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Project Plan – Film Trailer Previously I created a preliminary film based on the idea of bullying. Now I am going to produce a short movie trailer based on the idea of Gritty Britain. This movie trailer should roughly be two minutes long. By creating this trailer I would be able to put the skills that I had learnt previously into practice. Also I could weren’t on the skills that I wasn’t so advanced in. Hopefully my trailer should be more advanced than my preliminary film, as I am more familiar with the different techniques and editing software. Therefore this trailer should be produced at a higher standard. The trailer consists of scenes that are shot in iconic sites in London and the more realistic side of London, in the council estates. It shows the struggle and hardship some young people in London showing one of the lifestyles they can live in order to get money. This idea is based around a girl who has become a product of her environment and conforming to her surroundings. She reverts to a lifestyle where holding someone for ransom is a way of making a living. The more traditional and iconic sites of London are shown at the beginning of the trailer to show the more expected view of London. Then the mood changes and the view are put at the other side of the spectrum. It becomes to show the bad sides of London, introducing just some of the gritty sites of London. My idea comes into contact with the genre of “Gritty British Realism”. This is because of the sequence of three things that has occurred through the students’ life. None of the aspects of his life are seen as the traditional view. It is not a happy life where everyone gets on, haves a laugh and drink tea. His life is the realistic life that is masked by these traditional views. My idea is based around the violence, money troubles, pain and struggle. In the filming process, I would include young people who live in Britain. This would make it seem realistic and would be able to portray the audience a young person’s lifestyle. They do sometimes have troubled lives. The trailer would be shot in the mainly Gritty areas of south west London. This would be in and around the council estates to show the different conditions that are lived in. Also the trailer would consist of some shots by some of the iconic landmarks such as, Big Ben and the Millennium Wheel to compare and contrast the traditional views with the more realistic ones. The cast would consist of students from my sixth form as they are roughly at the age where they are vulnerable to crime and can easily adapt to this kind of genre. As my trailer was

based on a ransom a car was needed to place on of the cast members in. Also the crime affiliated characters would have to dress in casual close that was not smart (e.g. Sneakers, Hoodies, and Tracksuits etc).

Project plan  

this document will contain everything that my trailer will be about and have been explained in detail.

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