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0B0-102 BEA BEA 8.1 Certified Developer: Portal Solutions 0B0-102

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QUESTION: 1 Using Workshop s interactive debugging wind ows, how can you evaluate expressions, dynamically?

A. Open the Watch window, enter t he expression, and select Evaluate B. Open the Locals window, enter t he expression, and select Evaluate C. Open the Streams window, enter t he expression, and select Evaluate D. Open the immediate window. Enter the expression and select Evaluate E. Open the Expressions window, enter the expression, and select Evaluate Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 2 Consider the following code: <PZ:CONTENTsELECTOR RULE = ArrayContentSelectorRule?id=results?/> <utility:forEachInArray id doc?array=?%=results%>?> <%=doc.content%> </utility:forEachInArray> If the rule identified by myContentSelectorRule is satisfied when evaluated, what is the result?

A. No visible output B. The JSP fails to compile C. A series of images that satisfy the rule displays D. A series of documents that satisfy the rule displays Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 3 On a stateless session Bean component, which interface would you extend, when defining access to an external data set that is part of your Unified User Profile?

A. UUPropertySet B. PropertyManager C. DataPropertyManager D. EntityPropertyManager E. CustomerPropertyManager Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 4 When developing custom skins, which action pr events the loss of change during product upgrades?

A. Add new entries anywhere in the file. B. Add new entries at the end of the file. C. Create a file in t he same directory as the file. D. Create a new file under a new directory for your file. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 5 What are two purposes of creating a desktop? (choose two)

A. to provide a deployable enterprise application B. to provide a specific access point for entitled users C. to provide a Web application development package D. to provide a visual development area for Workshop composition E. to provide an administrative mechanism for controlling resources Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 6 In the directory "myCONTENT" THERE AR E TWO CONTENT FILES: DOGS.HTML AND BIRDS.JPG. You intend to load this content, and some content metadata, using the BulkLoader. What are two techniques to specify content metadata for these files? (choose two)

A. Edit the two files, by embedding <meta> yags. B. In the BulkLoader execution script, specify a list of metadata values as a commandline argument. C. In the "myContent"directory, create a file ca lled that contains name-value pairs. D. Create two files dogs properties and birds.jpg, that conatin name-value pairs and put them in the "myContent" directory. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 7 Which method of the com.bea.p13n, events,EventListner interface c ontains the code that is Executed when the event occurs?

A. onEvent ( ) B. diAction ( )

C. handleEvent ( ) D. triggerAction ( ) Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 8 If a user clicks an image or link, which tag generates a behavior event?

A. <ContentTracking:clickContent> B. <ContentTracking:displayContent> C. <ContentTracking:c lickContentevent> D. <BehaviorTracking: clickContentEvent> E. <BehaviorTracking:di splayContentEvent> Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 9 Which restriction is placed on the <cm:getProperty> tag?

A. It cannot retrieve a collection B. It cannot retrieve a JPG file C. It cannot retrieve an XML file D. The property that is retrieved must be stored in a variable before it can be printed Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 10 The rule for the segment segmentA is that the "username" property in the "Demographics" property set must be equal to [] system? What is the output of the following code? C. Your event listener class must initialize the ev ent super class with a super call as the first statement in any overridden constructor D. Your event service class must provide an impl ementation for the method signature public void Trigger (;.

Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 11 Consider this JSP code: <pz:contentSelecttor rule =arrayRule?id=arrayed?/> What is the correct type for the variable myId?

A. A content type B. A content node C. A array of content nodes D. An array of file descriptors Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 12 On which component can you change the Layout type?

A. Book B. Page. C. Portlet D. Desktop E. Application Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 13 Which three portlet types can be created using the Portlet Wizard? (Choose three)

A. WLI PORTLET B. Jsp PORTLET C. Struts portlet D. Web service portlet E. Java page flow portlet Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 14 Which three values are attributes that can be specified by the <i18n:localize> element? (choose three)

A. Locale B. Language C. Message Name D. Base Bundle Name E. Resource Bundle Reload interval Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 15 Which two are child tags of the <netui=template:template /> tag? (choose two)

A. name B. section C. setAttribute D. defaultPage. E. parametersName Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 16 Exhibit How does WebLogic Portal find the SMTP host for outgoing mail?

A. It is set as request parameter in thankyou.jsp B. It is set as a session parameter in thankyou.jsp C. It is configured using the SMTP Manager in the WebLogic Console D. It is configured using the ,ail Service in the Portal Administration tools. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 17 Consider the following code: /** * @common:control * / private com.bea.p13n. controls.l ogin.UserLoginControl myControl; Which action, in Workshop, generates this code?

A. Insert a new EJB control B. Insert a new pageflow control C. Drag and drop a web service control D. Drag and drop the corresponding portal control onto the Page Flow Design view Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 18 To display debugging messages from your code, or to display debugging output for WebLogic Portal classes, which file do you put in your domain root directory, to be used with the com.bea.p13n.util.debug.Debug class?

A. debug.out B. system.err C. D. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 19 The JspBacking interface can be implemented to cr eate a backing file. Which is a method on this interface?

A. preRender B. preInstigate C. preVerifyData D. preBackupData E. preEventGeneration Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 20 You are building a portal that generates revenue from advertising. You have a banner ad on the Welcome page. You want to populate the banner with an image that can change each time a user visits your portal or clicks the browser Refresh button: What is the simplest way to accomp lish this generic content rotation?

A. Create a user segment for each group of users, then use the <pz:div> tag to wrap personalized content. B. Create a placholder, and add a default query for it that displays the range of content you want. C. Use the <pz:contentQuery> tag to return an array of all images, then write a simple random- number generator to select an image to display D. Create a placholder and a campaign. Set up the campaign with content actions that put different types of content in the placeholder for different types of users. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 21 Which two statements are true about creating a cust om Ant build script for a Workshop project? (choose two)

A. Workshop has some proprietary extensions to Ant that cannot be used in a custom Ant build script. B. You can call wlwBuild from your custom Ant build script to generate an .ear file for your application C. You can export the build sc ript used within Workshop to use as a starting point for your custom Ant build script D. If your custom Ant build script contains new task definitions unknown to Workshop.the must be executed outside of the IDE. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 23 When using the <um:getproprty> tag in a JSP, to avoid retriving the specified property value from the Anonymous user profile, what must be done?

A. Ensure that the visitor is authenticated B. Ensure that the visitor is authorized to access the JSP C. Use the <um:getprofile> tag bef ore using the <um:getproperty>tag D. Ensure that the visitor has value set for t hat property, so that no default value is used. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 24 A developer create a Portal application and launches the test browser from Workshop to begin Testing immediately, the developer decides that a font color needs to be changed in one of the skin s CSS files. After changing the CSS file, w hat is the least amount work that the developer must do to test the effects of the change?

A. The developer must refresh the page in the browser The exhibit is a complete page flow. Which stat ement is correct with respect to this flow? A. The action node named action4 might never be called. B. The flow arrow from first.jsp to action1 requires a name C. It is not valid to have two actions in a flow without an intermediate presentation node. D. The presentation node named first.jsp cannot ca ll action1 because it requires an action form Bean instance to be passed. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 25 A JSP produces unexpected results in the test browser,by generating invalid HTML due to an error in the logic of a loop. To detect the ex act cause of the problem, the developer sets a breakpoint in the JSP and steps through the code, watching each line of HTML that is generated. Which debug window enables the developer to display this?

A. Local B. Watch C. Streams D. Callstack E. Immediate Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 26 WHEN CREATING A database contro l, how does the developer en sure that database connection pooling will be used?

A. When creating the control the developer is prompted to choose a connection pool. B. Connection pooling must be enabled for eac h control individually through the Portal C. Administration console. D. The developer must specify that a connecti on pool (rather than a datasource) is used, when the control is created in workshop E. When creating the control, the developer must select a datasource that is already associated with a connection pool. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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