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TWO THE BRAND’s visual strategy has a contemporary outlook, aiming to capture the essence of authenticity and diversity amongst a real life duo. Whether its couples, siblings or best friends, we want to be able to give an insight on ordinary people’s lives and share their stories that can be relatable to anyone. We decided to play with the concept of “things that come in pairs” and adapted that into designing a range of products that come in pairs or require other halves. Each real life duo we feature symbolizes the idea that despite a range of age groups, ethnicities, sexualities, lifestyles and professions , our diverse range of products are things that are meant to compliment each other.



All walks beyond the catwalk Caryn Franklin Apart from going around and talking to real life duo’s, we were lucky enough to havean exclusive phone interview with Caryn Franklin from ‘’All Wallks Beyond the Catwalk’’. She gave her opinion on TWO THE BRANDS concept and some words of wisdom of how to hold a start up business together. What traits/ characteristics do you like in people? I like their energy; I like their positivity, authenticity, sincerity and honesty. Is there a “duo” you particularly admire? I certainly think Felder Felder (Anette and Dani Felder) are prominent. They are supporters of All Walks and the only twins I can think of. We did a picture of them for one of our recent campaigns called Mix it up on the All Walks site. In your opinion, what do you think holds a “duo” together? Shared values and good communication. Being able to be honest about the good and bad. Highs and lows. Pluses and the minuses. What do you think of the concept behind Two The Brand? What’s great about it is that it has uniqueness. I am not aware of anything else like that. There is also a lot of interesting research about “twinship” and the psychological culture of being a “twin”. I think that would make an interesting starting point that gives you a real USP (Unique Sellling Position) because there isn’t anybody else doing that. What item comes to mind when you think of “2”? First thing that jumped into my head was socks. Then I thought of two cherries. You always see them attached on a stock that joins them on top. What advice would you give to others wanting to start a business together? Particularly young entrepreneurs who are tying to come with something innovative? It’s crucial that you are clear about what your offer is and that you can communicate very simply and dynamically in any kind of pressed information. Whether its press, social media network, whatever it is you say you do, you can doit and deliver. Start in a simple way and grow slowly so you can engage in different challenges such as things that need to get manufactured, produced, delivered, and adding to your range. I think there is a lot of pressure to do something and make it big, and seemingly successful. There are so many existing businesses that are on their knees because they don’t have a comfortable cash flowsituation. They are always over subscribed with the product they like to make but without the payment that is actually coming in. So therefore always start something clear and in a very small way.

Magdalena & How long have you been together? We have been together for four years.


Where and how did you meet? M: The first time we met was when John had a concert and was on stage... J: ...and Magdalena kept starring at me. M: That’s what he likes to think! We had actually met a few times before through a common friend, but during the concert was the first time we really noticed each other and made contact (and maybe I did stare a little.. I mean he was so hot!). We met in Zürich. What was your first impression you had of each other? M: The very first time I met him I thought he hated me, because I misunderstood the Swiss German... I remember thinking I thought he was this extremely sexy, tough guy. The first time we really noticed each other was when he had a concert. After the concert a friend drove us all home so we got the chance to talk and get to know each other a bit. I remember thinking how incredible hot I thought he was. J: I though she looked like one of those girls you usually just see on TV. She was unreal beautiful to me, and I have never seen anyone laugh so much by far. I still think until nowadays that I haven’t seen such a heart-warming smile before and since I met her. How would you describe each other? M: If you are loyal to John, he is the kindest person you will ever meet. He is the funniest person I know, no one makes me laugh like he does. He is funny, extremely smart, and the most attractive man in the world. J: Magdalena, yes I am probably the only person call-

(founders of clothing brand Skinny Love wear)

What advice would you give to other couples wanting to What made you decide to go into business together? start a business together? J: My main reason was that I knew that we share similar taste and we both have a very specific style, and view, of fashion. This J: It doesn’t really matter if you are a couple or not. To me it is led me to the thought that it could be very interesting to start a about finding someone who has the will, the strength and the skills to open up a company. The fact that you can work with your business together. I already had another company and included better half should just be the cherry on top of the ice cream. Skinny Love Wear in it. M: Be patient with each other! It can be really difficult to M: I have very specific ideas and I can be difficult to separate business and private life when you work together and work with because I know exactly what I want and how I want it, see each other and I can therefore be a bit difficult sometimes.. that’s why I all could never imagine to work this closely with anyone else but of the time. So be patient with one another! If John, because he’s the only one who can handle me and knows it’s stressful at the business, or you have a business argument, how to deal with me. The fact that he is an entrepreneur and try and leave it there and don’t bring in personal arguments. This already had a company before Skinny Love made it easier. He can be difficult, so be understanding and don’t overreact on kind of knew what he was doing already, and he is extremely stupid things. Don’t forget to have fun together, remember you hard working so I cannot think of a better business partner. started this together with your partner for a reason. Rewards and challenges with working with your partner? Favourite fashion item of your partner? M: Rewards are that I get to see John at all times of the J: Her leather boots day, which obviously also can be a challenge since we are M: I think John looks the sexiest when he’s at home together 24/7. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate the wearing a hoodie and sweatpants. disagreements we might have with business, apart from our private life. But the amount of fun we have working together, Do you ever borrow/ steal any of your partners fashion makes up for small disagreements. I could not ask for a better items? business partner. J: Yes actually some shirts because we do wear some in the J: Rewards are clearly that there is no one else that I could same size but she has so many things that I have not even seen imagine working so close together with. No matter how I am all of them so there might be some pieces more. feeling, she is the person I always want to have a round me. M: Yep! I love to steal his sweaters and t-shirts. Magdalena has a deeper understanding for my ideas and visions and makes me being more creative on a higher level than ever. That is the most important part to me. The challenges are clearly Favourite brands? J: Hugo Boss, but it’s so hard because so many brands have that even if you love and are in love as much as we are, every different things I love about them person can get annoying, mostly me, but we have found a way to M: I agree with John, it’s so hard to pick a few brands just give each other space when we need it. The most important part is to respect each other and the habits one has. If you get since I love to shop in many different stores to create a more personal and unique style. passed that, you will end up on a higher lever of partnership which will turn you into a great team. Favourite places to shop? (Online, markets, stores) M: I buy a lot of my clothes and accessories online. What have you learned from working with each other? J: Zurich is a great place in general to shop and of course in J: Not everyone sees things the way I do haha. I think the most important to me is that I see how far you can get if you are all the different hidden online stores more than just two people working together, more than a team. Favourite colour? You will become a symbiosis of all talents, views, skills and M: Black, navy blue and pink. knowledge you both have. J: Black, royal blue M: By working this closely and living together I have learned and seen What item comes to mind when you think of “2”? (doesn’t all have to be fashion related) sides of John, which has lead to us growing a lot closer to each other. I have learned to compromise, and that I M: Coffee and loose fitting tank top am not always right... I also learned to let things go, and that

Collin and

Sandra and denise


How long have you been together? Just over two years

What was your first impression of each other? Collin: Thought she seemed easy to talk to. Noticed how tall she was. Sara: Memories of that night are hazy. Did notice his height too and I liked his smile. How would you describe each other? Collin: She’s loving and easy to get along with but also has strong opinions. Sara: Sometimes he is too laid back for his own good, but he really does care. He’s a sweet guy. When did you start skydiving? Collin: Three years ago. Sara: Two years ago. What made you decide to pick it as a hobby? Collin: wanted to try something new. Sara: Peer pressure in part, but I did really want to try it too.

How did you two first meet? D: We used to work together. Cool did you have your own business? S: No we worked for social services and she was my manager How would you describe each other? D: Lovely, I really like her a lot What do you like about your friendship? D: It’s very honest. S: Yeah it’s very honest, comfortable, no strain, no stress, good to be together. Do you ever go shopping together? S+D: YES! D: Yeah we do a lot. What type of places do you like to go shopping? S: Quite a variety of places. D: Yeah all sorts of places. Markets, designer type places, vintage stuff Amongst friends, it’s quite common to have inside jokes, do you guys have any? S: No not really. D: I think we pretty much live in the moment and we don’t tend to do that really. What item comes to mind when you think of “2”? (doesn’t have to be fashion related) S: Dogs! I have two dogs. D: I just think its very even when things come in twos.

How often do you go? Collin: Depends on the weather and budget.... I’ve done 36 jumps though. Sara: Gosh, it’s been a while. I need to get retrained again. I only have 11 jumps. Any memorable moments? Sara: Collin managed to hit a fence and I faceplanted in the middle of nowhere once, and had to walk back for thirty minutes. Favourite fashion item of your partner? Collin: Her Lingerie. Sara: His Kashmir sweater and comfy sweatpants. Do you ever borrow/steal any of your partners fashion items? Collin: Her Star Trek Bathrobe. Sara: ...his Kashmir sweaters and his sweatpants...and shirts...and... a lot of things. Favourite brands? Collin: Levis and Adidas Sara: Boohoo, GreatGlam, Ann Summers, Victoria Secret, Topshop, Lipsy. I adore Lipsy London! Favourite places to shop? Collin: charity shops, online. Saving money. Sara: any of the stores on the main shopping streets, the ones mentioned above, and online for things I cannot find otherwise (like large sized women’s shoes). Favourite colour? Collin: green. Sara: black and blue. What comes to mind when you think of “2”? Collin: a pair of shoes.

& Sara What was growing up with each other like? E: idyllic - we grew up on a farm in the the North Yorkshire Moors, near Whitby, with 2 matching black ponies and a wide expanse of country to roam! S: Emma was the arcehtypal big sister always looking out for me and without anyone else living nearby we were very much best friends. What have you learned from working with each other? S: That together we make a strong team and that with focus and hard work we can achieve anything we set out to. What advice would you give to other siblings wanting to start a business together? E: If you get on well and have different strengths which mean you both bring something different to the table and wont be treading on each others toes then do it. S: Also try to keep sisterly chat out of the working day. Rewards and challenges with working with your sister? E:The rewards are quite simply that you work as one i.e. instinctively, and so you have none of the constraints that a usual business partnership may have to deal with on a day to day basis. Also, although obvious, it is lovely to work with your best friend and know that you can talk directly with each other without having to think constantly about your “delivery�! S: The down side is that you can easily slip into conversations and topics unrelated to your business i.e. family and friends and so you have to workhard to stay focused. And of course there is the odd sisterly squabble. What made you decide to go into business together? E: Having children at the same time put us in a shared position of wanting a career that worked around our families, but that would allow growth as they grew up. With polar personalities and quite different strenghs we knew that combined together they would give us a perfect skill set for running a creative business. Do you ever borrow/ steal any of your sisters fashion items? E: No S: Not unless you want to start world war three! Favourite item of clothing of your sibling? E: Cath Kidson Floral Dress

Favourite brands? SE: Hush and Toast Favourite places to shop? S: online

How would you describe each other? E:I would describe Sara as being extrovert, ambitious, caring, practical, highly organized, focused, hard working and effectual. S: I would describe Emma as caring, loyal, loving, sensitive, highly creative, driven and flexible.


Anna & Evan

What do you guys A: He encourages E: I like trying tures, and so am

like about travelling together? me to be more adventurous, and creative for his videos. new food with her. She is almost always up for crazy advenI. So we end up doing and seeing some unusual stuff.

Any planned trips? Going to South Carolina, and Florida this summer E: We don’t have any trips solidly planned yet. But we would like to go to Norway to see the northern lights, Paris, and somewhere in South America.

How long have you been together? E: Anna and I have been together for 9 months Where and how did you meet? A: In uni, meeting new people in the dorms E: We met in the on-campus halls, she lived in one building and I lived in the other. I was hanging out in her building and walked past her and her friend sitting on the floor in the hallway. We started chatting and I told her about Spottify and we tried to set it up on her computer. What was your first impression you had of each other? A: Really cool, cold hands, nice smile. E: I thought she was super artsy. But I couldn’t quite figure her out at first. I specifically remember one of the first things she said was “My name is Anna” in an American accent, and I said “Anna, not Hanna?”, like how anyone outside of the states would pronounce it. How would you describe each other? A: Determined, sweet, thoughtful, motivated, adventurous, fit. E: Anna is up for anything anytime. She is very open minded, willing to try new things, and respectful. I would also add in some outgoing. She tries to act like a badass to impress others, but she isn’t as tough as she likes everyone to think. She wants to make people happy. How often do you travel together? E: We travel together every couple months A: As much as we can. How many places have you been to together? A: We have been to at least 7 or 8 places. Is there an exiting destination you both travelled together and what made it memorable? A: Indiana - I got to meet his family, havn’t seen him for over 2 months. E: Morocco- doing activities together not many people get to experience. We visited a mud pit truck race in the heart of Kentucky and that was one of the met memorable trips I’ve had with her. It was a new experience for the both of us and even as an American I was culture shocked being there.

Where is the next place you would like to visit? A: Budapest, Norway, South America, Tahiti, India Favourite item of clothing of your partner? A: beanie E: I like the (help me out here, it’s like a top but with shorts attached and it’s all one piece) anyway, its black and I really like it on her. Do you ever borrow/ steal any of your partners fashion items? Only pjs and hoodies Don’t think I borrow any of her clothes Favourite brands? A: Zara, new look, forever21, urban outfitters E:I like zara and top man, but can only really afford h&m and primark. Favourite places to shop? A: Markets, in stores E: I have to try stuff on to make sure it fits, so in store. Favourite colour? A: Blueish purple E: Blue What item comes to mind when you think of “2”? Chopsticks Two feet.



& Alice



Paul Where are you guys from? P: I’m from Chesterfield in Derbyshire but have lived in London for 10 years. E: And I am from Scotland

Where did you guys meet and how do you know each other? A: We have been to together for 6 years and met at a party. How would you describe each other personality wise? O: I just think she’s fucking nuts! Don’t know what else to say really. What was your first impression of each other and is it accurate to now? O: Less mental. I don’t think she was as mad. Do you have joint interests or anything or have you ever been travelling together? O: Well we live on a boat so our life is pretty bohemian one might say. So yeah we are always travelling, moving around. What item comes to mind when you think of “2”? A: The number is litrally the first thing that comes into my head. O: Yeah I agree. The number 2.

How did you two meet? P: Through work. We had an affair. Haha yeah lets not talk about that.. How long have you been together? P: Well we were together on and off but we literally just got back together last night! E: we were together for about a year and a half, then we split up and now we are back together. Do have any memorable dates or have gone to any trips abroad? P: Last night was probably memorable! E: We have been on trips together though. We have been to Italy and just weekends away. How would you describe each other? P: Gorgeous and beautiful. E: He looks like a cartoon character but he is beautiful. What item comes to mind when you think of “2”? P: I don’t know. 2+2 = 4. E+P: Us two. Us two together.

Ruth and Matt

Is there a favourite item of clothing you like? R: Leggings. Yeah comfortable clothes in general. Because they are comfortable, there’s no restriction. SK1: I like sweaters. Keeps you warm. SK2: I like fur coats because they keep you warm and I also like skirts. R: I like TK max but I have no favourite brand. SK2: My mother likes Versace, Guess, Ralph Lauren. Favourite colours? R: Black M: Camouflage.Have you learned anything from each other? R: I have today. Matt I know that you like your job, like Films. How would you describe each other? M: Nice, very helpful.How long have you known each other? M: Since September. Any first impressions you had of each other and are the accurate as to now? R: No! M: She is a lot stricter then I am. Do you have any interests in common? R: We have films in common. I want to make them and he wants to produce them.

Sheryl and

Peter How long have you been together? 35 Years

Favourite brands? S: “Simply red” P: “the script” Favourite places to shop? (Online, markets, store) S: “I don’t have a favourite place, I like mooching” P: “Hugo boss and super dry”

“The sexy little black dress she didnt buy”

What have you learned from working with each other? S: “not to take each other for granted” P: “Sheryl’s very good at her job, she pays people she shouldn’t. Laughs” What advice would you give to others wanting to start a business together? S: “Its not easy” P: “you need to compromise or it’ll never work”

Describe a memorable date? P: we went to Serpentine in London S: “did we? Are you sure that was me?” “Our first date when we went to see the champ, I sobbed in the toilet” How would you describe each other? S: “he’s annoying, irritating, doesn’t communicate but he is a very good business man never loses his temper and is great at DIY” P: “she’s a very good cook she shouts is aggressive and beats me!”

What item comes to mind when you think of “2”? (Doesn’t have to be fashion related) S: “our two children” Rewards and challenges with working with your business partner? S: “security that we know each other and how we both work” P: “make them do what you mite

Do you have any joint interests/ hobbies? S: Skiing, squash P: not now!

Favourite colour? P: “Blue” S: “it was purple, but I’d say green” How often do you shop together? P: “all the time” S: “once every couple of weeks” What made you decide to go into business together? S: “id worked for him before while on a break from nursing” P: “I couldn’t find anyone else” S: “we worked well together and peter wanted to start his own company and we needed to save money and here we are 10 years later” P: “The dog is the mascot”

Where and how did you meet? We first met in hospital “I broke my leg and Sheryl was my nurse” Favourite item of clothing you like on your…partner P: “The sexy LBD she didn’t buy! From Karen Millen” P: “my boxer shorts”

What was your first impression you had of each other? P: “I thought she was wonderful... joking!” S: “we had a good laugh, he was cheeky. Called me wabble” P: “only as you had a rather large arse!”

Bradley and


:How long have you been together? L: Over a year.

How would you describe each other? B: Short.. L+B: *bursts our laughing* B: But no she’s entertaining and absolutely lovely. Makes me laugh, she’s intelligent. L: He’s gorgeous, he’s amazing. He looks better in make up then I do! He’s also spontaneous and romantic and needs to know that more and not be so down on himself!

“Yes, I’m wearing her belt right now!”

Where and how did you meet? L: Online B: Yeah on tumblr basically. L: Yeah he found me. Stalker. B: I basically just typed in a word on tumblr and found her and was like wow. Surprisingly she responded to my message. I hear an Australian accent. Did you come all the way from Australia or did you live in England? L: I came all the way from Australia! What was your first impression you had of each other? B: Obviously I was very flabbergasted because she is so pretty. Cool and pretty! L: On one of his pictures he had a really cool jacket. And he was funny and cute. When you finally met in person, when was you first date or memorable meeting? B: we met at the airport. L: And my dad went over to kiss him! B: Haha yeah.. L: I was really nervous because we were going through security and I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t really see. My dad came with me to meet him to makesure he was ok. So I told my dad to tell me when you see him because I can’t see! So my dad went over and said “Hey!” and kissed him on the cheek! B: Our actually date was when we went to London to see Phantom of the opera. L: We dressed up really posh and I wore a dress for the first time in like three years! And I wore heels but I couldn’t walk in them. B: That was funny though! But afterwards we went to this lovely Vegan restaurant. As far as know Bradley, you are an animation student. Do you guys have any similar interests? Do you both like animation? L: Im an artist and I do conventions. We love comics. B: Yeah we have the drawing in common. We were talking about our favourite pencils. However, she’s more digital were as I am more traditional.

Favourite item of clothing of your partner? L: I like his red jacket or the green one he is wearing right now. And all of your waist coats! B: I like your blue jeans. These ones. Do you ever borrow/ steal any of your partners fashion items? B: Yes. I’m wearing her belt right now! L: He actually is! But I steal his shirts a lot! But also wear each other socks. B: We share a closet basically. But she looks better in my clothes then I do.L: And he looks better in my clothes then I do! Even hair and make up! Favourite brands? B: I like River Island. They did a nice clothing range that was pirate/ military kindof thing and that was really nice. L: There’s this really cool brand in Australia called JJ were they do really cool skinny jeans. Favourite places to shop? B: I prefer online cause there is a lot more to choose from. But I also like Vintage and you come across really nice piece of clothing. Favourite colour? B+L: GREEN! What item comes to mind when you think of “2”? B: Matching bracelets. L: Towels. My mom and dad have “MR” MRS” towels.


ess & Katherine

Where and how did you meet? J: Katherine knocked on my door when I was at university. K: Yeah first year of university. I wanted some friends and knocked on her door but still didn’t want to be my friend, but she is now! How long have you known each other? J: Nearly a year and a half. What was your first impression of each other? J: That there was a mad woman at my door. I was like, I need sleep! Now I feel bad I’m sorry! K: haha mine was FRIEND! Have you ever seen any live musicals together? If so which ones? K: We went to see the phantom of the opera last year. She even cried! J: Why do you keep brining that up? But yeah we like Phantom, however we disagree on My Fair Lady and we are planning to see Seven Brides, Seven Brothers. Favourite Inside joke/memory you have amongst each other? K: I think that the main inside joke is that Jess has a lot of brothers that I keep forgetting. I didn’t know she had three brothers for like a good 4 months from knowing her. I knew she had two but she suddenly brought up another one. J: All our names begin with a “J” so I just keep renaming new “J” names every time. K: Yeah all her family begin with a “J”! J: It’s a cruel trick by my parents.. Like the Kardashians? J: No not like the Kardashians! What do you like about your friendship? J: I like being able to watch TV with her and make food together.

How would you describe each other? J: Friendly, cuddly, exhitable... K: I feel like im coming off a bit like a dog at the moment.. J: Haha shes loyal, she reponds to her name.. K: I do! J: She is probably though one of the most caring people I know. She obseesed with babies! But not in a gross way. K: Still coming off a bit like a dog.... Favourite item of clothing you like on your friend? J: I like the red coat she wears. And all your dresses are pretty! K: thank you!J: But maybe not your Harry Potter top...Favourite brands? J: I love converse but only the shoes. K : Defiantly Miss Selfridge, Cath Kidson. Favourite colour? J: Turqoise K: I like all the color genrally. J: Come on narrow it down! At least a hue! Favourite places to shop? (Online, markets, store) J: I like ebay cause of the quirkiness you can get from it and think geek cause it acquires my taste. I also like next. K: I Amazon a lot! What item comes to mind when you think of “2”? (doesn’t have to be fashion related) J: My mind goes brief case. I don’t know why. But also shoes. K: Friendship bracelets

TWO THE BRAND would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our publication. Having the chance to talk to some great people who were kind enough to share their stories as a real life duo, as well as exploring the exiting city of London made the experience for our investigative research worthwhile. We couldn’t have done it with out them! Please check out some of our cool interviewees websites:

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