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000-003 IBM Fund of Applying Tivoli Security & Compliance Mgmt Sol V2 000-003

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QUESTION: 1 What is another piece of essential information, in addition to the list below, which can be used to create a diagram of the customer organization? - divisions - location(s) / geographical information - reporting chains

A. business units B. e-mail addresses C. Help Desk functions D. whether or not the customer has a dedicated Operations Center Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 2 Which document describes what needs to be addressed in a security solution for a customer?

A. Installation History B. Design Specification C. Interface Specification D. Requirements Specification Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 3 How can a user bypass the strong authentication mechanism provided by IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On?

A. Get an authorization code from help desk. B. Access the application using Web Workplace C. There is no way to bypass strong authentication. D. Reboot the system disabling the strong authentication. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 4 Which three actions should be taken to improve the performance and availability of IBM Tivoli Directory Server? (Choose three.)

A. partition the directory if local applications require access to the full directory content B. use a cascade replication topology to off-load replication work from the replica

server C. partition the directory if remote applications require access to the full directory content D. distribute multiple replicas into other LANs with slow network connections to the master E. partition the directory if local applications require access to a subset of directory content F. use a peer-to-peer replication topology if any of the applications perform several updates to the directory Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 5 What is the authoritative source of identity information about a user in an identity federation?

A. the SAML V1.1 protocol B. the identity provider only C. the service provider only D. both the service and identity providers Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 6 A customer wants to consolidate authentication information for all existing products, such as IBM WebSphere, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, and IBM Tivoli Identity Manager with a single product. Which product can be an authentication information server for the customer?

A. IBM DB2 B. Tivoli Data Warehouse C. IBM Tivoli Directory Server D. IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 7 With which other IBM product does IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager work seamlessly?

A. IBM Tivoli Backup Manager B. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager C. IBM Tivoli Encryption Manager D. IBM Tivoli System Storage Archive Manager Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 8 After meeting with the customer, the following list concerning security is compiled: - customer business requirements - customer business requirements - immediate business/security needs - customer long-term business/security vision - customer long-term business/security vision customer stated security requirements - customer stated security requirements What should also be included in this list?

A. list of products to be deployed B. recognized security standards C. existing change control processes D. company complete organizational chart Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 9 Which two types of information are needed when creating a document on a customer s IT and business organizational structure? (Choose two.)

A. number of business units B. annual expenditure on IT assets C. number of employees in IT organization D. list of divisions within the IT department E. total number of systems used by the company Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 10 The solution advisor is analyzing a customer business processes, and focusing on a subset dealing with cross-enterprise Web transactions, both HTML- and SOAP-based. Which three corresponding security requirements can be addressed by IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager? (Choose three.)

A. federated (cross-enterprise) Web single sign-on B. federated (cross-enterprise) provisioning of users C. federated (cross-enterprise) authorization of access to Web resources (SOAP only) D. federated (cross-enterprise) authorization of access to Web resources (HTML only) E. federated (cross-enterprise) authorization of access to Web resources (SOAP and HTML) F. federated (cross-enterprise) assurance of compliance for both enterprises desktops and servers Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 11 What are the two ways of configuring federation with IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager? (Choose two.)

A. LTPA B. Browser Post C. Shared Cookies D. Credential Cache E. Artifact Resolution Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 12 Which three IBM products have achieved Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level certification as of July 2009? (Choose three.)

A. IBM Tivoli Directory Server B. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager C. IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator D. IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager E. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business F. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 13 After a number of interviews with various customer personnel, the term ser productivity ?logon and transaction experience came up as a business process. Other than the word logon there is not much in the way of additional description that gives insight into how that process relates to security. What is a good list of security (and related) elements that relate most closely to the process as identified above?

A. firewall, filtering router, and intrusion detection B. SSL acceleration, content filtering, and pop-up blockers C. single sign-on, personalization, scalability, and availability D. identification, public-key infrastructure, and multi-factor authentication Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 14 What are three featured capabilities of IBM Tivoli Security Policy Manager? (Choose three.)

A. authors, administers, transforms, and distributes security policies B. imports application roles and integrates with existing identity systems C. simple authentication capability across all systems, services, and applications D. delivers mainframe-class security and auditing in a lightweight, easy-to-use product E. enforces policies across multiple policy enforcement points using runtime security services F. centralizes security management and makes it easy and more cost effective to deploy secure applications Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 15 Which three pieces of information should be given to a customer to help them prepare for the long- range vision and the future direction of their security solutions? (Choose three.)

A. Biometrics should be used for authentication. B. Public-key infrastructure is the correct identity/authentication approach. C. There must be a continued evolution towards standards-based solutions. D. End-to-end security is needed, with no security gaps in common scenarios. E. Integrated security solutions are preferable to point solutions" that are linked together. F. Plug-in access control enforcement will eventually achieve dominance over proxy solutions. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 16 Which technology needs to be available when managing a nonstandard database with an IBM Tivoli Identity Manager adapter?

A. SQL B. JDBC C. ODBC D. TCP/IP Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 17 Which skills are necessary to implement IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator to synchronize data between different registries and databases?

A. Java, JavaScript, DSML, SQL, and JNDI B. C/C++, Perl Script, XSL, SSL, and LDAP

C. Java, JavaScript, HTML,SAML, and POP3/IMAP D. WS-Provisioning, WS-Federation, SAML, and Liberty V1.2 Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 18 A customer has the following requirements: a) System Administrators are allowed to log in to AIX servers any time of the day. b) Database administrators are only allowed to log in to AIX servers between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. local time. Which IBM Tivoli product is capable of enforcing login policies that will satisfy the above requirements?

A. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager B. IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager C. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems D. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 19 Which two requirements are addressed by implementing IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? (Choose two.)

A. authentication of users B. enterprise single sign-on C. role-based account provisioning D. automation of account approvals E. system-wide security compliance reporting Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 20 Which encryption method is used by IBM Tivoli Access Manager (Tivoli Access Manager) for e- business when Tivoli Access Manager is configured with the FIPS mode enabled?

A. SSLv3 B. TLSv1 C. WPAv2 D. Kerberos Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Which information should a customer baseline document include?

A. proof that thereare no existing orphan accounts B. the naming convention in place for all current users C. the customer key business processes related to security D. a list of all authentication mechanisms used by the customer Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 22 What is the recommended approach to map custom attributes in the HR Feed to the new IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (Tivoli Identity Manager) person attributes?

A. Create new LDAP attributes and add them to theinetOrgPerson objectclass. B. Create new LDAP attributes and add them to the base personclass(erPersonItem). C. Map the new attributes to unused person attributes and edit file to reflect new names. D. Create a new object class, add the new attributes to it, and register it as a person entity in Tivoli Identity Manager. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 23 Click the Exhibit button. The customer list of requirements includes this exhibit. The customer list of requirements includes this exhibit. Which security scenario is indicated by the word enforcer that appears several times in the exhibit?

A. audit B. authorization C. authentication D. confidentiality Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 24 Which two security requirements are addressed by IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business? (Choose two.)

A. authorization B. authentication C. intrusion detection D. password management

E. mandatory access control Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 25 Which security measure most effectively addresses users fears of privacy misuse in a biometric technology?

A. biometric information stored in a smart-card and carried by the user B. biometric information stored in a distributed database and protected by company policy C. biometric information stored in a secure central database, secured by physical access controls D. secure authentication between theusers biometric information and a central database over an SSL protocol Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 26 Which technologies are the most likely to influence a company future direction regarding IT security?

A. Passport, SPML, and NTLM B. OSPF, CORBA, and RFID C. EDIFACT, SSH, and Key Recovery D. WS-Federation, XACML, and J2EE Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 27 Which two actions should be accomplished during an initial meeting with the customer when reviewing a company organizational chart? (Choose two.)

A. Identify key decision makers. B. Determine the available budget. C. Identify the products to be used. D. Document the key players and their roles. E. Proof of Concept of the products in the solution Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 28 What are two main functions of IBM Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager? (Choose


A. integration with a CCMDB B. Enterprise-wide Log Management C. security related data analysis and reporting D. integration with vulnerability management tools E. Service Desk integration for incident management Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 29 IBM is using the Enhanced Value Based Pricing principle for the IBM Tivoli products. What does this mean?

A. The pricing is determined by what is managed. B. The pricing is only determined by the number of users. C. The pricing is determined by the number of products installed. D. The pricing is determined by the number of server installations. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 30 Which statement is true about new initiative deployment?

A. New initiatives typically involve advanced authentication, and advanced authentication must be properly provisioned. B. New initiatives are typically coded in Java, .NET or C++, and each of these requires a tool that measures security compliance. C. All new initiatives require a service-oriented architecture (SOA), and SOA standards demand that a security component be present. D. Newly deployed applications can be coded, tested and updated more quickly if an authentication and authorization solution is used that avoids coding security into the application. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 31 What are three benefits of deploying the IBM Tivoli Identity and Access Manager bundle? (Choose three.)

A. manages network areas that are segmented by highly restrictive firewalls B. monitors and audits privileged users for databases, applications, servers and mainframes

C. provides secured policy-based access control of business critical applications, files, and operating platforms D. provides flexible single sign-on to Web-based applications and can reduce help-desk calls associated with multiple passwords E. corrects noncompliant access rights through recertification workflows or automatically through role-based access control policies F. provides centralized and automated management of users, authentication, access rights, audit policy and provisioning of user services Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 32 Which product best addresses these requirements: 1) Fast access to corporate information with improvements up to 90% by automating workflows on shared and personal workstations 2) Automation of access workflows application launch, single sign-on (SSO), user switching, drive mapping, single sign-off, and more 3) Automation of walk-off security policies configurable screen locks, application logout policies, graceful unlock, and more 4) Comprehensive support for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, California SB 1386, and Basel II with user centric access tracking of all SSO events for audit reports

A. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager B. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise SSO C. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager and IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business D. IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager and IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 33 Based on IBM best practices, what are three IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business authentication capabilities that indicate a higher level of authentication maturity? (Choose three.)

A. basic authentication B. shared authentication C. step-up authentication D. forced re-authentication E. multi-factor authentication F. forms-based authentication Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 34 For single sign-on (SSO), a customer has only a Web SSO solution in place. What can be

concluded in the gap analysis?

A. Their SSO requirement is satisfied, as no one ever does SSO to non-Web-based applications. B. They need a provisioning solution, because every customer who has Web SSO requires a provisioning solution as well. C. There is a gap related to their SSO requirements being met, as they are not yet addressing client-server or host applications that are not Web-based. D. They ought to remove the Web SSO solution, in favor of a PKI solution, since PKI solutions have the capability of providing comprehensive SSO. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 35 Which statement is true about IBM Tivoli Directory Server?

A. IBM Tivoli Directory Server does not meet FIPS encryption requirements B. IBM Tivoli Directory Server provides single password policy enforcement settings. C. IBM Tivoli Directory Server supports the RCF2307 scheme but cannot be extended. D. IBM Tivoli Directory Server can integrate Linux, SunOS, HP-UX, and AIX operating system user authentication on a single directory server instance. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 36 While reviewing the current security policies for a company, it is discovered that a standard exists, which dictates that information access must conform to HIPAA. Currently the customer has no automated method to verify adherence to this policy. Which IBM Tivoli security solution is recommended to provide the customer with the ability to report on exceptions to this policy?

A. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager B. IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager C. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business D. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 37 A current IBM Tivoli security customer is highly satisfied with their current IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (Tivoli Identity Manager) and IBM Tivoli Access Manager (Tivoli Access Manager) implementations. The customer has benefited greatly from their user management and provisioning, authentication, authorization and Web single sign-on processes now in place.

The customer sees the value of Web services and wants to leverage their business partnerships to greatly expand their online services, for a relatively small investment. They are expecting that their existing Tivoli Identity Manager and Tivoli Access Manager investments can simply be stretched to include these business-to-business (B2B) flows. IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager should be added to this scenario to address which security requirement?

A. the blocking of threats that might otherwise cross enterprise boundaries B. the integration with firewalls that control security between any two businesses involved in these B2B flows C. the handling of potential millions of users, which neither Tivoli Identity Manager nor Tivoli Access Manager is built to address D. the handling of multiple types of standards-based protocols and user tokens that need to be passed between participating businesses Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 38 Which customer solution strategy is addressed by IBM Tivoli Identity Manager?

A. implementation of a standard where all requests for access to financial systems must be electronically approved and documented by a separate individual B. implementation of an automated tool to collect and compare all system configurations to the organization defined baseline for computer systems in specific security ones of control C. implementation of an automated system for collecting and correlating all security events from systems across the enterprise including firewalls, IDS systems, operating system logs and other security logs D. implementation of database-level controls to monitor and manage all access, updates, inserts and deletions made to the financial data from the accounting applications as well as other desktop tools such as Microsoft Excel Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 39 In order to correctly understand the data protection requirements, which two groups of people must be interviewed? (Choose two.)

A. all managers B. IT department personnel C. Business Unit management D. Legal department personnel E. Human Resource department Answer:


QUESTION: 40 Which programming languages need to be available to manage an unsupported operating system with an IBM Tivoli Identity Manager adapter?

A. Java and C B. Cobol and REXX C. C++ andJavascript D. Visual Basic and C# Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 41 Which three identity stores are supported by IBM Tivoli zSecure Audit? (Choose three.)

A. X.500 B. LDAP C. ACF2 D. RACF E. TopSecret F. ActiveDirectory Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 42 A client wants to use CAPTCHA authentication for their Web application access over the internet. Which WebSEAL authentication method will meet the needs of the client?

A. Step-Up Authentication B. External Authentication C. HTTP header Authentication D. X.509 Client Certificate Authentication Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 43 During the analysis of a failed audit report, a number of special attention events indicating noncompliance by several employees have been revealed. These employees have been accessing online versions of documents that they otherwise are not allowed to access. Which IBM Tivoli security product will be recommended to address this problem?

A. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager B. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-Business C. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems D. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 44 Which statement is true about interoperability?

A. Liberty Alliance will provide SAML V2.0 OASIS Standard interoperability. B. Microsoft and IBM will be the only companies providing SAML V2.0 interoperability for their products. C. Liberty Alliance standards will be the de-facto standards for Web services interoperability in the future. D. Microsoft identity management products have successfully undergone Liberty Alliance Liberty ID-FF V1.2 interoperability tests. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 45 What is considered the lowest maturity level in identity management maturity?

A. password management B. access rights accountability C. provisioning approval and process automation D. connectors to access controlled systems (one tool managing multiple systems) Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 46 Which statement is true about IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager (Tivoli Security Compliance Manager)?

A. Tivoli Security Compliance Manager can be configured to manage security device configurations. B. Tivoli Security Compliance Manager can group systems and middleware, and compare them against only one security policy. C. Tivoli Security Compliance Manager extracts system and middleware security information using endpoint specific java collectors. D. Tivoli Security Compliance Manager can be configured so as to prevent unwanted system and middleware security modifications. Answer:


QUESTION: 47 What are two main functions of IBM Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager? (Choose two.)

A. Monitor Compliancy B. IP-based event filtering C. Real time event processing D. Consistent Log management E. Change Management reporting Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 48 A current IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business customer wants to add the ability to provide services to a third-party company employees. The customer does not want to create accounts and manage passwords for the third-party company employees. How can the customer achieve this?

A. implement a process for the customer to manually create the accounts B. use IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator to synchronize the accounts between the two companies C. install IBM Tivoli Identity Manager on the third-party company side, and provision accounts back to the customer user registry. D. use IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager on the customer side as a service provider, and use a guest account for all the company employees when they access the site Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 49 A customer wants an early warning system which identifies security vulnerabilities and security policy violations. Which product should the customer use? AIBM Tivoli NetView

A. IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console B. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business C. IBM Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 50 Which option best classifies IBM Tivoli Security Operations Manager?

A. Security Event Management Platform B. Secure Multi-platform Management Platform C. Security Integration and Entitlement Platform D. Centralized Security Management Architecture Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 51 What are two benefits of IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator? (Choose two.)

A. It provides a simple interface for improving Active Directory content and making this content available for other uses. B. It performs real time synchronization between identity data sources to establish an authoritative identity data infrastructure. C. It provides a framework for rapid integration development and relieves what the customer typically has to hand-code from scratch. D. It makes building data flow fast and easy, which eliminates the need for traditional design and implementation decisions inherent in other productions. E. It provides a framework that enables a company to integrate multiple security software into existing structures, as opposed to forcing the company to develop new IT infrastructure. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 52 The solution advisor is analyzing customer business processes to determine security requirements. Under the heading eb Transactions employees and Customers, is a business requirement described as enhance User Productivity. and Customers, is a business requirement described as enhance User Productivity. What is the corresponding security requirement?

A. audit B. authorization C. single sign-on D. user provisioning Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 53 What is an accurate description of a highly mature company, in the area of authorization?

A. They are highly mature, because they use a single authorization engine, shared by many applications. B. Their approach to authorization is in a leadership position, because they address WS-

Provisioning, SAML and Liberty. C. They are addressing authorization optimally because they are handling authorization within the application, and it is best to address authorization decisions close to the decision point. D. Their approach to authorization is highly secure and therefore highly mature, because their infrastructure uses many different authorization standards and thus is least likely to be penetrated. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 54 What are three main functionalities of the IBM Tivoli zSecure Admin product ? (Choose three.)

A. RACF administration from a CICS interface B. Automate routine tasks to simplify administration. C. Display data from the active (live) RACF database. D. Store non-RACF data to reduce organizational costs. E. Track and monitor baseline changes for RACF and ACF2. F. Analyze RACF profiles and ACF2 entries to get fast answers. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QUESTION: 55 What is an indication that the deployment of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager have reached its maturity phase?

A. All significant applications are covered. B. Password synchronization is implemented. C. Role-based access control is fully implemented. D. Full workflow for account management is implemented and the organizational tree is established. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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