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New Zealand Wants Drivers to Wear Gloves Calls from New Zealand to cover up one's hand by w earing gloves when driving a car is silly to say t he least. This may be something to think about if one is a delivery van or a truck driver but ordina ry people don't drive enough to warrant it. They s ay the belief that glass provides protection from ultraviolet radiation is a myth. Sunscreen maker "Oasis Beauty" has suggested putti ng sunscreen on hands before driving. This is soun d advice, coming from a producer of sunscreen. The International Agency for Research on Cancer says drivers should wear gloves, long sleeved shirts an d sun glasses. Unless one is a professional driver this is a bit much. Car producers state that laminated windscreens do block UV radiation: 80 percent of UV-a. It is side windows that are dangerous, though 37 percent of UV-a and 97 percent of UV-b are blocked. From thes e data obviously the New Zealand Cancer Society an d Oasis Beauty are wrong and car glass does offer protection. Furthermore, most countries do allow s ide windows to be tinted which helps.

New Zealand Wants Drivers to Wear Gloves.  

Due to the threat of cancer from the Sun's radiation, the New Zealand government is examining whether to legislate to make the wearing of gl...

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