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Centerfold “I’m lost. I’m spread. I’m some time ago.“ A.

by Arianna Lerussi


Arianna Lerussi

Luca Tommaso Cordoni



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what is Photography?

Photography was a way to indulge my inclination to nostalgia. Photographing for me doesn’t mean just stopping a moment but being part of it, totally, almost living it more. In the same way photographing someone means digging deeply into his essence, being in contact with his real part; then photographing themselves answers to the need to look us in another way, to identifyourselves finally. I would say that photography is a way to enliven life. About Nature, I love the contrasting aspects: it is sunny, pictorial but also dark, obscure. I love clouds chasing each other, also when they become stormy, I love the plaintive beauty of flowers ‘cause I know that they die. When I was a child my favorite place was the garden. It had small secret places, behind the hedges, to hide so well. Somehow, the grass that touches the sky comforted me. And it still comforts me today.

what is nature?

Kuusi #1 Arianna Lerussi  
Kuusi #1 Arianna Lerussi  

ENGLISH VERSION Kuusi is the new monography zine series of The World Through Green Eyes. A collection of all our photographers, printed dire...