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Edited and curated by Luca Tommaso Cordoni Revised and corrected by Lorenza Panelli, Matteo Cordoni. Photographers: Massimo Ankor,Ylenia Arca, Vins Baratta, Chris Bell, Ulrike Biets, Melissa Brantd, Elizabeth Brooke, Theresa Carlson, Leslie Chanelle, Michelle Civil, Joe Nigel Coleman, Luca Tommaso Cordoni, Sophie Davidson, Tyler Dingman, Daniel Dueckminor, Katie Eleanor, Julia Evs, Benedetta Falugi, Hollie Fernando, Malinda Fisher, Liddy Greenaway, Fatma Gultekin, Syndir Guos, Hana Haley, Michela Heim, Li Hui, Frida Johansson, Noah Kolb, Helen Korpak, Aëla Labbé, Luana Magalhães, Laura Makabresku, Rengim Mutevellioglu, Maria Nikolaeva, Marteline Nystad, Dani Padgett, Carlos Pereira, Michal Pudelka, Kate Pulley, Philip Queen, Emily Scarlett Romain, Anna Verlet Shelton, Mariam Sitchinava, Chiara Spinetta, Claudia Susana, Michael Switzer, Melchior

Tersen, Jovan Todorovic, Lauren Treece, Sophie Treloar, Quang Van, María Verduzco Valeria Vi, Salvatore Vitale, Elizabeth Weatherfield, Brandie Wedderburn, Evita Weed.


TWTGE photo of the week 2010-2011 is edit by The World Through Green Eyes, All right reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any way, without permission. All Images are copyright © of their respective owners. Free copy. Not for sale.


10 October

Hollie Fernando “untitled�

17 October

Helen Korpak “untitled”

24 October

Fatma Gultekin “untitled”

31 October

Melissa Brantd “untitled”

7 November

Liddy Greenaway “untitled”

14 November

Aëla Labbé “untitled”

21 November

Ulrike Biets “Ivy on Tree”

28 November

Hana Haley “untitled�

5 December

Maria Nikolaeva “untitled�

12 December

Michelle Civil “untitled�

19 December

Chris Bell “untitled�

26 December

Theresa Carlson “untitled�


2 January

Syndir Guos “untitled”

9 January

Dani Padgett “untitled”

16 January

Joe Nigel Coleman “untitled”

23 January

Leslie Chanelle “Dream”

30 January

Li Hui


6 February

Jovan Todorovic “untitled”

13 February

Lauren Treece “untitled”

20 February

Kate Pulley “untitled”

27 February

Julia Evs “untitled”

6 March

Daniel Dueckminor “untitled”

13 March

Sophie Treloar

“Icy Falling Water”

20 March

Anna Verlet Shelton “untitled�

27 March

Massimo Ankor “untitled�

3 April

Chiara Spinetta “.”

10 April

Sophie Davidson “untitled”

17 April

Carlos Pereira

“Binaural Harmonics�

24 April

Mariam Sitchinava “untitled�

1 May

Rengim Mutevellioglu “Refuge”

8 May

Philip Queen “untitled”

15 May

Malinda Fisher “untitled”

22 May

Quang Van “untitled”

29 May

María Verduzco “untitled”

5 June

Michela Heim “untitled”

12 June

Luana Magalhães “untitled”

19 June

Elizabeth Brooke “untitled”

26 June

Michal Pudelka

“We Children Of The Zoo”

3 July

Hana Haley “untitled”

10 July

Vins Baratta “Anna”

17 July

Evita Weed “untitled”

24 July

Ylenia Arca “untitled”

31 July

Frida Johansson “untitled”

7 August

Claudia Susana

“I Can Feel It Fade Like An AM Single...”

28 August

Brandie Wedderburn “Four”

4 September

Vins Baratta “Fall”

11 September

Emily Scarlett Romain “Epping”

18 September

Benedetta Falugi “,”

25 September

Noah Kolb “untitled”

2 October

Melchior Tersen “Bathory Erzebeth”

9 October

Marteline Nystad “untitled�

16 October

Katie Eleanor “untitled”

23 October

Salvatore Vitale “untitled”

6 November

Valeria Vi “Fall”

13 November

Evita Weed “untitled”

20 November

Michael Switzer “untitled”

27 November

Tyler Dingman “untitled”

4 December

Laura Makabresku

“Fairy Tale About A Girl Who Found Dead Animal In The Forest And Shared It With Her Warmth”

11 December

Luca Tommaso Cordoni “Tr’10_013”

18 December

Elizabeth Weatherfield “untitled�


Massimo Ankor Ylenia Arca Vins Baratta Chris Bell Ulrike Biets Melissa Brantd Elizabeth Brooke Theresa Carlson Leslie Chanelle Michelle Civil Joe Nigel Coleman Luca Tommaso Cordoni Sophie Davidson Tyler Dingman Daniel Dueckminor Katie Eleanor Julia Evs Benedetta Falugi Hollie Fernando Malinda Fisher Liddy Greenaway Fatma Gultekin Syndir Guos Hana Haley Michela Heim Li Hui Frida Johansson Noah Kolb Helen Korpak

Aëla Labbé Luana Magalhães Laura Makabresku Rengim Mutevellioglu Maria Nikolaeva Marteline Nystad Dani Padgett Carlos Pereira Michal Pudelka Kate Pulley Philip Queen Emily Scarlett Romain Anna Verlet Shelton Mariam Sitchinava Chiara Spinetta Claudia Susana Michael Switzer Melchior Tersen Jovan Todorovic Lauren Treece Sophie Treloar Quang Van María Verduzco Valeria Vi Salvatore Vitale Elizabeth Weatherfield Brandie Wedderburn Evita Weed ▲

about The World Through Green Eyes is a blogzine based on the relationship between human and natu re, we work on the base of : Trees Wood Green Wild Girls and Pretty Bunny This blogzine was created to give space for new Photographer, to let know their name to the world and to demonstrate their love for the land. The World Through Green Eyes is for everyone who loves photography and Mother Nature, for everyone who loves to be wild.

Submissions If you want to submit a photo, please use the Flickr group: or send an email to with “Submission” as object, don’t forget to put in your full name and a link to your website. Three photos per day will be posted and every month an interview.


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TWTGE Photo of the Week 2010/2011  

Photo of the week 2010 - 2011 by Massimo Ankor, Ylenia Arca, Vins Baratta, Chris Bell, Ulrike Biets, Melissa Brantd, Elizabeth Brooke, There...

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