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President’s AWARDS and

Long Service DINNER


The President’s Award The criteria for this award was open and the winner could have been a nominee or the winner of one of the other award categories or excelled in another area. Whatever the achievement, the winner has made an outstanding contribution and moved the needle for our business.

Justin Clowes

Projects Manager, Projects Group Justin has been presented with the President’s Award in recognition of his management of the PPK2 Google Data Centre scheme completed in Dublin this year and consistently demonstrating a number of our company values. His management at site level, directing installation and commissioning delivery, whilst ensuring health and safety standards were maintained for our staff, our subcontract staff and the client contract team was exemplary. The project involved a number of departments and staff from different areas of the business including the Global Center of Excellence design team in Alabama, USA, the NCOE design team in the UK and our delivery team from various regions in the UK working alongside Justin’s team and the delivery team in Ireland – an excellent example of working across boundaries. Justin was responsible for procurement, resource planning, delivery and coordination of this scheme from post order design phase through to completion. That included client and end-user liaison, which involved daily and weekly video conference calls with various members of our teams and the client’s professional team, all based in different parts of the world across various time zones. He was responsible for managing our site based staff including our specialist subcontract teams. That included co-ordination of interdependencies of activities with the client’s subcontract teams and working with allied trades as well as liaison with the Clients technical teams for the integration of some extremely complex networked systems. The scheme comprised of integrated access control across some 160 doors, CCTV incorporating 230 networked internal cameras, 47 external cameras – a number of which include night vision capabilities integrated to perimeter fence detection – staff and pedestrian access (including anti-terrorist barriers), speed gates and biometric controlled mantrap facilities. This project generated some 2.4M Euros of revenue in a very short construction programme of 26 weeks which is a fantastic achievement. Whilst the whole team should be congratulated, it was Justin who took the lead in directing this scheme for the business.

Outstanding contribution to Growth or Innovation This award was sponsored by Simon Gawne, Director, Integrated Solutions, and has been awarded for the best growth or innovation initiative. Growth is business-focussed, and the winner could have delivered growth in existing business, or delivered expansion into new business areas.

Simon Nevin

Service Manager, Detection and Control, Oil & Gas Simon has led the development of the Tyco R4 Fire & Gas Detection / Protection System. With a ÂŁ20,000 investment, Simon was the driving force behind the Tyco R4 from its early prototype to the final product we are selling today. The business has already had orders totaling nearly ÂŁ300,000 from Shell & Total E&P with the upgrade market size estimated to be around ÂŁ9M. Simon was involved at every stage, from design & engineering, build & assembly, sales and marketing and even carrying out offshore surveys for future Tyco R4 upgrades. With this development Simon has opened the door to a market which was considered dead until the development of the Tyco R4. With the help of colleagues in Marketing, Simon has also produced a fantastic brochure and product demonstration video.

Zero Harm Award Safety, health and wellness, environmental protection

The Zero Harm Award was sponsored by Ian Hodgson, Director of Field Operations, and recognises an individual, a facility or team for delivering outstanding performance by going above and beyond expected activities and efforts to advance safety, health and wellness, or environmental protection.

Jayne Greening Finance Quality Team Lead

Jayne has dedicated herself to various proactive EHS projects in recent years and has been an active and committed member of the West Midlands EHS Grassroots team to support this agenda. One notable initiative was partnering with a local school where students acted out a play featuring a workplace fatality to not only raise awareness of safety but also get young people thinking of the risks in the workplace and adopting a safety culture early. Not only was the event a great success for everyone involved, it also made the front page of The Halesowen News!

Culture and Customer Service This award is sponsored by Michele Morgan, Head of Customer Service Centre, with the aim of finding an exemplary role model for Tyco values and behaviours or an outstanding ambassador of customer service. From a culture perspective, the award recognises the embodiment of the Tyco values and role model behaviour. Our winner demonstrates a great example of the ’outside-in’ approach, putting themself in the customer’s shoes and delivering excellence.

Gordon Bremner Service Field Line Manager, Glasgow

When ScotRail realised their annual maintenance contract for the East of Scotland had only hours before it expired on a Friday afternoon, action needed to be taken, and quickly! So, who did they call? As current providers of the West maintenance, ADT had a record for great service delivery, and ScotRail requested we pick up the work for CCTV and Help Points in the East, and also management of the Customer Information System (CIS) across Scotland – from the Monday morning! ADT took on the contracts from the Monday morning with Gordon heading up the operation across Scotland, managing the engineer’s workload for the duration. Gordon and his team carried out a great job throughout, receiving various letters of commendation along the way from the ScotRail staff. A number of the letters commented on how much better an operation ADT were from the previous company, particularly fixing some long standing faults that the previous company hadn’t been able to resolve. Presented with a challenging situation that could have easily damaged our existing relationship with the customer, Gordon’s team delivered first class customer service all the way. As a result, we successfully secured the extra contract for 12 months, adding £600k to the existing contract value. This means ADT now covers the entire ScotRail estate for CCTV, Help Points, intruder and fire alarms, and is believed to be the largest contract in Scotland with over 450 assets to maintain and repair on a daily basis.

“ADT are first class, and their engineers are always flexible and work well within the centres. We’ve had other contractors in the past but they haven’t matched our expectations. ADT is by far superior in all aspects; they’re our sole contractor now in Scotland.”

Mick Arnott, Customer Service/CCTV Manager, ScotRail

Outstanding Leadership This award was sponsored by Keith Taylor, Director, Relationship Channel / Process Verticals, and could have been a winner from anywhere within the organisation. You don’t need to be a manager to demonstrate leadership, to influence the behaviours and results of others.

Contracts Management Team

Kofi Paris Senior Contracts Manager

Atikah Arif Corporate Counsel

Dami Ogunleye Karishma Vyas Contracts Manager Contracts Manager

Aida Willson Contracts Assistant

Leadership isn’t just about the power or ability to lead other people or the guidance and management of a team. Leadership can also be about demonstrating the integrity to do the right thing and influencing others by your working practice and the example you set. The Contracts Team is often the public face of our business, dealing directly with customers in establishing mutually agreeable terms and conditions. In what can be a difficult position, they continually lead our organisation by representing our best interests, protecting our business and limiting our liabilities. The team has also worked extremely closely with our sales and delivery teams to set the example in this field, raising awareness of the issues they face in dealing with customers. The team works hard to educate colleagues in order that they too can develop the confidence to set reasonable expectations with customers from the outset and establish a suitable platform for advanced negotiations. This award recognises not only the fantastic work that the team does in dealing with customers but the lead they have taken in changing attitudes within the organisation to better protect the business in the longer term.

Outstanding contribution to Business Performance Sponsored by Gail Hunter, Director, Transactional Channel, this award focuses on key financial metrics and the winner could have come from an area that achieved against budget, revenue or margin. But equally we are a company with a Six Sigma approach so we could see a winner from an area that has reduced cost, reduced errors or deficiencies, or increased quality and reliability.

Improvements in Service Delivery

Pam Altoft Black Belt Operational Excellence

John Lloyd Service Manager Maidstone

Steve Barker Service Manager East Midlands

Mark Middleton Service Manager Midlands

Marie Eustace Business Planning Manager

Beth Redfern Senior Planning Analyst

Wayne Smith Service Manager Hemel Hempstead

The Outstanding Contribution to Business Performance award is shared between colleagues from the Service, Resource and Planning, and Process Excellence team. Working collaboratively they have delivered real gains in Service Delivery in Financial Year 2016. The last year has seen a vast improvement in Service margin and operating income, as a result of a number of initiatives driven by the Service Management team. One project that stands out in particular was the Timesheet Automation Project, delivered in collaboration with the Resource and Planning team and supported by Process Excellence. The project introduced automated timesheets for our community of more than one thousand Service Engineers in the field. Where engineers would have previously had to manually calculate their overtime and additional payments on a monthly basis, the team developed a solution to produce a pre-populated timesheet, drawing on data from our service management system. Now an engineer has to simply check the information provided is correct, approve and submit their timesheet once a month. This has removed a significant administrative task for each of our engineers, reduced the number of administrative errors and allows the business to develop a simplified payment structure. A great example of a project with clearly defined targets, collaborative working and a direct contribution to business performance.

Sales Performance Transactional Channel Sponsored by Richard Swain, Director Sales Operations, and Steve Howells, Director Strategic Accounts, the Sales Performance Awards recognise the top performing Sales Consultants and Managers within each of our sales channels. The Residential Sales awards are presented to the sales consultant and manager that achieved the best results against their annual target of units sold. Our Commercial Sales Consultants and Managers were measured on their annual targets for units sold, Order Value and Annual Maintenance Revenue.

Residential Sales

Sales Consultant

Sales Manager

Amjad Awan

Tony Bottone

Performance against annual target: Units sold153.1%

Performance against annual target: Units sold100.4%

Commercial Sales Sales Consultant

Sales Manager

Naimesh Patel

Richard Thornton

Performance against annual target: Units sold 205.7% OV 204.1% AMR 248.1%

Performance against annual target: Units sold 111% OV 115.2% AMR 111.6%

Sales Performance Relationship and Strategic Accounts Our Regional Accounts/MPG and Key Accounts prizes have been awarded to the Sales Consultants and Managers that have performed best against their annual targets for Order Value, Annual Maintenance Revenue as well as their overall Gross Margin %.

Regional Accounts and MPG Sales Sales Consultant

Sales Manager

Reggie Boatswain

Gary Vaughan

Gross Margin 20.8% Performance against annual target: OV 451.2% AMR 971.6%

Gross Margin 27.8% Performance against annual target: OV 158.4% AMR181.3%

Key Accounts Sales Sales Consultant

Sales Manager

John White

Sean Lee

Gross Margin 30.9% Performance against annual target: OV 135.1% AMR 1984.7%

Gross Margin 48.8% Performance against annual target: OV 121.6% AMR 482.5%

Long Service Awards Each year we celebrate the long and loyal service of colleagues reaching the impressive landmarks of 20, 30 and 40 years’ service. Congratulations to everyone celebrating these significant anniversaries this year!

40 George Angus John Cottam Allan Pascall Derek Pritchard Glyn Wilson

Celebrating Forty years’ service

Service Engineer Technical Support Specialist Project Specialist Service Engineer Service Engineer

30 Robert Baker Andy Barratt Jim Bentley David Blake Timothy Britton Chris Buck Peter Clarkson Adam Collinson Shaun Douglas David Eaton John Gibbin John Gravenor Karen Grubb Andrew Haigh Kevin Harland Martin Holden Kenneth Hopton Trevor Humphreys Jude Keogh Lesley Kirkham Stephen Laming Lee Latham Peter Lee

Celebrating Thirty years’ service

Supervisor, Installation/Service Direct Sales Representative Supervisor, Service Service Engineer Technical Support Specialist Service Engineer Service Technician Installer Direct Sales Representative Service Engineer Supervisor, Installation/Service Direct Sales Representative Office Associate Installer Service Engineer Technical Support Specialist Direct Sales Representative Installer General Manager MPG Cash Allocation Manager Supervisor, Service Installer Service Engineer

30 Scott Macaulay Andy Macdonald Mike Manley Samuel Messih Ricky Newton Jon Pilgrim Andrew Pollard David Reid Neil Rogers Steve Sage Joe Scott Gary Skinner John Sladek Rob Smith Andy Stanford Adrian Trice Steve Wilkinson Stuart Wylie Stephen Young

Celebrating Thirty years’ service

Supervisor, Installation Technical Support Specialist QEHS Specialist Service Engineer Supervisor, Technical Services Senior Supervisor, Installation/Service Direct Sales Representative Installer Installer Direct Sales Representative Service Technician Supervisor, Outside Sales Office Associate Technical Sales Specialist QEHS Specialist Technical Support Specialist Supervisor, Project Services Field Project Manager Service Engineer

20 Nick Adams Wayne Albon Dennis Armstrong Mark Baker Simon Benge Ian Bentley Shinner Bhangra James Billson Ian Birks David Bradley Ian Brock Stephen Broome Melaney Callaghan William Cronin Field Robert Crossley Paul Cruickshank James Curtis Gordon Dixon Paul Downton Darren Dunne Grahame Earnshaw James Earnshaw Matt Ellis Victor Fernandes Craig Flanagan

Celebrating Twenty years’ service

Six-Sigma Black Belt Service Engineer Direct Sales Representative Service Technician Commercial Sr. Business Analyst Installation Manager Field Project Manager Direct Sales Representative General Manager Direct Sales Representative Supervisor, Service Service Engineer Risk Management Analyst Service Technician Operational Support Specialist Technical Support Specialist Client Manager Installer Project Specialist Service Engineer Manager, Installation/Service Senior Manager, Financial Processes Technical Support Specialist Service Engineer Senior Manager, FP&A

20 Kevin Foster Dave Gordon William Gorman Stephen Gell Jeremy Hale Mike Hall Wayne Hallam Sean Hardy Charlie Hartridge Stuart Heaton Mark Hill Timothy Humphrey Neil Hunter Gurjit Kalsi Mark Kelly Stuart Lack Kevin Lane Ronald Longhurst Cathy Lucas Stuart McColl Mark McCracken Michael Murray Christopher Nash Denise Norris

Celebrating Twenty years’ service

Installer Business Development Specialist Service Technician Direct Sales Representative Service Engineer Project Specialist Supervisor, Customer Experience Service Engineer Technical Support Specialist Supervisor, Service Service Engineer Installer General Manager Sr. Business Systems Analyst Technical Services Manager Service Engineer Strategic Account Manager Customer Service Advisor Programme Coordinator Supervisor, Service Service Engineer Lead Service Technician Technical Support Specialist Office Associate

20 Sue Randlesome Mark Rees Jeffrey Rees Andrew Rich Karen Robb Eric Simonds Anthony Skelton John Sochor Steve Sullivan Ross Tennant Karen Thomson Colin Thorburn David Tunstall Garry Turnbull Peter Vallans Ian Walker Brian Wardell Alan Welchman Ian White Margaret Wilson Darran Winter Nigel Wood

Celebrating Twenty years’ service

Office Assistant Customer Service Associate Warehouse Associate Supervisor, Installation Office Assistant Supervisor, Installation Service Engineer Sales Application Manager Lead Service Technician Installer Finance Associate Service Engineer Installer MPG Project Supervisor Installer Installer Pricing Lead - UK&I Field Line Manager Technical Support Specialist Customer Service Associate Programme Manager Service Engineer

Congratulations to all of our winners. Don’t forget that you can nominate a colleague for a Pride Award at any time. Simply visit MyTyco:Rewards and select the ‘Recognition’ tile.

President's awards and long service dinner 2016  

Each year we celebrate the long and loyal service of colleagues reaching the impressive landmarks of 20, 30 and 40 years’ service. This year...

President's awards and long service dinner 2016  

Each year we celebrate the long and loyal service of colleagues reaching the impressive landmarks of 20, 30 and 40 years’ service. This year...