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How to operate a Two-Way Radio?

One of the prime selling points for Two-Way radios is their simplicity. They are extremely convenient both for initial set up and in their utilization.

The standard two way radio features a PTT (or Push To Talk) button. This button is held down in case you desire to speak into the device and release when you wish to hear the reply. It is essential to say “over” after you have completed talking and in this manner the person who receives the message is able to know that you have finished speaking. If you both try to talk concurrently, neither signal will pass through.

Majority of the two way radios operate at a considerable distance but there are several variables which impact a radio signal. Hindrances, whether they are man-made or naturally occurring, may seriously impact signal quality and transmission efficiency. The manufacturer’s

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promises regarding maintaining accurate signal over long distances often is with reference to ideal conditions having minimal interference.

Prior to doing anything practical, read the instructions carefully and become conversant with the radio’s diverse functions and capabilities. Learn how to transmit an emergency signal and how to set your device to diverse channels. In spite of being simple gadgets (and also convenient to operate), several modern radios are now provided with additional features (like a digital screen, or a text messaging option) and it is wise to ensure that you know about these features and how to utilize them.

While carrying your walkie talkie, you should not forget to keep it securely fastened with your body each time when it is not utilized. Majority of the radios are enabled with some type of method to join them to clothing (such as a belt or a safety jacket), but if yours did not, then you certainly need to purchase one.

Once you are a licensed radio user, the foremost thing you are required to do is perform a test run. Give a friend or colleague one walkie talkie, keep one for yourself and afterwards travel over progressively greater distances, contacting each other frequently, until the signal cannot be

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identified. This test must generally be performed in an area identical to the one you are going to be utilizing the radio in, for obvious reasons:

As a side note, it is also recommended to ensure that your friend/colleague possesses your mobile phone number and that you possess theirs, that way you may keep in touch with one another, if at all any unforeseen technical problems occur.

If you have utilized a radio earlier, this guide will be child’s play to you. In case you haven’t, you are gladly welcome to the amazing world of free communications. Get only the best two way radios and its accessories. Amongst several firms providing commercial Two Way Radio accessories and two way radio gadgets in Australia, Two Way Radio is the leading one. It offers a wide range of quality 2 way radio sets and also provides accessories and services for the same. For both mission critical use or only for an emergency use, it has a radio for your every requirement. It also provides customers the option to customize and purchase their required handset through its online store. Please visit for more information.

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How to operate a two way radio?  

Get only the best two way radios and its accessories. Amongst several firms providing commercial Two Way Radio accessories and two way radio...