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FUNFITI Creative Space | Toy Package

Packaging+ Branding+ Woodshop =Fun Funfiti Toy Package Context: SDSU » ART 450 Packaging Class » Instructor: Beth Weeks » Spring 2017

“I dream it, I scene it”




FUNFITI Creative Space | Toy Package

SOME CONTEXT I created a brand, package and toy called FUNFITI. It combines a mini skatepark and graffiti drawing kit, but more on that later. Growing up, I always had a love for drawing and letterforms. Dating back to 99’, just a 4 year old in the game, I would crudely draw Happy Birthday cards in big block letters, with various illustrations and characters in the scene, filled in with Crayola markers. Years later, in highschool, my love for letterforms was rejuvenated. There was an up and coming graffiti scene in San Francisco (in my estimation), and I of course had to be a part of it. Through my sketchbook (mostly.) But I’ve learned my lessons, paid my dues, and want to teach a younger generation that there are so many other ways to express yourself. Even through graffiti, just not vandalism. Graphics: I want fun, creative and bodacious. Splatters of color, thick and juicy linework, and rounded, organic shapes. I based the logo’s graphic on the classic Throwie style often featured in graffiti and street art. Throwies are essentially bubble letters, which are usually layered by fillins, outlines, and 3D/Shadow--depending on style. Contrasting colors for each layer is important for vibrancy, hence: cyan and magenta. FUNFITI is supposed to catch your attention, seem tangible and thus draw you in. For this reason I also utilize wooden, griptape, and canvas textures through out the packaging and instruction graphics. A big part of FUNFITI is the idea of creating your own environment. The more tangible in appearance, the more it contributes to the environment.

Typography: I didn’t need much, just a typeface clean and legible enough to act as instructions. Univers is always a great option for legibility. Didot is a tasteful and elegant modern typeface to use for numbering. Colors: I wanted bright, bold and fun. Tints of cyan and magenta fit well for the logo.

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Univers 45 Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

Univers 65 Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Didot ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890


SDSU Woodshop 5500 Campanile Drive, SD, Ca, 92115


FUNFITI Creative Space | Toy Package



Package: FUNFITI Minipark and Creative Space is a marker set, skate park, and drawing kit, all wrapped into one. The marker set doubles as a backdrop for different scene inserts, which have spaces alloted for drawings. Not only do you have a mini skatepark, but you also have a unique and fun environment to bring it to life. Package Contents: Inside the Creative Space package, there are a number of components that contribute to the fun. There is (1) Fingerboard assembly kit, (5) wooden skatepark pieces, (40) drawing scenes, (9) fine-tip paint markers, (5) fat-tip paint markers, and (1) Funfiti drawing tips/ assembly instruction.

Package Construction: I wanted materials that felt real, and the package to be unique. As opposed to most toys, which are made out of plastic, I made all of my skate ramp and park pieces out of maple veneer wood, the most commonly used material for skateboards. Since an important element of my toy and package is to create your own environment, I want materials which evoke that environment as well. Following this logic, I used a burlap canvas to connect the marker set to the wooden skate ramp. I felt that canvas has nice texture and contributes to the authenticity of the environment, toy and package. I used an E-flute board for the die-line of my marker set, and wrapped the canvas around this as well. I carefully cut out windows for the markers, as well as the drawing scenes, and adhered a plastic sleeve to the inside for the inserts.

Cutting the Wood: San Diego State had a great woodshop studio with all the industrial equipment required for my needs. Though I had never cut wood before, I knew that these machines were awesome enough to essentially do the job for me. There was a massive saw machine which cut at a perfect curve, and all I needed to do was guide the wooden slab along the edge. The machine really did it all, it was perfect. All I needed to do was hold its hand, and sand it afterwards. I found a bunch of scrap wood in the studio, and decided to use them for extra skatepark pieces. These pieces of scrap wood were serendipitously already shaped in forms which resembled skate ramps and slides, I just needed to sand and shave them down to fit together.


FUNFITI Creative Space | Toy Package

Birds-Eye View


FUNFITI Tips The bellyband wraps around the package and acts as an encasing. On the backside of the bellyband, are Graffiti Drawing Tips, as well as Skateboard Assembly Instructions.


STOP & THINK! A very important part of FUNFITI as a toy and concept, is to act as a fun and safe alternative to graffiti, and teach children at a young age art and vandalism are not one in the same. Also, it is to help change the whole narrative on graffiti, and encourage young kids and teens to participate in legal mural paintings and other public art opportunities.

FUNFITI Creative Space | Toy Package





FUNFITI Creative Space | Toy Package

Drawing Scenes Included in the marker package are (40) drawing scenes. These drawing scene acts as a backdrop to the skate park, letting the user create their own environment. Each scene insert has a space alloted for a Funfiti piece or drawing. These scenes are inserted into the plastic sleeve on the backside of the marker set.

FUNFITI Markers Marker Label

There are (9) fine-tip, and (5) fat-tip markers within the set. These markers are oil based paint markers, and thus have the capability of layering strokes and fills, similar to the properties of spraypaint. Each marker is branded, and named with a fun alliteration corresponding to color. My favorite one is: Bombin Blue.


FUNFITI Creative Space | Toy Package


Packaging for a Mini Skatepark and Creative Space


Packaging for a Mini Skatepark and Creative Space