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Board of Directors

President Ray McDonald McPaca Ranch, Inc (817) 239-0725

Vice-President Jeannie Wells Wellspring Suri Alpacas (210) 557-0929

Treasurer Shannon O’Steen King and Prince Alpacas (423) 802-8598

Secretary Debbie Ashley Aubrey Oaks Alpacas (214) 734-1921

At Large Larry Ferguson Triple Crown Alpacas (817) 269-3997

We will be nominating and voting for 3 positions - Treasurer, Vice-President and Member-at-Large.

Message from the President 2018 TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular I’m very excited to be part of our 19th annual TXOLAN event. It has been an interesting year as the expanded focus on education, work toward ensuring that we reach out to seemingly underserved areas of our association and the introduction of other new ideas are all coming together. We are experiencing growth and interest that many other associations are currently missing. TXOLAN’s annual event continues to lead the way to the new year and to demonstrating to the industry that combining education with competition provides an excellent value to our members. This year we are trying new things again to enhance the experience. The popular new Walking Fleece competition is being introduced on Friday. This event very quickly surpassed our hopes and we raised the limit to the absolute max of 100 animals. If all goes well and everyone agrees we will be able to expand on this in the future. Another big new introduction this year is Saturday afternoon’s Performance Event. While it may seem small, it represents the beginning of our future advancement. The launch of this event already has garnered an interesting response from area 4H clubs which are “testing” this year for, hopefully, an increase in participation on a much larger level next year. This event and the growth that it can bring is a vision others have had in the past, though we seem to be benefitting from not only the large increase in public awareness of alpacas, but also the increase in ranch growth in our association’s geography. We must recognize and give hearty thanks for the fabulous work by Melissa and Derek Lahew of Alpacas of Faith in this area. We realize most of you do look over the education offerings though a quick highlight is worth noting: • NEW – STAY ALERT – BLUE LIGHT SPECIALS – pot shots (10 minutes) on Saturday and Sunday throughout the Barns. • Scott Miller will discuss Herdsire Selection and Breeding for Competitive Edge. • Fleece, Fleece, Fleece – This is our main product. There are so many things you can do with it and make sure it is properly prepared. Roo Kline, Andrea Nissen and Amy McCroskie have all returned to help us learn more about this high value area (and key to your business). • We are also excited to see Patti Maness, DVM in a return as the event veterinarian, working with you on ultra sounds and speaking as only she can on the alpaca gastrointestinal system! • In our spirit of new introductions, this year we’ve added two more exciting instructors and sessions: • Meredyth Jones, DVM of Texas A&M will be here discussing Pastures and Parasites • Mr. H. Robertson. Asst. Chief of Fort Worth Fire Department is presenting a Fire Safety program

• Our resident MD, Rhonda Deschner is providing an update on Embryo Transfer now that they’ve registered a birth. • Last year’s speaker, Greg Benson, CPA, is back to help folks Prepare and Present a Business Plan. • One of the very well received new items last year was the Ranch Forum. This venue is led by representatives from small, medium and large ranches and they will share some key success factors. This year we have Marc & Sharon Milligan of Red Granite, Bobby & Diane Dickerson of Rockin’ D Enterprises and Anne Stallcup of Que Serra Alpacas. All of them have been in the business since pre-recession and seen how things have changed and are now trending for great growth. You really need to meet them, bring your questions and listen to their sharing of vast experience! We absolutely must recognize all of our sponsors, vendors, advertisers and auction contributors. Without their financial support this entire endeavor would cease to be a reality. The website shows them all and notice that there are 18 this year. Not only is that an increase, there are several new ranches and ones that are increasing their participation. Vendors should be easily found in the main concourses and don’t miss the new “SPONSOR” flags to help you find sponsors in the Cattle Barns. Please be sure to visit them and thank them for being here. This show cannot happen without a tremendous amount of work by all our volunteers. The quality of those contributing this year has been OUTSTANDING. Folks like Carol Sweet handling all the traditional fleece items, Laurence and Donna Binder on the auctions, the Jim and Debbie Conkle barn management and fleece support, Scott Young and Selle Design for our new digital event book. There is a very long list of folks that make registration, gatekeeping and ring dynamics work. I can’t name everyone though most are listed in the volunteer page. Please make sure to thank them for their service when you see them (they have special badges). And it cannot be expressed enough about how much time your Board of Directors has spent on this and other events. They have been highly dedicated all year and have brought many new ideas and improvements. You can easily recognize them by their blue vests. Please Thank them all. We will once again have a special guest in Mr. Bud Synhorst, the AOA Director. He will be here all weekend and will also be having a Blue Light Special of updates. Here’s your chance to help him learn how our geography is a ripe and unique opportunity area while also hearing about his thoughts on the same. Thank you all again and have a great event, Ray McDonald TXOLAN Alpaca Association, President

2018 Judges Amanda VandenBosch - Halter (Female), Walking Fleece and Performance Amanda VandenBosch will return after a very great job in 2017 and be handling Halter (Females) and Walking Fleece. Amanda VandenBosch is a Senior AOA Halter and Fleece Judge and an Alpaca Judge Trainer and Instructor in the United States. Amanda qualified as an International Alpaca Judge trained in Peru at the International Alpaca Judging School (IAJS ) in 2000. She has judged shows in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Peru gaining an international

perspective and true love for the art and science of alpaca judging. Amanda travels worldwide judging alpacas, instructing, presenting seminars and workshops to breeders and judges. Her “hands on� approach is greatly sought after. Amanda worked with the British Alpaca Society (BAS) for 7 years to help develop the Judge Training Program, and with the New Zealand Judges for continuous training. She has been honored with regular appointments as an AOA Senior Instructor and Judge Trainer in both Fleece and Halter in the USA.

Jude Anderson - Halter (Male) and Fleece Jude Anderson has agreed to join us this year and will handle Halter (Males) plus Fleece. We welcome her return after a few year absence. Jude Anderson, along with her husband, Alan Cousill, has been breeding alpacas since 1991, in both Australia and the US. Currently, they own and breed alpacas in the US, a herd of quality Suris and Huacayas at Pucara International, a beautiful 105 acre farm at McMinnville, Oregon. An AAA judge since 1998, Jude gained AOA certification in 2002 and senior judge and judge trainer/ instructor status in 2005. She also certified at the IAJS judging school in Peru in 2000. Since 1998 Jude has

judged in Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Sweden, and Norway. She is involved in the development and teaching at both halter and fleece judging clinics and works with apprentices to develop their skills. She has also trained British Alpaca Society judges in the UK. Currently, Jude is Chair of the AOA Judges Advisory Committee and a halter liaison to the AOA Show Rules Committee. Alongside Cheryl Gehly, Mike Safley, and Amanda VandenBosch, Jude authored The Art and Science of Alpaca Judging, a comprehensive judge training text also used extensively by alpaca breeders worldwide. Jude has also conducted seminars and spoken in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, and Germany on topics including breeding, reproduction and alpaca husbandry, alpaca fiber, conformation, selection, genetics, and nutrition.

Karen Kinyon - Spin-off, spinning and judge Karen Kinyon has loved and owned alpacas and llamas for 28 years. She was fascinated by their fleece early on and began learning about all the wonderful ways it can be used. She teaches Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Crocheting, Felting and

Dyeing all with alpaca and llama fiber. Her on-the-ranch studio is home to many opportunities for other camelid owners to learn what to do with their valuable fleeces in order to bring them to a finished product for sale to help offset that hay bill. Karen works with all ages and especially enjoys helping young people share the fiber arts.

Schedule of Events Wednesday, February 8, 2018 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Volunteers working on set up

Thursday, February 9, 2018 12 PM - 7:30 PM 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Check in for Exhibitors Compliance and Color Check-in (Arena)

Friday, February 9, 2018 7:30 am - 8:00 am

Welcome And Exhibitor Meeting

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Open to the Public: Walking Fleece, Education and Open Market Vendors

8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Pre-Arranged Late Check-in, Compliance and Color Check (Arena)

8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Walking Fleece Competition (Arena)

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Alpaca Fleece Show Judging (Closed to Exhibitors and the Public)

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Education Seminars (see Education page for details)

5:00 pm 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Meet & Greet ( Appetizers/Cash Bar) Welcome to the TXOLAN Alpaca Spectacular - Herdsire Showcase and Auction Animal Preview Plus Pen Sale intro (north end of Arena towards Vendors)

Saturday, February 10, 2018 7:30AM - 8:00 AM

Welcome And Exhibitor Meeting

8:00AM - 9:00 PM

Open to the Public: Halter Show, Performance Competition, Fleece Show, Silent Auction, Education and Open Market Vendors

8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Halter Show

2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Performance Competition

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM 5:30 PM 6: 00 PM - 7:00 PM 7:00 PM - Close

Lunch Break - Annual Membership Meeting - Lunch served for members Education Seminars Volunteer Appreciation Cash Bar, Dinner (Fee), - (Arena) Participative Live Auction

Sunday, February 11, 2018 8:00 AM 8:00 AM - 12 PM

Open to the Public: Halter Show, Fleece Show, Silent Auction, Open Market Vendors Halter Show

8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Silent Auction (auction closes at 11AM)

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Completion Alpaca Halter Show (if necessary)

Education Seminar & Speakers Rhonda Deschner, MD.

Amy McCroskey

Rhonda Deschner, MD. Most of you know her or at least of her. She has been in the business as long as anyone in Texas and will give us an update and overview of the newly approved Embryo Transfer program.

Amy McCroskey is returning for her second year and this is very exciting especially if you know her long history with FLEECE, alpacas, and alpaca industry service (a past President of AOA). It looks like we will be able to learn more about skirting for competition and mills along with some basics about grading and preparing for shearing. She is a wealth of information and loves to spread it with everyone and we are so happy to see her back again!! This year she will speak and demonstrate Preparing for Shearing, Skirting Techniques and Basics of Sorting & Grading. Don’t miss these opportunities to tap her experience.

Roo Kline Roo Kline will be rejoining our event. Roo is a nationally acclaimed fiber artist and enthusiast. She is highly regarded in the fiber arts community and will be offering some hands on seminars doing dyeing and tri-loom spinning! She will also offer opportunities to learn about how to use your fiber which can be both fun and provide some enhancements to your profit margins on products!

Andrea Nissen In her second year at TXOLAN, is Andrea Nissen, an award winning fiber artist based in Fayetteville, North Carolina with an impressive history. She was a speaker at the AOA National Fleece Conference recently and recently became an AOA Accredited Spin-Off Judge. For more about Andrea, here is a link to her website - html Andrea will present a number of fiber art-related talks and hands-on classes

Scott Miller Scott Miller has confirmed that he will be able to be here! If you know him, contact him and let him know how excited you are that he will be here to impart some of his excellent knowledge and experience. How much experience you ask? In 2000, he and his relatives purchased “the most expensive alpaca of that day” nicknamed Legacy! Scott’s been a key part of Crescent Moon ever since and also completed the training at the International Alpaca Judging School in Peru. He will be speaking on “HerdSire Selection” and “Breeding for a Competitive Edge”. His knowledge and pearls will help you on the road to improved herd quality and profitability! Also check out their auction item - EDUCATION with a DESTINATION!!

Patti Maness Patti Maness, DVM will be speaking on Ultrasound in Alpacas: Females & MALES, too! Dr. Maness will also be the Onsite Vet, plus offer some special services such as ultrasound testing.

Mr. Homer Robertson A new item this year brings us the Assistant Fire Chief of Fort Worth, Mr. Homer Robertson. He will be speaking on key issues around What if there is a Fire. This includes precautions and getting prepared plus proper protocols if evacuation is necessary in case of a major incident or wildfires. This is a very important safety aspect for all ranches.

Greg Benson, CPA Greg Benson, CPA, has agreed to return as we received requests from a few newer ranchers and his good reviews from last year. He’ll be diving into the details of how to Make a Business Plan and Present the Plan. Both of these are also valuable for you long time ranchers as your original plan probably needs to be reviewed and updated or you may be looking for some new funding.

Meredyth Jones, DVM Another new face appears this year from Texas A&M. We are pleased to announce that Meredyth Jones, DVM. She is currently the Associate Professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine at A&M and will bring her professional experience to discuss A Different View on Parasitology and Pasture Management.

TXOLAN Education Schedule - 2018 TXOLAN Education  Schedule  -­‐  2018

Jan 29  Updates Friday

7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00

8:00 8:30 8:50 9:30 9:50 10:30 10:50 11:30 11:50 12:50 1:30 1:50 2:30 2:50 3:30 3:50 4:30 4:50 5:30 6:00 7:30

Saturday 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30

8:30 8:50 9:30 9:50 10:30 10:50 11:30 11:50

Fiber Processing  2

Animal Health

Farm as  a  Business

Fiber Processing  1

Fiber Arts

Education Room  1

Education Room  2

Education Room  3

Milking Parlor

Cattle Barn  3


Andrea Nissen


Carding/Roving Prep

Lunch Break Lunch  Break Lunch  Break Intro  to Spinning

Andrea Nissen

Andrea Nissen

Spinning -­‐   Beyond  the  basics



Ft. Worth Fire  Dept Rhonda Deschner Scott Miller

Emergency Evacuation Embryo Transfer Herdsire Selection

Meredyth Jones, DVM Meredyth Jones,  DVM Patty Maness,  DVM

Pasture Management Parasitology Gastrointestinal Guts/Goo

1:30 1:50 2:30 2:50 3:30 3:50 4:30 4:50 5:30 6:00 7:00 9:00

Rockin' D  Suris Que  Sera  Alpacas   Red  Granite

Scott Miller G. Benson,  CPA G.  Benson,  CPA

Education Room  1


Andrea Nissen


Education Room  2




S/M/L Farm Issues


Amy Shearing McCroskie Prep Amy Skirting 101 McCroskie LUNCH  BREAK Amy Sorting/Grading McCroskie Basics



Roo Kline


Roo Kline

Tri-­‐Loom Basics

Breed for   Comp  Edge Making  a   Business  Plan Presenting  a   Business  Plan

Education Room  3




Milking Parlor



Cattle Barn  3



Carding/Roving Prep

Lunch Break [Annual  Membership  Meeting]

12:00 12:50 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 7:00


Andrea Nissen

Intro to Spinning

Patty Ultra Maness, DVMSounding

BLUE LIGHT  Specials Laurence  &  Donna  Binder Joe  Miller Jennifer  Bost Charles  Ashley Gina  Glasscock Sally  Branndon Bud  Syndhorst Berry  Sweet  Alpacas

Fiber The Suri  Difference ? Retail  Fun Show  Stoppers Mills  Issues  with  fiber AOA  at  a  glance ?

Blue Light  Special

The World’s Finest Alpaca Educational Experience August 16~19 ~ 2018 ~ Bend OREGON Enjoy exceptional seminars, old friends and new friends, great food & libation and 360 degree alpaca at these working farm locations. Also experience the wonders of Central Oregon you'll be glad you came! Email: for more info

Fiber Arts Competition For all the creative folks out there, we are including a Fiber Arts category to our Fleece Show. The purpose of the Fiber Arts division is to showcase products made with alpaca fiber. All items must be completed during the 12 months prior to the show. All entries must consist of at least 50% alpaca fiber. Anyone with Fiber Arts interest is encouraged to enter and you do not need to be an AOA or TXOLAN member to enter these competitions. The entry fees per entry are $20.00 for non-TXOLAN members and $15.00 for TXOLAN members. The deadline for receipt of MAIL-IN entries is January 29, 2018. Entries Can Be be delivered to the fleece room in person at the show by Thursday, February 8, 2018 by 6 pm.

Entries will be judged by Andrea Nissen and will be on display at the show on February 10-11, 2017. If mailing in, please send entries to: Carol Sweet 6809 Cappillaries Court Fort Worth, TX 76133 You should also send a tracking number to her to insure she knows you have mailed your entry and can help you track it in case there are any issues. Her email is, and her cell phone number is (817) 777-3113.

There are two ways to enter the Fiber Arts Competition. 1. If you are an exhibitor in the Halter Show or any Fleece related competition (Spin-Off, Cottage Fleece or Full Fleece), you will find a separate category for registration for the Fiber Arts Competitions through the online registration system. This will also properly add charges to your cart for check-out. For online registration, after you’ve registered your entries, click on the link for Fleece Tags and these tags (for inclusion with your entries) will be automatically generated in the online registration system and can be printed once you register.

2. If you are not using the exhibitor registration system, please go to otherwise, click the paper registration form and for the paper Hand-Spun Skein Entry Tag

Divisions a. Beginner (working in Fiber Art for less than 2 years) 1. Junior – ages 18 and younger 2. Adult – over age 18 b. Intermediate (working in Fiber Arts more than 2 years) c. Advanced (working in Fiber Arts for more than 5 years and/ or has submitted to a juried event)

Categories a. All handwork – 100% handspun yarns with 100% handmade construction and/or 100% hand-felted (may use commercially prepared rovings) b. Partial or non-handwork 1. Use commercially spun yarn and/or machine knitted, woven, or felted. 2. Less than 100% hand felting

Groups a. Woven b. Felt c. Knit d. Crochet

Map of Will Rogers

CHECK IN at rear of Barn 2&3 (Above Word Parking in “Day Hauler Parking” note

Drop Trailer Parking $5

Entrances and Route in Orange Block Arrows

Halter Show Information Youth Performance 1. Showmanship, which places emphasis on the handler’s show abilities 2. Obstacle, which demonstrates the alpaca’s ability and willingness to accept training and to work with its handler through a variety of obstacles 3. Public Relations, which demonstrates the alpaca’s and handler’s ability and willingness to perform day to day obstacles that may be encountered when doing public relations events with your alpacas 4. Costume class

Show Rules 1. Online Registration must be completed. 2. Alpacas must be registered with AOA; NO Pending ARI Registration Papers will be accepted. 3. Entries must include copy of AOA Certificate, Buyer’s Permission to Show if applicable, completed registration and full registration fees. Buyer’s Permission to Show form can be found at 4. Entries must be registered online by 1/31/18. 5. Veterinary documents required must be included with entries. For AOA registered animals, there does need to be an identifying tag or number to be able to verify animal presented is the same as noted on the veterinary certificate. 6. To be allowed entry to the show, the owner shall submit a copy of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Health Certificate), which shall include the AOA number, alpaca name as on the ARI certificate, microchip #, and negative BVD results with testing method for each alpaca entering the show grounds, including companion or private treaty alpacas. The Show Superintendent will keep a copy of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection as permanent records for the show. 7. All alpacas entering the show grounds must show proof of a negative PCR test or a negative VI (VI prior to 1/1/2010) test for BVD (NO other types of BVD testing will be accepted). 8. The Halter Show Class Divisions 501 to 510 (Get of Sire; Produce of Dam; Breeders Best Three; Bred & Owned Male; Bred & Owned Female; and Produce of Dam) are Optional Halter classes; entries in these groups REQUIRE that your alpaca ALSO be entered in the appropriate Age-Color-GenderBreed Halter class. (See Optional Halter Classes, Part VIII, Section 6, AOA Show Division Handbook) 9. Exhibitor Rule Halter Show: The owner may enter only 3 alpacas per breed type, per gender, per age division, per color designation. 10. Classes may be divided or combined according to AOA show rules, depending on the number of entries. 11. Color designation refers to one of the colors shown in the current ARI Color Chart plus the multicolor types described in the Part VII, Section 2, AOA Show Division Handbook. Please use actual color of fiber at skin line, regardless of what your ARI certificate says. All colors will be verified at check-in according to the ARI Color Chart.

What is a Walking Fleece Competition? Walking Fleece Competition is an opportunity for the exhibitor to enter a fleece competition where the prime fleece is evaluated while still on the alpaca. Conformation is NOT assessed. An AOA Walking Fleece scorecard will be completed for each alpaca in the course of this evaluation/judging process. Placements are made on a highest score basis once all evaluations are completed and tabulated. Oral comments by the Judge may be given during the hands-on evaluation. Judging by an AOA Certified Fleece Judge is required.

Walking Fleece Registrations are handled as an Optional Halter Class via the registration System but will follow the rules for a Fleece Show according to breed, age division, color groups and class size. Championships may be offered if minimum numbers are met. Walking Fleece Show Superintendant: Judy Schroeder 224 Shade Hollow Road Blue Ridge, VA 24064 (540) 797-1985 Email:

Photo Contest

Judge: Regina Florence


Coordinator: Jayme Haney

• Alpacas and Friends • Alpaca Close-ups • Black and White • Crias • Farm Scene • Humor

email at All entries will be 8”x10” mounted on black mat with 2” border.. While TXOLAN will print and mount a graphic file entry, TXOLAN is not responsible for printing or mounting nuances that may affect your final placement. IF YOU ARE BRINGING YOUR COMPLETED ENTRY, YOU MUST GIVE IT TO CHECK-IN TABLE AS YOU CHECK-IN!! TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular reserves the right to display the photos at the 2018 event or as advertisement for subsequent TXOLAN shows or TXOLAN Alpaca Association events.Your images will not be sold by TXOLAN Alpaca Association or TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular without your permission and agreement. You retain the copyright to your photograph. All appropriate credits will be displayed with the photos if and when used.

AWARDS • $25 first place each Adult division category and $25 first place each Junior division category if there are 3 or more entries in the specific category • One $75 Judges Choice Adult Division and one $75 Judges Choice Junior Division. • Ribbons will be awarded First thru Third place.


Adult and Junior will have the same categories • Adult (18 and over) - $10 per entry • Junior (17 and under) - $5 per entry

DEFINITION OF CATEGORES • Alpacas and Friends: Photos of alpacas interacting with their friends. Friends may be other alpacas, other 4-legged creatures, or even 2- legged creatures! • Black and White: Black and white photos of alpacas saved in the grayscale color space. • Crias: Photos of those loveable, huggable alpaca babies. • Alpaca Close-ups: Portraits of Alpacas. • Farm Scene: Scenic photos of alpacas and where they live. • Humor: Photos of alpacas doing what makes us laugh.

JUDGING CRITERIA • Focus: Distinctness or clarity of an image rendered by the camera. • Depth of Field: Range of acceptably sharp focus in front of and behind the distance the lens is focused on. • Exposure: Light striking a sensitized material (film or paper emulsion). • Lighting: Distribution of light on an object or figure in the photo. • Composition: Placement or arrangement of visual elements in photo, as distinct from the subject in tha photo. • Rule of Thirds: Guideline which proposes that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections; thus creating more tension, energy and interest in the composition than simply centering the subject would.

Farmersville, TX ● 972-742-8544 ●

Silent and Live Auction We are proud to see the return of these super experienced coordinators that received such rave reviews for the fabulous job they did last year. Please welcome back Laurence and Donna Binder of Bluebonnet Hills Alpacas

Live Auction Thank you to our highly experienced coordinators. This will be an interactive event and features a professional livestock auctioneer this year. Yes, there will be some fashion items (though not an actual fashion show). As always we will HIGHLIGHT HERDSIRES and HERDSIRE BREEDINGS. We also want to diversify and remind everyone that we can actually sell strong breeding quality animals, education packages, ranch equipment and accessories, etc, etc. Be creative!!

Acres of Love

Valentine Gift Basket


One Year Standard Membership

Alpaca Owners Association Bluebonnet Hills Alpaca Ranch Choice Alpaca Product Crescent Moon Ranch & Flying Dutchman Alpacas DJ’s Classic Alpacas EZid HLA Fiber Mill Kritter Keepers Lorelei Caracausa McPaca Ranch M&J Alpaca Farm OpenHerd/AlpacaStreet Park Hill Fine Arts Portraits

AOA Starter Kit Ladies Long Alpaca Vest 3 Pair Alpaca Socks, PacaBuddies Plush Toy, Alpaca Watching T-Shirt, and Alpacadorables Figurine Registration for two for Education with a Destination Curly Alpaca Scarf $50.00 Gift Certificate Bump of Alpaca Rug Yarn Hay Rack Handwoven Alpaca Blend Shawl Premium Wine Packag Earring and Necklace Sets Starter Membership or 3 months Square Ads on OpenHerd $800.00 Certificate for a Portrait Session and Art work

Phantom’s Paw

Alpaca Roving and Alpaca Hand Spun Yarn

Pleasant Journey Alpacas

Handcrafted Pepper Mill and Wine Stopper

Pulse Ranch Tejas Alpacas

POD X5 (Power On Demand) Jumper and Charger and Alpaca Plate Alpaca Medical Box

Vet on site

Dr. Patti Maness (DVM) graduated from Texas A & M in 1981, and practiced in south Texas for 20 years. Dr. Maness’ current practice is south of Oklahoma City, and consists of small animal and exotics which includes alpacas. She is a member of the American Association of Small Ruminant Veterinary Practitioners (AARSP). Dr. Maness is licensed in both Texas and Oklahoma. She is the owner of Bowtie Ranch and Alpaca Farm. She has owned and shown alpacas since 2006. She brings a unique perspective as both an owner and veterinarian. Dr. Maness has pursued advanced education courses regarding alpacas at Kansas State with Dr. David Anderson and Dr. Meredyth Jones, as well as Oregon State with Dr. Chris Cebra, and just last year at U. C. Davis. Dr. Maness is a TXOLAN supporter and member, and will be our on-site veterinarian in case her services are needed on a fee basis. Her services will be available on Friday in case of health certificate (CVI) or microchip issues. Re-issuing a health

certificate will be $25.00. The ARI certificate and BVD by PCR results (lab and date info) will be required. A Bio-Therm Life microchip can be implanted for $25.00 if needed. In addition, she will will be bringing her ultrasound equipment and can perform examinations at a discounted cost. You will need to contact her to make proper arrangements to access this service as there may be special times or requirements needed in order to avoid interference with event activities and rules. Patti S. Maness, DVM Maness Veterinary Services 522 S. W. 27th Place Newcastle, OK 73065 (405) 387-5005 Newcastle Office

Burton, Texas

Producing quality while having fun! Products Come check out our new store

Philip & LaNell McMahon 713-628-9297 • 713-857-1461 13350 FM 389 Burton, Texas •


Show Management Services


Scott Young Volunteer Coordinator  





Scott Young



Earl Stander


Silent Auction

Laurence & Donna Binder


Live & Herdsire Auction

Laurence & Donna Binder

Barn Manager  

Jim Conkle


Health Check

Patti Maness, DVM


Color Check  

Joel & Julie Plummer


Fleece Show Super  

Carol Sweet


Spin-off Supervisor

Carol Sweet


Fiber Arts Supervisor


Performance (non-AOA)

Melissa Lehew

Alpacas of Faith


Photographer and Photo Contest Judge

Regina Florence - JUDGE


Photo Contest Coordinator

Jayme Hayne


Show Book

Deidre’ Cole (Dee)



Larry & Cyndie Ferguson

817-269-3997, 817-269-2464

Show Announcer  

Ann Burnette


Show Ring  



Ring Stewards


Ring Gatekeepers

Peter Ziek


Show Superintendent  

Judy Schroeder


Vendor Coordinator  


Ray McDonald


2018 Sponsors There is no event that survives without sponsors, volunteers and donations of all types. This page is dedicated to those ranches and ranchers that are providing specific support by purchasing Sponsorship packages. We Thank you from everyone in the TXOLAN Association for helping graciously to making TXOLAN’s Annual Event of Competition and Education a reality. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

VIP Diamond Sponsors: Alpacas Of Aledo – Dustin & Jayme Haney Flying Iron Ranch – Christine Brown Four Points Alpacas – Don E. & Christina S. Wright Red Granite Ranch Ltd. – Marc & Sharon Milligan

VIP Ruby Sponsors: Peeka Ranch – Philip & La Nell McMahon Xanadu Farm Alpacas – Pamela Ray

VIP Education Sponsors: Aubrey Oaks Alpacas – Charles & Deborah Ashley Blue Gate Alpacas – Ann Burnette & Rey Garcia NorTex Alpacas, LLC. – Darrell & Jennifer Bost

Pen Sale/ Meet & Greet Sponsors: Autumn Sun Alpacas – Mary & Michael Livingston King and Prince Alpaca Farm, LLC – Shannon Osteen Structured Chaos – Wendi Eccles

Registration Bag Sponsors: Dos Chicas Ranch – Kayla Franke Legendary Alpacas of Texas – Gina Glasscock

Fleece/Spin-Off/Fiber Arts Sponsors: Tejas Alpacas – Lynn Betts

Walking Fleece: McPaca – Ray & Laurie McDonald

Color Champion Sponsors: Wild Hair Alpacas – Peter & Barbara Ziek

Class Sponsors: Just Right Alpacas – Janice & John Robinson

Vendor List All Vendors will be listed here. Please ask any vendors you know to please consider joining our show. We are open to discuss arrangements with any size company or individual owned businesses.

Vendor Registration Information:

Vendor Spaces are as close as possible to 10ft by 10ft as barn variations allow. Please be flexible. 1 space is $150 if purchased during Early Bird period which expires Dec 31, 2016. After Dec 31 (Jan 1, 2017), the price moves to the standard $185 rate. Booths can be divided/shared between 2 vendors. You may bring your own chairs and tables or you can rent tables at $10 and chairs at $5. All of this is listed in the Alpaca Show Registration system website when you register. The system also requests a short description of your business or products that will be sold. We can not guarantee that there won’t be another similar vendor though we will work with you to space similar businesses if you request.

Alpaca Owners Association

Acres of Love Alpaca Ranch

Always Alpacas and More

Debra Ann Weiss & Company

Hidden Lane Alpacas

Prairie States Insurance Agency

The Shepherd’s Mill, Inc


Bring your family to the TXOLAN Alpaca Spectacular all day Saturday, February 10 through Noon, Sunday, February 11.


Visit farm booths to see, learn and take selfies with alpacas! Watch the show, shop for alpaca fashion, yarn, & fiber. See spinners & weavers in action, & more! Will Rogers Cattle Barn 2 Fort Worth.

Txolan digital catalog issuu  
Txolan digital catalog issuu