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Gloria Nyokabi.

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Reflections of Argentina Recently Two Wheel View hosted a trip to Argentina and I was very fortunate to be invited and experience all the wonderful aspects of that trip.

I was amongst a group of nine students;

I got a chance to experience new cultures

On the first and second day, we explored

all from very different backgrounds but

and learned Castellano and Tagalog while

the city of Salta and it was truly splendid.

in the end we came together as family with

I taught them Swahilli.

Trying out new food, listening to new music,

a passion for biking. Representing seven cultures, six countries and four continents, we rode for 450 km in Northern Argentina and once it was done we felt like we could conquer the world.

A month ago I was getting ready for the trip and it was going to be my first time travelling all by myself and the second time travelling on a plane other than when I came to Canada.

learning a new language; an experience which I wouldn’t have gotten if it wasn’t for Two Wheel View. >> CONT. PAGE TWO

It’s truly amazing how a group of strangers can come “together and in just a small amount of time become a family.

Reflections of Argentina >> CONT. FROM PAGE ONE

We got the opportunity to explore Cafayate and Taffi de valle as well. While in Cafayate we got to be a part of the commemoration of the town founders. We also had a chance to get amazing handcrafted souvenirs to give to our families. To be honest I wasn’t one of the strongest people while riding my bike but my group’s encouragement and compassion motivated Our Earn-a-Bike Program was very successful

mechanics (fixing a tire, gear adjustments,

in the 2011-2012 school year with 103 bikes

chains, brakes etc). They have the opportunity

earned in 14 communities and we are on track

to use tools and disassemble and reassemble

for another great program year in 2012-2013.

bikes every week.

Two Wheel View offers great possibilities

In our first session this year (September

Youth who attend all eight of the sessions earn

for people who could never dream of

to November) we were proud to work with

a recycled bicycle of their own, along with a

the communities of MacEwan, Midnapore,

brand new lock and helmet to keep them and

McKenzie and Radisson where 36 Earn-a-

their bike safe.

me to keep going. It’s truly amazing how a group of strangers can come together and in just a small amount of time become a family. Nothing is impossible.

travelling. Argentina has a lot to offer, warm and wonderful people, amazing landscapes that just draws your breath

Bike participants received bicycles for their participation in our program.

We are looking forward to working with groups

are to die for, and come on, its Argentina

For those who may be unfamiliar with this

Alberta, the Autism and Aspergers Friendship

you guys - warm weather YAY! This

program, Earn-a-Bike uses the bike as a tool

Society, Sherwood School, Forest Lawn Library

experience boosted my self-confidence

to develop leadership and teamwork skills as

and the communities of Applewood and

and proved that everything is possible.

well as bike mechanic capabilities in youth ages

Glenbrook during the next school year.

I highly recommend going on the next

11-17. Each week participants come to program

away and remarkable food. The empanadas

trip if you have the chance. by Gloria Nyokabi 2012 Argentina Trip Participant

where they receive a healthy snack, play games and discuss daily lessons in both character (community, leadership, self-esteem) and bike

like the Liberian Association of Southern

A sincere thank you goes out to the Good Life Community Bike Shop for collecting bikes, repairing bike donations and for assisting us in facilitating these amazing programs.

supporters, believers, friends, funders, difference makers

Two Wheel View has been lucky to receive support from the following groups and individuals:

Anonymous Foundation; Barry, Lyle and their friends and family who supported the student bike trip in Argentina; Cenovus Energy; City of Calgary FCSS; Corpen Group; Femmes of Frames Madeleine and Alyssa; FGL Sports; Minerva Foundation; Out of House Solutions; Red Rock Camps; Rotary Club of Calgary Fish Creek; Samantha Sedlowsky; Social Venture Partners; Sunalta School Argentina Summer 2012 Expedition Participants


4th Grade Recycling Club; Trico Foundation.

For the third year in a row Two Wheel View hosted our fall Impact Event September 30th, a showcase of our summer expedition programs. We were treated to great presentations from Tanya McFerrin and Sophie and Thomas Cleplef who went on the Norway Expedition and trip leader Jackie Mann and participant Jakarta Mackie who rode their way through the Northern part of Argentina. We were pleased to have other past participants there to

IMPACT event show support for Two Wheel View as well: Monika Kang, Cindy Couch, Megan Flamand, Safi and Abdullah Cheema,

Learning how to patch a tire is one of the most important parts of Earn-a-Bike

Roland Yong, Gregory Gray, Christina Smith, Maureen Keough and trip leaders Jackie Mann and Jonny Barrett.

FAST PITCH Fast Pitch: How do you pitch your passion in 180 seconds?



It’s 2:30 am, the early hours of the morning.

of the action. Every day holds a unique oppor-

The Two Wheel View cycle tour finishes their

tunity to engage with the people of this north-

day with a ride off the coastal ferry and a

ern land. A grandmother hosts a tremendous

14km spin to home base, a sports hall called

farm brunch spread, a friend explains the cod

Storrehallen. Coasting along the bike path

industry through a taste-and-learn field trip,

after climbing up and over a steep harbour

wood burning hot tubs massage our muscles

bridge we see locals on their bikes and

until the dash into the frigid water of the fjord

several people out walking their dogs! Where

rudely awakens them. Each night brings new

are we? Far above the Artic Circle, Norway.

insight – a hunting lodge, a room to rent on a

24 hours of light – and plenty to fill it.

tiny farm, sleeping under a net on an indoor

Last July I co-led the All-ages Two Wheel View bike tour/cultural adventure. While exhilarating in itself, the biking is just a piece

soccer pitch. To encapsulate my experience I must just simply say, “Take the opportunity to go and

Two Wheel View was fortunate to participate in Canada’s first Social Innovation Fast Pitch November 5 at the Boyce Theatre at Stampede Park. The challenge was to craft a three-minute pitch encompassing your organization’s mission, programs, the difference you are making in the community and your request for support. With help from three enthusiastic volunteer coaches from Calgary’s corporate sector, we made it through to the finals to compete against seven other Calgary Area charities. While we didn’t win the prize money, there were no losers, as it was a great chance to improve our communication skills, promote Two Wheel View, learn about some very inspirational Calgary organizations and create some promising new partnerships. A BIG thank you to Social Venture Partners and the Trico Foundation for hosting the event and to our great coaches, Katharine Zhang and Tyler Murray from Walsh LLP and Jolene Ondrik from Eye on Culture.

join the Two Wheel View Norway tour yourself!”



Volunteer Opportunities Two Wheel View depends on the hard

needs include volunteers to help coordi-

work of volunteers to help us change kids’

nate our annual spring Vehicle for Change

lives from the seat of a bike. To date, our

Fundraiser, volunteers to work with our

volunteer force of 40 individuals have

Earn-a-Bike program after school, office

contributed over 450 hours to TWV.

admin assistance and trip recruitment

We are always looking for additional

volunteers. Most of these projects have

volunteers to join us achieving our goal

flexible hours and we welcome assistance

of working with over 2000 youth in our

from youth volunteers too! If you

Earn-a-Bike program and taking over

or someone you know is interested in

350 youth on bicycle expeditions over

helping please contact Laura at admin@

the next 5 years. Some of our biggest for more information.


Fundraising Bike Trip, Argentina March 3-15, 2013

The Two Wheel View Fundraising Bike Trip is a unique international travel experience and a great way to help support a local charity. Join Rick McFerrin, founder of Two Wheel View, in Argentina for the ride of a lifetime. Challenge yourself, change the way you think about yourself and the world, and provide sponsorship dollars for young people from your home town to participate in Two Wheel View expedition programs in Canada and abroad. Apply online at or by contacting Rick McFerrin (403-870-7433 or Application deadline is December 31 or until trip is full!

TEN WAYS TO SUPPORT US 1. Volunteer to help at an Earn-a-Bike program 2. Pay it forward and donate your old bike at the Good Life Community Bike Shop 3. Train the future by sponsoring an Earn-aBike program in your community 4. Host an expedition recruitment presentation at your school or community hall 5. Join our Two Wheel View Facebook Page and Twitter and spread the word 6. Encourage success by volunteering to assist a youth with their fundraising goal 7. Participate in and tell your friends about our annual Vehicle for Change Fundraiser in the spring 8. Sign up for one of our adult rides and raise funds for a youth 9. Empower a youth by donating to Two Wheel View on our website 10. Share our vision of changing more kids’ lives by the seat of a bike!

Argentina Fall 2012 Expedition Participants on top of the world!


Two Wheel Views 12-12  

December 2012 Newsletter from Two Wheel View

Two Wheel Views 12-12  

December 2012 Newsletter from Two Wheel View