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000-023 IBM IBM Tivoli Support Provider Tools and Processes 000-023

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QUESTION: 1 Which two statements are true regarding Support Provider Level 1 Customer Support? (Choose two.)

A. Level 1 Support is responsible for taking the first support call from a Customer (during normal business hours, Monday - Friday in line with IBMs standard 5x8 support). B. Level 1 Support is responsible for testing new software versions of IBM products and communicating the release of said software to clients that have purchased it from IBM. C. Level 1 Support is responsible for incorporating and testing any program fix provided by Level 3 Support (as appropriate), and delivering or communicating the problem resolution, bypass, circumvention, or other notice of restriction to the End User. D. Level 1 Support is responsible logging all calls in an electronic call management system capable of opening an internal PMR or other form of trouble ticket that captures and can report in electronic format historic information relating to a problem, from the first Call through to the resolution of the problem. E. Level 1 Support is responsible for logging all calls in an XML, Excel or Lotus 123 spread sheet so that Level 2 support can open an internal PMR or other form of trouble ticket that captures and can report in electronic format historic information relating to a problem, from the first call through to the resolution of the problem. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 2 What are two responsibilities of the Primary Site Technical Contact? (Choose two.)

A. Opening all PMRs on behalf of all their Support Analysts. B. Downloading software from Passport Advantage for use by the end user. C. Assigning up to nine Secondary Site Technical Contact per end user contract. D. Uploading all End User Debug files to ESR/SR on behalf of their support analysts. E. Accept or deny a request for a Support Provider s engineer to obtain access to an end users account. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 3 When searching the knowledge base on the IBM Support website, what is the best search strategy for finding targeted information?

A. Select just one product and only one keyword. B. Select the product, operating system and a date range. C. Target a wide set of records, by using just one keyword. D. Select the product(s) and other specific criteria for which a solution is required. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 4 Where can the most thorough searches on support be performed?

A. anywhere with a search dialog B. top header of any web page C. always from a specific product support page D. IBM Software Support Home page Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 5 Which two resources are available on the IBM developerWorks website? (Choose two.)

A. Latest test fixes released by development. B. Software licenses for proof of concept installs. C. Web-based community forums and Wiki pages. D. List of new features still under development for each product. E. Technical tutorials and demos for developers and administrators. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 6 supported and formally tested software maintenance package of APAR fixes?

A. FITS B. Test Fix C. Fix Pack D. Limited Availability Interim Fix Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 7 IBM Software Support Feeds allow one to stay up-to-date with the latest content created for specific IBM Software products. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. feeds can include IBM stock prices B. feeds can be filtered using keywords C. feeds are updated several times a day D. feeds are delivered using IBM proprietary standards E. feeds may be customized to include PMR information Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 8 What is Assist On-Site?

A. An IBM education program used to create and deliver client customized training. B. An IBM dedicated resource who resides at the client s site to advise on technical issues. C. An IBM web based technology used to troubleshoot by viewing or controlling a remote system. D. An IBM team of support engineers that travel to customer locations to resolve critical problems. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 9 To access ESR/SR and open a PMR on behalf of an end user, what are two requirements? (Choose two)

A. approval from the End User B. the customer s Telephone number C. the customer s contact name and address D. to be registered with IBM and have a login ID E. to be setup as an Authorized User or a Site Technical Contact Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 10 Which two statements are true of Interim Fix (IF) Maintenance Delivery Vehicles? (Choose two.)

A. Interim Fixes are formally tested and fully supported by IBM. B. Interim Fixes are uncertified fixes that may be used for testing only. C. Interim Fixes are installable packages which include one or more APAR fixes. D. Interim Fixes are not published on the IBM website and must be requested from support. E. Interim Fixes do not contain any documentation, Readme files or installation instructions.

Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 11 Based upon user feedback of the IBM Support Assistant tool, what increased resolution time have they observed?

A. 2% B. 5% C. 10% D. 15% Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 12 A support provider opens a PMR for a customer. Who is the owner of the issue?

A. customer B. support provider C. account manager D. IBM Tivoli Support Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 13 If an individual needs to search knowledge for several products in one step, how can this be done?

A. use the product selector dialog to select All B. perform separate searches for each product C. enter the keywords in for a search, without selecting a product D. go to the search dialog for task types and select up to 5 products Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 14 How many PMRs and APARs is a customer allowed to open after the effective date of End of Support for a product?

A. No new APARs or PMRs may be reported. C. No new APARs or PMRs may be reported 12 months prior to the End of Support date. enhanced support.

Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 15 What is the minimum length of time that technical support will be offered for certain products under the Enhance IBM Support Lifecycle policy?

A. a minimum of 5 months after the publishing of a notice of support discontinuance End of Support B. a minimum of 5 years beginning at the planned availability date of the version/release of the product C. a minimum of 3 years beginning at the planned availability date of the version/release of the product D. A minimum of 3 years beginning plus an additional 12 months only for customers who are migrating to a supported version of the product Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 16 Which IBM PMR Severity definition could be described as "A non-critical software component is malfunctioning, causing minimal impact, or a non-technical request is made"?

A. Severity 1 B. Severity 2 C. Severity 3 D. Severity 4 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 17 Which method is used to request assistance from IBM Tivoli Support for an end customer with support maintenance?

A. Support Provider should ask the end customer to call IBM support and create a PMR using the clients IBM Customer Number (ICN). B. Support Provider should open a PMR in ESR/SR using the clients ICN. C. Support Provider must e-mail IBM support and ask to have a PMR created. D. Support Provider should call IBM support and create a PMR using the Support Providers ICN. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Which two statements define the process to resolve an end users issues which are caused by product defects? (Choose two.)

A. There is no resolution given to the support provider, because they are not eligible receive defect support. B. The end customer is responsible for contacting IBM Development to receive any software fixes needed for their installations. C. The Support Provider will review generally available fixes and, if a fix is found, provide it to the customer and confirm resolution, without IBM escalation. D. The IBM Tivoli L2 support engineer will work with their developers to determine a fix and will notify the support provider of the fix, and the support provider will provide it to the customer. E. As standard practice the IBM Tivoli Level 2 (L2) support engineer will close the PMR once an APAR has been logged, since L2 support does not write any code changes without concurrence from the support provider. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 19 What is the IBM Tivoli Support response goal for severity 1 PMRs?

A. within 1 hour B. within 2 hours C. within 30 minutes D. within 90 minutes Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 20 A Level 1 Support Provider is working on a problem for ACME Corporation in Springfield, North Carolina. The Level 1 Support Provider has instructed the customer to apply a much needed product fix to the already in production system and it has caused some unexpected results to the system. Data is being corrupted by the system. The System Administrator at ACME has halted all use of the system to ensure that data is no longer affected by this problem. Due to the critical nature of this problem the Level 1 Support Provider has reported this problem as a Severity 1 (highest) to IBM Tivoli Customer Support. The support provider has provided all the logs and information that has been requested by the IBM Tivoli Support Engineer. Several days have gone by and the Support Provider has not heard back from the engineer working on the PMR. ACME Corporation is now losing an average of $7000.00 USD per day because the maintenance crew has had to revert to a very time consuming paper system to continue their daily operation. The support provider has sent e-mails and tried calling the engineer requesting an update to the PMR but is not getting any response back. What two options are available to the support provider to receive the help they need to expedite a solution for ACME? (Choose two.)

A. Ask for a Duty Manager by calling IBM Support. B. Wait another day. Calling will only slow down the resolution process and can distract Level 3 Support from fixing the issue. C. Ask the IBM Sales representative to consider opening a Complaint or nominate the PMR as a Critical Situation or (Crit Sit). D. Call IBM and ask for the Severity to be raise to the highest level (0). That will trigger a complaint to be filed with the Customer Support Production and Operations (CSPO) team. E. Remove the fix was applied to the system to prevent further delays and continue to use it. Once the IBM Support Engineer has replied back with the proper fix then apply it to the system. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 21 IBM customer support provides information and processes designed to help its customers successfully use the IBM software they acquired by providing which two options to customers? (Choose two.)

A. fixes to known problems B. a global network of support centers with expertise across their broad portfolio C. on-site IBM consultants to implement the software they have purchased from IBM D. a global network of implementation consultants with expertise across our broad portfolio E. a global network of support centers and developers in 247 countries with the sole purpose of fixing known problems the same day they are reported Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 22 Which item can be sent to a Support Provider using e-mail as a temporary solution?

A. upgrade B. source code C. new release D. hotfix or test fix Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 23 What are three correct classifications when reporting a problem? (Choose three.)

A. Software B. Hardware C. ICN Number D. Priority Level E. Response Time F. Driver and or Configuration Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 24 Which is a way to validate that a customer is eligible for support?

A. Priority Level B. Analyst s Discretion C. Support Entitlement D. Passport Advantage Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 25 During the Problem Determination analysis, which two types of information are imperative to collect in order to verify the problem? (Choose two.)

A. end users log / error message history B. verify the program version and operating system C. end users contact information for troubleshooting D. end users time and effort spent on resolving issue E. review of other customers who have experienced similar situations Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 26 Which is a diagnostic tool provided by IBM?

A. Debugger B. Log Analyzer C. Beyondcompare D. Integrity Analyzer Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 27 What should the Level 2 support provider do upon escalation to IBM Tivoli Support?

A. Ask the customer to contact IBM Tivoli Support directly. B. Remain the owner of the issue and work with IBM Tivoli Support. C. Provide all must gather information to IBM Tivoli Support and close their internal ticket. D. No longer interface with the customer as IBM Tivoli Support is now the primary contact. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 28 Which two items should be provided when escalating an issue to IBM Tivoli Support? (Choose two.)

A. severity of issue B. description of the business impact C. does customer have a development system D. preferred method of contacting the customer E. number days the ticket has been open with the partner Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 29 What is the name of the technical manuals that provide positioning and guidance, installation and implementation experiences, typical solution scenarios, and step-by-step how-to instructions?

A. Redbook B. TechNote C. product white papers D. Tivoli Reference Guides Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 30 What does the acronym ICN stand for?

A. Identity Country Name B. Internal Contact Name C. IBM Customer Number D. Identification Correspondence Number Answer:


QUESTION: 31 When a PMR gets assigned a FITS ID which statement is true?

A. A Bug ID will be associated with the ticket. B. A report of the suspected defect is forwarded to IBM Tivoli development. C. The customer should expect daily updates from IBM Tivoli Support regarding the issue. D. The associated PMR is closed, and the customer should request updates from their Account Manager. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 32 When searching knowledge entries on the IBM Support website, what does the Task Based Navigator provide for search isolation?

A. search for only the maintenance download records B. navigate through product planning records, to find all related install tips C. search for documents with keywords, service task and operating system D. it guides through the troubleshooting documents to collect the right diagnostic information Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 33 Prior to escalating an issue to IBM Tivoli Support, which action should the Level 2 support provider take?

A. Reboot the production server. B. Verify Operating System is fully patched. C. Delete current log file to allow new logs to be created. D. Use debugging tools to capture detailed problem information. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 34 At the end of each knowledge document on the IBM Support website is a survey known as Document Level Feedback. In what way is this used?

A. They define how well the web interface is delivering the right information. B. Comments are sent to the content creator to improve existing documents.

C. These are summarized for assessing the usability of the product interface. D. Allows the individual to request additional information from the knowledge author. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 35 Which three upload protocols are supported by the ECuRep Tool? (Choose three.)

A. SCP B. TCP C. e-mail D. UUCP E. HTTP and HTTPS F. FTP and Secure FTP Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 36 Which statement best describes the Test Fix Maintenance Delivery Vehicle?

A. Test fixes may only be released on one fixed date each quarter. B. Test fixes include enhancements or new features for the product. C. Test fixes are announced by IBM and can be downloaded on the IBM website. D. Test fixes may be file replacements without formal packaging or documentation. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 37 What do Support Technical Exchange (STEs) webcasts provide?

A. only post deployment information B. hints and tips which are seen in the field C. fee based education utilizing pre-recorded webcasts D. pre-recorded webcasts which do not allow for Q A with subject matter experts Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 38 Which IBM website provides community-based resources, such as forums, blogs and wikis concerning IBM products?

A. developerWorks

B. Information Center C. Passport Advantage D. Electronic Service Request Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 39 Which two security mechanisms are in place to ensure customer protection and safety when using Assist On-Site (AOS)? (Choose two.)

A. Data communication is encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption. B. Access to an AOS session is granted using a random key unique to the session. C. AOS protects the customers system by only allowing view access to the system. D. AOS is installed on the customer s computer, allowing the customer to monitor attempts to access the system. E. Each registered user receives an AOS account where they can control access to their systems. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 40 What is the IBM Education Assistant tool?

A. a collection of multimedia educational modules B. a online chat tool used to assist users with training questions C. an online tool used to locate available IBM Training courses worldwide D. a collection of sample tests which assist users in preparing for IBM certifications Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 41 What three actions does ESR/SR allow a Support Provider to perform? (Choose three.)

A. to view closed PMRs online B. to transfer ownership to IBM C. to speak directly with IBM Level 2 D. to view all open PMRs for their End Users E. to review their end user s entitlement online F. to describe the end user s software problem and environment in their own words Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Which two statements are true of Passport Advantage? (Choose two.)

A. Passport Advantage is only used to download Fix Packs. B. The end customers Primary Contact must authorize any self-nomination for access to Passport Advantage. C. The end customer is unable to download software until a Business Partner authorizes access to Passport Advantage. D. Business Partners automatically receive access to Passport Advantage on behalf of their clients once software is purchased. E. Business Partners may request access to Passport Advantage from their end customers, in order to download software on the clients behalf. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 43 Which two statements are true pertaining End of Support? (Choose two.)

A. There are no follow-on products with the same product identifier. B. This is the date at which IBM will no longer provide Technical (defect or non-defect) Support. C. This is the date at which IBM will no longer provide product fixes but will provide phone support only. D. This is the date at which IBM will no longer provide Level 3 support, but will provide Level 1 and 2 support. E. Follow-on products with the X.X.X.X.ext product identifier will receive product support after they have purchased it using their IBM representative. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 44 Which two pieces of information must the Level 2 support provider include when opening a PMR with IBM Tivoli Support? (Choose two.)

A. product license file B. system shadow password file C. relevant product configuration files D. product entitlement contact number E. log files from when the issue occurred Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 45 What is the IBM Tivoli Support response goal for severity 1 PMRs outside business hours?

A. within 1 hour B. within 2 hours C. within 30 minutes D. within 90 minutes Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 46 What is a requirement for an end customer when a support provider wishes to escalate an issue to IBM Tivoli Support?

A. The end customer must open a PMR, since only the customer has access to IBM Tivoli Support. B. The end customer must give IBM Support access to their systems, so IBM can upgrade their software. C. There is no requirement of the customer, as the support provider will escalate the issue to IBM Tivoli Support. D. The end customer must install the latest version and patches of the product before IBM Tivoli Support will accept a PMR. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 47 What is the IBM Tivoli Support response goal for severities 2, 3 and 4 PMRs?

A. within one business hour B. within two business hours C. within three business hours D. within 30 minutes during business hours Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 48 To which tier of support does IBM route PMRs submitted by Support Providers?

A. Support Providers PMRs receive no special routing. B. Support Providers PMRs are routed directly to Tivoli Level 2 to perform problem determination and recreate if necessary. C. Support Providers PMRs are routed directly to Tivoli Level 1 to verify software version information and logs have been provided. D. Support Providers PMRs are routed directly to Tivoli Level 3 (development) because only defects may be submitted by support providers.

Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 49 What team has been created by IBM to manage Client Satisfaction issues, including complaint management, and duty manager requests?

A. Client Support Priority Operations B. Customer Satisfaction Project Office C. Customer Support Production and Operations D. Complaints and Severe Production issues Operations Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 50 In which format must service providers log PMRs?

A. web B. verbal C. e-mail D. in person Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 51 What are two examples of diagnostic Information? (Choose two.)

A. script B. dumps C. traces D. file name E. incident history Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 52 The Site Technical Contact (STC) is responsible for support compliance for the end customers site. What are two additional responsibilities of the STC? (Choose two.)

A. Maintains authorizations to support-related web and tool access. B. Approving nominations for access to ESR/SR on an individual basis. C. Maintains authorizations to access Tivoli frequently asked questions. D. Approving IBM Tivoli Support PMRs for escalation to the development team.

E. Approving IBM Tivoli Support engineers access to customer support tickets. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 53 The ESR/SR tool is used to open, update and report on PMRs online. Whose responsibility is it to grant and deny access to the ESR/SR?

A. Primary Contact B. IBM Tivoli Support C. Passport Advantage D. Site Technical Contact Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 54 Which information does the IBM Information Center provide?

A. How to access and download IBM software. B. How to change a customer s Primary Contact information. C. Task oriented How To instructions and reference material. D. Updated information regarding PMRs you have opened with IBM Tivoli Support. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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