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Wrench and Purtell’s guide for consignment is clothing should be in excellent condition and purchased within the last 3 to 5 years – or classic pieces. They take business attire, evening gowns, shoes, boots, coats and accessories. “Accessories sell really well. It’s that one-sizefits-all appeal,” Wrench said. Divine Consign has a loyal following, Wrench said. From consigners and shoppers to volunteers who help run the sale. “We get a lot of repeat consigners, but we limit consigners to one sale per season. We want to get new people involved in the process. It gives our customers a fresh look at items.” There are three sites for each of the 5-day spring and fall sales: Lake Country, Whitefish Bay and Milwaukee. A consigner gets 60 percent of the price of the item or 75 percent of the price if the consigner volunteers to work the event. Wrench and Purtell are very focused on giving shoppers an appealing shopping experience. “Our sale sites have a boutique feel about them,” Wrench said. “We set up personal dressing rooms. Our customers get large blue shopping bags to collect the items to try on or to purchase. We accept major credit cards and there is no fee to attend.” After the sale, consigners have the option to pick up or donate their items. Wrench and Purtell wanted their business to give back. So they work with Transition House, Lake Country Caring, Hope Center and Soles for Jesus, which sends shoes to Africa. The two women worked with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin on a Prom for Patients event, Wrench said. “This year, we delivered three racks of dry cleaned, beautiful prom dresses for patients at Children’s who otherwise would have missed their school event.” For Wrench and Purtell, change is good. “We are so blessed. We get to flex our business minds and be moms, too.” Wrench said. And bonus, she is the best dressed mom at the bus stop. Wrench is married to Jon. The couple has a son and a daughter. Purtell is married to John. They have four daughters. And yes, at times it can be confusing having both husbands with the same name. “John, Jessica’s husband, has an IT background. So he helps with that part of the business. Jon, my husband, has an accounting background, so he’s on that side of it.” This is a business with much potential. “Yes, we could get bigger, but we love our families and want to maintain a balance,” Wrench said. “For right now, this is perfect for us.” Divine Consign has some tips to keeping your closet from becoming a deep, dark secret of unknown possessions.

When rotating your closet for the season:

• Take everything out of the closet • Keep what you wear • Know what doesn’t fit • Keep your favorite items of clothing

“Keep classic pieces, if they fit,” Wrench said. “You will wear them again.” Maybe some things don’t change.

Registration for the Spring 2014 sales begins on February 1, 2014. For more information, visit Divineconsignsale.com young continued on page