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Woensdag, 30 Oktober 2013

You must register to vote in the elections No one can vote on Election Day next year unless their name appears on the National Voters’ Roll. Therefore make sure to visit your nearest voting station on Saturday 9 or Sunday 10 November to register as a voter. If you are already registered as a voter your name will still be on the Voters’ Roll. However, if you have moved since the last election you will have to re-register to vote at the voting station nearest to you. It is easy to find out if you are registered as a voter. SMS your ID number to 32810. The SMS costs R1. You will receive an SMS from the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) to confirm if you are registered or not. If you are registered, the SMS will also indicate at which voting station you are registered. On 9 and 10 November all voting stations in the City of Cape Town will be open from 08:00 to 17:00 to enable people to register as voters – to re-register or to check registration details. Remember to take your barcoded ID document with you. Bed-ridden or frail persons who are unable to visit their nearest voting station on 9 or 10 November to register, can apply at any IEC office in the province for a homevisit by IEC staff so that they can register in their homes. Every vote counts. The number of seats a political party gains in the National Assembly, or in one of the nine Provincial Legislatures, is calculated by the number of votes the party gets. If you do not vote, it will have a negative effect on the size of your party’s representation in the National Assembly or the Provincial Legislature. There are at present 2.6 million registered voters in the Western Cape. This represents 70 % of the people who are eligible to be on the voters’ roll. According to Courtney Sampson, Provincial Electoral Officer of the IEC Western Cape, the IEC aims to register more than 80 % of the voting age population in the Western Cape. Sampson said young people born in 1994 and after, the so called “born-frees”, seem apathetic and reluctant to register to vote. He appealed to young people between the ages of 16 and 19 years to register. Voters may cast their votes when they are 18. President Jacob Zuma has still to announce the date of the election. On the day of the announcement of the election date, the Voters’ Roll will close and no registrations will be allowed. The Voters’ Roll will then only be open for registrations after the election period has expired. If on Election Day you cannot vote at the voting station where you are registered, but you are still in the Western Cape, you can go to the nearest voting station and ask permission to cast your vote. However, if you are outside the borders of the Western Cape on Election Day you will be permitted to cast your vote only for the National Assembly. V Contact the IEC on 021 910 5700.

Temporary liquor licence deadline The Western Cape Liquor Authority wishes to inform all temporary licence applicants for special events like special parties, New Year’s Eve parties to apply early for temporary licences. All applications for special and temporary licences for periods from December until 26 January should reach the Western Cape Liquor Authority no later then 29 November at 16:00. All special and temporary liquor applications for events between 1 and 13 December should still reach the WCLA 14 days before the event as indicated in legislation. No temporary and special event liquor licence applications will be accepted between 1 December up to 26 January next year.



Tygerburger parow 30 oct 2013  
Tygerburger parow 30 oct 2013  

Tygerburger parow 30 oct 2013