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        A  Latina/o  K-­‐12  and  Higher  Education  Policy  Agenda  in  Texas                               A  Report  of  the  Senate  Hispanic  Caucus  and  Mexican  American  Legislative  Caucus   Latina/o  Education  Task  Force     July  9,  2014     Patricia  D.  López,  Ph.D.   Principal  Investigator   Task  Force  Co-­‐chair     Celina  Moreno   Task  Force  Co-­‐chair        ©  Senate  Hispanic  Caucus/Mexican  American  Legislative  Caucus'  Latina/o  Education  Task  Force  


A Latina/o K-12 and Higher Education Policy Agenda in Texas  

The Latina/o Education Task Force Policy Agenda reflects the collective input from 70 local, state, and national organizations. Task Force p...

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