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Getback Homeless Aid | Relief Package

Packaging+ Branding+ Campaign+ Industrialism =Survival Getback Homeless Survival Kit Context: SDSU » ART 450 Packaging Class » Instructor: Beth Weeks » Spring 2017


The Issue I am from San Francisco, and right now, gentrification led displacement is a huge problem. Low-income housing occupants are being kicked out of complexes they have lived in for decades, merely for the sake of refinancing. Demand for refinance is at an all time high, due to the Silicon Valley upsurge, and an ever-increasing interest in San Francisco as being a “hub” for culture, yet a place of stability. Ironically, with this influx of money and affluence, this culture they‘re seeking is being destroyed. Mom and pop shops are being replaced by fancy craft breweries and wine bars. Even more alarmingly, hundreds of people have been displaced from their homes, and have no place to go, with no affordable housing due to this over saturation of newmoney. Low-income complexes are being turned out into deluxe condos. In San Francisco today, there are literally camps of newly displaced homeless people. It is an epidemic. Thus, I decided to take on this issue with the “Getback” Homeless Aid Kit.


Getback Homeless Aid | Relief Package

“Forceful Displacement: it has become an epidemic�


Getback Homeless Aid | Relief Package

“Homeless Bill of Rights” Getback Campaign

The California Statewide Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign (HBRC) is one part of three statewide campaigns in California, Colorado and Oregon. Homeless Bill of Rights is a grass-roots, nonprofit organizing campaign fighting to end the malicious criminalization of poor and homeless people’s existence. The campaign strives to ensure that all men and women have the basic right to live where they choose without fear of harassment and criminalization at the hands of the police. This campaign is a way of working collectively with different groups to address and amend the many injustices that we face in our communities. Teaming up with the HBRC, Getback hopes to not only spread awareness of basic civil rights and potential dispositions, but also provide the framework and basic aid to help those in need get back on their feet!


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Getback Homeless Aid | Relief Package

SOME CONTEXT I created a brand and package for a homeless survival kit. Displacement is an epidemic in San Francisco, so I wanted to tackle the issue. My hope is that through the survival kit/campaign, we can: 1. help those in need, and 2. change the narrative on homeless people as a whole. They are people. Many tend to forget that. I wanted to utilize the commonly used term in San Francisco: “The G Word”, referring to Gentrification. Originally, I had named this the “Gentrification Survival Kit”, but upon reflection, I realized that Gentrification is not a word which for most people is synonymous to displacement. Many people hear Gentrification and think, “nice”, and even though I wanted to challenge that notion immediately through pairing Gentrification with Survival, two seemingly incompatible ideas, I thought this would ultimately be misleading. Also, I wanted the name to be more upbeat, and hopeful, to urge a sense of pro-action (and ideally starts with a G.) Thus, I was struck with the phrase, “Getback.” Graphics: initially, my logo was too literal. I had a G encompass a building, which evidently had many windows and therefore rooms. And outside of this building, was a person sleeping on the street. I chose the color green to represent greed. Not only was this much too literal, it was bleak-- I needed upbeat. Something to pair with “Getback.”

I played around with ideas like ascension and charity, instead of displacement and greed. I was able to retain the G encasing, which I was pleased with since I felt the bold letter G was powerful and striking. While simultaneously the letter itself resembles a cyclical motion, as if referencing a “redo” icon ( ), which I felt was appropriate and complemented my subject matter. I substituted the building with an upward arrow, which also loosely resembles a house--to display ascension, and the replaced the homeless person with a guiding hand, fostering the ascension--to represent charity. I want Getback to inspire hope, and be a helping hand. Typography: I wanted clean and concise, yet bold. Futura, by Paul Renner, is the perfect font for this. I did not need any ambiguity within the typeface, I needed direct and informative. Thinking about my subject matter and target audience, being newly displaced homeless people, there’s no need to beat around the bush. I want the typeface to simply be legible and display resourcefulness. Colors: Similarly, I wanted direct, simple and bold. Black is as bold as it gets. A cool and neutral tone of gray, which nicely matches the subject’s aesthetic, as resilient as concrete. The light green signifies money, or greed, which is the root cause of this displacement-led epidemic.

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Employment Opportunities



Homeless Havens and Shelters

Do not think that there is no employment for the homeless. It’s a common misconception that you need a physical address to apply for a job. There are hundreds of employers and program managers in your area who are hiring and need help from able and intelligent men or women. Here is a list of employers in your area, along with other assets to help you get back on your feet!

SWORDS TO PLOWSHARES 1060 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Contact: Erica Trejo 415-252-4787x374

TOOLWORKS, INC. 25 Kearny Street, Suite 400 San Francisco, CA 94108 Contact: Rob Arbo 415-733-0990 ext 652

Employment case management, career development support, and job placement assistance. Cover letter & resume writing, interview preparation, networking, linked-in, cyber-job seeking support, job retention skills.

CENTER ON JUVENILE AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE 40 Boardman Place San Francisco, CA 94103 Contact: Raquel Wills 415-621-5661 x 122

Case managers provide support for job seekers to open email accounts, send faxes, search for jobs, write resumes, obtain work clothing and tools, and build job retention skills that support maintaining employment and furthering their career goals.

MISSION HIRING HALL/SOMEC 288 Seventh Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Contact: Robert Lopez, Elias Martinez 415-865-2105, 415-865-2105

Job search/job preparation services and direct placement program. Employment training, community organizing, environmental awareness internship, substance use management referrals

GOODWILL INDUSTRIES, INC. 1500 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Contact: Emily Shay 415-575-2100 www.sfgoodwill.or

Adult Basic Education program and General Educational Development (GED) test preparation.

EPISCOPAL COMMUNITY SERVICES Adult Education Center 165 Eighth Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Kathryn Benton, Manager 415- 487-3330 X1102

COMMUNITY HOUSING PARTNERSHIP 20 Jones St., Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94102 Contact: Ayesha Cope (415) 852-5358


skills. Work readiness, job search and direct placement.








Technology and transitional employment. Intensive job readiness training, resume writing, mock interviews, and computer classes

ADVICE Job search/job preparation services and direct placement program. Trainings plus STEPS (Security Guard Card)

Dress to Impress SAN MATEO COUNTY

appropriate for an interview. Go to your local HOSPITALITY HOUSE 146 Leavenworth Street San Francisco, CA 94102 Contact: Elvis Byrd 415-749-2119

Job search/job preparation services and direct placement program.

ST. JOSEPH’S FAMILY CENTER, CATHOLIC Charities CYO 899 Guerrero Street San Francisco, CA 94110 Contact: Rayana Egea 415-550-4478#226

Job search/job preparation services and direct placement program.

ARRIBA JUNTOS 1850 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Contact: Patricia Melgar (415) 551-1963

On-the-Job Training (OJT). Paid training in skilled trades: custodial; building maintenance; recycling. Intensive case management/resource management; placement and retention.

pair of jeans or slacks. Normally you can get this sort of combination for around $3.00. It is worth it for the impression!

Come Fresh Try to take a shower or bathe before a pot-


ential interview. Go to your local shelter to have access to bathing facilities. If you have no other option, use the inclosed cologne and mouthwash to freshen yourself up.


Display Yourself Let your employer know why you are the right person for the job. Demonstrate your work ethic and motivation. Express any skills that you may have, do not shy away from utilizing your talents. Every person has a skill that translates to the workforce, what is yours?

Follow Up G

Let your employer know that you are very serious about the opportunity. Touch bases, call. Do not be pushy and ask questions regarding your employment if s/he has not come to a decision yet. Ask if they need any additional information or assets from you.





Employment Tips Kit Contents


Protected against segregation, laws targeting homeless people for their lack of housing and not their behavior, restricting the use of public space.


Granted privacy and property protections. Your property cannot be unlawfully seized from your possession.


Allowed the opportunity to vote and feel safe in their community without harassment. Register to vote by using the address of where you sleep.


Provided access to shelter, social services, legal counsel and quality education for the children of homeless families.

California Homeless Bill of Rights





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GRAPHICS IN CONTEXT This kit is geared towards newly displaced homeless people who need to quickly get back on their feet. Included are important assets to help a newly displaced homeless person bounce back. Employment and job program information, homeless shelter and camping grounds information and a list of homeless rights as stated by the State of California.


Reliable Pipe Supply Co. Inc 1430 National Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

Getback Homeless Aid | Relief Package



Kit: The Getback: Homeless Aid is a survival kit primarily intended for newly displaced homeless people. It includes physical and informative assets. Kit Contents: Alongside the informative prints are physical assets: a padded sleeping mat, portable tent, compressed emergency blanket, solar powered flashlight, refillable lighter, sewing kit, compact-able/shatter-proof bowl, and pain relief medication. These assets are meant to aid the sheer physical exhaustion of homelessness, as well as facilitate the pro-activity of getting back on your feet!

Kit Construction: Creating this kit was quite the ordeal. I needed materials that would ultimately benefit the target audience. Living on the street, to carry around a kit, you need an encasing which is weatherproof, durable and lightweight. Aluminum alloy is the perfect material for these considerations, being the strongest, yet lightest weight metal there is. Attached to the metal is a highly durable Velcro strap, adhered using E6000 industrial glue, the only glue I know that can attach Velcro to metal.

Getting the Tube: Now, where does one get this sort of thing. Just contact your local plumbing supply wholesale factory. I arrived at this huge warehouse/factory, where it seemed like there was miles of titanium tubes, as far as the eye can see. I had to walk about 20 minutes before I could locate a front desk, where I asked the man for a 6.5 inch diameter tube. I follow him to this massive warehouse, home to the largest and most industrial-grade serrated cutting machines I have ever seen. These things were enormous; larger then the men operating them. He said step right up, and let ME operate the machine. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed like a huge liability to them, but that wasn’t my problem, I was very eager to use this impressive machine. The man guided every action, and I had what I needed.


Getback Homeless Aid | Relief Package


Getback Homeless Aid | Relief Package


Getback Homeless Aid | Relief Package

The Getback Homeless Aid  

Packaging project to help a homeless person get back on their feet.

The Getback Homeless Aid  

Packaging project to help a homeless person get back on their feet.