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I would like to join the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented to create a

greater awareness of the needs of these students. am enclosing I am

1979 dues of $10.

Parent Charter Membership - $10.

___ Teacher

A donation of $ ._ __ Tax deductable

___ Administrator _ _ Frrend

Name D~,

Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.

Address Phone(s) City

State Mall to:

walvS 6ÂŁtr

Texas Association fot'ilifU:d and Talented


House Pub: ie ' Educe t i on Conrn i t tee


Member Hamp Atkinson, Chairman Ernestine Glossbrenner, Vice-Chair Wayne Peveto John Bryant Ronald D. Coleman Charles Evans Hilton E. Fox (R) Bill Blanton (R) Pau I Eli zondo Bi II Haley Anthony l. Pol umbo (R)

Texarkana AI ice Orange Da II as E I Paso Hurst Houston Farmers Branch San Antonio Center Houston

District I

58 8 33-l 72-B 32-E 93

33-B 57-1 4


House Appropriations Conrnittee


Bryan San Marcos Pasadena Holliday Athens Paducah Grand Sa line Rockdal e Pecos Portland Ft . Worth Da lias Sherman Houston laredo Ed i nburg Granbury Brownfield San Antonio Houston EI Paso

Bil l Presnal, Chairman Don Rains, Vice-Chair Jim Clark Charles Finnell Fred Head W. S • "Bi II" Heatly Bill Ho" Dan Kubiak Richard C. Slack leroy J . Wieting Doyle Wi II is Fred Agnich (R) Robe rt Bush Hilton E. Fox (R) Wi II iam Hall, Jr. Cullen Rogers looney Ed Mayes Jim D. Rudd lou Nelle Sutton Senfronia Thompson Robert Valles


45 99 53 14 101


36 69 41

32-F 33-R 22 93

57 59-A



57-E 89 72-0

Senate Education Conrnittee Oscar Mauzy, Chairman W. N. " Bill" Patman, Vice-Chair O. H. "Ike" Harris (R) Grant Jones Bill Heier Jack Ogg H. Ta ti Santiesteban W. E. "Pete" Snelson Carlos Truan R. l. "Bob" Vale LI ndon Wil l i ams

How to write. Scate ScMtor The Haftorable (Full Name) To. Senate P. O . Bok 12068 - Capitol Station Aut.;." Texas 78711 The Honorable (Full Name) State Senator. Texa.!; (,......16M.....,co

Da II as Ganado Da II as Ab ilene Euless Houston E I Paso Hidland Corpus Chr i s t I San Antonio Houston -T....

Dear Senator (Surname): Sincerely yours • ..

23 18 8 24 10

15 29 25 20

26 6


Sua.. ___ r.....a.ive: The HonorabAt (FuM Name) Texas Hoose of Representatives

Dear Representative(Sumame):

P. O . Box 2910 - Capitol StatKm Austin, Texas 78767

The Ho",,,able (Full Name) Member •Texas House of Representatives LocaJ Address . .

Sincerely yours,

Volume I , No. I Editor:


April 1979

Mal inda Whitelaw OFFICERS

President Pres i dent-E I ec t Vice President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary

June Cox, Arl ington Phillip Gonzalez, Corpus Christi Malinda Whitelaw, Richardson Judith Judy, Houston Minnie Champ, Dallas Susie Dickerson, Huntsvil Ie

8171265-7143 5121992-3336 214/690-5904 713/462-4986 214/341-6507 713/295-9444

Da tes to remembe r •.. ADr i I

21 TAG Festival at Richland College, Dallas

This will be an outstanding family day. Although it is especially designed to acquaint famil ies in the Hetroplex with the diverse opportunities available to gifted and talented in the area, it will also be of interest to anyone in the State who can attend. As a matter of fact, a group from Oklahoma decided to cancel an event of their own in order to attend. Dr. Alexinia Baldwin, a foremost authority in the field of gifted education, will be the keynote speaker. There will be sessions for both adults and children scheduled throughout the day. For detailS, contact Barbara Stal lings, Community Service Division, Richland College, 12800 Abrams Road, Dallas, Texas 75243, telephone 214/746-4447.

Apri I 22-27 The Council for Exceptional Children's 57th Annual International Convention, Dallas The Counci I meets in Dallas at the Dallas Hi I ton and the Dallas Convention Center. The Association for the Gifted (TAG) is a division of CEC and will be well represented during the Convention. Many nationally known profeSSionals in the field will make presentations. Registration is $15. for CEC members and $25. for non-members. For details, write The Council for Exceptional Children, 1920 Association Drive, Reston, Virginia 22091. Thousands of people from throughout the country attend these conventions and preregistrations facil itate your attendance. '

A weary old man crossed the river wide, But turned when safe on the other side To build a bridge at the end of day. "0 Id man," one ca II ed f rom the da rk tc> say, "You have crossed the water deep and wide -

Why build you a bridge at the eventide?" The builder I if ted his old gray head: There follows after me," he said, "A youth who must cross in the twilight dim; Good friend, I am building the bridge for him. --from W. A. Dromgoole

April 23 TAGT Execut ive Board Meet i ng, Executive Inn , L0ve' F;eld, Dallas We will meet from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. dinner afterwards .

Some members may wish to get together for

Auqus t 4 TAGT Execu t i ve Boa rd Mee t i ng, Hya t t-Regency Hote I, Hous ton We will meet from 10 a . m. to noon .

Any unfin i shed business can continue over lunch.

Novembe r 9 TAGT Execut ive Board Meeting , Corpus Christi This will be an evening meeting.

Time and place will be announced later .

November 10 TAGT Annual Conference and Business Meeting This will include election of officers for the new year. It will be an all day con fe rence, featur ing gifted p rograms throughout the State, during the day and conclud i ng wi t h a dinner meeting and notable speaker in the evening. Our Assoc iation has busy months ahead . Let's continue to work positively with ou r fel low membe rs and o t hers as ad vocates of the gifted and talented!

LEGISLATIVE REPORT Phillip Gonzalez Co-Cha i rman Our recent Legislative Reception and Dinner on February 7, was a great success thanks to the very fine hard work of the Program and Legislat ive Committees . Special thanks t o Mrs . Jean Stroth, Mr. George Malone , and Mrs . Carla Shaw for their dedicated service to TAGT and our movement. Dignita r ies attending our February event included: Rep . Frank Madia of San Antonio; Rep. Ernestine Glossbrenner of AI ice; Rep. Charles Evans of Hurst; Rep. Leroy Wieting of Portland; and Commissioner of Education, Dr. M. L. 8rockette . Several Leg islative Aides were also in attendance that evening. Our thanks to all who took time to attend this special event. LEGISLATIVE UPDATE Rep. Frank Madia's House 8ill 87 has been assigned to the House Public Education Committee and has been altered to read $50. per gifted student, not $150 . as was in the original bill. There are other Legislators showing interest in G/T legislation . Rep. Charl es Evans, Hurst , has introduced HB 1610 asking for $5 mill ion to establ ish exemplary programs throughout the state, using only 10% for staff development. Each district must show their program to be worthy of the available state funds. Senator Brooks has drafted a companion bill, S8 798. 80th bills are presently in committee . A listing of committee members' names and mail ing addresses in included for your conveni e nce. Letters to the Governor would be he l pful also. Pr oposition 13 fever and tax cutting axes are receiving a tremendous amount of attention at this time . If we want to improve the educational opportunities of our G/ T students in Texas, we must overcome these obstacles. Letter writing and personal lobbying efforts are the best vehicles we can use to inform, educate, and motivate our state officials to remedy the lack of educational programs for the gifted and talented . Write. Write. Write . I

Many people believe that gifted and talented students naturaUy succeed.


Many gifted students do not reach or approach their potential. As many as one out of five can be identified as substantial underachievers, dropouts, or those who otherwise fail to utilize their unusual potential.

Gifted and talented students are not as rare as once thought. There are approximately 2,580,000 gifted and talented students in the United States-two to five percent of the public school population.

Fewer than four percent of this country's gifted and talented are being served with program commensurate with their needs.

Programs for these students are not as costly as for children with other special learning needs, but in times of budgetary limitations gifted and talented programs are the first to go. A false notion that the gifted will make it on their own prevails causing them to have low priority.

Early identification is important. The earlier the identification, the more likely that the development of gifted and talented students will be favorable.

The cost of not providing gifted and talented programs must be calculated on the basis of wasted talent: (1) a political solution to international tensions never achieved, (2) a medical discovery never made, (3) a sonata never written.


WHO ARE THE GIFTED? Gifted and talented individuals are those who excel consistently or have the potential for excelling consistently in any of the following areas: general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude, creative or productive thinking, leadership ability, visual or performing arts, and psychomotor ability. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented will promote and strive to improve education of gifted and talented persons by supporting and encouraging new and existing activities significant to their education. NOW ... The Federal Government, the U.S. Office of Education, and many states are committed to developing programs to remedy this tragic waste of our greatest national asset.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN? It is difficult for an individual parent or for an individual educator to influence legislative action. However, a collective membership, such as TAGT, establishes a strong advocacy base on behalf of gifted children. The Association provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information pertinent to the education of gifted children. Members receive state, national, and international information related to gifted education in the TAGT Newsletter. The annual TAG T Conference brings nationally known speakers to our State and highlights our own unique programs for gifted children. Our Association supports gifted youngsters through a diversified scholarship program.


TEXAS ASSOCIATION FOR THE GIFTED AND TALENTED 61 1 Ryan Plaza Dri ve, Suite 11 19 Arlington, Texas 76011 (817) 265-7143 (Metro)

I am enclosing :

I am :

_ _~Annua l dues of $10.00

_ _-,Pa rent _ _ _Teacher _ _ _Adm in istrator _ __ Interested c itizen

_ _ ~A donation of $ ----:::-::-cc:-=c::-:-----Nonprofit 1.0. No. 75-1613536

NAME _ _ __ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ (Dr., Mr., Mrs ., Miss, Ms .) ADDRESS _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ PHONE(S) _ _ I _ _ _ __ _ __ CITY _ __ __ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ STATE _ _ _ __ _ _ _ ZIP _ _ _ __


TE XAS ASSOCIATION FORTHE GIFTED AND TALENTED 611 Ryan Plaza Drive, Suite 11 19 Arlington , Texas 76011

Organizations shari ng a common interest with the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented may affil iate with TAGT if they have at least two olticers who are members in good stand ing with the Association . Affiliates receive space in the TAGT Newsletter to publicize their acti vi ties. They also receive TAGT Newsletters for distribution to their local membership . _ _ --'Annual dues of $10.00

A donation of $ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ Nonprof it 1.0. No. 75-1613536

AFFILIATE NAME _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ Name of individual to whom TAGT correspondence should be addressed

ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ __

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PHONE (S) _ _ I _ _ _ _ __


CITY _ _ __ _ __ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ STATE _ _ _ __ _ _ _ ZIP _ _ _ _ __ Affil iate Offi cers who are TAGT members: (1 ),--.-=:-::-_ _ _ _~_ Name

____,==:_::_-- - -- - -- Address



,:-::~.~.,~.> ,..1) ~~






. 611 Ryan Plaza Drive, Suite 1119 Arlington, Texas 76011

Member 01

The Nation,,1 AssoDal ion lor GihCC Chlldrcn {NAGel The Assoclnl,on lor GIfted (TAG ) The World Council lor G, fted and TJlrulled ChIldren

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TEMPO Volume 1 Issue 1  
TEMPO Volume 1 Issue 1  

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