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WEDDING PLANNER Spring - Summer 2013

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TWELVE MONTH TIMELINE Congratulations! You’re engaged. Now what?



Setting Your Sites


All the events of the day.


LOCAL VENUE DIRECTORY LOCAL VENDOR DIRECTORY Hand selected wedding professionals.

YOUR WEDDING BUDGET Budget like a pro..






Rustic inspired shoot at Reid Castle Manhattanville

Photographer: Aida Krgin Photography


STEP INTO SUMMER Photographer: Kerri Lynn Photography


FARM CHICK WEDDING Photographer: Turnquist Photography


INTIMATE Photographer: Kelly Vasami Photography




RADIANT. LUSH. HARMONIOUS. Pantone’s color of the year.







INVITATIONS On trend wedding invitations

THE BLUSHING BRIDE Look your best on your wedding day.


Advise from a local flower designer.




Selecting the perfect venue.


WORDS OF WISDOM A few things you should know.



Making your wedding memorable for all the right reasons.



The perfect vision.


A few tips.


A day in the life...




From Bride Meredith Mundy.




The Westchester

WEDDING PLANNER Spring - Summer 2013

Preston & Fireflies Media Founder - Aida Krgin 914-364-8539 Marketing / Advertising - Kathy Rigano Writer - Breanna Boniface Contributing Photographers Aida Krgin Photography Kerri Lynn Photography Designed by Aida Krgin Contributing Designers: Laura Damiano, Melissa Berman and Melissa Calabro

Connect with us on Cover photo by Aida Krgin; Hair by Melissa Scrofani; Makeup by Linda Gallo; Styling by Lauren Malang; Bridal fashion by Exclusive Bridal of Greenwich and Be Unique Boutique; Contributing photographer Kerri Hamm; Flowers by Blooming Buds; Photographed at Reid Castle Manhattanvelle College. The Westchester Wedding Planner is published twice a year by Preston & Fireflies Media. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced. Individual copies may be purchased for $12 including shipping and tax. Send your check to Preston and Fireflies Media, c/o Aida Krgin, 18 Winfield Avenue, Harrison NY 10528 or on at w w w . t h e w e s t c h e s t e r w e d d i n g p l a n n e r. c o m For inquires: Aida Krgin i n f o @ t h e w e s t c h e s t e r w e d d i n g p l a n n e r. c o m . 914-364-8539


rustic chic, diy at Reid Castle




Cupcakes by Tara Suarez of A Cake Mom

DIY Homemade Chocolatechip Cookies

Rustic Chic Stationery by Christina D’Asaro

Etsy DIY Seating Cards

Reid Castle, Manhattanvile College, Purchase



Dylan’s Wine Cellar, Peekskill

Blooming Buds, Harrison

LCR Events, Lauren Malang Stanco

Chartwells Catering Svc., Purchase

Cartwright & Daughter Party Rental, Carmel


DIY Rustic Chic inspired shoot at Reid Castle at Manhattanville College, Purchase. An amazing collaboration that showcases the creative work of some of Westchester’s most saught after wedding professionals.

Hair by Melisa Scrofani of Westchester Hair Stylist. Makeup by Linda Gallo of Faces by Linda. Bridal fashion by Erika Pit of Be Unique Boutique, Mt. Kisco and Exclusive Bridal Shoppe, Greenwich, CT. Hair accessories by Be Unique Boutique. Planning collaboration and styling by Lauren Malang Stanco of LCR Events. Wine barrels courtesy of Whitecliff Vineyard, New Paltz. Cakes and cupcakes by Tara Suarez of A Cake Mom, Yorktown Heights. Rentals from Cartwright & Daughter Tent and Party Rental, Carmel. Catering by Chartwells Catering Service. Wines and Champagne provided by Dylan’s Wine Cellar, Peekskill. Flowers by Blooming Buds, Harrison. Stationery by Laura Damiano Designs, Briarcliff Manor and Christina D’Asaro Design, NYC. Photography by: Aida Krgin Photography, Kerri Lynn Photography. Administrative team: Kathy Rigano, Lisa Roseli, and Aida Krgin.





InvitationTrends By Breanna Boniface

Refined Rustic

Invitations are a great way to engage in contemporary wedding trends

without condemning your big day to becoming an outdated time warp in just a few years. Although electronic invitations may be super-convenient and save on costs, your invitation is an introduction to what guests may expect at your actual wedding. Sending a paper invite shows an attention to detail, introduces the theme of your special day, and makes your guests feel that their presence at your wedding is truly valued. While statiovnery and mailing costs can add up quickly, paper invitations don’t have to blow out your budget. Choosing less expensive paper, adding details like ribbon and quality stamping yourself, and sending one informative card while setting up a website to collect RSVPs cut down on bulk and give you more money to splurge on the features you desperately want, like custom laser cutting. While ombre was so popular in 2012 that we’ll probably see it’s relative decline in favor of less explored themes, some trends from last year will have a strong presence well into 2013. Here are some playful, smart motifs to give your wedding contemporary style and an outlet to express who you and your groom are as a couple:

This year you’ll notice many couples opting for a polished rustic handmade look for their invites. This vogue involves playing with fun colors, like bold reds, greens, and blues, adding texture and layers for a crafty feel (try burlap and kraft paper), and showcasing a handmade stamped look. While elegance will still have a strong presence in presentation (a revival of 1920s and 1930s glamour coincides with the explosive popularity of Downtown Abbey and anticipation over the Great Gatsby film in 2013), couples are feeling freer to indulge in garden chic, block lettering, and casual charm for their invitations. Think natural and “less is more.” Watercolors, blooming flowers, and birds are in high demand for 2013 invitation designs. Right now, the buzz seems to be all about birds, which lend an organic gracefulness to any ceremony and convey a light and refined tone. Our avian friends are making appearances in every form from hand drawn bird scenes to single feathers as gentle embellishments. While the rustic look encourages fun eclecticism, make sure to keep the invitation clean and focused on your wedding information. Just like any other style of wedding invite, the rustic look should show care and thoughtfulness for the guests who will excitedly read them.

Fun with Fonts

If flowing script is just not you, now’s the time to break free and indulge in some chunky print! As guests admire your wedding announcement and invitations, they’ll pick up on font as a clue to the motif of your special day. Are your wedding details best expressed in funky block lettering or whimsically curved calligraphy? Don’t feel stuck choosing a font just because you decided on a certain concept for your invitation.


Your invite has to make sense, but combining an elegant foil print on a rustic background can balance playfulness and sophistication while taking your presentation upa notch with addedtexture. Try foil stamping with nontraditional colors like cobalt blue for a unique pop of shine. Letterpress printing is also gaining momentum, and while it’s a bit pricier than digital printing, it can be a fabulous artisanal complement to any wedding theme. Consider fonts that you find visually appealing and express the character of your wedding- you and your stationer will be able to customize any of these popular trends to develop a stunning invitation that speaks to your exceptional personality.

Patterns Please!

Patterns are in ladies! As we see an embrace of 1920s glamour and organic handmade styles, patterns will vary from classic lace imprints to paisley to simplified colorful balance. Lace is making a serious nuptial comeback in the desire to go vintage, and a great way to incorporate this classic element is to have it embossed or laser cut into your stationery. Also hot for this year is the chevron pattern, which offers clean lines and a more modern feel. Chevron, a repeating V-shaped pattern, dresses up invites with an understated pizazz and lets you show off your wedding colors in style. 2013 will see everything from cakes to table linens sporting this pattern so grab hold of it ladies and make it your own! Just because these patterns are popular doesn’t mean they can’t be individualized to enhance your one-ofa-kind wedding!


Invitations designed by Laura Damiano of Laura Damiano Designs.


The Wedding Planning Time Line You got the ring, you called your entire family and all of your friends, and you’ve started gushing about your dream wedding to everyone at work. Now what? By Breanna Boniface As any former bride will tell you, wedding planning can quickly become agonizing if you don’t finalize the details in a timely manner, making solid organization from the outset essential. Since we know just how important punctuality is from the very beginning of wedding design, we’ve created a basic schedule so every bride can keep time on her side. Think of this timeline as a friend that will hold you accountable to staying on track and meeting your planning goals. No, we don’t mean like that friend you avoid because she’s supposed to keep you on your diet and harangues you for every bite of a cookie. We mean a friend who’s a cheerleader, guiding you along each step of the process and removing the danger of your wedding turning into an overwhelming mountain of work. That means you have to engage with your checklist and promise yourself that procrastination won’t get the best of you. Our advice is to post this timeline somewhere that you will see it every day, like on your refrigerator. Enlarging it onto a piece of poster board and checking off tasks as you go is also not a bad idea. You should have a personal timeline of everything that needs to get done starting about one year before your wedding, and you should also have a “day of” timeline.


Knowing exactly when you need to lock-in vendors and have details settled ensures that you’ll get the flowers you love and have your dress tailored to perfection without suffering a panic attack. The wedding day list is equally important for maintaining structure and warding off stress, and should be tweaked by you and your event planner well before the nuptials to reflect your personal wedding agenda. This long-term list isn’t about berating you with all of the preparation you have to do. Indeed, your timeline will serve as a reminder of all that you have accomplished as you approach your special day and all of the fantastic experiences you can still look forward to as a bride! (I mean, who else gets to try seven kinds of cake in one sitting?) If you take only one thing from us, always remember that ultimately your wedding is a celebration- a glorious high point of your life that shouldn’t be just the day you walk down the aisle, but should add sparkle to every hour leading up to that moment. We hope that this list will help you to enjoy the anticipation of a new life with your prince charming and minimize the anxieties that cause brides to lose sight of just why they’re hunting for the perfect gown.

The Westchester


The Wedding Planning Time Line Ten to Twelve Months To Go

Announce your engagement and introduce the families if they haven’t yet met. Set a tentative date as this may change based on the availability of the venue and other vendors you are interested in. Work on a wedding budget. Your budget will depend on the venue you book as it will be about 50% of your total budget. Consider hiring a wedding planner to help you plan. Choose your wedding style, approximate number of guests, location, time of day, etc. Start collecting inspiration and ideas from magazines, wedding websites and blogs. Also, start thinking of your color palette. Draft a preliminary guest list: A list for the Bride’s family, a list for the Groom’s family, and a list of friends. Book your venue. If catering is available through your venue you may want to have a tasting before securing the venue. Also, make sure that the chef preparing your food for the tasting is the same one as for your wedding. Select the members of your bridal party. Choose a caterer if your venue doesn’t have one available. Be sure to have a tasting. Decide on a ceremony site, and choose and reserve your officiant. Start shopping for your dress. It can take several months to order, receive and fit your dress. Begin looking at Photographers, DJs, Bands, Videographer because they book early. Gather referrals from friends and family. Begin your search for a florist, rental companies, transportation and your invitations.

Start shopping for groom’s and groomsmen attire. You must decide whether to buy or rent. Schedule fittings and pick-up or delivery. Secure the Photographer, DJ, Videographer and any other vendor you want by putting down a deposit. Once you’ve secured a Photographer, schedule an engagement session. Submit photos to newspapers to announce your engagement and marriage. Finalize honeymoon plans. Shop for bridesmaids dresses.

Five to Six Months To Go Finalize your wedding invitations and order them. Send Save-The-Date cards. Design and order your place cards for the reception if you’re doing assigned seating. Prepare maps and directions for the ceremony and the reception. Finalize flower arrangements for the ceremony and reception and the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets. Choose your music selections for the ceremony and the reception. Meet with or check in with all vendors to finalize any orders and reservations. Research for the marriage license and any blood tests. Order your wedding cake if your caterer does not provide one.

Three to Four Months To Go

Start planning your honeymoon. Make sure that your passports are up to date. Your passport needs to be valid at least six months after your scheduled return trip. Also, remember to update vaccinations if necessary.

For Jewish wedding, you need to order your Ketubah.

Arrange for the final dress fitting.

Register for engagement gifts.

Purchase a wedding guest book.

Plan your engagement party.

Order bridal party gifts, wedding favors, champagne glasses, ring bearer pillow, cake knife, etc.

You may want to consider setting up a wedding website. Research marriage license and residency requirements if you are getting married abroad. Look into hotel accommodations for out of town guests.

Seven to Nine Months To Go Start looking for a wedding invitations designer. Finalize your guest list and start gathering addresses. Choose a Bridal Registry and register for your wedding gifts.

Order wedding rings.

Two Months To Go Address and mail your wedding invitations including maps and directions. Also, mail information regarding guests accommodations. Find a hair stylist and make up artist and have a trial run. Once you find a hair stylist and makeup artist you like book your appointments. Make appointments for the bridal party. Be sure to get your hair cut and colored at least two months prior to the wedding. Make appointments for your manicure, pedicure, massage, spa treatments, etc.


The Wedding Planning Time Line Two Months To Go

Finalize dates for your last-minute fittings.

Purchase bridal party gifts and a gift for your fiance´. Schedule wedding ceremony rehearsal.

One Month To Go Finalize and confirm all ceremony and reception plans. Finalize rehearsal dinner details. Go over songs lists and requests with your band or DJ. Confirm when final payments need to be made to vendors. Draft a seating chart. Find something borrowed, something old, something new, and something blue. Call guests who have not responded. Have a “practice” session with the hairstylist and makeup artist you have booked for the wedding day. Start taking care of name changes, address changes, etc. Buy a gift for your groom. Pick up your wedding rings.

Two to Three Weeks to Go Write your wedding vows. Give caterer the final guest count. Confirm arrangements for your honeymoon. Pack for your honeymoon. Take time for a facial, manicure/pedicure, and a massage. Deliver guest room gifts to the hotel. Make a wedding day schedule, make copies, and distribute to anyone who needs it. Confirm all vendors and appointments. Arrange for your wedding gifts to be transferred to your home.

One to Two Days To Go

Get a manicure and pedicure. Rehearse the ceremony with the wedding party. Assemble a bridal emergency kit that includes safety pins, sewing kit, toiletries, aspirin, etc. Compile a list of all vendors and telephone numbers. Arrange for transportation after the reception. Get plenty of rest.


The Westchester

WEDDING PLANNER Be Inspired When focusing on the design of your wedding you will benefit from browsing the web and collecting ideas for your own wedding details. Here are some of our favorite wedding blogs: Wedding Chicks Etsy Weddings Rustic Weddings Style Me Pretty - New York Grooms Advise DIY Bride Brooklyn Bride Do you have your own wedding blog favorites? Share them with us.

Your Wedding Day Schedule

The Westchester


Bride Groom Ceremony Site Reception Site

phone phone phone phone



Time Event Hair & Makeup for Bride ( and Bridesmaids ) Bridal party arrives and gets ready Photographer/Videographer arrive and begin to photograph details

* Tip * Have the dress, shoes, rings, flowers and any other special details ready for photos.

Have lunch or a snack Flower girl and ring-bearer arrive dressed Bride gets into her dress

* Tip * If you have a corset style dress, allow 20 minutes for lacing. Also, have your mother or Maid of Honor ready to help you get in your dress (good for photos )

Portraits of the Bride’s Family and Bridesmaids (please allow about 45 minutes for portraits) Groom and Groomsmen get ready Portraits of the Groom with Family and Groomsmen (please allow 30-40 minutes) First Look photographs with Bride and Groom only.

(Wedding party formals my be done after the First Look.)

Limousine arrives Groomsmen start ushering Ceremony (allow 30 minutes to 1 hour) Formal Portraits (Allow about 1 hour for formal portraits if staying near the ceremony site.

Allow about and hour and a half if traveling to a different location)

Cocktail Hour Grand Entrance - Parents, wedding party and bride & groom. Salads plated

* Tip * Serve salads BEFORE speeches


Being organized is an art and a necessity. With all the events taking place on the day or your wedding careful planning is required to staying on task. Use this schedule to get you started planning the of your wedding and add anything other events you may be planning.


Your Wedding Day Schedule

The Westchester


Speeches Main Course

* Tip * Serve your vendors as you are served so they can take a break and be back for all the action. Guests do not like to be photographer while eating so this is the perfect time.

First Dance Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances Open dancing Cake cutting/Bouquet & Garter toss Open dancing Midnight snack Last Dance Arrange for a special send off (Sparkels make a fun send off as well as great photograph opportunity.)



The Blushing Bride

One of every bride’s biggest stressors is how she’ll look on her wedding day and in the pictures she’ll be sharing for years to come. No one wants frizzy hair or lipstick on the teeth when posing for the photographer! Have some concerns? No worries- part of the big day fun is getting primped with your girls and enjoying the stunned look on your groom’s face when he sees you at the other end of the aisle, and most hair and makeup woes have simple solutions. Whether you’re doing your makeup and hair yourself or searching for the perfect stylist, we’ve hit the pavement and consulted the seasoned professionals, including hairstyle guru Brenda Maeda ( and makeup maven Meredith Hayman (www., to help you love your look on your big day and in the photos you’ll treasure for decades to come:

Let’s Show Some Skin

Your wedding day complexion shouldn’t be your concern just the wedding week, but every day from now until your nuptials. (Your skin will show the best results after a year, so getgoing!) As you’ve probably heard millions of times, your skin reflects your inner health- the better you eat, the easier it will be to have clear, hydrated skin. Drinking lots of water, eating fruits (watermelon!), and avoiding salty, fried foods are great ways to start improving your skin from the inside out; plus they’ll keep you from bloating and help you stay on track to fitting into your dream gown. If you’re not already, start using a facial moisturizer suited for your skin type (oily, combination, dry) at least once a day (don’t overuse, or the lotion can clog pores.) Avoid sun spots and damage by wearing a sunscreen under your makeup (or combine steps and buy a quality face lotion with SPF 30), and use a mask or have facials regularly to clear your pores and remove dead skin- hey, your wedding is a great excuse to splurge and pamper yourself! You should begin these routines as early as possible to avoid unexpected skin reactions and dreaded blotches on your wedding day.




Now that you’ve cut back on the french fries and and focused on hydration, let’s talk ‘day-of’ glam. Most brides choose a natural, timeless look that will glow and flatter their best attributes- every bride has some gorgeous feature that should be showcased by her makeup. We suggest that you prep for your vows with these tips:

Skin: Don’t negate all of the work you’re doing on the inside to create problems from the outside- your makeup routine should encourage healthy skin every day. Always use a base before applying your foundation to create a barrier between your skin and pore- clogging makeup. (Bases also create a beautiful, smooth surface to enhance your look.) Avoid spreading harmful oils and bacteria around your face by cleaning your makeup brushes daily and shampooing them once a week. Have you ever thought about what builds up in those bristles over weeks? Definitely not something you want to rub on your face! On the ‘day-of,’ use concealer to spot treat that dreaded wedding blemish and brighten your under-eye area. Blend the edges of your concealer, but do not


blend the center- you want to keep the problem area light. Do not apply layers of powder throughout the day as they’ll give a cakey look to the makeup (some mineral based powders are okay for a light touch up.) Instead, use oil blotting sheets that are great for eliminating shine and keeping skin fresh and clean looking.te Go ahead and indulge in some face/body shimmer to give your skin radiance, but don’t overdo it; you don’t want to look like a vampire from the last Twilight movie.

Eyes: Use your makeup base to help create a flawless appear-

ance and take the extra minute to apply eyeshadow and eyelash primers- the eye base will ensure your shadow’s true color, give it long-lasting crease-free wear, and eliminate lid darkness. Eyelash primers promote separation and length, and can be enhanced with fake lashes that don’t require gobs of mascara to look full. Alternatively, many salons offer eyelash extensions that look amazing and natural.


Have your eyebrows shaped professionally, but ward off peeling and irritation by having them done a few days before the ceremony. Even if you’re the most unsentimental woman in the world, expect waterworks on your important day and wear waterproof mascara. When you do start tearing up, gently dab your makeup with a clean tissuedon’t wipe or you’ll have mascara streaks across your face.

Lips: Exfoliate your lips by gently rubbing them with a clean washcloth that is either damp or has lip balm on it. Wear a long-last color, such as a stain, and top with a gloss that will keep your lips looking plump and prevent them from drying out. Lining your lips gives a nice shape and prevents the color from bleeding into mouth creases. Your color will need to be refreshed throughout the day, so make sure you assign a bridesmaid to touch up your shade as it fades. Finally, keep a bag of supplies handy for maintenance. Here’s what we suggest for your bag of tricks: concealer, oil blotting tissues, a light powder, tissues, lip balm, stain, and gloss, mascara, a brush and a comb, hairspray, a nail file, a mirror, and anything else that you may need to touch up your customized look.

The Perfect -Do for Your “I Do’’s”

Now, will it be long luscious locks, an intricate updo, or a classic bun to complement your stunning skin? No matter your preference, you should have your hair and makeup chosen and finalized 1-3 months before your wedding. Styling wedding hair is much different from the average salon experience, so although you’ve found a hairdresser particularly adept at highlights, try multiple stylists for the ‘day-of’ look. By all means, stick to your usual professional for the cut and color, but make sure you’ve found someone you can trust to design your fantasy wedding style. If it puts your mind at ease, request a wedding contract with pricing, timing, number of stylists, and services agreed upon to avoid hitches. When you go for your trial, bring plenty of pictures of styles you like, pictures of your dress, and any hair accessories you have, including your veil. Although you should have your dress picked out before your hairstyle, it’s a good idea to wait until after you’ve selected your hairdo to buy hair clips, headbands, tiaras, etc. You may have an idea of the look you want, but discover that when it’s done it doesn’t ‘wow’ you as expected. Also, you may not have realized all of your options, like clip-in extensions for length and volume, so don’t get stuck on your hair’s limitations until you’ve spoken with an expert. Have a concept of what you want, but be open to your stylist’s suggestions; you’ll probably find that she has some great ideas to get you looking your best for the trek down the aisle- she’s a pro after all! Try to schedule your makeup and hair trials for the same day and have a friend take pictures of you in different lights and settings- make sure your foundation matches your neck in natural light as well as under the photographer’s flash. Seeing how your hair and makeup will look in photos while you wear a plain white camisole gives you a good idea of how your vision will translate on your wedding day. Also, having an honest opinion from a relative or trusty bridesmaid at the trial could save you from looking back with horror on an over-the-top style you chose when your eyes were blinded by wedding sparkle frenzy.


As you approach the actual day, freshen up your look with a trim a week or two before your wedding, allowing your hair to settle and leaving time for fixes if need be. If you can avoid it, don’t wash your hair the day of the wedding- a little oil makes the hair easier to style. Instead, shampoo the night before, or if you smoke go ahead and wash it the day- of but do not condition. If you spend a good deal of time in the sun, rub an SPF 30 sunscreen on the ends of your hair to prevent breakage and preserve color.

Whether you’re having your mane coaxed to perfection at your venue or the salon, timing is key. Just because your tresses look perfect at 10:00 doesn’t mean they’ll look that good for your 2:00 wedding. Plan with your stylist how long it will take to get your hair and your bridal party’s hair looking fabulous, and schedule everything to be finished 30 minutes to an hour before go-time. (This leaves a little leeway for fixes and gives you a few minutes for deep breaths before the vows.) Make sure to finish the look with a strong hold spray and keep a comb and mirror close by during pictures for minor adjustments. Your wedding look should be an enhancement of who you are everyday. Feel gorgeous and distinct on this monumental occasion, but don’t feel obligated to cake on makeup or have your locks curled into tight ringlets if that’s just not you. Your guests are there to celebrate you and they should be able to recognize the woman they’ve come to love and support. However, keep in mind that your wedding is an incredibly momentous experience and you should feel like special care has been taken to make you feel ravishing. Your look doesn’t have to be a drastic deviance from your normal appearance preferences, but it should make you feel special. Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to have all eyes on you! Meredith Hayman 646-418-5445

Brenda Maeda 914-630-4530



Fabulous Flowers for Your Wedding

Finding Your Florals:

by Nancy White, Floral Designer and Owner of The Flower Bar, Larchmont, NY in collaboration with Breanna Boniface


Aida Krgin Photography

Purple Lavender Created by Elena of Golden Lotus Floral Design, White Plains


Photography by Anthony Vazques


edding flowers are one of the biggest floral purchases you will ever make, and, like most people, you are doing it with limited or no experience. No reason to give in to floral frustrations though! lLook at this process as an education:. the right florist will be a wonderful educator and collaborator, and ultimately be your best guide for creating a setting as beautiful as your future. A good florist “gets” what you want, and uses her expertise to suggest ideas and flowers you hadn’t even considered for your special day. So how should you evaluate which florist is right for you? Meet with a few professionals and develop a feel for how you may work together, as well as the level of each florist’s expertise and creative style. Referrals are the best way to find a few vendors with whom to schedule consultations, and many wedding planners are a great source for tried and true professionals they know they can rely on. In addition to asking friends and wedding planners for referrals, reception facilities usually have recommendations of florists who have successfully decked their halls for many different nuptials. Bridal websites and shows are also a good source to find florists and often have ratings and reviews for featured vendors. You can always turn to an internet search, but make sure that a florist is reputable and able to handle the scope of your wedding before setting up a consultation. A good florist will listen and try to work with you honestly. Beware of the florist who says she can do whatever you want– her priority should be to educate you and help guide you to make the best choices given what she understands

about your desires and budget. Your florist should not be trying to sell you more flowers, but truly working as your consultant, helping you to navigate a world you are probably not very familiar with. Also, beware of the florist who is substantially less expensive for the same flowers as someone else- you really do get what you pay for and you don’t want to choose someone with an unusually low price just to find that she more than makes up for the disparity in hidden costs later! Flowers are very subjective, and like with your hairdresser or interior designer, you need to feel comfortable with the florist you’re trusting to deliver on your big day. Once you know when and where your wedding will take place, you are ready to begin your stem search. The venue , time of day, size of the wedding party, number of guests, type of ceremony, food to be served, all will help determinethe look and feel of your special day, as well as the budget. Most brides don’t have unlimited funds, so you and your florist should discuss a firm budget at your very first meeting. Is price the most important factor guiding your choices? Or is having a particular flower the most important? Part of your florist’s job is to help you hierarchize and balance your priorities; she can think of creative ways to help you spend your money where it is most essential and cut out unnecessary costs. Why spend a fortune on a detail you don’t care about and won’t notice as you gaze at the show stopping black magic roses you splurged on?


Here are two different approaches to budget that I experienced with clients, which serve as examples of how I was able to use my professional experience and love of flowers to deliver big in both situations: I had a couple come to talk about flowers for their wedding at which there would be 6 groomsmen and 6 bridal attendants, a sit–down dinner for 200 and a wedding ceremony at the reception site. The bride and groom wanted only premium flowers, with large arrangements for the tables, as well as a houpa and other decorations for the ceremony. Yet their budget of $3,000 wouldn’t allow for the pieces to be done properly. Given the size and formal style of their wedding, almost any solution was going to cost more than the initial budget. Despite the many options offered by my team and me, the bride opted to increase her spending to get exactly what she wanted. What was most important is that we educated her about her options and were perfectly willing to work with whatever she decided was most important for her big day. Another couple was getting married at the same place and had a similar size wedding party and number of guests. They had also had a budget of $3,000 and a specific vision for what they wanted. Although they were less willing to alter their expenses and we couldn’t maneuver within their funds to give them their exact vision, we came up with flower substitutions and some other ideas to get maximum bang for their buck. They were very willing to listen to all of our ideas and incorporate what they liked in the interest of cost, and we wound up creating a breathtaking look under budget! Both brides utilized my services according to what was best for each of them, and neither felt disappointed with her spending or products. When budgeting, a good rule of thumb is to allocate 10% of the cost of your wedding to flowers ;– remember, – they are going to be in the photos you will cherish for the rest of your life! Be sure to ask for a typed proposal after you partner with your ideal florist, and be ready to give a deposit before she begins work. It’s a good idea to ask for color swatches and pictures of your choices in the proposal so there is no discrepancy later in the planning process. Of course, details and prices can (and very well may) change as you progress in your arrangement planning, so keep a record of all of the proposals you and your florist agree on, and always have adjustments clearly laid out in writing. No florist can control flower harvests, so be prepared to pay more for, or select a different flower than, the one you may have agreed on a year before your wedding. It’s not her fault if calla lilies don’t do so well as your wedding gets closer, but she can help you find something just as dazzling that doesn’t break the bank at the last minute. When deciding when to go all out and when to conserve your money, think about where you and your guests will feel the biggest visual impact. Usually the ceremony is the least important place to have flowers (all eyes will be on you and your groom after all), and for photos, the personals (what you and your wedding party will have on your persons) are the most important pieces, followed by table décor. A fabulous idea to help stretch your dollar is to assign your florals to double duty– put the bridesmaid bouquets in low glass containers after the ceremony and you have beautiful centerpieces for the reception tables (your ladies won’t want to be burdened on the dance floor with their flowers anyway). Church flowers can also be brought to the reception and used for the card table. These are just a few seasoned suggestions; your florist should be able to provide you with more nifty ideas to nip big expenses in the bud!

submitted before we meet so I can be prepared with ideas and flower suggestions. At the first meeting, I like to go over the questionnaire and brainstorm together. Your florist should know as much as possible about you as a couple, from how you and your fiance met to how he proposed. If you have dresses and colors selected for your wedding, bring photographs to your consultation. All of these personal elements inform your florist about your individual taste and help her craft a truly personalized look for you and your groom. At this meeting, you should discuss budget, your vision and inspiration, and go over photographs of styles you might like. Bridal flowers can be as simple as one bridal bouquet to multiple bouquets and boutonnieres for wedding party and family members, church flowers, pew flowers, runners decorated with rose petals or orchids, entrance/card table flowers, flowers (and furnishings) for cocktail areas, bars, tables, room décor, lighting, etc. Be open to your florist’s suggestions. She’s going to be a great friend to you as she creates art from nature’s raw material and maneuvers through messy (and intimidating) financing to keep you on budgeting track!

Now that you’ve met the florist of your dreams and have committed to a final price point, do you have a theme? Are you trying to evoke a specific sense of place, or mood? Elegant? Casual? Paris? The beach? If you’re not sure, let your florist help guide you. I always like o send a questionnaire to a prospective couple, which I ask to be

A lot of work and consideration go into creating a beautiful flowers appropriate for your special day. into creating a beautiful flowers appropriate for to your special day. Whether you’re picturing big blossoms or understated simplicity, your florist will create flowers so gorgeous, you’ll just have to pull your eyes away from your groom and enjoy them!


Summer Elegance Created by Laura of Blooming Buds in Harrison.


Coral Rose

Created by Elena of Golden Lotus Floral Design, White Plains.


Widly Green Created by Yoli of YL Event Design, Rye.


Grandma’s Bottons Created by Yoli of YL Event Design, Rye.



Crabtree Kittle House, Chappaqua

Setting Your Sites On A Venue By Breanna Boniface

You’ve found the perfect guy, now where do you want to do it? On a beach? In a museum? Lakeside? How about in a restored barn under the stars? The possibilities of fabulous places to tie the knot are seemingly endless. Just like any other aspect of wedding planning, choosing a venue affords an opportunity to be creative and express who you and your fiancee are as a couple. Whether you’re envisioning breathtaking water views or indoor candlelit luxury, some of the most impressive and unique wedding venues in the country are right here in the Hudson Valley: Crabtree’s Kittle House in Chappaqua offers exceptional dining and quaint charm, but what really sets it apart is its first-class wine cellar, which is recognized internationally as one of the largest and finest wine collections in the country. The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden of North Salem boasts stunning greenery, complete with a small island for ceremonies. Looking to wow your guests with spectacular river views? Then check out the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, or Boscobel of Garrison, all of which have dazzling vistas and captivating indoor spaces. No matter you’re vision, the Hudson Valley offers everything from sumptuous Gothic revival mansions (such as Lyndhurst set on 67-acres) to airy garden affairs (visit Caramoor of Katonah), sure to meet the needs of almost any bride’s taste.


But even if you’re toasting your nuptials outside the Hudson Valley, we’ve gathered some tips to help every bride find the perfect backdrop for her special day: The most im portant thing to keep in mind when choosing a venue is to allow for a space’s potential, but be realistic- if the venue can comfortably seat 100 people but you you’re inviting 250, that space just won’t work. Not only must there be plenty of room, but the space should allow for flow into designated sections, like dancing, eating, and lounging. You’ll have fun if all of your guests are enjoying themselves, and no one wants to feel trapped in a space that’s way too overcrowded! After you’ve contacted a site coordinator to ensure that the venue will fit your guests, you should tour the space at the time of day in which your event will take place- make sure that the gorgeous emerald draperies you saw in the daylight don’t look mucky brown in the dim lighting of your evening reception. And don’t discount a location just because its website doesn’t broadcast just how spectacular the spot really is. Keep in mind that unique venues like galleries don’t usually cater their advertising to weddings, but that doesn’t mean that they lack sensational possibilities for a one-of-a-kind event.

F.E.A.S.T. at Round Hill, Washingtonville


If all looks good and the venue is the right size, walk through the location with your event planner and a venue liaison to go over the logistics. Be sure to ask about outlets, restroom accessibility, where the food would go, and if the space can accommodate everything you want. (Will you have room for the photo booth you had your heart set on if the dance floor is spacious enough to fit everyone?) Outdoor whimsical weddings are fantastic, but don’t forget to arrange for an indoor option if the weather threatens to douse your vows. Also, will your guests find plenty of convenient parking or will you have to arrange shuttles? How will this impact your budget? Investigating these details before you book may seem nit-picky, but you don’t want your guests tripping over bundled extension cords all evening because the DJ had to set up across the room from the only outlets.

Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville If you have a hunch that a certain stone barn could negotiate elegance and rustic charm just the way you’d like, contact the site managers and go have a look! While it’s not uncommon to have themes and colors in mind before choosing a ceremony and reception location, your venue will dictate many of the choices that complete your planning, and should therefore blend with your motif and make yourvision clear to your guests. For example, are you going for a pastel spring floral mode? Then the rich heavy furnishings and formidable architecture of a Gothic manor probably won’t make sense for your wedding no matter what you do to the space or how striking you think it is. While many venues can be dramatically transformed, building structure and location are permanent. That’s actually great news! Use what you’re bringing into the space to enhance views, architecture, and landscaping, and keep in mind that many venues already have a wow-factor before you get there emphasize what makes the space extraordinary on its own.

La Panetiere, Rye


Before you settle on a venue, find out if you must book with their endorsed vendors or if you can move forward independently. Some venues will allow catering only from their facility, and in that case, you’d better try your food options before signing up for the extraordinary space! When inquiring about any associated vendors, ask about overtime charges for the location and services, payment options, exactly what services come with the space, and any additional fees that can accrue on your wedding day (and for which you’ll return from your honeymoon to find a bill). Be creative and have fun when picking a venue- hotel ballrooms can be beautiful and have lots of conveniences, but don’t forget to look into museums, local organic farms, quirky inns, butterfly gardens, and restored historical sites as well. As long as you combine an imagination for potential with a pragmatic concern for both you and your guests’ comfort, you can find a venue that exceeds your wedding day fantasies and delivers a perfectly magnificent celebration!




CASTLES Castle on the Hudson - Tarrytown A five star medieval setting. 914 631 1980 Reid Castle At Manhattanville Purchase An elegant and spacious location with a glorious garden and patio. 914 323 5159 Whitby Castle - Rye An intimate setting with both indoor and outdoor wedding space. 914 777 2053

COUNTRY CLUBS Highlands Country Club - Garrison An hour north of New York City, Highlands is a rustic, chic and elegant choice. 845 424 3254 The Garrison - Garrison Sophisticated natural setting. Impeccable service and critically acclaimed cuisine. 845 424 3604

ESTATES/MANSIONS Boscobel House and GardensGarrison A Federal period house with romantic tree-lined entryway, gardens, and majestic views. 845 265 3638 x129 F.E.A.S.T. at Round Hill Washingtonville A restored Greek revival mansion with gardens, a porch and outdoor ceremony garden. 845 497 7476


The Westchester

WEDDING PLANNER ESTATES/MANSIONS CONT. Hudson at Haymount House Briarcliff Manor An intimate and gracious estate. A colonial home dating back to 1910. Catering reflects farm-to-table focus. 914 502 0080 The James House Mansion Sleepy Hollow A very intimate and Victorian mansion with wrap-around porch. All catering and rentals must be brought in. 914 366 3178 Locust Grove - Poughkeepsie A historic Estate in the heart of the Hudson Valley. 845 454 4500 x211 Lyndhurst - Tarrytown A mansion with amazing river views. 914 631 4481 Monteverde at Oldstone Cortland Manor Vistas and perfectly manicured lawns. A beautifully natural setting and a 18th century mansion. 914 874 9247 The Rowsley Estate - Scarsdale Elegant house set on a sprawling wooded estate. Described as exquisit and enchanting. 914 747 818197 Sunnyside - Historic home of Washington Irving - Tarrytown Tented venue for upto 120 guests. An entirely outdoor wedding settingwith no indoor backup plan. No kitchen available. 914 591 8763 washington-irvings-sunnyside

ESTATES/MANSIONS CONT. Tara Circle at Alder Manor - Yonkers A 1912 mansion that lends itself to a “Great Gatsby” type of event. 914 964 8272 Wainwright House - Rye A recreated version of Chateau de Raincheval in France. A warm and charming house that give the feeling of an “at-home” wedding. 914 967 6080 The Woman’s Club of White Plains at CV Rich Mansion - White Plains Victorian mansion with gardens, a sun room, and a majestic ballroom. 914 948 0958

FARMS/BARNS Apple Barn Farm - Germantown A true rustic 19th century barn for an authentic barn wedding. 518 929 7801 Blue Hill at Stone Barns Pocantico Hills Offering different options depending on your style and number of guests. 914 366 9606 weddings Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill - Hudson In the heart of the Catskills. 212 585 2495 Stone Tavern Barn - Roxbury In the Catskills Mountains, this barn can accommodate anywhere from 75 to 400 gusts. 607-326-3600


The Westchester



MUSEUMS/GARDENS Caramoor - Katonah A unique 90 acres of gardens, hills, woodlands, and picturesque vistas. Choose a Reception Tent, Venetian Theater, Spanish Courtyard, or the Rosen House. 914 232 5035 Au Ciel The Space - Irvington Chic, natural and romantic loft like setting. 914 591 1135 Hammond Museum and Stroll Japanese Garden - North Salem A Japanese Garden ideal for an outdoor wedding. Indoor facility available. 914 669 5033


RESTAURANTS Harvest on Hudson - Hastings Gardens, patio and spectacular views of the Hudson. 914 478 2800 Le Château - South Salem This historical mansion provides old-world elegance and style. 914 533 6631 La Panetiere - Rye Intimate sunroom. The perfect gourmet experience from Provence. 914 967 8140 Peter Pratts Inn - Yorktown A restaurant in an old colonial home. Described by Zagat as a “charmer tucked away in the woods.” 914 962 4090


42 The Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton - White Plains For a chic, bootique style wedding. 914 761 4242

Brotherhood Winery Washingtonville The oldest winery in the United States. 845 496 3661

Bedford Post - Bedford Only an hour from NYC, this Inn offers elegance and sophistication. 914 234 7800

Benmarl Winery - Marlboro A lush vinyard with the perfect natural and rustic appeal. 845 236 4265

Blue Hill at Stone Barn Pocantico Hills Different areas of the property can accomodate from 50 to 260 guests. 914 366 9600

Robibero Family Vinyards Panoramic views and a 90 foot deck lperfect for a wedding. 845 255 2494

Crabtree Kittle House - Chappaqua Historic Inn and restaurant. 914 666 8044

The Westchester Wedding Planner is available for purchase at

Warwick Valley Winery - Warwick In the foothills of the Hudson Valley with views of Mt. Adam and Mt. Eve. 845 258 4858


Words Of Wisdom For Your Big Day

by Mark Johnson

Every bride wants her big day to go as smoothly as possible. They obsess about it to the point of having nightmares: the groom running off with a bridesmaid; Aunt Edna eating the cake before it’s been cut; or (most commonly) tripping up down the aisle and flashing the congregation your sexy wedding undies. Don’t panic, there are a few simple things to remember to ensure you enjoy what should be one of the best days of your life. At the end of the day, if you find yourself married to the right man, you’ve achieved your goal.

Time to Say “I do”

Timing is crucial. One of the biggest mistakes is not leaving enough time to get yourself ready, mentally and physically. Plan ahead and even carry out practice runs for hair and make-up. Make sure you have enough time to get yourself looking tip top, and tell your bridesmaids to do the same. You will want to leave yourself enough time to relax and mentally prepare yourself before you have to leave for the wedding venue. There will be something you may not have considered, like the time it takes to do up 101 buttons on the back of your dress, so make sure you have time to spare.

Let’s Face It: It’s All About The Bride If things do go a little pear shaped whilst getting ready, don’t panic, the wedding is not going to start without you. You are the ‘piece de resistance’, the star of the show! So if you keep the ‘audience’ waiting for 15 minutes, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, some people believe it to be good luck if the bride is fashionably late.


You’ re The Boss Your wedding day is only going to happen once (hopefully), which means this is your only opportunity to get things right. Don’t be afraid or nervous to direct people or speak your mind. For example, if someone is missing from a particular group photo, say something to the photographer. Be an opportunist and get your own way, otherwise, years down the line you’ll look back on that photo and think ‘Aunt Edna should have been in that photo’.

Trash The Dress One thing you might be worried about is getting your dress dirty. You will only ever wear this dress once, so why spend your day worrying about it getting dirty? Think of it this way, every mark, grass stain and gravy splash is a unique reminder of the day. You’ll probably be worrying about so many other things that it would actually do you good to not give two hoots about dirtying your dress.v

Elegant Wedding Or Boozy Night Out Just remember, all of your family and friends are going to be enjoying this special day with you. Do you really want to end up absolutely plastered, forgetting the wholething and spending your first day of married life with one hell of a hangover? Wedding nerves are an excellent appetite suppressor, so you are more likely to succumb to the effects of alcohol. Try to recognise your limit and eat something absorbent, assuming you don’t want to fall over on the dance floor or get stuck into the cake with Aunt Edna!




Radiant. Lush. Harmonious.

Pantone Color of the Year 17-5641

Vintage Wedding-Sw arovski Crystal Headband by Helena Noelle Coutu re

te tal Compo s e d e P e g a Vint ction Glass Colle dio n Rose Stu from Lemo 55 | TWWP | SPRING/SUMMER 2013

Romance Wedding Invitation Suite from Paper Impressions


Emerald Isle Kitten Heel Shoes by Beholden Bridal

Pearl Silk Ribbon N eckl Ea r r i n g s and Brac ace, e from Lil i Winkle let r Brides

Belt hinestone R i k s v o r a Sw h ovable Sas with Rem Lovely House of

Bridesmaid Monogram 14k Gold N ecklaces Anatolia n Ta le De sign

k Clutch The K NOT Sil n by Angela Olso s {AO3} Design

THE SHOPS Vintage Wedding Swarovski Crystal Headband, $315,, Photograph by Tamiz Photography. Etsy shop at Emerald Isle Kitten Heels Wedding Shoes, $215, Vintage Pedestal Compote Green Glass Collection, $34, Lemon Rose Studio, Plymouth MI,

Wedding Gift - 3D

Emerald Romance Wedding Invitation Suite, by Wendi Brooks of Paper Impressions,,


aper Artby (First year anni versar y is Paper ) Mio Ga ller y

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Jewelry Set, Pearl Silk Ribbon Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings, $55, Lili Winkler Design,, Swarovski Rhinestone Bridal Belt and (Removable) Knotted Sash, $185, Photograph by Nashville Photography Group, HouseofLovely, Nashville, www., also available on Etsy. Wedding Gift - 3D heart ornament - BIG- Emerald green and bright lemon, $190, Paper Decor Studio MIO GALLERY,, shop/MioGallery The {KNOT} Clutch in Emerald silk, $98, Created by Angela Olson of {A03} Designs,,, Also available on Etsy. Vintage Handkerchief Ring Bearer Pillow, $35, Donellen Baer, email:,, Twining Vines

w er Pillo hief r a e B Ring Handkerc e Vintag ining Vines Tw

Monogram Necklaces, Emerald Green, Framed Stone, 14k Gold Filled, Wedding, Bridesmaid Gift, Initial Necklace, $34 each, Anatolian Tale Design, Yasemen Berna Egen, Salt Lake City Utah,,


Five Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests

Brides and wedding planners alike spend months and thousands of dollars fretting over the smallest of details in the lead up to the big day. They want the wedding to be a hit with the guests and that perfect day the bride and groom will never forget. But do they sometimes overlook the most obvious of details to Wow Your Wedding Guests Make sure your wedding is memorable for the right reasons with these five ways to wow your guests:


Consider the timeline of your day.

Most wedding guests are honored to be invited to your special day. They don’t see the small details that may have gone awry and usually have no problem entertaining themselves. But guests do become agitated when they must spend long periods of time waiting around. This most often happens after the ceremony when the bridal party is occupied with the wedding photographer or when there is simply a long lag time between the ceremony and the reception. If you must have a period of an hour or more between the reception and the ceremony make sure your gests can go somewhere comfortable where there is enough seating for everyone and refreshments are available. There’s nothing worse than waiting for two hours for the ceremony to start with nothing to eat or drink.


Don’t skimp on the food and drink.

People love to eat. In fact food is an integral part of celebrations worldwide—can you think of one where it isn’t? Trying to cut budgetary corners when it comes to the food and drink at your wedding is inadvisable; people want to have a good time and celebrate with you. Make sure there’s enough food and drink and that it’s good. Buffets usually go down well, especially as so many people have food allergies and intolerances.


Provide thoughtful favors.

Favors are a nice touch at a wedding but can be a waste of money if you don’t put some thought into them. Can you provide something unique that will let your guests know you were thinking of them? Perhaps a single handmade chocolate with their initials on? Or a personalized decoration that ties in with your theme? Depending on your personality and the type of people coming to your wedding, a donation to charity in honor of your guests may also be well received.



Check your sound system.

It may seem obvious but make sure you check your sound system before the big day. You may think all your guests will be able to hear your vows and speeches but are you certain that those at the back of the venue will be able to? Have you considered some of the older folks that may be hard of hearing?


Consider the environment.

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Might it be hot, or even cold? Are you prepared for the weather? If it’s likely to be very hot you shouldprobably provide extra drinks and perhaps even have fans as your favors. If your venue is indoors temperature can still be an issue so think ahead. The key to keeping your guests smiling is to anticipate their comfort. Don’t give them any reason to give your wedding less than a perfect 10.



The Wedding Budget

Even if you’re no financial advisor, you can budget your wedding like a pro and have a spectacular day without making dad sell his car to bankroll the festivities! Whether your wedding is funded by your parents, the groom’s parents, or you’re footing the bill yourself (or some combination of the three), adhering to a budget is essential to warding off wedding wallet woes and enjoying your glorious day. If you feel overwhelmed with not only planning, but also paying for your wedding, you’re not alone! It is possible to have a fabulous wedding without plunging into poverty and this budget sheet is here to keep you in control of your cash!

You may even find that some of the more expensive companies wind up costing less when all of the charges are totaled. And don’t forget that when you hear that postage is $3 for each bulky wedding invite, that’s $3 for every guest, easily summing up to hundreds of dollars in mailing services alone. Perhaps you do want that lighter invitation after all?

Before you jump to the budget sheet though, consider how much you can reasonably spend on your wedding and how much everything will realistically cost. If family members are financially contributing to your big day (and the many expenses leading up to it), see if they will deposit the money upfront into a bank account designated for your wedding. While some relatives may wish to handle the costs of specific items, such as the wedding dress, it is often easier to pool the money and spend it as needed. (This method makes clear exactly what you have to work with and allows you to focus on where you will get the most satisfaction for your precious dollars.) Most couples expect to spend big money on flowers, a dress, and that four-tiered cake sure to impress the guests, but don’t underestimate the true cost of hidden and seemingly “small” wedding charges. You may be satisfied with what you’ve paid to rent tables and chairs, but what about the price to actually get them to the venue? That’s right- you may not only have to pay to use those tables, but you’ll probably have to shell out an additional fee for the company to take them to and from your reception! Asking all of your vendors about transportation costs, taxes, and overtime fees before you book is the best way to prevent any surprise bills on the day of your wedding.

Written by Breanna Boniface


Your Wedding Budget Item


WEDDING FASHION 10% Bride’s Dress Bride’s Headpiece Veil Shoes Accessories Hair Makeup Groom’s Tux Groom’s Shoes Groom’s Accessories Miscellaneous

RECEPTION 50% Venue Rentals Catering & service Beverages Cake Miscellaneous

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO 10% Photography Video Miscellaneous

MUSIC 10% Reception music Other rentals Cocktail hour music Ceremony music Miscellaneous

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO 10% Bridal bouquet Bridesmaids’ bouquets Corsages Boutonnieres Flower girl flowers Ceremony flowers Reception flowers Rentals Lighting Miscellaneous SUB TOTAL 61 | TWWP | SPRING/SUMMER 2013

The Westchester


Actual Amount Spent

Your Wedding Budget Item


The Westchester


Actual Amount Spent

CEREMONY 10% Officiant fee Church donation Site fee Miscellaneous WEDDING RINGS 2% Bride’s ring Groom’s ring

FAVORS AND GIFTS 3% Bridal party gifts Groomsmen gifts Other gifts Miscellaneous

STATIONERY 10% Invitations Save-the-date Menus Programs Place cards Escort cards Postage Thank you cards Miscellaneous

TRANSPORTATION 1% Limo Parking Miscellaneous SUB TOTAL TOTAL

Download this budget worksheet from our blog: 62 | TWWP | SPRING/SUMMER 2013

Photography The Perfect Vision For Your Day Ever since he put the ring on your finger, you started to dream. You could hardly sleep, with all the details of your beautiful wedding day flooding through your mind. The outdoor ceremony will take place in the peaceful setting of the woods. The programs will be the texture of a white birch tree. Your bridesmaids will walk down the aisle in neutral-colored chiffon dresses. They will carry bouquets of pink peonies. Then, it’s your moment. You will stand at the aisle, and look at your groom. He will be stunned happy, speechless – as he sees how gorgeous you are in your lace gown with its long, flowing train. You will look up at your dad, and try not to cry – as everything you planned is more beautiful than you could ever have imagined. How do you make this fairy tale day come to life? Find a good photographer. I know that sounds like simple advice, and it is. But it is really more important than most people know. Wedding photographers are not just people who arrive on the wedding day with a few jumbo cameras, some lighting gear and and an assistant. Picture your photographer more like an envisionist. He/she will help you imagine details and ideas for your wedding day, and help you create a timeline of events so your day will flow smoothly. Photographers are also an incredible resource, as they can connect you with wedding planners, florists and other vendors who will help make your day simply beautiful and stress-free. Your photographer’s job is to use his/her experience to help you, just like a good friend would. And of course, their job on your wedding day is to capture what you cannot possibly see. Your job is to enjoy your day, your groom, your family and friends, and this day that you dreamed of for what seems like an eternity. Your photographer will see what you can’t while you are walking down the aisle, greeting guests, and dancing the night away. The small moments - the details - are a photographer’s place to shine. He/she will know how and when to pose you, and when to hang back and capture the natural moment. How can you choose the right photographer, so your pictures really do capture the emotion and spirit of your day? It’s one of the most important decisions you will make.

Ask your friends. First, try recommendations that come through people you trust. Ask people who were recently married, will be able to tell you about their experience with their photographer.

Google search. Look up the venue where you will be getting married, and youwill find blogs of photographers who have worked there before.

Try Wedding Wire / The Knot / The Westchester Wedding Planner. Without getting overwhelmed, search for photographers in your area and dig deeper if their images jump out at you.

Compile a list of photographers whose styles you like and whose work “fits” with the vision for your wedding day. Then, go to their websites, and do further research. To decide who you would like to meet with, ask yourself these questions:


Am I attracted to the style of their work? Does their style capture how I would like to remember my wedding day? What is the vibe you get from their online presence? Their portfolio, advice they post on their Facebook page, the content that they write in their blog, and their reviews and accolades from previous clients, can all help you discover if they might be a good fit for you. What is the value this photographer is offering? What do they include in their packages, and what does the overall experience of working them appear to be like? After you assess these questions, narrow down your list of photographers to a maximum of 3 or 4 people you would like to meet with. Contact each of them and schedule a meeting. Before each meeting, compile a list of questions that are important to you. Come prepared to the meeting with your photographer, so that you can ask him/her about significant details for your wedding day, items that are important in your wedding package, and questions about their backgrounds in photography and how they will work during your wedding day. It sounds like a lot to think about, but as you sit there with the photographer, how you feel and what you want will become clear. Meeting with a photographer is just like dating. You’ll just know when you find the right one. You found your groom, right? Don’t worry! You’ll find your photographer. Then, as you walk down the aisle toward your groom on your wedding day, the sun shines through the trees, the breeze blows your veil ever so softly. You look up at your dad, and shed a tear. Your gaze then focuses on your groom, waiting for you with a big grin, and all the love you have ever felt fills in your eyes. And you hear the slightest sound, Click. In that instant, your photographer captured the love in your eyes, and you can re-live that moment, that feeling, forever.




Scott & Rebecca’s wedding at The Crabtree Kittle House, Chappaqua, NY Photography by Aida Krgin Photography



VENUE: Crabtree Kittle House PHOTOGRAPHER: Aida Krgin Photographer FLOWERS: CheshireTree Floral Designs DRESS: Monique Lhuillier CAKE: L’Anjou Patisserie CAKE POPS: L’Anjou Patisserie INVITATIONS: Bella Figura BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES’: J.Crew GROOM’S TUX: J.Crew GROOMSMEN TUXES: Elephant’s Trunk MUSIC/DJ: BOK-Music CEREMONY MUSIC: The Devonshire Players


S TEP INTO SUMMER Diana & Scott’s wedding at The Grandview, Poughkeepsie, NY Photography by Kerri Lynne Photography




VENUE: The Grandview,Poughkeepsie CHURCH: St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Yorktown PHOTOGRAPHER: Kerri Lynne Photography DRESS: The Town Shop, Poughkeepsie CAKE: The Grandview FLOWERS: House of Flowers, Mamaroneck INVITATIONS: DIY HAIR: Donna Bonci of Hair Liberation MAKEUP: Danielle Spirelli of Makeup by Danielle MUSIC: Jimmy Dee Entertainment, White Plains


F ARM CHIC WEDDING Kyle & Barry’s wedding at Stone Tavern Farm, Roxbury, NY Photography by Turnquist Photography




VENUE: Stone Tavern Farm PHOTOGRAPHY: Turnquist Photography FLOWERS: The Flower Shop CATERING: Rhinecliff Hotel BRIDESMAIDS’ DRESSES: BHLDN Bride’s GOWN: It was Her Grandmother’s INVITATIONS: Lettuce Paper, invitations were printed on vintage napkins.



Kaleena and Al’s Wedding at CV Rich Mansion, White Plains Photography by Kelly Vasami Photography




VENUE: CV Rich Mansion, White Plains CHURCH: Church of the Resurrection, Rye PHOTOGRAPHER: Kelly Vasami Photography FLOWERS: House of Flowers, Mamaroneck CATERER: Caperberry Events & Catering, White Plains CAKE: Lulu Custom Cake Boutique, Scarsdale INVITATIONS: Coral Pheasant DRESS: The Plumed Serpent Bridal, Westport, CT VEIL AND JEWELRY: Paris by Debra Moreland, trunk show at The Plumed Serpent HAIR: Partners Salon & Spa, Riverside, CT MAKEUP: Jennie Fresa, Clinton, CT MUSIC: Brendan O’Keefe, Scarsdale



Engagement Photos by Aida Krgin All photos by Aida Krgin Photography


It’s natural for most people to feel nervouse in front of a camera. That’s why I encourage all of my couples to have an engagement session. My goal is to have my couples enjoy themselves so much that they can’t wait to do it again. In addition to keeping things simple, here are a few other things to consider for your engagement session:


- Select a location that means something 1. to you both. Choose the location where you got engaged, or a fun location where you often go together.


When choosing a location keep in mind that sometimes a permit may be required. If looking for a park with beautiful scenery try the NY Botanical Garden. No permit required as long as the photographer doesn’t use a tripod or light stands. A permit is required for wedding day formals.


Another great location idea is your wedding venue. Couples may choose a veneu because it represents who they are or because they just love the setting.


- Use simple props that say something about 2. you as a couple. Do you love to bike ride together? Books and ballons also make great props. 1. Rye Playland in Rye, 2. New York Botanical Garden, Bronx 3. Streets of Rye, NY, 4. Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville, NY, 5. New York’s Central Park, 6. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, 7. Lasdon Arboretum, Somers, 8. Liberty State Park, NJ










A Day In The Life Of An Event Planner By LAUREN STANCO LCR Events


hether you’re newly engaged, have a big birthday on the horizon or are gearing up for holiday festivities, there always seems to be a reason to celebrate—and with that, a party to plan! While planning a big bash is often exciting at first, it can quickly become overwhelming and spiral out of control, turning your special event into a stressful and exhausting day rather than the perfect and enjoyable one you had envisioned.


Now that you have a wedding to create, how can you safeguard a should-be pleasurable experience from becoming painful at any moment? Hire an event planner to add professional pizzazz to your party as she handles the headaches that are sure to arise in its preparation. Allowing someone else to worry about the unexpected and take on the responsibility of ensuring your event is perfect means you can relax and actually enjoy it! Perhaps you’re worried that you won’t get exactly what you want unless you do it yourself. But don’t fear! Enlisting an event planner doesn’t have to mean relinquishing all control and letting someone else decide all the details. You can opt to be as involved (or not) as you choose. In addition to getting

everything you want (and likely more than you even dreamed of) you will have the benefit of the connections and experience of someone whose sole goal is to execute an event that surpasses your expectations! I always ask prospective clients how collaborative they want our relationship to be. My clients vary from the hands-off type who extend a general vision for their event then wholly rely on me to bring vibrant precision to their ideas, to the hands-on type who want to personally listen to each potential band, smell every flower, and help create each favor, but don’t necessarily have the time (or the connections) to do all this and maintain sanity. The job of locating each vendor, coordinating all the contracts, and executing the ‘day of’ activities is certainly daunting, but can be handled smoothly by a seasoned professional who has lots of experience anticipating the technicalities you might never even think of. The level of planner involvement is your choice, and a good event planner will follow your lead and take your suggestions, concerns, and requests seriously. You don’t have to go bankrupt to work with a great planner either. Wedding coordinator rates vary according to professional experience, clientele, and level of involvement, and planners can work with almost any wedding budget to help you maximize your funds. In fact, hiring a coordinator often means avoiding expensive pitfalls that trap unsuspecting brides! Think of a wedding planner as a tight end in football: her job is to tackle the obstacles to your perfect day and give the ball the clearest possible path to the end zone for an over-the-top victory dance. C’mon ladies, we might not all be football fanatics, but marriage means most of us will have to venture into the world of contact sports at some point (yikes!). But if the sports metaphors still aren’t working, consider your marriage as a celebration not only for you and your betrothed, but for all of the family and friends who will gather to rejoice with you. It would be nearly impossible for any bride to plan her ideal ceremony and reception, manage a budget and vendors, and cater to her guests’ comfort while doing the most important thing of all- joyously looking forward to one of the most significant days of her life! A wedding planner can’t guarantee a stressfree lead up to your wedding (you should expect some inconvenience along the way), but she can handle the strategy and remain on the front-lines for you and your guests, making sure that you host an awesome fete and can focus on making happy memories that you’ll revel in for a lifetime. (After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else worry about where to seat your boisterous Aunt Marilyn?) Here’s a personal account that highlights the clear benefit of hiring an event planner: It was 10:00 am in the Grand Ballroom of The Waldorf Astoria in New York City. The setup for a wedding of 600 guests was underway. All the stops had been pulled out for this special occasion. Nothing could go wrong--- right? The Bride and Groom had chosen Frank Sinatra’s recording of “More” to play as


they made their debut as Husband and Wife on the dance floor and shared a monumental first dance. The Bride had burned the song onto a CD and handed only one copy to the event planners for safekeeping. (Let me add, this took place back in the day, prior to iPods and internet music downloads.) All was going great, until we decided to test the sound quality of the song over the speaker system. Instead of hearing Frank belt out his famous hit, all we heard was silence. The CD would not play!

Day of Emergency Kit

I ran out of the Waldorf to scour the city’s music stores and find this rare recording of “More”. After many phone calls and countless trips to stores, I found one shop that had one copy of the song. I hurried back to the Waldorf, clutching my invaluable treasure, with only a few hours to spare! By 7:00 pm, the Bride and Groom were floating across the dance floor to Frank’s crooning without a care in the world. They were none the wiser to the fact that their perfect first dance almost didn’t happen the way they had dreamed. The stress and responsibility of ensuring that this near-disaster was averted was mine as the event planner, not the bride or groom’s. Even the happiest and most exciting events can become stressful in an instant and detract from the joy that began the special day. As the Coordinator, it is my job to plan and execute a seamless event, eliminating anxiety from the client. Whether it is acting as a mediator during a conflicting moment, a shoulder to lean on when emotions run high, or taking care of the nitty gritty details you just don’t have time for, a good event planner puts in every effort from the beginning to make your day wonderful and continues to work long after you’ve left the reception and headed for your happily ever after. We remain on site to ensure that every guest has found his way home and that every last crumb is cleared away! Once you have successfully made it to your honeymoon destination, the planner’s job is finally over--- until your child’s first birthday party comes around that is!

Clothing Repair Travel size iron Travel size steamer Mini sewng kit Safety pins Iron-on tape Fashion tape Static guard Lint roller

Stain Revover

Chalk - cover stains on white fabric Seltzer Talcum powder - soaks up greesy stains Shout wipes

Heath & Beauty Tissues Makeup Makeup remover Water Snacks Asprin Antiacid Clear nail poish and remover Bobby pins Band Aids Cotton swabs


Health & Beauty Tooth paste & brush Hair Dryer Bug spray Sunscreen A cover up Umbrella Tapesr

Other Musts

Contact information for all vendors. Cell phone Cell phone charger Batteries Copies of vows, speaches and readings Copy of venue floor plan if available.

This list should give you a good starting point. Because every bride and every wedding is different, add or subtract items as needed.

Unnecessary Expense or 100% Essential ? By Meredith Mundy, Bride

From the moment we met her, we could tell we were in excellent hands, and some of the “How are we ever going to get everything done in time?!” panic started to subside.

Still not convinced that hiring an event planner is right for you? Don’t take our word for it- here’s a classic testimonial from a fellow bride who discovered just how important a planner is to ensuring your event stays a celebration and avoids becoming an expensive, prolonged form of torture:

All photos by Rana Faure Photography Fiber Foto

When Richard and I got engaged, hiring a wedding planner was the last thing on our minds. We had thrown fabulous parties before, we’re very organized, we knew we could wrestle our guest list to under 120, and above all, we agreed to keep everything simple, simple, simple. A tiny ceremony with just family at a bookstore on the Hudson River would be followed the next day by a reception for friends and extended family in the Mount Gulian barn, with dinner and dancing. Simple! Easy! No sweat! We could definitely do this on our own . . . right?


After a close friend and Richard’s brother sat us down and told us, in all seriousness, that we were stark raving mad to host a wedding without the help of at least a “day of” planner, we began to consider the idea. The fatter my 3-ring binder grew, and the more decisions we had to make, the more appealing the idea became. I had never heard of hiring someone just to help out for the day, and that seemed to be the perfect solution. No one pushing us to design the wedding a certain way; no one insisting we spend money on things that didn’t matter to us simply because tradition dictated it . . . just an experienced professional to be there in case something went horribly awry. I sent out emails to four different planners highly recommended by Jill Weis at our supply company, Cartwright & Daughters in Carmel. All four replied, but only one struck us immediately as “the one.” Lauren Stanco of LCR Events sent back an easygoing message that was just our style—straightforward, not at all pushy, and she was willing to meet in person so we could make sure we all agreed on how the event would come together.


from the moment we met her, we could tell we were in excellent hands, and some of the “How are we ever going to get everything done in time?!” panic started to subside. Although we hired Lauren just for the day of the reception, she was with us every step of the way from our meeting point on, and was absolutely willing to work within our tight budget. Laurenmade the final calls to the supply company, caterer, and portable toilet company to make sure that everything would arrive at the right time, and got in touch with local taxi companies to ensure that guests would have no trouble getting to and from the venue. She even helped us figure out what tip amounts were appropriate for each vendor. Most importantly, Lauren gently but firmly reminded us that setting up for the party was going to take about five times longer than we imagined it would. Without her insistence that we setup waaaay in advance, our guests would have found us still madly stuffing candles into pumpkins and figuring out where the place cards were supposed to go!

Planning tools!

On the day of our barn party, Lauren was everywhere at once— counting to make sure all the plates and glasses had been delivered, organizing the caterers, decorating the tables according to our sketched designs, even racing back to the hotel with Richard when he realized that part of the band equipment had been left behind. It was wonderful to direct all questions and issues to her, leaving us free to mingle and eat and enjoy. Weddings are not simple, in spite of every best intention. Stress cannot be avoided, no matter how organized you are. But with the help of a seasoned planner, a wedding CAN be exactly as you’d pictured it, and your memories will be full of the fun you had, rather than what went wrong and how stressed out you were. Could we have pulled off our beautiful wedding reception without Lauren? Probably. But would we have enjoyed ourselves half as much? Not a chance.

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Plus find: Local Venues, Photographers, Florists, Caterers, Wedding Planners, Bridal Salons, Ideas and Inpirations for your Wedding Day, and much more. 90 | TWWP | SPRING/SUMMER 2013

The Westchester



CAKES/CUPCAKES/COOKIES Artuso Pastry - Mamaroneck New location. A fanciful bridal cake pastry shop. 914 630 7880 Cake Devils - Westchester. Serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Artistic, beautiful and delicious creations for any occasion. 914 861 5666 HomestyleDesserts Bakery - Peekskill Creating custom cakes and desserts for over 40 years in Westchester and the Hudson Valley. 914 737 4659

The ultimate directory to The Westchester Wedding Planner’s hand selected wedding professionals to help you design your dream wedding.

Because planning a wedding can be such an overwhelming process for brides, grooms and their families, our hope is that The Westchester Wedding Planner helps to streamline the process with our timelines, wedding budget worksheets, ideas and inspiration, and our select vendor list. Cakes/Cupcakes/Cookies........






Hair Stylist.................................


Health & Beauty........................





Wedding Fashion.....................



Pastry Garden - Poughkeepsie The Pastry Garden will help you design the cake of your dreams. 845 473 5220 Sun-Rise Baking - Rye Brook From sugar cooking to shortbread cookies and cupcakes, Sun-Rise will satisfy your sweet needs. 914 262 3195 Sweetooth - Katonah Great for wedding cupcakes. 914 232 7700 Sweet & Social Cupcakes Larchmont Specializing in 25 different cupcakes flavors. 914 630 4834

The Westchester


Directory CATERING Blake’s Plate Catering and Personal Chef - Rye Blake Davis LaMarca A boutique catering and private chef company located in Westchester. 917 428 3946 Chartwells Catering Michael Hummel Eat - Learn - Live 914 323 5396 Cornerstone - Rye Over 20 years experience in catering weddings and parties. 914 967 0035 Good Life Gourmet - Catering - Irvington A personalized catering experience. 914 478 8080 La Panetiere - Rye Jacques Loupiac French restaurant with banquet facilities. Catering for any occasion. 28 years of experience. 914 967 8140 FEAST Caterers “We are passionate about food” 845 497 7476

FLORISTS Blooming Buds - Harrison Specializing in designing floral arrangements for parties and weddings. 917 381 0333 Golden Lotus Floral Design White Plains Stylish boutique specializing in weddings and events. 914 393 1663

FLORISTS - cont The Flower Bar - Larchmont Unique floral designs for any occasion. 914 834 4900 Westchester Floral Decorators Pelham Committed to designing custom floral decor that reflects your personality and style. 914 633 1900 YL Event Design - Rye A full-service boutique specializing in wedding tablescapes and floral arrangements. 914 921 1575

HAIR STYLISTS Hair Creations & Hair and Beyond Harrison, Rye Brenda Maeda - Hair Stylist and owner of both salons. Committed to providing exceptional service to all our clients. An exceptional team is available for in salon or on location hair styling for your wedding. 914 835 1350 - Harrison 914 967 0860 - Rye Gisele’s Salon - Larchmont Premiere Boutique Salon. A full service hair salon specializing in corrective color. 914 834 1700 Joli Salon & Spa - Harrison The ultimate destination for full service pampering. Spa treatments, hair and makeup services. 914 835 0200

HAIR STYLISTS - cont Westchester Hair Stylist - Yonkers Melissa Scrofani The convenience of a hair salon in the comfort of your home. 914 924 2011

HEALTH & BEAUTY EXERCISE/SPA Center for Therapeutic Massage Mamaroneck Mary Smith - Massage Therapist Available by appointment only. 914 381 5999 Jacqueline’s Skin Studio Larchmont Achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. 914 834-7034 Joli Salon & Spa - Harrison The ultimate destination for full service pampering. Spa treatments, hair and makeup services. 914 835 0200 Pilates - Larchmont, Rye Tracy Augustine 914 439 4559

JEWELRY Gallery 52 - Rye Vintage, contemporary, and collectable jewelry. 914 921 1585 Joan Sansone Estate Jewelry - Rye Antique and Estate jewelry. 914 967 7597 Medallion Jewelers - Larchmont Large selection of high quality jewelry including custom designed pieces. 914 833 9394


The Westchester


Directory JEWELRY - cont Landsberg Jewelers - Rye Brook In business since 1948, Landsberg has a beautiful collection of diamond jewlry. 914 510 8920 Royal Jewels of Rye In the heart of Rye, jeweler John Givelkain has over 30 years of experience working with precious stones, diamonds, and fine jewelry. Engagement, and wedding rings. Bridesmaids gifts. 914 967 6633 Woodrow Jewelers - Rye In business since 1985, Woodrow Jewelers carries a wide variety of styles and brands. 914 967 0464 Zaltas Gallery - Mamaroneck Offers a wide selection of designer jewelry. 914 777 7304

MAKEUP ARTISTS Beauty by Daniela - Larchmont Daniela Baldor - Makeup Artist Award winning makeup artist specializing in Bridal makeup. 914 329 9476 By Appointment Only Faces by Linda - Yonkers Linda Gallo - Makeup Artist Owner Linda Gallo is a true artist with more than 20 years experience. 914 473 7657 Meredith Hayman Makeup Artist Yorktown Heights Specializing in Bridal makeup, television, commercial print ads and instruction. 646 418 5445 93 | TWWP | SPRING/SUMMER 2013

MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT Dance Time Entertainment Jamie Villarie A great team of dedicated professionals will help you plan entertainment and provide you with best possible options for your wedding. 914 591 2100 Karen Colin - Larchmont Harp music for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or any other special event. c.914 282 7452 b.914 834 1009 Kaos Productions Michael & Joe Described as AMAZING! Their goal is to make your event unique and unforgettable. 914 494 9245

PHOTOGRAPHERS Aida Krgin Photography Fine Art Wedding photography servicing the tri-state. Also available for destination weddings. 914 830 4474 www.aidakrginphotography Kelly Vasami Photography Timeless, creative, modern, and photo journalistic wedding photography. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. 914 262 2893 Kerri Lynne Photography Hudson Valley wedding photographer that tells your story and captures moments that are genuine, natural, and fun. 914 582 6583

PHOTOGRAPHERS - cont Poppy Studio - Eve Prime Eve aims to capture beautiful and fun images for her clients. 914 231 5371 Stefy Hilmer Photography In business for 17 years, Stefy’s style is contemporary. 914 356 5272 Turnquist Photography A team of husband and wife photographer specializing in wedding photography. Based in Hudson Valley. 845 544 3007 Nicole Taylor Photography Wedding and Portrait photography.

PLANNERS Events by Missy Day-of Events, Partial Planning, Complete Planning. 914 426 5650 LCR Events by Lauren Malang Stanco A full service event planning company dedicated to creating first class events that exceed expectations. 914 646 4514 Lifetime Events by Jacqueline Whether it’s starting from the beginning or half way through your planning, the goal is to execute your vision flawlessly. 914 713 3126

The Westchester


Directory PLANNERS - cont Regalia Events Annalisa Menin Designing one-of-a-kind celebrations with a touch of Italy. Creative and innovative. Wedding by Debra Thompson Planning extraordinary events since 1993. Your creative partners providing options, ideas, and insight for a memorable wedding. 914 438 1478 The Party Styler A party and wedding planning business. Day of coordinator services in the Westchester County, NY Metro, Hudson Valley & Connecticut areas. Event Designs by Rick Full service event planning. 347-992-3914

RENTALS Cartwright & Daughters Tent & Party Rentals - Carmel A full service family owned party rental company. 845 225 9200 New York Wedding Designs - Rye Your Table, Your Day, Your Design. Perfect for DIY events. Create a unique tablescape but don’t buy a thing. Rent it. 917 727 4821

RENTALS - cont Rent Vintage China - White Plains Rent inexpensive vintage china and make your wedding, bridal shower or any event as unique as you are. Mis-match vintage china for any occasion. 914 610 5965 Party Line Tent Rental - Elmsford Full service tent and event rentals that also offers value added service. 914 592 1200

STATIONERY Christina D’Asaro Design Unique stationery, invitations, announcements, correspondence, and gifts. Dedicated to providing designs that represent their personal style. 646 201 5509 Laura Damiano Designs Amazing personalized service. Unique designs created personally for you by graphic designer, Laura Damiano. Committed to creating your vision. 914 760 6909 Love Notes Custom designs with a creative flair and outstanding attention to detail. 914 602 9111 Write On! - Larchmont Offers a unique selection of stationery, invitations, greeting cards, and other paper products. 914 834 1770

TRANSPORTATION Top Class Limousine - Yonkers 914 423-5466 Leros Point to Point - Hawthorne Worldwide transportation. 914 747 2300

VIDEOGRAPHERS Kadams Media - Westchester Cinematic wedding films. 585 301 5512 Moving Pictures - Ardsley Distinctive cinematic video. 914 479 0400

WEDDING FASHION Be Unique Boutique - Mount Kisco Unique bridal gowns. Mother of the bride and groom, and Flower girl dresses. Veils and hair accessories. 914 241 2410 Elephants Trunk - Mount Kisco Described as having a classy, different, and tasteful collection of evening wear and tuxedos 914 666 7666 Exclusive Bridal Shoppe Greenwich, CT Just minutes from Port Chester. Specializing in custom made wedding gowns. Also available are off the rack designer gowns. 203 869 6515 By appointment only. Fontana Couture - Greenwich In this new location Fontana houses some of today’s finests desiner gowns, bridemaids, flower girls. 914 472 1441 203 204 8600 94 | TWWP | SPRING/SUMMER 2013

Directory WEDDING FASHION - cont House of Botticelli - Bronxville Personalized service for over 20 years. Wedding gowns, bridesmains, mother of the bride and groom, and evening fashions. 914 337 6384 Ridge Squire - Tuxedo & Fine Menswear - Rye Brook Setting high standards in Fine Menswear for over 40 years. 914 939 4613 Siren Boutique - Mamaroneck A funky and eclectic mix. A little bit of Soho in Mamaroneck. 914 777 2122


The Westchester


The Westchester

WEDDING PLANNER What is TWWP? The Westchester Wedding Planner connects brides to a handful of carefully chosen specialists in the wedding industry on a local level. We know how important your wedding day is. That’s why we are excited to bring you an exclusive group of wedding professionals that we highly recommend, so that you can plan your wedding day with confidence, style and ease. Because planning a wedding can be such an overwhelming process for brides, grooms and their families, our hope is that The Westchester Wedding Planner helps to streamline the process with our timelines, budget worksheets, ideas and inspiration, and our select vendor list. The wedding professionals on this blog have been hand selected to be part of this network  not only for their industry excellence and reputation, but also for their dedication to client relationships.

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Make up

Aida Krgin, of Aida Krgin Photography, wedding photographer and creator of The Westchester Wedding Planner. Kathy Rigano, marketing and advertising expert for TWWP. Lisa Roseli, research and development for TWWP. Breanna Boniface, our incredibly talented writer. Reid Castle at Manhattanville, an elegant and sophisticated setting for the perfect fairy tale wedding. Lauren Malang Stanco, of LCR Events did an amazing job styling and planning our featured photo shoot. We thank Cartwright & Daughters Tent & Party Rentals for providing rentals. Chartswells Catering provides great food options. Blooming Buds, based in Harrison has been designing arrangements since 2001. Dylan’s Wine Cellar, based in Peekskill. A Cake Mom, Tara specializes in 3D sculpted cakes. Christina D’Asaro Designs, specializes in exquisite wedding invitations. Reeves Maddux, Lisa Dawn Hill, and Kym O’Keefe, beautiful and talented models. Laura Damiano Designs, one of Westchester’s most talented designer. Linda Gallo, of Faces by Linda - makeup, a true artist. Melissa Scrofani, of Westchester Hair Stylist, who works tirelessly to perfect her craft. Kerri Hamm of Kerri Lynn Photography, a creative and talented wedding photographer based in Mohegan Lake. Exclusive Bridal Shoppe, based in Greenwich specializes in custom designed wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. Be Unique Boutique, the owner, Erika Pitt, is truly an expert at fitting her brides. The boutique carries some of the most unique European wedding gowns, mother of the bride and groom dresses, flower girl dresses, veils and hair accessories. Whitecliff Winery, we are so thankful for the barrels. Kelly Vasami, thank you for the beautiful Real Wedding. Nancy White, of The Flower Box in Larchmont, thank you for contributing to TWWP. Meredith Hayman, makeup artist specilizing in bridal makeup. Brenda Maeda, owner of Hair Creations Salon in Harrison and Hair and Beyond in Rye. Yoli LaGuerre of YL Event Designs, a full service flower designer in the heart of Rye. Rebecca Turnquist of Turnquist Photography, thank you for your Real Wedding submition. Meredith Mundy, Congratulations on your nuptuals! and thank you for the article.

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