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Volume VII, Number 2 - April 2011

West Africa & Russia Trip Report by Duane Sabin

Shepherd’s Call: Reaching A World in Need.

I lead the “Shepherd’s Call” ministry for RMW. Biblically, the terms “shepherd” and “pastor” are the same, so the call is to care for the flock in all of its aspects, which has always been my ministry. While widows and orphans is a focus, it’s only a part of the entire ministry. My trip to Liberia and Russia is also a part of the broader ministry. In Liberia, West Africa, I preached at an area-wide conference and a local church. These were opportunities for me to share biblical principles, encourage leaders and all believers, as well as get to know folks in that country. I also helped with the physical building of a Christian conference center which is being developed on 17 acres. I, along with others, put on some finishing touches which made the center, though not

totally finished, able to be used. Anthony Sachor, a native Liberian now living in Port Angeles, Washington, is the developer of the center. He returns to Liberia several times a year and hopes to help draw together the fragmented church of Liberia. The present religious climate in Liberia: Although Christianity is the predominant religion and there is a

Anthony and Doris Sachor, in Eglon

small church on every corner, there is typically no communication nor cooperation among them. The pastors have very little training, and the prevailing spirit is one of competition. Biblical training for the leaders and their congregations will be the focus of the use of this center. Due to civil war, the country’s infrastructure has dissolved and it is a broken country in all aspects. Poverty is the norm. Before leaving Liberia, we began to envision how the center could be used right away. Eventually, dormitories are planned, but we saw that with very little financial outlay and work, we could plant fruit-bearing trees (oranges, bananas, pineapple, coconut) and create a nice campground. This would fit in nicely with the Liberian way of life. They could get away from the city and distractions and have a lovely place to learn and absorb a Christian lifestyle. We are pursuing returning next year with the Bill Gothard Basic Seminar, Vacation Bible School and other possible classes. (Editor’s Note: Other colleagues accompanying Duane to Liberia expressed their appreciation for his way of putting practical handles and physical work to his biblical teaching and preaching.)

On to Russia—yes, a climate relief! In 1999, I began going to Russia teaching in a Campus Crusade Bible College in Moscow, New Life Bible

Re-Capping 2010 by W. Locke Morgan This last year went very quickly for me personally. What with school, work, church, ministry and family duties vying for my time, it amazes me that God has held it all together and brought progress in each of those areas. I have had to let go of a lot of the direct ministry, outside of writing and administration, but God’s work carries on through other hands. RMW underwent some significant development in 2010 when we added a new staff member, Duane Sabin, and launched a new ministry, Shepherd’s Call (SC). After some time spent in developing the procedures and paperwork, we were able to run a few test cases for providing practical assistance to families in need. This part of the process allowed us to work through the steps, iron out the wrinkles and still accomplish our ministry goals. Our thanks to the applicants and churches that participated with us to refine our paperwork.

College (NLBC). Across those years, I have had many students, several with whom we continue to maintain contact. Outside of Moscow itself to the north (on the way to St. Petersburg) is the city of Tver. I have gone there to preach and teach on most of my trips to Russia. Some of the first students I had still live in Tver and carry on ministry there, working in local churches, a home church, and with orphans. I met with these folks, personally encouraging, counseling and praying with them in addition to the preaching and teaching. However, our goal is to expand this outreach to include larger projects that fully use the resources of SC (i.e. expertise, time, energy and funding) and to give a boost to the efforts of local churches. If you are aware of widows or orphans in the north Kitsap area that could use renovation assistance, please let us know. Our goal is to find, assess and complete four, or more, sizable projects in this region during 2011. We would prefer to work with a church on each of these, remain in the background and allow an ongoing relationship to develop between the Body of Christ and the people in need.

After five days in Tver, I went south to the Black Sea area to Anapa. In a nearby village, John and Naomi Musgrave have a retreat center where they follow up on alumni of NLBC. They invited me to teach a 3-day class on Spiritual Gifts to pastors and church leaders who had come from various parts of Russia and the former Soviet Continued on page 3...

Shepherd’s Call Projects: • Met with 7 pastors about the ministry of Shepherd’s Call • Helped a struggling family deal with the loss of a job and having to relocate to a home with no appliances. RMW was able to get a washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator and freezer for this family. Calvary Chapel (Poulsbo, WA) • Helped New Covenant Fellowship (Port Gamble, WA) put a roof on a widow’s shed. • Numerous fix-it projects for a recent widow: washing machine, drain trap problems, transportation of branches, top soil provision, Kingston Christian (Kingston, WA) • Other miscellaneous small fix-it projects for a widow from Faith Lutheran Church (Kingston, WA) • 16 funerals, each taking about 2 days’ ministry with the family. • Planning completed for a major project to currently underway.

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Union. The translator for the class and two of the pastors left with extra materials so they could begin teaching right away in their local churches. This material is powerful, and I see us also using it in Liberia in the future, as it helps Christians to understand that all believers constitute the Body of Christ but are different members and how to recognize each individual person’s specific part in the body. Both of these opportunities in Liberia and Russia fulfill that larger role of pastoring and drawing the church together. Thank you for your prayer and financial support without which I could not have made these trips nor could I carry on any of the ministry that I do. Do you realize that you have taught and encouraged believers in Liberia and Russia through me—due to your prayer, care and financial support! I was invited to go to Liberia because of our involvement with Eglon Community Church, which has supported work in Liberia for 50 years. My wife and I have been attending ECC for a number of months. It is in a small community close to our home where, in the 1950’s, I attended a one-room school house as a 4th grader. For 60 years, I have had continuing relationships with many in that community. As an elder in the Eglon church, I have been teaching regularly and preaching and serving as requested by the pastor, another way of continuing the ministry to which I have been called. Restoration Ministries Worldwide, Inc. 41035 Foulweather Bluff Road NE Hansville, Washington 98340-7717 Phone: 360.638.1848 Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support of this ministry! You are helping us help others to grow in the Lord.

RMWNews April 2011  

The monthly newsletter of Restoration Ministries Worldwide.

RMWNews April 2011  

The monthly newsletter of Restoration Ministries Worldwide.