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We live in a time when daring to be different is a reason for cancellation, segregation and indifference. As human beings we have a latent need to be accepted, to feel that we belong to something, someone or an environment. There is a natural search to find equals, to identify with people who think, behave or dress like us.

Imagine a world where we were all the same, boring, right? If we realized how differences complete us, we would be greatly expanded to grow with people who can provide us with knowledge that we would never have while we were in our “comfort zone”.

Diversity is the key to belonging, belonging means having a connection with a place, with people or with a society that allows you to have the freedom to be yourself.

not to accept everything, in fact: where everything is accepted, I suspect that there is a lack of love”. To

The Thinker Vladimir Maiakósvski says “To love is

love is to respect, in me what makes me imperfect and in the other what is different. Accepting the other’s package of differences and, consequently, If, on the one hand, society demands originality, on diversity, be it cultural, social, racial, gender or the other hand, differences are extremely judged. genetic condition is to make room for the other to Let’s think about us first, are you able to accept reciprocate for each of us. your differences, your weaknesses, your origins and your opinions or do you try at all costs to You are special precisely because of what makes you different from others, being different please the other? doesn’t make you better or worse, it just makes How much courage does it take to be authentic, you unique. I have known throughout my clinical look in the mirror, and have the peace of mind to be practice people who, due to fear of the other’s honest with your choices and values? The beauty judgment, are not building the best version of of a garden is in the different qualities, shapes and themselves and are experiencing a process colors of its flowers, one larger, the other red, some of identity crisis because they no longer see with thorns and even small and delicate. themselves in their choices and attitudes. There are a lot of people out there getting emotionally sick for constantly trying to fit into the model of the other, so it is the responsibility of each one of us to open space so that every human being has the right to be himself, with respect and dignity.

Try to be yourself, you run the serious risk of having a lighter and fuller life. With love Karin Knoener karinkoener

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„Even if you are afraid, TRY.“

Location: Tour Jacob - Luxembourg Photo: Alex Carvalho

Michaella Diaz Michaella Diaz is from the Philippines which was colonized by the Spanish and since then the influence of names, religion and culture already influenced the young marketing coordinator lady.

Who is Michaella Diaz? Mikaela Diaz is a 23 year old girl from the Philippines, hoping to make a difference through marketing in simpler terms.

Have you ever suffered any kind of prejudice for being who you are? I think so. Yes. I think I‘ve had those difficult moments where people judge me because of who I am and simple things like because of how I look and how tall I am sometimes. And I think incomes when it comes to those difficult situations, the most important thing to remember is that our originality and who we are as people, it‘s a God-given right. It‘s what the universe has given us as an identity. So although I‘ve suffered from prejudice, I would rather suffer from prejudice because of who I am rather than change myself to fit their standards.

What is diversity for you? I think diversity at its very core, means that no one and nothing can be categorized into simple labels, such as Asian, black, short, tall, or boring or not boring. I think that‘s what diversity truly means.

Do you consider yourself acceptable to society?

Well, I consider myself acceptable for society. Yes. And though I think I‘m a person who‘s not boring enough to be, to blend through the wall with the walls. But also I‘m not a very exciting person to stand out. I‘m not a walking neon sign. So I find myself unaccepted in circles and in situations where I am not accept, recognized or acknowledged, but I feel very welcomed in situations and people where they love who I am and they love my differences.

You just graduated from United Business Institut, why did you choose business and marketing? Well, first of all, as a child, I realized that business affects everybody. The world of business affects everybody. Although it confused me as an individual to why it affects us. Yes, it‘s a source of money. Yes. It‘s a source of livelihood, but how the cycle works and how it starts, how it ends, what are the loopholes? What are the different aspects of it? I didn‘t know. And that‘s why I decided to study business and perhaps in the future playing it well, I planned to play in it.

Quick game, one word, another word :

Love: me Family :home Luxembourg: rich Food :spaghetti Art: Monet Fashion: Paris Hilton Technology: big data To see the full interview, link below: https://youtu.be/TGftCjXvGFY

Location: Bertrange Luxembourg Photo: Alex Carvalho

„I want I can I do.“

Nadia Motta is a 30-year-old woman who, at the age of 19, found herself leaving her country in search of a better future for herself and her family.

How and when did you see yourself as a woman?

What is diversity for you?

From childhood,always playing with dolls and I always wanted to be mom.

Diversity for me, the word already says, is everything that is diverse, everything that exists.

Have you ever suffered any kind of prejudice for being who you are?

How was your family‘s reaction? The reaction at the beginning was only rejection, here my grandmother was my only support. Now I‘m accepted,thanks God .

Not exaggerated prejudice, but I‘ve suffered a lot of criticism, this little jokes, looks and it hurts a lot.

How was the process of change, Do you consider yourself acceptable surgeries, hormones, etc. ? And the mentally, What is it like to be trans? to society? Yes. I try to be.

Was there a cultural shock when you moved from Brazil to Luxembourg? There was a lot after all it‘s a completely different world from what I was used to, but I managed to adapt.

In your opinion, is Luxembourg the country of diversity? No, Luxembourg still needs to open up a lot.

The process was very crazy, because I self-medicated and the hormones made my head very bad, I felt like a woman in another body, the plastic surgery helped me to see myself better.

You are married, has your husband ever suffered any kind of prejudice for being your husband? How do you handle it? To see the full interview, link below: https://youtu.be/vGHkBORM2mc

Premium afterwork for professionals Music | Food | Fun

Location: Adikt ink Photo: Alex Carvalho

Who is Jorge Fernandes? Jorge Fernandes is a young man living in Luxembourg who always tries to help everywhere as best as he can, he is a kind person who tries to always keep a smile in any situation, someone who never gives up and always goes forward without looking back.

How do you find yourself in this world? It depends. Here I work in this environment. The people who come here are to get tattoos. Other than that, I‘ve never had someone come straight to me to judge me, but indeed sometimes the looks say a lot. I notice that some looks are judgmental and you are reduced to that, like this one he‘s from prison or he‘s a delinquent, an alcoholic or a drug addict. Even if this is absolutely not the case, but here we have easy judgment, necessarily here but everywhere I go, but it is still quite rare.

So I was 18 and I always watched music videos of rappers that I liked,I saw them all tattooed and it fascinated me and made me want to change myself. So that‘s where I decided to get a tattoo. My first tattoo was my name, by the way I think most people do that, and that‘s how it started for me and the rest came after.

The tattoos you have, it’s more art or you want to convey something? Personally for me, I wanted to bring change to myself, I wanted to stand out from other people. Even though here in Luxembourg there are a lot of people who are tattooed I think I am one of those who are really covered in tattoos. Most people see it as art and in a way I see it that way too...

Do you think you are acceptable for the society? Personally I find that we have already evolved from that. In any case, it is becoming more and more a „normality“ and I would say that in a few years it will be even more so. Even if for some people, especially the oldest people, it is still a taboo. But overall I feel accepted, nowadays we see more and more people who have tattoos, police officers, doctors or even politicians.

When did your passion for tattoos start and when did you get the first one?

To see the full interview, link bellow: https://youtu.be/d3xKvtmdZiY

Camila Sitonio Interior Designer

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It cannot be unnoticed ! Its striking design has been inspired by Olson‘s pulsating sphere, which is supposed to be the perfect acoustic shape to spread sound and energy. The grid refers to „the French gardens of the eighteenth century“ to recall its origins, but also the knots of vibration of Chladni‘s figures. This is a well thought out product design which is available in white or black matte, with a black chrome or 22K gold ornament. A beautiful piece of art for your interior that delivers a phenomenal sound experience ! With over 200 patents and numerous awards received, Phantom fills the space with punchy bass, extremely clean, detailed, distortion-free sound and exciting dynamics... Even when pushed to the limit. This is astonishing for such a small loudspeaker. Devialet’s purpose is to make the emotion of the best sound in the world more accessible. I invite you to make up your own mind listening to Phantom’s sound in the comfortable Audiophile’s studio in Luxembourg.

Centre Commercial Cloche d´Or - Gasperich 25 Boulevard F.W. RAIFFEISEN L-2411 LUXEMBOURG


„Be the way you are and respect others.“

Location: CONCEPT-STORE Jacques Schneider Photo: Alex Carvalho

Jacques Schneider Who is Jacques Schineider?

So that‘s a very good question. A Luxembourg artist who actually paints landscapes of Luxembourg or who paints Luxembourg symbols to better make them discover and in fact, he is an artist who presents what he likes.

ding to what they have in the head of their energy or their energy and their idea of what we are going to share together. But after the rest, I don‘t care.

Many artists from all areas cannot Have you ever suffered any kind of make a living from art. Do you live prejudice for being who you are? from your art? Do you consider yourself privileged for this? I think that in fact, we are always prejudiced, no matter what in life we are, what we do. We always have prejudices and we always suffer from prejudices. But the most important thing is not to take it into account.

How and when did photography appear in your life? I am part of a family of photographers and since I was little, photography, I really fell into it. I think for my first day of birth I must have had at least a hundred photos that were taken and at the time we were trying to use film and so on. And I have thousands of pictures of me in all positions, in all directions. I have always found it magical because it allows moments to be immortalized and those moments to be shared.

What is diversity for you and how do you get caught up in the midst of diversity? I‘m not really into an idea, you have to do this or you have to do that - or not , but it‘s really the idea of being surrounded by the people you love and by people you appreciate, what whatever their nationality, color and others. And for that, Luxembourg is a magical country because we have 170 nationalities in the capital. So , in fact, when I work, when I see my friends, whether it is for work, I do not choose people according to their nationality, but accor-

So, I don‘t think I‘m privileged, I think, in fact, I can make a living from my art because it‘s a daily battle, never let go. I really am someone who works a lot. And even if there are things that don‘t work, that‘s okay, I keep going.

In addition to being an artist, do you also consider yourself a businessman? How can you create and manage the gallery? I don‘t necessarily see myself as a businessman, but rather as someone who is an activist as an artist. I present subjects precisely. Earlier, we were talking about diversity, we were talking about other things, I present subjects that are important to me and these subjects, I present with a commitment. The gallery, the clothes, or other things, I actually use all these different mediums, as possibilities of activism to present my work. Not everyone can buy a painting. On the other hand, everyone can wear a T-shirt and it‘s interesting for me to say here, I express myself on different media, whether it is a book or a T-shirt,I use these elements there to convey a message.

Could we say that orange and blue are your favorite colors? To see the full interview, link below: https://youtu.be/Os-Jzk3BPlc

ÄERD LAB Äerd Lab [Earth Lab] was created in December 2020 out of love for natural materials and organic forms, as well as the potential of emerging technologies experienced during studies and research in various places around the world. Äerd Lab deals with 3D printing ceramics, with a special fondness for porcelain. Despite the use of 3D printers, each piece is unique, personally designed and printed with care. Although the startup has not been around for a long time, it has collaborated with brands such as Kaempff Kohler or J'adore bio. Äerd Lab also contributes to the

Julie Conrad’s exhibition in the Luxembourg pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

3D printing ceramics is just the first step in Äerd Lab’s long-term mission to 3D print houses from ecological and sustainable materials. The founder strongly believes that the combination of archaic material such clay with this revolutionary technology, has tremendous potential in architecture.

ANGELIKA BOCIAN-JAWORSKA Angelika Bocian-Jaworska, born in 1992, is an architect of Polish origin. After years of being a nomad, she settled in Luxembourg in 2020. Angelika obtained a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Liechtenstein, with an emphasis on sustainable design. During the student exchange at Tongji University in Shanghai, she became fascinated with emerging technologies and possibilities offered by parametric design. Encouraged by the vision to combine architectural heritage together with robotics, in 2019 Angelika participated in a Postgraduate program in 3D printing clay architecture at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and a summer program at Harvard GSD.

Angelika is passionate about architecture, she gained her practice in Basel, Zurich and Luxembourg. However, the challenges of the 21st century such as climate change and the housing crisis urgently call for action, so she decided to take matters into her own hands & 3D printers. Privately married to a rocket scientist.

Fashion Behavior

“Be curious

and dare to be yourself.”

Location: Anna’s home Photo: Alex Carvalho

So, Im ver y curious , quirky girl who It‘s very, very cool. So I chose to have this, but I love s e ver y thing abou t fashion and could never leave fashion away. Fashion is also clothe s and acce s sorie s and stuff. my life. That ‘s me. When you see me in the street , you will see me from afar.

What is diversity for you?

Where does your style come from ? My style comes from my mom, basically . She loves having her style. I am the dress person, she is the skirt person, She wears a lot of skirts. And the inspiration comes from the streets too.

Diversity for me is really tolerating other people’s religions,fashions. And then that‘s the cool thing about diversity, you have so many different people with so many different styles and lifestyles. That‘s the cool thing. Diversity is only possible if people are tolerating and accepting others. In Luxembourg, there‘s so much diversity, but could have more diversity in fashion.

Why did you “choose” to work as a How did the idea of being an influenteacher and not in fashion? Was there cer come about? a watershed? Well, my friends wanted to see my outfits. And So I love fashion, I chose to be a teacher because I love kids. It‘s where I get my energy from. That‘s really the thing. If I couldn‘t,if I wouldn‘t have this job with the kids, I wouldn‘t be happy. I know that because the kids make you laugh. They are so honest, even if they say : - oh, today you look like a clown , it‘s honest ,it‘s awesome.

You commented that to teach is your passion. Do you take your style to your workplace or somehow that passion actually influenced your style?

so at the beginning it was just my friends and then it became more followers. I didn‘t know that there were so many people who loved colors.I‘m always saying, so now it‘s enough,Nobody will like this anymore, but is always coming new followers. So it‘s very, very cool.

To see the full interview, link below: https://youtu.be/RCLyk7LXFH0



jusqu‘à - 35% www.Jaelcuriel.com Luxembourgish brand since 2012

Objectif Fred - photographe Mannequin: Jenny Pinto E-Models Agency

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Qui sommes-nous ? Who We Are

Mynushka est une marque de Haute Maroquinerie Française alliant tradition & fabrication. Son nom est inspiré par la grand-mère de la fondatrice de la marque. Chez Mynushka, chaque pièce est unique et entièrement réalisée à la main par le même artisan du début jusqu’à la fin, dans nos ateliers en France. Chaque article est personnalisable et est réalisé dans des matières nobles et luxueuses. La qualité des cuirs, la solidité, les associations des couleurs & des fermoirs en cuirs exotiques en font sa renommée. Les peaux provenant des meilleures tanneries Françaises sont d’une qualité incomparable. Mynushka is a brand of French Haute Maroquinerie combining tradition & manufacturing. Its name is inspired by the grandmother of the brand founder. At Mynushka, each piece is unique and entirely handmade from beginning to end by the same craftsman, in our workshops in France. Each item is customizable and is made in noble and luxurious materials. The quality of the leathers, the solidity, the associations of colors & exotic leather clasps make it famous. The skins coming from the best French tanneries are of incomparable quality.

Nos pièces emblématiques en Galuchat Our Iconic Galuchat Pieces

Les sacs B01 & B02, manchettes, bracelets et bagues en Galuchat sont uniques. Bracelets dont l’âme est entièrement recouverte de Galuchat (face) et cuirs doré, argenté, mordoré, ou fuchsia à l’intérieur. The bags B01 & B02, cuffs, bracelets and rings made of Galuchat are unique. The face of the bracelets are entirely covered with Galuchat. Inside, it is made of coloured leather (gold, silver, golden brown or pink).

Nos valeurs Our Values

Passion et bienveillance Passion and Kindness

Respect des traditions Respect of the Traditions

Amour du travail bien accompli Love of a job well done

Couture sellier & finitions parfaites Saddler seam & Perfect finishing

Cuir d’excellence

Leather of Excellence

TWYA - Lana Stetchi is a passionate HR Consultant, solo parent, model, what else we can say about you?

Lana - Gladly, I am in the right place where being a solo parent is as appreciable as having a “complete” family. In fact, we are one. Just another format ;)

Lana - You are totally right, I’m lucky enough to transfer my passion into day-to-day job. On the professional side - I am a recruiter, I am meeting wonderful professionals and personalities every single day.

TWYA - How long have you been a recruiter?

TWYA - Have you ever suffered any kind of prejudice for being who you are?

TWYA - Working in the corporate world do you think there is a wage or other inequality between men and women?

Lana – I have been a recruiter for more than 4 years.

Lana - At the point when you don’t know who you truly are, yes, you suffer. As you see yourself Lana - Maybe it was the case in the past, now throught someone’s else perception. When you discover who you truly are, as a person, individu- managers look for professionals. Managers are ready to pay specialists who can do their jobs al... you don’t look anymore at what others say. and gender doesn’t really matter.

TWYA - What is diversity for you ? Lana - Diversity is about recognising, respecting and valuing differences.

TWYA - In the 21st century, divorce is still a sensitive issue. What is the positive side of a divorce in your opinion, if there is one? Lana - There is no positive side of it. Divorce is difficult process to digest.

TWYA - Have you ever suffered any kind of prejudice for being a solo parent?

TWYA - As HR have you accepted or rejected someone considered out of ordinary? Lana- What does out of ordinary mean? If you want to hire the best candidates, you focus on the experience and attitude of the candidate. This is what matters the most!

TWYA - If you weren’t an HR, what To see the full interview, link below: https://youtu.be/TTaqU8C0Baw

„Every minute is a chance to change your life and the world.“

Location: Mama Shelter Luxembourg Photo: Alex Carvalho

„Dare to be different.“

Location: Jardin Secret - Paladium Photo: Alex Carvalho

A free soul, life explorer and solo traveler who is currently working as a financial analyst. Someone who wants to step on each land, know every person and explore everything life is offering

Have you ever suffered any kind of prejudice for being who you are? I always follow my heart and intuition and this has always caused me challenges with people around especially when I take unrealistic decisions or out of the norm. However, I never suffered prejudice for my choices, my way of living or who I am.

What is diversity for you? Diversity is uniqueness, it’s being yourself without thinking once on how you would be judged. I cannot imagine a world where all people have the same thoughts, believes, wear same outfits, talk same language and do same things, that’s crazy boring. Everybody has something special that he/ she can add to the world and this cannot be done if we all are the same person

Do you consider yourself acceptable to society? Yes, I have travelled to many countries and dealt with several cultures and backgrounds; and every time I learn something new that is, enriching my soul and making me see the world with a different eye

Do you draw a lot of attention when you go out on the streets wearing the veil? Not really. The moment I step out of my home, I literally forget I am having it on. Sometimes to others it looks like you are thinking of it but actually it is the same when you put on your shirt and then you just forget about it once it is on. With it or without it I am the same person inside.

Why do you wear the veil, cultural, religious reason? Religious. It is a worship choice I have made 10 years ago.

Are you a finance analyst at one of the big corporates, have you ever suffered any kind of prejudice at work for being a woman, for wearing the veil? To see the full interview, link below: https://youtu.be/AtQsq2dNLno

If you are motivated but overwhelmed, hiring a professional organizer can be very helpful. Patrícia Paixão acts as a coach who is helping you get on track. She is able to break down the (potentially) overwhelming project into bite-sized pieces.



Va l s a i n t e c r o i x 1 4 2 L - 1 3 7 0 L u x e m b o u r g Te l . : + 3 5 2 2 4 6 1 8 2 | S c h e i s s . l u

You want your pizzas to taste fresh and fluffy? Preheat your oven at 200 degrees and put the pizzas in for 2-3 minutes. Order for Take-Away or Delivery! You can also place your order directly at our place. Your pizzas will be ready in 5 minutes. 268, rue de Neudorf, L-2222 Luxembourg


Pleasantly installed in the modern, glazed extension of a building in the «Hospices de Beaune» style, the Schéiss restaurant is located in the heart of lush greenery and despite everything in the city center. French gastronomy Parking / Handicap access

„To fight for what is important and to be grateful for having what you have and to be more satisfied in life.“

Location: Dudelange Photo: Alex Carvalho

Max Friedrich Because of ALS, Max doesn‘t speak correctly. Interview given by his father Jean-Paul Friedrich.

Who is Max?! He‘s a nice boy who is always in a good mood and makes him an example for many people who actually think that life is very hard but looking at Max you really have the impression that even with a very serious illness and very hard you can still learn to learn to live in a life that is fun to live.

What does diversity mean to you? Diversity is learning to live in a world where we try to have priorities yes, but also knowing that the priorities are not always the same. Diversity really is the feeling of being able to make a screw that is in all human aspects, courage and also the will to live life as it is.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a degenerative, progressive and rare neurological disease, how is the daily life of the family in this universe? Daily life is not easy at the start of an illness like that, in fact the world is turned upside down, we feel lost. Afterwards there are two possibilities, with or we give up if we let it go we also let it go. ‚child who is condemned with this disease on the other hand if we try to fight and really do something against the disease it is obvious that everyday life with all the aspects that it gives with transport with hotels respectively restaurants where we go all day to day, it still has another side than normally it is that if we have no disease but on the other hand it is a challenge to be able to do it and it is really also a possibility of living different life and do something for sick children.

Have / have you ever experienced prejudice or some other form of negative approach due to reduced What is the positive side of the disease? mobility? Very very rare I must say that once or more in fact I felt that there was something, had prejudices but in most of the cases I must say that 99% of the cases it must be said that it is very very well appreciated and this There is no prejudice. Max is very well integrated into society.

To see the full interview, link below: https://youtu.be/tXyZtQxHK24


Ô2Continents uses culinary arts to promote cultural diversity by offering a unique culinary experience, to private companies, Embassies and individual private events. Surrounded by her Chefs, Sandrine offers, through Ô2Continents, a fine but gourmet cuisine that subtly blends traditional dishes, spice arpeggios and African condiments with European, American or Asian gastronomy. The team also welcomes you to experience flavours of Asia combined with the know-how of the Old Continent: a symphony for the senses!


Private chef: Our chef will introduce you to the flavours of Ô2Continents concept at home or at any place of your choice. They prepare for you and your guests a menu specially designed for the occasion (tailor-made service) .

Events: Ô2Continents can organize or participate in your events, Galas and receptions and let you fully enjoy the experience

Classes and workshops: You want to learn how to cook differently with your colleagues or friends? Let's meet during our courses and workshops with the flavours of Ô2Continents.

Collaborations: You are active in the field of HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés), and wish to bring an Ô2Continents spirit and flair into your establishment by offering a special day menu to your customers, organizing an event for one evening or more. The Ô2Continents chef can design for you a one-shot menu and take the lead in your kitchen, or propose a four-handed dinner with your chef.

Consulting: Would you like to start a business in the field of catering, develop an idea around cooking and culture, combining flavours from several continents? Ô2Continents offers you support solutions for culinary techniques, design and marketing.




Brazilian cuisine with a twist

R ue

L a rg e ,

L - 4 2 0 4

Es c h-s ur -A lze t t e


Richard Bello is a 25 year old living in Luxembourg for almost 7 years. He is a person or I am a person who has faced a lot of struggle and that keeps me going. He is also an ambitious guy who wants to achieve his dream. At the moment Richard Bello is someone with a lot of things ahead of him and a lot of things to explore and see his true self so who is Richard Bello can be hard to tell precisely.

For example, in Ghana, when you misbehave and your parents are shouting at you or correcting your mistakes, we don’t look directly in their eyes but in Luxembourg when my parents would want to shout at me, I need to look them in the eyes and it feels bizarre to me sometimes when I talk to people and I have to look in the eyes. I know eventually I will get used to it

What is diversity for you?

Diversity has existed since the Diversity is what makes each and everyone speworld is the world. In your opinion, cial regardless of personality and beliefs. I believe is is also about the respect to everyone and why are there still intolerance, prehow a group of people with different cultures come together to achieve a certain goal. judice and lack of empathy between Have you ever suffered any kind of people? prejudice happens due to certain norms prejudice for being who you are? Iinthink our society. We have people in power ruling and governing. I think there is someone out theThe answer is a 100% yes because we know prere thinking ; if someone can be higher than me, judice can happen anywhere and to me it hapthen I can also feel superior to another person. pened whilst a played football simply because of the group I belonged to. I think there is still intolerance because people lack the experience to open up to accept others beliefs which causes uncertainty for them.

Do you consider yourself acceptable to society?

Seeing myself in a diverse country like Luxembourg where you wake up to see different people and hear at least 7 different types of languages from all over the world, I navigate without worries because people welcome me wherever I go

Coming from Ghana, did you have a culture shock and why? The many culture shocks I experienced when I came to Luxembourg can be surprising. The one which I still struggle with is what I call “eyes up”.

To see the full interview, link below: https://youtu.be/xNLbZZmEZy0

Location: Quartier European - Luxembourg Photo: Alex Carvalho




No one likes to suffer in order to feel better about themselves. We have therefore created sports adventures to make getting back in shape a fun experience that allows you to be more diligent, creative and fulfilled. Barbariantribes Photo: alexphotographsyou

Matheus Sequeiros Matheus Sequeiros is of Peruvian origin and was born in Luxembourg. I Graduated from a 2-year real estate program and now managing partner of the Group Arca and Arca Properties Luxembourg.

party. Of course, you can indirectly influence that reaction through your age, look, race, etc., but that is only the case because of the previous experiences and believes from that opposite party. I have one big rule for this: NEVER PREJUD-

Who is Matheus Sequeiros? I am 26 years old and have my full residency here in Luxembourg. My origins are from Peru, and therefore, I have a sense of south American in me. But I did my entire formal education here in Luxembourg. I mainly grew up alone with my mother in a small village close to Echternach. Last year in 2020, I graduated from a 2-year real estate program. During the second year, I started to develop the start-up „Arca Properties“ with a business partner, which is today an established business with proof of concept.

What is diversity for you? Differences among groups of people and individuals based on ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, religion, sexual orientation, and geographical area. Everyone is unique on his terms based on the composition of everything that they have gone through.

Have you ever suffered any kind of prejudice for being who you are? Yes, of course. I would say that everyone has faced situations like this. In my opinion, you cannot please everyone with the way you are, and that is okay. Not everyone has the same values, believes and stories as you. In my world, as also in the business world, I have been prejudged many times. But being prejudged is behavior and reaction from your opposite


Do you consider yourself acceptable to society? Of course, I do as everyone should. Society is an open world for everyone. I wouldn‘t say I like this question because it is not a question if you are accepted or not. But I have read articles and seen people who are, unfortunately,....

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„Always give more than you receive.“

Location: Arca Properties Photo: Alex Carvalho

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

Photo by: Alex Carvalho

Location: The Car‘tell

The Car’tell is Luxembourg’s only Private Members Car Club. The fleet is constantly evolving and offers to its special members, dream cars from classic cars to modern sportscars. The Car’tell is the place to be for lovers of fine mechanics. More information: The Car’tell 6 Rue Antoine Meyer, L-2153 Luxembourg thecartell.lu – us@thecartell.lu - +352 661 55 06 64

The choice of an alfa Romeo 4c is an exclusive and personal choice dictated by passion, it is the love of beautiful cars, a timeless design, discovered for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012, this is what the love towards this baby supercar has started. It is a car that has won several titles mainly due to its very clean design. Of course after the charming side of the car, there are the performances and the sensations that it honestly provides, it accelerates faster than the manufacturer‘s data especially the 0-100km, the visible carbon chassis is magnificent even unique little car of series has it and inside there is the necessary digital speedometer, leather banquet seat with carbon shell and then the engine positioned in the rear center and that we see as in a Ferrari and sincerely the sound it gives to the he exhaust is quite simply the noisiest 4 cylinder with less than 2l as standard that exists, without a doubt. In short If you want a 2nd or even 3rd sports car with a 2-seater rear engine to have fun on weekends for 60-70k do not hesitate. It is a future collector for sure and a good investment at the same time. by : Alessandro Roberto


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