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LETTER FROM PRESIDENT DR. AUSTIN A. LANE The time is now for Texas Southern University. With more than 90 years of demonstrated excellence and a commitment to serving our students and our community, TSU is poised and prepared to develop the next generation of leaders while having a transformative effect on society. Our vision is to be a leading academic and research institution, attracting highquality students from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, and equipping them to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners who will compete at the highest levels of society. TSU honors our designation as a special-purpose institution for urban programming and research. Our graduates make up more minority professionals than many of the largest Texas universities combined. We are proud of the impact TSU has on students – those for whom TSU is a first-choice destination school and for those who see TSU as an institution of opportunity to reinvent themselves. TSU offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs and concentrations organized into 10 colleges and schools on a 150-acre campus nestled in the heart of Houston’s historic Third Ward. Since 1927, TSU has transcended social barriers and positioned itself as a proactive leader both locally and globally. Our strategic plan provides the collective steps to be successful in our next era of achievement. To develop its core tenets, we embraced the contributions, ideas and feedback of the Tiger community. Our process was designed to engage the efforts of all to support a plan that will benefit the full range of TSU’s stakeholders. We invite you to learn more about Texas Southern University’s strategic plan. May its vision, process and communal intent be the guidepost for our journey together for the future of Texas Southern University. Sincerely,

Dr. Austin A. Lane President



HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY Texas Southern University is a special-purpose, urban institution nestled in the heart of Houston’s historic Third Ward. Today, TSU is a comprehensive, metropolitan institution, providing academic and research programs that address critical urban issues, and prepares its increasingly diverse student population to become a force for positive change in a global society. The story of TSU is one of resilience in the face of incredible odds. The Houston Public School Board agreed on September 14, 1927, to fund the development of two junior colleges: one for Caucasians and one for African-Americans. The Board, with a loan of $2,800, formed the Colored Junior College in the summer of 1927 under the supervision of the Houston School District. The Colored Junior College was established to provide an opportunity for African-Americans to receive college training. The Junior College progressed so fast that by 1931, it became a member of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and was approved by the Southern Association of Colleges. The Houston School Board changed the junior college to a four-year college and the name to Houston College for Negroes in the summer of 1934. The Houston Independent School District severed its relationship with Houston College for Negroes in the spring of 1945, and thereafter, all management of the college was vested in a Separate Board of Regents. The college, re-named Texas State University for Negroes, had grown to an enrollment of approximately 1,400 students by 1946 and needed room to grow. The college, with the help of Hugh Roy Cullen, a local philanthropist, obtained a 53-acre piece of property in the Third Ward area of Houston. Two major donors – Mrs. T.M. Fairchild, in memory of her late husband, and Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dupree – with the African-American community, helped the college raise enough money to construct its first building on the new campus, the T.M. Fairchild Building, which is still in use and serves as an anchor on campus.

The Heart and Soul of Houston For 90 years, TSU’s campus has been the stage for excellence in achievement, creating leaders that have made a positive impact on their communities, the State of Texas, and the world. Characterized by a diverse population, a vibrant business climate, an outstanding performing and visual arts community, TSU students are offered a nurturing campus environment while learning from faculty with diverse scholarly interests.

Find more information at www.TSU.edu.



INTRODUCTION Vision 2022 Our strategic plan is designed to move our University forward and marry today’s desires with tomorrow’s imperatives. We are building a culture and experience that recognizes that we are better together. We are creating pathways that celebrate inclusion, elicit pride, reduce fear and enhance trust. We are providing a dynamic future with improved outcomes for students, the community, staff and leaders. Our plans can only succeed if we are genuine and authentic. Our academics must increase student knowledge and result in productive graduates. Our faculty must be leaders, in person and reputation. Our servant leaders must be bold and lead fearlessly in implementing and supporting our strategy. TSU’s strategic plan is an accumulation of input from thousands of committed stakeholders. The process began with a vision and organizational identity workshop with the Board of Regents in early 2016. The Regents asked for online survey efforts encompassing faculty, staff, students, and alumni that provided further organizational attribute scores and assessment. Armed with the understanding of the current state of the University, President Lane embarked on an ambitious listening and learning tour in early 2017, which resulted in almost 1,000 written comments compiled over ten meetings with nine departments. The input received from surveys, interviews, workshops and the listening tour was analyzed by President Lane’s Cabinet and Executive Council and resulted in the Top Five Priorities that will guide the operational goals for which departments will be responsible. Community input and the Top Five Priorities were shared in a simulcast State of the University address with President Lane in May 2017. Our vision for the next five years is based upon these operational goals that provide accountability for leadership in executing the Top Five Priorities.

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Texas Southern University is a student-centered comprehensive doctoral university committed to ensuring equality, offering innovative programs that are responsive to its urban setting, and transforming diverse students into lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and creative leaders in their local, national, and global communities.


Texas Southern University will become one of the nation’s preeminent comprehensive metropolitan universities. We will be recognized by the excellence of our programs, the quality of our instruction, our innovative research and creative activities, and our commitment to be a contributing partner to our community, state, nation, and the world. VISION 2022



TOP FIVE PRIORITIES To make the next bold leap in TSU’s 90-year history of excellence and achievement, we aspire to be a premier HBCU and urban flagship university. This aspiration requires a strategic focus on our special-purpose designation for urban planning for the state, the nation, and the global community. This appointment celebrates all that makes us distinctive and focuses on building on our unique assets and strengths. To reach our goals, TSU’s strategic plan sets forth five priorities of focus:


Excellence in Achievement Texas Southern University, located near the heart of downtown Houston, was founded as a public, coeducational, historically Black university. TSU honors our designation as a special-purpose institution for urban programming and research. TSU is a comprehensive university providing higher education access to the nation’s underserved communities. TSU’s academic and research programs address critical urban issues and prepare its diverse student population to become a force for positive change in a global society. TSU offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs and concentrations, including bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and professional degrees. The campus facilities have grown from one permanent building and several temporary structures to 45 buildings that sit on 150 acres of land. VISION 2022





STUDENT SUCCESS AND COMPLETION Texas Southern University is a student-centered institution that measures its success by the achievements of its students – past, present, and future.


TSU will cultivate a student-centered campus that is engaging and supportive of student success at all levels. The University will accomplish this goal by being committed to providing resources that facilitate student persistence, progression and graduation.


Develop and maintain an advising taskforce of cross-departmental faculty and staff focused on guided pathways to completion and reducing our graduates’ amount of student debt. Utilize Freshman Seminar (FS) 102 to acclimate students to university life, provide methods of study skills and time management techniques. Enhance Transfer student articulation agreements to maximize existing success of course completion.

Actively integrate the use of technology to monitor student progress, engage with students and improve the accessibility of student services.

Outcome Measures

Increase the freshmen to sophomore progression rate by 17% points from 24% to 41% Reduce the average semester credit hours taken to graduate by 20% from 156 to 125 Increase the 6-year graduation rate by over 20% from 23% to 46%

A Network for Academic Success The TSU Freshman Seminar course (FS 102) assists the University with student retention by developing comprehensive freshmen year experiences that ensure student success. An advising task force consisting of faculty and staff from across campus was assembled to create a complete advising strategy. Advisors work with their students to set career goals by developing strategic academic plans and utilizing learning strategies designed for student success. Eight enrollment and completion advisors will lead this effort and will teach the 16-week course that will equip students with tools to successfully navigate the college experience.

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ACADEMIC PROGRAM QUALITY & RESEARCH Texas Southern University offers a variety of accredited programs and scholastic achievement opportunities to students of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Students can choose from more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs and concentrations – bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and professional degrees – organized into eight degree-granting schools and colleges, in addition to the Graduate School and the Honor’s College on a 150-acre campus. TSU’s enrollment has a population of more than 10,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional academic candidates.


TSU will offer academic programs based on a progressive curriculum that meets the current workforce demands. The student qualifications acquired through degree attainment will be infused with marketable skills that expand beyond solely programmatic outcomes, and position students for continual professional growth.

Strategies Increase course modality by expanding online programs and evening courses to enhance inclusivity.

Ranked #1 in Texas TSU has been recognized as a leading producer of undergraduate and graduate degrees among African-American and Hispanic students in Texas. Accounting Marketing Law Physical Sciences including Physics and Chemistry Communication, Journalism and related fields including Radio and Television


Utilize department self-studies and external program reviews to monitor curricula and program demand. Ensure program identity is clearly conveyed to all stakeholders.

Enhance advisory council in each academic area.

Increase faculty research.

Outcome Measures Increase the students participating in study abroad programs by 17% from 60 to 70 student Add six new online programs, which will increase from 3 to 9 Increase the annual number of faculty publications by 85% from 71 to 131

Management Information Systems

Transportation and Materials Moving

Offer additional experiential and service learning opportunities for students.

Health and Medical Administrative Services including Health Administration and Health Information Management


Texas Rankings

#3 for Bachelor’s Degrees #5 for Masters Degrees #2 for Doctoral - Research #1 for Doctoral – Professional

National Rankings #32 for Bachelor’s Degrees #45 for Masters Degrees #46 for Doctoral - Research #5 for Doctoral - Professional *Degrees awarded to African - Americans (IPEDS)





Texas Southern University will create a student community and engage all in transformative educational experiences. This will ensure that everyone has the tools to reach their highest potential and provide a strong range of opportunities to prepare them for life in the local community, the nation and around the globe.

Goal The culture of TSU will be one that embraces students through welcoming a diverse intellectual stream of thought and employing a pedagogy that promotes student success in a safe environment. TSU faculty and staff will collaboratively support the University’s Mission of being student-centered and creating leaders by developing and monitoring departmental assessments that are focused University-wide progress.

Strategies Create a culture of customer service to help guide students, faculty and staff.

The Public Safety Department will engage with students, parents and the Student Government Association to provide safety techniques and establish a safe environment for learning.

Increase alumni participation in recruitment events to establish a successful point of reference for entering students. Utilize TSU’s unique geographical location to carry out its special purpose designation to engage community and serve as intellectual hub. Academic Areas and Career Services will collaborate to offer professional development opportunities that provide students with skills needed to promote their marketability. Colleges and schools will identify with some urban programming measures for students and community. Enhance civic engagement and service learning in Houston’s historic Third Ward.

Outcome Measures Offer 55 annual events in which alumni may participate Engage students, faculty and staff by offering 590 community service projects

Special Purpose Designation In 1973, the 63rd Legislature designated Texas Southern University as a “special purpose” institution for urban programming. As a result, four more academic units were added – the College of Education, the School of Public Affairs, the School of Communication and the Weekend College. This designation described what Texas Southern University was doing from its inception – embracing diversity.

Provide a minimum of 20 professional development workshops for students

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PARTNERSHIPS Texas Southern University will collaborate with its partners in the city, state, nation, and world to provide critical thinkers and skilled practitioners to serve its academic community. This will provide an excellent educational experience for students, new and applied knowledge from researchers, require effort, and seek support and investment from cooperative allies. As the City of Houston continues to position itself as a magnet for top talent and businesses, TSU partners with the business community to provide a prepared and educated workforce to meet the need for entrepreneurs and innovators.


TSU has shown success in being a top producer of African-American graduates in many academic programs in the State of Texas. We will continue to build on these accolades while also becoming more diverse and expanding our impact on the national and international markets through successfully pioneering partnerships.


Improve participation in recruitment activities offered by community colleges. Meet with state-wide elected officials in leadership (e.g. Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House, chairs of higher education and appropriation/finance committees for House and Senate)to strengthen the University’s partnerships. Collaborate with middle school and high school districts to establish a pipeline of students. entering TSU. Engage with international organizations to establish a presence among global partners.

Outcome Measures

Add nine more articulation agreements, which will increase from 6 to 15 Expand the number of vendors participating in the Health Fair by 35% to increase from 24 to 32 vendors

Partnerships for Success These corporate, community partnerships are a great opportunity to spotlight and strengthen academic programs and provide internships for our students. Aetna Inc. Amazon Amegy Bank Aramco AT&T CBRE CITGO City of Houston Coca-Cola Comcast CVS Health Edward Jones ExxonMobil FDIC Goldman Sachs Google Halliburton Houston Community College

HEB Home Depot JPMorgan Chase Lone Star College Marriott International Microsoft NASA Johnson Space Center Pappas Restaurants Pharmacare Shell Oil Company Sysco U. S. Department of Energy Union Pacific Railroad United Health Group USAA Walgreens Wal-Mart Waste Management

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FINANCES Texas Southern University will be an excellent steward of its resources that reflects its responsibility to the citizens of Houston and the state of Texas. The University will allocate its assets to achieve its goals and maximize benefits to its students and stakeholders. This stewardship will demonstrate transparency and integrity.


Present an annual balanced budget that strategically addresses the academic and education needs to serve students, faculty, staff and the community served by the institution.


Enhance scholarship funds through special events, such as the Maroon & Gray Affair.

Increase student enrollment through enhanced recruitment methods which include billboard marketing, website enhancement and additional participation in local and regional college fairs. Establish funding sources to support acquiring a more significant proportion of tenured and tenuretrack faculty to promote student success in lower division courses and prepare students for upper division course requirements. Associate departmental budgeting based on assessment plan outcomes, findings and productivity Actively promote employee giving campaign by providing incentives to offices with the highest participation. Offer faculty awards and acknowledgments to faculty acquiring research grants.

Outcome Measures

Increase annual funds raised to 10 million

Increase the number of annual research dollars by 2 million dollars from 6 to 8 million Increase the number of semester credit hours attempted by 15 thousand from 115 thousand to 130 thousand

Maroon and Gray for Scholarships The Maroon and Gray Affair is an annual scholarship fundraiser, created by Dr. Austin A. Lane and Mrs. Loren Lane. Proceeds from the highly attended gala, hosted at Houston’s Marriott Marquis, provide emergency scholarship aid to fill the financial gap for Texas Southern University students. The inaugural gala in 2017 raised more than $700,000 in scholarship funds. After transparent stewardship and a commitment from donors across the city, state and nation, the 2018 gala goal reached $1,000,000 to assist TSU students.

Texas Southern University’s Capital Expenditure Plan provides the framework and timeline for the progress and completion of critical capital improvements on the campus. A transparent, easy to read plan is available at www.tsu.edu.

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IMPLEMENTATION The vision for Texas Southern University will guide our efforts as we create the University that our Board of Regents and our community aspire for us to be. Our operational core is this strategic plan, including our Top Five Priorities, which will be the framework for the goals we use to measure our success. We will evaluate our efforts on an annual basis to determine its effectiveness.


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CONCLUSION We are creating, under the direction of the Board of Regents, a performance-based environment where pride in the choices made are reflected in shared accomplishments. We will cascade the behaviors, specific to Texas Southern University, that transition our values to action and highlight our emphasis on quality. We will define the way actions are successful at TSU and we will celebrate our achievements. In the end, like our students, we choose the path we travel. Our strategic plan and imperatives are our election to change ourselves and our University. Our changes are shared and are transparent, and are available in the framework laid out by our strategic plan, our Top Five Priorities, and our cultural codification. Collectively, we choose to pursue excellence.

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