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Facebook bites victim MAGRIET THERON @magrietron


et’s hand over stupid Joline, the 16year-old that was was bitten, to Atlantis Animal Pound, to get her out of her misery! Joline, you have won the award of the month! For stupidity, sorry, there is no cure! You should be where Milo is!” This Facebook comment, made by Belinda Ruth Berry, is one of many made by supporters of Milo, a dog that was impounded by the Atlantis Animal Pound for biting and permanently damaging a child’s hand. The child, Joline Janse van Rensburg, was visiting a friend’s house and while waiting outside the gate, their dog bit her hand from the inside of the palisade fence. Joline’s father, Rudolf, who was waiting in his car, jumped out and he and Joline’s friend screamed at the dog, a labrador and Dalmation cross, who then let go of her hand.

Joline Janse van Rensburg feels she has become a victim in more than one way.


Stitches “Joline did not make a sound. She just turned to me, white as a ghost and said ‘look what the dog did.’ Her hand was bleeding profusely,” Rudolf says. He took her to the emergency unit at N1 City immediately, where she received 27 stitches. This happened almost three months ago, but Joline is still in shock. Not only could she not write her Gr 11 final exam, the injury has also left her with an ugly scar. Joline lost feeling in part of her right hand ... as well as all her friends. Joline has become a victim in a Facebook campaign to release Milo. In very little time, Milo has gained the support of close to 4 400 animal activists worldwide on website, after the owner made a plea to release him. Unbridled insults against the Janse van Rensburg family were rife and on another public Facebook page of Kruvet Animal Health, owner of Milo, Sharné Jordaan, said “Ek sal daai etters sue wat my ‘kind’ wegneem”. She also posted the cellphone number of the law enforcement officer in charge of the impoundment unit, email addresses of Helen Zille and promised to get the cell-

phone number of Joline’s father so that people can direct their anger to them in person in order to release Milo.

Trauma On 17 December, someone posted this comment: “This 16-year-old girl must be punished for causing poor Milo all the trauma & suffering! “If it wasn’t for her irresponsible actions this would never have happened!” The Janse van Rensburg family did not respond to any of these comments, but followed the Save Milo campaign on social media and made copies of everything. In the process they came across two other people who have been bitten by Milo in the past and comments made by Jordaan on several occasions prior to this incident, asking advice about her dog’s aggressive behaviour. Angie Janse van Rensburg, Jolines’ mother, says they do not want to make a decision about the life of the dog. “The law must take its course, but the fact is our child is innocent. She is the one who got bitten here. “We did not want to do it the media way, we rely on what’s right. If I take part in this debate on social media, people will attack me.” The campaign has also taken a political turn: “We are starting a twitter storm to help save Milo. If you are on twitter please tweet @helenzille to send Milo home and get your followers to retweet,” one of the organisers of the campaign posted on the “Causes” website. Several people threatened not to vote DA if Milo was not released. On 13 January, Milo was released and returned to his owner. “The matter was first brought to my attention during middle December. By the time it was submitted to me there had already been a lot of water under the bridge and a fair amount of tension had arisen as certain comments had been made on social media about the injured girl,” says Richard Bosman, head of safety and security for the City of Cape Town, who ordered Milo’s release. He says he opened communication with both parties in the decision-making process. V To page 2.




Skool is pret! TygerBurger het by ’n paar skole ingeloer om te sien hoe die gr. R’e en gr. 1’s hul eerste dag ervaar.

Orange Couch

Daniel Crossing is on the Orange Couch with one of his new songs, “Another time”.

Kompetisies Wen hierdie week kaartjies na Beauty Queen by die Suidoosterfees, kaartjies na Herman van Veen se vertoning by die Paul Cluver­amfiteater asook kaartjies na die balletvertonings, The Firebird en Les Sylphides, by Maynardville.

“Despite all the raised emotions and the possibility of civil as well as criminal litigation, my sole focus was to consider the request by the owner of the dog to not have it destroyed. Representations in this regard were made to me by Ms Jordaan’s attorneys, which I provided to the complainant’s father to get his view. He indicated in an email that this was not his business and that the decision was mine to make,” Bosman says. He added that Jordaan had complied with the request to fence in the property properly and to have the bell, which was on the inside of the fence, moved. He says his decision was also influenced by the fact that the incident had not happened on a public road and that Joline did not raise an objection to having the dog released. “In addition the complainant had already laid criminal charges at the police Milo has been released from the Atlantis Animal Pound. PHOTO: MAGRIET THERON which is currently under investigation. My decision did not and cannot impact upon with me on the matter,” Bosman said in a and is three years four months old on 5 January. He’s a Dalmation cross labrador and criminal or civil litigation the party statement. Shortly after Milo’s release, Sharne Jor- breed and very clever, loves food, treats, wishes to institute. In terms of the by-law the magistrate still has the authority to or- daan posted on the Facebook page of K9 Obe- toys, and especially the water (swimming), dience training centre and kennels: “I was he can be a bit aggressive only sometimes, der the destruction of the dog. “In terms of the other complaints, this had thinking for a while now to take my dog for but I feel the obedience training will do Milo happened some time before and none of the the on-board training classes (four-week good. “Any suggestions, help, comments...” complainants had made personal contact course) he has never been trained before

Latest tech changes a changing world A

fresh year means new technology to look forward to in 2014. The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas earlier this month and provided great insight into what to expect, technology-wise, this year. Some products might, however, not be available in South Africa for a while. Some predictions for this year on the technology front, were explained in a media release from Dial a Nerd, a local IT management service provider. Micropayment applications, they say, which will allow a variety of payment solutions to talk to each other so that physical money doesn’t need to change hands is said to expand in South Africa this year. Developments in television, physical ones as well as in telecommunications, are being spoken about. It looks like Vodacom will formally bid to buy Neotel and a deal between Telkom and MTN should be finalised this year. Although, a Telkom Mobile, MTN arrangement could be more complicated than a Vodacom and Neotel one.

3D printing Other trends include 3D printing, which will eventually allow users to print out 3D objects such as shoes, accessories and toys from home. It sounds a bit sci-fi, as NASA has sent these printers to space in order to replace minor parts (which is far easier than having the parts shipped there), but apparently 3D printers have been around for 25 years, and now due to technological

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improvements and reduced costs they are becoming more popular. “3D printers will be in your house like refrigerators, TVs and microwaves,” music star said at the event. Andrew Boggeri, owner of a Las Vegas company called Full Spectrum Laser, mentioned a study indicating that the average US home could save up to $2 000 (about R21 700) annually, by printing, instead of replacing a number of the 27 commonly broken household items. According to Dial a Nerd, the biggest buzz at the consumer electronics show seemed to be around wearable technology.

Put it on you Wearable tech can be broken down into three categories: glasses, notifiers and trackers. Most of us know about Google Glass by now: a wearable computer in the form of a pair of glasses. The glasses are expected to go on sale some time this year for about $500 (about R5 400) and experts are predicting that four million “smartglasses” will be sold. These amazing glasses are even said to transform the way surgery is performed as doctors are now using them in the operating room. The optical head mounted display allows the surgeon to keep his eyes on the patient at all times and the microphone gives him the ability to communicate with those outside of the operating room, such as the patient’s friends and family. V Visit for more information.


Electricity meters to be replaced The City of Cape Town’s Electricity Services Department has commenced an end-of-life replacement project for electricity meters. This project will initially focus on end-of-life prepayment meters but will be expanded later to replace some of the older credit meters in the Greater Cape Town area. Eskom supply areas are not included in this project. The design life of prepayment meters is approximately 20 years and the field failures of these older meters have reached the stage where planned replacement is required. Approximately 10 % of prepayment meters currently qualify for replacement and the areas initially targeted will be those where the density of older meters is the highest. The city has appointed Elex Khanyisa to do these replacements over the next three years. If a meter needs to be replaced, a notice will be delivered to the premises to request an appointment for meter replacement. The meter replacement is compulsory and free. V The Call Centre may be contacted on 086 010 3089 or and Elex Khanyisa on 021 556 2460 or ad­ for an appointment once the notice is received.

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Acrobat’s antics an art form RICHARD ROBERTS @richardjohn_rj

The rough and tumble of life is all part of a days work for Muhidinsalum “Muhidin” Adla. During the week and weekends he performs as an acrobat. His dream however is to someday start his very own circus school. Despite not having a fixed income Adla (27), a professional acrobat who is originally from Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania says he will continue to perform as a street artist and teach children in the impoverished Wesbank to realise this life-long dream. Apart from owning a school he also dreams about one day performing for the world famous Cirque du Soleil. “In my heart I dream about Cirque du Soleil,” he said. Muhidin is currently part of the group called Mambo Jambo. He often trains with his four friends at the Multi Purpose Centre in Wesbank and performs during the week and over the weekends in Sea Point, Camps Bay and the V&A Waterfront. Muhidin trained as an acrobat since the age of seven. He immigrated to South Africa five years ago. “I came to South Africa to work. I only work as an acrobat and have been doing so

for many years now,” he said. Muhidin has over the years also worked for an international German circus production called Africa! Africa! and received training in China where he stayed for an entire year. “I started working for Africa! Africa! at age 16 years. They saw me perform in the streets,” he said. Muhidin started performing in the streets of Tanzania to earn money for his parents. “My mother was unemployed and my father used to sell clothes.” Muhidin started Mambo Jambo in 2013 with four friends. The group practises on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Multi Purpose Centre in Wesbank. Muhudin also trains little children in the area without receiving payment. “The training is a lot of hard work. We practise a lot. “We look on the internet for new ideas, but often also come up with our own,” he said.The most difficult trick to perform, he says, is standing on someone’s head balancing his body with only one hand. “It took me two years before I was able to do that.Often when I train I always say ‘no pain no gain’,” he said. Muhidin and his group can earn between R1 000 and R5 000 a day.

M-KEM partners Gill Watson, Mr M & Leigh Hershaw

M-KEM is all about


Muhidinsalum ‘Muhidin’ Adla, an acrobat, trains and teaches youngsters in Wesbank. Here he’s seen performing with two of his students, Heinrich Prins (5), and his older brother Miguel (6). PHOTO: RICHARD ROBERTS


PLEK: NG KERK BELLVILLE VALLEI H/v Postma- en St Andrewstrate, Oakdale

DATUM: 24 Junie - 5 Julie 2014 Keuring vind plaas by kerksaal op Saterdag 15 Februarie en 22 Februarie 2014

8:30 - 12:00vm Aansoekvorms by deure beskikbaar Vir Navrae kontak Elmarie 082 699 6076, weeksdae tussen 18:00 en 21:00

The Mambo Jambo acrobats performing with a few of their young fans in Blouberg over the weekend. This group originally from Kenya and Tanzania, but now permanently in Cape Town, are old favourites at the V&A Waterfront, where they have performed regularly since 2005. They are also involved with empowerment projects where they train children from disadvan­ taged areas in their art. From front to back are Limo Safari, Salim Mbarak and Muhidin Salum. On the right is Mohamad Charo. Children who got to join the act are Teagan (left) and Tanner van Renen from Table View in the middle and Josh Sowade from West Beach on top. PHOTO: CARINA ROUX

Tel: 021 948 5706 l

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Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014

Pick n Pay explains ‘charges’ levied on old age grants DESIREÉ RORKE @dezzierorke

Aprobe was recently launched into small but irregular deductions made from pensioners who drew their old age grants at Pick n Pay pay points in December. This paypoint service was made available to all social grant beneficiaries in April last year, by means of their Sassa cards, which means they avoid standing in long queues for hours at Sassa paypoints each month. During December several pensioners in the Brackenfell/Kraaifontein area were charged additional fees ranging in amount between R2 and R10, when withdrawing their pensions at Pick n Pay in Cape Gate. “This is the first time a fee was charged, before it was free.

“And why was the fee not the same across the board? Pick n Pay had a notice up that all Sassa transactions were free and now they are charging!” said one of the pensioners* TygerBurger spoke to. When this particular pensioner contacted the Sassa call centre, she was advised by a consultant that the matter was under investigation. On enquiry, Jonathan Ackerman, director of customer services at Pick n Pay, confirmed that the store does not charge any fee for the withdrawal of Sassa grant payments. “We have consulted with Sassa and it appears that some Sassa transactions may have incurred transaction fees... Pick n Pay considers the payment of social grants as a service to our communities and does not profit from it at all,” he told TygerBurger.

He referred customers who found they have been charged a transaction fee to the Sassa call centre.Shivani Wahab, spokesperson for Sassa also confirmed that there should be no transaction fees charged when beneficiaries access their social grants via approved merchants such as Pick n Pay. “Transaction fees apply only in the case of ATM withdrawals, where standard ATM rates apply,” she said. “We will have to take the matter up with CPS (Cash Paymaster Services) who is contracted to Sassa for the payment of social grants, for further investigation.” It is not certain yet what the outcome of this investigation is, but TygerBurger could establish that no additional deductions were made from the pensioners in question during January.

29 Jan to 1Feb 2014 William Herbert Sports Grounds in Wynberg ADULTS - (Wed-Thur)R10 (Fri-Sat)R20 CHILDREN - R10 (under age of 3 - FREE)

Three online scams to be aware of A

fter the holiday season is the perfect time for scammers to be out in full force, as everyone is strapped for

cash. The most recent scam was one run on Facebook, offering free gift cards from Woolworths and Pick n Pay. Dial a Nerd, a local IT management service provider, have listed three of the biggest scams, which will help you stay ahead of the scammers and allow you to enjoy your online experience with peace of mind.


dl e prou c n ia l al

AT 1FEB S N A J 1 3 I FR

s y host

RS A C l a v i n r Ca @speedallianc Bruyn - Belinda e D da lin 69 Be 81 : ntact or 074 637 participation co 072 353 8596 To qualify for

C ALL NO W! Stalls : Penny - 082 810 5693 or 074 637 8169 • Car Show : Pete Webster - 076 709 4480 Marketing & Entertainment : Rayyan Bardien - 074 285 5586

The deductions made in December however, were not refunded, according to one of the pensioners. “According to a Sassa consultant the money is still on my account but the Pick n Pay system shows nothing,” she said on Monday. CPS is a business unit of global company NET1. According to its website, the company distributes social welfare grants on a monthly basis to over nine million beneficiaries in South Africa on behalf of Sassa. It is further stated that the company derives up to 66 % of its revenue from its social welfare grant distribution business. At the time of going to print, TygerBurger had not received any updates on the progress or outcome of the investigation. *identity witheld for reasons of privacy V Sassa call centre 0800 60 01 60.

Malicious links The easiest way to be targeted is via an email, text or Facebook post, offering a great deal. “Generally, don’t click on a link from someone you don’t know as it could be spyware or a malicious program designed to capture passwords and other personal information,” warns Leaine Brebber, head of communications at Dial a Nerd. If you didn’t remember entering a competition or ordering a package, it is probably a scam. If the deal is too amazing to be true, it’s probably a scam. Such as the “Get a Free R500 Woolworths or Pick n Pay Gift Card by sharing the link on your Facebook page” scam. “Always check the source of the link – even if it’s from someone you know. A scammer could have hijacked their account and sent it on their behalf,” she says. Phony gift card offers come in the form of an email, text message or Facebook post saying that you’ve won a prize or that you’ve qualified for a massive discount or sum of money on a gift card. You are then required to enter extensive personal information in order to receive it or share the link to your friends. “Don’t do it! The more personal information they have, the easier it will be to get into your bank account, for example. “Ignore links offering ridiculous discounts and steer clear of sites that offer gift

cards at unheard of prices,” she continues. “About unknown sites advertising unbelievable offers: You know the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? This is the general rule when it comes to scams.” Some sites do offer amazing deals, like Groupon and Superbalist (Citymob), but it’s the unknown sites that you need to watch out for. The ones with strangely spelt names or the ones offering highly sought after items like iPads and iPhones at abnormally low prices. Be very wary when entering your credit card details onto unknown sites and make sure that the site is secure: The web address should begin with https:// instead of http:/ /. The “s” means that it is secure. “We recommend using a separate card for online purchases and setting your limits as low as possible, so that if your details are stolen, the damage will be minimal. It’s also advisable not to save any of your credit card details on a site for future purchases,” Leaine advises. Dubious websites can also pull you in by offering vouchers for popular gifts. If you have to enter a lot of personal information to get the voucher, the warning bells in your head should start to sound. If you are required to sign up to the account to purchase, using a password you haven’t used for anything else, is a good idea.

What to do V If you think you’ve been involved in an online scam, immediately run a virus scan. Mobile phones and tablets aren’t immune to scamware, so this applies to all devices. “We recommend using ESET NOD32 for desktop and mobile security.” V Change your password if you think you have been scammed on a social media site. V Call your credit card company right away – they will put a watch on your card.

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Arrests made in Goodwood this week The Goodwood police made two arrests this week after members of the public notified them of suspicious behaviour. On Monday 13 January, around lunchtime, a resident at Arcadia Park, Goodwood was in his room when he saw an unknown male through his window, carrying a braai stand. This man then threw the braai over the fence and then also jumped over. The resident immediately informed the police as well as the security guards at the complex. Upon realising that he has been seen, the suspect put the braai in a bin, and went to hide in a nearby bush. This is where he was

arrested by Constable Tshediso Mfunda of the Goodwood police. He appeared in the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court on charges of theft. A production manager of a printing business in Goodwood, called the police on Tuesday 14 January after he noticed unusual activity of his company’s delivery bakkie. The Goodwood police says the man went to investigate what the driver was up to when he did not leave the premises to do deliveries, but went to the store room in stead. There he found the driver, store manager and assistant loading aluminium

Holiday a time for vandalism DESIREÉ RORKE @dezzierorke

Schools in the northern district of the northern suburbs (Brackenfell, Kraaifontein, Durbanville and Bellville North) escaped the bulk of vandalism during the past December holidays, with only three minor incidents reported. The remainder of the city and province suffered 38 reported cases of burglary and vandalism, of which four were major. Damages at this stage amounts to half a million rand, with the final costs still to be determined. “I find it very disturbing that people are prepared to damage a school classroom or steal resources that are meant to teach young learners. The R500 000 spent on repairs and replacement of equipment could have been spent on textbooks and readers, or on new technology,” Minister of Education in the Western Cape, Donald Grant responded on Friday. The Cape Winelands District had 11 re-

ported cases, followed by Metro East (Kuils River, Bellville South and Elsies River area) with eight and Metro South (southern suburbs) with five cases. The West Coast district reported only one case. The worst case reported, according to Grant was at Joe Slovo Secondary in Khayelitsha, where the damage to two science laboratories and several classrooms was extensive. Grant says that of most of the cases reported over the holiday period, copper piping and electrical cabling seem to be the main target. In five of the cases, computer equipment was stolen. In most cases, these schools had alarm systems. And in others, 24-hour security. “While we can try to safeguard our schools with additional security measures, we cannot win the fight against school burglary and vandalism without community support as schools, given their extensive physical infrastructure, are very difficult areas to secure.”

plate sheets. When the suspects saw him they drove away. He immediately informed Goodwood police and two suspects were arrested on the scene by Constable Vivian Fortuin. The third suspect was later arrested at his

house by Detective Warrant Officer Richard Botto. They all appeared at Goodwood Magistrate’s Court. V If you see any suspicious behaviour, please contact the Goodwood police at 021 592 4430.



Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014

A tale of love and the ocean wide MAGRIET THERON @magrietron

“I am on my nerves,” says Emilio de Sousa, who has been a fearless skipper for 61 years. He is a healthy man, but the interview has him trembling. “What do you want to talk about?” Emilio (93) and Justina de Sousa (89) were married in Lisbon, Portugal on 26 December 1943. Today, they are still holding hands on the couch of their daughter Maria Wilson’s house in Welgelegen, where they stay. On 26 December 2013, they had been married for 70 years. They celebrated it at a Bloubergstrand restaurant with a sea view with 15 family members: children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. “I come from a small village north of Lisbon. When I was 17, my father fell ill and we had to move to the city. The next thing I know, we were living next to ’Tina. She was 13 then, and we started looking at each other. Two years later, I asked her father permission to talk to her. He said no. Eventually I did talk to her, and my future father in law became one of my best friends,” says Emilio. Emilio and Justina were married when she was 19 and he 22. “We had about 40 guests at our wedding,” says Justina. “They were mostly family. In those times we did not have big weddings, the money was not so much.” Eight days after the wedding, Emilio had to go to sea to further his training as an apprentice officer on passenger liners. Justina spent her time working on her trousseau and making dresses. “I sewed a lot. I had a beautiful trousseau. I did all the embroidery myself.” She carried on doing needlework for many years, until in recent years she was unable to continue, due to failing health. They had two children, a daughter and a son, born in Portugal and in 1966 they moved

Emilio and Tina celebrate 70 years of marriage, together with their South African great­grandchildren Justin, Kayleigh and Emilie, who all attend Panorama Primary School. to Cape Town. They moved around a lot through the years, due to Emilio’s work commitments. They stayed for a number of years in Monte Vista and Mossel Bay and now reside in Welgelegen with their daughter, Maria. Their son, Jacinto, went back to Lisbon as an adult to follow a marine career, and daughter Maria studied at UCT and became a music teacher in Pinelands for many years. The De Sousa family has a long history with Southern Africa. On 11 August 1916, the famous Cutty Sark, one of the last sailing ships

to be built before steam ships were introduced to the world, suffered a storm in Agulhas, lost a mast and had to be towed to Cape Town for repairs. The ship was under command of Emilio’s uncle, Frederico Viera de Sousa. Emilio’s father, Jacinto Viera de Sousa, who was a chief engineer in shipping, moved to Maputo to settle in the shipping repair business in 1915. After World War II, the family went back to Portugal. Throughout her life, Justina had to manage without her husband for long periods while he was at sea, but her children, grandchildren and later great-grandchildren kept her busy. Emilio only retired when he was 80. She visited Portugal a few times, and once her mother, Clotilde da Silva, came to Cape Town for a four month visit, after Justina’s father, Arturda Purificazzo died. “After the four months, my mother went back to Portugal and died too, within a month.

“She missed my father too much. “They were very close. My father was a lieutenant in the navy, a fantastic man. And my mother was a fantastic mother as well,” says Justina. They shy away from talking about themselves, but Emilio is keen to boast about his grandfather who once received a letter from the Duke of Braganza in Portugal. “My grandfather, captain Antonio José de Sousa, once took the prince and princess of Portugal on a boat trip out of Lisbon. The princess’ hat blew off and my grandfather gave her his captain’s cap. “The ship was under his command. The prince wrote him a letter of thanks afterwards,” he says, and shows me the letter, written in black ink on yellowed paper in a neat, Portuguese hand. “Whenever people have asked Emilio and Tina how they have managed to stay married for so long, they always reply that every night they kiss each other good night, no matter what,” says their granddaughter.


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sms QUOTE to 34007 or go to SMS costs R2


As seen on TV

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Your country needs you in Police Service T

he police service has a number of vacancies and are urging the public to apply for their two-year sieving programme. Their advertisement is calling for applicants who are “young, energetic, intelligent, physically and mentally fit”. If you fit the bill, you will be enlisted in the basic police development learning programme and deployed across the Western Cape where there are vacancies. To enlist, you need to be a South African citizen of at least 18, but younger than 30 years old, and in possession of a Grade 12 school certificate or a National Certificate (vocational): Safety in Society. Applicants will also be tested for physical, mental and medical fitness. In addition applicants will undergo a psychological assessment and have to be found to comply with the profile of a police official. Applicants should also be proficient in at least two of the official languages – of which one must be English. They should not have any tattoos that are visible, and they should have no previous criminal convictions and/ or pending criminal, civil, disciplinary cases.

Firearm Applicants should also not have been declared unfit to possess a firearm, and be within the mass and height restriction required. This is: for men, not shorter than 1,6 m, and for women, not shorter than 1,55 m. The applicants’ Body Mass Index must be less than 30, and their waist circumference 102 cm

‘Baby Tjoklits’ se Gerhard gaan lesers se harte steel

(males) and 88 cm (females). Approved applicants will participate in the basic police development learning programme – a 10-month training course at a designated police academy. During this time the police service will provide free training gear, meals and accommodation. Also included are 12 months of training at a designated field police development police station during which the trainee shall be responsible for his/her own meals and accommodation. There will also be two months of integrated assessment at a designated police academy with free meals and accommodation. As soon as trainees complete the programme, they will be considered for permanent positions within the police service. The police will pay a stipend during the academy and field police development period respectively, as well as medical aid benefits for the duration of the 24 months of the programme. Remuneration on completion of the programme will be about R123 687 per annum, and permanent appointees will receive the applicable service benefits. Application forms can be obtained from the human resource official at your local police station or the provincial recruitment centre, 1st Floor, Customs House Building, Lower Heerengracht Street, Cape Town. Applicants will be subjected to the relevant screening and selection as determined by the National Commissioner. V Contact 021 467 8383/8.


deur die gehoor versoek. Die geheim lê daarin om op elke album treffers te skryf soos Diamante vir Jou, Rooi Roos, Jy’s my Hartklop, Brood en Melk, maar ek strewe ook om tydlose liedjies te skryf en dit is liedjies wat konstant groei en deur die mense by my optredes versoek word, soos Sexy Jeans, Als begin eers Nou, Stealing Stars en Pennies en Ponde. Verseker gaan die gehoor die treffers en ook van die gunstelinge hoor. TB: Waar is jou gunsteling-venue en wat dink jy van die Liqui-Fruit-amfiteater in die Paarl? GS: Elke venue is uniek op sy eie manier, maar as ek een moet uitsonder is dit die Innibos-hoofverhoog in Mbombela (Nelspruit). Ek het nog nie by die Liqui-Fruitamfiteater in die Paarl opgetree nie. Dit is my eerste keer by hierdie venue en ek sien baie uit. Ek gaan rock. TB: Wat sal jy sê is die hoogtepunt van jou loopbaan tot dusver en hoekom? GS: Elke oomblik van my loopbaan is vir my ’n hoogtepunt. Ek streef elke dag daarna om my beste te gee. V TygerBurger het vanjaar hande gevat met Smile 90.4fm, wat as radioborg vir die konsert optree. Van die Smile­omroepers sal die aand van die konsert as seremoniemeesters optree. V Kaartjies vir die konsert kos tussen R130 en R160 en is by beskikbaar.

Klasse vir kunstiges by sentrum Die Bellville-kunssentrum bied vanjaar weer ’n verskeidenheid dag- en aandklasse aan in pottebakkery, teken en skilder. Een van die ander hoogtepunte is ’n reeks werksessies deur Nicolas Esterhuizen oor “Oil Pigment Grinding and Old Master Copy”. Die uiters gewilde fotografiekursusse (een vir beginners, sowel as een vir meer ervare fotograwe) begin ook vandeesmaand. Weens beperkte getalle sal belang-

stellendes hulle gou moet inskryf om hul plek te verseker. Vir skoliere is daar kinderkunsklasse en vir die ouer kinders senior kinderkunsklasse, sowel as kinderpottebakkersklasse. Daar is selfs klasse vir kinders met vol skedules op Saterdagoggende. V Navrae kan gerig word aan Lemvia by 021 444 7230 of of besoek Die Bell­ ville­kunssentrum is geleë in die Bellville­biblioteek­ sentrum in Carl van Aswegenstraat, Bellville.




Krediet-/ Debietkaarte Word Aanvaar

Prys sluit BTW in • BF&W

Foto’s slegs vir illustrasie Paardeneilandweg 51, Paardeneiland, Kaapstad Tel: 021 510 5500 Webwerf: singh&sons OBK/4752/TYGERBURGER

Hy is reg oor die land bekend, veral vir sy treffer, Baby Tjoklits, en in Februarie sal TygerBurger se lesers ’n kans kry om hom in lewende lywe op die verhoog te sien. Gerhard Steyn is een van die kunstenaars wat lesers gekies het om by die TygerBurger/CapeGate-leserskonsert op te tree. Hy sal die verhoog met Theuns Jordaan, Kurt Darren en Dillon Lerm op 28 Februarie in die Liqui-Fruit-amfi- Gerhard Steyn teater in die Paarl deel. TygerBurger het vir Gerhard ’n paar vrae gevra: TB: Ons lesers kon enige Suid-Afrikaanse kunstenaar kies om by die konsert op te tree, maar hulle het jóú gekies. Hoe voel jy daaroor? GS: Dit is nog altyd vir my ’n groot voorreg wanneer mense my as kunstenaar en my musiek ondersteun en ek sal altyd groot waardering daarvoor hê. TB: Wat is jou planne vir 2014? GS: Ons is besig met ’n nuwe duetalbum waarin ’n nuwe kunstenaar bekend gestel word. TB: Wat sou jy sê was jou grootste treffer tot nou toe en gaan jy dit sing by die leserskonsert? GS: Dit is moeilik om een uit te sonder. Baby Tjoklits was my deurbraak-liedjie en sal dus altyd na aan my hart bly, en vandag ses jaar later, word hy nog op elke optrede

26457 E.&O.E.


WA S 5 9 .9 5 NOU

Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014



Make every day a better day. Ask your local retailer about our range of OBiKWA wines. Also visit for everyday tips, recipes and more.

Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014



Bothasig a leader in new LED light project New street lights are being erected along the outskirts of Bothasig in Plattekloof Road to improve safety. A total of 70 lights are installed at a cost close to R800 000 on the northern side of Plattekloof Road bordering Bothasig. “There is a widely held belief that the improvement of street lighting will reduce both crime and fear of crime. Improved visibility, it is believed, will increase the possibilities for identification and apprehension of criminals and hence deter the perpetration of

criminal acts, while also providing reassurance to those people who are fearful for personal safety in public places,” says ward councillor James Vos. The municipality is now also introducing an LED lighting pilot programme in conjunction with this project. LED lights will be installed in both old and new street lights in Bothasig. The performance of these lights will be monitored and evaluated to decide if high intensity discharge lamps used in LED lighting, are economi-

The outskirts of Plattekloof road will not be in the dark any more, with 70 new street lights being installed. PHOTO: MAGRIET THERON

KENNISGEWING VAN ‘N VERGADERING VAN DIE RAAD VAN DIE STAD KAAPSTAD ’n Vergadering van die Raad van die Stad Kaapstad word op Woensdag 29 Januarie 2014 om 10:00 in die Raadsaal, 6e verdieping, Podiumblok, Burgersentrum, Hertzog-boulevard 12, Kaapstad, gehou. Let asseblief daarop dat daar ’n beperkte getal sitplekke in die openbare galery in die Raadsaal beskikbaar is en dat dit dus op ’n eerste-daar-eerste-gehelp-grondslag toegeken sal word. As u die vergadering wil bywoon, moet u asseblief tussen 09:00 en 16:00 vir Michelle Alberts by 021 400 3708 skakel. Alle versoeke om bywoning moet teen nie later nie as een dag voor die vergadering ontvang word. Daar sal van u verwag word om u van, voorletters en kontaktelefoonnommer te verstrek. Besoekers word vriendelik versoek om hul sitplekke teen 09:30 in te neem.


cally viable. “The pilot areas were chosen as being readily accessible for monitoring and evaluation of the installations during the pilot study, less prone to vandalism (which would impact on the performance assessment) and, in some of the areas, the street lighting equipment is in need of replacement,” says Vos. “Energy efficiency has become increasingly important to both property owners and tenants on account of South Africa’s rising electricity tariffs and the possible medium-term

shortage of electricity. The potential financial benefits, legislation, and the need to reduce carbon emissions all add up to the need for a combined effort to find solutions to improve energy efficiency, particularly amongst large energy users. I am optimistic that this project will produce benefits...” he says. V To report faulty street lights or other electricity­re­ lated queries: Call 0860 103 089; send an SMS to 31220 or email FaultReporting.Centre@cape­



Jingle bells and happy Valentine’s Just when the paying populace are sighing a collective, “ah, thank goodness it’s finally over!”, the board of silly season social sentimentalist marketers starts milking the (mostly empty) wallets with truck-loads of hearts. Yes, you guessed it. The moment Mariah Carey’s (or Boney M’s) Yuletide melodies died down, they had the warehouses aerated for last year’s back to school placard specials. Change a price here, tweak a picture there, et voila, the retail managers can start compiling their monthly store targets like clockwork – in perfect time to the last coin falling from the South African’s overworked purse. We buy into the marketing every year. Those placards are irresistible – the happy children in their crisp whites and shiny shoes really get the sentimental juices flowing. And they know exactly how to do it: they make us feel guilty. What parent in their right mind does not want to get their child the latest, most expensive turn-up crayons (even when normal ones would do the job)? Then, when the last cents are spent – with a tear and a deep, deep sigh – they release the angels and heart placards and booklets, pamphlets and displays. So, if by Valentine’s Day we’ve not learnt the lesson of “less is more”, they make certain we smell the cinnamon goodness of hot cross buns baking – a whole month before Easter. So, dear reader, be sure to stock up on the chocolate eggs – they know we love our mothers too.

SMS V Na aanleiding van Phil van Skuldbult se SMS (15/01) wat sê sonder taxi’s sal die ekonomie platval. Dit het niks te make met die saak nie. Ons praat hier van wet­ teloosheid. Dit laat padgebruikers stres, wat nog te sê van bejaardes. Dit plaas an­ der mense se lewens op die spel die oom­ blik dat jy oor ’n rooi verkeerslig ry, wat deesdae algemeen is. Ek doen ’n beroep op die verkeersdepartement om drasties op te tree. Moet ook nie afslag gee op boe­ tes nie. ­ AJ. Kuilsrivier V Smart Phil, uit watter taxi het jy geval? Natuurlik kry taxi’s hulp, soos geen tolgel­ de en subsidies. En baie taxi’s behoort aan mense met politieke konneksies. En hoe help dit die ekonomie as honderde sterwe en gesinslede agterlaat wat dan van toe­ laes moet lewe? ­ Fabriek V Vandag was my kleinseun se eerste skooldag. Ek was saam met my kinders by die Laerskool De Tyger waar my seun ’n boete van R750 gekry het, omdat hy te na aan die kruising gestop het. Hy is mos ’n sagte teiken, terwyl die taxi’s almal se sie­ le versondig in Voortrekkerweg. Ons ver­ keersowerhede spits hulle toe op sagte teikens pleks van padvarke soos taxi’s. Dit is ’n skande! Verkeersbeamptes bekamp nie misdaad nie, maar bereik hulle “tar­ gets” op die manier. Swak! Sorg dat julle tydens spitstye is waar julle moet wees. ­ Fernando Smit V Ek wil net weet waar kry Vodacom al die vriendelike, oulike mense wat vir hulle werk? Die span in Fairbridge Mall is tops. Hulle laat ons ouer garde so spesiaal voel en het geduld met ons wat ’n bietjie suk­ kel met al die dinge op die selfone. Ek is verlore sonder my ou foontjie. Dankie, Vo­ dacom! ­ Oumatjie V Question for the woman who drives a black Mini in the Sonstraal East area: what sort of mother smokes when her lit­ tle girl is in the car and also does not strap her in? ­ Anon ) SMS’e kos R1,50 elk. Stuur die woord “Tyger”, gevolg deur jou boodskap na 45527.


By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me— a pray­ er to the God of my life. Ps. 42:8

Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014


Dusk patrol: Runners heading down Tygerberg in semi­darkness during the Spur Trail series sunset run at Tygerberg Nature reserve last Wednesday. PHOTO: CARINA ROUX

Uitgewer: TygerBurger word uitgegee deur WP Koerante en is deel van die Media 24­groep Verspreding: TygerBurger Goodwood word elke Woensdag in die volgende gebiede afgelewer: Glenwood, Goodwood Estate, Richmond Estate, Townsend Estate, Tygerdal, Vrijzee, Vasco, Bothasig, Edgemead, Monte Vista, Plattekloof Glen, Richwood en Thornton. Totale verspreiding:24 564 TygerBurger het twaalf verskillende uitgawes vir die volgende gebiede: Bellville, Durbanville, Parow, Good­ wood, Brackenfell, Kraaifon­ tein, Kuilsrivier, Milnerton, Table View, Eersterivier/Blue Downs, Ravensmead/Belhar en Elsiesrivier. Totale verspreiding: 285 531 Vir enige verspreidingsklagtes skakel 021 910 6500 of e­pos: verspreiding@tygerbur­

Kontak ons:

Nuusredakteur: Marana Brand van Hulsteyn 0021 910 6540 Advertensiebestuurder: Garth Hewitt 0021 910 6520 Hoofkoerant advertensies: Michiel Engelbrecht 0021 910 6524 of 0073 609 6648 Geklassifiseerd: 00860 11 7520 Korreksies: Volgens die redaksionele beleid van TygerBurger verwelkom ons voorstelle en kommentaar oor die koerant se inhoud en stel ons beduidende foute so gou as moontlik reg. Stuur asb. inligting oor die regstelling van foute in die koerant aan die ombudsman van Media24 se Gemeenskapspers, George Claassen, by george.claas­ of skakel 021 851 3232 of 083 543 2471. Lesers kan ook klagtes oor die inhoud by die Persombudsman van Suid­Afrika, mnr. Joe Thloloe, aanhangig maak. Skakel in daardie geval gerus 011 484 3612/8, stuur ‘n faks na 011 484 3619 of ‘n e­pos na nakhanyim@ombuds­ or johanr@om­

BRIEWE|Faks: 021 910 6501|Posbus 747, Belville 7535|Briewe wat nie langer is as 250 woorde nie, sal voorkeur geniet. Verskaf asb. u naam, adres en telefoonnommer by (nie vir publikasie). Spertyd is Vrydag om 12:00

You must act to keep it secure We are in a new year with many unknown challenges facing all of us, one of which is to try in conjunction with other roleplayers not to become a victim of crime. We the ordinary citizen have to make an analysis and see if we have methods in place to ensure safety and security. 1)Are we supporting our local police in the fight against crime, are we aware of the national emergency number, the number of the local police station or your local sector police patrol van? Do you report crime so that the police statistics can reflect a true version of crime in your precinct, do you attend police community events, meetings or heed police crime prevention hints? Are you applying when necessary, compliments or complaints? Do you supply the police with information whether openly or anonymously in regard to crime or criminal activities? 2) Are we taking measures to ensure our own safety and of our families, the safety of all our property and are we driving our vehicles in a legal and safe manner? 3)Are we part of either a crime prevention street committee or a neighbourhood watch? Do you report shortcomings in your neighbourhood eg. street lights not working, that will favour criminals? Are we attending and contributing to our local Community Police Forums and thus know the contact sector police managers and are aware of crime trends or patterns in your neighbourhood? 4)Are we aware of other Law Enforcement agencies eg. Metro Police, Law Enforce-

ment, the SPCA and the Traffic Department and their contact details that we can utilise in relation to illegal acts such as dumping? 5)Appreciate the uniformed security officer on duty at a premises or a marked security patrol vehicle because that presence is a crime prevention deterrent. After making this analysis then YOU have to decide what action steps YOU are going to implement to make YOU, your family, your property, your neighbourhood more secure and safe in 2014. KEITH BLAKE Email

wil ek baie dankie sê. FRANCOIS DU PREEZ Goodwood

Sidewalk gardeners should be fined

Everywhere one drives in Brackenfell you see huge gardens on the sidewalks. People walking their dogs or just going for a family walk have to walk in the road because there is no space on the sidewalk to walk. In some cases the sidewalk gardens are so overgrown that one cannot even see traffic around a corner. I can’t see oncoming traffic when I reverse out of my driveway because my next door neighbour has a sidewalk garden, and when he has his sprinklers on to water his Hiermee wil ek net my dank sidewalk garden my car gets uitspreek aan ene ao. Damons en sy twee kollegas vir hul puik absolutely filthy from the fine spray. Speaking to him has diens by die Parow-polisiekanamount to nothing. toor (13/01). Ek was skoon Apparently, although the verbaas om te sien daar is sidewalk belongs to the municidarem nog ordentlike en pality it is the responsibility of bedagsame polisiemanne met the owner of the property wie jy kan gesels. Hou so aan, behind the sidewalk to mainmanne, en ek wens julle voorspoed en God se rykste seëninge tain it. Surely the municipality has rules about what is allowed toe. By voorbaat dank. NOLEEN ABARAHAMS to be planted? Sidewalk gardeE­pos ners should be fined. ANTI­SIDEWALK GARDENS Webletter

Dank aan Parow se polisie vir puik diens

Waardering vir goeie werk by hospitaal Forgetful? Lost your Ek is ’n pensioenaris op pad na memory card? 83, en was byna ’n maand gelede vir ’n operasie in die Tygerberg-hospitaal nadat ek geval en my heupbeen gebreek het. Ek wil net my dank en waardering teenoor die hardwerkende dokters, terapeute, susters en verpleegsters uitspreek en hulle sterkte toewens vir die jaar vorentoe. Aan die personeel van saal F4

My son picked up a memory card at the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre. It belongs to a family that took pics the night before Christmas as well as on Christmas day. Please contact me if this belongs to you. My cell number is 084 209 1139. IVOR Email

TygerBurger waardeer lesers se menings, maar ten einde die onafhanklikheid van die koerant te handhaaf en in billikheid teenoor alle politieke partye en kandidate, sal tot die afhandeling van die verkiesing geen brief van ‘n politieke aard geplaas word wat op een of ander wyse politieke partye en hul kandidate se standpunt propageer nie.

Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014

Dagboek Diary V Goodwood library Pram Jam All parents and day carers with babies and toddlers are invited to join the fun to early literacy with rhymes and reading, singing, clapping, tap­ ping and wiggling on 13 February at the Goodwood Children’s Library. The Jam starts at 10:00. For more information, contact Posy at 021 444 7331. V Die Parow­biblioteek se skryfgroep ont­ moet elke 2de Maandag om 17:30 by die bibli­

Hierdie jong manne storm na hul wynvatte om dit uit te spook in verlede jaar se prettige druiftrap­kompetisie.

Kom deel in makietie by Delheim Die Delheim-wynlandgoed gaan sy oes vanjaar vier met ’n gesellige plaasmakietie op 25 en 26 Januarie. Oud en jonk kan hulle kniediep verlekker in al die oes-aksie vir ’n pretbelaaide “dag in die lewe van Delheim”. Aktiwiteite wissel van ’n uitdagende druiftrapsessie tot ’n lui-lekker piekniek. Die oesfees begin elke dag om 12:00 en gaste sal verwelkom word met ’n glas wyn in wording (druiwemos) en ’n soet mosbolletjie op die nuwe oesjaar. Na ’n keldertoer word ’n buffetstyl-middagete in die historiese vatkelder aangebied. Gaste kan piekniek hou in die skadu op die gras langs die rivier. Die hoogtepunt is die vermaaklike druiftrap-kompetisie. Spanne sal meeding in vatrol, druif-gryp en -trap dat die vaatjies bewe in ’n poging om die meeste druiwesap op te lewer. Opwindende pryse is op die spel vir die beste span, geesdrif, asook uitrustings op die dag. Kaartjies is beperk tot 120 per dag en kos R220 per volwassene (R110 vir kinders onder 12; kleintjies onder 2 jaar is gratis). Voorafbesprekings is noodsaaklik. V Vir meer inligting of om jou plek te bespreek, skakel Juliet du Toit by Delheim by 021 888 4600 of stuur ’n e­pos na


oteek. Die eerste vergadering vir 2014 vind op 20 Januarie 2014 plaas. Skakel 021 444 0940/41 vir enige navrae. V Storietyd vir kinders is elke Saterdag om 12:00 by die Parow­biblioteek. Skakel 021 444 0940/41 vir enige navrae. V Die Suid­Afrikaanse Vereniging vir Afge­ tredenes (SAVA) se Bellvillese sosiale klub nooi u vriendelik om aan te sluit. Vergade­ rings word die eerste Donderdagoggend van elke maand gehou in die Voortrekkersaal, Kenridge. Vir meer inligting, kontak Edna 021

914 0921. V The Rainbow of Hope will be hosting Per­ sonal Growth/Self Esteem Workshops one Saturday a month from February to Decem­ ber. Children between eight and 16 are welco­ me to attend. The first workshop will be on 1 February from 09:45 till 12:30 at Rainbow of Hope, 49 Alice Street, Goodwood. Please contact Alison Alexander at 082 202 0720 to RSVP. V The AHI­MES national budget analysis and breakfast takes place at D’Aria at 06:30


on 27 February. Enjoy a three­course break­ fast while listening to an expert panel who will discuss and analyse the effect of the pro­ posed budget on the economy and tax impli­ cations for businesses. Contact Ilse Els at 084 448 3456 to book at R400 per person. All proceeds will go to MES social upliftment projects. V ’n Valentynsdans vind op 14 Februarie in die Edgemeadsaal plaas. Toegang is R30 per persoon. Bring jou eie glas, eet­ en drinkgoed. Kontak Elsabé by 021 558­3979 of 072 170 4082 vir meer inliging.



Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014

Daniel’s ‘crossing’ into songs LOUISA STEYL @lounotes


Daniel Crossing is on the Orange Couch.

rom testing the waters to jumping in, singer/songwriter, Daniel Crossing is celebrating his first new year as a fulltime artist. With a string of interviews and songs being playlisted on local radio stations, Daniel Crossing is hard at work promoting his music. “The last album that I wrote is a rock album,” Daniel explains, referring to his seven track album, Between Borders and Angels. He prefers to describe his music as soul rock though. “More soulful than anything else,” he adds. “Lyrics are very important to me and it’s about expressing the meaning of those lyrics to the person listening,” Daniel says of his music. “I think the most significant event in my life was when I was 13 and I wanted to write a song,” he jokes, but that’s unofficially where Daniel’s musical journey began. He goes on to explain that he was trying to write the song with his cousins and realised he couldn’t write a song. Officially, he was attending an opera concert at City Hall and while listening to the singers, he thought to himself: “I want to do that.” “Since that day I took music lessons and I started singing everywhere I could,” Daniel says.

and saw the CD of a fellow musical actor, which is where Daniel decided: “If he can do it, so can I.” As he was driving home a song came into his mind and that was how Daniel eventually did start writing his own music. It was also his long walks to work while working in a restaurant which gave him time to think and process and Daniel says that’s where his lyrics were born.

Own work He started out singing in musicals, an opera society and choirs, always singing other people’s songs. “At some point I just got to this point where I said: ‘Hey, but what about your own stuff’,” Daniel explains, adding: “About three years ago I said: ‘Okay, let’s start a new journey’.” He was standing in a music shop one day

Stories Daniel says the songs he recorded for Between Borders and Angels tell a story. “Each song tells a specific story and then together they tell the story of starting out on the wrong side of the line, if you want to call it that, and then moving over to the right side,” he explains. Daniel adds that while the album’s songs are rock-based, there are also touches of reg-

Valiant Swart is one of the acts performing at the Solms­Delta’s Summer Concert series.

Finest food & wine matches best music

gae rock and adult contemporary. “I tried to play around with the sound a little bit,” he says.

Launched Between Borders and Angels was launched in October last year and was produced by Brendyn “Rusti” Rossouw, from Heritage Sound, engineered by David Langemann and mastered by Rogan Kelsey. Daniel’s album is available online at CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon. Hard copies are also available from Peter Smuts Music in Parow and Mabu Vinyl in Gardens. V For more information about Daniel Crossing, visit his website at, where you can also find links to his social media pages. V Daniel Crossing performed one of his new songs on the Orange Couch. to watch his performance and interview.

Good food, wine and music will be the order of the day at Solms-Delta, every Saturday from 25 January to 22 February. Music lover can enjoy traditional “Kaapse-Kos” and Solms-Delta wines while enjoying the music of Koos Kombuis (25 January), Robin Auld (1 February), Anton Goosen (8 February) Valiant Swart (15 February) and Tribal Echo (22 February) alongside the talented Music van de Caab musicians, the Soetstemme choir and the Delta Langbroeke. Pre-order picnics will be available at R145 per person or R75 per child, alongside a menu that includes Chef Shaun’s famous braai-bord, Cape Malay chicken or veg curry roti, waterblommetjie and lamb potjie with rice and kiddies’ boerewors rolls from the food stalls. Festivities start at 18:00 with the music from 18:3 to 20:30. Tickets cost R90 or R45 for children under 12 (children under three enter free) excluding food and drinks. V Call Solms­Delta’s Fyndraai Restaurant on 021 874 3937 ext. 115 or email restaurant@solms­ to book.

AA mp AdAm TAs • Arno Jord • dAvid Fourie • die cA yk nn dA • rg Be e liz inz Winck ndon ocToBer • chAr • gerhArd sTeyn • he sT ne i ed Fr • ue Bl s plessis • Theron • elvi An • JAy • JuAniTA du lm oo m ie nn JA • W uW ou ckson • m • JAkkie lo liAnie mAy • mAnie JA • en rr dA rT ku • ld Arsve AA n JA • riAnA nel • sArA An yl dA y rA • iT sm s er p eTer koen • pieT BoThA • dine • pi euns JordAAn • Willem Th • A n nA in ri or so • eld p op ko Tk oT no • sn d • BoBBy vAn JAArsv rd yr By kB ck Ac A Bl • n AA rd Jo T s • Arno die cA AdAm TA k • dAvid Fourie • d yk y nn dA • rg Be e iz rl h hA ch r• er z Winc nz oBe cTTo heiin ndon oc sTeyn • he d rd A Ar h hA rh er g ge • T s es n ne i ed viiss Blue • Fr elv essssiiss • 14 plle p A Theron • el IEAni2TA0du Ay R • Ju JA • JA B nU E AR F lm 8 oo m 2 ie G nn A A JA J • D W Y R ou l V ie • JAkk JAckson • m JA ku e rs ie stE niaa ld AEn An wi mtEn • ns gE diE Ay m van e 4 ni En liA g • oo rh en vE rr EEn dA , ndd • kurT aael Arsv l • sAr el n n JAEEn A ARne r An 1 ylAn • ri 3 dA y rA • iT sm er eT pi R 1 600dine • pieTer koen • HIERDIE Is joU ToP 4 d elld ve rssv v n JAAr d • BoBBy vA rd yr By kB ck Ac Bl • n AA rd Jo no d e cA • di • AdAm TAs • Ar nnyk • dAvid Fourie dA • rg Be e liz Ar ch • einz Win ndon ocToBer Ard rh ge • sT ne i ed Fr • Blue lessis lizmA Theron • elvis y • JuA JA • An lm oo m ie nn JA • ulle • JAkkie louW • mAy • mA e ni liA • en rr dA rT sA An JAArsveld • ku An • dAylAn y rA • T i iT m s sm r er T Te eT e ie p pi Bo • n en oe illem r ko Ter eTTe e pie JordAAn • •WBo dine • pi rsvel nA • TheunsBl riin or s so • p op ko T Tk rd o By no s sn ck • A on • er n Th AA rd Jo no Ar cA m • AdAm TAs • dAnnyk • dAvid • rg Be e liz Ar ch • r inz ndon ocToBe rhArd sTeyn he i nesT • ge ed Fr • n aa ue rd Bl Jo s vi ns el rm eu • Le Th eron Dill•onJAy • JuAniTA du plessis lizmA Th Kurt DarrenoolmAn Gerhard Steyn m ie nn JA • ulle • JAkkie louW • mAy • mAnie JAckson e ni liA • en rr dA rT sA vAn JAArsveld • ku dAylAn • riAnA nel • y rA • iT sm er eT pi • A• dine • pieTer koen rdAAn • Willem BoTh Jo ns eu Th • nA ri so • n JAArsve Theron • snoTkop BlAckByrd • BoBBy vA • n AA rd Jo no Ar • s ie • die m • AdAm TA • dAnnyk • dAvid Four rg Be e liz Ar ch • r Be ndon ocTo rhArd sTeyn • heinz ge • sT ne i ed Fr • ue Bl essis lizmA Theron • elvis y • JuAniTA du pl JA • An lm oo m ie k nn Ter JA pie ulle • JAkkie louW • nie mAy • mAnie JAckson • monique • nAdine • • Willem KAAR TJ VANAIES F

021 872 9754

Liqui-Fruit Amfiteater, Paarl

en • liA A • Theuns JordAAn AArsveld • kurT dArr eron • snoTkop • sorin Th Ah sAr • n ocToBer l ne nA n JAArsveld • BrAndo rAy dAylAn • riA BlAckByrd • BoBBy vA • An di nesT • dA Fre • Jor e no Blu Ar is • • AdAm TAs zmA Theron • elv eli • lls Be mp cA die • vid Fourie

Hekke open: 17h00 | Konsert begin: 19h30

Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014

What’s On | Wat’s Waar V Stef Bos is vanaand (Woensdag) en Don­ derdag by Die Boer. Bespreek by www.die­ of 021 979 1911. V 80s vs 90s is on at Barnyard Theatre. Tic­ kets cost R135 or R180 for two on Sundays and Tuesdays. The show runs until 9 March. Call 021 914 8898 or visit barnyardthea­ to book. V Valiant Swart en Basson Laubscher is Vrydag by Die Boer te sien. R120. Bespreek by of 021 979 1911. V The Cadillac’s will be playing the songs of Fleetwood Mac at Villa Pascal on Friday. R120. Call 021 975 2566 or 082 569 4147 to book. V Stef Bos is Vrydag by die Ou Meulteater te sien. R150. Bespreek by 083 564 0056 of V Albert Frost and Gerald Clark will be at Joostenberg Wine Farm on Friday from 19:00. R10. Email or call 021 884 4141 to book. V The Inside Job and rocking friends will be at Jamrock Theatre on Saturday. R50. Call 082 674 8162 or email www.jamrockthea­ to book. V Kidz Rock is on stage at Barnyard Theatre on Saturday at 14:00. R75. Call 021 914 8898 or visit to book. V Tony Cox will be at Die Boer on Saturday. R100. Visit or call 021 979 1911 to book. V Lindiwe Maxolo, Noxolo Hlatshwayo and Gloria Bosman will be at the Oude Li­ bertas Amphitheatre on Saturday with Acoustic Soul. Tickets cost between R130 and R150. Call 021 809 7473/7380 or visit Computicket to book. V Laurika Rauch will be at the Paul Cluver Amphitheatre on Saturday. Gates open 17:00, show starts at 19:00. Food, beverages and award­winning Paul Cluver wines will be for sale. Tickets cost R280 through Compu­ ticket. V Albert Frost will be at Cape to Cuba in Kalk Bay on Saturday from 15:00. Entrance is free. Call 021 788 1566 to book. V Emo Adams and Take Note will be at the Oude Libertas Amphitheatre on Sunday from 18:30. Tickets cost R130 or R150 or R50 for adults and R10 for children on the lawn. Call 021 809 7473/7380 or visit Computic­ ket to book. V Ray Dylan is Dinsdag by Die Boer te sien. R120. Bespreek by of 021 979 1911. V Strip, ’n komedie/drama met Waldemar Schultz en Johann Nel is Woensdag 29 Ja­ nuarie by Die Boer te sien. R120. Bespreek asseblief by of 021 979 1911. V Paul Snodgrass, Griff Pippin (USA) and Glen Bo (Durban) will be at Headquarters in Cape Town on Wednesday 29 January for their comedy night. Entrance is free. Call 021 424 6373 to book. V A Neil Diamond and Friends tribute is on at Barnyard Theatre on Wednesday 29 Ja­ nuary. R135. Call 021 914 8898 or visit barny­ to book. V Albert Frost will be at Cafe Roux on Wed­ nesday 29 January with Blues Broers. R120. Call 021 789 2538 or email info@cafe­ to book.

New art at Rust­en­Vrede Two new exhibitions were opened last night (Tuesday) at the Rust-en-Vrede Gallery in Durbanville. Heinz Modler’s exhibition of prints, KitchenArt, is in Salon A and B while Sana Zee’s Visions and Dreams is being exhibited in Salon C. The gallery is open Mondays to Fridays 09:00 to 17:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00. V Visit www.rust­en­ or call 021 976 4691 for more information.





Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014

Confident: Dave Swart has been appointed

high school principal of Burgundy Estate’s Riverside College in Goodwood. Having joined the pre­primary, primary and high school in 2012, Swart has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and sociology. He says his key focus area has been, and always will be, the holistic wellbeing of the children he teaches and counsels. He says he hopes to inspire confidence and success in the learners.

The photo shows the members of the Run/Walk For Life Tygerberg branch holding some of the handbags that were collected.

Run/Walk for Life partners with Jes Foord Foundation

Reik uit: Personeellede van Ou Mutual het ’n “Care en Share”­uitreikaksie gehou vir die

Ubuntu­halfweghuis vir babas in Goodwood en R4 000 se babaprodukte geskenk. Hulle het ook vir ’n dag lank na die huis gegaan om wasgoed en vensters te was en die bababeddens skoon te maak. Op die foto staan (middel agter) Naas en Miems Vermaak, huisouers van Ubuntu, saam met Ou Mutual se span, (van links) Shahiema Jattiem, Buehla Martin, Christina Swartz, Magdelene Smit, Gillian Martin, Noloyiso Shako­Ahuka en Ehsania Davids.

BOTHASIG Kantoor 021 558 7102

In order to support rape victims, Run/Walk For Life, Tygerberg, has teamed up with the Jes Foord Foundation in a “Donate a Handbag” campaign. Anybody can donate a handbag, new or used, with items like soap, deodorant, a chocolate or soft toy inside. The Jes Foord Foundation opened its doors in 2009 in KwaZulu-Natal, following the brutal gang rape of Jes Foord by four men. Jes’s aim was to start an organisation that would improve the compassionate treatment of rape survivors at each step in the process, to restore lives after rape and to educate people about the realities of rape in South Africa. The Foundation does this by offering free ongoing counselling to rape survivors, founding Rape Crisis Care Centres where victims receive medical treatment and trauma counselling free of charge. In addition, they provide motivational talks to schools, corporates and community groups, stress-

ing rape prevention and awareness. “The Handbag Project gives handbags full of much-needed supplies to rape victims at a critical point in their journey to becoming a survivor. Rape survivors are told not to shower or clean after a rape, as their body is a crime scene and cleaning will wash away the evidence,” says Magda van Zyl, manager of the Tygerberg Run/Walk for Life. “After hours of remaining in this condition, through the medical exam and the giving of a police statement, the first thing a survivor will say she needs is to bath, to feel clean,” she says. The handbags will be filled with personal supplies like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion that not only helps the survivor to feel clean again, but helps her feel special and restores her dignity. It is the first step in claiming back her body and her life.” V Send Magda at Run for Life Tygerberg an email at if you would like to donate a handbag for this ongoing initiative.



BOTHASIG Bedrooms 4 l Bathrooms 3 l Garage 1

R1 100 000 Web ref: 524650

BURGUNDY ESTATES Bedrooms 2 l Bathrooms 1 l Garage 0

R780 000 Web ref: 530031

EDGEMEAD Bedrooms 1 l Bathrooms 1 l Garage 1

R950 000 Web ref: 530351

EDGEMEAD Bedrooms 5 l Bathrooms 3 l Garage 3

R2 895 000 Web ref: 531201

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. 3 Bedroom home, compact STUNNING MODERN AND NEWLY DEVELOPED. Two bed ground o/p kitchen, carport, large storeroom and garden area. Plus spa- floor flat in secure and access controlled complex, pool, gym, braai cious 1 bed ( en-suite) flatlet, open plan kitchen/lounge. area and laundry, lounge, open-plan kitchen with modern finishes.

NOT TO BE MISSED. Facebrick home in’ Olde’ Edgemead, one THIS IS THE LIFE! Upstairs: Spacious bedroom with bathroom and private bedroom, lounge, dining area, separate kitchen, bathroom, back yard lounge/study.Downstairs:4doublebedrooms(mes),modernkitchen,lounge grass area and small garden in front. anddiningroomthatleadsouttoawrap-aroundbraaiareawithpool.

Colin: 083 658 2126

Debbie: 082 518 5731

Debbie: 082 518 5731

Melissa: 082 873 0409



SUMMER GREENS Bedrooms 3 l Bathrooms 1 l Garage 1

R725 000 Web ref: 529273

SUMMER GREENS Bedrooms 3 l Bathrooms 1 l Garage 0

R750 000 Web ref: 485790

SUMMER GREENS Bedrooms 2 l Bathrooms 1 l Garage 0

R539 000 Web ref: 521265

BOTHASIG Bedrooms 4 l Bathrooms 2 l Garage 2

R1 195 000 Web ref: 516295

MAKE AN IMPRESSION. Secure and spotless family home, LARGE FAMILY HOME. 3 bedrooms, kitchen, breakfast nook, amsep big braai/entertainment room. All beds bic's, cupboard- ple living space, full family bathroom, single garage, built in braai ed and tiled kitchen. Covered secure carport. and an established garden.

PERFECT STARTER HOME. Comprises 2 bedrooms with bics, fully BEAUTY NEEDING MAKEUP. Spacious 3 bedroomed home, big fitted kitchen, family bathroom and ample parking. sunny lounge / dining room, family bathroom, workshop area and pool. Bonus granny flat with lounge, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom/shower.

Timothy: 078 220 3311

Quinton: 083 611 4182

Wellington: 071 080 6336


Timothy: 078 220 3311


Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014



Oakglen R515 000 – R675 000 2 siersteen dorpshuise. 1 en 2 slaapkamers. GEEN Levy! Oakglen R410 000 tot R515 000 Woonstelle, 2 slaapkamers, skaduparkering, swembad. Groenvallei R729 000 3 slpk. skakelhuis, braaikamer, motorhuis, 2 onderdakparkerings. Eie titel. Vredenberg R1 250 000 - R1 350 000 Keuse van 2. 3 slpk.,2 leefareas, moderne kombuis, motorhuis, swembad, ruim erf. Netjies! Vergesig Dvle R3 850 000 .Alles en nog wat!

Jacques Groenewald 078 109 7521 AREA SPESIALIS



Avondale R2 495 000


BOTHASIG & SURROUNDS R699,000 *WOW!* Freestanding 2 bedroom home with garage & enclosed grounds (Richwood).





GOEDEMOED R1 899 000

R849,000 *VALUE!* Large 3 bedroom home, 2 bathrooms, lounge / dining room, open plan kitchen (Richwood). This 7 air conditioned bed roomed, 7 en suite property, some with its own private little courtyard and separate entrance is a must to see. It also consist of the following, television room, lounging /entertainment room with build in jetmaster braai and coal stove, 4 geysers for ample hot water. Study /office/reception area, kitchen with gas hob walk in pantry, sparkling saltwater pool. Gazebo, double garage and 7 parking bays. As a bonus THIS PROPERY HAS 3 PHASE ELECTRICITY FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLIANCES. Hendry Sayer 082 9540011

R1,349,000 *EDGEMEAD BORDER* 3 Bedrooms, double garage & pool. R1,350,000 *SPACE* 5 Bedroom home, 3 bathrooms, double garage & pool.

BERLEY 082 333 3383 DIANE 083 352 0069 OFFICE 021 559 4723


Ruim 3 slpk. familie woning met groot ingangsportaal, sitk., eetk. en braaik. Oopplan kombuis met aparte opwaskamer, voll. badk. met en suite hoofslpk. Groot omheinde hoek erf met sprankel swembad, boomryke tuin met sprinkel besproeiing. Dubbel outomatiese motorhuis. Slegs die beste afwerkings is gebruik in hierdie prima woning met 'n uitsig op die Bolandse berge.

REINHO 082 561 3302

Retirement housing at its best in Durbanville. Enjoy the next season in your life in this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom and single garage in security estate. The estate offers amazing facilities like bowls, swimming pool, library and clubhouse. Invest in your future now. Beautiful mountain views. Call Schalk today. Schalk van Wyk – 082 493 9462 .

GOODWOOD R1 150 000 * * * * *

Stap na Moskee 3 Slaapkamers + Studeerkamer 3 Leefareas + dennehout plafonne 4 Veilige parkerings + patio 2 Motorhuise + ouma woonstel

FRANS LE ROUX 084 454 5678


GOODWOOD R490 000 - 1 Bedroom flat, close to N1 City. R560 000 - 3 Bedroom flat, close to public transport. R580 000 - 2 bedroom flat. close to public transport. R585 000 - 2.5 Bedroom flat+ garage and view over Table Mountain. R595 000 - 2 Bedroom flat in popular complex – Glenwood. R599 000 - 2 Bedroom flat in Goodwood Park. R1 250 000 - 3 bedroom townhouse in Plattekloof Glen.

Visit René 083 624 4201



BERNADINO HEIGHTS R650 000 Spacious 3 beds, lounge/dining room, family room with sliding doors. Garage. Close to schools. WATSONIA PARK R350 000 NEG. Facebrick, 3 beds, carport, fully enclosed + fully tiled. Last 1 in this Price!! 3 beds, 2 baths. Garage +carport. 700 m2 erf. Close to Cape Gate.

Ref 509 Attie 0837889605 Etienne 0837493684 021 980 5200


SCOTTSDENE R250 000 2 bed maisonette in cul de sac. Close to schools + carport. BRACKENFELL PINEMEWS R495 000 NEG. 3 beds + garage. Fully enclosed. Close to school.

Contact Gerty 082 577 3313 0121 976 4944 a/h



3 BEDROOM FACEBRICK HOUSE IN SECURITY COMPLEX Gersham, Kuils River – R659 000 Three bedroom facebrick house with fully fitted kitchen & built in cupboards in the bedrooms. Also very spacious lounge and braai room which leads into the single garage. The yard which has potential to house four vehicles, is fully paved. Very neat home. VERY NEAT TWO BEDROOM HOME WITH CARPORT FOR TWO VEHICLES Camelot, Kuils River – R439 000 Very neat two bedroom home with full bathroom. Built in cupboards in both rooms. Spacious lounge. Yard is fully enclosed with high vibracrete wall and remote gate. House is situated on a spacious erf. Contact: Sean Carr – 076 214 6459


RE/MAX De Kloof 021 592 4483 KUILSRIVIER-ALLEENMANDATE R468 000 - Silveroaks: Reuse 1 slpk. ws. naby winkels & skole. Veilige & netjiese sek. komp, emh R510 000 - Silveroaks: 74 m2 woonstel in sek. kompleks, toeg. komb., 2 reuse slpk met igk, leefarea, parkeer area. Naby nuwe winkels. R695 000-Hasendal:Prag erf met uitsig, 847m2 R995 000- Prag 2 slpk. s/steen dorpshuis. 1½ badk., sit-/eetk, braai-/TV-k., BAIE EKSTRAS! R1 040 000 - Amandelsig. Sierst, ruimte, reuse sit, eet-,TV-k, prag o.plan komb,oho&plate, wask, 2slpk,igk,2badk,o/dak braaipatio,dmh. 400m2 erf R1 095 000 - Silveroaks: 4 slpk. gesinswoning, sitkamer, eetkamer, vol badk., wask., enkel mhuis, tandem afdak, ruim erf ommuur. Baie veilig. R1 399 000 - Silveroaks: Huis met aparte w/stel. 3 slpk. gesinswoning, volop igk, sitk, eetk, braai-/TV-k., toeg. kombuis, 2 vol badk, afdak x 4 motors. Netjiese 1 slpk. woonstel. Naby skole R1 499 000 - Amandelrug. Ruimte, 3 leefareas, oopplan kombuis, oho&plate, 4 slpk, igk, 2 badk, swembad, dubbelmotorhuis, 1 379 m² erf. R1 595 000-Amandelsig: Moderne siersteen gesinswoning met sitk, eet-/TV-k, braaikamer, 3 enorme slpk. met 3 en-suite badk, studeerkmr, reuse komb, wask, dmh, erf ommuur. Puik kopie! ANTOINETTE 083 628 2707 ELOFF 0823393879 BRIAN 083 625 9441




KUILSRIVIER ALLEENMANDATE R1 070 000 Eikenbosch Siersteen ULTRA modern 3 slpk. huis met ruim TV-kamer en eetkamer by hiper moderne kombuis met oho en plate Slaapkamers het igk en gelamineerde vloere, 1.5 badkamers. (h.e.s.) Dubbelmhuis kuier onderdak braaIstoep. Ruim erf omhein. Web verwysing: WSL4726 Kuilsrivier /Soneike R1 599 000 Siersteen, baie ruim en netjiese 3 slpk. huis met aparte sitkamer, eetkamer, TV- en aparte braaikamer met skuifdeur na verhitte swembad, 3 ruim slpk. met i.g.k. en 2 volle badk. (h.e.s.). Dubbelmotorhuis en afdak vir 6 karre. Goeie Koop! Web verwysing: WSL4726

Letitia 083 261 0746


PAROW VALLEY & GOODWOOD FREE VALUATIONS TO MOTIVATED SELLERS FREE PROPERTY ADVICE Charlton 076 644 6697 Riefqah 083 738 7901 Micheal 082 929 8634 Office 021 696 4114


PAROW/GOODWOOD/PANORAMA R950 000 - PAROW-OOS (Ver 721) 3 slpk., 2 badk., plaaskombuis, 2 x motorhuise R1 150 000 - PAROW-OOS (Ver 685) 2 slpk. huis + 3 volledige ouma-woonstelle. R1 220 000 - GOODWOOD (Ver 706) 3 slpk., 2 badk., swembad, braaikamer, motorhuis R1 250 000 -GLENWOOD (Ver 716) 3 slpk., 2 badk., braaikamer, 3 x motorhuise. R1 250 000 - GOODWOOD (Ver 682) 4 slpk., 2 badk., 2 x ouma-woonstelle. R1 350 000 - GOODWOOD (Ver 713) 3 slpk., 2 badk., swembad, dubbelmotorhuis. R1 950 000 - AVONDALE (Ver 703) 3 slpk,, 2 badk,, buitekamer, dubbelmotorhuis R2 100 000 - PANORAMA (Ver 718) 3 slpk., studeerk., 3 leefareas, swembad, d/mh. WOONSTELLE/DUPLEKS R290 000 - PAROW (Ver 654) Eenmans-woonstel, netjies kombuis, sekuriteit R450 000 - PAROW-OOS (Ver 711) 2 slpk., mod kombuis, motorhuis, sekuriteit R620 000 - PAROW-WES (Ver 668) Grondvloer, 3 slpk., o/plan komb, park, sekuriteit. Annalien Bergakker 082 702 7117 / 021 930 7117 (k)


PENHILL / KUILS RIVER R1 670 000 On Show SUNDAY 26 JAN. 2014 2-5 PM


± 4000 m² with charming 4 bed home, 3 garages and horse paddocks. Enjoy sunset horse rides through the farmlands in this breath taking Country area. A mere 5 mins from Kuils River and surely Cape Town’s best kept secret! Follow boards from the R 102. Web: 301033719

TRACY STANFORD 084 456 1643 RE/MAX Property Associates Glengarry 021 981 7272



Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014


eksklusief aanlyn by

Waar koper en verkopers mekaar ontmoet

: 0860 11 75 20 -

Hot Red H ot Deals Open Mondays - Saturdays

One Easy Payment

082 257 4164 079 936 6993

T&C apply for All Deal Assessments Bellville: Worcester:

You Need : SA ID, Payslip, Latest Bank + Account Statements for All Deals!

021 949 0458 Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION & Fax to: 086 268 2902

Inside ABSA Bank, 32 Voortrekker Road, 4th Floor (Opposite Shoprite) Tel : 021 949 0458 77 Adderley Street Tel : 023 342 5501 / 023 342 8496


Send a “Please Call Me” to: 071 440 2535


Visit us Monday - Saturday for your same day deal! Loans & Consolidations and so much more!

WENDY 41911 to

from R

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NO DEPOSITS tel: (021)697 3530 fax: (021)696 5397 BBM PIN: 2A4F4005





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SKULD ? Verdrink U In Skuld ? Kan nie meer COPE nie ?



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R 20 000 - from R 500pm R 40 000 - from R 900pm R100 000 - from R1 500pm R200 000 - from R2 800pm

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Loans & Debt

PBC Consult 10x8 15-01-2014 X5D9EG3.cdr

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ONS KAN HELP Ons konsolideer ALLE • Kredietkaarte • Winkelkaarte • Persoonlike lenings • Huislenings • Voertuigpaaiemente • Enige ander rekeningsbetalings



• Beskerming teen REGSAKSIES reël • ALLE skuld herstruktuur • AL jou skuldprobleme OPLOS en meer geld in jou sak laat We also work via fax, email, BBM & WhatsApp.

021 945 4062 / 023 342 3529 / 028 316 2828 SEL: 072 604 3293 FAKS: 021 949 3472 BBM pin 29358EF1

DRSSA 10X8 23-10-13-1CHSUC5.cdr

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A FINANCIAL FIX EXPERT GREAT BARACK MULA .Lost Lovers & Settle Marriages .Divorce & Court Cases .Quick Money & Financial Problems .Luck in Gambling & Casino .Clear all debts and get loan in 24hrs .Quick Selling & Buying of properties .Cleansing & home protection Pay after results. Bellville 0789864993 / 0610878744

. AGAPE Driving school, learner + driver's lessons code 8+10+14. Patient Instructors XMAS SPECIAL Jocelyn 0823360391


*Nightmares about Snakes, Blood, Being chased *Regular Headaches *Mood Swings causing you to have disagreements with people etc. *Sickness & Pains-Medicine is not helping etc. *Constant relationship problems and failures. *Suicidal thoughts, divorce & failures *A General run of bad luck *Unhappiness or depression



A MIRACLE EXPERT MAAMA REMMIE THE HERBALIST .Troubled Marriages & Relationships .Financial problems .Quick Money & get loan in 24hrs, clear Debts, Good luck in business. .Borrow Magicstick & wallet 4 cash .Luck Gambling & Casino .Divorce & Court Cases .Quick selling / buying of property Pay after results. BELLVILLE 0717852704 .

EASY DOES IT Spitbraai Specialist Any weather conditions. Tel:Swannie 0832876746




FOUND JACK RUSSEL FOUND On 28 December 2013 on Bottelary road Kuilsrivier. Call 072 779 7424






SPITBRAAI KING DURBANVILLE Whole lamb in 2 hours CATER 4 ALL FUNCTIONS Tel: 021 976 3939 Tel: 083 457 1060

JUMPING CASTLES for hire. & Kiddies tables and chairs Ph 071 812 1151 or 072 025 0554

. Welgemoed Jumping Castles Tel: 072 1474414/021 9138106 .

DAY CARE & CRĂ&#x2C6;CHES 1410




. A JOLLY JUMP 0215526757 D/ville: Naomi 0723242607/ . All Weather Jumping Castles & Waterslides. Free delivery/ collection in Northern Subs. See for prices/pics. (0836512570/ 0219110595 (a.h.) . JUMPING CASTLES 0747438473 . JUMPING CASTLES 4 HIRE Tel: 0219351773 / 082 4576807 0R 0825941796 .

Parow-Oos. 0 tot 2 jaar. 14 jaar ervaring. Tel: 083 735 2636



ARNO SPITBRAAI For Best Prices Daline 0827288700 . DECKSTER'S CATERING DĂ&#x2030;COR / HIRING Decor / Hiring. Menu's from R120.00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tablecloths, white chair covers organza backdrop, arch & red carpet ( Ielaahm or Rene 021 3714507 / 0823249486



HYPNOSIS CENTRE Tel: 021 975 3620 Kan help met ophou: Rook, Stres, Dwelms en Gewigverlies Kontak Elsie & Chris Britz

NAIL TECH & BEAUTY Parow area - Homebase Tel Karen 072 956 1217

DAY CARE IN GOODWOOD Max 6 kids, full education programme, meals included, From 7:00 - 18:00, qualified lady R900 pm. 0767934545 0215914750 sent via my Blackberry from vodacom let your email find you! . JOIN our happy group Panda Pre-School, Krftn. Open Day Sat. 23/11/2013 0219872760 / 0724524812









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Marriage consultant Same Day Results * Love Spell * Sexual Problems * Bring Back lost lover * Unfinished Job from the other doctors. *Love Powder * Pension Delay * Financial Problems * Short Boys to bring whatever you want Call for Appointment BELLVILLE Call: 072 012 0746 / 0780310049



A BRIDGING LOAN Waiting for Pension/Package payouts? SMS or send "please call me" 082 301 7856 Ph: 0860 105 546 . AA PAWN ANY VEHICLE Lowest interest 5%. ( 0820589735)

R1 000 tot R250 000. SWARTLYS kan ookgehelp word. VIR VINNIGE HULP Tel: 078 505 7696 Faks: 086 511 8277 .



. AANBIED ANY CAR PAWN 0219872277 / 0825584836 . AANBOD: Pawn your vehicle 0219756166/ 0842474726 .

Are u waiting on a PENSION /PROVIDENT payout? Lump sum only. Sms/Call: 0768867655 .



Is op soek na die volgende persone: Janina Hendricks Maria Adams

. VOLMAAN-vriendskapsklub. Enkel en alleen, op soek na jou sielsgenoot? (Elize, 0218010580 / 0713402290 .




100% Magic Ring SAME DAY RESULTS * Love Spell *Bring back lost lover *Having luck in your relationship * Love Problems * Protection of Business & homes. * Removal of bad luck * Court Cases * Financial Problem * Amagundwana Main Road Wynberg & Cape town Call For Appointment Call: 071 058 8715 021 839 5778 . HAMZA Is back with strong muthi * Financial problems * Magic ring and lucky oil * Relationships / marriage problems * Body & property cleansing * Work or business * Free telephone reading * Quick sell of house / farm * Love and work spells * Special duas for all problems * Unfinished jobs Call / SMS your problems 078 714 3258 021 839 3272 Athlone/Gatesville/Rylands Between Elite Food & KFC . HEALER MUSA Financial Problems Magic wallet Love Problems Call 079 750 7803 Parow


LEGAL 1440

. BOEDELS Testamente, egskeidings, voorhuwelikse kontrakte. Bel Gideon 0219484872 Meyer Nel Prokureurs







      !  !  "    







We pay top prices for your unwanted gold (jewellry etc.) Call 021 5593401 / 076 177 6538

en grootmaat. Teerwerk, plaveisel,bouwerk 021 9305411 /



WEDDINGS . A BETTER AFFORDABLE MARRIAGE From Marriage Officer- Patrick 0741004701 / 021 9115357



. ALL GOODS Cash paid for all your unwanted good quality ladies, mens, kids clothing. Shoes, linen, bric 'n brac etc. Christelle 0844081437

. Absoluut die beste! Professionele Fotograaf: Troues, ens. ( 0219137105/ 0834402040 . AFFORDABLE PHOTOS vir alle fotografie en video's. Klein en groot geleenthede. 0219061961 / 0782573737 .

. Amanda of ( 0219397839 0822218014. Beste kontant vir goeie dames-, mans-, kin-derklere en -skoene. Gordyne en beddegoed asook kombuis-ware. Ek kom haal.

PHOTOGRAPHER For all your functions M.STONE 0834561913






. .


KINDERS & VOLWASSENES Ondervind Karate se fantastiese voordele. Ouderdom: Karate: vanaf 4jr HENNIE BOSMAN Tel: 021 913 3084




JR WENDYS 3 X 6m R7500 FLAT ROOF Gratis Voering AFBETALING WELKOM Tel: 021 905 8097 072 870 6973 .




Powerful muthi helps with * Financial problems * Love problems * Men problems * Remove evil spirits * Boost business, rat, magic stick. * Finish unfinished jobs Bellville 0743644420


. EGSKEIDINGS,strafhof ens. Buks vd Schyff 083 462 9298

Please take notice that Angus Maggott intends making application to the Commissioner of CIPC for the reinstatement of Matrix Dye Casting & Eng. cc Reg. 2001003263-23. Please take notice that any objection to the application must be lodged with the Commissioner of the CIPC within twenty on (21) days of the date of the publication here of


WISKUNDE KLASSE * Persoonlike aandag * Graad 8 tot 12 Skakel Johan 0219308098



Money paid after your problem is solved. * Bring back lost lover * Win Lotto/ Cassino *Magic Wallet - R350 * I give good luck & fight bad luck * Clear all bad debts * Promotion at work & Increase salaries * Marriage problems solved. Call for appointment on 0847129251


MUSIEKSKOOL. Klavier, klawerbord, kitaar, blokfluit, orrel, viool, tjello, teorie. % 021 981 2696 / 083 261 5854

AANDAG BETAAL KONTANT VIR ALLE 2DE-HANDSE meubels, beddens, Kontak me Snyders . sitk.stelle, by : 021 939 9120 yskaste, stowe, elektriese 2ND HAND . ware, kombuisware, BUILDING MATERIAL breek-goed, beddegoed, & FURNITURE BELASTING klere, ens. Tel 021 932 7200 Opgawe en konsultasie ( 0215587546/ Buy & sell, collect & deliver Individue en 0824100405 Baths, toilets, basins, klein besighede doors,windows, etc. . Quantum Portefeuljes Tel 021 - 932 7200 0824983738 of (Bestuurder) ATTENTION 0219751615 Adriaan Combrinck op CASH PAID . 061 453 0012 FOR ALL SECOND. HAND FURNITURE, . PSYCHIC MIA Beds, lounge suits, stoves, For accurate answers to all 5M, SAND, STONE, fridges & bric a brac. problems, SMS your name, Tel: 082 709 6443 0215587546/ date of birth and a specific 0824100405 . question to 38381. BOUSAND & KLIP . Bruinklip, rivierklip R10 per sms GOLD WANTED TO BUY kompos,topsoil. klein . SIENER / PSYCHIC Pieter 0219103499




BADISA Tygerberg


Here comes Matimbe the specialist love doctor who can solve any problem: Problem in love life Listen to you &love you Marriage/Divorce prob Not sleep with anyone Any problems GOOD RESULTS 074 025 545



. MASSAGE THERAPIST Reg. AHPCSA - also Travel. (Sharon 0834042636 In Durbanville area. .




* Golden Produkte* Onafhanklike GNLD Verspreider. ( 0215532343 of 0721738763

EXCLUSIVO CATERING E: Tel:083 412 8775










Katmannetjie, jonk, gesteriliseer â&#x20AC;&#x201C; naam: JET Weg sedert 12 Des 2013. Bereid om â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;n groot kontant vergoeding te gee om hom terug te kry. Bel asseblief vir Christine by 083 7612390/021 9876522

. ALL CODES: Learners classes, driving lessons code 8. Contact Charmaine 0722101774/0215912575 DRIVE DYNAMICS . DRIVE WITH TYGERBERG Safe Driving, K53 code 08 Special 3 lessons @ R360 0219303799/0826701766 .

HERBALIFE 0219814697 Independent Distributor. ( AndrĂŠ 0716843501 Beatrice 0826853428

Meet Mr Ben at home in Table View. Call 071 030 1891






. Tiny Toes Speelgroepie Ouderdom 2-TOT 5JR Ure 9:00 tot 12:00 Opleiding: 4 & 5 en 6 educare Proteavallei, Bellville Beskikbaar vir aupair werk Skakel 021 9133759

. AANKOPER van boeke en boekversamelings.KONTANT 0215923460 / 0844360842 . EK KOOP BOEKE en langspeelplate. 0826708987



We will help!! - Protection against legal action - Stop garnishees on your salary - Provision for monthly expenses - One payment per month - No more harrasment from creditors - Improve your family life with Stability and peace of mind

Phone toll free:

0800 205 196 OR SMS â&#x20AC;&#x153;DEBTâ&#x20AC;? to 34877





A1 FURNITURE SHOP Koop alle tweedehandse beddens/meubels/ breekware. KOM DADELIK 083 565 1685 021 982 4176 . AANDAG: ANET KOOP Huisinhoud, "Brick-a-brack", kombuisware silwerware, porselein, antieke ware. Skakel: 0828379903 / 0219870646 . AARON WANTS ENTIRE Home Contents. Best Prices. 021 557 9900 / 074 554 6614

AANDAG AAN ALMAL DIRK BETAAL KONTANT Vir alle 2de-handse meubels, kombuisware, ens. 0215589815/ 0824432640 . ATTENTION ALL BAREND BUYS 2ND HAND FURNITURE & APPLIANCES FOR CASH Beds, fridges, wardrobes etc. Call now (0828482880 .

AUCTION INTERACTION Ons koop en verkoop alle bruikbare meubels. KOM DADELIK. ALLE AREAS WERNER 083 565 1685 / 021 982 4176

. CARPETS, etc. CLEANING 0215920626/0824287163 .



''MAAK TOE'' Met Vibracrete Mure of Verhogings. ''Spikes'' Kontak: Willie Els 0765825942 / 021 9873369 .

ALL BUILD CONSTRUCTION Alterations Plans Paving Renovations Painting



"THERE IN A FLASH" We BUY 2nd Hand Furniture & Appliance Tel: 021 591 5708 GOODWOOD .




Tel: Calie Vermeulen 083 607 8589 E-pos:calievermeulen@ . ALLE Plaveisel. Goeie verwysing. 0761244713 . AWILL BOUERS. NHBRC- gereg. Aanbouings, strukturele betonwerk, nuwe huise, afdakke & verfwerk. (William 0722297619 . CARPORTS, Vibracrete walls, extentions & houses, paving, and plans. 0822999111 / 0218289691


. . DIAMANTE/GOUD. Voor u Verkoop: Raadpleeg my eers. BESTE PRYS: 0837774177 . GOUD & DIAMANTE BENODIG 021 5911138 / 0824564104 . OLD CUTLERY&SILVER Wanted 082 4564104 . WANTED OLD COINS, bank notes, medals , wind-up watches, any condition. Ph 076 104 8511 .


. AANDAG ALMAL: ALLE GROOTMENS-DOEKE beskikbaar. Laagste pryse in die Wes-Kaap. Skakel Vera of Dian Tel: 021 5911104 .



MOBILE DOG WASH & DIP Good service, low rates. Hennie ( 0762201607



. ALLE Huisinhoud, antiekware, juweliersware, speelgoed, klere benodig 082 963 8877 .

Ek betaal KONTANT

Vir 2de handse en nuwe kleure, skoene, beddegoed, gordyne, breekgoed, potte, panne,kombuisware & meubels, alle elektriese ware,ensovoorts. $ HARDE $ KONTANT $! Tel: Johan 074 474 4275

CORWA BOUERS Alle tipe bouwerk. Restorasie werk van Huise Opsit van hout afdakke as ook toemaak van bestaande. Skakel: Cornel 078434 8706 . HERMISYS (PTY) LTD CONSTRUCTION For All your desired Plans WE SPECIALISE IN: . Building of new Houses & Alterations (Add on's) . Building of boundary walls (Brick & vibracrete) . Garages & Carports (Galvanised) . Tiling . Plumbing . Painting . Paving For free Quotations Contact Dewald Gerber at 0827209247 or

HOMECARE BUILDING PROJECTS . ALLE BOUWERK . PAVING . GRENSMURE . VERFWERK . ALUMINIUM: Windows & Doors Professionele diens. ( 0219762622/ 0839507870/ 0834419141 .




CARPET AFFAIRS Professional cleaning of carpets, upholstery, loose rugs. Steamcleaning 90% dry. Extra spot and stain treatment. QUALITY GUARANTEED ( Matty Erasmus at 0219198786/ 0837666348




Alle Bouplanne Vir nuwe huise en aanbouings. Skakel Louis 0219033730 BOUPLANNE Billike fooie. Flink, kundige diens. 30 jr ondervinding estetiese ontwerpe. SACAP - Reg. Goedkeuring. Alle Ure:021 9038063 Mike 0835647227 .

BUILDING PLANS Excellent services and prompt delivery. Call Karel ( 0724465054/ 021 9814788 .


. JAMACS KASTE Vir kombuis en slaapkamerkaste asook verandering van bestaande. Skakel Jacques 0837640249 / 021 9823071




AESTHETIC HOME Design & Plans approval www.pinnacleArchitects Tel.0723400574

. AFT AIRCON & FRIDGE Repairs Installations & services free quotes 0727876582 . AIR-CON & FRIDGE Repair, Installation, Services & Sales. 0219451376/ 0789011594 .


REPAIR: Fridges, Stoves, Washing machines,Tumble Dryers,Aircons,Dishwasher ON SITE REPAIRS. Tiaan 082 776 2393 / 021 917 1620 . ALL APPLIANCES REPAIRED ON SITE Fridges, stoves, washing machines with guarantee and regas from R180 Skakel Francois 0798381851

. 1805

. A SPECIAL CARPET CLEANING SPECIAL 3 Bdrms for R350 6 Seater Couches for R350 Beds, Curtains & Cars Contact Rob 0792484296 web email . ALFA Matskoonmakers vir matte banke motors. Toesig. Beatrix 081 560 4744 .

CLEANING SERVICES Homes, offices and spring cleaning. 021 9499082 / 0743096830 .







Fridges,washing machines, stoves, dishewashers & tumbledriers FREE QUOTES anywhere, anytime

Francois tel/Fax: 021 987 7775 or Cell: 072 588 4702 . Fridges & Deep Freezers wanted Working or not WILL PAY CASH! Tel: 072 592 2507 . FRIDGES WANTED Dead or alive. We will collect. Cash offer. (0717109299 . FRIDGES, tv's & double / single beds URGENTLY WANTED! (021) 911 3366 /083 377 7223 .

GI ELECTRICAL 4 Electrical Installation & Maintenance 24 hours. Compliance Certification Call Gordon 0794640362 .

. AERIAL SATELLITE SERVICES Have DStv/Aerial Problems? * No Signal? * Picture breaking up? * Re-installations? We do: Home Theatre, Extra Points, TOP TV install Call Vincent 0822689339 Same day response.


. DSTV INSTALLATIONS 0215580834 / 0828800843 CONTACT DEON .

Pierre 082 375 4121 . STEVE'S SATELLITE SERVICES DSTV & antennae installation (HD PVR), extra points, home theatre system. CONTACT: 073 161 0655

PRO FIX TV Repairs to all makes of TV's, Plasmas and LCD's. Free pick-up & deliveries. Aerial & DStv installations. 0219317616/ 0832949931

. Wasmasjiene, Yskaste & Stowe . Herstel deur mobiele werkswinkel (0219399338. 0746082411 .

WE DO REPAIRS On all appliances. Regassing done on all types of fridges @ R180. Tel. 0782128078 10 months' guarantee! . WORKING FRIDGES WANTED Collect and pay up to R800 (0717109299 .


. ON-SITE PC REPAIRS Upgrades, networking, ADSL set-up, virus removals. Free quotes. ( WERNER at 0837880876 or 0219824951 .



BAKKIE TE HUUR Sonder drywer R350 per dag Kontak: 0826806393


BRIDES - Bridesmaids

Dresses & Accessories TO HIRE Dummy cakes also. Call Julie 021 981 6876 /Pat 083 485 5145


Eienaar toesig. Free quotes

Willie 073 228 3929

ACE GARDEN REFUSE REMOVAL 1 ton bakkie & trailer. Garden refuse, treefelling, once off clean ups & small rubble loads. R450 per load. Selwyn ( 0832676181


Vir alle herstelwerk en installasies. Tv, M-net, DSTV en tuisteater









DStv AND AERIAL REPAIRS AND INSTALLATIONS DStv packages fully installed for R599. HD PVR installations from R2299. Service call repair charge of R150. 0832882757



ALLE BOUPLANNE Skakel Izak 021 981 4352 of 082 9200 839



. ALL CARPETS STEAM CLEANED @R380 for 3 ave carpets Leonie 0845932223



CARPORTS/ PATIO COVERS Best prices for the best quality from reputable 22 year old business. 0834148103/ 0218581873



. ACH GARDEN @ HOME MAINTENANCE Rommel verwydering, Gras sny dienste, Skoonmaak van erwe. Algemene huis onderhoud en verfwerk. Persoonlike toesig. Plaveisel van klein areas Anton 0712009618 / 0712009616


Built-in Cupboards

Vir beste prys, kwaliteit, in alle areas. Tel:Brian by 0219495001/082 8546051

(25 Years Exp) Free QUOTES On Site Colour 3D Designs Call Erica 084 611 2037 .


Tuinuitleg, algehele skoonmaak, afsaag van bome, snoeiwerk. *PERSOONLIKE TOESIG* Tel: 021 903 1272 Tel: 082 775 0977 .

BLUESCAPE Well points and irrigation. Tel: 072 293 8270 . Boomsloop, snoei, verwyder ( 0219301258/0747892176 .





Potting Soil & Bark. *Delivery to all areas* Tel: 021 903 2001 -www. .


Tuinvullis verwydering. Tel 083 458 3416/988-0374

. LADY LAWN We are suppliers of kikuyu, L/M Berea, Buffalo, kompos, topsoil. 0725466548 . LAWNS 4 U We deliver & install kikuyu, LM Berea, Buffalo, Gulf Green, Cynodin 0843913424 . LOWEST PRICES - TREE FELLING. FULLY INSURED Prompt service with care. (0827097129 .

. VIR VERWYDERING VAN TUIN EN BOUROMMEL T :Johan 083 985 3477/021 825 5701



Aaron's Cupboards Specials on f/f.kitchens & bedrooms. 25yrs exp. 0219816565/ 0829374869 . ALL BUILD IN CUPBOARDS Kitchens, Bedrooms, TV units + Office furniture (Private/Builders/Developers) 35YRS EXP WITH REF'S John 0837347050 / 021 9192085

GOLD Kruger Rands

Burst Geysers, Block drains, Solar,Heat Pumps,Elements 082 502 0362


. FIRST CHOICE TILING Tiling from R50/sqm Plumbing, Bricklaying, Skimming, laminated flooring, painting plastering. wallpaper hanging Skakel 0744840288 . Jade Upholsteres and Interior Decorators TIRED OF YOUR OLD LOUNGE SUITE ? Phone us for a free quote&we will guarantee excellent work -manship on reupholstering yours into a brand new one. T:078 688 1951/0769120305 Tel/fax 021 909 1882

. REPAIR ALL YOUR BROKEN BUILT-IN CUPBOARDS And single units, replace counter tops and broken cupboard doors, built in undercounter ovens, Eye level and drop in sinks, and all other carpentery work done.

AANDAG LOODGIETER Skakel HANS die loodgieter ek werk self !!! 0741929804 . AHA Burglar Bars & Gates Tel: 021 933 1647 083 542 1097 of 021 909 1807 . ALL HRS HANDY MAN 4 efficient & affordable home maintenance. Building, Woodwork, Painting, Carports, Facias, Gutters, Roofing, flooring, Tel: David 072 422 6787 Web ad: www. .

ALL TILING Do work myself, Mike 076 9364153 / 0219307015 . Attorney: Divorce, Criminal Matters 0219493619 Rob v.d. Linde .

MRS Gold Kraaifontein Brighton Kipling Rd 19

072 737 3472 082 074 7618 .

. PLUMBING MAINTENANCE Quinton 084 564 2451 .

UPHOLSTERY REPAIRS & Riempie Replacements Call 084 529 0472 .

PAINTING . ABRIE VERF/PAINT 0219816805/0833283628



RITTER PAVING, PRECAST & CIVILS Paving, tar, Vibrecrete walls, civils, steelwork, garage door/gate installations & automations, gas installation & maintenance. (Authorised installer.) Electric fencing. Quality service assured. 0860556666 0828995682 .



BUDGET PAVE Affordable Paving Call 0215596148


ALL PAVING MR PAVEMAN Vanaf R60 per m SKAKEL: 079 025 5592 . MR PAVING Alle plaveisel vanaf R110 per m2. Alls ingsl. Ph: 072 132 5573

. . BELLY DANCE CLASSES Beginner to intermediate Bellville Area.. For info call or sms Michelle 0822912976 .





. ALLE VERFWERK. Billik met toesig Frikkie 076 973 9100

Phone 071 8121 151

RETIEF BOOMSLOPING Gratis kwotasie tenvolle verseker TREEFELLING FREE QUOTATIONS Fully insured (0827097129


Silver, Platinum Broken Jewelry, Diamonds




. KONTANT vir klere, skoene, linne, breekware, ens. Ek kom haal. Lorraine 0722499482 .

A BEST TILER All tiling wall and floor, from R30 m Call Desmond 0219883295/ 0725661281


. AM LANDSCAPING Trellises, plants, pots, pavers, water features, stone, bark & roll-on lawn. New & up-grading of irrigation systems. I beat any written quote. Anton 082 729 3811 .

Ewald De Goede 082 312 3601 ewalddegoede



AFSAAG VAN BOME Wegry van tuinvullis David 0726769651 021 9755084

HANDYMAN Need that household job done? Galloping Granddads of the Northern Suburbs. Call: Richard 082 5777 842







. ACH GARDEN @ HOME MAINTENANCE Rommel verwydering, Gras sny dienste, Skoonmaak van erwe. Algemene huis onderhoud en verfwerk. Persoonlike toesig. Plaveisel van klein areas Anton 0712009618 / 0712009616

Afsaag en snoei van bome en palms Hannes 082 082 3116

Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014


 ! # !  "  !   %     !

! $







A Qualified Licenced Plumber All Plumbing work Plumbing Certificates (C.O.C.) Call Clint 083 629 3302 .


Geyser replacements Blocked drains Bathroom renovations General maintenance

Qualified plumber Shane Carney Cell: 084 651 3596 Tel: 021 838 2927 .

. BUILDING & ROOFING Paving, braai rms, boundary walls, bathrms, plumbing, garages,carports NHBRC 24/7. Plans guaranteed. Tel: 082 956 7776 / 021 982 1309

. DAKSKOONSPUIT asook mure/plaveisel Herman 0724517102 021 981 4961 . PAVING FRIEND: Special offer on cement pavers, any colour. Complete job from R128 per m2. Tel: 0716478026


. DIEFWERING, SPAANSE DIEFWERING, HEKKE, ROLHEKKE & HEININGS Gratis kwotasies en kwaliteit persoonlike diens deur eienaar. Petrus of Ivan 073 173 9752 of 021 9517249



UNIVERSAL PAVING Gratis kwotasie vir alle areas Skakel 021 9454455 0732631191 (Mnr Boonzaaier)

ELECTRICIAN Michael 021 939 2543/ 082 479 6083


Gerhard. 083 732 2556

RCM Plumbing



Tel: 021 948 3070 Tel: 083 326 5009

Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014 .





. BOU-/TUIN-/MOTORHUIS -rommel. Tel: 0790259221 . Call Martin 084 907 5513 RUBBLE REMOVAL Garden Refuse, Renovation Rubble, Garage junk. .

Brackenfell (naby Cape Gate) Vanaf R495 pm incl VAT 021 982 7426 Storage4

AD Transport

Household, Office & Shop removals Best quality guaranteed Local & Long distance. Tel: 021 949 2949

. ROMMELVERWYDERING, Melinda 0219305411



AMAZING MOVES ( 0219314427/ 0837230263

VERWYDERING van alle vullis en bourommel asook skoonmaak van erwe. Louw, % 083 413 0701 Eienaartoesig.





 *".   )!$2 *  " )2 & .) * 2      1$..$"*  .$)  .* 2  

SWEMBAD DIENSTE *Pompe *Filters *Lekke Tel: DJ 072 589 2802


. BILLIKE pryse vir meubelvervoer.( 0219310328 e.t. .

OPPORTUNITIES . 50 AVON Agente gesoek in Noord Voorstede. Antoinette. 0219192986/ 0829651992 .


 1+ *1 +'   1+ *1 &+



Enige tyd beskikbaar Gratis kwotasie Eienaar bestuur self Anthonie 082 611 5631/021 930 4565

A2B Afford-A-Move FURNITURE REMOVALS OWNER SUPERVISION Tiaan Cell 0835014019 Hannes Cell 0832775391

Earn EXTRA Money By selling AVON Products Sms name & area to Tel: 0823429293 .

. .

DUMINY'S TRANSPORT Transport all goods from Cape Town to PE and all areas. All hours., Contact Heno 0845033097

 + #,0! +))!%  #% %#', +3", %#7  #''+ 7 '30 5!0 +)0,  '3  00+,, '4+, 4!##        


'3!, 92 - &1& 6 9. .(9 -(9

 $!# $'4!%0#"'$,*%0 555*+$'4#,#,,*'*8

SERVICES . ALL ACCOUNTING, tax, payroll & all Reg. 0219305310 .

. Alle bakkies / motors gesoek. 082 558 4836 /021 987 2277 . Alle bakkies / motors gesoek. 021 97 56166 / 084 247 4726 .








Become a Justine rep, sms name and area to 083 391 4754




AANBOD Ek soek nie-lopende, stukkende of ongelukbeskadigde voertuie. Ek betaal kontant en verwyder u voertuig gratis uit enige gebied Tel. 021 949 6066 / 076 211 1620




AANBOD AAN ALLE EIENAARS Ons koop nie-lopende of beskadigde voertuie vir kontant. Beste pryse. Ons verwyder gratis. Skakel 083 294 8428 of 021 949 9083

Become a Avon rep, sms name and area to 083 391 4754







DE BRON (Kenridge)

. "ALL Bakkies, Cars, Micro Busses and Bikes Wanted." PHONE 082 058 9735




CHARL STEYN Cutting & Trimming of Trees & Palms Stump removal. Owner supervision 15 years exp. Tel:0713470717


$)   ,%  )$

 % -$ # $)% .)%



TREE FELLING/PRUNING Clean-ups, irrigation, wellpoints. Phone Kevin: 0219825111 or 0829514078



. AANDAG ALLE VERKOPERS Ons koop motors/bakkies Ek betaal TOP PRYSE. Marius 079 442 5550



. AA ENGELBRECHT MEUBELVERVOER en stoor vanaf R300 p.m. Verpakking materiaal te koop. T: 0748981387/ 021 5920923 0832312964 of 021 981 3053





A2Z Mini Movers (Eienaars toesig) Tel: 083 255 6148


*AAA TREE FELLING * Pruning and Felling of Trees and Palms. Stump removal. Deneys Steyn: 083 769 9286

. PRICE POOLS For all your pool equipment and servicing needs Jaco Visser 0823369984

. ( 0848400087 GETAWAY Trailer hire. 24-uur diens. . 1.3 TON KIA BAKKIE met drywer. Bellville omgewing R60 per uur en R5per km. 0799954815 . 1.3-ton bakkies/Tipper. Transport anything. 0837839458 . 5 TON CLOSE TRUCK For Removals and Courier. (021 9341131 0827748511

RUBBLE 8-ton truck CALL 0828459998


. MEUBELVERVOER met persoonlike toesig. 0219451376/0833038684



'     ( 30 /+/ +/00 , 30% # 00+3

 !""#   !""#



REYNECKE'S REMOVALS No move too small. Storage & packaging available. Tel./fax: 0215910375 / 0832274245 /0832331784






. PAROW: Vir 'n vriendin, baie slank, Matriek-tot-30jr. 081 536 7430 (Rik) .


. BOSTON/BELLVILLE Oumawoonstel vir enkel persoon, beskikbaar vanaf 1 Februarie 2014. R3 000 p.m. Skakel 084 948 2141 .


Een slaapkamer woonstel te huur met veilige staanplek vir motor aan werkende dame bo 50 jaar R3600.00 p.m. water/krag ingesluit. Kontak Susan by 021 9823431



. GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. 6&8 sleeper R1000p/n 0795224309. .



. Brackenfell/Morgenster Hoogte Groot "bachelor" woonstel beskikb. vanaf 1 Maart 2014. Vir enkel, sober, nie-rokende, werkende persoon. E&W, DStv en park. ing. R4 450 p.m. Skakel Jackie 082 471 3933 . KRAAIFONTEIN: 1 bed flat. R2 800 p.m. excl. E&W. SMS KRF to 081 725 9848. Pls. don't call. . PLATTEKLOOF II "Bachelor"-w/stel met eie ingang met sek. hekke. Semi-gemeub. Beskikb. 1 Mrt. R3 800 p.m. ADSL beskikbaar & landlyn. SKAKEL 082 532 5105 .






44 STRAND STREET, BELLVILLE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 021 949 8124 / 5 / 6 Fax 021 949 8119 Johan du Toit on 083 269 1714

â&#x20AC;˘ Engine Rebuilding â&#x20AC;˘ Reboring â&#x20AC;˘ Servicing â&#x20AC;˘ Cylinder Head Reconditioning â&#x20AC;˘ Crankshaft Grinding â&#x20AC;˘ Balancing

. ALL CANOPIES: Sell or Pawn. Instant Cash. Phone 082 058 9735 . GESOEK: Canopies, trailers, cars & bakkies. Pawn as well. 021987 2277/082 558 4836 .


. ALL your motor vehicle repairs if you cant come to me, I will come to you. Call: 082 301 6618 . ALLE DIESEL-ENJINS: Herstelwerk. Billike tariewe. Skakel 073 092 7128 . ALLE HERSTELWERK, dienste aan alle voertuie in alle areas. Billike tariewe. Tel. 083 529 9972

WAARBORG: 12 maande/Ongeag die kilometers

Tel. 021 981 8171/2 Faks 021 981 8173 Johan Du Toit by 083 269 1714


Kom besigtig gerus ons uiters moderne & netjiese fasiliteit: Taurusstraat 14, BRACKENFELL

Goodwood, Daffke Court - 2 bedr. flat @ R4 300. Available immediately. Close to transport & amenities. Goodwood, Moredou - 2 bedr. flat @ R4 500. Available immediately. Secure block with off street parking. Parow, Lawley Court - 2 bedr. flat @ R4 360 including parking bay. Available immediatley. Close to transport and amenities. Parow, Marshlou Court - 2 bedr. flat @ R4 920 including parking bay. Available immed. Close to transport and Parow's commercial node. Bellville, Karoo Court - Neat 1 bedr. flats from R3 800. Avail. immediately. Spacious, newly renovated. Close to transport and shops. Bellville, Rosemary Court - 2 bed flat from R4 650 including a parking bay. Avail. immediately. Brooklyn, Marana Court - 1 bedr. flat @ R3 250. Situated in Poole Street, Brooklyn. Available immediately. Close to amenities. Brooklyn, Marana Court - 2 bedr. flat @ R3 800. Situated in Poole Street, Brooklyn. Available immediately. Close to amenities. Contact 021 426 1184/5 or visit our website:

. TYGERFALLS - 2 slpk. woonstel, naby Tygervallei. 1 badk, i.g.k., oond/stoof, 24 uur sekuriteit, CCTV, DStv, internet, veilige onderdak park. Onmid. beskikb. R5 500 p.m. Belinda â&#x20AC;&#x201C;, 021 914 7515, 072 533 0743 .




R2800 p.m. excluding W/L. Perfect for student. Tel : 021 945 4100 a.h. Mobile 071 859 7103


Netjiese batchelor w/s te huur vir enkel persoon vanaf 01/03/2014 by woonhuis. Privaat met eie ingang, kitchenette en motorhuis. Geen troeteldiere. R3400pm + Krag Skakel 0832422138 of epos:

. OAKDALE / BELLVILLE Unfurnished small bachelor flat behind house available 1 Feb, R3500/month and 1 months deposit. This includes water & Elec. BIC's + kitchenette with built in fridge & stove. Security gate, lockup garage. Only single person will be considered - no pets or children. Ph: Wendy 0828946405 . OUMAWOONSTEL, semi gemeub, enkel persoon, geen diere of kinders, sober gewoontes. Veilige parkering, aparte ingang. R2 900 elek. ingesl.+ deposito. Vaste inkomste. Vanaf 1 Feb. 083 714 5485 .


. DURBANVILLE R14 000 p.m. Large 4 bed, 3 en-suite + additional bath & small lounge in main bedroom. Kitchen, lounge, dining room, guest toilet, undercover braai, 2 x garage. Complex has club house with pool, gym, squash & tennis court, braai facilities, crèche. Available 1 March or April. BRIAN MOORE PAM GOLDING PROPERTIES 021 975 7209 / 083 651 7790

TYGERBURGER Goodwood 19 .

AFTREEOORDE SPESIALIS Huise te koop: Villa Cortona R1 880 000 2 slpk., 2 badk., ruim leefarea, toegeboude patio. Enkelmotorhuis. Woonstelle te koop: Villa Cortona 2 slpk. R980 000 1 slpk. R850 000 La Vie Est Belle Hulpsorg 1 slpk. R795 000 Skakel of sms LENIE DU PREEZ 082 852 4593 . PAROW-NOORD Volle losies vir bejaarde dames in privaat woonhuis, 3 maaltye, wasgoed, medikasiebeheer en versorging ingesluit. Vanaf R4000 p.m. Skakel Sonya 021 939 5995 .








Andante *2 slpk. 2 badk., oopplan, mh. R950,000 *2 slpk., 1 badk. R680,000 Welverdiend * Luukse eemans-ws. R730,000 SUNETTE 082 656 2852 La Vie Este Belle * Mooi hulpsorg w/s R780,000 Meerenbosch *3 slpk. huis, studeerk., o.dak braai, mh. R1,790,000 (kontant) Panorama Palms *1 slpk. woonstel, groot. R1,072,000 *Eenmans-woonstel R520,000 Nuwe uitbreiding *Slegs 3 x 2 slpk. w/s met onderdak parkering beskikbaar. R1,280,000 Villa Cortona *2 slpk., 2 badk., braaik., studeerkamer, mh., ens. R1,900,000 Vue du Cap *2 slpk. huise, 2 badk., 3 leefareas, motorhuis. vanaf R1,050,000 *2 slpk. huis met mh. R850,000 LINETTE 082 852 7632


Andante *Ruim 1 slpk., 1 badk. R5 000 p.m. SUNETTE 082 656 2852 Meerenbosch *1 slpk. w/stel (Groot) R4 550 p.m. *2 slpk. woonstel. R5 300 p.m. *Groot kamer. R2 600 p.m. LINETTE 082 852 7632 . BELLA VISTA - BELLVILLE GEPRYS OM TE VERKOOP Pragtige studio woonstelle 38 m2 groot, teĂŤls/matte. Mooi badk. Vanaf R195,000 WOONSTELLE TE HUUR Studio woonstelle beskikbaar te huur teen R2 800 p.m. Kontak Bella Vista spesialis Marlies - 082 775 7145 / 021-949-7222 (K)



2 Slpk. R890 000 1 Slpk. R690 000 SKAKEL 084 247 1509

Lovely Sunny furnished room with private bathroom/ shower to let. Available 1st Feb. 2014 R2 300pm W&E included Call: 021 987 0815 Call: 084 811 4724



*20 Receptionists/Office Admin staff *30 Cashiers *20 Barmen *30 Waitrons *20 Porters *10 Data Capturers *10 Cruize ship staff * 8 Flight attendents/Cabin crew *50 Cleaners/Housekeepers Visit us at 112 Loop Street, Cape Town, or CALL 021 424 5949/ 021 820 3682/0780621672


CASHIER Convenience store in Panorama requires a Cashier to work shifts. Own transport essential. Must be well spoken in English and Afrikaans. No experience required. Salary up to R 4000 p.m. Fax 2 page CV to 021 930 2123. If not contacted within 2 weeks, application was unsuccessful. .

CURVES Ladies Gym Cobble Walk, Durbanville Requires a






ADMIN/CLERICAL Admin/Reception position for mature or semi-retired, billingual lady experienced in healthcare practice. Fax short CV to 021 981 5572 .



Company in Atlantis req. Experienced Maintenance Electrician with valid driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s license & own transport. N3 electrical with relevant factory, machine fault finding exp. Fax CV to: 021-5771777 E-mail: robert. Closing date: 31/01/2014 .


Applicants must be bilingual, friendly, enthusiastic and comfortable working with women of all ages. Must have basic computer skills and be prepared to work shifts. Position also includes general office duties, sales and promotions. Training provided, but previous experience in the fitness industry or nutrition would be an advantage. Call Jan at 0739804740 or send a CV to jan.curves@



Earn extra money by selling Avon Products. SMS name & area to 0845163353. . EMPIRE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD Reg. No.: 2012/233199/07 HOSPITALITY STAFF NEEDED * Waiters 120 * Bar Staff 80 * Housekeepers 55 * Chefs - enquire at office. For an interview, call George 083 398 1697 (Whatsapp) Miki 076 876 0070 (Whatsapp) Elvis, 078 5873289 (Whatsapp) .


EMPLOYMENT OFFEED FITMENT CENTRE Counter hand for position in Goodwood area. Experience and driver's licencse required. Salary Negotiable Please contact Llwellyn 021 932 6214 oh.



Kode 10 Drywer met PDP Pos beskikbaar vir kode 10 drywer met PDP. Tenminste 3 jaar ondervinding 'n vereiste. Faks CV na 021 987 5819



Young, energetic and experienced lady required for class of 3 year olds in well established Pre School in Brackenfell (English speaking only), to start 3 February. Working hours 7 a.m - 4pm. Phone 021 982 2947 between 8a.m & 5p.m to arrange interview. .

EMPLOYMENT WANTED . Aandag Huisvrouens Betroubare inslaaphuishulpe beskikbaar. 021 9812009 of 0825775307


Engen Welgemoed Personeel benodig vir Steers. Ondervinding in Fast Food sal voorkeur geniet. Faks CV na 021 913 8982 . HONEY FASHION ACCESSORIES EARN EXTRA MONEY 0823715802/ .

Jobless? Got Matric? General warehouse positions available. Shift work. 021 982 0214/ 0620






Justine Cosmetics Earn extra, sell Justine. SMS name and area to 082 412 5505.








. MEISIES/DAMES VANAF OUDERDOM 16 EN OP MET selfvertroue, wel ter tale en wat dit geniet om saans te werk. Geen vervoer nodig nie. Uitstekende kontant-aansporings vir dié wat dit geniet om in 'n prettige omgewing te werk. Tel. Chantelle 0219812487 tussen 10:00 en 16:00.

Pepkor IT Nurturing the Future of IT Development in SA

Ons gaan 6 nuwe aanstellings vir ons bemarkings afdeling doen. Vereistes:


Ons is opsoek na 3 reps in en om die Weskaap. * Afrikaans * Matriek * Ondervinding / Studies in Bemarking Ons bied: * Basies - R8 500 p/m * Voordele * Volledige opleiding * Groei geleenthede Skakel Maxine op 021 911 3132 vir 'n moontlike onderhoud. .


Vacancies! Just Matriculated? General work available. Shifts in Warerhouse. 021 982 0214/ 0620 . VOERTUIGEBESTUURDERS Het u u eie betroubare voertuig en geldige rybewys? Ouderdom 21 - 35 jaar? Verdien ekstra kontant deur saans in 'n prettige omgewing te werk. Skakel Chantelle tussen 10:00 en 16:00 by Tel 021 982 1876

* Studies of ondervinding in bemarking * Eie vervoer * Volledig tweetalig (insl. AFR.) Slegs voltydse aansoekers! * Basies R8 500 * Wins * Voordele * Ontwikkeling na senior bestuur * Volledige kontrak Skakel Mariska op 021 911 3117 om aansoek te doen. .

Opwindende werksgeleenthede beskikbaar in die Juweliers industrie – Tygervalley, Kaapstad Lughawe & Canal Walk Ons is opsoek na professionele kandidate wat ‘n passie het vir Verkope, Bemarking en Kliëntediens.

Pepkor IT bele in die jeug van SA Is dit jou droom om IT te studeer, maar kan dit nie bekostig nie? Indien jy ‘n Suid Afrikaanse burger is wat tussen 18 – 21 jaar is en 50% of meer vir Wiskunde gekry het in matriek (Wiskunde Lit uitgesluit), gaan na om jou aanlyn aansoek te voltooi om deel te wees van ons 1 jaar leerderskap. Die suksesvolle kandidate sal verskillende tipes opleiding ontvang wat aanlyn opleiding, werksopleiding asook opleiding van ‘n formele IT opleidingsinstituut behels. Aansoeke sluit 31 Januarie 2014.


VOL ENGERGIE!! Jonk, lus vir die lewe, vol energie, maar "BROKE". Nuwe divisie in groot suksesvolle maatskappy het die deur oopgemaak vir die regte twee jong mense. Verdien R5 000 jou eerste maand en trek voordele uit ons pakket van R5 000 + bonusse + cell, vervoer en behuisings voordele. Phone Samantha 021 949 2929 .

We have vacancies for experienced PALLET NAIL GUN OPERATORS in the Eersteriver area. Please telephone 021 843 3110 to apply or fax your CV to 086 521 1137




Pos vereistes sluit in: * Merkwaardige klientediens * Entoesiasme * Self-motivering, en * Sterk kommunikasie vaardighede * Ervaring in verkope / bemarking sal in u guns tel. E-mail aansoeke na: recruitment@ .

Sales Representatives Looking for people with no experience to join our exciting team. 20 Permanent posts available. No training fee. Contact 021 824 4017 or email CV to .





. Athi Qina is looking for every day char work 2 yr exp. call: 0844522804 . Bongi is looking for 2 day Char work 10 yr exp. call: 0715847376



Experienced Operator/Student needed for upmarket salon. Please contact Petru, 021 975 7591.


isi :V

Is it your dream to study IT? Can't afford to get started or complete your studies? If you are a South African citizen, between 18 - 20 and have achieved 50% or more for Mathematics (Maths literacy does not apply), go to to complete your online application for 1 year learnership. The successful candidates will receive free training including online and on the job training, as well as additional training by recognised IT institutions. Applications are open from 16 January 2014 31 January 2014.


Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014


. Bukeka is looking for everyday char work 6yrs exp. hardworker. call: 0783754106 . Caroline is looking for every day work. call: 0832455847 . Char 10 yr exp. Avail immed. Tel. 082 900 7715 . Char, I am looking for everyday char, good ref: Bongiwe 0742278785 . Char, For 3 days Tues. to Fri. Awre. ref: 0785079839 . Char, mon. to thurs. ph. 0711030803 . Char, Margaret looking for char or care giver work, exp. ph. 0720194617 . Char, everyday char work call: 0761367142 . Char, Buyiswa looking for 2day charwork good ref. call. 0834847618 . Char, Vuyelwa is looking for a job, Gr12 & 24yrs call: 0789299913 . Char, Margaret Pato Looking for early childhood devpnt job. call: 0720194617 . Char, Every day mon. fri. ph. 0842343180 . Char, Belinda looking for everyday job, 27yrs. call: 0839815818 . Char, Ordie looking for everyday chars, drivers liscence. 0789227075 . Char, Florence Lusasa id looking for every day char work ph. 837340759 . Char, 4 days char mon. to thurs. call: 0789886171. . Char, Siphokazi is looking for chars, good Ref: 13 Yr exp. call: 0736016558 . Char, Nelisiwe looking for everyday char work 27yrs call: 0734839627 . Char, verginia is looking for char work exp. ph. 0786090032 . Char, Elizabeth looking for 2day char work good ref. call 0835654491 . Char, Princess Langa is looking for every day char work. ph. 0784884101 . Char, Veronica is looking for char work 10 yrs exp. ph. 0731146909 . Char, Nontata Tuku 27yrs looking for an every day job call: 0731446440 . Char, Pinky looking for everyday char good ref: & exp. call:0734821721 . Char, Patricia looking for 3days chars, call: 0836221199 . Char, patricia wants 3 days char work ph. 0836221199 . Char, Patricia looking for domestic work call: 0789524190 . Char, Nontembeko Looking for char work & is 23yrs. Call. 0836886966 . Char, Patience wants 3 days char work ph. 0785331747 . Char, Sylwin Posayo is looking for a job. call: 0736855603 . Char, Looking for Domestic work good Ref: Veronica Botamani 0788300244 . I am looking for a everyday job or char, i am a hard worker call: 0786431683 . My name is Cynthia ngaka, i am looking for a mon. - Fri. or sleep in job. Call: 0713969371 . My name is Pinky Noveve, i am looking for a Mon. - fri. job i am a hard worker Call: 0734839627 . My name is Portia i am looking for a job as a cleaning lady, Mon - Fri. call: 0738189730 . My name is Valerie looking for Tues, Thurs & Fri job. Ref: 0219144222 Mrs. Clark call: 0849579346 . My name is Valencia, i am looking for any kind of job, cleaning chars for every day ref. av. call: 0761367142 . Monia is looking for a job 2 days, 5 yr exp. call: 0765894770 . My name is Mandisa Felicia, i am looking claning job Mon. - Fri. call: 0732269152 . My name is Anita, I am looking for a job as a cleaner or cashier call: 0780870762 . Judy is looking for Mon, thur, Fri & Sat with ref. call: 0784111272 . Char, Looking for every day char, good ref: Nomfuneko 0789477397 . Nomtha Mayo is looking for every day chars 4 yr exp. call: 0738195656



 Burglar proofing and Spanish bars.  Design steel fencing.  Driveway & Pedestrian gates.  Palisade fencing & Gates.  Custom made Carports.  Balustrades.  Spiral steel staircases.  Build in & Portable braais.  All steel products can be Hot Dipped Galvanised and or Powder Coated.  Manufacturing of Various Trailers.  Designs available to choose from or we will manufacture according to your design.  Available 24/7 after a break-in for temporary safeguarding Workmanship Owner Supervised & Guaranteed

Cell 071 782 2811 Johan (owner) Cell 081 270 7688 Johnny Office 021 824 3998 E Mail .



Cape Leather Furniture -Hand Made Affordable Quality Furniture-

Oxblood 2.4 meter 3 Sitplek egte leer bank nou te

R9 300

1B Kouga Street, Stikland, Bellville, 7530 Kontak Susan of Cobus: 021 946 3434 .






is looking for SALES PERSONNEL with exceptional knowledge of computer hardware & software. E-mail CV to:

Suitably qualified applicants with experience call 021 595 1060



NEED TO EARN EXTRA MONEY IN MEDIA SALES? SMS Fatima/Craig and the area you are in to 0739903739 or 0738413614. You will be contacted within 24 hours





ENGINEERING FIRM Requires: CNC Turning and Milling Setters/Operators. All applicants will be tested. Please fax 2 page cv to 021 905 0054

was R13 900

Ons doen ook: -Oortrek van bestaande banke -Opvul van kussings -Maak van spesifieke banke -Eksotiese leer beskikbaar -Stoffeerwerk en herstel van banke







Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014




Toscana Wedding & Function Venue

We put everything up from your blinds to your wall bracket washing lines • Blinds • Curtain Rails & Drops • Awnings • Pictures • Light Fittings • Bathroom Sanitary Ware • Wall Bracket Washing Lines and MORE

Northern Suburbs 084 463 4877 Southern Suburbs 072 320 8611 All areas 021 829 0490 CALL JASPER 071 329 4466 isi :V foto




R1 800


082 574 3499


Set on a smallholdings in the farmlands of Durbanville lies Toscana - a beautiful venue for weddings, functions and corporate events. For more information, contact 082 707 9262 or e-mail:


OLYMPI C TI M BERS -The Name You Can Trust-



This months special


• carpeting • • laminated flooring • • vinyl flooring • • underfloor heating • • blinds • steam cleaning •

BIG and small, New buildings, Home improvement, Factories, Renovations, Spec Homes.

We can also Project Manage any of your existing work. All work managed by Owner -

Boy's Clubhouse

Girl's Doll House

Ons klop enige skriftelike kwotasie 5 Jaar Waarborg Duisende verwysings Vir Gratis Kwotasie

B.Engineering (Civil) University of Pretoria

Phone us for a free Quote

079 8801 889 021 - 827 0340

. .

021 981 7040


Tool Shed


Sales: 021 905 5913 Cell: 082 714 5339 / 079 763 7504 Email: .




NEVER compromise on quality NO NEED to compromise on price Tip-up, Sectional & Roll-up Doors and Motors Gate Automation,

TEL: 021 982 3210


TOLLFREE 0800 600720


DIY Automation available

Manufacturing of steel gates

CALL Toll-Free: 0800 22 00 50 or 021 558 7996/7

E-mail: dominator












30mm Granite & Engineered Tops


R810 to R1 650

per linear meter Incl. vat + installation + templates We are specialists in Motor glass, Aluminium products, Service of patio doors, Frameless showers, Glass tinting, Glass shelves, Table tops, Mirrors, Shopfronts, Shopping centre maintenance glass, Earthmoving Equipment glass. INSURANCE CLAIMS WELCOME. FREE QUOTATIONS FREE PROFESSIONAL ADVISE 20 YEARS IN BUSINESS

TOMBSTONES from R850 Full packages with stones

from R4 500

Full package with bed

from R5 500

Incl. headstone, curbing, wording, installation & vat. Laybyes accepted FACTORY / SHOWROOMS



Call 021 930 2266

Kontak John Vraagom 083 563 1717




ATHLONE: 021 638 0531 BELLIVLLE: 021 949 6070





Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014


foto isi :V



New Installations & Repairs • • • • •


Garage doors Garage door automation Security electric fencing Gate automation Infrared remotes & Receivers

Contact: Quinton van Wyk Cell: 084 303 6237 Fax: 086 298 3954 Email:




Pieter Pieter 076 076 882 882 0307 0307


R299 995

R289 995

R669 995

R699 995

2007 AUDI RS4

2011 BMW 135i

2011 BMW 1M

2011 BMW 1M

R179 995

R859 995

R439 995

2007 Audi S3

2012 BMW M5

2007 BMW M3

TEL 021 551 1782 FAX 086 556 1309

R189 995

BERTIN 071 471 5315

STEVEN 071 471 5286

R449 995

R109 995

2008 Ford Focus ST

2006 BMW M6

2006 Opel Astra GTC

R119 995

R439 995

R164 995

R289 999

2009 Ford Fiesta 1.4i Trend


2008 Mazda Drifter 3000D

2013 Honda CR-V


Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014


Eerste skote klap in krieketliga Die nuwe skooljaar is nog nie behoorlik onderweg nie, maar die eerste skote in vanjaar se Peter Buttner-krieketliga vir o.19A-spanne klap reeds die komende Saterdag. Die program vir die eerste paar wedstryde is: Durbanville t Edgemead, Milnerton t Fairbairn, HTS Bellville t Fairmont, Stellenberg t Bellville-klub.

En route home:

Bothasig catcher Dayle Feldtman rounds third base after his homerun to left field against Silvertree Baseball Club. The Bothasig Major League team won 16­1 on Saturday and 23­1 on Sunday and the Major League Reserve team won 11­0. This weekend sees Bothasig playing away on Saturday against the Athlone As and away on Sunday against the Bellville Tygers.

In ’n uitdunronde vir die jaarlikse Sammy Bloch/Durbell-Apteke-uitklopkompetisie word twee wedstryde aanstaande Woensdag afgehandel. President ontvang besoek van die nuweling, El Shaddai, terwyl ’n ander nuweling, Milnerton, gasheer sal speel vir Monumentpark. – (Sarel Burger)

Time to get your 99er entry in Get your entry in for the 99er Cycle Tour & MTB Challenge to be held on Saturday, 8 February. This will be the 16th 99er race and it has long been the third largest cycle race in the Western Cape, rated as a seeding event for the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour. Cyclists can therefore be assured that it will be a well-run event. As usual the race leaves from the Durban-


ville Race Course where there is ample parking, space for stalls and lawns for supporters to relax and enjoy the day while they wait for the prizegiving and lucky draw. These are the various race events: 99 km road race; 55 km road race; 35 km mountain bike race; 12 km mountain bike race; 5 km Fun Walk. Full details on or contact

Wen medaljes:

Studente van Francois du Plessis se Goju­Kai­ karateskool het in Desember deelgeneem aan die Goju­Kai­karate­ wêreldkampioenskap in Moembaai, Indië. Altesame 42 lande en sowat 4 000 karatekas het deelgeneem. Francois du Plessis se studente het vier medaljes verower. Hier is (agter van links) Dylan de Kock (brons), Shihan Francois du Plessis en Antonio de Brito (silver). Voor is Ricardo Taljaard (silwer en brons).

Durbies se rugbyspelers sweet nou al Durbanville-Bellville, die voorste rugbyklub in die Tygerberg, het inderdaad reeds met sy voorseisoense oefeninge begin, sê die klub se voorsitter, Robert Wallander. Alle belangstellende spelers is welkom om Maandae, Dinsdae en Donderdae by die klub

in te loer en vanaf 18:00 saam met die spelers te kom draf. Vir meer inligting kan belangstellendes die hoofafrigters, Jan Loubser (082 460 7162) en Bobby Joubert (082 441 1826), skakel. – (Sarel Burger)


Page 24 | Woensdag, 22 Januarie 2014 Onder redaksie van Stehan Schoeman Tel: 021 910 6500 | e­pos:

Koop nou aanlyn op!! • Ons lewer af • Addisionele parkering nou beskikbaar!


Top tier golf career STEHAN SCHOEMAN


he achievements of Charlaine Coetzee Hirst are nothing short of remarkable, hence her induction into the Women’s Golf Coaches Association (WGCA) Players Hall of Fame. Charlaine (40), who hails from Durbanville, was inducted into the Hall of Fame on 10 December in Las Vegas, Nevada. It all started way back in 1978, where Charlaine, then a mere five years old, started swinging clubs at the Durbanville Golf Club.

Durbanville “I started playing golf when I was 5 years old. My dad was an avid golfer and I got to tag along to Durbanville Golf Club whenever he would play. I used to take him on at chipping and putting contests all the time. “I have such incredible memories of growing up playing golf at Durbanville and playing with the ladies’ section there. I won the Ladies Club Championship twice. “My mentor was Hylda Hamilton, who took me under her wing. I was a Western Province provincial representative as a junior and I also captained the Fairmont High School golf team,” Charlaine reflected on the

Charlaine Coetzee Hirst standing next to her personalised plaque after she was inducted into Women’s Golf Coaches Assocation (WGCA) Players Hall of Fame on 10 December in Las Vegas.



• • • • • •

3 year/100 000km Warranty Radio/CD Driver and passanger airbag Service Plan (optional) ABS Front electric windows

• • • •

Retail Price: R129 900 Monthly installment: R499 (First 12 months) Months: 72 Deposit: 10%

Monthly Instalment and Total Payment exclude monthly fees of R57 and mandatory insurances but include initiation and administration fees. Interest rates are linked to prime. Offers are subject to approval and are only available through Nissan Finance, a division of Wesbank, a division of FirstRand Bank Ltd, an authorised financial services and credit provider, NCRCP20.

Debby Galtrey 071 211 4183 • Carl Thiele 082 302 1769 • Kurt Hendricks 082 782 8077 Sedick Cassim 071 887 2016 Rob Hare 081 048 0824 • Stella Ferguson 079 755 1159

Milnerton Nissan 32 Koeberg Road, Milnerton Tel: 021 552 3370

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good old days. She also won the Prentice Cup for u-21 females in WP. After her high school career she packed her bags for the USA to pursue her dream of playing professional golf. “I managed to get a college scholarship to Longwood College in Virginia and that is where my “career” began. I had a great college playing career – I won the National Championship for Division II schools 3 times while at college and in my senior year 1995 I won three major awards – Virginia Women Athlete of the Year, Honda Award for Division II Athlete of the year and Today’s Top Eight Award (highest honour that the NCAA awards to college athletes),” said Charlaine.

Professional The tone was set for the professional ranks after a dream amateur career, turning professional in 1996 and playing on the tour for nine years. She won the LPGA T&CP Southeast Section Championship in 2009, including several other top 10 finishes during her career. She also had success on home soil when se placed second in both the South African Women’s Open and Telkom Classic in 2001.

Tygerburger goodwood 22 jan 2014  

Tygerburger goodwood 22 jan 2014

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