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April 2012

Country Coordinator’s Corner

One of the rewards of organizing an event as huge as the TWR Mumunting Kutitap Award 2012 is having the opportunity to partner with group of individuals in Speaking Hope to the World. Another reward is being able to thank them all for making the event possible. We are grateful to Pastor Eric Ortega of Aurora Hill Baptist Church for gracing the puppet shows with his vivacity and wisdom in storytelling. We are also overwhelmed by the Department of Education’s support and endorsement of the awards, and by SM City Baguio’s generosity in allowing us to use their atrium. Abounding gratitude is also due to the help of industries, companies, academic institutions, and ministries who co-sponsored the event. Their financial help raised more than 20,000 pesos (USD465.00) which covered the expenses for the medals, T-shirts, certificates, and other operating costs. These sponsors are: Laser Marketing, Hotel Cosmopolitan, Aquabest, DZWT Radio Totoo, EMS PC Worx, Metrobank, Baguio Mission Church, Personalized by Pat & Rick, Philippine Christian Bookstore and LBC; Grace Bible Academy, Sontown International Academy, and Kalos Mission Arts College; and the many churches who prayed for the success of the event.

It is written in 2 Corinthians 2:14, “But I thank God, who always leads us in victory because of Christ. Wherever we go, God uses us to make clear what it means to know Christ. It’s like a fragrance that fills the air.”

We hope and pray that this is what the event accomplished for everyone who attended— that God can use our lives as living gospels that emanate hope, love and compassion where Christ is not just seen in us but also through us wherever we may be and whatever crowd we are in. we pray that the Most Outstanding public school elementary students have gone home after the event as role models and changed individuals. I would also like to acknowledge the team of TWR- Philippines who performed their duties with much To God be the glory! passion.

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Ptr. Leonardo Perez

T W R- Philippines C ountr y C oordinator

by Ptr. Wilfredo Suyat

After years of service in TWR-Philippines and becoming a Resident Agent/Team Leader, Ptr. Leonardo Perez went up the ladder and was endorsed April last year as TWR-Philippines’ Country Coordinator. His position being confirmed last April 2011, he remains devoted to building an engaged, passionate and spiritually healthy team of people that would carry out TWR’s vision to reach the world for Christ through mass media. Let’s get to know him better!

Pastor Perez was born in Agbannawag, Rizal, Nueva Ecija, a tranquil place, where he spent most of his childhood days. His parents are faithful believers of Jesus Christ and their influence is the prime reason why he became a Minister. He took his Bachelor of Theology degree at Luzon Nazarene Bible College (now Philippine Nazarene College) and graduated in 1992. He completed his Masters of Divinity in Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in 2000. His passion in acquisition of knowledge has added in his educational profile his earned units in Doctor of Education focused on an area of Counseling. He also has earned units in Doctor of Philosophy in Management.

in Urdaneta Pangasinan and became the School Administrator from 2000 to 2006. He is at present serving at Urdaneta Church of the Nazarene during weekends. Ptr. Leo’s Salvation Testimony: “I was saved when I was 18, years old. It was October 15, 1987 in a revival meeting at the Bible College. The Lord spoke to me through the message of the speaker about “Wisdom” from James chapter 1. Although I grew up in a Christian family, I realized that there was no assurance of salvation in me. The Lord used my desire for wisdom to help me understand that I was a sinner. I went to the altar, and asked the Lord to save me from my sins. The Lord did not fail me, on that same night He forgave me and saved me. At the age of 19, I started pastoring a church with my wife Eva. From then on my wife and I journeyed with the Lord. We served Him in whatever doors of ministry He has opened of us. He did not promise us good life but He assured us that “He will never leave us nor forsake us” The Lord blessed us with 3 kids. Jeremy (22 years old). Kevin (18 years old), and Lorraine (15 years old.)

He is an Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene since 2000. He pastored his home church in Agbanawag, Rizal, Nueva Ecija for 3 years. He then transferred to Llanera Church of the Nazarene and pastored there for 3 years. He founded Nazarene Cunningham Academy, Inc. To Him all glory and honor.”


T W R Events TWR’s 1ST Mumunting Kutitap Award TWR-Philippines in cooperation with the Department of Education launched its first ever TWR Mumunting Kutitap Award at SM Baguio Atrium last March 11, 2012 to honor and recognize the Most Outstanding Public Elementary School Students of Baguio City where deserving students from 19 public elementary schools of Baguio were carefully chosen by their respective school principal and advisers. Ingrid Payaket, a host of a well known TV show, and TWR-Philippines program producer of Mumunting Kutitap, Crisanto Guzman hosted the event wherein a huge crowd of spectators came to witness the awarding and side shows. During the awarding ceremony, testimonies of the awardees touched the hearts of many as they expressed their gratitude towards their parents, acknowledging their many sacrifice anchored by love.

Glenn Aqui of the Baguio Illusionist Guild performed magic tricks. One primary aim of the event was to promote TWR and its ministries. Creating social connections entails future ministry opportunities where the mission and vision of TWR could continue to be brought into fruition and ultimately bring glory to God. So everything this event accomplished, we acknowledge that it is only because of His grace, so to Him be all glory, honor and praise!

Highlights of event included the Puppet Show that conveyed the right of a child, especially the right to know Christ. Another highlight was the Story telling by Ptr. Eric Ortega of Aurora Hill Baptist Church who shared a very insightful story to everyone. Aside from storytelling, the crowd watched in awe as

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T W R Events Kaibigan Concert TWR-Philippines has blessed the lives of numerous people from all over the world! Through its active participation in a concert at Baguio City last October 29, 2011, it opened the door for original Christian Pinoy music to be heard. Through TWR’s partnership with the executive producers of the “Kaibigan” concert, World Intercessors Network (WIN) Ministers and (World Intercessors Ministry (WIM) Warriors, it paved the way for inspirational, original, and heart-felt music to touch lives from the Philippine Islands to distant places like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Canada and Dubai. This was made possible through TWR’s live stream broadcast.

Script Writing Workshop TWR-Philippines conducted an open Script Writing Workshop last November 19, 2011, held in the TWR Baguio office, for the purpose of advancing the skills in writing of the TWR staff and at the same time scout for potential creative writers from the participants to become contributors and help develop materials for the locally produced Youth and Children’s Program of TWR. Over 24 participants engaged in the activities

in the workshop facilitated by Mr. Denis Gutierrez (RGMA 92.7 Baguio Manager and UP Professor) – one of media partners. The participants were then required to write original creative stories of their own from which ten were screened and chosen by Mr. Crisanto Guzman, (Youth and Children’s Ministry Producer), and Mrs. Ruthanna Sombero Uy, (Women’s Ministry Coordinator)

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Ministry Report Ripples of Hope :

Ilaw ng Pag-asa’s Listener Testimonies Rocky Trails

Last September 20, 2011, the women’s ministry team, Ruthanna Uy and Jennifer Hallig were given the opportunity to visit the listeners of Brooke’s Point, Palawan. The travel from the capital Puerto Prinsesa City to Brooke’s Point, Palawan was tedious. Normally, it is a four to five hours travel, but they made it to Brooke’s Point after three and a half hours of enduring the rocky trails that literally brought them flying inside the van. Though there were no seat belts to wear, they made it to the place safe and sound. Once there, they learned that from the time that the program Ilaw ng Pag-asa (Women of Hope Tagalog) was first aired through the Radyo Natin FM station three years ago, listeners were faithfully following the program as well as the other programs of TWR-Philippines.

Women of Hope

One of the program’s faithful listeners is forty-one years old Lita. A mother to two sons, she never tires in sending prayer requests to Jennifer. Lita regularly listens to Ilaw ng Pag-asa with her husband. Her husband works in a shop 101 kilometers away from home. He wants them to join him but she refuses. She said that her children’s education is more important, and thus gives her full time in rearing them. When asked how the programs had helped her and her family, she smiled and testified that she and her husband learned so many things about God and the Bible through the programs. A Bible is always by their side

whenever they listen to the program. When they hear the word being shared, they open their Bible to compare the message. From there, they learned that indeed, God’s Words are true and the message being shared is clearer and applicable to their lives. She shared that her husband translates the message and the Bible to her in Tagalog. She can understand the Bible, but when her husband explains it to her, she finds it easier to comprehend. Ruth and Jen gave her a Tagalog Bible, a Project Hannah brochure and a prayer calendar to remind her of the meeting. Lita gratefully received the Bible and said that she’ll read it daily. Another listener is Mamielyn, a twenty four years old single lady who never fails to listen to the program Ilaw ng Pag-asa. When Ruth and Jen met her, Mamielyn tried to be jolly but it was evident in her eyes that there’s something that she wants


to share to the ladies. The ladies gave her the materials but when she saw the Bible, her eyes misted over and she immediately admitted that she’s a non-believer. Ruth and Jen were surprised , and Mamielyn said that it was what she intended to do; to surprise the ladies . When asked about the reactions of her family especially her father; she said that she told her father that she’s going to meet the ladies. She got her father’s approval. Ruth and Jen saw in her eyes that she wanted to share more of her situation. However, because Mamielyn didn’t have time for she had something to that day, the ladies let her go. She said that she will continue to listen to the program and that she will read the Bible. Later that evening, Jennifer received a text message from Mamielyn telling her that she already missed the ladies and that she hoped that there was enough time for them to be acquainted. Aside from regular listeners, Ruth and Jen also had a chance to meet a listener of other programs of TWR-Philippines. Fe is a listener of TTB - Ang Paglalakbay, Absolutely 24/7 and Mumunting Kutitap (Little Lights). She was there to get the Bible sent by Mumunting Kutitap producer Crisanto Guzman, aka Krispy Cris.The

Bible is for her twelve year old son, JanJan, who’s an avid listener of Mumunting Kutitap. She’s not a listener of Ilaw ng Pag-asa but she promised to listen to the program, along with her friend, Neneng, who is a widow with four children. Fe herself is a single mother. Her husband left her for another woman. She’s now doing her best to make ends meet for her and Jan-Jan by doing home massage services to clients and some of her friends. When Ruth and Jen left Brooke’s Point, Fe and Jan-Jan continued to send messages to them. Ruth received a very heartwarming message from Jan-Jan. “Mama and I are listening now and we’re also reading the Bible plus the storybook that you gave. God bless you and we hope through your help, Mama and I will be able to have our desires, that is to have our own home and that I’ll be able to finish my studies. I love you Tita (Aunt).” Ruth received a text message from Fe informing her that they listened to the program Ilaw ng Pag-asa. “The station’s signal was off but we will still wait for it. Our radio is now turned on. We are excited to listen to the program, Sister Ruth.”Another message followed.“We are now listening to the program. The message was really nice. Neneng and I can relate to it. Our hearts are “bleeding”. I pray that you

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will reach your homes peacefully and safe and that God will send His thousand angels to guide your way. I thank you Sister Ruth and Sister Jen for the wonderful message. I took down notes especially the verses. God bless you. We miss you.” Ruth gave Neneng a sample program of Ilaw ng Pag-asa. Like Fe, it was her first time to learn that Radio Natin station airs a program for women. She said that before learning about it she usually watches television at night since the

timeslot of Ilaw ng Pag-asa is primetime. Later that evening, Neneng sent Ruth a text message telling her that she’s already listening to the program.“Good evening Sister Ruth. I’m now listening to the sample program that you gave and I can’t help but cry. I was touched because it’s about my life. Thank you also for the food and for your kindness. God bless you. You and Jen are our true friends. Thank you very much”.

Ministry Travel: Bicol Region by Ptr. John Hallig and Purther Cabahit

We set out at exactly nine in the evening on the 25th of September for a one-week ministry travel to Bicol. To our dismay, the typhoon “Pedring” took a great toll on our schedule after flights bound to Masbate were cancelled due to the severe weather condition. Upset, we tried to console ourselves by trying to make the most of our time in Manila. We thought that at least if we could meet up with some of the listeners and interview them it would be worth all the effort and delay. Yet, to no avail, there was not a chance of meeting any of the prospective listeners – they were not just available during that time. We had no choice but to head back home, tired and feeling unaccomplished. Two weeks after, the date is set for us to leave for Bicol again. This time, we constantly monitored the weather

via internet the PAGASA’s weather forecast. We wanted to make sure that the weather activity would potentially be no longer a problem for our trip. We are however aware that no matter how prepared we are, there could always be unexpected events that only the Almighty remains to be in control. And so we pushed through with the trip and have arrived safely to our first destination right before another typhoon landed. The time was also an excellent opportunity to visit and meet one of the avid listeners in Masbate - Walfredo. It was Just about the same time we’d reached Masbate when Warfredo texted and requested Pastor John for a Bible. So he didn’t expect we’d be right at his door to hand him his bible. After a couple of minutes of searching, we found his place and met his


family. Warfredo is a retiree. He had just had a stroke and is no longer able to go to church or outside except to stay home having the TV and radio as a past time. He can hardly speak clearly, so it was his wife and son who told us how religiously he would listen to TTB (Through the Bible) – Ang Paglalakbay program. His wife is currently teaching in a public elementary school. Though a believer, she has quite a few hang-ups with Christianity. She openly expressed her bitterness about Christians’ lack of practical love and careespecially that of within the church. As we continued to allow her to express her sentiments, we discovered that she’s quite upset of not getting any aid when she needed it most from the church where she used to be a member. She said, “Prayer is not what we needed. Sometimes it is not enough to pray. We need to help people by practically sharing our resources with them.” We understand her sentiments. This is just a clear reminder of what the Scripture is teaching us – to love not only with words but more so with deeds. We intended to bless and pray for the family of Warfredo - and so we did. But in turn, we were the ones who were blessed as we hear how the family, despite what had happened, had continually put their trust and dependence on God. And we are most blest to know that our program has become part of it. We are told that there is not a day Warfredo wouldn’t tune-in to “Ang Paglalakbay” program, making everyone in the house hear the TTB Tagalog messages on air. And so after we prayed for the Family, we bid our Goodbyes as Pastor Ariel asked if he could go back and visit again sometime. And they gladly nodded, signifying approval. We were able to renew partnership with DYME radio station the same day with favorable terms as the management

conceded with our request that they charge us with the old rate; the same rate when we aired our programs with them many years back. And so with just few other details and formalities to consider, we knew the Lord has led us to have this partnership with DYME possible again. Back in Manila, we were able to meet Rochelle. Rochelle, is a listener of “In Touch Tagalog – Bigkis ng Katotohanan” program via DZAS broadcast. It was such a heartwarming time with Rochelle. There was never a dull moment as she retold her past and how she has found her way back to an intimate relationship with the Lord.

She blest our heart not only through her past experiences as a Christian, but more so with how our program has been and still is becoming a part of her spiritual and emotional stability. Back here in Baguio, the home-like feeling allowed us to reflect on some important things. Actually, it must have been the Lord reminding us about the things we should always bring along whenever we have a travel of this kind. First and foremost is a mindset that everything happens for a purpose and that there can never be a wasted time when we trust and allow Him to work His way. Third, that He is in charge and we should continue to let Him so. It’s all because of Him. Glory be to God!

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Meet the new TWR personnel Melissa Puruganan Gacusan, a person full of life and passion for her work and ministry is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management from the University of Northern Philippines, Candon, Ilocos Sur. Looking forward to be a pastor’s wife in the near future leads her to take units in AB Theology at Kalos Mission Arts College besides being actively involved in the church’s ministry, specifically in organizing programs and multimedia services. Her broad experiences as an assistant manager and marketing officer overseas, and as a classroom and online English teacher qualify her to TWR-Phils’ need of a Public Relation Officer. Garret Angeles Abad hails from Antipolo City, married to Doris Umayam from Isabela, and father of four budding boys. Gary, as he is popularly known, finished Masters in Divinity (M.Div) at the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS), Taytay, Rizal. As he joins TWR-Philippines he brings with him years of experiences as a local Church pastor, a college instructor, and video editor which is an edge to his job title and function as one of the Program Production assistants under the English Ministry Department of TWR-Phils. Ricky Caguioa Tenepere , a native Pangasinense is the resident pastor of Baguio Evangelical Holiness Church and a member of BUKAL Life Care and Counseling Center. He has gained training and experiences in crises counseling and psychotherapy through Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, and also received a Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree at Kalos Mission Arts College. Though a protégé in the field of broadcast media, Ricky demonstrates a teachable spirit learning gradually the skills needed in his job as Production Assistant under the English Ministry Department focused with the program, “Times of Refreshing.”


Vision To reach the world for Christ through mass media so that lasting fruit is produced. Mission To provide every Filipino a relevant, clear and effective presentation of God’s word and the opportunity to become active participants of the body of Christ TWR speaks hope in 233 languages around the world. TWR-Philippines offers 12 programs in five different languages / dialects.

You can financially support TWR projects by becoming partners with TWR Philippines, together we could bring hope found in Jesus Christ! Contact us:

Landline: (074) 424 1262 / 63 Mobile: (63) 932-304-1498