion broadband plan to connect communities across the province over the next three years. Residents will have access to Wi-Fi hotspots, meeting rooms, video-conference facilities, training workshops, study rooms and soundproof recording booths. The initiative builds on the success of the City of Cape Town’s broadband initiative in which R222 million has been set aside over three years towards the roll out of broadband infrastructure Alan Winde. throughout the metro. This project has allowed the City and the Western Cape Government to contain and reduce spending on their internal telecommunications costs. The network has saved R47.6m in telecommunications costs and avoided R70m of bandwidth costs for 2013/2014 financial year. In turn, these savings become available for economic development initiatives such as the proposed ICAN Centre. This centre, which is a pilot project, will be located at the Elsies River Multi-Purpose Centre which will undergo substantial refurbishments in the months ahead. The centre is funded by the Western Cape Government in partnership with the City of Cape Town, which has provided the site and will manage the installation of the infrastructure and equipment.

Today, Alan Winde, Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, announced the concept, explaining that the Department of Economic Development and Tourism would open the call for NPO’s to apply to operate the centre in the next two weeks. Minister Winde said the successful NPO operator would be required to ensure that Elsies River residents are brought on board to assist with the management of the facility. “The centre will consist of open spaces for learning, innovation and knowledge production,” said Winde. “It will be a space for the entire community. Local entrepreneurs can come and grow their business ideas, learners will have a study resource space and residents will be able to further their ICT training. Key to the success of the centre will be the social entrepreneurship model. In this model, government partners with local entrepreneurs to establish and maintain public facilities. This model ensures that business opportunities are created for local emerging SMMEs.” The Centre has different zones catering for the entire community: The heart of the centre is the ICAN Community Commercial Services Zone, which provides all of the support and shared services to the other zones Various training programmes will be housed and offered at this centre with stakeholders supporting such programmes including FET Colleges, Adult Learning Centres, and Tertiary Institutions such as the University of the Western Cape. V The Department of Economic Development and Tourism will open the call for NPO’s to submit pro­ posals to run the centre in the next two weeks. Inte­ rested NPO’s can email nashreen.moosa@western­ for the terms of reference.





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Dreams come true for aspiring chef RICHARD ROBERTS @richardjohn_rj

From left, Calvin Maseko (CPUT Director of Advancement), Dr Prins Nevhatulu (CPUT Vice Chancellor), Sarfaraaz Hamza (SANZAF WC Administrator), Faeza Govind, Aneesah Rylands (SEED Coordinators), and Cornelius Claasen (CPUT Senior Financial Aid Officer).

Half a million to help students A generous donation of almost R520 000 from the South African National Zakáh Fund (Sanzaf) is enabling 59 students to pursue their studies at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). Sanzaf’s Sarfaraaz Hamza explained during a cheque handover at CPUT’s Bellville Campus on Monday that the donation was made possible thanks to many donations called Zakáh and Sadaqát from the Muslim community in South Africa. Each year Sanzaf collects millions of rands in donations and approximately 30% of that is spent on education bursaries. “We have many graduates and staff members who have studied at CPUT and we are honoured to have been part of the institution and be able to contribute in this way,” says Hamza. “We hope that in the years to come we can grow this amount.” Vice-Chancellor Dr Prins Nevhutalu accepted the cheque saying the donation was extra special because it came straight from the heart of people. “Many of our students cannot afford to pay and I accept this gratefully with both hands because you are making a big contribution to the sustainability of the institution,” he

said. The fund was also pleased to announce that they will be handing over R3 718 839 which will afford 384 disadvantaged students in the Western Cape to study in a field of their choice at various tertiary institutions like CPUT as well as the University of the Western Cape (UWC), University of Cape Town (UCT), Stellenbosch University (SUN) as well as the Islamic Peace College of SA (IPSA). SANZAF’s cumulative national education and empowerment spend for 2014 amounts to R15.5 million which will assist up to 1005 students. In 2013, 550 students benefitted nationally from the bursary programme totalling close to R10 million. Apart from the donation to CPUT, SANZAF Western Cape has also allocated R1 058 073 to UWC for 106 students, R182 437 to UCT for 22 students and a further R248 910 at SUN for 22 students. In addition to this, R233 000 will assist 42 students at IPSA and various tertiary faith-based institutions. Needy students are strongly encouraged to obtain the balance of funding from National Students Financial Assistance Scheme (NSFAS). SANZAF believes that a tertiary qualification opens doors to a positive future by empowering individuals to aspire to a better quality of life.

Unrivalled Quality y

021 949 4070

Her passion for food and hospitality has made Asanda Ntanga, a single mother of two from Mfuleni, set her dreams sky high. The young mother, who had to leave school in Grade 11 due to financial constraints, has been working as a chef at one of Cape Town’s top hotels but currently has her heart and mind set on becoming a hotel manager. Asanda, originaly from the Eastern Cape, was one of the people who completed a basic chef’s course at Community Women Action (CWA) – a non-government organisation. The organisation assists troubled youngsters and people similar to Asanda in realising their hopes of becoming a chef. Asanda completed her studies of nine months towards the end of last year. Since then, she has worked at several places before landing the position as a chef at a prestigious hotel. Asked about her personal life she explained: “My dad moved back to the Eastern Cape and I stayed behind with my brother who could not afford to pay my school fees. “In 2000 I had my first child and three years later I got married, but divorced again in 2009. “I did not have a work at the time, I did not have anything. I started to work as a security guard for nine months, but after that I came to the CWA to learn how to be a chef. “It was so hard for me at that time because I had a child but did not have money.”

After receiving the certificate at CWA she started working at the Cape Town International Convention Centre and the Lagoon Beach Hotel before moving to the Cape Royale Hotel where she is currently still employed. Now Asanda has her mind set on pursuing a bigger dream. “I want to be a manager in the hospitality industry. “I came back to CWA so that they can help me.” Asanda is hoping to apply for a bursary to pay her studies. “I love to cook, I enjoy it, but I actually want to become the manager of a hotel,” Asanda said.

Asanda Ntanga from Mfuleni, a chef, has high hopes and dreams of one day beco­ ming a hotel manager.PHOTO: RICHARD ROBERTS

Woensdag, 7 Mei 2014


Dancing, laughs on menu at High Tea GARY VAN DYK @gvdcapejazz

The place to be for entertainment and tea is the Goodwood Civic Centre on Saturday. ComArt, the cultural arts organisation from Elsies River, will be hosting an afternoon feast of entertainment and treats at their popular annual High Tea on Saturday 10 May at 16:00. The entertainment includes a host of top performers to create an afternoon that’s fun for the entire family with a line up that includes acclaimed Flamenco guitarist Bienyameen Camroodien. He has played alongside the likes of international groups such as Shakatak and Kaoma with his band Los Gitanos.

Dancing In keeping with the Flamenco energy, dancers Kim Pretorius and Demi Johnson will captivate audiences with their precision and flair. Comedian Wesley Moolman is sure to keep guests laughing and the programme includes a range of other exciting artists. All this while enjoying tea and a selection of delicious treats such as milk tart and chocolate cake.

“The High Tea is an opportunity for family members of all ages to come together to experience an afternoon of top entertainment,” says ComArt member Rebecca Grammer. “Guests will be able to sit back and relax with delicious refreshments while enjoying the line up of performers. “We’ll also have lucky draws for great prizes including perfumes and treatments at a hair salon and beauty parlour.”

Training ComArt is an NPO based in Elsies River that provides access to arts training and resources as a means to promote community growth, development and nation building. Established in 1997, its initiatives have encompassed choral and vocal training and performances, youth development programmes, music instrumental training, dance classes, cultural heritage initiatives and the Elsies Youth Arts Collective. V The High Tea starts at 16:00 on Saturday 10 May in the Goodwood Civic Centre, corner of McDonald Street and Dingle Road, Goodwood. Tickets cost R80. To book, contact ComArt on 021 931 7868.

TYGERBURGER Ravensmead & Belhar 7

8 TYGERBURGER Ravensmead & Belhar


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Mentor inspires new generation GARY VAN DYK

“The rest, as they say, is history.” She believes that the project aids in the holistic development of the individual. “It has a ripple effect on the community Media24’s Rachel’s Angels program has been making a difference in the lives of lear- as well,” she explains. “The programme creates spaces for ners and students since 2007, and continues to inspire a new generation to seek further growth, as well as critical engagement to enhance human capabilities. These workeducation. Top achievers in the program were recent- shops entail study methods, leadership dely honoured at a fun celebration at the Allée velopment, mentoring and communication Bleue Restaurant near Franschhoek, with skills with the learner that you mentor.” During her time as a mentor there have Gabriela Carolus from Kuils River, a mentor at Ravensmead High School, winning the been a number of highlights. “To my amazement there has been a shifaward for best mentor. ting of the mentee and A total of 138 students mentor relationship rolfrom 20 Western Cape es,” she points out excischools, and 140 stutedly. dents from the Universi“One day I found that ty of Stellenbosch were my mentee, Ronelle Van involved in the Der Westerhuizen, was 2012/2013 cycle. able to impart values in We caught up with the my life too. We were able inspirational winner to talk and engage with who told us about the ex– Gabriella Carolus each other beyond the periences that garnered superficial and mundaher the award. ne tasks of academia. While she is now stu“Secondly, I was hodying at the University of Stellenbosch, she pointed out that she was noured to return to my former high school, not very involved at Malibu High, where she Malibu High, to be a speaker at the annual lecture alongside Joanne Strauss. matriculated. “It was my ‘pinch myself moment’. In that “The Trust appointed me as mentor at Ramoment, I was grateful for what I have vensmead High,” she pointed out. “I was appointed to a mentee and elected achieved thanks to all the teachers who seras Super Mentor by my fellow Matie peers ved as mentors in my life from grade 1 to after joining the programme when I spotted grade 12.” a poster in the library. Major difference She feels that she has been able to make a major difference in the lives of children she has mentored. “I think that by being ‘real’ I have changed the lives of my mentees and fellow mentors. I have chosen to be conscious and openminded with my mentees and mentors. “I wanted to inform them that I know what it is like to have family from Uitsig and Malmesbury. My aim was to make them aware that you can excel beyond your present day circumstances. “My father, Gary Carolus, is formerly from Uitsig and never let his circumstances get him down. In addition, my Mom, Penelopé Carolus, taught for many years at Uitsig Primary and neighbouring schools. “Therefore I truly understood where they came from and the various challenges they faced.” Her eyes light up when she recalls the achievements of one of her mentees. “I was extremely proud of Evanney Kettledas when she matriculated with four A’s and was accepted for BCom Accounting at UWC. “I know what it is like to face hardships and to take each day as it comes. I am aware that it is tough when the only thing people say to you is “you can make it”. Yet, they fail to mention that it takes so much willpower to rise up when you live in ‘rock-bottom’.” “Therefore, when I engage with my mentees and mentors I am conscious of my actions and words. “I want to walk away from a conversation and say that I have shared in the growth of the individual academically, socially, spiritually, and simply had fun.”


It was my ‘pinch myself moment’. In that mo­ ment, I was grateful for what I have achieved. . .

Gabriella Carolus celebrates her award with parents Penelope and Gary.


Honesty “My hope is always that my fellow mentees and mentors can attest to my honest and transparent relationship. In return, I hope that it makes them realise that unemployment, retrenchment, poverty, strokes, cancer, major depression nor financial constraints can withhold them from attaining success. It only takes one toe before the other each day, since a step can feel too much at a time.” Strong words from this positive young lady who is still striving to further her education. “I am currently busy with my Masters (sociology) and would like to pursue a career in academia with a focus on education and developmental studies,” she says. “At present, I would like to engage with communities to ascertain what they find as “at risk” and how would they propose a means forward. “With this in mind I am always open to the idea of working alongside communities to determine and find possible solutions.”

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TYGERBURGER Ravensmead & Belhar 9

Libraries celebrate reading GARY VAN DYK @gvdcapejazz

With the Inter-district reading competition for Grade 7 learner in full swing the 11th Annual Reading Competition of Valhalla Park Library was marked by a celebration of books and reading on World Book Day on Wednesday 23 April. World Book Day was designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading in over 100 countries around the world. Valhalla Park Library aims to make a more social impact through the promotion of books and reading for personal enrichment and enjoyment of our communities. This reading programme and partnerships run across schools, community organizations, corporate and other government departments. The competition is a City of Cape Town Library and Information Services initiative which started at Valhalla Park Library 11 years ago. The City’s Library Services continually strives to empower communities through the access to the services and resources required for their informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs. Ward councillor Michael Britz a guest speaker at the competition emphasized the importance of parents reading to their kids from a young age and also that this competition builds learners confidence in reading, writing and public speaking. Another speaker, Izak de Vries from Lapa publishers demonstrated storytelling and

Elsies River Library hosted their competition and one of the judges Rosa Fölscher from Goodwood library and Ian Gordon senior librarian at Leonsdale is seen here congratulating the winners in the Afrikaans category. From left, Shergonay November from Elnor (first), Caylin Arries from Elswood (second) and Nadene Zass from Cravenby (third).

From left, Thandiwe Mtshengu senior librarian, winner of the Afrikaans langua­ ge category Ricarlon Pietersen from Parkvale primary, ward councillor Michael Britz and the winner of the English language category Ilke Stuurman of Montevi­ deo primary schools. PHOTOS: GARY VAN DYK

reading techniques to the learners. Learners from Valpark, Kalksteenfontein, Montana, Parkvale and Montevideo primary schools were given a passage to read from

a book and were tested on spelling, comprehension, speed and presentation. There are three rounds to this City of Cape Town Library and Information Services

t a e r g te a r b e l s! Ce u h t i Deals w

44 years of

Senior librarian at Elsies River Julian Schroeder and judge Kathleen Laishley from Parow Library congratulate winners in the english category. From left, Plamedi Ngalula (first), Jade Caledon from Norwood Primary (second) and Donesia Swartz from Elswood (third).

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Kla by regte plekke vir verandering Vandag is elke leser hopelik in een of ander stadium by die stembus. Net soos wat dit enige regering – plaaslik of nasionaal – se plig is om te luister na die gemeenskappe wat hy dien, só is dit ons plig om verantwoordelik te kies om die regte regering in plek te stel. Te veel mense kla oor hoe oneffektief die regering is, hoe korrup hulle is, hoe hulle net na hulself kyk. Dit mag alles waar wees, maar reg oor die wêreld is dit inherent aan elke regering. Dit maak dit egter nie reg nie. Dit is ons plig om ons regerings by hul beloftes te hou, maar dan moet daar gekla word én by die regte plekke. Te veel mense kla byvoorbeeld by TygerBurger, maar het dan nog nie eens die aangeleentheid by die regte owerheid aangemeld nie. En as daar nie by ’n owerheid gekla word nie, het hulle alle rede om te glo alles is heeltemal in orde en alle kiesers is tevrede. ’n Geklaery sonder aksie van die klaer se kant af, is oneffektief en bring geen verandering nie. Geen koerant kan ook mense se persoonlike probleme oplos nie. Dis ook nie hul mandaat nie – die gemeenskap in die algemeen se belang is hul mandaat. Deurdat TygerBurger voortdurend vrae vra, die owerhede onder druk sit om antwoorde te gee oor gemeenskapskwessies, word baie probleme aangespreek. Hulle wil immers nie sleg lyk by hul kiesers nie. So, doen vandag jou plig, én hou hulle dan op hul tone. Jy het immers die reg verdien om dit te doen.

SMS V Ek wonder of mense wat gekant is teen sirkusdier-vermaak, al op TV gesien het hoe wreedaardig dieselfde dier ’n koedoe of ander wilde dier verskeur. Kla eerder oor hoe wreedaardig mens teenoor mens, mens teenoor weerlose babas of bejaardes optree of ’n regering wat mense verbied om iets daaraan te doen. ­ Wynand V Regarding rat deaths: Can someone please give me advice on humane rodent control methods. I have a problem with mouse droppings in my kitchen. It is very unhygienic. ­ AW V Ek stem saam met André: TygerBurger is ’n Afrikaanse koerant, maar dit lyk vir my hier bly net Engelssprekendes, want die hele koerant is omtrent net Engels. Baie mense het al daaroor gekla. ­ CVA V Na aanleiding van Johan Swart se klagte oor die spoedgrens in Frans Conradie (TBbriewe, 23 April). Die 70 km/h-borde is onlangs aangebring. Die spoedgrens was vir baie jare 60 km/h. Dis wel jammer dat die verkeersbeampte nie weet wat die spoedgrens veronderstel is om te wees nie. Neem die saak verder. ­ Mariana, De Tijger V Ek stem saam met André. Hoekom is meeste van die artikels in Engels? Ek glo hier is baie Afrikaanssprekende mense. Wat is die rede? Anders moet jul die TygerBurger ’n Engelse naam gee. ­ Esther V I thought this was a bilingual newspaper. Afrikaans-speakers have many newspapers. ­ Anon V The City of Cape Town office in Durbanville is consistently world class. The staff provides brilliant service. ­ Anon V Pieter, jy laat my bloed kook (30 April). Daar is geen fout met mense se pypstelsels nie; die munisipaliteit het onderneem om druk te verminder om waterpype teen barste te beskerm. ­ Yvonne, Goodwood ) SMS’e kos R1,50 elk. Stuur die woord “Tyger”, gevolg deur jou boodskap na 45527.


Elke tradisie voer heelwat opdrifsels met hom mee. – N.P. van Wyk Louw

Uitgewer: TygerBurger word uitgegee deur WP Koerante en is deel van die Media 24­groep Verspreding: TygerBurger Ravensmead/Bel­ har word elke Woensdag in die volgende gebiede afgelewer: Bellville­Suid, Belhar, Glenhaven, Roosendal, Voorbrug, The Hague, Ravensmead, Florida, Cravenby Estate, Connaught Estate, Eureka Estate en Uitsig. Totale verspreiding: 33 980 Totale verspreiding: 27 968 TygerBurger het twaalf verskillende uitgawes vir die volgende gebiede: Bellville, Durbanville, Parow, Good­ wood, Brackenfell, Kraaifon­ tein, Kuilsrivier, Milnerton, Table View, Eersterivier/Blue Downs, Ravensmead/Belhar en Elsiesrivier. Totale verspreiding: 285 531 Vir enige verspreidingsklagtes skakel 021 910 6500 of e­pos: verspreiding@tygerbur­

Kontak ons:

Nuusredakteur: Marana Brand van Hulsteyn 0021 910 6540 Joernalis: Gary van Dyk 0021 910 6560 carmen.jacobs@tygerbur­ Advertensiebestuurder: Garth Hewitt 0021 910 6559 Hoofkoerant advertensies: Estelle Sam 0021 910 6529 of 0082 726 7626 Geklassifiseerd: 00860 11 7520 Korreksies: Volgens die redaksionele beleid van TygerBurger verwelkom ons voorstelle en kommentaar oor die koerant se inhoud en stel ons beduidende foute so gou as moontlik reg. Stuur asb. inligting oor die regstelling van foute in die koerant aan die ombudsman van Media24 se Gemeenskapspers, George Claassen, by george.claas­ of skakel 021 851 3232 of 083 543 2471. Lesers kan ook klagtes oor die inhoud by die Persombudsman van Suid­Afrika, mnr. Joe Thloloe, aanhangig maak. Skakel in daardie geval gerus 011 484 3612/8, stuur ‘n faks na 011 484 3619 of ‘n e­pos na nakhanyim@ombuds­ or johanr@om­

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Hoe werk dié ding, Oupa? Die reën het Sondag 'n paar keer neergesak tydens ’n liefdadigheidskrieketwed­ stryd tussen die "Bokspan" van Bok Radio en die "Sangers". FOTO: CARINA ROUX

BRIEWE|Faks: 021 910 6501|Posbus 747, Bellville 7535|Briewe wat nie langer is as 250 woorde nie, sal voorkeur geniet. Verskaf asb. u naam, adres en telefoonnommer by (nie vir publikasie). Spertyd is Vrydag om 12:00

Ons gee ‘rus’ nuwe betekenis ’n Gewese minister van vervoer, Hendrik Schoeman, het altyd wanneer mense gekla het oor die kos op die SALvlugte, gevra: “Wil julle vreet of wil julle vlieg?” My vraag aan die mense wat besluit oor openbare vakansiedae in Suid-Afrika, is: “Wil julle hê die arbeidsmag moet rinkink of werk? Want so het ek ons volkie nog nie gesien rinkink nie! Ondanks die hoë petrolprys was elke Jan en San Alleman op die pad na ’n “plek van rus”. Hoeveel keer wil julle nou eintlik rus? Van 18 April tot in die eerste week van Mei het julle “rus” ’n nuwe betekenis gegee! Dit nadat die skole in die eerste week van April ook gesluit was. Nee wat, produktiwiteit het die afgelope tyd nuwe laagtes bereik. En die blaam moet vierkantig op die skouers geplaas word van die mense wat oor openbare vakansiedae besluit. Een van die dae het ons ook af op Liddoringdag, Konyndag, Honde-blafdag en Nkandladag. Skrap asseblief die helfte van dié “rusdae”. Daar’s werk wat wag! ARBEID­ABEL E­pos

Sirkus is welkom in haar agterplaas Ek glo nie vir een oomblik dat Zelda Versfeld enige idee het waarvan sy praat nie en ek twyfel of sy ooit in die omgewing woon (“Boikot sirkusse wat diere inspan”, TygerBurger, 16 April). Ek het navorsing gaan doen oor die “arme” diere. Ek het

Cirque du Soleil gaan navors. Hul hele 2014-toer na Suid Afrika is gekanselleer as gevolg van swak kaartjieverkope. Ek het ook op ’n artikel afgekom oor hul ’n kwart van hul personeel die trekpas gegee het. Ek wonder net: Is hulle regtig so suksesvol soos Zelda voorgee? Ek kan glo dat diere jare gelede mishandel is om toertjies te doen, maar dis 2014. Die diere waarna ek elke dag sit en kyk van oorkant my huis, waar die sirkus staan, is pragtig en loop die hele veld rond. Elke oggend sit ek en my kleindogter en kyk na die kamele en perdjies wat die hele terrein vol hardloop. Ons was ook by ’n vertoning en kon daarna kyk hoe die diere gevoer word. Almal het dit geniet; ’n mens kan mos sien wanneer ’n dier mishandel is. Al die diere is in puik toestand. McLaren-sirkus, julle is altyd welkom in my agterplaas. BRENDA LE MOORE Parow­Noord

Good service key for small businesses Anonymous, if you are a proud business owner, why did you not add your company name (“Small business feels the pinch”, TygerBurger, 23 April)? As someone who supports small businesses and a former owner, I know it does not come without hard work, ethics and values. It is, however, sad that there are so many small business owners who over-promise and under-deliver. Always very eager to accept the work, expect payment and never to be seen again. The only thing customers expect is to pay for the promised service – nothing more, nothing less – before parting with hard-earned money.

It is unfortunate that there are business owners like you or the one you referred to condoning poor work and bad practise. You say you “jump to the next job to survive”. This is why so many people are hesitant to support small businesses. Good service, products or workmanship will build a reputable business. A BASSON Email

Afrikaans moet sy regmatige plek kry Anonieme “Tevrede leser”, dit is jammer party mense is skaam vir hul regte naam by hul eie kommentaar (“Koerant bedien gemeenskap”, TygerBurger, 30 April) Dit het my ook opgeval hoe min Afrikaans in TygerBurger is – dis immers TygerBurger, nie TigerCitizen nie. Jy vra waar kry jy nog iets gratis? Ek wonder, met jou siening gaan ons seker binnekort moet vra waar kry mens nog iets in Afrikaans. Dis maklik: kyk na die leserstal. Hoeveel is Afrikaans, en gebruik dit as riglyn van hoeveel Afrikaanse berigte geplaas word. Die suksesse van byvoorbeeld moedertaalonderrig en die trefkrag van Afrikaanse advertensies is tog ’n oorbekende feit. Buitendien woon ek nog in Suid-Afrika en hier wil ek in my eie taal bedien word. Die grondwet gee my daardie reg en ek is trots op my taal. Ek wil nie in my eie Afrikaanse omgewing in ’n vreemde taal verswelg word nie. Dis nie nodig nie en ek weet dat André en ek nie alleen staan nie. Suid-Afrika het nie net een taal nie! JACO VAN DER MERWE E­pos

TygerBurger waardeer lesers se menings, maar ten einde die onafhanklikheid van die koerant te handhaaf en in billikheid teenoor alle politieke partye en kandidate, sal tot die afhandeling van die verkiesing geen brief van ‘n politieke aard geplaas word wat op een of ander wyse politieke partye en hul kandidate se standpunt propageer nie.

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Emo Adams is Moedersdag in die All Star­tea­ ter te sien.

All Star-teater het iets vir hele gesin Daar’s altyd iets te doen vir die hele gesin oor naweke by die All Star-teater. Bederf jou ma op Moedersdag, Sondag 11 Mei, deur te bespreek vir die splinternuwe produksie deur Emo Adams, Finding Emo, waarin hy sy verhaal met jou deel. Die dag sluit ook ’n heerlike tweegangmaaltyd in en vermaak vir die hele gesin. Kaartjies kos tussen R120 (sonder die maaltyd) en R260. Vir die siele wat hou van lag, is daar geen beter vermaak as Wicus van der Merwe nie. Wicus kom spog met sy nuwe album, Popster!, by die teater op Vrydag 30 Mei en kaar-tjies is vanaf R100. Die kykNET-reeks waarvoor almal wag, Jou Show, sal middel Junie in die All Starteater opgeneem word, en die publiek word uitgenooi om deel van die gehoor te wees. Besonderhede om kaartjies te bekom, sal binnekort bekend gemaak word. V Besoek om kaartjies te bespreek of vir inligting oor ander vertonings.

SBA gaan sy 21ste jaar vier met byeenkoms Die Stigting vir Bemagtiging deur Afrikaans (SBA) vier vanjaar sy 21ste bestaansjaar. Die organisasie het ontwikkel uit ’n klein entiteit tot waar dit vandag mense in veral voorheen benadeelde Afrikaanse gemeenskappe in veral die Wes-Kaap, asook in dele van die Noord-Kaap, bemagtig, het Danie van Wyk, hoof- uitvoerende beampte, gesê. “Dit doen ons deur middel van verskeie opvoedkundige programme wat lees- en geletterdheidsprogramme insluit,” het Van Wyk gesê. Die SBA beplan ’n kultuurbyeenkoms om die gemeenskap bewus te maak van die organisasie en die bydrae wat hy lewer tot die bemagtiging van mense wat nie altyd die geleenthede gegun is om te vorder nie. Die byeenkoms vind Saterdag 10 Mei by die Sarepta-sportkompleks in Kuilsrivier plaas. “By hierdie geleentheid wil ons met’n verskeidenheid van optredes deur byvoorbeeld Maleierkore, Kersfeesorkeste, rieldansers, asook Tribal Echo en die Rockets, ons 21ste verjaarsdag vier,” het hy gesê. V Vir meer besonderhede, kontak Van Wyk by 083 382 3565 of 021 914 1379.

Star Mother’s Day lineup on stage Richard Loring, Alvon Collison, Shannon Lewis, Colleen Meje, Dance Sensation, Nick “Floorkiller”, Rodney Fredericks and Faried Swarts head the bill for Alvon’s tenth year of Mother’s Day Concerts at Cape Town City Hall on Sunday 11 May from 15:00. The Mother’s Day Show, a two-and-a-half hour presentation, includes songs, dancing, laughter, tears and lots of prizes to be won. But most of all, the show is a tribute to mothers, especially Alvon’s mother Angela, the Midwife of Cape Town who has delivered over 3000 babies in her lifetime. Richard Loring and Alvon Collison, who starred together in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, have remained friends throughout all the years. V Tickets, available at Computicket, cost R60 and include tea and koesisters.


TYGERBURGER Ravensmead & Belhar 11

12 TYGERBURGER Ravensmead & Belhar


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Eskom cuts solar geyser rebates

Winning wheels


sing consumers would continue to receive low pressure (LP) solar water heating systems free of charge.



Lance St Clair, General Manager at Group 1 Nissan Kuilsriver, hands over the keys of a brand new Nissan NV350 taxi to delighted SANTACO member and draw winner Henrietta Polman from Ravensmead, the Chairperson of the Bellville Taxi Owners’ Association. This follows the launch of its NV350 taxi, and Nissan recently sponsored a brand new vehicle – called Impendulo – to one lucky SANTACO member at its 4th National Elective Conference in Johannesburg.

SÊ JOU SÊ! KONSEPVERORDENING OP MUNISIPALE BEPLANNING Die Stad Kaapstad is besig met die opstel van ’n Verordening op Munisipale Beplanning. Met hierdie Verordening sal uitvoering gegee word aan die funksie van munisipale beplanning wat ingevolge Deel B van Bylae 4 van die Grondwet aan munisipaliteite toegeken is. Dit gee ook uitvoering aan sekere vereistes in die Wet op Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruikbestuur, no. 16 van 2013, wat op 2 Augustus 2013 goedgekeur is, en die Wet op Grondgebruikbeplanning wat op 31 Maart 2014 goedgekeur is. Beide hierdie wette sal na verwagting deur die loop van die jaar in werking tree. Die Stad Kaapstad se soneringskemaregulasies, goedgekeur ingevolge artikel 9(2) van die Ordonnansie op Grondgebruikbeplanning, no. 15 van 1985, sal ’n bylae tot die Verordening op Munisipale Beplanning raak en die Stad Kaapstad se ontwikkelingsbestuurskema genoem word. Die publiek en belanghebbende partye of groepe word ingevolge artikel 17 van die Wet op Plaaslike Regering: Munisipale Stelsels, Wet 32 van 2000, die geleentheid gebied om kommentaar, insette en aanbevelings aan die munisipaliteit voor te lê vanaf 9 Mei 2014 tot en met 24 Junie 2014. Kommentaar, insette en aanbevelings kan soos volg ingedien word: • • • •

Faks: 086 201 2775 (vir aandag: Rossouw Smit) E-pos: Skriftelike voorlegging: Departement beplanning en bou-ontwikkelingsbestuur, Posbus 4511, Kaapstad 8000 (vir aandag: Rossouw Smit) Elektronies:

Belanghebbende en belangstellende partye word genooi om deel te neem aan ’n aanhoor-/ openbaredeelnamesessie waar voorleggings gedoen kan word: Datum: Tyd: Plek:

lectrical geysers seem set to continue to guzzle up some 60% of households’ Local manufacture electricity supply as Eskom incentives There are two popular kinds of solar-poto get more people to install solar water hea- wered geysers: one that works with solar tuters have been cut. bes, the other with solar flat-plates. The energy supply giant said it has placed A typical 200L solar tube system for a faits Load Reduction Rebate Programme un- mily of four costs R29 697. With an Eskom der review, meaning rebates worth thou- rebate on this system of R5 865, the total casands of rands available to solar-savvy hou- pital cost would be R23 832. seholds may be severely curbed. Munton said with financing this could be A leading solar products company has payable over five years in monthly instalsince drawn up a petition objecting to the ments of R998. rebate cut. But with no local manufacturers making “In a surprise move, Eskom has termina- the solar tubes, South Africans seeking a reted the current solar rebate programme, ef- bate would be stuck with flat plate technolofective from 1 May, with minimal notice to gy, said Munton. the public, industry and other stakehol“This becomes problematic when the hoders,” said Klint me owner has a roof Munton, owner of orientation which is SunScan Solar Enermore than 45° off gy Technologies. north. Flat-plates do “Electricity denot perform well on mand still exceeds such a roof,” he said. supply during peak Another problem periods, and now Eswith the change in kom are pulling the rebate policy is a perplug on their endeaceived threat to local vor to save power by renewable energy subsidising energybusinesses. aware consumers One such business who install poweris that of David Lip– Latetia Venter, Eskom saving water heaschitz. His company ters and geysers,” advocates net-metesaid Munton. ring – an alternative energy solution wherby households generate their own electricity and sell any excess back into the grid. Grid under strain Lipschitz said the change to the rebate po“The question remains that with an electricity grid under severe strain, how is it licy was just one way in which Eskom and possible that a programme such as the Load the government’s approach to alternative Reduction Rebate Programme can be dis- energy put small manufacturers out of business. continued?” “Apparently Eskom has given their solar The City of Cape Town, a major Eskom customer, said the rebate cuts only applied water heater manufacturers/installers six to high-pressure solar geysers, and then on- weeks’ notice that this Load Reduction Rely if the components used in the making of bate Programme is being terminated,” he said. these geysers were mostly imported. This was “typical”, he said. “There are new requirements around reIncentives and the rebate programme albates and high-pressure systems, being that rebates will only apply where production lowed small businesses and manufacturing includes 70% locally produced compo- concerns to flourish but “willy-nilly” policy nents,” said Sarah Ward, head of the city’s changes “pulled the rug out from under them”. energy department. Eskom’s response to Munton’s petition This is in line with Eskom’s response. The energy giant said the rebates were being not was short: “Eskom is not intending to close cut completely, but were looking at diffe- the programme, as explained above.” Ward said the City would continue to suprent requirements. “The programme is under review in order port local solar products manufacturers to enhance certain aspects such as creating and city accredited service providers could more opportunities to stimulate local ma- be found on nufacture, and the level of rebate,” said Latetia Venter, Eskom’s marketing and com- V View SunScan’s petition at https://secu­ munications manager.­ “The programme will continue, but with ni_CEO_of_NERSA_Petition_Eskom_to_keep_the_So­ changes which are currently under conside- lar_Rebate_for_ALL_products/?wMnMphb ration,” said Venter. V Visit Lipschitz’s blog at http://mypowerstation­ She said selected areas with low-cost hou-

The programme is under review in order to enhance certain aspects such as crea­ ting more opportunities to stimulate local manufacture, and the level of rebate

20 Junie 2014 09:30 – 15:00 Raadsaal, 6de Verdieping, Podiumblok, Kaapstad-burgersentrum

Skakel Rossouw Smit by 021 400 6724 of om te RSVP of vir navrae oor die Konsepverordening. Die Stad se eenheid vir openbare deelname sal mense wat nie kan lees of skryf nie, mense wat met gestremdhede leef en mense uit ander benadeelde groepe wat nie skriftelike kommentaar kan lewer nie, help om hulle insette of kommentaar aan te teken en aan die Stad voor te lê. Skakel die volgende persone: Vir algemene openbare deelname: Frederick Venter by 021 400 1768 of Vir benadeelde groepe: Anele Viti by 021 400 1652 of Die Konsepverordening sal ter insae beskikbaar wees by haveyoursay, by subraadskantore en by biblioteke. Die Wet op Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruikbestuur en die Wet op Grondgebruikbeplanning sal op die Stad se webwerf beskikbaar wees. ACHMAT EBRAHIM STADSBESTUURDER 73/2014

An example of the popular solar tubing geyser.

Woensdag, 7 Mei 2014


TYGERBURGER Ravensmead & Belhar 13


Waar kopers verkopers ontmoet

: 0860 11 75 20 -

credit available at 0% interest







R1 790 Metal R2 390


Quality approved - 1 year guarantee - no cheap imports!



R3Queen 990 R4 King 990


(max 2 per customer)


R2 390


Heavy Duty 150kg per side

R2 190 R2 690 Queen R3 290 King R4 390

Excluding Mattress

SA quality not Chinese



12 15





R3 790 R4 190

Proof that we beat anyone’s price!!! PAROW INDUSTRIA 021 935 0444 • BRACKENFELL 021 981 1520 • OTTERY 021 703 3300 • SALT RIVER 021 447 5266

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Open Mondays - Saturdays

L o a n s & D e b t C o n s o l i d a t i o ns

R 20 000 082 257 4164 R 40 000 078 095 5017 R100 000 You Need : SA ID, Payslip, Latest R200 000 Bank + Account Statements for All

021 949 0458

Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION & Fax to: 086 268 2902

Bellville: Worcester:

WAPP or SMS your Name, ID, Salary, Town & Total Debt to:



from R 500pm

from R 900pm from R1 500pm from R2 800pm

T&C apply for All Deal Assessments

Inside ABSA Bank, 32 Voortrekker Road, 4th Floor (Opposite Shoprite) Tel : 021 949 0458 77 Adderley Street Tel : 023 342 5501 / 023 342 8496

Visit us Monday - Saturday for your same day deal! Loans & Consolidations and so much more!

Send a “Please Call Me” to: 071 440 2535

14 TYGERBURGER Ravensmead & Belhar



Woensdag, 7 Mei 2014

A FULL COLOUR ad From only R 150,00 excl. VAT per week all areas* on a 4 week Special! (5cm down x 1 col across)

Eerste Rivier Blue Downs Ravensmead Belhar Elsiesriver Contact our Consultants on 0860 117 520 or email

Ph 021 – 000 0000 .





A & A HIRING For all your crockery, cutlery, linen, etc. @ 10c per item. Fully equipped and draped venue. Call: 082 267 7616 / 021 902 0904 . ALL KINDS OF BIRTHDAY CAKES: 076 233 2954 .


. Affordable jumping castles,tables and chairs and party packets. 076 233 2954 . JUMPING CASTLE, kiddies tables, chairs & decor. 083 766 1792 / 021 901 0015

. JUMPING Castles, kids tables & chairs + Gazebos for hire. 0219305282 or 0822023495. . JUMPINGCASTLES, ballponds, tables & chairs. 021 905 6119 /072 909 1203 .



FRIEDELS' DRIVING SCHOOL Driving lessons with Atos @ R140 per hour. % Please call/whatsapp 081 480 6652

. QUALITY DRIVING & LEARNERS CLASSES. Call: Denzil 0787666858 .


. Coaches Required, earn R2000 to R5000pt/full time helping others. ph/ 074 707 7613 or 021 591 1970 .

HAIR COURSE - R950 Call: 074 436 5559 .



A Woman Herbalist HAWA Pay after job is done * Relationship problems * Bring back lost lover * Love potion * Financial problems * Clean bad luck Call 071 957 3468 Eerste River, Opp. Pick 'n Pay .

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ENGLISH & MATHS Tuition - Grade 3 - 7 Call: 021 934 9883 / 079 435 6240 .


BUILDING PLANS Affordable, honest & reliable. 30 Years Exp. SACAP - Reg. Approval. All hrs: 021 9038063 / Mike 083 564 7227 .





. AK WENDY'S Cash D.I.Y. 3 x 6 - R4300 3 x 9 - R6300 3 x 3 - R3300 3 x 7 - toilet + basin R7 000 082 621 4441/021 3935475 Free buglar bars + lining



PRO FIX TV Repairs to all makes of TV's, Plasmas and LCD's. Free pick-up & deliveries. Aerial & DStv installations. 0219317616/ 0832949931









WE DO REPAIRS On all appliances. Regasing done on all types of fridges @ R180. Tel. 078 212 8078 10 months' guarantee!

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For appointment Call Aileen 021 930 9068 Terms & Conditions Apply



Skakel: 0219057820 k.u.

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DELFT / VOORBRUG 3 Slpk., met afdak. R250 000 onh. MALIBU VILLAGE 3 slpk. met mh. R450 000 082 571 1990



. REWINDING OF ALL ELECTRICAL MOTORS. And repairs on washing machines, stoves & microwaves. Call 078 178 3500 / 021 905 3547

5 ,& 4 , HOTELS, BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS *20 Receptionists/Office Admin staff *30 Cashiers *20 Barmen *30 Waitrons *20 Porters *10 Data Capturers *10 Cruize ship staff * 8 Flight attendents/Cabin crew *50 Cleaners/Housekeepers Visit us at 112 Loop Street, Cape Town, or CALL 021 424 5949/ 021 820 3682/ 0780621672

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VIBRACRETE-MURE Los materiaal vir "DIY".

Repairs to stoves, w.machines, t/driers, m/waves, d/washers & fridges.



. VIBRACRETE EXTENSION 0743219215 / 0218204384

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. .


20 Housekeepers /cleaners, 13 Cashiers, 16 porters 10 data capturers, 8 waitrons, 12 bartenders 11 Call centres, 16 Bank tellers, 5 Cruise ship attendants, 7 flight attendants, 8 Receptionists 17 Heerengracht Street, Pier House, 7th Floor, office 701, Next to Park Inn Hotel Cape Town Call: 021 828 2416 / 081 8277 046 /079 485 5896


. .


For Computing & Business Study

www. #Project Management # Electrical Engineering # Civil Engineering # Mechanical Engineering # Tourism # Public Management # Marketing Management # Human Resource # Business Management # Public Relations #English & Xhosa # Police & Traffic #Wholesale Trade # Information Tech (IT) # Bookkeeping # Economics & Accounting # Office Administration # Aviation courses # Vocational Courses # Retail Trade #Pastel Accounting # Flight attendant #Nursing # Database # System Support # Cert. Port E. Learning # MATRIC - RE-WRITE SHORT & LONG COURSES 17 Heerengracht Str. Pier House, 7th floor, Office 701, next to Park Inn Hotel Cape Town. Tel: 021 421 9170 / 021 481 4287 / 021 828 2416 Fax: 021 418 7909

Woensdag, 7 Mei 2014


TYGERBURGER Ravensmead & Belhar 15

New policy aims to promote the arts in Cape Town

LOUISA STEYL @lounotes

A draft policy is in the making to grow Cape Town’s creative and performing arts. The City of Cape Town’s new Arts, Culture and Creative Industries draft policy is currently under review. It includes the full spectrum of the arts and creative expression ¬ from graphic design to busking, acrobatics to graffiti, and cultural heritage. In short, all forms of arts and creative work is captured in the policy. Capetonians have until 15 May to comment on the City of Cape Town’s new Arts, Culture and Creative Industries draft policy. The draft recognises the importance of the arts and creative industries and aims to promote these industries and create an economically enabling environment. Ian Neilson, the acting mayoral committee


BELHAR MIMOSA -3 beds.,, garge, encl. R589 000 DE MIST - 3 beds., lounge, enclosed. R290 000 ELSIES RIVER EUREKA EST - 3 Beds., f.f.kithen, encl. R449 000 EUREKA EST. - Maisontte, 3 beds., lounge. R349 000 DELFT / ROOSENDAL 3 beds.,, garage, 2 baths, en-suite.

R389 000 neg.

BONTEHEUWEL Assegaai - 1 ber. cottage plus new wendy R249 000. Syringa - 2 beds., d/carport, 700 m2 plot. R349 000 CASH BARGAINS WESBANK - 3 beds., R180 000 LEIDEN - 2 beds., R160 000




Sellers!! We have buyers. For FREE valuations and advice phone or sms us now!

Ronnie 021 952 0394 / 073 274 6668


BRENTWOOD PARK - R420 000 3 Beds, 2 Baths, Fully Enclosed BRENTWOOD PARK - R430 000 2 Beds, Fitted Kitchen, Sep Bath & Toilet, Lounge & Dining Room, Garage/Carport For 4 cars, Fully Enclosed CRAVENBY ESTATE - R725 000: Newly renovated 3 beds., m.e.s., large f.f.kitch, lnge, diningr., gar. BELLVILLE SOUTH - R699 000: 3 beds., m.e.s, f. kitch, lnge, sep. diningr., drive thru double garage. DELFT / ROOSENDAL - R350 000 NEG 3 bedr., main en-suite, f.f.kitch, lounge/diningr., fam. bathr., gar. Must be seen. Call SOLLY PARKER CIEA, CRS 021 853 0561/072 743 3506


sense of belonging,” Nielson says. “The draft policy is better aligned to ensure the City’s greater recognition of cultural diversity and heritage.” While the City’s department of Arts and Culture is currently responsible for the maintenance of heritage and memorial sites and facilities, Neilson says there are talks to move this responsibility to a more specialised maintenance unit. The policy lists “persistent fragmentation” and “poor coordination” as one of the biggest challenges to the creative trade and one of the objectives of the policy is to assist with coordinating networking and partnerships in order to create more opportunities. The policy speaks of creating a database of Cape Town based performers to participate in city events. The City already has an extensive database they have been building since 1996 and in 2010, artists were invited to audition to be ad-

member for tourism, events and marketing, explains that the new policy will be an update on the Arts and Culture Policy, which was in place in 1996, under the then Cape Town Municipality. “There is a need for an updated policy that allows the City to take decisions on the support for and delivery of arts and cultural events,” Neilson says. He adds that the creative economy is becoming increasingly important for cities and around the world and that Cape Town needs an updated policy to keep up with the trend. One of the desired outcomes of the policy is to see more citizen engagement with the public life within the city, and its cultural diversity, public spaces and history. The policy speaks of creating facilities for the arts that make citizens feel “at home”. “This is part of the City’s commitment to building an inclusive city, where all residents have a stake in the future and enjoy a

MALIBU VILLAGE - R390 000 2 Beds, Open plan Lounge, Fitted Kitchen, Laminated Flooring/ Tiling. Fully Enclosed CALL OR WHATSAPP CAROL ON: 021 909 0461/ 083 648 2648 SELLERS, SELLERS, SELLERS CALL US FOR PROPERTY ADVICE BLUE DOWNS & EERSTE RIVER AREAS

ded to the list. Neilson explains that the City conducts research in neighbourhoods. They focus on arts and culture related bodies and musicians, performers and artists. “The artists are added to the database and may be drawn on by other departments to participate in events,” he says. The policy promises to market Cape Town as a “Creative Industries Hub” and recognises that the arts have an important part to play in stimulating Cape Town’s tourism and events industries. The draft policy is available for viewing at subcouncil offices and libraries or online at V Comments can be faxed to 086 588 6844 or emai­ led to Written submissions can be posted to Arts and Culture De­ partment, 14th Floor, Telkom Tower Building, 2 Hert­ zog Boulevard, Cape Town, 8001.



Delft/Roosendal - R 349 000 Massive 3 bed, lounge, bathroom, kitchen. Roosendal/Delft - R 330 000 Massive 2 bed, lounge, kitchen, family bathroom, double garage. The Hague/Delft - R 280 000 2 Bed, lounge, kitch, bathr, gar for 3/4 cars. The Hague/Delft - R 235 000 2 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, secure parking for 3 cars. Leiden/Delft – R 110 000 (Cash offers welcome)Open plan 1 bedroom, spacious bedroom plot. Roosendal/Delft – R 330 000 3 Bedrooms, open plan kitchen, lounge, undercover parking for 3 cars, fully encl., needs TLC Gary 081 431 5939 Thando 076 528 0495 Alain 078 133 6933 Beauten Gallie 073 438 5235 Melissa 072 057 5753 Fikile 071 866 4237

KLEINVLEI - R 350 000 3 bed, lounge, kitchen, bathroom BONTEHEUWEL - R 310 000 3 Bedrooms, lounge, fam bathroom, kitchen WESBANK - R 120 000 (Cash Offers Welcome) 1 bed, bathroom & lounge WESBANK - R 99 000 (Cash Offers Welcome) 1 bed, lounge, fully enclosed KLEINVLEI (Spindau) – R 140 000 (Cash Offers Welcome) Open plan 1 bedroom home, bathroom, semi attached


EERSTE RIVIER TUSCANY VIEWS Koop direk van ontwikkelaar. Splinternuwe 2/3 slpk. huise, i.g.k., stoof, diefwering, wasgoedlyn, veiligheidshekke, gras voor en agter en omhein en motorhuisfasade. Pryse vanaf R469 900.

100% verbande

Gary 081 431 5939 Thando 076 528 0495 Alain 078 133 6933 Beauten Gallie 073 438 5235 Melissa 072 057 5753 Fikile 071 866 4237 .

MONTE VIDEO - R750 000

3 beds. 2 (BIC),2 lounges. Dining room. Modern, oven, stove, extractor fan. 2nd kitchen o.plan. 2 Full bathrooms, single tandem garage. Very Secured (b.bars & security gates)

MONTE VIDEO - R650 000 3 beds with BIC. Lounge with laminated floors. Kitch with BIC ,oven ,stove. Bathr. S/garage. Secured with burglar bars.

I Have qualified buyers for your properties in Charlesville, Montana and All Surrounding Areas. FREE VALUATIONS Contact EDDIE on 0814603560 or 0219319265 (office hours 9am – 5pm) View more properties at


Skakel Susan 082 515 5088


Sharon: 083 317 3794 / (O) 021 953 1480 SP PROPERTIES



R275000 - 2 bedroom starter home situated on a big plot.


Stunning 3 bedroom house with en suite, modern kitchen, remote garage, incomplete granny flat.

CONNAUGHT ESTATE R350 000 2/3 bedroom masionette

BISHOP LAVIS DEVELOPMENT Starting from R499 000! Only a few units left! Brand new house!

For more info Contact Riedewaan 073 399 2082 Shireen 079 077 7665


HEATHER PARK: R420 000 (Negotiable) 2 Beds, Lnge, Bathr, Kitch, Garage, Fully Enclosed Russels Rest: R 750 000 - Lovely dble storey, 5 beds, 2 baths, f.f.kitch, study, laundry room, lounge, diningr, gar., spacious Erf. Fully enclosed Rosedale: R760 000 - 4 Beds, 2 have b.i.c., 2 sep baths, 2 reception areas, carport for 4 cars, kitchen b.i.c. Fully Enclosed Houghton Places: R450 000 - 2 Beds, main bed. with b.ic., toilet with shower, f.kitch, lounge, diningr., carport, spac. Erf, lam. flooring and tiles. High Places: R370 000 - 2 beds, carport with gar. door, kitch, bathr. Fully encl., spacious Erf High Places: R580 000 - 3 beds, main en-suite. sep bath & toilet, kitchen, fully cupboarded. Granny flat attached to house with prepaid energy dispenser, kitchen, open-plan, lounge and 1 Bed. fully enclosed


RAVENSMEAD - R595 000 Spacious 3 bedroom home, new bathroom, fitted kitchen, lots of parking space + massive, fully enclosed plot. Located close to public transport & shops GAYELEE / BLACKHEATH - R 840 000:

Massive 4 bed, f.f kitch., lounge, diningr, MES, fully encl. EERSTE RIVER - R 450 000: 3 bed, fam bathr, carport & garage, fully enclosed. PAROW EAST - R 899 000: 3 bed, kitchen - BIC, lounge, bathroom/toilet, 500sqm corner plot. AVALON PARK - R 499 000: 3 Bed with BIC, fitted kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area, large plot. GARY 081 431 5939 THANDO 076 528 0495 ALAIN 078 133 6933 BEAUTEN GALLIE 073 438 5235 MELISSA: 072 057 5753 FIKILE 071 866 4237

RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES BELHAR / EXTENSION - R350 000 Ideal starter house, fully encl., lam. floors in beds, tiled in lounge, kitch with Bic’s DELFT / ROOSENDAL - R280 000: Fully encl. 4 beds, lnge, kitch, needs TLC, ofers welcome. OLD BELHAR- R1.1m: Dble storey - Stunning face brick, large f.f.kitch, lounge & diningroom, 2 beds downstairs, toilet, bath & shower in the middle bic’s. Top floor, 2 large rooms, + an extra servants room and student accommodation. Belhar R420000- Fully encl., stunning starter house with large lnge & f.f.kitch, 2 beds, bath (shower over bath), carport with tip up door. Belhar R550 000 - Fully enclosed, 3 beds, with lounge and dining area, f.f.kitch, carport & s.pool. Belhar – (suikerbossie mews) R430 000- Upmarket apartment compares favourably with outside areas – consists of 2 beds, f.f.kitch. – o.plan kitchen/lounge & bath with full shower Delft/Roosendal R330 000 - Very neat fully encl. 2 beds/lounge/kitchen/bath, plus dble garage.



North Pine, Brackenfell – R800 000 5 bedrooms (3 x b.i.c. ), full bathroom. Lounge, dining room, fully modern kitchen, 2 main en suites, entertainment area, TV-room. Single garage. Move in property Bonteheuwel – R350 000 3 bedrooms massionette. Lounge, kitchen, bathroom, parking available. Secured with burglar bars & security gates. Delft – R350 000 3 Bedrooms, lounge, kitchen & bathroom. Parking available. I have qualified buyers for your properties in North Pine – Brackenfell, Bonteheuwel & Delft, and all surrounding areas. FREE VALUATIONS Contact NATALIE on 0722974377 or 0219319265 (office hours 9am – 5pm) View more properties at



En ook die volgende areas: • Elsies River • Bellville Suid • Eerste River • Blackheath • Ravensmead ONS WILL JOU HUIS AAN HULLE VERKOOP BEL NOU! Thando 076 528 0495 Gary 081 431 5939 Melissa 072 057 5753


Page 16 | Woensdag, 7 Mei 2014 Onder redaksie van Stehan Schoeman Tel: 021 910 6500 | e­pos:


GAS CENTRE STOCKIST OF PAINT & HARDWARE Tel: 021 932 4106/5 • Address: 306 Halt Rd, Elsies River



BP Gas

1.3 KG 1.8 KG 3.0 KG 4.5 KG 5.0 KG 5.3 KG 6.0 KG 7.0 KG

R38 R45 R75 R105 R115 R120 R145 R150





R195 R295 R330 R395 R1 010




Rocco set for world stage STEHAN SCHOEMAN


occo van Rooyen (21) is on the right path to become one of the greatest javelin throwers this country has ever produ-

ced. This lad from Kuils River, who is a member at the Tygerberg Athletics Club, has his eyes firmly set on the world stage. At the end of last month while competing in the Western Province Top 10 club competition at the Bellville Velodrome, he recorded his personal best of 80.10m. Keeping in mind that most javelin throwers reach their peak at 28. Rocco, at the age of 21, has so much scope and time to achieve greatness that the sky is the limit for this talented youngster. For now, competing in the 19th Africa Senior Championships in Morocco from 10 to 14 August is first priority. There is also a chance he may compete in the Commonwealth Games which is to be held in Glasgow, Scotland from 23 July to 3 August.

Morocco calling Rocco “I am really looking forward to competing in Morocco. If I can do well there, I have a chance of being selected to compete in the Intercontinental Cup a month later, which is also in Morocco. “If I can accomplish that, it will be a huge honour to represent Africa against the other continents,” said Rocco confidently. If all goes according to plan, Rocco will first compete in Germany or Japan in July against strong opposition which will serve as a perfect platform for the Morocco showdown.

“I am basically awaiting confirmation for either Germany or Japan. Either way it will be great to compete just before Morocco.” When it comes to coaching, Rocco is working with one of the most respected coaches in the world, Kari Ihalainen, who is the headcoach of javelin in Finland a few years ago. “I met Kari a few years ago. He realised my talent and invited me over for two months last year for intensive training. Sometimes I can be all over the show with my throws, but Kari and I are working on my technique and back here I am working on my own with a lot of drills. Things are coming together nicely now,” he said.

Niggling injuries “As with any sport I struggle with one or two niggling injuries but it’s nothing serious. I do a lot of gym work, especially in the off-season, and when I prepare for competition my preparation involves a lot of running, work on the medicine ball and light gym work.” His goals for the future is set - travel to as many countries as possible and compete. “Competing in the Olympic Games will be the ultimate, and I believe I can reach the 90m plus mark. It will be great to say it is my job to be a professional athlete. “God gave me this talent, and it’s my responsibility to develop myself to be the best of my abilities. With God on my side, the future looks bright and I am looking forward to all the amazing possibilites that await me.” V To assist Rocco financially to achieve his goals contact him on 072 536 1342.

Rocco van Rooyen is set for the international stage.


Tygerbergklub maak stem dik in WP se Superliga-rugby SAREL BURGER Die Tygerberg-klub maak behoorlik stem dik, Bellville verras byna teen SK/Walmer en die Universiteit van Wes-Kaapland se gesukkel duur voort. Dít was die kenmerke van die afgelope naweek se Superliga-rugbywedstryde in die WP. Tygerberg het oor gans en al te veel skietgoed vir Kuilsrivier beskik en het deur

middel van ses kuiertjies agter die besoekers se doellyn met 40-15 geseëvier. Uitstekende verdediging daarenteen het Bellville so byna ’n onverwagte oorwinning oor Schotsche Kloof/Walmer besorg. SKW kon net ’n enkele keer deur die Bellvilliete se hegte keerwerk dring en moes hard spook om met ’n telling van 19-17 bo uit te kom. UWK was weliswaar met die draaislag met 7-3 voor teen Belhar, maar

die Accordeon Park-span het geleidelik die hef in die hand gekry om met 20-7 die wedstryd in sy guns te beklink. In die B-afdeling van die Superliga het Milnerton en Kraaifontein albei byna groot verrassings gelewer, maar Collegians was met 14-9 te sterk vir die Kraaie, terwyl Milnerton net-net met 20-23 teen Villager vasgeval het. Met die langnaweke verby sal al 13 span-

ne van die Tygerbergstreek weer eerskomende naweek in aksie wees. Die program (tuisspan eerste) is as volg: Durbanville/Bellville t Tygerberg, UWK t Noordelikes/Northlink-kollege, Bellville t Victoriane, Kuilsrivier t Hamiltons, Valsbaai t Belhar, Hamlets t Brackenfell, Kraaifontein t St. George, Hands & Heart t Goodwood, Macassar t Scottsdene, Milnerton t Rangers.

Spur boosts school MTB

No way through: Stormers lock Ruan Botha is tackled by two Highlanders players in a Super Rugby match at Newlands on Saturday. The Stormers won 29­28.PHOTO: MATTHEW WITHER/ACTION PIX

If the early season warm-up events around the country are any indication, the 2014 Spur School Mountain Bike League is set for another record breaking season. Now in its sixth year, the Spur league has surpassed all expectations. According to league co-ordinator Meurant Botha of Amarider, 10 000 entries are possible this year. “With an average participation growth of around 40% and a jam-packed 2014 calendar with more than 50 races scheduled before the finals in Magaliesburg in October, we are set for a bumper season,” says Botha. For the first time, keen mountain bikers in the Northern Cape and Limpopo will be able to compete, with events taking place in Kathu and Kimberley to identify riders to represent the Northern Cape at the 2014 final. Limpopo is another new region where firsttime races have seen a great turnout. Botha will also be visiting the southern Cape in an effort to uncover young talent. “Depending on the development of this region this season, we’ll try select riders to attend the national final as well,” says Botha,

who has always emphasised the development of both riders and tracks to get more youngsters on bikes. Amarider is also playing a key role in terms of cycling development. Apart from rider development programmes, mountain bike tracks are being built around the country in association with regional municipalities, schools and land owners to support the sport on a regional basis. According to Spur Market Development Manager Andrew Cronje, the group is delighted to be a part of grassroots mountain biking development at school level. “We are really proud to be associated with the league as it not only provides a platform for schools to compete in a structured way, but is also playing a key role in growing mountain-biking as a sport discipline,” said Cronje. “We would love to see mountain biking acknowledged as an official school sport.” For entry details and event calendar leading up to the finals at Bekker School on 4 to 5 October, visit about-us/event/spur-mtb-league.

Tygerburger ravensmead 7 may 2014  
Tygerburger ravensmead 7 may 2014  

Tygerburger ravensmead 7 may 2014