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Wesleyan ​I'd like to provoke thing and welcome the judges mentors attendees and our supportive classmates from our own University right now be presenting to you our report on English community Capital her fall look for my shoe store shelves my name is Julian Posey I'm from Emmett alberta and my background is in the foodie beverage area my name is Jared Z and I'm from Cleveland Ohio and I have background 14 Bigfoot's I'm Jake lunch from the model Ontario and my background our guest services and I men when they can learn from left ontario and my background is in column a so first of all I was gonna talk with our agenda but what we're going to cover here we'll start by going over the context once we realize the situation we're going to go into our target markets all in that will tell you about our recommendations our tactics and how we're going to implement everything so starting on this issue what is the situation we know that there's a job shortage of a hundred thousand jobs today we're gonna be focusing on ten thousand of those jobs why can you show it as we can before of their community and expansion industry as well as retirement of baby boomers and other professionals and our time constraint is eight years by 2020 we need to have positions are people for these jobs we today I'm going to focus on younger demographics mainly high school students and those starting their working life age 15 to 24 specifically those in DC every windows British Columbia is a worldclass destination and with this we are given an opportunity and to create to England human capital and make British Columbia a more competitive destination so ten thousand jobs eight years to fill positions 343 secondary schools what this gives us is for student her school her graduating year so everyone need to take a deep breath we can do this this is attainable so from and we're going to tell you how to do it so I'm gonna start by introducing our target markets so I'd like to introduce to kyle kyle is a model student hungry are going to do recruiting in the age range of fifteen to twenty four he's grown up on technology globalization and it you have an exciting career after high school it everything we do we need to make sure that cut it is piled who we are targeting that brings us to the next target market of influences these are the parents and school counselors with these they are the people who are influencing Kyle to what to do they're trying to they influence Kyle our high school students to follow the more traditional path a more easy way typical way of going to university typical careers and not branched off into areas that hospitality tourism so in our last category is more broad is the job seekers what we mean by job seekers is those people who are already educated has skills but aren't satisfied with their jobs the creature attention that twenty-five percent there's a time a cassette rate of unemployment in 15 to 25 year olds in Canada we need to make racial aware that they can come and use their skills they have trained into art industry it was beneficial to industry because this gives us a variety of different skills that the actual schools now don't teach so from that I'm going to transfer off to Emily talk about our presentation thank you gentlemen our first recommendation is awareness of the opportunity creating an ability to be seen as a rewarding career beyond just a financial income to support yourself the University in college but making this your career this can be done by a dynamic multi media marketing campaign for focusing on lots of opportunity with posters pamphlets online website as well as timing with social media student when you to approach students at their level rather than speak to them with industry terms connect them how they connect to the the world with social media such as Facebook and Twitter ninety-three percent of students use internet and seventy-three percent of North American students to social media when you plan on creating an interactive websites that can be used for all of our target markets allowing students to see beyond hospitality like beyond the hotel's beyond the food beverage but also to see different careers such as um different careers subject such as technology specialist Earth's the operators influencers parents and counselors we need to teach the counselors about our career about our industry a lot more foundation is put towards doctors is full of dentists but they're the ones that guide our students occurring on their pick into high school courses we need to help them be more aware of different industries job seekers beyond targeting the students we're also going to target the job seekers the ones that have been in previous industries and show how they can implement their careers that they obtained whether it be our technology and how they can apply themselves and towards the hospitality tourism industry this campaign will focus on elaborating on opportunities and limiting the back reception that the hospitality tourism has gone over the years now to Jared alright so once we've created awareness we need to inspire action in order to get people to come to the to the career tourism so with the implementation more widespread and effective tourism classes that are offered in high schools it will attract more people to come to the industry make you see can possibly constructive curriculum based in a very basic college terrific force in order to spark interest within students they could then present this curriculum to the Ministry of Education in which little show

the importance of tourism offers in the future our next tactic is the implementation of workshops in key cities such as Vancouver cranbrook Kelowna Prince George and Victoria this will connect colleges universities industry representatives parents as well as high school students and it will showcase the career path that you can have working and our last our last tactic for education is to increase the increasing cost of education and college universities scholarships to pay me implement more students in order to focus their education for its tourism so scholarship team about universities as well as colleges to bring kids for students to the end just to the university or college I would be very good idea also companies such as paramount or coast hotels is sort of attractable to the industry using scholarships which shows incentive Hospital work for those two companies after graduation that's um Jake it's very much so basically you know we can implement this great marketing plan and we can use education to bring people in the industry but if they get there and their first taste of the industry is just kind of a terrible experience it really doesn't match up with their career goals they're going to meet and I think everyone in this room understands that me eyes had traditional problems with pretension there's a big kind of doctor of young people beating industry for a better paying jobs that fit better with family lifestyle so basically now coming into the industry we have a whole new generation that we've been touching on a rural part of which is the millennial generation they bring a very unique skill set and very neat attitude to work and I think that this isn't something that operators should be afraid of provided that they used windows skill set to kind of improve their human capital and interest practices so basically just general background of some kind of retention issues up here you can see there's certainly not all about the money so tourism operators can read a sigh of relief I'm not going to start harping about how you need to care for you more basically you consider that having enjoyable work is actually you know the number one factor for people and I think especially young people to come to a job so it's not about the money and good HR practices are good for your bottom line I go two hr's document recent document they mentioned that companies with high employee engagement have an on average of thirteen percent better profit ratio okay so there's certainly a financial incentive to implement workhorse also there's a huge hi pasta gentleman and basically what we're suggesting is that you just adopt a mindset the entry fee on workforce as an opportunity and knotted reasons that needs to be controlled so pretty much to receive the reasons for the amount of tension in the industry so the first one return to school higher pay for another business this one lots of career opportunities that is ridiculous there is such basically a wealth of career opportunities in this industry that it's only an issue of not educating the world about that retirement I'd say that's fairly number so please look at essentia for making the workforce you know positive for the young worker and fostering retention is basically the first one do you think that go to a charge to roll out an education initiative for the small businesses across the province of British Columbia it's known as known fact that actually you know it's not the big hotels but small business operators that are responsible for it be seventy-five percent of the tours and jobs in progress so it's easy for a big hotel to kind of have a very proactive and progressive HR policy not so easy for kind of a small family restaurant in smaller kind of community of course go to HR in the really instrumental on educating these people about how to really engage the workforce in their margin and also how to maximize their unique human potential a skill set this can be done through three recording empowering elevates and decentralized management structure this has been shown in various studies so basically this cost nothing all you need to do is basically have cut a promoter family environment your company where every employee feels like they're really a part of the organization and that they add value this is going to create more kind of job devotion by the employee they're not going to leave and they're very kind of you know few more is basically speaking their mind ways you can improve your business so it's going to bring more kind of dynamic engaging solutions for your bones as well third is initiating a lateral and vertical training program individual employees for life long careers okay so on the last slide we saw that there's a huge amount of people leaving the industry because they don't think there's a career therefore that's wrong there is a career growth we just need to make it more available this can be done through more linear career paths right for instance a lot of the teams here today I've touched on you know it's very non-traditional career path when you go to doctor or a lawyer or another kind of defined profession if we can do something to make it more linear where people can see that you know you can start here and end up there in a very kind of structured way people will say in the industry for their entire piece so basically the stakeholders in this there's kind of a circle here and it really everything links to each other and it depends on communication so it all starts with the provincial government the provincial government has as part of their jobs policy towards right it's been a priority it's just going to back that wire up with kind of increase initiatives and resources basically going to eternal in DC you're fantastic resources and has this kind of community organizations as well so road to HR will be huge and kind of rolling out on an education platform for the smaller businesses about kind of vest HR practices specifically about how to make the bargain engagement in amorphous elected DC should increase efforts to have very kind of defined and structured partnerships between the industry and schools educational institutions they will need to talk to

these two organizations as well as employers in the industry to see what exactly they are looking for so that there can be more kind of linear movement right from school into the industry so here's our budget and you know this budget is not modest but do you think kind of things don't have the whole experience so I need to make this impressive okay so kyle has grown up with technology he's unimpressed by a basic website it needs to really really grab his attention when it gets to the CP of the scripts budget and this is a ploy to website this is a pulsing budget so over the next two years it's going to be 25,000 eh followed by 5,000 year for website Megan's social media presence this is a little bit cheaper you can just have someone on your staff constantly tweeting constantly on Facebook just basically drawing attention to the initiative search engine marketing so this is huge for job seekers so not only blokey for tourism jobs but just because the first one to pop up when someone in British Columbia surgeons jobs for job opportunities it's possible online advertising again a fairly substantial budget now posters bear having very sweet posters in schools backed up by brochures that were percent of very informational brochures and set to parents as well as teachers counselors tourism curriculum development quite a small by hit this would just be from a pc to really work with some people in British Columbia's education industry to rule out that kind of high school program to Jared was talking about so over a year total we're looking at almost two million dollars but this is an investment it's an investment in our province and investment in our industry and it's an investment in our provinces to young people it's a very dynamic investment and this is not only a challenge it's also an opportunity we're going to have a huge amount of increased human capital also these people are going to be in the industry in their communities people are going to see them have very long and prosperous careers in hospitality and tourism that in itself is going to change people's perceptions over time and I think how does Jillian's headed to start we have a world-class tourism industry to this is only going to serve to you know improve overall service and tours and culture in British Columbia can't remove our better this over time thank you very much Graduate School of Journalism.