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T H E W O R L D T H R O U G H G R E E N E Y E S 2 n d B I R T H D A Y On October 2nd, 2010 came out our first issue. In these two years we were able to publish four more numbers. All this thank to the photographers who supported us and gave us the material and to our small, but excellent, staff. We tried to reinvent it each time and add new features. A heartfelt thanks to all of you, we hope to continue to publish many other numbers and maybe, one day, we’ll also have a paper version of our magazine! In this fifth issue we will discuss about Lomography and we’ll discover other talented photographers, good read.


TWTGE the lomography issue Edited and curated by Luca Tommaso Cordoni Revised and corrected by Hana Haley, Matteo Cordoni, Lorenza Panelli. Contributors for this issue: Amber “333Bracket” Vaks. Photographers:Silvia Ianniciello, Pretty In Mad, Andy Jenkins,Michel Mijonju Jones, Laura Sgherri, The Trend Reinvented, Romina Arena, Kiley Melicker, Manuela Iodice, Bruna Valença, Kristina Babusci, Florent Roussel, Lomol Lovers, Lydia Trappenberg, Mariya Ustymenko, Tamar Burduli, Henry Driver, Roma Camenzind.

Cover: “II/Lomo days” by Luca Tommaso Cordoni Contact: TWTGE the lomography issue is edit by The World Through Green Eyes, All right reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any way, without permission. All Images are copyright © of their respective owners.

about The World Through Green Eyes is a blogzine based on the relationship between human and nature, we work on the base of : Trees Wood Green Wild Girls and Pretty Bunny This blogzine was created to give space for new Photographer, to let know their name to the world and to demonstrate their love for the land. The World Through Green Eyes is for everyone who loves photography and Mother Nature, for everyone who loves to be wild.

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Kuusi is the new monography zine of The World Through Green Eyes. A collection of all our photographers, printed directly from your home, in two language, photographer’s Mother Tongue and English. One photographer, three photos, three question, all in the small format of 7,5 x10,5 cm! We start with the magic romance of Arianna Lerussi, an amazing photographer, poet and writer from Italy.In her work you can feel all her passion, love, melancholy & strength. Arianna photographs and write so softly bringing you into a dreamlike journey full of memories and personal moments . You can see her beautiful photos and poems on her personal site Arianna has also recently published her first collection of poems “Si dice amore non si sa perché si dice” for now avaible in italian. Free download at: For more information & instructions watch the video





One from Rome, recently transplanted in Berlin, the other one from the beautiful Ven st. Holga my dear and Pretty in Mad are two great young photographers that make ph blogging, has made them friends. We’ve decided to make a double interview to let yo

The blog was born as a personal need, at a firstbuilt. I had been given a Diana Mini as a gift and Hi, I’m Silvia, I’m 26 years old and I like analog was completely unfamiliar with photography. So photography a bunch. I’m known as “biondapic- to bring order to the large amount of information cola” on the web, it’s a nickname I’ve always had. that I recognized from the network, I decided to create the blog. I secondly found that sharing my What is your relationship with nature? experience with everyone was helpful not only for my growth but also for those who - like me I like to think it’s good, and I hope that it’s mutual! found the beginning to be difficult and wanted to In all seriousness, I find nature to be a refuge. know more about Lo-Fi photography. I love the city but for me it’s necessary that large green spaces exist where I can go to ground Why did you choose “Holga my dear” as myself from the hustle and bustle. In the sum- name of your blog? mer, I usually go camping and mountain-hiking to put me back in a state of peace with the world. There isn’t any serious reason. I was humming “Martha My Dear” by The Beatles and I thought about my Holga and I made one plus one. What is “Holga my dear”? Holga my dear is my blog where I share my experiences with analogue photography. I deal pri- You have just turned two, how do you feel? marily with Toycameras and Instant Photography Are you satisfied with your work? in the Italian language. I’m very satisfied, of course. Firstly, I’m satisfied When and how was “Holga my dear” born? for this finish line…to maintain consistency for the Hi Silvia, please introduce yourself.

neto. It’s thanks to people like them if films and analog photography continues to exihotography with their experiments! This great passion, plus the one for cameras and ou know them better.

Hi Erika, please introduce yourself. Hello, my name is Erika, I like to define myself with a term coined by the good Mijonju: a “Camera Lover”: I love any type of camera as long as it’s analog-- I like to collect and use them. I like England, Japan and hairpins. I love to shoot with faulty film and experiment with new effects. I have a blog of analog photography but I haven’t decided if it is good enough to be heavily followed. I’m confused about it and I think I might be for some time. What is your relationship with nature? My relationship with nature is strange: I don’t like wide-open spaces, I’d prefer to be closed away somewhere forever if I could. Contradictorily, nature is what I love most about photography. I remain enraptured by the shapes in nature, the beauty of its colors, its violence and its sweetness. I have to thank photography for the hours I spend in the nature, it’s the only reason I spend time

outside (unless you’re talking about the beach, in that case I could live there, I mean outdoors). What is “Pretty In Mad”? The right question should be Who is? I’m Pretty In Mad. When and how was “Pretty In Mad born? Never ask a lady her age. Why you choose “Pretty In Mad” as name of your blog? I decided to give my blog this name ‘cause I like the idea that it was my namesake. It’s a personal blog, first and foremost, so I thought it was good. I had these three words tattooed on my left arm before leaving Manchester, so the meaning is there and it’s very accurate but also very personal—just like the blog!

same interest and an enthusiasm for people who ramble as much as me is a big deal. Plus, I had great success and a follow-up that I never expected, especially in the beginning!

We’re both passionate about these things and the timing was perfect. So we said “let’s try it”. The experiment went well and we split the swap in two parts: the first film was shot with a Supersampler and a Olympus XA2 and the second Which are your favourites and why: Lomo with an Actionsampler and a Lomo LC-A. Camera, Film, Toycam, Technique. Do you have any future projects? It’s a hard choice. I would say: Holga 120 GN with Kodak Tri-X 400, developing and printing None at this moment! I just hope I can keep doing contrasted. A classic. what I’m doing and improve, of course! What is Photography?

Where can people find you and your works?

Damn. That’s a really difficult question. I hope I can get by with this quote: “I really believe there are things which nobody would see unless I photographed them.” ~ Diane Arbus.

My Photos on Flickr ( or on the blog. ( Other content, instead, on the Facebook page (http://www.facebook. com/pages/Holga-My-Dear/137721252961778)

What is Lomography?

Do you want to say something that I don’t ask Lomography, for me, is low-fi analog photo- you? graphy. Is it a category? It can be. Is it Art? I can’t tell. I’m convinced, however, that to be able I want to tell the world: Relax. to really get the best out of it you should have a general knowledge of photography beforehand. What would you like to ask Erika? Plastic is… …a very useful material… (just joking!) When I think of plastic I think simplicity, flexibility, low-fi.

I’d like to ask her: When are we going to pick up something together?

How is your relationship with the camera? With each and every one of my cameras I have a relationship of love and desire. I had searched, wanted and lusted to use every camera I now own. And your personal Lomo rule… Grain & contrast. Down with wimpy gray. For those who don’t know, what is the SWAP? A Swap (also known as “double”) is an exchange of the same roll of film between two photographers. The result is a film that has been exposed twice and shows the look of two pairs of eyes creating one very different perception. It’s very interesting in my opionon. How did the idea of doing a swap with Pretty In Mad come about?

Which are your favourite and why: Lomo Camera, Film, Toycam, Technique. Lomo camera: Diana F+. It’s the most versatile and equipped of all lomo cameras and primarily a medium format. I have three of them and I love them all! Film: I’m really into tampered film right now, especially the homemade kind (manipulation through dishwashers, heating and other spoiling methods) and Revolog. If I had to pick my favorite normal film I would say Ferrania Solaris 200. Toycam: Eminflex WidePic ( ndr) Technical Photography: Multiple exposures. There’s no greater satisfaction than studying the first snapshot before you take the second one, and after developing your film you see that it came out just like you wanted!!! What is Photography? Photography is an aspect of my life that makes me happy. It fills my days and gives meaning to what I do even when I’m not photographing.

my dear come about? I have a section on my blog that is titled “SWAP: a double with...” where I publish the swaps I do. I simply asked Silvia if she wanted to do one with me. Tell us about your PIMhole. PIMhole is a pinhole camera that I built following several tutorials until I created my own model. The tutorial can be found on the blog, or, if you are too lazy to assemble the camera yourself it is available to purchase on my online shop. Once you take some photos with the camera you can send them to be published on PIMholers, a blog exclusively for PIMhole shooters. Do you have any future projects? Yes, I do! I think preparing a pizza for dinner. Where can people find you and more of your works?

The right question should be “Where we can find Pretty in Mad?” because you won’t find Erika anywhere online (I deleted my Facebook a while What is Lomography? ago). Pretty in Mad is the only place I reside onliLomography is nothing but a funny game, a ne and I’m more than happy with this choice. My verrrry funny game. photos are available on the blog, its Facebook page, Flickr and Tumblr! Plastic is…? photos/prettyinmad/ http://prettyinmad.tumblr. com/ Plastic is a new B&W disposable point-and-shoot camera by Ilford that surprises you. It reminds Did you want to say anything else? us that there are people out there who believe in film and still want to produce it. Yes, I would like to say to everyone: shoot one roll of film, only one roll! Take the trouble to deHow is your relationship with the camera? velop one single frame and print your photos. Afterwards, go back to your digital camera. Can Symbiotic--almost like the relationship with my you do me this favor, please? cat. What would you like to ask to Silvia? And your personal Lomo rule… Are we gonna scarf down a ton of currywurst toToss a roll in the dishwasher and enjoy the result! gether when I move to Berlin? For those who don’t know. What is the SWAP? Swap is a process where two people shoot the same roll of film and overlap their shots. How did the idea of doing a swap with Holga

A talk with...


Andy Jenkins is a young photographer from Ohio, US. In his works there are the basis of photography and nature, light shadow and details. With these simple three things he creates amazing images in the wonderful background of Ohio’s nature, the most special thing is that he does everything with plastic cameras! His film career starts with a Holga, passing by other lomo cameras, polaroid and reflex. Andy’s B&W are a source for emotions, the contrasts and the light fill the atmosphere, marked by the change of seasons.

Hi Andy, please introduce yourself.

projection of the delights of seeing.”

Hello, I’m Andy Jenkins, a 34 year old untrained photography junkie living in Ohio with my very patient wife and mensa membership holding dog.

What is Lomography?

What is your relationship with nature? Nature is a release. Working in a very hectic, in your face, schedule and being around all types of people on a daily basis, it’s nice to get away from all of that. Living in Ohio provides plenty of opportunity to explore the Great Lakes to the north, the beginnings of the Appalachians to the southeast and many of the metro parks central Ohio has to offer. Each season changes the landscape of everything resulting in opportunities to explore and take it all in. I think many take their surroundings for granted. If there is blue sky and sun I’m going to try to take advantage of it. 20 years from now, how do you think the World will look? I don’t think it will have deviated too far from where we are now. Obviously, I think people will be more technologically ‘connected’. As to whether that results in more emotional or physical connection is yet to be determined. There will always be that minority of people who strive for keeping things hands on. Not so much reminiscing on the past, but keeping things more tactile and tangible.

Lomography, for me, was an entrance into photography. Having no formal training it was nice to grab my Holga and go. My photo taking snowballed from that first roll of black & white. How did you get into photography? Art has always been a part of my life. My Dad taught for 30 years and it was always there. I did a lot of drawing and painting and was considering medical illustration at a younger age. As I got older, I didn’t have the time I once had to devote to my drawing. Through word of mouth, one of my friends was talking about buying his daughter a Holga. I was oblivious to its history having shot with digital point and shoots my whole life. I began looking into the photos taken by Nancy Rexroth and Michael Ackerman and the aesthetic they conveyed was something that really interested me. I picked one up and have been shooting with it since. Where do you get inspiration? It varies. It may be changes in the environment, interactions with people, a new film or something small and often overlooked, what others would deem insignificant. Where do you get inspiration?

It varies. It may be changes in the environment, interactions with people, a new film or something Wild is defined by the individual. I think the de- small and often overlooked, what others would finition varies from person to person. What is deem insignificant. unbridled disregard for authority for one person may just be an average day for another. What kind of camera do you use? What is wild for you?

All your Photos are made in wonderful place, I use a lot of different film cameras from 110 but which is your favorite place to shoot? film up to 4x5. Most of the time my Holga, Polaroid Land cameras, SX-70s and Graflex Crown Right out my back door. I’ve gone through many Graphic are somewhere in the vicinity. a roll of film within 100 feet of my house. It’s like my laboratory. I like to test or manipulate films. Which are your favourite Lomo/ToyCamera? I’ll test new cameras or lenses. I try to take what Why? is familiar and appropriate it to my own basis. My original Holga is my favorite toy camera. It What is Photography? was what got me into film photography. I have several other Holgas and Diana clones, each of Walker Evans said it best, “It is the capture and which have their own endearing flaws.

An your personal Lomo rule…

photography or nature photography?

Don’t think… least not too much.

I prefer nature photography hands down. I used to shoot a lot of the concerts I went to but found You are also a Polaroid lover, how do you myself looking through the digital back of a cahave taken the end of Polaroid Instant Film mera way too much. production? Ben Giles in our last interview wants to know I have a healthy stash of pack film and integral where do you see yourself when you die, Time Zero that will keep me going for a while. I where do you think you’ll be, who do you would say I approached the end of its production think you’ll be with and will you be happy with similar to the way a mentally unstable person what you have experienced/lived/achieved? may stock a fallout shelter prepping for an impending fanciful apocalyptic world. Why couldn’t I get the favorite gummy bear question? Well, I’m happy so far with what I’ve acWhat do you think of Impossible project complished so I hope I can just build on that. films? You have some future projects? The Impossible Project films are great and they’ve got 100% of my support. They’ve come I don’t have a lot planned currently. I just trana long way in a short period of time. Their new sitioned to a new job and have been trying to color protection formula films are really nice. Not continue shooting as much as I can. In the cosure if I’m in the minority, but I really enjoyed the ming year I would like to get into 8x10 with the unstable temperamental earlier films. I liked the introduction of the Impossible Project’s PQ silver struggle the color shade push provided. I have shade and look forward to New55’s film. my fingers crossed that they decide to release something similar to Fade to Black or Artistic TZ Where people can find you and your works? in the future. You can find most of my stuff at my flickr account You use film, do you think that digital techno- at or logy is destroying it or creating nostalgia and Tumblr Random bring him back? goings on can be found at jenk22. I like to think that digital photography can act as a gateway drug into film photography. I don’t What would you like to ask our next Interthink digital is destroying film by any means. I viewee? would hope that as the number of people entering photography via their iphone, instagram or Is there a particular type of photography or alterdigital point and shoots increases, the numbers native process you’ve yet to explore that you’d being exposed to film will increase as well. like to try and why? Who are your favourite photographers? Walker Evans, William Eggleston, and Ansel Adams will always be the photographers that, even at a young age, influenced me whether I realized it or not. People who inspire me on a daily basis with their consistently amazing work include S.F. Said, Bastian Kalous, Ben Parks, and Adam Goldberg. Go check out their work and then keep checking. In your flickr page there are also many photos of concerts, do you prefer this type of

MICHEL MIJONJU JONES “I love cameras, like a fat boy loves chocolate cake!” who doesn’t know this jingle? Michel Jones is known by the whole world as Mijonju. Belonging his camera reviews, Michel is a great photographer. His daily shoots bring you in his world, walking on the street, and from his intimate portraits you can feel the emotion of the people in front of Michel. But I think what we love most, is the simple love he has for cameras, especially Lomos and Polaroids.

Hi Michel, please introduce yourself. I am a photographer based in Tokyo Japan, Love lighting too. I’m also have Objectophilia for Cameras. What is your relationship with nature?

ople hanging out, meeting new people. experimenting with limitations. Photography is similar but only to a more personal extend, using your own sweet time. How did you get into lomography?

It’s true, if you have and SLR or other camera, I love the beach, a place I love to hang out. So- when you try to cross process, it will look lometimes I go to Chiba or Kamakura, just listening mish but not exactly lomo, the Flagship camera to the ocean singing and letting the sun cook me, LOMO LC-A series is truly the 1 and only camera makes me feel spiritually recharged. (humanoid that has a unique touch in the cross processing solar panel?). My gene is kinda special, I just vignette lomo look, “Always use the right tool for turn really dark when I’m under the sun, no pee- the job” That’s why I got the LC-A+. ling or sun burns, don’t know why. Where do you get inspiration? 20 years from now, how do you think the World will look? I don’t really know, I usually walk around in book stores, I guess by skimming though books I pick I feel like some kinda war might occur, I hope it things up randomly? doesn’t. Another thing, based on what I see on children’s’ TV on a Sunday morning, all I see is What kind of camera do you use when you that kids nowadays admire and want goodies shoot? from things that doesn’t really exist in real life, no real education value too, but i gotta give credit When I work I use a digital SLR Camera (www. for Creativity. in my point of view, the future looks, but when it’s for leisure, I shoot fked. Humans survive. It’s a curve, something with my Hexar RF with 28mm f2 Hexanon or Pogood will spawn from it after the downfall, it has laroid 690. (currently using frequently). always been like this. You like to use film, do you think that digital What is wild for you? technology is destroying it or creating nostalgia and bring him back? Get drunk in a clown costume, have a chance to shoot couples in the park having sex and are ful- It’s not the Knife that hurts people, but the User ly nude. like Kohei Yoshiyuki. (he didn’t get drunk who use the Knife, if consumers are not that in a clown costume) but if it was me, I’d do it that crazy, Companies won’t be that crazy too. Analog way, and yes as you imagined, with a rainbow is a romance (I’m actually writing a book about afro wig too. this topic will be out soon) I’m just going to be brief. Taking your time, developing that black and What is Photography? white while listening to nice music and a coffee on the table, is more relaxing then deleting 300 It means something different to everyone. I have photos you took, and picking only 10. Its abuse. a bad memory, any photo that reminds me of Limitation improve our skills, you won’t find the sweet moments and nostalgic scenes. Also Be- Sashimi in a buffet exquisite. But if you only get autiful people age, like I said it’s for memories, I to have 4 slices, you will understand the Value love photographing beautiful people. I’m glad I of the craft itself. Thus taste better. It’s not Digihelp them retain their beauty eternally in a visual tal Technology that’s destroying the romance of way. So to me Photography is like a beautifully analog, but the people. made version of a slice of memory. Do you have some favorite film? What are the differences between photography and lomography for you? Yes, I am sad to say they are not in production, I still have about 43 rolls but it’s decreasing by day Lomography is about groups and a bunch of pe- Kodak 400UC and 5 rolls of Agfa UC, For black

and white it’s T-max 400 because I got used to divided in days, why this choice? The people the developing time.. in the photo are people that you see in this days? Who are your favorite photographers? Great question! Monday as a very strict day, it’s Just too many to count, But here is my current a start of the week, everything has to be right best 3: Dan Winters, Ninagawa Mika, Terry Ri- and standard there for I put those photos on a chardson. Monday department. Tuesday is like, you know there is still 3 days ahead before a little break, I Which are your favourite Lomo/ ToyCamera? put more shadowy and Gradient type photos. Why? Wednesday is in the Middle of a working 5 days, a nice Balance, of 2 sides thus, BLACK AND Lomo LC-Wide, why? try it and you’ll know why. WHITE, Monochromic. Thursday is a little more relaxing, you feel like you are about to fall onto Your personal Lomo rule.. a safety net, you know it’s coming but not quite. Friday, you shoot in a more casual way, almost Please do think before you shoot, don’t think just impromptu, just feeling and adapting. shoot is kinda like a Joke that people didn’t get. And YES after you get them developed please You have some future projects? look them and Revise the mistakes. Remember the last rule? “Don’t worry about any rules.” Coming soon with a book and a Gallery. Michel you are a really camera lover and you Where people can find you and your works? love to share this love with your blog “circle rectangle” and the cult youtube page “The for camera porn CirclerectanMijonju show!” when start this love, and when you start to share that with the world? So you want to say something that I don’t ask I think I started in 2009, more people start to be- you? come interested in analog, So I try to feed them with more information. Yes, People usually ask me if I am rich, and always asking me How I can afford the cameras. How and when “the Mijonju show” born? the answer is NO, I am not rich, so PLEASE if you have a photography Commission Job OFA couple of guys asked me a few questions on FER Please E-Mail me at Circlerectangle and I was just too lazy to reply (Japan based only) if you want me to fly around with text, so I made a video and sent them the the world please include transportation fees. So link, after weeks, more people came back with How do I afford all those cameras? WORK peoquestions, so I made more videos, and thus the ple who work hard everyday won’t ask questions Cycle begins. like “oh how can you afford those cameras?” because they know how it feels to work hard, earn Now a question that a lot of people want to cash and give themselves a little present once know, how much camera do you have in your in awhile, after many while you get a big pile of collection? cameras. Actually my collection dropped after the earthquake, because I know I like the camera, I cannot let them get hurt, so I spread (sold) them around the world really cheap, not to make a profit, but to give them a safer home. Recently sold my m5 to a Singaporean for a ridiculously cheap price. currently 57 cameras In your personal site, I like your Portfolio sub-











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THE TREND REINVENTED (Sara & Pedro) Portugal
























LomoLovers is a book/magazine or, as its founder says, an “inspiration book” created by two sisters, Nicola and Sam Clark, who talk and share their things about Lomography. Every number is dedicated to a type of camera and it’s full of beautiful photos, great photographers, interviews and cool techniques for every analogic lover! All around the whole idea of inspiration. We had a talk with Nicola who introduces us LomoLovers. Hi Nicola, please introduce yourself. I (Nicola) work as a packaging and branding designer in London and I’ve always had a keen eye for photography and design. I got my first (recent) analogue camera back in December 2010 for Christmas, a Holga 120CFN, and had the bug ever since. I have developed a love of analogue cameras and my current count is 25 give or take. Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to have won about 6 of them so it’s not solely my addiction to buying them (I like to think). Sam (my sister) took a couple of darkroom technique evening classes about 5 years ago, strangely to further her CV for her dream job as a scene of crime officer (not that it’s what is she’s doing now), armed with our dad’s old Canon AE1, which is now permanently hers (not fair) she really enjoyed these courses. She then didn’t do too much analogue photography, until she got her first lomography camera for Christmas 2010, a Diana F+. Sam’s next challenge is getting round to setting up our darkroom in our loft. She has had all the equipment for about 5 years and practically everything was given to her for free, bar a couple of small bits she picked up when a Jessops store was shutting down. Our dad has even built us a unit in the loft, so there really is no excuse!

some specialist features you name it, we just want to share it. When and how was Lomo Lovers born? Strangely lomo lovers came to me just over a year ago when I was trying to get to sleep! It just popped up in my head! I felt that there was something missing in the world of lomography, I wanted to see more peoples’ photography all in one place, how they experi- mented with certain films or cameras and see the diversity of results without having to scour through pages and pages of online information. You have just turned one, how do you feel? Are you satisfied of your work? How often “Lomo Lovers” comes out? It’s been great! But it has also taken a lot of our spare time. There’s nothing really in it for us as we do it all for free, but there is no other way (otherwise everyone will want royalties). But we love doing it and getting great, positive feedback from our community! Sadly after completing 12 volumes over the last year we are going to cut it down to 3/4 a year so we can focus on our photography and other projects, but we will still be regularly posting on our blog (so you can still get the photography hit)

What is your relationship with nature?

How do you select the artist?

It’s hard to explain our relationship with nature... but I guess we are quite lucky that we have grown up in a small village an hour out of London that is pretty much countryside and a lot of nature so we can sometimes take it for granted.

For our inspirational lomographer we have been very lucky with the community on flickr and lomography, we have met a number of amazing photographers over the last few years that we find inspirational! So we managed to sweet talk some of them to get involved and inspire other people... there is a never ending list of talent out there.

What is Lomo Lovers? We are two sisters who have a passion for lomography and want to share what’s out there to fellow lomographers. So we created lomo lovers in the effort to create monthly “inspiration books”. Different cameras, film, techniques and maybe

In your book/magazine there are a lot of amazing photographer. Do you have some favourite photographers, in particular, that partecipate in your magazine?

We have a lot of favourites.... And they would have to mainly be our inspirational lomographers! It’s hard to choose a few names, but a few regulars who pull out amazing work would have to be the “Butler brothers” James and Marcus - always wowed by their shots, Married couple Ben and Liana Joyce (who met through flickr), DazB and CaptainBonobo. Do you will ever make a print version? It would be fantastic to see it in print, but I think it would cost a fortune to do! (and the rights to the photo’s would be costly too) Maybe one day we’ll print our own personal coffee table collection.

As you ask to your photographers, your favourite picture? My favourite picture (Nicola) of my own has to be this one I think: kenickie56/6191404498/ A lot of people don’t notice the surfer in the sky straight away, and I managed to get it in one shot, I just hoped for the best that it was going to come out when I got it developed! I was very happy when it did, I couldn’t believe it! What are the differences between photography and lomography for you?

I feel that lomography is all about experimenting How people can participate in your magazi- and trying out new films, techniques and camene? ras. It’s a little more unpredictable, you never know if you have got it in focus, what colour it’s It’s really easy to do! We have a flickr group going to come out and it constantly surprises and (lomolovers) that you can join and add to, or challenges me. you can email us at with your submission (as long as you tell us what camera Plastic is... & film you used) Fantastic! Usually in our interviews we ask to photographers that use film if they think that digi- Some anticipation, future projects? tal technology is destroying film or creating nostalgia and bring him back, what you think We are hoping to set up another lomo lovers big about it? film swap as we had a great time swapping films with people from all over the world last year! It is really hard, nowadays with the ability to take photo’s on your phone and create “film style” lo- A last question, your personal Lomo rule? oks and getting instant results, we see the positives in that, but the whole digital photography Always keep a camera in your bag and don’t be makes everyone a “photographer” with the ability afraid to shoot! (I should really follow my own ruto just point and shoot. We feel it takes a little les) more talent to shoot film. I discussed this with someone at work the other day, but the thing I like about using film is that you will always have hard copies, if you lose your digital files on the computer or your cd or memory doesn’t work, you lose your precious shots for good! Which are your favourite Lomo Camera, Film, Toycam, Technique? Why? I (Nicola) personally love my LC-A, Holga 120 and my Horizon Kompakt, each do something different! I love love love slide film, and my favourites are currently Fuji Velvia 100F and Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100. I love the punchy colours and crazy results, and I have an addiction to multiple exposures.

I like plant I like cook it with...


Text and Photos by 333Bracket

After a delicious meal offered on the home issue, 333bracket returns to delight our palates with a juicy sweet cobbler, plus a small interview to know her a little better. Hi Amber, please introduce yourself. I’m a London based unicorn/photographer, just wandering the universe with a camera glued to my face. Where did your nickname 333Bracket come from?

in their ingredients throughout the years to create fantastic dishes has made it a very interesting cuisine. What’s your favourite dish? I have many, but the one I find myself eating all the time is aubergines in tahini [you can find the recipe in TWTGE home issue, Ed.]. There is a frequent use of those two ingredients in the Israeli cuisine in many variations, and the outcome is always delightful!

Bracket is my favourite pop-punk band which I adopted the nickname from when I was 15 and it just stuck with me ever since! the 333 addition came a bit later when I realised I am half way to hell. Nah just kidding. This number has no mea- What kind of camera do you use for your food ning what so ever. photography? What is Photography? Photography is like air to me. Whenever I don’t shoot something it feels like choking a bit. What are the differences between photography and lomography for you? Well, there is no real difference. Photography is pretty much a global term of which lomography falls under. Lomography is just a wave in photography that started in the early 90’s with the arrival of the Lomo LC-A camera. It is more experimental and the cameras used are mostly plastic made.

Depend on my mood at the moment… sometimes one of my film cameras and other times I prefer to shoot digitally with my canon 5DMK2. Some anticipation, future projects? I don’t really do “projects”, it takes the fun out of photography for me… I just shoot whatever and whenever I want to. No pressure yo’. Where people can find you and your works?

You can visit my website and blog on My photo-blog on flickr http://www. and subscribe to my Facebook page for daily updates https:// You like to use film, do you think that digital technology is destroying it or creating nostalgia and bringing it back? There will always be fans sitting on each side of the fence with different opinions, some like to use film more and some are just happily adapted to digital. Of course digital photography has taken a big chunk out of the film industry in the last decade, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it destroyed it. Film is still alive and kicking! Israeli cuisine, foreign or sophisticated nouvelle cuisine? Israeli cuisine all the way! So many flavours and colours and mix of many ethnic groups throwing


Nectarine & Apple Cobbler The days are getting freezing cold and there is nothing more perfect to kick start a cold morning than a cup of blacker-than-death coffee accompanied with a hot slice of this divine cobbler! That easy to make and suitable for vegans as well, let’s dive in:

What you’ll need: - 1/2 cup unsalted butter (Vegans, use margarine) - 1/2 cup granulated sugar - A generous 1 cup all-purpose flour - 1 tablespoon baking powder - 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon - pinch of ground nutmeg - 3/4 cup milk (Vegans, use almond milk) - 3 sliced yellow flesh nectarines + 2 sliced granny smith apples, skins left on - 1/3 cup brown sugar Preheat the oven to 175C.

Melt the butter in a small sauté pan set on medium heat until it bubbles and turns a nut brown colour. keep an eye on that butter as it can go from browned to burnt in just a few seconds. the butter will have all sorts of browned bits in it, that’s good! Pour the butter into a baking dish. (do not try a pie baking dish as it will overflow!)

In a medium bowl, stir together the granulated sugar, flour, baking powder and spices. add milk and stir.

Pour the mixture evenly on top of the melted butter AND DON’T STIR. Without mixing, arrange the fruit nicely over the top of the batter and sprinkle with brown sugar.

Bake for 40 to 45 minutes, until the top turns golden brown. the batter will migrate from the bottom of the pan to cover the fruit. Yum! Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.



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X 6-12 Jetsetter camera

Feautures: - Automatic exposure - Interchangeable lenses - Glass lenses 58 mm, 90 mm, 114 mm by Lomography & Zenit - Format 6x12, 6x6 & 6x9 - Bulb mode for Long and multiple exposure - ISO range 50-1600 - Focus: 1mt - 1,5mt - 3 m - infinito For more info and buy it, please visit


THANKS A special thanks to Hana for been so kind and for help me in this issue, thanks for your time Hana! to 333Bracket for her delicious recipe and for her sweetness. I would also like to thank Silvia, Erika, Andy, Michel, and Nicola & Sam @ Lomo Lovers for their time, thanks also to Lorenza and Matteo for help me as always with translation and impagination. Finally, a big thanks to all the Photographers for submitting their wonderful photos! Hope you like it, Lu

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