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Love from, -T. Oh hi! Welcome to Issue 5 of T.x Magazine. :) First, I should probably let you know that we’ve gotten rid of the dash in the title of our magazine. Why, you may ask? Well, simply... I didn’t think about Google search codes when I named the magazine. For those of you who aren’t aware of the nifty little tricks, basically Google lets you use certain symbols to specify your searches, and produce a more accurate answer. For example, you may want to search for Justin Timberlake, and not see ANYTHING about Beiber (or maybe that’s just me). To erase everything Bieber from your search, you can simply put a dash before it, and bye bye Bieber! ...if only this worked in real life............ However, for us... this is bad news. Type -T.x Magazine into a Google search, and you are searching for the word ‘Magazine’ alone, no T.x at all. So, um, rambling aside... we’re called T.x Magazine now. Also, there are heaps of positions available at T.x at the moment! We’re looking to expand our team, so if you’re interested, head onto Facebook for the job descriptions or simply send me an email (editor@txmagazine. and I’ll fill you in on the deets! Look our for lots of changes in the coming weeks with T.x! You’ll be hearing a lot more from us, with more regular issues, and more frequent social networking. So, as cliche as this may be... stay tuned! Anyway, enjoy the issue! I’m not going to take up anymore of your precious Issue 5 reading time. ;) Until next month, Tash xxx

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This months...

by Andrew J. Small. At T.x HQ, we care about your sanity. With all those long hours of study and work, you need a break - a break that will make you laugh, smile and maybe even learn something new. Here is our pick of this months best procrastination-ing. I’m sure most people have put something on their dog... my brother and I have put a cape on our dog, my friend - bunny ears and countless other people have put ridiculous costumes on their pooches... but food... that’s pretty rare. And what’s even weirder is how entertaining it is to simply look at pictures of Small’s dog, Tiger, with food on his head... Check it out!

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T.x Procrastination

This is only a preview, check out hundreds more pictures of Tiger with food on his head at ...but make sure you have some free time, it’s kind of addictive. -T.

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Retail Avoidance Therapy I had a Clockwork Orange experience recently. If you’ve never read the book, here’s a quick, Cliff Notes-ish recap: Set in a dystopic Britain, it’s about a violent young Lothario who, after bashing one too many grannies, becomes a ward of the state and has a psychological experiment performed on him by the government. His brain is rewired in a kind of Pavlovian way, rendering him physically ill every time thoughts of bashing and plundering enter his mind. He eventually tries to kill himself. The end. I suppose my experience wasn’t quite (ok, anything) like that, but I still had a totally, life-changing, brain-rewiring experience. About two months ago, I decided to clean out my wardrobe because, after

-Jordan Bissell

my being an enthusiastic attendee at one too many Myer sales, the wardrobe’s contents had begun to explode out of the wardrobe itself (do you remember the part in Bruno where all the clothes stick to his Velcro suit and it looks as if a huge pile of clothing is moving around the room, totally independently? It looked like that). In anticipation of throwing out an amount of clothing equivalent in value to China’s GDP, I hauled everything out of the wardrobe and onto my bed and oh my god.

I knew I had a lot of clothes, but I never knew I had that many. “Jesus Christ, woman!” my inner monologue cried, “how much stuff do you own?!” I couldn’t help but bite my lip and wince, looking at all the stuff I had. It really was gross. Suddenly, a World Vision ad came on the tv in the neighbouring room and as I saw a dozen starving villagers without enough clothing, I also saw (with painful regret) my abundance of it. And that was my Clockwork Orange moment. Looking at the myriad of dresses which had only been worn once, Godknows-how-many pairs of Levis and more-than-enough handbags, I felt sick to my stomach. Not even bagging up the unwanted clothes to Vinnies was enough to alleviate the shame and regret in the pit of my stomach. And in the months to follow, the feelings didn’t abate.

of capitalist hatred, I drift through them, looking in disgust at the hundreds of things that I don’t need. Whilst my shopping buddy prances through he shoe department gleefully trilling, “look at this stuff? Isn’t it neat?” I can only nod dumbly, all the while just wanting to get out of there and away to a place where I don’t feeling sick with guilt.

Department stores, once an Aladdin’s cave of glittering, twinkling, sparkling things, no longer hold interest for me. Now seeming like oppressive labyrinths

And when last week presented the opportunity to visit another one of the ubiquitous Myer sales, I was only too happy to shake my head and smile.

It’s not that I dislike pretty things; I just no longer see the need to buy them for myself. For some strang reason, I think that the universe was trying to tell me something when it televised that World Vision ad just as I was cleaning my wardrobe. After 19 years, my inner Calvanist has risen to put my bank account and my social conscience into order and I hope she’s here to stay.

Maybe I sound preachy and supercilious, and I don’t mean to. I’m not implorMy inner monologue, having become ing anybody else to veto their habitual irksomely pragmatic, shouted sensible day-long sojourns to Westfield. Nor am I things in my ear whenever I entered the denouncing the (many) benefits of retail boundary of the nearby Westfield. therapy. But I for one, have hung up my “Another pair of black shoes?” it inquired shopping hat. Don’t get me wrong, I still in the manner of a sensible mother, don’t mind spending money, but I’d rath“You’ve got enough. Put those down”. er it went towards a holiday or a night “$200 for a handbag?!” it screeched, “oh, out with my friends than pointless matehell no. Think of all the starving thirdrial things like new dresses and painful, world countries you could feed with that!” too-high heels I know I won’t wear withAnd most recently, “that party on Friday out having a podiatrist on speed-dial. night? You don’t need a new dress. You I just see more important know than have a dozen nice ones that you could shopping. wear. Just pick one”.

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Marvin Priest

British singer-songwriter Marvin Priest skyrocketed to fame when his first ever song ‘Own This Club’ reached number six on the ARIA charts, and earnt him an APRA award. Since then, he has worked with Wynter Gordon, and lent his voice to ‘Rockstar’, which proved an instant club hit, reaching number 2 on the ARIA charts.

I sat down to chat with Marvin Priest, as he talked about having a famous dad, his journey as an artist, and who he thinks is a ‘prick’.

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Marvin Priest: Hey darlin’, how you doing? But, you would like too, right? Well, if I had the chance! (laughs) Tash: Good thank you, how are you? Not bad at all, can’t complain! I think lots of people would if they have the chance. Are you in London or Australia at the Exactly! There are a lot of guys out moment? there that like her, there’s millions... I’m in Australia that’s a lot of competition. Oh, nice. Well she is a very sexy woman. Yeah! Oh helllll yeah. (laughs) So, lets get started with a few spitfire questions, what is your favourite song If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be? at the moment? Um... dead or alive? My favourite song right now would have to be um... ‘guys’ in Paris, by Jay Z and Either, whoever you want to be. Kanye West.... Honestly, I’d really like to be either Paul McCartney, John Lennon or Michael I know which one you mean. (laughs) Jackson. You know, people that experi(laughs) I didn’t know if I was allowed to enced the ultimate stardom. I’d love to say that word... experience that... when the whole world is like, ‘we love you’. That would be an What about your favourite artist? The awesome feeling. same? Um, yeah... I know that people don’t like It would be pretty cool to inherit Mihim, he’s a prick sometimes, but I really chael Jacksons dance moves for a like Kanye West at the moment. His proday.... duction is amazing. Ohhhh, that’d be cool right? What about the girls? Do you have a Oh yeah! So far, what has been your celebrity crush at the moment? favourite audience to play to? Do I have a celebrity crush? (Bursts into laughter) I’ve had the same celebrity crush My favourite audience at this present for about three years! I’m really into Rihan- time ... I think I’d have to give it to New na. I like her. I mean, it’s not like she’s the Zealand, but I think that’s only because most gorgeous person in the world or any- it’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever perthing, but she’s got a lot of sex appeal and formed in front of. Like, 30’000 were she makes really great songs. I just really there, and because of that fact, I’d have to give it to them. It was a pretty awelike her. some crowd, it was crazy. Well, you’ve got some competition now What is it like to play in front of that that she’s with Chris Brown again... many people? Oh yeah. Well, just because I like her doesn’t mean I’m trying to get her in bed or It’s such a great feeling! In your mind anything. But yeah... I do have a crush on you’re like ‘Oh my gosh, this is it!’ All the stuff that you’ve dreamt of, all the her.

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“ makes me happy to know that I’m giving people out there the chance to listen to some more fun music, and to get up and dance and have good times.”

stuff that as a child you pictured in your mind, like being on a stage in front of all of these people... and you’re there. It’s such a good feeling. It’s just the ultimate thing ... as a performer, as a singer ... it’s like... I’m here! I’ve done it. What’s the coolest thing that a fan has done for you so far? Oh, my fans are pretty awesome. I’ve had valentines, chocolates, underwear sent to my office which is really ... special. For my birthday, I had this card made that was so awesome, because, what the person had done is they’d hunted down pictures of me on the internet and made this massive amazing collage card. I still have it in my suitcase, because it’s like one of the best things I’ve ever had given to me, and they’re all Australian fans too.

Have you had any weird experiences? Ummm, not necessarily weird, but I do have a few fans that I see on a regular occasion that tend to come to all of the shows. It’s not really weird, it’s just bizarre seeing the same person again, and they’re like ‘Oh hi!’ as if they’re your best friend... it’s like the weirdest thing, but it’s awesome, I love my fans and I appreciate seeing them. That’s the only thing that’s kind of weird, they haven’t done anything crazy as such. Maybe I’m not at that astronomical level yet, where fans start doing that... What’s on your iPod right now? My iPod right now ... well, because I’m so random, I have the most randomest stuff playing. I have Rihanna playing, and then I’ll have Nicki Minaj playing ... I like her. Then, I have a little bit of Lil Wayne

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playing, and a bit of Rick Ross, and I’ll have some Coldplay playing, then I’ll go back and listen to a bit of Bob Marley. I just like any kind of music that makes me feel good, I’m all about music and emotion, you know? What is your favourite food? At this present time, my favourite food is this Korean place in the city (Sydney), called Madang, which is so awesome! But on a general scale, I’m up for anything spicy.

So, you grew up around reggae music with your father. What made you decide to go for RnB music instead? My dad always told me to just do what is in my heart. That’s the advice I’ve been given, and as much as my family is into reggae, I actually grew up listening to a lot of RnB - I grew up in the era of R Kelly and a lot of the really RnB artists and I really loved that music, so as much as there might have been reggae playing in my house, me and my brother would be in my bedroom with our headphones on listening to songs where guys are just like... crooning to girls. That was also a thing where, at that time, to get the girls over to your house, you had to be playing (RnB), that was where the influence came from. Also, coming from London there was a big pop influence, so I guess it was a mixture of all of those things that made me want to make my music.

Speaking of food, what do you think is your best hangover cure? I tend to have the same breakfast everytime I party, which is scrambled eggs and toast with a little bit of bacon on the side. And probably my best hangover cure would be a cappucchino or a cup of tea. I can’t really think of anything better than that. What was it like growing up with a famous dad? What would you describe as our perfect Sunday morning? Getting up after having a big night on Saturday, get out of bed, have a big breakfast and some coffee, check if there’s any emails... check on any crazy text messages that I might have been sending at 3, 4, 5 in the morning. Then get yourself ready and go an play soccer in the park at like, 12:30. Then we head down to the pub, have lunch, have a few beers, then by the time you look at the clock it’s 8 o clock, so that’s time for a bit of dinner and to get ready for Monday. Sounds good!

It was awesome. I mean, obviously you’d have ups and downs, some kids would love you because they just wanted to be your friend because your dad was famous, and you’d have other kids that don’t like you for that reason. I guess they were a but jealous because I you got a bit of attention. But, I had a normal childhood, I didn’t go to a private school, I guess I thought it was just like everyone elses. Looking back, I did have some priviledges, but yeah... Do you think it got you ready for your transition into fame now? Oh, yeah, 100% because, like, me and my brothers were speaking about this the other day, because my dad was who he was, I’m not going to say I knew what fame was about but I already knew what it was like for people to want to talk to you, or want to have an insight into your life. I was used to people knowing who I was... I was used to that kind of stuff already, and because I’d hung out with my dad and been on tours and stuff, it kind of prepared me, so I knew what to expect. So, when it did happen, it wasn’t like ‘Oh my god, this is crazy’, I knew what was happening and I knew the process and I always have my dad to go to for advice. If I have a question, I can talk to him. So he became a mentor to you as well as your dad? Yeah, he’s definitely a mentor. It’s one of the best mentors to have, to have my dad, because number one he’s not going to be biased, my dad is a ‘boss’ kind of dad, he’s very modest. When I came of the stage he wouldn’t be like ‘Oh, that was crap.” he’d say ‘Son, that wasn’t very good, you were cocky, etc.’, and it took a long time before he actually said, ‘Yeah, that was good’. I was just like ‘Oh wow, at last,’... that was a big relief.

You studied to be an electrician... was that not for you? No, I didn’t really enjoy it! It was more a case of you finish school, you go to college, and talking to my friends who were adults they’d always say to get a trade that is practical because it’d be around forever, then you’d always have a job blah blah blah. So, I went into it with that in my mind, and not really thinking about what I really wanted to do. So, once I’d got the college part over and it came time to actually go out and do work, I realised oh my god... I really don’t love this, I can’t see myself doing this for the next 30 or so years. So I went to New York to figure out what I wanted to do. I’m one of those people that believes if you really want to do something, you can always do it if you’re confident enough, and if it doesn’t work out, at least you can say you tried it. I’m that kind of person, anything I put my heart into, I think I can do... you can do anything. I know it’s been a while now, but tell me about Own This Club. What did it do for your career? Own This Club was huge, like... imagine you are a fresh artist and then the first song you put out goes crazy and every-

one loves it. It was playing everywhere and it was just the most amazing feeling, I felt so good ... I felt so privileged. A lot of people showed so much love for such a new artist, and it meant that I was out there and had the chance to make more music. I loved knowing that people were listening to my songs and watching my videos and that they were actually interested in me. Yeah man, it was just an amazing amazing thing. Recently, we just won an APRA award for Own This Club, which was such a great thing to get that from fellow songwriters... it’s great to know that the industry respects what I am doing. Own This Club has been a blessing. When I go out, or I’m getting ready to go out, I actually do listen to some of your songs... how does it feel to know that so many people listen to your songs and that they provoke good times. I know that I have memories attached to certain songs, and how does it feel to know that you are a part of that? Wow, thanks. It’s great. I go to my shows and I start singing and people start singing the words and stuff and it’s such a great feeling! It’s like... wow, I sat down, I’ve made this music and I now have fans that actually like it and it’s not garbage. I remember the first time I heard it on the radio when I was in the car, and I was next to another car that was playing that music, and they were nodding their head and there were other people that made videos on YouTube, you know, their own versions, it just feels so good man... It is such a great feeling, I can’t really explain it. It’s a big weight off your shoulders, and, yeah, it’s just... great. You worked me Wynter Gordon on Take Me Away, what was that like?

It was awesome! She’s a beautiful girl, a great person, she has a great personality, and really nice, lovable... she’s really funny as well, she has a lot of really funny jokes. We had great chemistry in the studio, and on the set as well - in the video she made it look really sexy. She’s a great girl, and it was really great to work with her. If you could collaborate with anyone else, who would it be? Rihanna? Female-wise, I’d like to say Rihanna, or Nicki Minaj because I like them and I like their songs. If it was male I’d have to say Kanye West, but I’d also like someone like Mark Ronson maybe, it would be awesome to see his work. A bit of a change in questions now, if you could go to dinner with anybody in the world, alive or dead, who would it be? Alive or dead! Hmmmm. I’d probably say that it would have to be somebody who is dead, so maybe ... Bob Marley, John Lennon or Elvis Presley. Just for the fact that (you could) get into their head ... I’d like to know what they were thinking of when they made certain songs, where they were, what gave them inspiration and what it was like when they were at their pinnacle of being an artist. How did they feel? Did they feel they had achieved everything? I’d have a few really serious questions.

T.x Music I mean, obviously it’s hard at time because my family is there... Oh yeah, I know. Do you have anyone here? Yeah, I’ve got my mum, dad and my brother so that’s good! Oh, you’re so lucky! At least you have them! I have nobody!

You live in Australia for half of the year. Why did you decide to move? What do you like so much about Australia? I just really love the place, I kept coming back on vacation and to do gigs and things just started to happen heres, and things just came together so it made sense for me to be here. There’s great weather, great people, and people really like me over here... and Sydney is such an amazing city. It just all added up. I just thought, why am I running away from something that is so awesome? I had a record deal, publishing, just so many things happening while I was here. I mean, I could go home and do my thing, do my music from there, but as of now I love it here. I’m not going to fight that. I actually grew up in England as well! I’ve been here for 8 years now. Oh, wow. Why did you do that? I actually came with my family, I was only 11 at the time, so I had no choice, but I don’t regret it at all, I don’t think I could live there again. I love England for holidays, but that’s it..... (laughs) Why is that? Why? It’s just such a better lifestyle over here! Everyone is so much more friendly, I just love it here. That’s right. I agree with you, I totally totally agree with you.

Oh, really? Yeah, I have nobody here at all! All I have here is loads of friends, but I’m so lucky that I’ve been blessed with them. But, yeah, living here is awesome isn’t it! Yes! Well, I only have one more question now. What can we expect from you this year and next year? What’s in the future for you? Ahh... we’ve got more singles, I’ve got another album coming out, we’ve got a promo tour coming out in a few months as well. And, I’m just going to keep writing, keep giving my people good, fun music to enjoy and that’s what is going to be happening. I’ll be going to Europe at the end of the year to get some other stuff out there as well, so just working and staying positive and keeping everyone happy. Are you excited? Oh hell yeah man, I’m always excited to put out new music. Even if some of the songs don’t do as well as the others, I’m still passionate about every song that I put out, and confident and it makes me happy to know that I’m giving people out there the chance to listen to some more fun music, and to get up and dance and have good times. When they say Marvin Priest, I want people to think ‘ah yeah, fun guy, he has good times, knows how to party and his music’s really fun - that’s just what I really want from the future. ‘




John Bryant

BEER: The beautiful beverage.

We’re all familiar with it. Some of us love it. Other want to get to know it a bit better. Whether you consider yourself to be the fine connoisseur, the pub going enthusiast, or the one just wanting to know more, this is the column for you to broaden your horizons. Forget VB, XXXX and Corona. No doubt you would have heard of those before. Each month we’ll feature four beers you might not know so well - two international and two ‘true blue’ brews.


Fursty Ferret – England In Britain, you might hear the phrase “rough as a badger’s arse” being thrown around in casual banter. More often than not, it’s used to describe a particularly bad hangover. With this in mind, it’s worth considering whether Fursty Ferret (courtesy of Badger Brewers) has had anything to do with coining this slang phrase. Indeed, Badger Ales have been churning out bright copper brews for thirsty Dorset pubs since 1777, so it’s at least a possibility! Fursty Ferret is a bitter-sweet ale with a mild nutty base and subtle honey orange complexity. Drink with some rich cheese or a hearty roast but don’t enjoy it too much or you too might end up feeling like the rough end of a badger! (4.4% ABV)

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Chang - Thailand If, however, ales are too rough for your liking, why not try something smoother? When it comes to refreshing beers, it’s hard to trump Chang. This brilliant Thai creation burst onto the international beer scene after drawing in a hefty tourist fan base. Out with the Bin Tang singlets – Chang tees are the new backpacker ‘must have’. But it’s not just the travellers who love Chang. Last year it took out the World Beer Award for Asia’s best premium lager. The brewers even claim to use ‘deep well-water’. To be honest though, who really cares? The results speak for themselves – Chang is crisp and undeniably refreshing. It’s a beer to suit all occasions but is best enjoyed alongside a spicy Thai curry. (5.0% ABV)


Vale Ale Vale Ale comes to us from the McLaren Vale region in South Australia. While the area is well known for its wines, the founders of McLaren Vale Beer Co. decided to catch the craft beer wave instead. While the Aussie beer scene is still dominated by ‘best cold’, bitter-

lagers, craft beers like Vale Ale are certainly making an impression and this one’s up there with the best – in 2010, Vale Ale even trounced Little Creatures to take out top spot in the Australian Hottest 100 Craft Beer Awards. Vale Ale is full and fruity in flavour with a rich hop base and cloudy complexity. It’s sure to suit any occasion. (4.5% ABV) My Wife’s Bitter They say that the devil’s in the detail – or in this case, the apostrophe. Either, this fine bitter is named in honour of the brewmaster’s wife or the brewmaster’s wife isn’t so fine. The Burleigh Brewers are keen to assure us that it’s not the latter option though. Whether you believe them or not, My Wife’s is undoubtedly a jolly good English ‘session’ bitter considering it comes fresh from the Gold Coast. It has a rich malt flavour, characteristic of its style, with subtle nut and caramel tones. You can’t go wrong with one of these alongside a red meat Sunday roast. (4.8% ABV)



Why don’t i ever see

Readers, I've had enough. I think I've discovered the most shocking revelation since the invention of Twitter. This will be the biggest thing to hit the internet. This will be a more shocking controversy than QLD winning a state of origin game. People from all over the world will be contacting me to hear about it, I can sense it. Twitter is hiding my posts! When things happen, I don't get to see them. News websites must know of some sort of hidden secret button that reveals everything controversial or interesting that happens to the lives of celebrities, and hides it from us desperate common folk that just want to see everything that happens to everyone. I'll take the example of the recent engagement of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. I follow both of these two on twitter, and my inner stalk on twitter on that particular day was higher than a Lady Gaga fan when she touched down in Oz. The announcement was made through twitter that the two were set to be hitched. Somehow, though, I found out on TV about the tweet being made rather than through twitter itself. I felt horribly left out and sent a tweet to Chris Hemsworth to let him know - this was soon deleted. And then there was the humble Stephanie Rice, tweeting a selfie of herself wearing just swimwear that apparently went viral and was soon on the TV headlines. Not once did I see it on my tweet feed! Even this morning, when a footballer took a photo of

themselves with a black eye - it was The Daily Telegraph that showed me first. It's often that I see tweets on TV or in a credible newspaper or magazine before I see them on twitter itself. I hate it. I just want to feel superior that I saw something first for a change! So, famous people, if you're reading, please remember to private message me with all of your new goss and possible controversial things that happen to you - I'm sure that's how it works. Because it's certainly not the fact that I follow 1478 people and can't keep up with everyone and don't spend all day everyday scrolling through my feed. #earthquake The earthquake that hit Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

ions of a


e things on twitter?

Rebecca Wilson

recently, causing minor damage and no injuries, fast became the laughing matter of Twitter. Stand out posts include a photo posted by Chris Lilley of a logie lying on its side, dubbed the worst damage caused (note: a news website showed me this before twitter did - AGAIN!), and some suggestions that the damage to the suburb of Moe - the epicentre of the quake, created the biggest improvements to the area to date. Harsh. #carbocalypse For those of you on an all carb diet, don't worry, it's not what you think. It's not often that a political event turns into such an entertaining response on the internet, but the introduction of the Carbon Tax on the 1st of July caused an enormous stir from twitter, whether

negatove or positive. Most of the posts, though, were jokes and didn't get much deeper than very terrible puns about people adjusting their carbon dioxide emissions. On a related note, if you have not yet seen the video of @CraigEmersonMP singing, it will seriously change your life. #dumbdrunkracist The highest rating show for ABC2 in its history, and possibly the most controversial, each week Dumb, Drunk and Racist continues to split the Australian twitter community - and its not just the tweets from the show's host @Joe_Hildebrand - also my favourite person on twitter. Whether you agree or disagree with the notion that we are more dumb drunk and racist than our overseas counterparts, one thing for sure is that the show will change your perception of our country in some way or another. #SOO Being a Queenslander, and not the rightful T.x sports columnist, I have no more to comment except for: 7 IN A ROW! :D Who to Follow: Faux Tweeters - they might not be the real thing, but they sure are entertaining! @NotTinaFey @WillyFerrell @Can_do_Campbell @JuliarDullard

- @RebeccaW93

Daria Sekula 18 years old | Poland | Photographer I'm inspired by everything I see. I love photography and everything that is related to it.

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T.x Up and Coming

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•michelle shaul•

Study Super Smoothie In a blender combine: - a handful of spinach (I PROMISE you won’t taste it!) - ¼ cup of milk or soymilk - a big spoonful of nut butter - 1 banana - ¼ of an avocado - about a tsp of cinnamon - tbsp of linseed/flaxseed meal - chocolate/cacao nibs (For obvious reasons, I recommend a lot! For extra brain power try dark chilli chocolate – don’t be scared!) If your blender is not as strong as it used to be try chopping and/or mashing some of the ingredients beforehand to make sure there are no unwanted chunky bits.

Sorry to remind everyone, but exams are just around the corner! I know that you’re instinctively reaching for the Skittles and Red Bull – but – if you want to avoid the whole crash-and-burn thing I have a few different suggestions for you; ones that can boost your energy, increase your concentration and help you remember all those otherwise irrelevant facts. Also, no one wants to be the centre of a Will McKenzie from The Inbetweeners type incident so put the energy drink down! Glucose The brain mostly uses glucose as fuel so it needs a regular supply to function at its optimum. However, lollies, soft drinks, energy drinks and other processed foods have what food people call ‘simple sugars’. This type of sugar causes spikes in blood sugar levels which makes the pancreas freak out and create more insulin. Ultimately, this reduces the amount of glucose available for the brain. ‘Complex sugars’ on the other hand are slower to release (low GI) which gives the brain a stable and regular supply of glucose. Good sources of glucose are whole grains, proteins, legumes and vegetables. Amino Acids and Protein These are good sources of glucose, so they help with attentiveness and alertness. It’s good to eat a variety of protein rich foods so you get all the different types of proteins. Foods like soy products, meat, dairy, legumes, whole-wheat, vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, beets, beans, spinach, onion, garlic and nuts and seeds like walnuts, peanuts, almonds, sesame and flaxseeds are all good sources of proteins.

Fatty Acids You’ve probably heard all the fuss about Omega-3 and to a lesser extent Omega-6 and their power to reduce cholesterol levels (though hopefully no one has to worry about this yet!) But these fatty acids can also improve learning and memory because they assist with creating neural connections. Fish, almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds and avocadoes are all great sources. Iron Iron helps to transport oxygen to the brain through our bloodstream and keeps you sharp. If there isn’t enough oxygen going around we can get fatigued and tired which – clearly – is not ideal in a last minute cramming type scenario. You can get iron from meat, leafy greens, beans and dried fruits. Caffeine I dare say you’re very well acquainted with our good friend caffeine. Caffeine is known to increase alertness, concentration and memory retention when consumed in moderation; in excess, well, I’m sure we’ve all been there. Healthier caffeine options include coffee, a variety of teas and dark chocolate. Herbs and Spices A number of herbs and spices have glucose metabolising qualities, can increase circulation and help get oxygen to the brain, enhance memory and can reduce stress and anxiety. Try and incorporate ginger, ginseng, ginkgo, green tea, liquorish root, sage, cinnamon and turmeric into your meals and snacks.

Other awesome brain snacks: Fruit and nut mix Vitamin B Guacamole, hummus, cheese or a nut butter Vitamins B1, B3, B12, Folic Acid and Choline with veggies sticks or whole-grain crackers are great brain food. They help turn food into Dark chocolate coated nuts, fruit or coffee glucose and regulate blood circulation which beans can improve concentration, analytical thought Boiled eggs or mashed potato flavoured with and memory. Good sources include organ sage or chilli. meats, eggs, grains like rice and bran, le -M.S. gumes, chillies, potatoes and bananas.

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Krafty Kuts •georgia blann•

Marvin Reeves, better known by his stage name ‘Krafty Kuts’, is an English electro music, dance music and breakbeat producer, as well as a DJ. Not only has he been awarded the title of ‘Best DJ’ three years in a row as a part of the Breakspoll awards, but he has recently started his own record label, ‘Against the Grain’. Look out world! G: Hi Martin, how are you? M: I’m doing good thanks, the sun is shining in England which is unusual. We’ve had some tremendous weather.

What’s the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you? I was DJing at a festival in Canada years ago, at a time where we didn’t have digital cameras and all that. Favourite song? Someone recorded the whole of my Inside My Love, Minnie Riperton set on a hand-held camera for over Favourite artist? an hour and they sent it to me in James Brown the post. I just couldn’t believe it. Do you have a favourite food? On a completely different note I Yeah I do, sushi. It used to be curry, but remember one of my fans told sushi is my favourite. me that one of my records Hangover cure? saved his life, so that’s pretty Yeah umm Berocca, a double shot of special. Berocca actually haha. Do you have any special If you could be anyone for a day who or weird talents that would it be? your fans don’t know? I’d like to be Barak Obama. There’s a lot Yeah, I’m really good of thing that I’d like to change, he’s defi- at doing bird calls. If I nitely an intellectual person and I’d love make up some sort of to be in the position to do that. bird call or whistling

- Page 31 -

pattern they will sing it back to me, it’s pretty awesome. What do you usually order when you go to McDonalds? I’m not a big lover of McDonalds but I’m not going to lie to you, I do have it from time to time. If it’s in the morning I’ll get a sausage and egg mcmuffin, I bloody love those. Apart from that I love their fries and a quarter pounder with cheese. What’s the worst present you’ve ever been given? Hmm that’s pretty hard, I mean I think we’ve all been given crappy presents from time to time like things that don’t work properly or things we don’t like. I got given this thing that you put around your waist that gives you an electric shock, that was pretty bad. One time I got given this roller thing that goes over your eyes and releases this cream to moisterise your eyebrows and around your eyes and I ended up nearly taking my eye out with it!

making music for? I’ve been writing and playing music for probably about 15 years now. What made you want to become a DJ? Umm, it was at a time when people listened to hip hop music in clubs, and I felt like there was something missing. And I thought if I made my own music, and used hip hop but made the beats a bit bigger then I could have my own style. So I started searching for those types of records and cutting out bits of songs and experimenting, and I found that making that type of music was perfect for me.

When you were growing up were you interested in this kind of music? Yeah hip hop was my first love, you know? That’s what I was in to; I was just really passionate about hip hop and the graffiti, the break dancing, the tracksuits, the trainers. I loved the ‘swagger’ of it all. Do you draw inspiration from any particular artists or music when you create your tracks? – Yeah I do get inspired by others, it could be a soul record, a disco What was the first album you ever record, it could just be the way a singer sings bought with your own money? her heart out. Sometimes it could even just It was a Madness album, kind of a mix be one line from an old eighties song and I of 70’s and 80’s reggae music. think, right… I’ve got to write a big club track based around that line. So I get inspired by Could you briefly describe what kind lots really, soul, hip hop, jazz, funk, disco, of artist you are and your style of mu- electro; I’m very open minded when it comes sic? to music. It’s basically just like bass music; heavy Is there a story behind your DJ name bass, funky vibes, good times. It’s really ‘Krafty Kuts’? – There is yeah I used to be easy to get in to, it’s just about having a a break dancer before I was a DJ, and we party and a good time, it’s not chin-strok- set up some turn tables in a club where we ing music haha. It gets the girls dancing would teach people to break dance. There which is good because once the girls was a Beastie Boys record called ‘She’s start dancing the guys just follow, you Crafty’ and we used to scratch it on the reknow? cord so it was like Cra-Cra-Cra-Cra-Crafty, and I thought ‘Crafty’ would be a really good name for a DJ. And then I thought ‘Krafty How long have you been DJing and Kuts’, because I was cutting and scratching

- Page 33 -

on the track. You’ve recently just been to Brisbane in Australia and now you’re touring around the US and the UK is that correct? – Yeah yeah that’s right I did an amazing show at Oh Hello, it was unbelievable. Do you have a favourite city that you’ve played at so far on your tour? Umm, on the Australian tour it was Brisbane, Perth and Sydney, they were just unbelievable. They were completely sold out, the audience was just really pumped and I had all this new music. I liked playing at Oh Hello in Brisbane because it was just so up close and personal. Do you have a gig that you would classify as your best show sofar? Yeah it was in Sydney about 6 or 7 years ago and Groove Armada had just finished playing ‘Superstylin’. I came on stage and performed live for the last twenty minutes in front of 20,000 people on New Years

Day and the crowd just went absolutely mad when I walked on stage. To play after Groove Armada when they crowd was so hyped up was so special, we played ‘Gimme The Breaks’ which was a big hit in Australia at the time and everyone was clapping their hands and the sun was shining. It was just such a special day. Have you had any bad experiences during a gig while you’ve been touring? There’s been a few times where the music cuts off or someone in the crowd does something stupid I suppose. Nine times out of ten I’m generally pretty lucky, there’s been gigs where I’ve been asked to play in clubs where I shouldn’t have really been playing in. As in, the music they wanted was all top 40 and that’s all they were used to, some people would get a bit aggressive because the music I played wasn’t what they were after. It doesn’t happen very often but it makes you a better DJ to be honest.

The Month That WinasSports

June&July Review


Matthew McInerney bounce back with the return of Billy Slater, Brisbane to struggle and the Sharks to bounce back into the winners circle.

NRL Twenty rounds into the competition and how has the competition landscape changed! Heavyweights Melbourne Storm were the pace setters, until losing to the Bulldogs in Round 15, kick-starting a run of five consecutive losses. The Bulldogs capitalised on the slide, raging into premiership favouritism off the back of nine consecutive wins. South Sydney have snuck into second off the back of five straight wins, but a tough run home could really test their mettle. The Cronulla Sharks – who TMTW predicted would be the dark horses of the comp – are sitting 7th after some ordinary showing in the past few weeks. North Queensland and Brisbane are flying the flag high for those of us north of border, sitting in 4thand 5th respectively. Thankfully, the Gold Coast Titans have bumped up the ladder to 8th, putting together a healthy run of wins. They’ll need a few more W’s in quick time if they want a serious Finals tilt. You’d be forgiven for forgetting the Dragons were Premiers in 2010. They sit 11th, but have the WORST attacking record in the league. Even worse than Parramatta and Penrith, who are tied for last and could wreck havoc on the makeup of the Top 8 come finals time. Next month, watch out for Canterbury to continue their charge in first, Melbourne to

State of Origin You have to love it. The second game, played on June 13, didn’t disappoint. NSW turned up to play – and play they did! They looked the better side in a highly physical encounter, and were rewarded when they walked away with a 16-12 victory. In the opinion of TMTW, the moment of the series came in the first ten seconds of Game Two. Queensland kicked off to debutant Tim Grant, who charged at the advancing Maroon defence. He lined up his old captain Petero Civoniceva and knocked him flat on his behind. The deciding game took place at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on July 4, with both sides evenly poised for the victory. On game day however, Queensland continued their winning streak with a 21-20 victory over a courageous Blues side. Cooper Cronk’s 75th minute, 40m field goal was one for the highlight reel, as Queensland sent retiring front rower Petero Civoniceva out a winner with their seventh straight series victory. QRL – Intrust Super Cup The Intrust Super Cup is nineteen rounds old, with Redcliffe Dolphins replacing Wynnum-Manly as the front runners. The defending champions, Wynnum-Manly have hit some stumbling blocks recently as they’ve struggled for points early. The Redcliffe Dolphins found some solid form of late, including a big 38-6 wins over their

- Page 35 -

Bayside rivals. Easts Tigers, Ipswich Jets and last year’s runners-up Tweed Heads Seagulls will compete for the title, so expect to see each team chalk up wins over their lesser fancied opponents. There’s no change to the bottom, where Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland and Souths Logan are anchored. I wouldn’t count on them moving from there. Injuries have cruelled each of the teams, and they’re all playing too inconsistently to be considered finals contenders this season. One more thing… Rugby League around the country recently celebrated Women in League Round, where teams wore pink to acknowledge and salute the contributions made to the game by women – mums, wives, girlfriends, or any female involved with league. TMTW loves you all!

a win, gifting Sonny Bill Williams a Super Rugby premiership before he takes off to Japan to play league on a multi-million dollar deal.

AFL Seventeen rounds have passed in the AFL, with Sydney Swans sitting four points clear atop the table. Four points back Hawthorn Hawks, Adelaide Crows and Collingwood Magpies all lie in wait ready to pounce. No change to last issue, where the Melbourne Demons, Gold Coast Suns and Greater Western Sydney are anchored to the bottom of the table. Next month, watch out for these five teams to jostle for the Top Four, all the while extending the gap to the rest of the pack.

NBA LeBron James has finally got a Premiership Ring to his name, after the Miami Super Rugby Heat came from 1-0 down to defeat the The Super 15 competition took a break in Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1 in the best of June, as several International fixtures were seven series. Kevin Durant led the Thunder played. well, but the star power of the Heat was too In shocking conditions at Hunter Stadium, much to contend with. Newcastle, Australia amazingly went down In the final game, James notched a tripleto Scotland, losing the game 9-6. A penalty double on his way to pick up the MVP goal on full time sealed the result for the award, and to stamp his name in the record Scots, who chalked up their second sucbooks. cessive victory over the Wallabies. After the shock loss, the Wallabies faced Netball Wales in a three test series. The Melbourne Vixens held on for the MiIn the first game, Australia got the edge nor Premiership, with the Grand Final being over the Welsh, triumphing 27-19 at Suncontested by the Vixens and the Waikato corp Stadium. The series moved to Etihad Bay of Plenty Magic. Stadium in Melbourne where a penalty to The Grand Final saw an upset, with the replacement half Matt Harris secured a 25- Magic being the better of the two sides on 23 victory and the series. In the final game the day scoring a 41-38 win at Hisense at Allianz Stadium in Sydney, the boot of Arena in Melbourne. Berrick Barnes broke Welsh hearts again when he kicked a penalty six minutes from One Last Note… time to win 20-19. If there’s a competition or sport that you The Super 15 Grand Final will be played follow and you would love to see monthbetween the Sharks and the Chiefs. TMTW ly recaps of, let us know and it might apis leaning towards the Chiefs to pick up pear in The Month That Was next issue!

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Before director Quentin Tarantino was one of Hollywood’s most successful cinematic exports, he was a self-professed cinephile hanging out in movie theatres and video rental stores. He didn’t go to film school, he just went to films. By the time he got around to making his first feature film, Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino’s cinematic knowledge and talent was so great that its action-crime film product was one of the best independent debuts ever made.

Reservoir Dogs is the film that paved the way for Tarantino’s distinct directorial style before it was recognized on a global scale. To tell you the plot of the film would risk undoing the twisted narrative convention that Tarantino worked so hard to achieve, but it does involve six gangsters aliased as Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Pink, and so on. They are hired by intimidating boss mobster Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney) to execute a dia-

- Page 37 -

mond heist, but their robbery is foiled by the immediate arrival of police enforcement. One of the mobsters was a rat. But who? Each of the six criminals hound and interrogate each other. This is interspersed with scenes in Cabot’s smoky, cramped office showing us how each of the thieves were hired for the job, and finally, which one of them was the underground police officer rat that the others try angrily to expose. That’s all you need to know for now. Only a handful of actors appear in this film, all but two or three of which are leads, but this is all that Tarantino. His gangsters are clever, unrestrained, and want to get the job done, an homage to the witty mobsters of Reservoir Dog’s black and white ancestors of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Their language exhibits the director’s profound knowledge of smutty gangster slang as one demands the others ‘cough up some green for the little lady’. Following the police set-up, each member of the line-up (an impressive ensemble of Hollywood names including Steve Buscemi, Chris Penn and even Tarantino on the other side of the camera) impressively slide from crass shouting to low-key scheming a number of times in any given scene. For the most part they are also irrepressibly violent, and a particularly grisly scene involving the torturing of a captured cop (classic crime film motif) earn the film its R18+ label. Think duct tape. Now add razor blades. That most of the film’s scenes are set

in an abandoned warehouse are indicative of its low budget, but truthfully this is all Tarantino needs. Cleverly, he doesn’t even use a bank setting, and the film is perfect without it. I suspect most of the $1.2 million budget was spent on hiring its stellar ensemble of actors. Characteristically innovative camerawork also adds to the nostalgic 1930sgangster film style of Reservoir Dogs, especially scenes were the camera craftily circles around tables of smoky character-forming conversations, dice rolling, and slamming glasses. Tarantino didn’t have an explosive Hollywood budget for this film, and he didn’t need one. If anything, he draws us away from special effects an reminds us of the power of powerful dialogue and a complicated plot. In doing so, he delivered one of the best independent directorial debuts of all time. Four out of four silver bullets.

Charli Burrowes brisbane stylist

-Randy Lai - Page 39 -

Charli is no ordinary fourth year journalism and PR student. Not yet even graduated, this delightfully quirky and oh-so creative lass has been styling local fashion contributors for over a year now many of whom fall on the short list of who’s who in Brisbane’s thriving cult fashion scene. From dalliances with Black Milk to musings on MeOhMyyy (her personal blog), t(X) sits down with Charli to chat about her knack for blogging, styling and what makes men look good. t (X): How did you start styling, was it originally more of a hobby? Did you have a very acute idea of what you wanted to do? CB: I started styling in high school I guess. I always had a very distinctive ‘odd kid’ style. I went through a phase where I only wore one colour for an entire year. Then another phase where I replaced my school hat with a beret (don’t ask). I dyed my hair white platinum blonde and had it cut in an Uma Thurman circa-Pulp Fiction severe bob. I wore blood red lipstick everywhere I could (which was mainly to my after school job at McDonalds). I was a weird kid haha.

came to harassing people to like my Facebook page or asking people to borrow their clothes for shoots), but each time its gets a little bit easier. Putting yourself out there is the hard part and convincing people to give you a shot is often tricky!

t (X): When planning your wardrobe from day to day, who do you draw creative inspiration from? CB: I have a little pinboard in my room just for this! Haha. Currently, I’m vibing a combination of Twiggy, Rihanna, Alexander McQueen (the 2007 collections), Janelle Monae and the Mad Hatter. I’m flirting with the concept of androgyny in fashion- which I love. I love the concept of taking something essentially masculine and adding that t (X): And then came the blogging, I femme touch. It feels empowering and also think its interesting to note that you kinda like I’m poking fun at an established actually have more Facebook presence gender representation at the same time. than some of the most famous menswear bloggers in the world (1400 sub- t (X): Brisbane is gradually building its own scribers on Facebook and counting), cult fashion scene; we’ve already seen that how did that start? with the success of Black Milk. What do you CB: I guess blogging started off as a think the future holds for fashion in Queenway for me to network; a blog was a sland’s capital? product I could practice marketing on, CB: I think Brisbane has a definite quirk to and a way of building my PR portfolio it. It upsets me when people put Brisbane before I graduated. Now it’s become down, or rubbish its fashion scene. I think a little bit more than a networking tool. it’s starting out, it’s new and exciting, and It’s like having a second job. The hits that’s what makes it great. I have a few on my blog have gradually started to friends who study design at QUT. The talent increase, as has the work I’ve been in- there is ridiculous. You only have to stroll volved in around Brisbane. It started off through the young designers markets to see pretty intimidating (especially when it that we have potential world class fashion

- Page 40 -

kids coming through our ranks. t (X): What can you tell us about some of your upcoming local projects? CB: Well, I just did a shoot for Princess Polly’s Faith & Lola label, which was pretty rad. Faith & Lola is an in house label at Princess Polly, which has a cult following (some 160,000 Facebook followers thus far). So having the team behind Faith & Lola say ‘we like what we’ve seen so far, we’ll give you a shot’ and then letting

me direct a shoot featuring their stuff is pretty humbling. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Lauren Carney Art on launching her new Tee-Shirt label, and I was involved in a pretty neat shoot featuring Blackmilk for a local magazine. t(X): At the t(X) menswear column we’re awfully interested to hear what essential wardrobe staples you think a man should own… CB: I can’t go past a pair of skinny jeans,

T.x Fashion and sneakers on a guy. Smart casual. Love it. And I’m a sucker for bowties (obviously haha). t (X): We gotta agree that bowties are cool, no question! What’s the first thing you notice about a man’s outfit? CB: The colour. Two power colours every guy should own- black, and blood red. GET THE COMPLETE LOOK: Dark red reversible striped bow tie by

Brooks Brothers- $55.00 USD (available at Burgundy Cardigan by J.W Anderson60.00 (available at Tube Kelly black jeans by Nudie Jeans$199.00 (available at Angus Black, 665 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane) Hi-Top Strap Trainers by Ash- 100.00 (available at Button down Oxford shirt by Dockers33.00 (available at

Up in the Air How to look fashionable when travelling. -Saskia Starck

- Page 43 -

T.x Fashion

I thought I would choose this topic as I am about to go on exchange to Canada. I have been struggling to find the perfect outfit and accessories to take overseas. I see photos of celebrities and models hoping off planes in 6 inch heels looking like they have just come from the red carpet. I want that look! But it’s important to remember that normal people do not have an array of paparazzi waiting for them as they exit the plane. So I am looking at achieving style and comfort by putting together a list of my must have items for travelling.

I thought I would choose this topic as I am about to go on exchange to Canada. I have been struggling to find the perfect outfit and accessories to take overseas. I see photos of celebrities and models hoping off planes in 6 inch heels looking like they have just come from the red carpet. I want that look! But it’s important to remember that normal people do not have an array of paparazzi waiting for them as they exit the plane. So I am looking at achieving style and comfort by putting together a list of my must have items for travelling. Leggings: The best piece of clothing a girl can own. I wear leggings almost anywhere and they are perfect for those long haul flights when you want comfort and a bit of warmth. My favorite are Sass and Bide Rats (RRP: $150). I bought my rats three years ago and they’re still in great condition. However, this style is hard to come by so I would try Forever

New, Bardot, Sportsgirl or Country Road. They all make leggings with paneling to add a bit of flare to the plain black style. These are usually around $50 to $100. Skater Skirt: If leggings aren’t your thing I would opt for the skater skirt. It is a great high waisted style that flows out loose. This type of skirt looks great and is so comfortable. Minkpink have designed a wide range in cotton and leather usually for around $60. Along with Asos who stock a huge range of patterns from polka dot to navy lace. I bought my skater skirt from Asos for $15. Tote Bag: Having the right bag is always an issue. You don’t want something too big or too small. I would opt for a tote bag. I can put my laptop, book, purse and food all in one place and do not have to worry about carrying around two bags. Often with bags it is worth spending a bit of extra money as it will last you

- Page 44 -

a long time. I bought my DKNY Tote three years ago and it’s still in prime condition. I would use it every day for university, beach, shopping, travelling and a night away. This bag sold for $150 at Myer. I also recommend Forever New and Country Road as they sell quality bags for usually nothing more than $100. Wheel Luggage: In regards to luggage; WHEELS ARE A MUST. They just make travelling so much easier, especially when you’re alone. Now I know we all wish we could carry Louie Vuitton cases but unfortunately as a student I do not have thousands of dollars of throw around. I personally love Strand Bags. They have a wide range at affordable prices. Loose Shirt: Now for the top half you will definitely need something comfortable. I find a loose blouse, knit or shirt goes perfectly over leggings. Add a statement necklace and you’re done! Again I would go straight to Sportsgirl. I recently bought a navy long sleeve shirt (RRP: $20), the material is so soft and you have plenty of room to breathe. They also have a great selection of knits in piles of different colors. Jacket: A jacket is a must for travelling. Planes are always cold so having a great jacket is a perfect way to stay warm. I am

in love with my knit jacket from Forever New (RRP: $100). It has a detachable fur trim for extra warmth and is just so comfy! But if that is not your look I would try Sportsgirl as they sell an array of different styles. Flats: Now I think it’s time for me to let go of the six inch heels and welcome in flats. Plain sandals or even thongs are the way to go. Especially for international flights where often your feet swell up; not fun at all. Betts sell lovely sandals for around $40 and even try Rubi Shoes for $10 plain flats. With thongs I always go Havaianas which sell for around $20 from any surf shop; I would recommend sticking to black or brown. If you are interested in a heel stick to a small one, for winter pull out those Chelsea boots from Asos or Sportsgirl. Bon Voyage!

Triple J’s

ONE NIGHT STAND •georgia blann•

On Saturday the 2nd of June, thousands of eager music lovers flocked to the small rural town of Dalby for Triple J’s ‘One Night Stand’ concert. One Night Stand is a free community concert held annually by Triple J to showcase a bunch of Australia’s greatest bands and talent. 15,000 music fans braved torrential rain and muddy conditions to see live performances by Triple J Unearthed competition winners Mace & the Motor, as well as Australian artists Matt Corby, Stonefield, 360 and The Temper Trap. This year’s concert saw the biggest crowd yet, making the extreme weather conditions rather dangerous. All the surrounding camp groups and motels were completely booked out weeks before the concert; the small town of Dalby hadn’t experienced anything like this in a long time.

Mace & the Motor opened the concert late afternoon to an excitable crowd clad with ponchos, beanies, scarves, and multiple layers of clothing. Originating from Toowoomba in Queensland the trio consists of Mace McGregor (vocals and guitar), Luke Anderson (drums) and Mark Garland (bass). Winning the Triple J’s Unearthed competition against 350 other entrants gave the band the experience of a lifetime; performing as the opening act at Triple J’s One Night Stand in Dalby. Mace & the Motor played their set and got the crowd excited and eager to see the following performer, the dreamy Matt Corby. Matt Corby and his usual accompanying band took the stage by storm, opening with his popular ‘Kings, Queens, Beggars and Theives’. From the second

- Page 47 -

T.x Music

Matt walked out on to the stage the crowd went wild; the females were mesmerized by his appearance and voice while the males of the crowd were screaming the lyrics at the top of their voice. Corby continued playing his well-known songs, however half way through the performance he surprised the audience by playing a new song he had only finished writing that day, and was yet to be named. The set ended by Matt performing one of his most popular songs ‘Brother’, and the crowd of thousands sang along over the sound of the rain. By the time it was time for Stonefields performance, the rain had dramatically increased and the dirt and grass covering the showgrounds now resembled a giant mud bath. The band consists of

the four Findlay sisters, Amy (lead vocals and drums), Hannah (guitar), Sarah (keyboard and vocals) and Holly (bass guitar). The girls treated the crowd to almost an hour of their hard hitting rock and roll tracks, as the rain carried on and the crowd danced on in the mud and water. Stonefields performed some of their most popular songs such as, ‘Black Water Rising’, ‘Foreign Lover’ and ‘Bad Reality’ before finishing with ‘Through the Clover’. As Stonefields left the stage, the anticipation began to build for one of the biggest names in Australian hip-hop, 360 (Matt Colwell). Currently touring across Australia on his ‘Falling and Flying’ tour, 360 opened the show with ‘Killer’, a track of his newest album. By now, the rain had brought vicious winds that began to interfere with the equipment on stage, however the crowd did not let this ruin their mood and kept supporting 360 until he could no longer perform due to technical difficulties. Unfortunately the concert had to be cancelled half way through 360’s performance, leaving the crowd quite disappointed as the most anticipated band ‘The Temper Trap’ could no longer perform. ‘Gossling’, a female artist who travelled to Dalby with 360 did not get to sing her verses in the song ‘Boys Like You’, and as the concert was closing 360 gave a rather explicit speech directed towards his hate for Mother Nature on that particular night. Although Dalby’s One Night Stand was rained out, it was an unforgettable night for everyone who attended and the crowd didn’t let the dangerous weather conditions ruin their mood. One Night Stand was definitely a night to remember.

- Page 48 -

-T.x Magazine Issue Five - July/August 2012  

For young people, by young people, about young people.

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