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Gorman order soon to be available


i'rom Humnnia.

conquer the Allies---(\.ll BuropG---and then America? Are the Allies absolutely oertain to wJ..n. as many ~leliev(,,? Or do the NazLes hold t~1l.'~ ndvarrbuge , mo-relY' a.wa.iting the psyoholor:ical moment t~ ~trike 'With a terrtrio f'hlit:!:krieg " ? \'i'~&:'~ Vf:t::'l COlao of" all '~he pr-e so rrb



ard Poland. Vast

armi.e s of' workers are la.yin{; new transport facilities be~{eon Germany and Rumania and tJ'e Ukraine. gua.rnnteoinc amplo sup-

pli<3s of oil, whea.t, nnd ot.ho r 110udf:d rnatori/.\ls within a. year , Germn.lW's back door is ope n , ccnsequerrc'Lv Ge rrnany cannob be Bto.rvcd into subw~rld turmoil? Will ~ mission •• , Geruian world-Dict~~or emerge? ,..-.......-,.._'_.k,o....... ...._ .............. .•. military power is tar ·Wha.t is prophegreater than tho allios sied in tho BIBLP,? j Two opposite picsupposo , and the German high command has had tures are p[tirrt(~d fl'om van win plnns ~11 nlong to eens O'l"-rid~on c1ispatches, the wat? Vfhs.t will wmLaunch a terr1i'ic I)..tThe firct, most of~ SIA do? rn10,t will MUSSOtuok ,this .QEL~---p;r<D­ l:en hear-d and be l.i.eved , LINI do? Will tho Unitod is tho l)1,c'bur.-; ni' 0. oe r-ably this month. Mnrch. 5tatos bo drawn in? ---perhaps boCor'o t}' batn Nnzi dof'eab , French nt'li'Ana!11: have :bnmobiliz.e d paper is px'intud and in HERE is 11 sunmtlry of Hitlo-r' 13 le~j.otls. ~'he your hnnd s ~ GOl'11l1ll\r cverrc a , as prophesied in :3dth\ b1.oc;':~dc iz bewill drive uhru Holland. the Dible, from n~7 until and Belr,ium. ~o~ North to 5tt:J.~O Gert~e nomin~ of Chri6t~ Sea coa~t a.~d ohnnnel m-e.ny. f.lli'Hl 'P';'o<h\o'blon _...... ()f' ;)1~n6 a ami war rnafiarpor t a , accompcrd.ed b;,r in-ls, ootl~?l.~d 'd,th ship:.1ents from the Unit- unbelievably fuI'ious bombardmcnus from tho nil', in whioh London, Paris, nnd other od states, graduo.lly i3 oatching up with cities will be blown tc bits. S1Jl1ult an1~\a.t of the ~~oich. and in one year will cous Ly lID330Lrrn will .jlUhP in, t\t Hitler's o'ltsltip it. Then tho l:tllioa will bo 3Uside~ driVing' thru the south~rn foothills pGrioP in tho nir. as well as on tho san, "f the Alps into Frnnce , Japa.n will Gtr~ ?fhil€ land. I'o'rcc s r-emai.n dead Loe kod , This nt Dutch oversea.s pos6ossions of Bornoo, view- sa.~tS Gor~llt\n;! tmST oltpitulate in eur-SU.1J1tl t r h. . and other islands. All this is render by the summer' of' next year. cxpec'bod bo brin~ about the sudden co l lapee The other side of th0 pintur~ 8~YS all this is a. mirage • • • that Gal'11a.n in... of' Al1g1o-So...'"{on 'world power- TIllS SPRINGt ~ Hi th all Europe conquer-ed..- ...wit11 tho Bri tdustrie~ are roo.rin~ day and ni~ht. and allied pr oduc't Lon .c:~£t. crrbch, up '\/iJch ish and Fr~nch flcctB in his power-....--Hit.. Gennany in aviation equipment for ~:Of'.l'S to lor. aco o rdLng to this picturo. 1'rill then o onquo r- lJ'l1mrCA, strikin~ thru South Amoroome , unless they can obtain n hund r-ed ien first, then from Uoxioo and Canadn intimes the shi.pmerrt s f'r cm Ame the~r ar-e to the UnH;od States ~ now rece1.vinf;. • • Germany has rinfficioht Now wimt Mtunlly VT:tLL :iJ\PlJEH? 'i/hat tood. ,rlth abundant har-vorrb a p'l arrbcd bV ~"'


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Plain truth 1940 (vol v no 01) mar w  
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