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Branding+ Identity+ Collaterol =HAH! HireAHelper SD Context: HireAHelper Oceanside » Employment: March 2018 - Current » CEO: Mike Glanz » Mentor: Sayamon Riddang


Logo Refinement

Logo Tweaks and Refinements

I was lucky to join HAH when I did, because they were in the middle of a styleguide/brand redesign and overhaul. Because of this, I was able to dive deep into the technical side of branding work. Thus one of my major tasks at HireAHelper was logo refinement. I was tasked with proposing a plethora of logo tweaks and refinements to the lead designer and art director. All of which were very minor and seemingly not too different, but anyone who works in branding appreciates that something like stroke weight, or curved vs. sharp corners, is nothing to sneeze at.

Type Treatment Lato

Ubuntu Black

Futura Rounded Bold

Modified Gotham Bold

Final Logo and Logotype

I was in charge of performing research and proposing various different typography options for the new identity of HireAHelper. We wanted a font which represented a modern and bold taste, yet also seeming sensible and amicable. This was because HAH is in the moving industry, and we wanted to redefine what people thought of when making a move. Thus any outdated serif was out of the question. We wanted bold to demonstrate effectiveness, and rounded to display friendliness. Fonts like Lato and Ubuntu were explored for their flares and sharp outer angle, but rounded inner angle within their legs. This combination meant to demonstrate sensibility.


+ HAH Logo

Creating a Pattern I was in charge of performing pattern conception and execution for brand expansion. Using the new logo, I brainstormed many different pattern options. I wanted to further push the idea of moving, while utilizing the “H” from the logo. I created a moving box illustration, and decided to implant the H within this. I utilized the “tape” to distinguish the H. Using this new branding asset, I performed various mockups to test the look and feel.

= Moving Box

Pattern Asset