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TWTGE the flower issue

TWTGE the flower issue Edited and curated by Luca Tommaso Cordoni Revised and corrected by Lorenza Panelli, Matteo Cordoni.

Cover: “Orange Explosion” by Luca Tommaso Cordoni Contact:

Contributors for this issue: Asilef, Elisandra. Binky Gutman, Amanda Pulley, Silvia Ianniciello, Eni Turkeshi. Photographers: Mariam Sitchinava, Ben Giles, Viviana Vi, Mariya Ustymenko, Molly Hare, Ben Evans, Lavinia Busetto, Bruna Valença, Claudia Guariglia, Anne Hospers, Takeshi Suga, Carmen Palermo, Giovanna Eliantonio, Serena Facchin, Sophia Shultz, Tatjana Suskic, Ulrike Biets, Holly Schnaudigel, Sara Peixoto, Veronica Nardulli, Tabita Hub, Evita Weed.

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Kuusi is the new monography zine of The World Through Green Eyes. A collection of all our photographers, printed directly from your home, in two language, photographer’s Mother Tongue and English. One photographer, three photos, three question, all in the small format of 7,5 x10,5 cm! We start with the magic romance of Arianna Lerussi, an amazing photographer, poet and writer from Italy.In her work you can feel all her passion, love, melancholy & strength. Arianna photographs and write so softly bringing you into a dreamlike journey full of memories and personal moments . You can see her beautiful photos and poems on her personal site Arianna has also recently published her first collection of poems “Si dice amore non si sa perché si dice” for now avaible in italian. Free download at: For more information & instructions watch the video

in the next number...

CROWN by Mariam Sitchinava

The first photo by Mariam Sitchinava that I remind is a pale beautiful girl with a flower vase beneath her and from that time, I fell in love with her photos and she became a lovely contributor of The World Through Green Eyes. Beauty and flower are a costant of Mariam’s Photography, a real love that express her personal style, as you can also see in her new set, “Jasmine”. Mariam is always an emotion, from every shots she is able to extract the brightness of woman , and “Crown” is the peak of that, thirteen Georgian girls aged 17 to 23 with their self-made flower crown, all shoot with film. This work is a search of a deep beauty that excludes the surface filling it with the elegance and color of nature, as she presents it, a project that expressed her desire of depicting women’s inner color palette alongside with her beautifulness with the help of flora. Hi Mariam, please introduce yourself.


I’m a film photographer from Tbilisi, Georgia.

and which films do you use?

When and how your project “Crown” born?

Same here.

About 3 months ago. I love nature and as you Flower says.. know I’m shooting women, I thought about the idea which would combine these two aspects, so I don’t know what its says, but I definitely know I came up with the idea of the project- CROWN. that flower gives positive emotions. Do you get ispiration from something or someone in particular? It’s hard to say, inspirational can be everything.

People can buy the photos? Yes, they can. Through my etsy shop [www.etsy. com/shop/MariamSitchinava]. All Photos are limited editions.

Every crown reflect the personality of the Do you have some other project in progress? girls or is it just a play of colors? Yes, as the descriptions says all of them reflects. Yes. :)

Who makes the crown? Are you able to do Do you want to say something that I don’t ask you? that? No, I’m not able. Every model made their own crown.

No, you know that I don’t like talking about myself...

Who are the model in this project?

Where people can find you and your works?

The girls are Tina, Katya, Tamari, Nino, Mariami, Sopa, Keta, Lika, Irina, Sofa, Ninutsi, Anka.

On my personal site and on facebook at

An uncomfortable question now.. What express mostly beauty, nature or your amazing models? Both of them. Which camera do you use for this project?

A last question, what is photography? Everything for me currently. Thanks Mariam for this interview, now we go to see you’re wonderful project “CROWN”...

A talk with...


Ben Giles is a young artist from Suffolk, England. His works range from photography to sculpture, through music, who is very fond with his band Cassetto. We love him in particular for his collages, that as it may seem simple, it is a very complicated art. Ben has an eye for choose images and for piece they together in a personal way, creando a poetic retrò world, full of colours.

Hi Ben, please introduce yourself.

which you can’t see, it’s a living thing between two living things, it’s the time and space before it Hello im Ben Giles, a 19 year old fine art student happens, I guess it’s the same as the thing with that lives in Suffolk, England. the music, I think I may be rambling. What is your relationship with nature?

What is Photography?

This is a really different and interesting question to start with, I’m often overwhelmed with it, sometimes it can be just too much, the smells of autumn and spring can be overpowering at times, for both good and bad reasons, nature can press me down, I should probably be saying how beautiful it is, and it is, but it has a different effect on me, I can feel worthless and small and inconsiderate. Pollution and the vastness of exploitation angers me, yet I do nothing to stop It, I’m as bad as anybody else, I’m such an insignificant part of this world when I step outside, it can bring anybody back down to the ground.

Photography can be a lot of things; it can range from expression to advertising, from personal experiences to selling a story.

20 years from now, how do you think the World will look?

And in art in general?

How did you get into photography? It’s not necessarily an artistic reason but I was having adventures and exploring a lot with friends and I wanted a way to document it, to reflect on it and laugh back at it, it then sometimes became the point of leaving the house to take pictures rather than the other way round, it grew until I grew out of it again.

Art is something I’ve been doing since I was litIn reality, the Western world probably won’t look tle, it didn’t become what it is to me today until a much different than today, we will have become few years ago, this was accompanied with mumore reliant on technology, more desperate to sic, these two things become the only things I fuel our cars, more desensitized to music, film could emote to and express myself with, I kept and television, more teenagers will grow up thin- creating and now it’s a snowball, it keeps turning king they will have disorders and illnesses, the and turning, one day it will reach the bottom and rich will become richer and the poor poorer,unless collapse but I don’t see that happening for a long something radical happens everything will be an time. exaggerated version of how things are now and people will be harder to please, everything will When you start to make collage? have to be about now. Things will become more connected, as for the rest of the world I can’t I started collage shortly after the video work I think of how things will change, it’s such a large was making, it started out as the backdrop to the question, and I have neither the intelligence nor videos, like a set in a film, to enhance the world insight to submit a condense opinion. I wanted to create, but then it developed into its own form of expression, I started with juxtapoWhat is wild for you? sition and it evolved into lots of different styles, it was around 7 months ago that It took off, It When making music and improvising, often a lot was compulsive, I just kept making them and I of what comes out isn’t great, but sometimes for feel that it’s coming to an end, it was never soas small as a few seconds this clarity can be rea- mething I planned or particular wanted to do, it ched and it’s this perfect moment that has hap- just happened. pened from nowhere and could go anywhere, or fall about as quickly as it grew, that’s a wild feeling, Sometimes art can be the same, but perso- How you choose the photo to work? nally art can never fulfill me as much as music, it’s the biggest influence on what I do and what A lot of the time it will just hit me, I’ll see a particuI feel. Another is the space between two people, lar images and know instantly what I want to do that magnetism before two people kiss or em- with it, I like older images, from the 50’s – 60’s, brace after a long time apart, this force is there I like that nostalgic look, I think it creates better

storytelling, I love the compositions and the almost illustrative look they have. Sometimes though ill spend hours searching or finding other images to use with another, it can be frustrating but when it pays off it’s a good feeling. How are your collages born? The collages are born the instant I see an image I want to use, I never sit down and plan it, or make rough versions, I make so many, if one turn out shit it goes in the bin or on the floor and I set about making another.

about the celebration of life, and the speed and fragility of our existence, we exist and its bright, colorful, then it withers and dies and crumbles into the earth, like us, its personal though, for me it was when I was entering a new time, reaching the surface of water and taking a breath of air, appreciating what’s around me and embracing it. Ben you are a full artist, make wonderful collage, you paint, draw, make music, take photos too… which are the art represents you the most?

The most personal work I have made is probably Where do you get inspiration? the video work, and there is a lot of hidden emotion in there, sealed away, a lot of feelings and I get inspiration from a lot of things, the internet, memories I can’t express directly through talking books, film, television, other artists work, it’s hard about it or painting it. I think I’m mostly known for to pin point one particular thing, the band storm collage work, but I do more than that and I’m now and stress influence the way I work and how I moving into sculpture, once I’ve explored that, want to tell a story and how its viewed, film and I’ll move into something else. I Don’t think one television often highlight themes or ideas I want aspect of art reflects me the most though, it’s all to work on and the moods I want to surround connected and reflects each other. them and books the philosophies and contexts. Which are your instruments for work? Usually I make this question about photography but in the modern time all is digital, Scissors, Glue, found objects and found photoand you are full analogic, so what you think graphs. about digital technology ? It destroying the analogic world or creating nostalgia and Who are your favourite photographers? bring him back? I have always enjoyed Lukasz Wierzbowski. I don’t think modern technology is destroying analogue ways of working, it’s certainly allowing And artist? analogue images to be shown to a larger audience, and I think people can tell the difference M.c Escher was a favorite growing up, I think between the two types. Good can be done with at the moment Nick Van Woerts bust works are both techniques, but it’s all down to opinion, I’m what’s impacting me the most, to be honest, I pretty oblivious, I have my way of working and don’t know that many artists and It’s hard to choI’ll continue to so, unless one day I decide to do ose a favorite, I just take in a lot of influences and something differently, but I do certainly prefer inspirations without really realizing what they analogue and film. are. I’m better at talking about music, if it was a musician I would say Ian Williams or Zach Hill, What kind of camera do you use when you just what they have contributed to each instrushoot? ment and each genre of music they have helped define. Mostly disposables and cheap novelty cameras as I can’t afford to buy a ‘proper’ one, i have an You have also an amazing group Cassetto, Olympus 35 sp which is mostly point and shoot, [] where and I’m happy with that. you play with Toby Mayes, Oliver Pearson, Tom Hobbs & Isaac Nunn, talk about you. Flower says… Cassetto is a group of five friends taking a wide If this is in regards to the flower collages, It’s range of influences and projecting them how they

naturally come to us, while retaining a sense of identity in the group, no one is the leader, no one is an extra and we all approach it equally and share honest opinions on how to make it better. Matthew Tammaro in our last interview wants to know what is your favourite food? I think at the moment it has to be garlic bread or croissants, I just get cravings for both. You have some future projects? Just finishing off a couple of sculptures made out of toy soldiers, and then I will begin on another using toys and medications. Where people can find you and your works? I have a Flickr [], cargo [], Tumblr [], Facebook [www.] & society 6 []. We suggest vividly to jump on your society6, where people can buy your works. Do you want to say something that I don’t ask you? There’s nothing I want to say that you didn’t ask me. What would you like to ask our next Interviewee? Where do you see yourself when you die, where do you think you’ll be, who do you think you’ll be with and will you be happy with what you have experienced/lived/achieved? Illustration by Elisandra Text by Asilef

I’m arriving at the station. The book rests on knees, head on hand, I’m looking out of the window. I can feel other passangers standing up. Train is reducing… images of one more building site abandoned because of economical crisis: this area is full of them. Beyond the fence, behind the nearest excavator, I notice a group of girls who are throwing something I can not see. It doesn’t seem they’re throwing stones, and they don’t like vandals to me.The train slows down and then stops. I’m curious: I open the window, hang out and ask for a meeting, some mins later, at the platform. Here they are, three young women. They hold bags made of fabric: with inside some little balls of newspaper filled with a soil. The girls explain balls are so-called seed bombs, the easiest way to have a hand at Guerrilla Gardening movement: to throw this bombs of seed, soil and fertilizing beyond the fence of a building site.

Guerrilla gardening? The girls start to explain, while we are coming out of the train station. Guerrilla gardening is a non violent and environmentalist movement, and its aim is to salvage abandoned plots of the cities, planting flowers, bushes and trees. The name is relatively new: it was born in 1973 in Manhattan, New York, when Liz Christy and the group Green Guerrilla turned an abandoned land into a beautiful garden. It was named “Liz” and became a genuine garden with benches, picnic areas and a pond. However, there are some evidences in the history of groups of people that played such actions: for example, in the mid-nineteenth century in Utah, USA some workers who were building the embankments of canals buried the cores of the apples of their lunch and some seeds. Now precisely on those banks, there are some apple trees and asparagus.

The term refers to various aspects of the matter: gardening storming (the illicit cultivation of the land of others) can be a gesture of protest, be it political or personal, but also the recovery of degraded areas of the district from an aesthetic point of view or with the mere intention to grow the food. Some people even think that the movement can be of help in the fight against petty crime and prostitution: thanks to the volunteers involved in the daily care of plants, that come to know the locals and observe what happens in the area, and become the guardians of the area. These are some of the most sensational events of the movement. In Guldbergsgade, Denmark in 1996 a vacant lot was transformed with the help of a thousand people in a garden in just one night. In Brisbane, Australia, guerrilla gardeners planted a vegetable garden on the lawn in front of the seat of government of the region in order to protest against state plans to transform fields into open-air coal mines. In London, in 2000, thousands of “guerrillas” and cyclists occupied the square, planting flowers and vegetables, with slogans like’’ Let London bloom.’’ The projects are increasing over time, thanks to the fact that the population over the years have realized more and more how important green spaces in the cities are, often an overlooked aspect of the government in power. In San Francisco in 2005, Rebar, a local art and design studio, spawned a new project called Park(ing) Day: they installed a real garden with trees, bushes, grass and a bench, occupying the right area of a single parking place, paying the ticket for two hours. Just a single photograph of the event began to turn to the web, and the group received many requests to repeat the action in different cities, and from that time something like 975 events took place in 162 cities of 35 countries in 6 continents (data by official website The last major event of the movement of Guerrilla Gardening, as the girls told me, took place in the context of Fuorisalone at the 2011 Design Week in Milan, Italy. The Italian car manufacturer Lancia and the online magazine Urban invited Steve Wheen, the most popular “guerrilla” on the web (the Pothole Gardener), and asked him to install in the streets his mini gardens, complete with thumbnails of benches, wheelbarrows, streetlights, and in this case little Lancia cars ecoChic. With all these examples I’m a bit confused: do you have to be part of an organization or group

to make a little greener your neighborhoods? The girls reassured me: even many old ladies who cultivate and tend the flower beds in front of their house are guerrilla gardeners without knowing it! Richard Reynolds, the famous guerrilla in London, author of a book on the subject, says: I recently met a guerrilla that told me how to spread seeds of California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) in private gardens in front of single family houses. She thinks that they should have a wilder look. Every single person can make a small act, which is not hard in terms of money and time. Just plant a seedling in bloom, a flower bed near garbage containers, throwing a bomb seed, even make a reasoned pruning of a plant spontaneously born, to be a green gardener. Guerrillas carry out their attacks at night, secretly or in broad daylight involving passer-by, students, local communities. The process is simple: once found an area abandoned or neglected, you shall acquire the plants (for example, asking the waste material to nurseries or neighbours). They must be robust, not too much need of care, and remember to check the exposure (you can not plant a flower that needs shade in a wasteland with nothing to protect from the sun) and the presence of a source of water not too far away. The aim is to create a small system in balance, and more self-contained as possible. Involving friends, you shall procure bags, shovels, spades, shears, soil, empty plastic bottles to protect young plants from the mower and everything you need. For the more creative people, there are other possibilities: for example, you can find information to produce at home a special paint made of moss, beer and yogurt, to create the so-called moss graffiti, and leave ecological messages in the city. London celebrated this way the International Day of Climate Action 2009. The girls are very happy to give me this information: one of the guerrilla gardeners’ goals is to raise awareness on the topic of being respectful to public parks. For this reason, usually while carrying out their attacks, they answer readily to questions of the curious passersby, who often roll up their sleeves and lend a hand. In the end they often leave a notice explaining what was done and directions to take care of the plant, sometimes leaving even hung fliers in the area. The girls convinced me, there’s already enough of gray in the city,

add the green!

original photo by Binky Gutman



Viviana Levrino ..we are psychedelic Italy

Mariya Ustymenko

..that it’s missing from all your bouquet Ukraine

Molly Hare

..though they aren’t here for nearly long enough, the cherry blossoms make April bearable US

Ben Evans

..nature and beauty trump all things Australia

Lavinia Busetto

.. If you really want to be a flower, do like a flower: behave like a flower, dress like a flower, smell like a flower.. Italy

Bruna Valença

..screams, that nature it’s beauty. everywhere Brazil

Claudia Guariglia ..effortless beauty Italy

Anne Hospers

..there’s beauty in all of us Netherland/New Zeland

Takeshi Suga

.. remember me at my most beautiful Japan

Carmen Palermo .. Life is fragile Italy

Giovanna Eliantonio

.. being a flower is a profound responsibility Italy

Serena Facchin, purple, red.. Italy

Sophia Schultz

.. I am life from the ground and love for one to pick US

Tatjana Suskic never entered my mind Serbia

Ulrike Biets ..Flux


Holly Jo Schnaudigel

..I’ll grow where the Earth plants me US

Sara Peixoto

.. a recall for feminity, the innate beauty of it Portugal

Veronica Nardulli

..indicate poetry, femininity & lightness Italy

Tabita Hub

..natural perfectionism in the most beautiful way Germany

Evita Weed

.. One Day I’ll be sitting over here, in the shadows of a strange garden, the evening will fall again and I’ll forget to make a resolution. Uncontrolled tripping, an unexpected future Spain


Text & Photos by Silvia Ianniciello

Welcome back dear TWTGE’s friends! Given that the theme of this issue is FLOWERS, I planned doing a lift with Impossible films, adding just a flower as unusual element. The process is very simple to realize, the main thing is to work with the utmost care. So take a deep breath and let’s begin. You will need: - A photo taken with Impossible film (PX70, PX680, PX600, PX100, PZ600, PZ680) - Emulsion lift materials (scissors, hot and cold water, soft brush, watercolor paper) - A flower - Patience, have plenty of patience Estimated time: 48 hours to press flower / 10-15 minutes for lift Phase one: Choose a flower, anyone you want! Buy it from the florist or pick it from a field, it doesn’t matter. Look for a way to press it and make it thinly as possible. I own a “flower-press”, a simple tool that it was given to me when I was in third grade: it works through two sheets of wood which, with the help of four bolts, it press freshly cut flowers;

If you do not have this weird contraption, I’m sure that the pages of a heavy book can do the same. Obviously, it needs time: leave the flower pressed at least for 48 hours.

Phase two: Once you pressed the flower, you just have to proceed with the emulsion-lift, as I have explained few issues ago. I summarize it: choose a photo that you shot with any Impossible film and cut out the frame. Remove it from the black sheet and immerge the photo in a bowl of hot water. A few seconds later, you’ll see the white pulp melt down. Begin to separate the emulsion from the transparent part, helping yourself with the soft brush, very gently. When the emulsion will be clean from the white pulp, transfer it into the bowl with cold water. You’d better work with lot of chariness!

Dip the paper with the pressed flower on into the water, composing the image. You have to arm yourself with a lot of patience, given that both the emulsion and the flower are very delicate. I recommend to you not to wet too much the petals cause they tend to discolor.

When the composition satisfies you, let the paper dry.

Another wariness is to try if the photo fits well with the flower, in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles, that they could break the emulsion once dried. This is the result:

See you!


by Amanda Pulley


Go exploring for flowers -- pick as many as you’d like.




Find a nice place to sit down and start tying your flower’s stems together in whichever type of knot you prefer (those fancy one’s you learned in girl or boy scouts could definitely come in handy here)



Once you get a chain of flowers long enough to fit around your head, tie the ends together to form a circle.



Start adding thickness to your crown by tying flowers anywhere and everywhere around your crown, until it’s as thick and luscious as you’d like.



Enjoy! Go prance around a field or something!

I like plant I like cook it with...





Hi Eni, please introduce yourself. Hello guys, I`m Eni from Albania, I`m a visual artist focused mainly in photography but I like experimenting with many art mediums as well. Occasionally I`m also a food blogger. I love to take pictures of the food I cook, or the atmosphere of the kitchen and other places I eat, drink, have a talk with friends, read etc. I have always enjoyed the long talks with friends, taking part in the kitchen while having a nice meal. I think for that reason kitchen is very important and warm place in the house. I enjoy colorful, cute, cozy kitchens filled with nice stuff. In my opinion, food should also be colorful and eye appealing, not only something satiating. It should firstly fulfill your senses. When and how was Yummania born?

you can read about the great food you`ll eat in Albania. As a bonus with a good price. What’s your favorite dish? All kinds of Mediterranean food. Except meat, I`m not a fan of it. I`m not a vegetarian but could live happily without it. I love olive oil dearly. It`s a very important accessory in my cooking rituals. Cheese and yoghurt are stuff I can`t live without. I like beans and all of the legume family. Fruits are also a must to me. I can spend lots of days just combining tomatoes+cheese+dark bread+oregano+olive oil. Watermelon+feta cheese , oatmeal+ yoghurt+ olive oil +cucumber. Cooking, Photographing, eating..which moment do you prefer and why?

All of them in different ways and similar ways. It was December 2006 , the time I thought to start Different because all of them are special, alterthis blog. I thought about the name and decided native experiences. Similar on the way that I love to call Yummania getting the `yum`+`mania` to try new things, blend and mix them with each words together , that is the mania to create yum- other , spice stuff up in order to profit something my food. I didn`t have much plans in the begin- new and exciting. I like cooking and enjoy doing ning , I just enjoyed photographing what I cooked it for the people I love. I can easily do stuff which and sharing it .But in a short time I got quite a I`m not a big fan of just because they do, e.g large number of visitors and fans so decided to cake. When it comes to photographing I love tatake it more seriously and post more frequently. king pictures of beautiful food, served in lovely Last year I opened a twitter ( ways. I also love food styling, I think there`s so yummania) page and facebook (https://www. much fresh and serene poetry in it! I enjoy eating page in order for the as well. I have my most favorite items such as fans to follow me easier. But my twitter page is dairy products ( yoghurt, cheese, curd, kefir, milk also my page where I share all the news on my etc), fruits, olive oil, soups, veggies etc. I have photographic works and other stuff. some interesting habits like, I can`t eat anything sweet if I`m hungry, it has to be salty or sour. Albanian cuisine, foreign or sophisticated I like to eat sweet things only after I`m full. nouvelle cuisine? What kind of camera do you use for your food Albanian cuisine is a typical Mediterranean and photography? Balkan cuisine. Of course we have things which are very particular to us, but I think in general In the beginning I used my point and shoot caall the Balkan countries or Mediterranean ones mera (canon ixus 6.0).it`s very comfortable and have similar cuisines. We also have our exam- you can take nice macro photos with it, from the ples of nouvelle cuisine as well. There are many ones that enhance the food`s yummy side. But new , talented cooks doing that. What I love most since the lens of it it`s broken now I use only my about our cuisine is the fact that most of our pro- canon 40 d with my 15-85 mm lens or 50 mm 1.4 ducts are still bio and you can taste the differen- f lens ce of this , which is amazing. I have noticed this a lot while living far away from my country. The Where people can find you and your works? smell and taste of all vegetables, fruits, and all other organic ingredients is so amazing. So it Here:, sense that in all our tourism commercials Turkeshi &

Some anticipation, future projects? I`d like to use some fruits and veggies in a special project of mine. I have already started two projects i had in mind. The First one is anthoype , an alternative printing technique from 19th century, in which you can use the juice of plants, veggies,fruits as photosensitive emulsion. i`m now trying to print film positives as well as other surfaces , except paper:) this is a work in progress. The second project is hand coloring of photographic prints with plant,fruit, veggie juice readers can see more on the work in progress from

Spinach Rolls Ingredients for the dough : - 300 gr flour - 1 tablespoon baking yeast - some yogurt - salt for the filling: - 400 gr spinach - some chopped dill and parsley - a bunch of green onions - a little amount of oil to be used to cover the rolls layers. - an egg white - some Black Cumin for covering of the rolls How to: After preparing the dough and letting it wait for a while covering it with some wet fabric , take small portions from it and open them using a dough roller. Remember to use some starch while doing it , it helps. Try to open the dough as much as you can. Chop the spinach, onions, parsley and dill finely. Afterwards put this mix on the opened dough layers and roll it .Cut it in small parts afterwards. Cover them with the egg white and put black cumin seeds above. Cook in oven previously heated in180 C until they are ready. Place the first layer of pre-cooked lasagne, and cover them with a layer of pesto cream; on the pesto, create another layer of ricotta and spinach cream and sprinkle with 40 gr of grated cheese. Now, cover up with a half of smoked provola dices. Cover up all of this with the second layer of lasagna, and repeat the same procedure, holding some pesto by, which will be used for the coverture of the third and last layer. Put the baking pot in the oven (which should be already hot) for one hour, with the temperature of 160째.

Stuffed Peppers This one is also a very popular Albanian dish. Actually it`s a very popular Balkan dish i`d say. In Albania and elsewhere is cooked in both vegetarian and non vegetarian version. I`ll share here the vegetarian one. I love the inner part of the stuffed peppers so I always add some extra rice and more tomatoes. Last time I made it with minimum oil and it was just as fantastic. The clue for a great, yummy conclusion is usage of a lot of tomatoes. Here`s the recipe for 4 portions. Ingredients - 12 peppers (of those who are used for filling) - 7 ripe tomatoes - 6 coffee cups rice (you can use dark rice , bulgur or barleycorn as well) - 5 tablespoons olive oil - some fresh dill - one tablespoon of red pepper sauce - 3 large onions (you can use fresh onions as well, if so use 6 of them, the more onion, better taste) - salt - black pepper - 300 ml water How to: Finely chop the onions , and so do with tomatoes . Wash the rice well in warm water .Chop the dill. Mix all of them together in one bowl (onions, dill, tomatoes, rice). Add the water ,the red pepper sauce, olive oil, salt, black pepper above them and mix the mixture. Take the seeds out of the peppers that are to be stuffed. The fill the peppers with the mixture you created. Put the stuffed peppers in a tray and you can also put the rest of the mixture out of the peppers in the tray. Add just a little more water to that part if you think it`s too dry, but not too much. Then let it be cooked in the pre-heated oven at 200째 C as long as you they are baked. Another way of cooking, is putting it on a pan and add a little more water, close the lid of the pan. It will be cooked like boiled .Use the method you like best.

Hashure Hashure ( in Albanian) written as Asure or Asura in other languages is called as the oldest dessert in the history. Differently is called as Noah`s dessert , because according to the legend he created it using the whole possible seeds or ingredients to create it. So normally in some places of the world they use more than 40 ingredients to create it but , I prefer the Albanian version, not because i`m one of them but because is the yummiest one. Trust me once you try it ( especially the ones made in Kruja city) , you`ll get addicted. Below you might read the recipe and ingredients for 4 portions of hashure. Ingredients - 300 gr special for hashure wheat - 100 gr sugar (brown sugar would be ok too) - black dried grape - dried fig - gratered orange peels - hazelnuts,nuts,almonds - cinnamon,cloves - pomegranate How to: Preparation proccess: The wheat is left to boil.After it has boiled the water is changed and the wheat are put to be boiled again.Afterwards sugar,choped dried grapes and figs ,gratered orange peels , hazelnuts,nuts and almonds are added and left to be boiled under low fire.It is left until the wheat is cooked enough , yet crispy when chewed.Pour hashure on bowls and add over the cinnamon ,cloves and pomegranates. Better serve it while cold.It is much better.


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