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SMS MESSAGING Engage,notify and interact.



txtNation is an award-winning provider of mobile and Web-based billing and messaging products established in 2002. We aim to provide maximum functionality, together with simplicity of integration, backed by expert consultation and account management to deliver powerful campaigns to sectors worldwide.


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SMS MESSAGING from txtNation Companies use txtNation's SMS Messaging platform to send text messages to consumers worldwide for a variety of business purposes. After a simple integration, existing business workflows utilise our unique architecture and our first-tier relations with mobile operators to engage with those consumers to remind, invite, alert, prompt, inform or entertain. We work with companies to fine tune their delivery of SMS, ensuring technical, regulatory and financial peace of mind. Our technology is highly adaptable and offers industry-standard connectivity, rich tools and statistics, and a dedicated account manager as standard. Let's get started.



SMS is more than just technology. It forges powerful relationships between people. And this is just as true between people and companies. Our clients use SMS to create impactful, informative and engaging relationships with their customers in secure, tailored and reliable ways.

84% use SMS worldwide 90% opened in 3 minutes

Pure engagement with SMS messaging. Global brands use SMS to create instant, personal engagement with consumers, with low technical and financial overheads, and a variety of powerful use cases. SMS remains the dominant digital communication tool and txtNation can assist you end-to-end. The ubiquity and simplicity of SMS communications provide incredible reach. Interact with a device every consumer has in their pocket. Uniquely personal and real-time interaction with your customers — individually or in bulk. Engage, alert, notify and interact in compelling, secure and memorable ways. Integrate our API to bolster your existing workflows and systems. Rich statistical data from our control panel let you judge the success of your campaigns.

SMS is taken for granted but remains a powerful communications tool that is the most compatible and democratic in the world. Many companies, even in non-digital sectors, no longer ask why they should use SMS, but how.

Tailor our SMS service to your unique needs, systems and outcomes to fuel individual or mass communications with your consumers or team members.

An appointment reminder. Two-factor authentication. A promotion for a sale or event. Inform, request, ask or alert. Put your brand in their hands.

SMS is a personal, trusted communication that engages consumers better than email, and offers scalability, security and flexibility to suit any purpose.

SMS for every use for every day. Personal, timely, confidential, scalable. SMS can be used to remind, entertain, inform, prompt. Connect people to your processes. Any platform, any place. Inside your team and to your customers around the world. 2F AC


From the delivery estimates sent by a parcel company, to the insurance firm that uses SMS for authentication, our product finds a home in businesses of all kinds.






















Tell us about your business and we'll tell you how SMS could enhance the things you do every day. APPOINTM S TE



SMS seamlessly integrates into your existing processes, allowing your customers to feel connected and informed but not pressured.



Behind every SMS is a host of technical, financial and regulatory requirements, which are tamed by our simple API. However you wish to connect to us, and whatever your existing workflow, we can step right in so that you can step up to SMS.

Talk to us about your requirements and constraints so that we can help you integrate the right protocols and languages to suit your existing systems.

It's simple to use our API to send SMS at scale and we have a range of SDKs to start you off, backed by great documentation and an experienced support team.

We have Enterprise and Wholesale SMSC options to suit your needs: get the right level of throughput, global reach, stats and account management for your business.

The right tech for you. Sending SMS to your customers requires a simple API call from your system to ours. We do the heavy lifting. Whether you want to send one message or a million, we offer exceptional connectivity to the world's mobile users with one integration. We are compatible with a host of systems from spreadsheets to CRM suites. Plus, we speak Java, PHP, Ruby, .net, NodeJS and more. We offer HTTP and SMPP options, blazing enterprise-level throughput, plus wholesale SMSC accounts providing top-tier connectivity for peak technical and financial performance. We can tailor the right package for you.


HTTP Standards-compliant HTTP or always-on SMPP provide the right level of compatibility and throughput between your systems and our messaging platform.





Use the toolset you are most comfortable with and access SDKs to get you up and running in no time.



Enterprise and Wholesale SMSC options mean you can find the right level of service to meet your exact business needs.

Our platform. Our platform lives and breathes SMS. Continually developed by our in-house technical teams, our software provides global reach through dozens of first-tier connections to the world's mobile operators. Over a decade of experience has gone into building and maintaining a platform that can send and receive SMS at huge scale, routing communications through a fully distributed architecture for maximum reliability and uptime. Sophisticated systems for storing and analysing statistics allow you to see the success of your campaigns when it matters most. Leverage global mobile communications to customers in over 100 locations via a single API integration, including first-tier relationships with mobile network superstars.

Our highly redundant, distributed platform provides amazing uptime, and we monitor for faults every minute of every day.

Dedicated systems collect valuable statistical data about your campaigns that we share with you on our control panel in real time.

Go Wholesale. Our standard Enterprise accounts offer amazing performance and value but our Wholesale option provides even more flexibility over the routing of SMS through our global mobile network, providing superior technical and financial benefits for even the largest of our clients. Connect to our SMSC for a wealth of routing options and services. Developed on our Low Cost Routing platform, delivering Wholesale SMS has never been easier or faster, with unparalleled throughput. We provide in excess of 2,000 transactions per second, alongside a global A-Z routing table for clients demanding stable, high-quality routing and pricing. We connect to the leading mobile operators, messaging hubs and SMSCs worldwide to deliver the highest quality SMS possible.

APIs for SS7 and SMPP connectivity for high uptime and throughput.

One bind provides amazing coverage across our entire global mobile network. Send Flash SMS, concatenated SMS for long messages, and schedule messages via timestamps.

Tools and support. With a dedicated account manager and access to our technical support teams, we can help you at every stage of integrating our SMS services. We also have a range of tools to make life easier and to keep your campaigns in top condition.


07700 900957 Numbers game

Receive SMS

We also supply standard rate and free-to-user long codes and localised numbers for true localisation and customisation, giving your campaign the edge.

We enable true interactivity with your customers with two-way SMS via long codes, short codes or virtual mobile. Let people respond to your campaigns.

Unlock your CRM Connect your CRM to our SMS platform to interact directly and seamlessly with your customers. No big workflow changes necessary. This also works alongside Google Sheets, Excel and OpenOffice.

HLR Lookup Use our HLR Lookup tools to clean your data lists and send only to active customers to optimise your campaigns and lower per-message costs. We offer some of the best HLR services anywhere.

My controls Use our control panel at to view the latest statistics about your campaigns in real time, monitoring delivery rates, global reach and more.

Support always on We help companies large and small to use SMS for the long term, developing relationships as much as software, backed by regulatory advice for all our markets.

07700 900601 07700 900474 07700 900670

Sign up for free. Sign up for a free txtNation account at our flagship control panel at to start your SMS Messaging journey with us. We can tailor the technology, per-message pricing and support levels to suit your business needs. Our control panel provides you with constant insight into your messaging campaigns and we are on hand to support you every step of the way.



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