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What keeps the fuel for fire in me, is the salvation's.

Ps Thabo Marais

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ABOUT US The purpose of Discover Life is to encourage, motivate and inspire you in your everyday.




ust over a year ago I felt God lay it on my heart to produce a magazine that would be a platform to share testimonies.This would motivate, inspire and encourage others and help people find their place here at CRC. When I told our Team Leader, Frits, about this he jumped at the chance to blaze this new trail, and Discover Life Magazine was born. Looking back, I think if the creative team had known what a huge task we were undertaking, we might have had second thoughts. But ignorance is bliss, and we enthusiastically plunged ahead.

Here’s what we believe our purpose to be: In every story we tell, every person we feature, in every word we share we want to inspire our readers to grow and develop in their walk with God. We long for every person who does not know their Creator, to realise what a difference it makes to have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. We want to place in your hands a resource that will add to your spiritual and day-to-day life. We want it to inspire you to invest in a cause you believe in and to influence the culture around you. I want to express a special thanks to all who contributed to this issue. As you read the following pages, you’ll get an inside look at some fascinating people whose stories will encourage and challenge you. So find a cozy spot and curl up to enjoy a good read. Your Editor,

Tyélle Render


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“ When we venture out to do great things with God, it’s all about one thing. When we build mighty buildings to display the Glory of God, it’s all for one thing. When we host life-enriching conferences and seminars, it’s all about one thing. That ‘one thing’ that remains the bottom-line of this church is “WIN THE LOST AT ANY COST.”


hese are the words of our senior pastor, At Boshoff, a man that really understands what it takes to step out to do great things with God. I can not think of a better way to describe the heart and soul of CRC London than this powerful yet simple approach for building a great church: to keep the main thing the main thing and that is to WIN THE LOST AT ANY COST! It is a privilege to be part of the vision of Christian Revival Church here in London. It is an honour to be selected by our Heavenly Father to serve Him in this ordained move of God. To be part of His church, to take territory here in Europe and to make manifest His power and glory, His love and acceptance and above all His forgiveness and grace to the nations. I believe the sole purpose of every endeavor of God’s people should be to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to every person we come in contact with. This is what I love about our church: our members are hungry to win their world for Jesus! I have learned that once you make soul winning your core value, everything in your life changes. Jesus called 12 normal, everyday blokes to form the foundation of the work He was sent to do by His Father. He called these 12 ordinary men to produce the soul of His mission, vision and ministry - to WIN THE LOST AT ANY COST! Jesus never called them to any other mission, vision or ministry other than to be fishers of men. He knew that their catch would be great; that He would need men that could mend nets, men that could handle the load and men that were prepared to lay down their lives for His cause. Everything around these men changed. The world since then has changed and

it will keep on changing as long as God’s people keep their focus on Winning the Lost at any Cost! I would like to use this opportunity to thank each member of our church for their commitment to be fishers of men. This is still the number one mission, vision and ministry Jesus is calling His people to today. The number one place and race that you and I should pursue after loving Him is to WIN THE LOST AT ANY COST! If God could use 12 ordinary Jewish lads to change the world, I know that He will use our church to change this city, this nation and this part of the world. I believe that, and I am experiencing that! Can you believe that? Are you experiencing that? Then, as you read this today say with me a good and loud - Amen!! Lastly, remember that the purpose of this magazine, as everything else that we do, is yet again to WIN THE LOST AT ANY COST! We believe that someone who does not have a relationship with Jesus will read through these pages and will come to know that Jesus cares for them and that He has a good plan for their lives. We believe that someone will browse through these articles and come to realize that the church of Jesus is alive and relevant today! And we believe that each member of CRC that opens up this edition of ‘Discover Life’ will be encouraged to keep up the good work of reaching the lost wherever they find themselves. We love and value each one of you. Thank you for being a blessing to us and those around you.

All our Love,

Thabo, Karen & the boyS



hile in prayer one morning, God spoke to me in a vision about sport and how it could reach people. During this prayer I envisioned many families involved in fellowship at a sport’s event. I believe that God can use sport on a big scale to reach people, to bring them together for His Kingdom. Because people get connected through sport in today’s life, I discussed this idea with Pastor Thabo. He confirmed the vision and gave me the go-ahead to start planning an event. So, in the beginning of this year I had a stirring in my heart to put this on the calendar. I started to speak to a few people in our charity, CORE, about the event, teamed up with a few guys and then approached a couple of CRC members who worked for respectable companies. After a few discussions we coined the name “Touch-a-Life.” Since CORE is there to make a difference in the lives of people, and it’s a Touch Rugby day. 6 | Discover Life

We had about 200 people in attendance this year. My long term vision for this event is to turn this day into an annual Sport’s day for families. In 2011 we plan to talk with Saracens to promote the event at a different level in the future. We’ve learned from our mistakes with advertising and when I prayed that morning I saw it specifically as a family day. I would like to have woman and children involved in sport activities too, i.e. mini touch for children and touchies for ladies, or any other sport they would like to participate in. The main objective is to raise funds for CORE and to reach out at the end of the day.

I think we had some great prizes that really encouraged people to come. One of the guys from Mansel, a big building company, sponsored eleven International Rugby tickets to see the Springboks and England international game in November. They also gave us a director’s box for a game at Crystal Palace. Throughout the day we also gave away cash prices for best sportsman, sport attitude, and fastest player. There was a t-shirt give away and next year we plan to give away an official rugby jersey.

“People should feel blessed when coming to a church event. We serve a great God...” People should feel blessed when coming to a church event. We serve a great God, and that is why we can give away such great prizes. I want to change the attitude and perception people have about church events. They should forget the stigma that the church is poor. “I want to go to a church event. I don’t want to miss it, I want to be blessed!”

“ The sports field is a good place for any sports person to reveal their true character.” The sports field is a good place for any sports person to reveal their true character. You should know yourself for whom you are and not for whom you say you are. That is why the sports field is a good place for you to reflect where you are, how you handle pressure and competition on the sport field. In the age we’ve been raised in, people think that we should be meek and back down on the sport field in a good way. Yet there

are a lot of men and woman out there who you don’t want to have loose their zeal, passion and their fire for Christ when they enter on the sport field. They should stay competitive, fight a good fight. That is the kind of mindset that we need.

“...if those sports people have a zeal for Jesus, anyone can be around them and see that they are not fake...” The world relates easily to great sports men and women. If those sports people have a zeal for Jesus, anyone can be around them and see they are not fake but people with character when facing competition on the sport field.

“God will harvest from these events even if it’s just one soul” They will see that they also have to work through anger and frustration on the field. That they are real, and that they also go through things. People should come along, with a common goal which is sport. God will harvest from these events even if it’s just one soul. To have healthy competition is good; just add good fellowship to that and we have set the platform for an even greater event in 2011. Ps JJ Van Rooyen

GIVE YOUR SUPPORT If you would like to join the CORE ministry, get involved in some way or donate anything, please email us at: December 2010 | 7

The CRCMarriage Seminar

was absolutely fantastic! The day opened with socialising, and each couple receiving a love bar treat, tea and coffee. Once seated, we opened up with an amazing time of praise and worship, allowing everyone to get ready to receive a great message – and of course to forget about the huge argument they had on the way to the seminar, typical! The whole room erupted with laughter at the first ice-breaker, consisting of 3 sets of couples. Each couple was handed each a pink and blue baton, pink of course representing female and blue male. They were then separated so they couldn’t see one another and asked questions like: ‘Who will age better?’ and “Who is the better driver?’ We then moved into our first session. “God is Great. Therefore greatness should be Godly! If you want a great marriage, it should be Godly”. These were the first words from Pastor Thabo which immediately stood out to many attending the seminar. The message was one of purpose and direction about the complete reliance our marriages should have upon God and His principles. Our foundations were challenged and we were inspired with practical pointers on re-building those 8 | Discover Life

foundations. After we had another tea and coffee break, we returned to our seats to find a pen and paper. The next task for us to do was to write a love letter to our spouse. Expressing love, affections and wonderful memories – this was great, as it evoked those deep feelings of love for one another once again. More fun and laughter continued with a second ice-breaker, then onto the final session of the day with special guest Pastor Glenn Schroder from CRC Durban in South Africa. It seemed the day was perfectly planned for us, as the first session was about God in your marriage, with spiritual advice and guidance. Then the second session jam-packed with practical advice on ‘What Men and Women Want’ Pastor Glenn’s message was based on understanding the needs and desires of your spouse and working hard to create a great marriage. It was a message that really touched many lives and showed us all things that we can improve on within our marriages.

WHAT MEN WANT: After this session many couples went forward for prayer and were touched by the Holy Spirit in an amazing way. They allowed Him to bring healing to hurt, restoration to brokenness and softness to hardened hearts. To end off such a perfect day, each couple were given a delicious picnic hamper to indulge in, together in the park. Everyone enjoyed it and will be buzzing about it until the next one I am sure! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next seminar and check out the points of Spiritual Foundations by Pastor Thabo and ‘What Men and Women Want’ from Pastor Glenn.

FOUNDATIONS: 1 Jesus and His principles should be the foundation.

2 We shouldn’t just love Jesus, but ap-

ply His principles. Since you are in a relationship with Him, you are married to them.

3 He upholds everything with the principle of His Authority.

4 We must remember that we are at war with the enemy – and he wants to destroy our marriages.

5 It’s not always going to feel like LOVE, sometimes it is just TRUST.

RESPECT If a man feels disrespected, he feels unloved. Women, your words can break your man or make your man. REST Sometimes he just needs space, to lie on the sofa, watch TV and switch off. Women - men want the home to be a retreat and you have the power to create the mood in the home. RECREATION – FUN Be creative in doing fun things together. Sex, Sex and Sex! Sex unlocks a man’s emotions. Make sex playful, adventurous and creative.

WHAT WOMEN WANT: PREFERENCE They need to feel loved all the time! Men - Women need to know they are number ONE in your life. PROVISION They need a man to give vision and direction for the way forward. A woman will follow a man when she is confident in his vision. Don’t come home and spill negativity on her. PROTECTION Let her feel secure and let her know she is safe with you.

Financial strain, healing, relationships..... .....whatever the reason, there is always someone listening.... .....and that someone is God! Send prayer requests to

10 | Discover Life


Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who

love Him.

� James I.i2. NIV

“ One of the hardest

things for me to see

is people who are NOT prepared to

work things through. 12 | Discover Life


I sat down with Ps Thabo, Senior Pastor of CRC London, to find out exactly what makes him tick. Now you get a chance to read all about what drives him and see what truely is in his heart for people and CRC....

are you originally Q:Where from?


I am originally from a small town called Hoopstad, in the Freestate, South Africa. I lived there most of my life, but went to university in Bloemfontein at the age of 18, for four and half years.

Q: A:

Why and when did you come to London?

It was only meant to be for a holiday! At the end of my fourth year of university in 2000 I had a three month break - so I came to earn a few bucks, pay for my last year of university and accumulate some spending money...or so I thought.

December 2010 | 13

What do you like doing in your spare time? I love sports. I gym, play golf and I like skiing...well, actually snowboarding. I think that skiers are not so,! What I really love is spending time with my family; my wife will say that I am a house rat. I love staying at home not doing much, just being there - maybe watching a movie or reading.

clubbing and the like. So I initially fell away. Then in November 2002, about a year later a lady invited me to church again. I decided to go and it turned out to be CRC again. I walked into Pastor Francis and everybody I knew from before, and this time some of my friends from university were involved there too! That day I got born-again and never looked back.

What drives you and what Tell us about your family? is your passion? I met my very beautiful wife in the church. God confirmed to me that I was going to marry her one day, and eventually we did. We have three boys; Tristan, Christopher and Izak. The boys are challenging.... like boys are. Tristan is the oldest aged 3, Christopher the second, aged 2 and Izak is almost a month old. Their personalities are worlds apart, but I just trust God for them to love Him with all their hearts and to be voices for His glory one day.

when did you meet Christ?

I always thought I knew God. I was raised in a traditional church and then my mom got born-again. She moved us to a more “charismatic” type of church, but because nobody ever spoke to me about being born-again, baptism, or being filled with the Holy Spirit I became very religious. I knew a lot about God and the Word of God but I never met Him, because I was really still living in the world. Then in 2001, when Pastor Francis started CRC London, I was one of the first 30 visitors. I was involved there for a month or two but at that stage I was heavily involved with drugs, 14 | Discover Life

The purpose of the Kingdom, the purpose of the church and my love for Jesus drives me. I try to keep my focus on that. Other things that keep me motivated is seeing lives being changed, radically transformed through the vision of CRC and through our ministry in the city. What keeps the fuel for fire in me, is the salvations.

My passion is to see people living in the truth, to see people in-love with the Word of God, loving good teaching, loving to serve God and to serve in the church. I hate “religiocity” or hypocrisy. This keeps me going as well, because there are so many “false” Christians around; people that don’t want to live in the truth and don’t love the truth. I love the truth! I’m in-love with the Word and you know what makes life great for me? When I can explain the Word to people and it brings life to them. They get revelation out of it and their lives grow by the preaching or the teaching of the Word, I love to teach people.

What makes you angry?

Well.... what makes me angry? There are a LOT of things that make me

“angry”, or at least frustrated, especially being the pastor of a church! I would have to say the major one is people not reaching their potential. People who are not prepared to let God’s purposes reign in their lives. Some start off well, are teachable and involved in church, but a few years later they get caught up in religion. No longer submit to authority and aren’t involved in the church anymore. When people say they want to live for Jesus, but some time later they are in a place where they just live for themselves, their families or their businesses...That is something I always find hard to accept. Of course you should live for those things too, but put God first!

eyes by the power of God and by the Holy Spirit. It really keeps me motivated, that’s why you will still find me doing prayer meetings and doing the New Membership Orientation evenings, because that is where people’s lives get transformed. The more you see that the more you realise that yes, we are doing the right thing; and yes, we are a great church; and yes, this church is changing the lives of people. Although we are definitely not a perfect church, I believe we are really impacting lives and that encourages me.

What encourages you?

God encourages me every time there are attacks upon my life and upon the church through our ministry. Not just “Thabo’s ministry”- the whole Church’s ministry. When people are saying things about the church of Jesus Christ, (especially CRC) or people in the church, the Holy Spirit comes through the Word of God and just ministers to me, giving me word and encouraging me. Then obviously people that reach their potential, really become soul winners, who are effectively harvesting the field that is out there. The discipling of people and people that change. Besides God motivating me on the side, through my leadership and through people, I just need to look back and see: “Hey, this church is really changing the lives of people.” You can literally see lives being changed and transformed before your December 2010 | 15

What are your strengths?

Well I think one of my strengths is to not take things personally. Some people do have a lot to say, which is their right, they can say whatever they want in the sense of their opinions. Another strength is to keep on keeping on perseverance. I think that is one of the things I find myself doing, I can almost shut myself off, and just keep on doing what I need to do. Then...I think that, this is in a sense a strength, yet it can also be considered a weak point by some - I tend to listen to certain key people, which sometimes seems to others that my way is the only way. However I have found that Satan speaks through too many channels. I’ve learnt now that there is only a few voices that I should listen to, which I trust, when it comes to those situations. Namely the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and obviously my leadership.

Who have mentors?



Well one of the greatest mentors in my life is obviously Pastor Francis. He gave me an opportunity to be what I am today. His leadership, direction, friendship, support and belief in me helped me to do what God has called me to do. That, I would say was a great blessing and a God-sent person in my life! Then Pastor At, I always knew that I would be working with him in this vision since the first time I saw him. When I saw him, God spoke to me and said that this man was going to be my leader one day. I just love him and his wife. I just 16 | Discover Life

love what they do for God, the passion and the commitment that they have towards God and towards building the church of Jesus. His love for the truth and for principal really inspires me. To have a person like himself in my life, that trusts and loves me, who can and will direct me on the right way always is invaluable. Those two men really got me to where I am today! Since my father died when I was very young, God orchestrated certain godly men in my life that helped and showed me a way in my mind how a godly man should be.

What is the hardest part of church ministry for you?

To see people getting to God and then just let it go. They just move away from the church, pick up offences they are not prepared to let go of. One of the hardest things for me is to see people who are not prepared to work things through. It’s easier to pack up and go, it’s easier to go to another church than to say I’m sorry, I am wrong, let’s change that.

How do you handle these challenges?

All these challenges can be handled by the wisdom of God alone. I constantly pray for God to give me wisdom and knowledge, to fill me with the Spirit of excellence so that I have the knowledge of Him. I think that the more I know Jesus literally, not just read about Him, but really know Him, I get knowledge of Him that helps me to rely on the Holy Spirit to lead me through these situations and to stick to principles. You see, God is not a respecter of people but a respecter of principle and I am trying to get people to love the principles of God and to live their lives by that, because then it will not become personal but will work on principle. That is a big challenge in the church because a lot of people make it a personal thing when it’s a principle thing.

motives everyday. A lot of people come to church with a ‘critting pad’ and ‘crit’ everything, but people questioned Jesus’ motives too. I don’t think the church understands how Jesus ministered, but He has raised up men of God that are ministering in the same way He ministered. So people ARE going to question your motives, but I believe that if you follow Jesus then in time you are going to get people close to you, that see your heart. They might, for a moment question your motives but if they really see your heart, and get close to you it removes those doubts and short-comings in the relationship. That’s why I always say to people: “my door is open, come and talk to me!” I love Starbucks, I love to go for a coffee, I love to chat, I love to talk about the Word of God. If what I say is not in the Word of God then I need to change, whoever I am. I therefore expect people to lift the Word of God above everything! Above their opinions, above their mindsets, above their will. Because I am prepared to say: “This is what the Word is saying, alright Thabo you’re wrong, submit to the Word!” I am prepared to do that and I invite people to do the same.

What do you think is the biggest misconception some members may have you? Does it bother you when about Well, maybe that I can be extremely hard people question your and almost stubborn in certain areas? motives? I’m not, really...I do love the truth and I Obviously it bothers you because you are still human. People question my

believe the truth is what makes people free. I love to build the Kingdom of God December 2010 | 17

and you can’t always be nice when you want to do something of significance. So I think people should really just get to know a person more. Although, that comes with the game that we are in. Even though people say they love you, two months, or even a year from now they might hate you. We see an example of this in the Word, e.g. that’s what happened to Jesus. I think people had a very big misconception about Him, too; and I think we will always have misconceptions in the ministry - you can’t please everyone. We are not here to please anybody except Jesus.

Share an embarrassing moment you have had while being at CRC? There is one story which I would rather get off my chest right now - some know about it because they were there! I was just made a Zone Pastor of one of the zones in the church while Pastor Francis was here and I was teaching the homecell leaders in my zone. Remember, I was very serious now because I was zealous to do great things for God.

I had a great teaching and was explaining how a homecell was like a living organism, but what came out was me saying that homecells are a...... “living orgasm!” Everybody was in tears and I didn’t know what was going on. Eventually while my wife had gotten some of her breath back during all her laughing, she had to explain to me that it was not an orgasm but an organism. So yes, that was a VERY embarrassing 16 | Discover Life 18

moment and the meeting was pretty much over after that.

Million dollar question, what is the story behind the name Thabo? My parents were living on a farm and for six years they couldn’t have a baby. Eventually my mom fell pregnant and it was with me. The people who worked for us on the farm were so happy finding out that it was a son after six years of trying, they told my parents that they should name their son “Thabo”, meaning child of joy / laughter.

When my parents came back from the hospital the guys were standing in the pathway shouting and singing, “Thabo, Thabo, Thabo, welcome Thabo, welcome Thabo”. So my parents felt obligated to name me that! The name originates from the African ethnic group that the people on the farm belonged to.

Is there something you would like to leave the readers with? Do everything for the Kingdom, love God with all your heart and love people. And ENJOY the time we have working for God.

WANNA COFFEE & A CHAT? If you would like to get some advice, have any questions or would like to just have a coffee and chat, Pastor Thabo’s door is always open.

What would happen if we treated our Bibles in the same way as we treat our mobile phones? WHAT IF we carried it around in our handbags or pockets? WHAT IF we flipped through it several times a day? WHAT IF we turned back to get it if we forgot it? WHAT IF we used it to recieve messages? WHAT IF we treated it as though we could not live without it? WHAT IF we gave it to our children as a gift? WHAT IF we used it when we travelled? WHAT IF we used it in emergencies? We do not have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because of an unpaid bill. Jesus has already paid the bill - IN FULL. And just think - no missed calls. God hears them all. By Mark Stibbe UBC Prayer Today Available for free


t is written that in the last day darkness shall cover the earth (Isaiah 60:2). Yet in these troublesome days, the Lord Jesus Christ is calling His church: “Arise, shine; for your light has come!” (Isaiah 60:1) The church will rise and the glory of Jesus will be seen upon her. Then those lost in darkness shall come to the light. This is exactly why there is a Christian Revival Church, called “Light for the world” in the city of Reni, Ukraine.   Reni is a port city on the banks of the Danube. “Свет Миру” (Light for the world) is the church planted by missionaries from South Africa, Ockert and Michele Potgieter. Many people’s idea of God is old buildings and religious rituals…  Yet Father God has another design for His house. He planned a house, a glorious temple, yet not built with bricks, but lovely, living stones, shining in the dark. And He is choosing forgotten corners of the earth such as this poverty-stricken city to build His shining house. Ukraine, once a republic of the former Soviet Union, is a place where people are struggling with a legacy of years and years of oppression, bloodshed, betrayal, poverty. There is no hope in their eyes, but there are treasures hidden in the darkness that seems to be so prevailing. And yet it is very hard to discern the potential locked up in a discarded baby or an abused toddler doomed to a life of abuse, poverty, alcoholism and crime... Communism left a deep scar in the lives of millions of people. It covered a whole nation in darkness. Do you think it impossible to change the tide? Not with our God! With Him all things are possible. He shares His dreams with us, little people of clay, and He uses us to make it possible! The treasures are uncovered, one by one. It all started as a dream in the heart of our Father, who chooses ordinary, frail people to make His dreams come true. So this is where Ockert and Michele came into the picture 14 years ago. There are treasures hidden in the dark and now He wants them to be found and to shine brighter than the stars! Father God gave Ockert and Michele His vision for this city situated on the borders of Ukraine, Romania and Moldova. Now they are living to reach the lost for Christ: these are the real treasures of our world! 20 | Discover Life

This dream is coming true through:

He is choosing forgotten corners of the earth such as this poverty-stricken city to build His shining house.

- A nursery school for underprivileged children, currently caring for and feeding 70 children. - Placing abandoned children in homes, with real loving families - A pregnancy crises centre - A weekly youth program on local television - Ministering to those with addictions - Creating job opportunities.

If you would like to be part of the mission teams that go out to CRC Reni, please contact us at for more information. It will not only change their lives, but yours too.

Reni (Ukrainian: Рені;) is a small town in the Odessa Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Reniysky Raion (district), and is located in the Bessarabian historic district of Budjak. The settlement was founded around 1548, acquiring city status in 1821.The current estimated population is around 20,000.

December 2010 | 21

22 | Discover Life

Real Stories, from Real People


WALKED PAST THE POPLAR trees this morning, soft rain drizzling down onto my cheeks. The walk is all too familiar now, and without pondering direction or path I skipped my way past the dock on the left to the road which will take me home. Suddenly I stopped at one of the trunks, carefully intrigued by its unusual bark. It peels off in large plates revealing patches of creamy white. I looked up at the tree’s palmate lobbed leaves and spiky globular fruits, which hung in clusters on a single stalk. How was it possible that I’ve been walking past these trees for four months now, not noticing their beauty? Was it at all possible to pass through life in the same way, unaware of the richness, awe and abundance it could offer? Or even, what if you woke up one morning, realizing that you have missed your destiny, your God ordained purpose for breathing air whilst being on this earth? The question was left unanswered......... for the moment.

if you wake up one “ What morning, realising that you have missed your destiny...?

I could never forget the look on my mother’s face when she first discovered the reason I was searching for the black permanent marker that morning. A look compared to finding your toddler caught in the very act of expressing his creativity with red lipstick on that expensive, white, silk duvet. I was in my second year of high school, long past the days of fridge sketches and in my own way on the brink of a discovered truth which I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. Big, black

and in capitals I inscribed the words on my wall, there to live and breathe by everyday: “THE THING YOU PUT YOUR MIND ON IS THE THING YOU WILL ULTIMATELY BECOME.” Author? Anonymous. Unknown.

The thing you put your “mind on is the thing you will ultimately become. ”

Well, at least true at that stage of my life. Being obsessed with quotes, wisdom and truths, this was yet one of my finest discoveries, and I could not dare let it go unnoticed and untested. And test it, I did! The principle would not fail me, I believed. I never was a very competitive person, but I was established in my mother’s counsel: “If you cannot do something to the best of your ability, rather not do it at all.” The result? I would give my very best in any situation. During the end of my second year of high school, looking at my grades, I wondered whether I could improve on them and thus considered the possibility of being first in my class instead of fifth. A few months ago the thought would have crossed my mind and immediately be put off as impossible, but with the graffiti on the wall next to my bed, I could not resist the challenge. For the following three years I was top of my class in all my subjects, and being a firm believer of living a balanced life, (probably also a quote or a book I devoured during my not so sweet sixteen’s) I also excelled on the sport field. With public speaking I travelled to many destinations, and my six basic subjects I increased to eight after getting hold of the truth that ‘the more you do

December 2010 | 23

the more you can do’ just before my final year. Being chosen as Head Girl during this time, the responsibilities increased and I completed my high school career with numerous prestigious awards, which included provincial records. I even gave a tenth of all my prize money that last Sunday to the local church where we went to as a family. Oh how religious I was!

In many people’s eyes this life seemed like the perfect one to live....

My university years proceeded with a similar approach, however with a lesser effect. (I blame it on the residence’s rules that forbade any writing against walls!) I once again found myself in the top group of my class in a challenging course and I completed my Masters degree successfully (and all the other degrees of student life i.e. numerous failed relationships, irresponsible experiences etc.) with recognisable work experience (“the more you do…” aye!) ready to enter the formal work environment. In many

24 | Discover Life

people’s eyes this life seemed like the perfect one to live, the ideal way to start your career and build your future, but I lacked true purpose. No matter how successful I started off, I did not have that true sense of direction; the blueprint of my destiny was unknown to me, just as God was uknown to me: His Person, His Son and His Spirit. I was lost, to put it plainly. Deep down inside I knew there was more to life, even though it seemed as if I could accomplish whatever I wanted. I continued to live in the principles, but did not know the principle Giver. In my last year of high school, I visited Christian Revival Church in Bloemfontein, South Africa, where I accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour of my life. But being from another part of the country, and only visiting the city, I wasn’t planted in the church, and the fundamental principles of baptism and the infilling of the Holy Spirit I was never taught. The Word of God teaches that those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. (Psalm 92:1, emphasis mine). I flourished according

to worldly standards but not in the courts of God! God places in each one of us a predetermined calling. He then gives us gifts to accomplish it. Due to the fact that I was not planted in a church after accepting Christ and what He has done for me, I couldn’t start seeking my God given destiny. I had used my gifts, with a handful of godly principles, for a different purpose than God intended. It all appeared to be very successful, but it was not according to the Master’s plan for my life! It was only seven years later, after a long and struggling journey without His power that God’s grace brought me back to Christian Revival Church in London where I got planted as a member serving and flourishing. I got baptised with the Holy Spirit one evening in my room after pleading with God for this gift of speaking in tongues; a week before I was baptised in water. Today, whilst walking past the Poplar trees, soft rain drizzling down on my cheeks, I realized that you could go through life and miss your true destiny. The purpose that God planned for you long before you were even born (Jer.1:5). You can make up your mind to do almost anything. As Proverbs states, as a man thinks, so is he (Prov. 23:7), but it will only be your own empty ideas, dreams and desires if your heart has not yet been transformed by God and your spirit renewed by His Spirit. You will miss the purpose God created you for and the work He designed you to carry out during this lifetime. In Romans 12 Paul says that we should be transformed and changed by the entire renewal of our minds, so that we may prove for ourselves what is the

good and acceptable and perfect will of God. The Amplified Bible goes further and says, ‘even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect in His sight for you. Today I still live by that principle I wrote against my wall many years ago. I put new things in my mind everyday of who God says I am in Christ Jesus, and what I can accomplish. I still excel in life, as well as in my work environment and love every challenge coming my way, because I know through every accomplishment and victory in my life Christ gets glorified. Through every challenge God builds my character and conforms me more and more to the image of His Son. He has carefully placed people around me to whom the love of God can be manifested through me in the way I interact with them, and He uses my work and earthly success to provide for His Church, His Kingdom. It is not about following a principle, it is about knowing the Principle Giver, the Giver of Eternal Life and life on this earth in abundance. My true purpose in this lifetime is not to be successful according to worldly standards, but according to God’s standards. Every day I seek His perfect will for my life and it is my destiny to walk that road.

Walking With God

December 2010 | 25

Real Stories, from Real People

I grew up in quite a crazy household... age 12, I had smoked dope, snorted lines of speed off toilets and was downing pints of beer...

My dad was drunk most of the time, and was hardly home. He was quite violent at the best of times. My Mom and I didn’t have much of a relationship, as she too was involved in too many crazy things to even mention. That perfect family unit was unheard of in our house. So of course I rebelled and looked for many ways out of this hell-hole called home. The first time I got drunk I was 11 years old, and I loved the feeling: it was a great escape. I went into my mom’s room to show her how drunk I was (to spite her I’m sure), and all I got was, “You’re going to be just like your father.” Accepting this statement from my mom, I continued to get drunk many, many more times after that, and loved it. At age 12, I had smoked dope, snorted lines of speed off toilets and was downing pints of beer whilst most kids my age were probably still playing with dolls and having sleepovers. My anger towards my parents grew as time went on as I was realising more and more what was going on in our house. My motto was “less time spent at home, 26 | Discover Life

the better!” As a kid, where do you go to escape? Well, to the same place that every other young person goes to escape: sex, drugs and house music! I didn’t miss a party! I was at every Big Rave and when I was there, I felt so free, so care-free!! Being so high was amazing: all that love I felt for complete strangers! I mean, I didn’t even feel this at home with my family. Years went on, and the parties only got ‘Bigger and Badder’. The men in my life increased, I was just hoping to find that perfect guy that would love me and take care of me. But in my mind none of them were good enough. I was so scared they would turn out like my Dad.

...a drug order of mine “went seriously wrong, and I landed up in jail... ”

When I was 16, my mother had had enough. She said she was going to visit her sister in Johannesburg, and after a few weeks called to say she wasn’t coming back. I couldn’t blame her, I would have done the same. So another year went by, and a drug order of mine went seriously wrong. Consequently, I landed up in jail, only for 6 hours, but let me tell you it was the longest 6 hours of my life. After a few court cases, they threw it out of court, as they couldn’t pin anything on me. That scared the life out of me, and when I finished writing my

final exam, I bought a ticket to London, and couldn’t wait to start a new life. When I got to London, the antics just continued. There were even more clubs, more drugs, and more boys than I could of imagined. So for 4 years I filled my weekends with debauchery, going for 3 to 4 days without sleep, downing bottles of vodka, snorting copious amounts of coke. I felt so alone most days, although I had so many friends and people that loved me. I wondered sometimes if some of them felt the same? I was so empty, fake, and searching for some purpose in my life. I mean this party scene had been my life for 8 years. There had to be something more to this! I was stuck in such a rut, I wanted to make more of my life, but couldn’t stop doing the things I was doing!!!

Now bear in mind I didn’t even like my mother let alone love her. As time went on, as she came for visits, I couldn’t help but notice the HUGE change in her! That kind of love she was showing for the first time ever, she had become a new person. Not fake and flaky, but it was genuine. I was amazed. She invited me to a BBQ with her church mates, and I decided to go along. Shame the poor woman was trying so hard. In my mind, I was like, “man this is going to be boring...” To my surprise, these people were so different, and I saw LIFE in them that I wanted, they were so free, and full of love! One of the guys there invited me to this event they were having, where the church band played, and they even had dancers. So I took my sister, my best friend and their boyfriends.

so alone most days, alt hough I had so many fri “ Ithafeltt lov ends and people ed me. I wondered sometimes if some of the m felt

In the meantime my Mother had moved to London. She was always trying new things and she had told us she had become a re-born Christian. I was like “yeah whatever,” I give it a month, and she will probably change to something else.

the same?

I had a great time, it rocked, and it was full of energy. I couldn’t believe Christians had so much life in them. I always thought church was boring and so were the people in it.

Anyway, that night we all went home, and we took loads of drugs again, and everyone was wasted, besides me, none of mine worked. As I lay there thinking about my life, not able to sleep, I thought, “those guys from church, they had such an awesome time without putting this crap in their body,” and that night I started getting a hunger for God. I knew that the life I had been living wasn’t right and I was looking for a way out. The following week I attended one of their bible study groups and decided December 2010 | 27

that evening to give my heart to Jesus, and asked Him to forgive me for all the nonsense I had created in my life. That weekend, I still went out, and got horribly drunk. Ended up lying on the bathroom floor of the club with my best friend, speaking about God, and how He was going to change my life. I told her “this is the last time you will see me like this,” and that’s the only thing I can remember from that night. There was this excitement in me, knowing that something big was going to happen.

He showed me that the “devil decived me my whole

life, and I used drugs, alcohol and men to fill that void only God could fill.

The next week, I attended a “New Members Orientation” evening, where the life, that I knew, would get changed forever. One of the pastors came to pray for me, and God hit me like a wave of liquid love. All the worries, disappointments, anger, resentment, insecurities, un-forgiveness, washed away in an instant. WOW, it was amazing!! He filled my heart with everything that was missing, and man, it felt awesome!!! I didn’t want the moment to end. My knees were shaking, and I was sobbing like a baby. This God was so real! That evening I went to my Mom’s house and got baptised. From that moment I became a new person, living for Jesus, my Saviour and Restorer of my heart! Now I had already booked a holiday with all my mates to go to Ibiza (Party Island) before all this had happened 28 | Discover Life

so I decided to still go along. The first night we arrived there, we all went out clubbing. I didn’t want to touch a drink or drugs, not after that amazing experience I had with God.

How can it be boring having a relationship with the Creator Himself?

As I watched all my friends and sister, God, in an instant, opened my eyes. For the first time I saw all the ugliness and how the enemy was stealing from people. He showed me how the devil was such a copycat. That feeling you get from taking drugs, that love and confidence, is what God showed me personally a couple weeks before that. He showed me that the devil deceived me my whole life, and I used drugs, alcohol and men to fill that void that only God could fill.

I joined an amazing church, that’s reaching people for Jesus, giving them a hope and a future, and making sure that others end up with Jesus when they die. God has restored everything that the enemy stole from me, and blessed me 100 fold more. He completely restored my relationship with my parents, He blessed me with an amazing husband and a child. He gave me purpose and direction and so, so, so much more.

Tulena Erasmus

That night I went to our hotel, crying my heart out, asking God how I was going to make it through the next 6 days of this holiday. The next morning I woke up, and wow, I felt amazing. I had the best holiday ever, God blinded me to what was going on around me, and I had a fantastic time. My friends were shocked of course, but how was I going to explain all that happened to me???? Would they even believe me? Would they think I was mad? I didn’t care what anyone thought, I had this new amazing gift, and I wasn’t going to give it up for anything. My life changed dramatically since then, and man it’s been such an adventure. How can it be boring having a relationship with the Creator Himself? December 2010 | 29

30 | Discover Life

Real Stories, from Real People sin and shame in my life “could to the years “ of overgrowth “be compared in my garden.

Coming out of a relationship with Mr Wrong, the sin and shame in my life could have been compared to the years of overgrowth in my garden. So I put my latte down and I laid down my life in front of Christ. I decided that as part of my journey I was to utterly dedicate myself as a bride to Christ, I would give my garden a makeover, as a symbol to God that I was prepared for Him to have His way with me. The project started, with my new garden tools and a pair of funky wellies (It wouldn’t hurt to do it in style!). I started the excavation process by cutting through 5 years of solid overgrowth, and as the weeks passed by, the jungle gradually took form. With every passing

day I felt the presence of the Lord more and more. Finally it was complete, just the way I liked it. Leafy and peaceful with of course a few unique features. I managed to create something out of nothing by using only what was already there (did I mention my excavations revealed a few treasures like an old pot and eight paving stones?). This was now my own patch where I could have my first coffee with God.

...even if I found what happened intrusive and hurtful, God doesn’t wait for an invitation to prune us.


itting at a coffee shop after a very fruitful shopping trip, I felt pleased with myself. I gained a few little numbers, which can be worn at least three different ways and as per usual I saved at least 50% on every item (so it is not the amount spent that is focussed on but the amount saved!). Sipping my latte watching the women passing by I realised that we are sometimes a bit crazy, or more to the point lost! Some of us are in dead-end jobs and we spend most of our time with our noses in bridal magazines dreaming, whilst others are more pro-active through and various other promising paths to eternal happiness. The one thing we all have in common though is that our best crystal glasses, Jamie Oliver recipe books, and Egyptian cotton linen is stacked away for the day when Mr Right turns up to transform our bleak existence.

Then it happened. With the best intentions in the world, a friend spotted “a lack of sunshine” as an opportunity to help this damsel in distress (clearly the pathetic picture I sometimes portray as a singleton!) and offered to do some pruning. With great anxiety I watched as the former garden lost its form. The leafiness made way for emptiness and I was filled with a profound feeling of loss. I relived the moment when I was 5 and my sister bit off my new pink Tinkerbell lipstick! That finality...what was done was done. Hopelessness and frustration consumed me for two days as I looked at my former proud trees transformed into a bundle of logs and the rest lying in a heap. The emptiness revealed a broken fence; a grey, flat monstrosity at the back and a former compost heap suddenly became the focal point of my garden. Then I got the revelation that this has been a symbolic space in my life. Even if we found that which was intrusive and hurtful, God doesn’t wait for an invitation to prune us. As much as it hurts to see

December 2010 | 31

the sin revealed, staring at the open space I realised that we can’t hide. The trees in our lives might have covered it for a while but the fact remained that the compost heap existed; and the broken fence still existed - just as my own anger and hurt still existed. I lost confidence in my judgement of men. I lost the ability to trust and most of all I struggled to forgive myself.

past sorrow was stealing “ Myaway my joy of tomorrow.

My past sorrow was stealing away my joy of tomorrow. So God revealed to me that, when He prunes us He expects us to make amends, (and no, I am not jumping on Facebook or, He will come at his appointed time on his white horse/donkey). Just as I plan to mend my broken garden, so too my brokenness will be mended. It was covered for awhile... but in God’s time it will be healed. And as my garden grows back to its former glory, I will start my own process of healing, a lady in waiting, a bride for Christ, trusting the Lord that “Mr From God” will be my “Mr Perfect”. Therefore I thank my friends who pruned my garden and I invite the Lord to reveal to me the bride He would like me to be for Him.


Everybody has a story to tell, so why not send through your story. 32 | Discover Life

CRC Bible Training is designed as one of the avenues in training and equipping believers for the work of the ministry. It is a wonderful opportunity to develop and grow in your knowledge and practical application of the Word of God. Our aim is to prepare you to live a dynamic personal life in all areas of community, business and the Church. Our prayer is that you will grow in Spiritual Maturity and fulfill the commission given to us by Jesus Himself: To go and win the hearts of the lost for Him. Allow the Word of God to change, equip and mature you; allow it to bring you into the fullness of all that God has called you to do! Sign up for the next intake now. The next intake will be in Feb 2011. For enquires visit or email to

34 | Discover Life

Family, I am sure all of you are sharing in our excitement about the extraordinary things God has done in CRC throughout 2010. I strongly believe that this is merely a stepping stone for what is yet to come. We have received such great promises from God for our church and our nation, that one cannot but have great expectation for the future. Studying church history reveals that in any great move of God there were a few men and women that God raised up to become mighty in prayer. There is nothing as powerful as believers coming together and praying for a common purpose. In the Bible, believers would gather to pray, and God would release His power in a supernatural way every time. As a ministry our aim is just that. We have a passion for prayer through which we want to see God move in people’s lives and in our nation in an even more special and dynamic way. Jesus needs people that are willing to take up this crucial responsibility: people that will choose to intercede for our church and our nation and see His great promises being fulfilled. Family let’s continue to lift our church and nation before God and always remember: The best is yet to come!

CRC has stepped into a new season. Transition is here. Our prayers are needed more now than ever. We have a mandate to transform our city. True intercession must precede this transition. Will you partner with us as we embrace our mandate, and join us in praying?

We have prayer meetings every Monday night starting at 7:30pm at the church office. We need YOU! For more information, go to our web site:

Geoffrey de Bruin

“Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Unity & Discipleship A homecell is a small group of people from church that get together on a weekly basis (or more) for a time of fellowship and to worship God together. In and through this group; people are being discipled to become established in the ways of God and also supported through times of struggle. A homecell leader is the person that facilitates the weekly meetings and Our homecell recently started in Canada also ensures that every member is Water and we had our first meeting in June growing in their 2010. We started out with 4 members, but we relationship with already have a new member and very excited Christ Jesus. about the growth that we are still going to see. Anastia Uys - Member I feel that the homecell is where we come together in the unity of faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God. This is where we share our knowledge, grow spiritually and learn to be able to share the Gospel with others. My homecell, our leader and the other members will always be dear to me as their discipleship has wanted me to have the same relationship that they have with God.

Erna Steenkamp: Homecell Leader The people in our homecell are really great and I’m very privileged to be the leader of such a vibrant group. What I enjoy most about being a leader is the absolute joy of seeing a young Christian catching onto the vision of CRC and then they just start to run with it! It really makes me want to shout for joy! I love seeing the way that God works in everyone’s lives and how He changes people. Then the passion that I see in them stirs me to pursue Jesus even more passionately.

way that God works “ The in and through my life and in other people’s lives really leaves me in absolute awe of Him.

36 | Discover Life

I think it is important to “connect with people and

Dorette Potgieter - Member Homecell made me grow in my relationship with God, and taught me that Sunday doesn’t have to be one day a week.

invest in them and as they see you live life differently they will want to be where you are and do what you are doing.

Mari Eigelaar - Member

It made me change my “lifestyle, I started to live a Christlike life.

There is something “unexplainably more, just believe and experience the roller-coaster ride with God!

I’m continuously learning and growing, hungrier for God than I have ever been. Here I learn how to truly live for God. Life has become an exciting venture I can undertake in boldness! I know here I will find the truth. Homecell gives the opportunity to connect with others and grow together. It is the first place you learn to be accountable and take ownership of building the Kingdom. I’ve learnt so much about the structure of authority and the amazing ways God works through people. I love the fellowship... and a meal always followed by dessert!

Justin Teoh - Member. Homecell has been the most important part of my transformation into the person I am today. It provided me with a safe, welcoming and supporting environment to guide me in my journey with Christ.   It provided me with a safe haven away from the real world where I could ask questions about the church, have fellowship with other Christians and most importantly it provided me with a place where I could always feel the presence of the Spirit.

close friendships “andTheamazing bonds that

you develop with your homecell members are what makes homecell so special.

The sound ministry is all about... you

guessed it...sound. We work hand in hand with our worship team to ensure that there is an atmosphere for worship in our services every Sunday. This year has been amazing for the Sound Ministry. We have seen the team grow and the standard of excellence is incomparable to when we started a few years ago. We went from a “maintaining” ministry to one that is growing and continually looking to implement new ideas. Having used some of our old equipment for well over 5 years, it was due an upgrade for the direction CRC was heading in. We were blessed last year to upgrade our microphones, introduce new outboard devices and of course buy our very own professional front-of-house PA system. All of this will provide a great platform for many years to come. We started this year with 2 members and although there were a few people that came and went, we are a stable team of four now. Every member of the team is extremely willing and faithful in what they are doing and on that platform our team is built. Most of the people who join have never been on a sound desk in their lives and that’s where training starts. Apart from learning new technical skills, you will learn how to become a problem solver and think a few steps ahead. Joining the sound ministry will help you to learn how to cope well under pressure, cultivate a “spirit of excellence” and develop your leadership skills. This in itself is invaluable in all walks of life. .

Andre van Rensburg

38 | Discover Life

Feedback from the crew....

Sound Ministry is one of those minis“ The tries that nobody notices until something goes wrong. It is a challenge every Sunday and you are under pressure to get things right. But, when all comes together, it really is more than just a satisfaction you get from how the morning went and you feel accomplished. It truly is an honour to work in the background and know you played your part to the development of the awesome vibe that goes through the congregation in the morning. Simone Andrews

I joined the Sound Ministry because I knew “that it is the one ministry in which I person-

ally will be put out of my comfort zone and be stretched. To date I have not been disappointed. It’s a great ministry and I have learned so much in a very short time. Because the sound is so important on an Sunday there is a fair amount of pressure as sound man and things can get tough but the great thing is that we are a team and we all do our part to perfect the role and we all experience highs and lows together. There is nothing as rewarding as when you are faced with a challenge and come out victorious the other side. Under the great leadership of Andre this team will go all the way and anyone that will join the team will look back in a few years time and realise what a awesome privilege it was to be part of this great ministry. Steyn Steenkamp

Serving in HIS Kindgom

“The Sound Ministry is one of those ministries that nobody notices until something goes wrong.�


Learn a great new skill and be part of a team that are the visionaries of this new generation. December 2010 | 39

What a successful day! The venue, golf course and organisation was right ‘on par.’ Treated to a goodie bag and breakfast-roll on arrival - the men were already set-up for a great day out on the green. With all the teams selected and ready to go everyone set out to tee off group by group. The atmosphere was already competitive by the first shot and would continue so throughout the day. Some fantastic long drives, chips and puts set the mood on a high, but some were less fortunate hitting the trees, remaining in the bunker and getting some serious hay fever as they came back scolding their clubs for a bad run. With a delicious sandwich and drinks on the 9 and a few more rounds of beautiful scenery, dropped balls and birdies, the men were ready to gobble up some grub and see if they were in for the running of one of the great prizes. The day was unexpectedly won by Ryan de Beer, a quiet winner who hit his way through the 18 with ease and enjoyment, the best combination of moods for this game! The prizes were plentiful and varied: the best team won golf balls and a cap each, and the person with the most times in the bunker won a bucket and spade. And who could forget the poor soul who put in the longest day: he won a 6 pack of Redbull and a stress ball. We definitely look forward to the next Golf Day and hope to see you there.

Hannah van Rooyen Spectator

40 | Discover Life

We had our first 5-a-side football day on the 4th of July 2010. It was held at the Bacons College Football Centre in Rotherhithe. This turned out to be a great success having 33 teams entering, all bringing supporters. It was mainly teams from our O2 branch with Brentwood also entering a few teams. The girls also had a great tournament with 8 teams battling it out to the finals. Meggie de Bruin and her team took the cup and each won a photo shoot sponsored by Tyélle Render. Tension started running very high in the quarter finals with very strong competition amongst the men. Stephen Ridgely and his team were the winners in the men’s finals against Steve Reeves’, each receiving a trophy and a River Island voucher. A fantastic day was had by all, with a bouncy castle for the kids, boerewors rolls, burgers and a sunny day!

Bertus van Bergen

December 2010 | 45 41

42 | Discover Life

“The busy buzz of London seems light years away when the ice-breakers start Friday night. This is where the ushers let loose and go for gold. You always see someone you think you know, doing something you would have never expected. (Cheating to win a game? never!) It’s all fun and games and the best part is that Jesus is in the middle of it all. Saturday - Sleep late-check! Breakfastcheck! Sumo wrestling-check! Fun activities-check! Delicious dinner-check! Amazing teaching-check! Great praise and worship-check! An Usher camp is like a oasis of refreshing. There is always an expectancy to get re-fired and charged up by the Holy Spirit to serve people like Jesus did. Sunday morning arrives, the Usher camp is finished, and I have to remind myself that even Moses had to come down the mountain. Can’t wait to get to church, it’s my turn to usher.”

Winnie du Preez

“Usher camp 2010 was just awesome. After dinner on the first night the games master and mistress summoned us all and we were in stitches by the end of the night with the witty games and activities. The breakfast the next morning allowed for a nice well deserved lie-in, which was great. We had loads of free time to socialise and play games which totally destressed us all. The sumo wrestling was a great surprise and even though this is supposedly a friendly sport, there was one casualty... let’s just say this will keep him on his toes. The camp ended in a Holy Spirit filled worship session that filled us afresh. All in all a great camp with great food for body and soul.”

Alicia Sterley

“The Usher camp provided a great opportunity to get to know my fellow ushers, outside of our usual Sunday mornings. Sometimes we need to be taken out of our environment to really develop a sense of unity, or ‘camaraderie’. For me the camp definitely achieved this. The relaxed atmosphere, the great food (thanks ladies!), the ‘snake game’, and the swimming were just some of the highlights. Unfortunately, I missed the camp activities, because of an unplanned trip to A&E with Werner (cheers mate!). If I could offer any advice to future campers, it would be this: always wear shoes whenever wrestling with giant sumo suits. Probably the best part, however, was during the ministry time on the second night. Being able to just focus on God, and worship Him, is where I believe the lasting impact really happens. This changed the camp from just being a fun filled weekend to one where lives were touched and changed permanently. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and my only complaint would be that it went by too quickly!”

Jai van Zeeland

WHAT IS YOUR EXPERIENCE? Is your ministry or homecell having an event? Tell us about it! December 2010 | 45 43

44 | Discover Life

HAVE YOU BEEN INSPIRED? Do you write poetry, stories or songs? Do you draw, design or take photographs. Share what God has inspired you to do. Email us:

December 2010 | 45

vol u nteer staff opportunities to serve

“You can tell what they are by what they do” (Matthew 7:16) As you can see by reading through this issue of ‘Discover Life’ there are many different events and activities happening at CRC! These are made possible through the efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers. We are always recruiting additional volunteer staff to assist the Church with it’s purpose of expanding God’s Kingdom, knowing Him, making Him known and to always serve others! As Jesus said, “You can tell what they are by what they do” (Matthew 7:16). So if you feel that you can add value to another person’s life by serving at CRC then don’t hesitate for one moment further. To register your interest to serve in one of the following areas: * Media * Video Editing * Graphic Design * Magazine Editorial, Design & Sales * Sound * Lighting * Cargo * CORE (Homeless Ministry) * Fitness Club * Welcoming Team

* Ushers * Woman’s Ministry * Outreach * Old Age Ministry * Kids Church * Youth Ministry * G.A.P. (Meeting a need) * Band * Alter Workers * Book Shop

Please check out the Information Desk or email and get involved!

Generations facilitates a fun learning environment for 5 different age groups. WONDERERS (UNDER 18 MONTHS) DISCOVERERS (18 MONTHS— 2.5 YEARS) EXPLORERS (3-5 YEARS) VOYAGERS (6—10 YEARS) CONQUERORS (11—16 YEARS) Drop off from 9AM Pick up directly after the service

As well as having kids church we also have a couple of additional facilities and services for parents. These can be just the trick for those moments when your ‘little one’ becomes restless or you need to attend that all very important CRC event or prayer meeting.


We encourage parents with babies to use the balcony in the auditorium for a peaceful environment which allows you to still be very much part of the service.

Childcare Services

We offer a free childcare service to all our members for church events which include Monday night prayer and leadership meetings. Just register your child at least 48hours before the event at

Real Life Application I run a big house-share in After paying in the money Wanstead. One of the guys about an hour later a guy from in the house has been having church called me to say he problems finding work and wants to give me £200 towards could not pay his rent. On one my studies. This really showed of the Sundays me that you truly When He sees that Pastor JJ cannot out-give was preaching God. When He your heart and at the 02 CRC, sees your heart the faith that you he encouraged and the faith have in Him people to go that you have in out and bless Him despite the despite the someone at the difficulty, He will difficulty, He will provide. end of the service. Afterwards provide. It was then that when I told the guy I felt the Holy who could not pay Spirit say I needed to help his rent what I had done for him, this house-mate pay his rent. he was so excited and told me The next day I paid in the £70 that he had not slept the night he still owed the Landlord. I before praying to God to help did not really have this money him pay his rent. Amazing!! We to give as I am saving for my serve an awesome God! studies in September which are Tracy-Lee Swart really expensive (£6000). December 2010 | 45 49

Whether you have a sweet tooth, a love for freshly baked goods or require lunches for your company, we have something for everyone. We offer a range of different cakes, confectionery, savoury tarts, home-made meals and we also specialise in traditional South African baked products. We cater for any event, from children parties, birthday parties, corporate lunches, events, functions, weddings and singular sales too. We are happy to offer samples of any of our products to companies wishing to start our lunch delivery service or to large scale buyers. Our great online service offers you the opportunity to sit in the comfort of your own home, select the items you require and have them delivered to your doorstep, quick and easy.

We strongly believe in using only the best and freshest produce, it’s what makes our bakery stand out from the crowd and gives it that mouth watering taste. Mama’s Bakery is passionate about what we do and invite you to come and tantalise your taste-buds.

You better believe it! We are giving away a free WiFi + 3G 32GB Apple® iPad® with case worth £630 to one lucky reader. Why? Because we love you guys and it’s Christmas! All you have to do to win is: Fill out the entry form below, post it or hand it in at your local CRC Info Point and “llike” the “Discover Life Mag - CRC UK” page on Facebook. Please send your entry form to: CRC London, Discover Life Magazine Comp, 46 Commercial Road, London, E1 1LP

Name & Surname: _________________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________________________ Where did you get your magazine from? _______________________________ THE FINE PRINT REF: IiPad Comp * Competition ends 20th Febraury 2011. No entries will be excepted after this date. * The winner will be announced 6th of March 2011. The winner will be choosen through a random prize draw. * Only entries who have sent in an entry form and “like” the Discover Life Mag - CRC UK page on Facebook are valid entries and wil be considered.

December 2010 | 45

December 2010 | 45

54 | Discover Life

Open Mic Night hailed a great success Zone leader Eddie Coetzee announced to a thoroughly entertained audience that the first CRC Youth Open Mic Night had “been very successful.” Open Mic Night rocked and rolled its way to a remarkable fulfilment of its goals and marked the launch of CRC’s youth ministry. It aimed to “reach out to the youth of London in a way that appeals to their musical taste” and to create “an urban youth environment”, according to Daniela Bomba, the visionary behind the event. On this count alone, the night was a resounding success. Audience members described the event as “something new” and “hip.” Attended by in excess of 90 young people, Open Mic Night brought together the raw, fresh, right-off-the-streets talent of local youngsters with youth from all UK branches of CRC. The atmosphere was electrifying, and the audience sang,

cheered, and swayed along with the 20 competitors.

Surprising talent

Youth leader Danni Reed had an expectation that the night would give a “freedom for young people to express their talents,” and what a diverse expression of talent it was. From MC’ing to performance poetry, acapella singing to street dance, the whole night buzzed with excitement and enthusiasm, punctuated by gasp-out-loud moments. I have to say, one of my personal favourites was a birthday serenade for a startled young husband. The audience was impressed and surprised by the talent that pervaded the evening; from the quality of the presenters and the presentations, to the originality of the material. Winner Dean Brown, (19) was a prime example not only of the creative talent praised by the audience, but also a

December 2010 | 55

poignant reminder of his generation’s need for Christ. Brown wrote his own lyrics, and laid down the pumping backing track in a home studio with the help of friends. There was a tinge of sadness and angst in his words: “sometimes it feels like the whole world’s not on your side.” This is the generation that needs to hear that Christ is always on your side. Dean was almost overwhelmed with the experience, the first time that he had performed his original work publicly. Nevertheless, he was proud of the fact that it was “all my own hard work.” He had never expected to win the contest, and said that the win boosted his confidence. The Hidden Story Dean Brown’s triumph was only part of the story behind the sparkling success of the evening. Perhaps the real hero of the night was his friend Jalessa Williams (19), who invited him to the event. Jaleesa perfectly personified the key aims of Open Mic Night to raise the youth as leaders and to bring people to church and to Christ. Jaleesa is a prime example of someone sold out to “win the lost at any cost.” She saw the MC’ing as an opportunity for her friends to get to know Christ, and brought not just one friend, but seven! Jaleesa says

56 | Discover Life

that when you “get a revelation of why it’s important to talk to them, that’s all you want to do - bring friends to Christ.” Jaleesa’s greatest desire was realised the very next day, when one of these friends attended church and responded to the gospel. Yes, it may truly be said that the Open Mic Night had resounding success to accomplishing it’s objectives.

Kate Bird

Be part of

the Answer CRC Youth Ministry is working towards a Friday night chill out to reach the youth of the city, on a monthly basis. The team needs“people with a heart and passion to see youth impacted If it sounds like you, contact Danni Reed or ask at the Info Point.

December 2010 | 57

2 October 2010 58 | Discover Life


id you enjoy the Woman’s meeting?’, she asked me, her eyes full of dewy enthusiasm. It was instantly clear to me that my friend had greatly enjoyed herself at the High Tea. ‘Yes and no’, was my cryptic response.


es, I enjoyed walking, waltzing almost, into a grand and glittering room, dressed like a Princess and rather feeling like one too. I loved looking around the room and seeing all the beautiful shades of God’s creation reflected in the unique expressions of femininity before me. From pastels to pearls, florals to fascinators, it was a fabulously womanly event. The hum of excited voices rose like the melody of birds in springtime, and I could see that I was not alone in my enjoyment of the stately atmosphere in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel: some 200 woman agreed that this would be a day to remember. I enjoyed being waited on hand and foot (what woman doesn’t?), nibbling dainties from a silver platter, being surrounded by good company, and feeling terribly British, darling.


nd yes, I enjoyed the ministry of Extreme Make-over: God’s Edition. Speaker Ann Pretorius of JAM who spoke with both eloquence and humour regarding transformation and purpose. She pointed out how God wants to transform us from glory to glory, and how God’s make-over is painful, as we hold on so tightly to what we know, because our confidence is linked to it. Ann Pretorius reminded me of what it means to get up everyday on purpose, to ‘reach out and go beyond ourselves’, and to ‘step into someone else’s world’. And it was not just inspiring words: JAM is currently feeding over 500,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa on a daily basis, giving children the nutrition they need to learn, and therefore improve their opportunities

in life. With in excess of an incredible 9 million salvations registered across Africa, JAM has trained national evangelists in four countries, creating African solutions for Africa .


o what exactly was there not to enjoy on such a day? I did not enjoy being confronted with myself. I did not enjoy having to ruthlessly apply God’s Word to my own life. There, now some of you are sitting there silently shocked by me. I have to confess, that I was rather shocked on that day myself. After all, hadn’t I gone there to drink tea, listen to another message and go about the serious business of reporting? I was not prepared to encounter my own Extreme Makeover! The book of James tells us that we can’t just hear the Word, we have to do what it says. Transformation sounds like a quaint topic until you have to make major life changes you were illequipped and even unwilling to make.


’ve noticed that I sometimes act like a teenager with God. A teenager knows deep down that their father knows best, has their best interests at heart, and sees the bigger picture with greater clarity and understanding, and yet still does not want to listen, let alone to comply. And if all else fails, a teenager is very good at going mysteriously deaf when his or her parent is talking, pretending to hear nothing. So it was with me, and it took this Woman’s Tea for God to get my attention. Having made this discovery, all that remains is to apply what Ann Pretorious said: ‘Just trust God – in everything’... ‘Relax! Let Him roll out His plan.’ Because at the end of the day, His transformation is for His purpose, and ‘the more you allow Him to change, the more you’ll love Him.’

Kate Bird

COMPETITION OF THE HOMECELLS Come Dine With Me 2010 was a great success. It combined everything from good food and creativity, to planning and tough competition.The competition all began in the CRC’s homecells, as it’s function is to connect people to the church and inspire them for the week ahead and what better way to start than to share a delicious meal? Many homecells around London entered this fun competition, which focused not only on good food, but also on good time management, value for money and nutritional value. After a few weeks of competition, the best of the entrants were chosen to come to the Come Dine With Me Final, where they were judged by three tough critics! They had to bring creativity to the table, ace-up on their presentation, and cross their fingers - all to be judged in the hope of winning first prize. Overall, the night was full of great food, great ambience and fellowship between the competing homecells. After much deliberation from the judges, a decision was made and our winner was announced! CD was the winner! With his pizzazz and passion for the food he made, using delicious ingredients and wowing the judges - he won a wonderful meal out to the Fire and Stone in Central London for his team.

We look forward to next year’s competition heating up the kitchen

60 | Discover Life

JUDGE’S COMMENTS Where to start? The whole night was really great. I was totally impressed by the effort all the teams put in, and from start to finish we all found it hard to find much fault with the dishes presented to us. Though in saying that, the standard was set very high by the delicious combination of flavours and ingredients used by the current champion CD.

We all found it hard to find much fault with the dishes presented to us

As judges we really had to put our heads together to decide on the winner. It was such a close call between two of the teams especially, but in the end the decision came as no surprise with the winning dish setting the bar for all homecells to meet. This was such a great event to inspire us all to really put more thought, effort and excitement into our homecell dishes, not to be afraid to try new and creative things. It all boils down to making sure your people feel totally satisfied after eating a delicious dinner and blessing those around you.

I can’t wait for next year’s competition as I am sure it will be even greater ! But I encourage you to check out the winning recipe, and get motivated to take your homecell dinners to another level! Hannah van Rooyen

CDWM 2010 Judge

Check out the Winning Recipe

Ingredients: Serves 5 300g penne pasta 3 chicken breasts Small butternut squash Small broccoli Sun-dried tomato/Red pepper pesto 250ml single cream Mixed herbs (preferably fresh): Basil Black pepper and salt Crushed garlic – 3 tea spoons or 3 cloves 1 red onion Method: • Boil water in kettle • Finely chop onions, butternut (skin on) & broccoli into chunks • Cover butternut in boiling water & cook in microwave for 7-10 minutes until soft • Boil a pot on stove & add broccoli when boiling – cook for 3-4 minutes & remove • Boil more water & cook pasta – remember to add salt & tablespoon of olive oil While butternut and pasta cook: • Cut chicken into chunks & throw in pan with olive oil (medium heat) together with chopped onions, 3 teaspoons chopped garlic, few leaves of fresh basil (chopped) or any other dried mixed herbs, salt and pepper. • Check the butternut – if it’s soft remove from water and sprinkle some sugar over. • After 3-4 minutes (when chicken starts to cook), add half the bottle of pesto and half the single cream to the pan. Toss until ingredients are mixed. • Check your pasta to see if it is ready. • Gradually add pasta & veggies to chicken. • Keep pan over medium heat. Add the rest of the pesto and cream. Serve with Parmesan cheese.

December 2010 | 45 61

Quitar Workshops Acoustic, Bass & Electric


FIRST LESSON FREE Only ÂŁ15p/h for lessons and sheet music included! GROUP DISCOUNTS

Neil Render

075 0668 2543

Ranelagh Gardens Beauty Therapist Conveniently situated in the tranquil surroundings of Ranelagh Gardens the perfect Peace Haven to come relax and be pampered! Mobile treatments also available. Treatments include: Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Eyelash / Eyebrow Tinting and Massage.

All at affordable prices!! Gift vouchers are also available. To make an appointment contact Rebecca Thomas 078 2499 6648

* House/Office Reburbishments * Painting and Decorating * Removals * Big Teams 62 | Discover Life

Sakkie : 078 2898 5135

64 | Discover Life

December 2010 | 65


Info on these pages were gathered from The Evidence Bible

“I will believe if God will appear to me.” When a proud and ignorant sinner says, “I will believe if God will appear to me,” he has no understanding of the nature of his Creator. If the mere “goodness” of God is manifest to any sinner, he would instantly die. His “goodness” would spill wrath upon evil man. We can understand that if an earthly judge is a good man, he would be outraged by a vicious murder and must do his best to make sure the wicked criminal is brought to justice. It is his goodness that makes him passionate for justice to be done. It is the goodness of God that will make sure every murderer and rapist is brought to justice on Judgement Day. However, God is so good, so pure and holy, that He is utterly provoked to just retribution by any evil (anger, greed, envy, pride, lust, lying, jealousy, hatred, etc.). The only way man may live in the presence of a holy God is to be hidden in the rock of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 10:4). The pure in heart shall see God (Matt 5:8), and the only way we can become pure is through the righteousness of the Saviour. When God “appeared” to certain men in the Old Testament, He manifested Himself in another form, such as a burning bush or the Angel of the Lord. However, no man has seen the essence of God at any time (John 1:18). When the Bible says that the Lord spoke to Moses “face to face” (Ex 33:11), it is an example of anthropomorphism. When Moses simply gazed at where God had been, his own face so shone with the glory of God that Israel couldn’t even look at him (Ex 34:29-35). The Christian has the light of knowledge of the Glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ (2 Cor 4:6) The Holy Spirit convicts us... He shows us the Ten Commandments; the Law is the schoolmaster that leads us to THE FUNCTION OF THE LAW Christ. We look in the mirror of the Ten Commandments, and we see ourExodus 14:16 The Law is the rod of selves in that mirror. God in the hand of Moses. It will open up the Red Sea and bring deliverance of those who have been “taken capBilly Graham tive by the devil.” It is a “schoolmaster AMERICAN EVANGELIST to bring us to Christ” (Gal 3:24) BORN 1918 SCIENTIFIC FACTS IN THE BIBLE Only in recent years has man discovered that there are mountains on the ocean floor. This was revealed in the Bible thousands of years ago. While deep in the ocean, Jonah cried, “I went to the bottoms of the mountains...” (Jonah 2:6). The reason the Bible and true science harmonize is that they have the same author. 66 | Discover Life

Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God. But only he who sees takes off his shoes. The rest sit round and pluck blackberries. E.B. Browning 1806-1861 BRITISH POET



Nearly all experts agree Lucy was just a 3 foot tall chimpanzee.



Scientifically built up from one tooth, later found to Built from a jawbone that was conceded by be the tooth of an extinct many to be quite human. pig.


At the Int’l Congress of Zoology (1958 Dr. A.J.E. Cave said his examination showed that this famous skeleton found in France over 50 years ago is that of an old man who suffered from arthritis.


Dates way back to 1970. This species has been found in the region just north of Australia.

The bible is actually made up of 773,692 words and would take someone 70 hours to read out loud!


The jawbone turned out to belong to a modern ape.


Supposedly 500,000 years old, but all evidence has disappeared.

CROMAGNON MAN MODERN MAN One of the earliest and best established fossils is at least equal in physique and brain capacity to modern man... so what’s the difference?

This genius thinks we came from a monkey. “Professing themselves to be wise they became fools.”(Romans 1:22)

The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.

December 2010 | 67 45

Resource Yourself Visit to find a wealth of resources, including info on news and upcoming events. Podcasting Check out CRC’s FREE Podcast now available through iTunes. Search for CRC London in the iTunes Store. Video Sermon’s Watch CRC’s Sermon’s available via Truthcastings and Youtube. Just search for CRC London. Discover Life Mag Get your copy at your local CRC book shop. Discover Life is a publication by CRC to encourage, motivate, equip and inspire you through your day-to-day living.

Sermon DVD’s With topics ranging from leadership to daily living, Pastor Thabo Marais’ sermon dvd’s offer solid biblical teachings. These dvd’s are sure to motivate and inspire you in our day-to-day life. Sermon’s include: Why Church?, Cancelling The Love Defecit, The Reality of Hell, Having The Purpose, The Presence and The Power, New Man In Christ, Building The House Of God, Is It Our Right?, Designed and Empowered To Reign, Releasing The Power. All of these sermon’s and so much more available at your local CRC Book Shop. 68 | Discover Life


With All My Heart

Review: Sakkie Erasmus Zone Co-ordinator

Review: Kandice Pieterse O2 Band Member

Available from the Book Shop for £10

Available from the Book Shop for £14

by John Bevere

I would recommend Under Cover for every new believer. It explains our position in the body of Christ and also describes the role of Godly leadership in a believers life. It explains how God is protecting His people using Godly authority and how we can experience God’s provision when we keep ourselves in the shadow of the Almighty. Godly authority is very often misunderstood in the body of Christ and sometimes even frowned upon. But it is very important to know what God has to say about the leaders that watch out for your soul. This book will give you insight into God’s principles and will for His children. This is a must read for anyone who desires to walk in the fullness of God.

Heb 13:17 Obey those who rule over you, and be submissive, for they watch out for your souls, as those who must give account. Let them do so with joy and not with grief, for that would be unprofitable for you.

by CRC Radiation

From the moment the first track started playing I knew this album was going to be something else. The unity that the band members have with one another as well as their senior pastors, it’s clear to see that ‘With All My Heart’ is filled to the top with anointing and definately has the hand of God upon it. The title song ‘With All My Heart’ has intimate worship qualities whilst at the same time engages the listener to have their own worship moment with God, whether it be in their car, their quiet time or on their commute to work. ‘How Big Is Our God’ is a catchy uptempo declaration of the greatness of God and you can’t help but want to sing along. This album is still one of the most played albums on my iPhone and has no signs of changing any time soon. I would encourage anyone to buy this CD, because it’s got the CRC DNA embedded into it, and it is a great selection to use when giving thanks and worship to Our Most High !

We are giving away a copy of ENTER BY POST: Fill in your details in the coupon beUnder Cover by John Bevere to low and send it to: CRC London, Discover Life Magaone lucky reader! Have you been zine, 46 Commercial Road, London, E1 1LP itching to get your hands on this Name & Surname: ___________________________________________________ book? All you have to do is simply fill out the form, post it or hand Email: ______________________________________________________________ it in at your local CRC Info point Phone: _____________________________________________________________ and “like” the “Discover Life Mag - Where did you get your magazine from? _________________________________ CRC UK” page on Facebook. REF: Book Review

THE FINE PRINT * Competition ends 20th Febraury 2011. No entries wil be excepted after this date. * The winner wil be announced 6th of March 2011. The winner wil be choosen through a random prize draw. 45 * Only entries who have sent in an entry form and “like” the Discover Life Mag - CRC UK Page on Facebook areDecember valid entries and wi2010 l be consi|dered.

The Adventures of Toby – Monsters and Me, Making Friends and Crunch Time DVD’s are available from all CRC Book Shops. Get yours now in time for Christmas. 70 | Discover Life

Think Sunday school stories like you’ve never heard before – or bible studies with a modern twist and you have Adventures of Toby. The ultimate aim has been to give age-old bible stories the same modern day, trendy look and paint a picture of a God who is both powerful and friendly. The Adventures of Toby tells the tale of a six-year-old boy facing the challenges of childhood. Toby has to deal with an absent father, an exhausted mother and his cruel teenage sister Janet. He ultimately finds help in dealing with these problems via a new friend, Jesus, who gives him the tools he needs to face life’s difficulties. Candice Argall, initiator of the Toby series, and writer of the first two stories, Monsters and Me and Making Friends, said she was inspired by both her own relationship with God and her two sons Matthew (6) and James (2). However, when she started writing the script, Candice had no idea that these stories would reach out to so many troubled children. “The first film, Monsters and Me, was written to communicate to children the fantastic friendship God wants to share with us. The fear factor was just a vehicle for Toby to call for help, but we’ve received feedback about children overcoming all sorts of fears after watching the film which has been nothing short of miraculous.” The second film, Making Friends, introduced creative elements that provide a whole new perspective on stories that have been told over and over again.

needed: “A strong story needs to show you both sides of an argument. Especially when dealing with spiritual themes- you want to be able to show something that people are living out, and recognize as the truth. By making Toby a little older and stronger willed, we were able to deal with that conflict that is a constant companion to most Christians (My will versus God’s will). Hopefully Toby holds up a mirror to ourselves in a way that’s entertaining and engaging, so that we can laugh at our own expectations and desires, and remember what God wants for us.” is bound to challenge a few more “This “traditional” portrayals of life, faith

and Jesus! It manages to achieve a refreshingly modern outlook, without compromising the accurate Word of God. It does not conform to most other, somewhat “stereotypical” Christian or cultural ideas of Jesus and Christianity that are on the children shelves today! Jesus, who is portrayed as a cool, relevant bloke with supernatural understanding of Toby’s issues, brings principles across in a way that is innovative and real...and they stick, as demonstrated by my own children who regularly quote scenes from Toby. Please do yourself and your children a favour and buy these stories, they are a treat to watch for children and adults alike in my opinion! Karen Marais

Daniel Snaddon, writer and director of the third film, Crunch Time felt that for Toby’s new adventure, a different approach was ENTER BY POST: Fill in your details in the coupon below and send it to: CRC London, Discover Life Magazine, 46 Commercial Road, London, E1 1LP Name & Surname: ___________________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________________________ Where did you get your magazine from? _________________________________

THE FINE PRINT * Competition ends 20th Febraury 2011. No entries wil be excepted after this date. * The winners wil be announced 6th of March 2011. The winners wil be choosen through a random prize draw. 45 * Only entries who have sent in an entry form and “like” the Discover Life Mag - CRC UK Page on Facebook areDecember valid entries and wi2010 l be consi|dered.


We are giving away a set of “The Adventures of Toby” to two lucky readers! All you have to do is simply fill out the form, post it or hand it in at your local CRC Info point and “like” the “Discover Life Mag - CRC UK” page on Facebook.

Puzzles, Quizzes, Fun

Let them give thanks to the LORD for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for men, for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. - Psalm 107:8-9 NIV

Let us therefore come bodly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

December 2010 | 45

Marlize Bothma is working as an Administrator and Sales Person for a driving school in Highams Park. She’s been a member of CRC London for roughly 2 years now and is orginally from a small town called Orkney in South Africa. She is part of the Choir/Band Ministry. What was your pet name when you were a kid? Vlooi (I seriously had an issue with sitting/lying still! SERIOUSLY!) List five things you would need to survive, if left alone on a deserted island? Laptop with internet connection, sharp knife, a jack-of-all-trades man, food. Which is the most embarrassing moment of your life? Falling down the steps at school during lunch break in front of 50% of the students whilst my dress was flying over my head.

Are you a collector of anything? International magnets. What is your first thought in the morning when you wake up? AH, what’s the time????? You are about to walk the green mile, what do you have for your last meal? That depends,would I be going to heaven? If so, lets hurry the execution, don’t need food!! Worst job you ever did?The current one. – ADMIN/Sales in a driving school.

What is the most important invention or innovation that has happened during your life-time? Facebook. For quite a few years I was longing to get in touch with a certain person from my childhood and FB made it possible! Dove deodorant stick – tha bomb! Keeps you feeling & smelling fresh and DRY for more than 24hrs! SERIOUSLY! – Awesome bible a-z online! I use it weekly!! What is on your bedside table? Mostly, my laptop, bible, and phone. Do you still have your tonsils? Yip What was your favourite childhood television program? Moomin If you could be a crayon, what colour would you be? Purple Who was your first crush? The boy next door, Francios Steyn. What was the last thing you regret buying? A zone 1-4 travel card.

What would you spend a billion pounds on? A world trip. Band practise venue with permanent equipment for each location. A permanent (wherever God wants me to be) visa. Moving my family here, or close to a CRC. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? I can’t. Just in God’s will for me, still waiting to hear where that is (location wise). What do you like to do in your spare time? Spend time with friends. Cooking for them or just having fellowship. If you could have only accomplished one thing in life, what would it be?To lead my whole family to salvation. What is your favourite quote? I can do ALL things!! I am an overcomer! I am above and not beneath! The head and not the tail. Ok, that is four... but they are all one to me.

“The best advice I have ever been given is to just trust GOD! Stop trying to make sense of it, and just have faith! God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called”

74 | Discover Life

December 2010 | 45

Jesus loves you! He desires to have a relationship with you, and to give you a life full of joy and purpose. Why do you need Him in your life?


You can’t go back, but He can. The Bible says, ‘Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever’ (Hebrews 13:8). He can walk into those place of sin and failure, wipe the slate clean and give you a new beginning.


Jesus knows the worst about you, yet He believes the best. Why? Because He sees you not as you are, but as you will be when He gets through with you. What a friend!


Who else are you going to trust? In His hands you are safe and secure - today, tomorrow, and for eternity. His Word says, ‘For I know the plans I have for you.... plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hop. In those days when you pray I will listen’ (Jeremiah 29:11-13 TLB) If you’d like to begin a personal relationship with Jesus today, please pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my life. I ask your forgiveness. Thank you for dying on the cross for me to set me free from my sins. Please come into my life and fill me with your Holy Spirit and be with me forever. Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen. If you have made this commitment and would like to make contact with a local CRC member, or if you do not feel ready to make this decision and would like further help from our church, please write giving your full name, address and age group to: CRC London, Discover Life Magazine, 46 Commercial Road, London,E1 1PL or email You can also call us on: 0207 265 0030 No one will contact you unless you specifically request it. Discover Life Magazine used the 3REASONS from which you can download.

December 2010 | 45 77

78 | Discover Life


December 2010 | 45

80 | Discover Life


staff PHOTO

“One grande, uh, sorry I mean tall, skinny Chai Tea Latte, extra hot, sitin, but take-away cup please. No, no cream thank you.” The girl behind the counter immediately lifts a cup from a white wobbly tower next to one of the machines and scribbles illegible abbreviations on the side. With her third hand she returns the previous customer’s receipt. The overwrought young mother, juggling kids and packages, finally manages to thrust all her loose articles into her handbag, and proceeds to the pick-up counter.

In seeing that her assistant barista is not near, the counter attendant turns around to prepare my drink herself. I go about in my handbag looking for my purse. It usually takes me three minutes of touch-and-try searching before I find it. “I hope she got all of that order!” the lady behind me smiled as she took one of the biscotti’s from the big glass bowl and places it on the counter next to the muffin I am about to pay for. I smile in return. “Well, if not, she must just ask again. It is a life line, an S.O.S; you can wake me up at 3am and I will recite it!’ I hand my card over to the assistant to pay and suddenly the thought came so subtle, so

soft: You know, just as you spoke and ordered that drink a moment ago, the Father once spoke and I created all that you can touch, feel and see. And I’ve written ‘good’ all over it! Did I tell you that I’ve created you with that same capacity? I just smiled, shook my head in awe and stared out of the shop window. “Your pin madam, please.” It was the second time she asked and I quickly snapped back to the world and entered the digits into the keypad. I’m again tuned inward, chewing on the thought, as she handed me back my card. As I walked to the end of the counter to collect my drink, my eye caught the figure on the slip and I realized that I’ve paid for the septic woman’s biscotti. The waitress must have thought it’s all mine. I see the confusion on the woman’s face as she tries to explain to the waitress that she hasn’t paid yet. She then looked at me and I just motioned with my hand ‘its OK, your blessing’ and took my drink. The waitress did get it all right, I thought, as I took a sip of my steaming drink and walked to the seating area. And it has ‘good’ written all over it! ISABEL ENGELBRECHT December 2010 | 81

December 2010 | 45

Christian Revival Church 46 Commercial Road ˙ London ˙ E1 1LP 0207 265 0030 ˙

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