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AS Cour sewor k Research and Development Tyler Reed

Resear ch i nt o Col l ege Magazi nes

This College magazine is a good reflection of the students life at college. It’s used a collage of ripped-up paper to give an abstract effect which connotes a college students’ notes etc, and has that real busy feel to it, which relates to a students life. The masthead uses simple font to reflect off the frantic background which makes it easier to read and also more eye-catching. However the theme may be different and interesting; it doesn't use many cover-lines on the front cover to give the reader and insight into what the magazine will contain; information/story wise. This is something to consider when designing my magazine cover. This magazine, though simplistic, includes everything that the target audience is looking for. It has cover-lines to allow the reader to consider whether the magazine will be an interesting read. The Masthead is also simple yet bold, it has used a simplistic font and red colouring which could connote a fiery, exciting feel which could reflect on the social side of college. The central image uses a girl in red to coincide with the masthead colours; and she is also wearing the college teacher to keep the theme relevant. The simplicity of the magazine suggests its targeted at a slightly older audience and not at the typical 16-18 college student.

Exampl es of Font s All of these fonts are SanSerif as I feel that my magazine should use a more relaxed and informal font, to attract the reader as they may feel it to be boring and uninteresting.

-this font is very bubbly and connotes a happy silly feel to its target audience. I liked this font as its different and gives a 3D effect. Its very different and not straight forward as the letters are slightly tilted. This font may be able to connote fun within my magazine, however may does suggest a younger more immature audience and so may not be ideal for my cover. -This font is a very grungy font. It has a graffiti style, and so naturally reaches out to a younger more creative audience. I liked this font as it sums up its target audience in one. Its off angle effect could connote mess and disorganisation which is, (meant to be) quite the opposite of a college students life. This font can be fairly one gender based so may not be appropriate for a college magazine. Font- This Font is simple, bold and outlined. I really liked this font as it could be either aimed at either gender. This may be a more appropriate font for the kind of magazine I’m aiming at my audience.

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