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Welcome to our special 10th Anniversary edition of INVOLVE! Ten years ago St Petroc Housing Association changed its name to Two Saints and in April 2001 it merged with the Society of St Dismas to form a brand new organisation. Two Saints’ Board today maintains a strong commitment to “improving the quality of life, self-worth, and the life chances of

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people in the greatest need” – quoting the 2001/2 Annual Report. 27 people who worked for Two Saints at the time of the merger are still with us today. They include cleaners, support workers, catering and workshop staff and service leaders and managers and thanks are due to every single one of them for their loyalty and hard work!

“improving the quality of life, self-worth, and the life chances of people in the greatest need”

— Mike McKenzie Chair of Two Saints

WELCOME Two Saints today is a bigger, stronger organisation, with a turnover which is double that of 2001 – almost £10 million compared with £5 million. We have built new hostels, developed new services and extended our geographical reach to include Oxford and other parts of Hampshire. Since 2003 we have become a major provider of Supporting People funded services for homeless people across this region. But nothing lasts forever – and we have just been through one of the most challenging years in Two Saints’ ten year history! As readers will know there is a tough savings agenda being pushed through our public services by central Government and the Supporting People regime as we know it is coming to an end. The good news is that we have been able to maintain service levels for clients as well as financial stability for the organisation. Our local authority partners have commended us for not ‘sitting back and waiting for the cuts’ but in coming forward with well thought through plans to achieve savings. We have relaunched our Day Centre in Southampton, albeit with less funding, and are actively building teams of volunteers to support Day Centre activities as well as other Two Saints’ services. And we continue to innovate in order to support more homeless people to gain confidence and new skills, training and qualifications, new homes and new prospects for the future.

Louise Barnden Chief Executive

— Louise Barnden Chief Executive

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Winter warmer During the harsh winter months, every Two Saints hostel set up emergency beds to ensure people who are homeless and vulnerable have a dry, warm, and safe place to stay.

NE WS Last winter was no exception, and we provided 1585 emergency beds at our hostels across Hampshire, West Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Many of the people who slept in those emergency beds have since gone on to receive further help and support to rebuild their lives and now live in one of our properties, (or they’ve received help to find accommodation elsewhere). Our main aim this year is to ensure that each homeless person we dealt with last Christmas spends next Christmas in their own home. Turn to page 6 to find out how you can help us achieve this aim.

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Help us keep Southampton’s Day Centre open Our Day Centre in Cranbury Avenue, Southampton really is a life line for many homeless people. It offers a range of vital services and facilities including health care, showers and toilets, a canteen and a popular learning centre which helps equip homeless people with the skills and confidence needed to get on the road to a new job and a new life. Despite the fact that countless homeless people have benefited from this facility, recent Government cuts unfortunately mean that the centre has lost a large chunk of its funding. Although we are

determined to keep it open, inevitably this means we have to reduce the services available. We are only able to keep the Day Centre running thanks to the generosity of the local community; both in terms of financial support and a team of dedicated volunteers. “We really need more volunteers and this is a fantastic opportunity for local people to get involved in the running of this vital service. We would love to hear from anyone in Southampton who can spare time on a regular basis” says James McDermott, the centre’s service manager.

Get in touch on 01329 234600 or visit

Can you help? If you have time to give on a regular basis, we’d love to hear from you. You’d be making a big difference to people who really need a bit of extra help to get their lives back on track. You could volunteer to: • Meet and greet homeless people who arrive at the Day Centre. • Prepare and serve meals. • Help with using computers. • Offer advice on how to write a CV. • Help with literacy and numeracy by reading books. • Or simply providing a friendly face to chat with over a cup of tea.

If you have any relevant skills, or simply have some free time and want to ‘make a difference’ please get in touch with James Mc Dermott on 023 80xx xxxx.

Page 04 / 10 Years of Two Saints

Involve Two Saints


2011 is a special year for Two Saints. It marks a decade of our work in supporting homeless people. Since the organisation was formed we have transformed countless lives by helping our clients to beat addictions, secure jobs, learn new skills and regain the confidence and self esteem needed to get off the streets and enjoy a settled and independent life.

10 years of Two Saints HOW IT ALL BEGAN Two Saints was formed in 2001 when St Dismas and St Petroc (both providers of housing and support services) merged. Since that time, the range of support services, facilities

and hostels has grown considerably. From its humble beginnings, Two Saints is now proud to offer 428 beds along with a wide range of services to help understand and tackle the

Our key milestones

causes of homelessness for people in need across Hampshire, West Berkshire and the City of Oxford – at any one time we are supporting around 900 people.







The Society of St Dismas and St Petroc Housing Association merge to form Two Saints.

Number of beds increases to 334. Mill House in Portsmouth is extensively refurbished.

Staff numbers increase from 185 to 251 and annual income reaches £6.7m. New assessment centre opens in Portsmouth.

16 bed direct access hostel opens in Fareham. Staff offered free access to NVQs in Housing, Care, Community Justice & Promoting Independence. Income increases by 27%.

Increased provision of education and training for clients. New moveon flats commissioned in Andover.

Introduction of personal development plans for clients. Four full time adult learning tutors appointed for Southampton workshop.

“When I was an addict, I was constantly looking for a sense of security. But Two Saints have helped me to be comfortable with change and with myself.” — Jason Marshall, Foster Road resident

Page 05 / An Insiders View

Involve Two Saints


Janice Tribe has been with us from the very start! Currently enjoying her tenth year working for Two Saints in Portsmouth, she says she has seen big changes and improvements over the past decade. “As an organisation, we encourage our clients to embrace change and move forward with their lives, because over the last ten years we’ve benefited from doing just that. In the beginning we had to physically take homeless people off the streets and conduct our own assessments. Some people who claimed to be homeless simply wanted free bed and breakfast before going to see the football at Fratton Park! Unfortunately in those days we were obliged to give a bed to anyone who said they needed it. Nowadays there’s a lot more work involved with really getting to know who you’re dealing with and how that person can be helped. We do so much more than just offer a clean bed. We’ve become experts in diagnosing problems and examining the causes of homelessness. Plus we work more closely with other organisations to help develop support networks in the local community. We also encourage clients to buddy-up in our self help groups and to contribute their own ideas and suggestions on how we can improve as an organisation”.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last ten years. My job is really satisfying, especially when people we’ve helped come back to say hello over a cup of tea. It’s brilliant to know I’ve helped make a difference to the lives of others.” — Janice Tribe Service Leader





Floating support contracts won in Andover, Test Valley, the New Forest and Basingstoke. We become first organisation to win Hampshire County Council’s Supporting People Charter Mark.

Big Lottery Fund grant received to run learning services for next three years. Work starts on a £1 million refurbishment of Patrick House and Southampton Day Centre. Dene Court in Andover extended. Project Assessment Team (PAT) is formed for clients to assess our services and help us improve.

Nine bed “clean and dry” project opens in Fareham to help clients beat drug and alcohol addictions. £60,000 grant enables Spark Fabrications & Framing to open at Patrick House workshop in Southampton. Supported Lodgings service introduced in Gosport and Fareham to support young homeless people. Outreach service in Portsmouth established as part of Portsmouth City Council’s Rough Sleepers’ Initiative work.

First provision in Oxford opens at Lucy Faithfull House (61 bed hostel). Involve magazine launched for local supporters, clients and stakeholders. Open days held in Southampton, Oxford and Andover to showcase our facilities and success, and fundraising events held in most Two Saints locations. The Joint Asset Management team is established to involve clients more in the running of the organisation.

Page 06 / What can you do?

Involve Two Saints

HELP US TO HELP MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE REBUILD THEIR LIVES Two Saints is dedicated to supporting homeless people build a better life for themselves. But we couldn’t do it without the help and support of volunteers and those in the local community who share our passion for giving people a second chance. From individuals who fund raise or volunteer regularly in our day centre, to entire organisations who generously give us their time and resources – we rely on our supporters to

ensure we continue transforming lives across Hampshire, West Berkshire and Oxfordshire. The inspirational stories featured on page 10 and 11 of rough sleepers and former drug addicts who are now happy, settled and confident members of society, thanks to our support, will give you a flavour of the work that we do. But we need YOUR help to continue doing so.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Become a Fundraiser

Become a Volunteer

If you fancy running a marathon, jumping out of a plane or holding a fancy dress day in the office, we can support you to hold a fundraising event by providing fundraising packs, sponsorship forms and even your own fundraising page on the internet.

If you have time to spend with us on a regular basis, you could help to deliver life changing services to vulnerable people in your community. You could serve meals in the canteen or volunteer in our learning services to help homeless people learn new skills. Becoming a mentor, a friend to trust in, or simply offering a smile and a sympathetic chat can make a real difference to a homeless person who feels alone and afraid. Regular learning and sports sessions all help to develop confidence and can have a real impact on helping our clients feel positive about themselves to find housing, a job or perhaps a return to education.

Whether you raise £10 or £10,000, every penny will make a difference to homeless people in your community. If you are planning a large scale corporate event, why not make Two Saints the recipient of your charity raffle? We can also help you with organising some of the prizes.


Linda Leadbeater volunteers at our Head Office, helping to support our services through building and maintaining our databases, and will soon be running computer training with our homeless clients.

“Following a long break from work, I decided to volunteer at Two Saints in order to get practical experience which I can use towards getting a paid job. I’ve had the time and space to grow back into the working environment, and I know that what I do helps to deliver vital services – it’s a win win for everyone”. — Linda Leadbeater Volunteer at our Head Office


Page 07 / An Insiders View

We regularly visit schools, colleges and community groups to raise awareness about the important work we do by talking about the dangers of life on the streets.


Involve Two Saints

“I used to walk past houses and see lights on, shadows against curtains – I could see daily life happening and would think that I no longer “belonged”. It used to make me feel so sad, even more determined to hide away” —Kara (a current Two Saints client)

“I never expected to find myself living on the streets; it was just one thing after another. Two Saints gave me a room, but more importantly they are helping me to get my life back on track. I can’t speak highly enough of the people here, I feel like I count again.” says Kara, a current Two Saints client.

Offer a work placement In partnership with Southampton City Council we are encouraging local companies to provide work placement opportunities for homeless clients to help get more people off the streets and into work. After being made homeless last year Pam Rwanyarare received housing and support from Two Saints to help rebuild her life, along with work experience at Totton-based Ocean Edge Executive Search.

Since completing her work placement and armed with a good reference and new skills, Pam went on to move into her own flat and secure a full time job. What a result! Ocean Edge Managing Director Phil Foster said he was happy to help. “Pam fitted in very well, worked hard and obviously enjoyed being part of a team. Running a recruitment business, I know how valuable a recent reference and up to date skills are, and I’m delighted the experience had such a positive effect on Pam’s life.”

“Although I had a bed at the hostel I couldn’t find a job as many employers are reluctant to even interview someone who is homeless. Luckily Two Saints organised a placement at Ocean Edge Executive Search and I loved every minute of it! After feeling so low for so long, the experience showed me that I have a brain and I can use it! I really enjoyed working in the office and meeting new people, everyone was so friendly. It definitely helped me to feel much more confident about my future” — Pam Rwayarare Former Two Saints client

If you or your business are interested in getting involved with Two Saints please phone us on 01329 234600 or visit our website at


Page 08 / Celebrate our success

Involve Two Saints

“Firstly, to get your head together you need to have a roof over it. Once you have that control centre, your support worker will discuss any issues or needs you might have and draw up a support plan for you. Each plan is specific to you as an individual, as everyone has different personal needs. After providing a base to steady yourself upon, Two Saints also help to build a structure of other support services around you, some of which you never knew existed, and teach you how to make the most out of them.” — Patrick Moore A former Two Saints resident.

PORTSMOUTH PARTY TO CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESS “We are looking forward to continued success working in partnership with The Portsmouth Foyer, to support vulnerable and homeless people in the Portsmouth community” — Louise Barnden Chief Executive of Two Saints.

— Patrick Moore Chair of JAM team for Two Saints, Louise Cumberland, Director of Care and Support Services for First Wessex, Portsmouth Lord Mayor Paula Riches, Louise Barnden, Two Saints Chief Executive, Shanika Bradley, resident at The Foyer.

The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and local councillors led the celebrations at a special event to honour our inspirational work to tackle homelessness in the city. The party celebrated the successful partnership working between staff at our Portsmouth hostel Mill House and The Portsmouth Foyer (an organisation that provides accommodation, advice and support for young people). As well as showcasing the important work going on to support vulnerable and homeless people in the local community, the event was also an opportunity to show the politicians the importance of continued funding from the Government and Portsmouth City Council. Without the backing from the Supporting People

budget we would not be able to provide the same level of accommodation and help for homeless people in the Portsmouth area. This in turn, would impact heavily on other local authority services such as doctors, hospitals and emergency services which would all take the brunt of dealing with homeless people, and those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse who are heading towards a life on the streets. Our services, and those provided by The Portsmouth Foyer, are invaluable in tackling homelessness and the causes behind it. Previous and current residents of both The Foyer and Mill House were on hand at the event to explain the positive impact that living at these schemes has had on their lives.

Page 09 / Cooking up a treat

Learning to cook for yourself, eating healthily and managing money; these are all things we encourage our clients to do as part of their steps towards a new, independent and settled life.

Sarah’s top tips £

Always make meals from scratch – it’s much cheaper and healthier than processed ready meals. Use leftovers in casseroles and soups. Cut out the meat – vegetarian dishes are cheaper to make.


Involve Two Saints

Sarah Knight our catering manager at Mill House in Portsmouth (pictured right) shares her secrets for tasty, healthy meals on a budget.

“I’ve spent the last 15 years working here and really enjoy it. I feel valued because the clients really appreciate what we offer. Our most popular, yet economic meals are comfort foods like corn hash, bubble & squeak, shepherd’s pie, stew and spaghetti bolognaise. They’re popular and nutritional. We also do Chinese, Indian and Italian theme days and we’re always open to suggestions for new recipe ideas from clients. Have a go at making our Two Saints stew – it’s quick, easy, cheap and tasty – a winning combination!” — Sarah Knight Cateing Manager at Mill House, Portsmouth.

Sarah’s scrumptious one-pot stew

Make one portion into two by serving with extra rice, pasta You’ll need; or potatoes. • 1 tbsp sunflower oil. Plan a weekly menu, • 1 large onion and a garlic write a shopping list bulb, chopped. and stick to it. • Any vegetables you can find (look in Keep fruit and the reduced section) vegetables in the fridge such as carrots, potatoes, so they last longer. swede, mushrooms, beans or courgettes. • Any diced meat such as beef, lamb, pork or chicken (even the cheapest cuts of meat taste fantastic in slow cooking stews). • Vegetable or meat stock. • Tin chopped tomatoes. • Salt and pepper.

Method Heat the oil in a large saucepan, add onion and garlic until soft, then brown meat. Add chopped vegetables, pour over tomatoes and cover with stock. Season with salt and pepper and any herbs you have and cover and simmer for around 45 minutes (or until vegetables and meat taste tender).

If the sauce is too thin just mix some flour with water to make a paste and add this to the pan to thicken the stew. bon Appétit

Page 10 / Changing lives

Involve Two Saints

Robert’s future is growing In our September 2010 issue of Involve magazine we profiled Robert Atkinson and how he had transformed his life through our GROW Programme – Giving Real Opportunities for Work. We are delighted to report that Rob has recently become Two Saints’ first ever graduate from the training programme and now works as a full time Support Worker at Lucy Faithfull House in Oxford. Robert says “I’m loving every minute of it, it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done. Although challenging, it’s also rewarding because thanks to my colleagues I’m constantly learning skills that help vulnerable people. I’ve learnt to stay calm and diffuse situations rather than get worked up about them. I’d like to specialise and work with clients experiencing mental health problems and may even enrol on a part-time psychology course.”

“I’m loving every minute of it, it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done” — Robert Atkinson Formerly homeless, now full time support worker.

Keep on Trucking Trucker John Church has finally got his life back on track after a chain of personal tragedies left him homeless.

“The Two Saints staff gave me the confidence and the stability to turn around and get my life back on track.” — John Church Former Two Saints client

After losing both his parents within three months, John relocated his family to Canada and set up his own haulage business working as an Ice Road Trucker, and for a while, says life was good. However his marriage broke down and he was forced to sell the business and return to England with nothing. He embarked on a new business venture with a friend, but after that failed John found he had lost everything. “I had nowhere to live and no money for the first time in my life. I was living on the snowy streets of Southampton by October of last year. I became depressed and eventually overdosed on tablets. I ended up in hospital until I discharged myself and had to return to a life on the streets again. On Christmas day the police dropped me

off at Patrick House Hostel and then my life changed. Not only did I have a roof over my head, my own room and three hot meals a day, but I found support and friendship with the terrific staff there. They gave me the confidence and the stability to start to turn around and get my life back on track. The Dibden Allotments Charity have supported me to renew my HGV license and City Limits have paid for me to undertake UK tanker training. The help I’ve received from Two Saints, City Limits, and Dibden Allotments is amazing. Life changes for all sorts of reasons, but when it does, it’s great to know so many people care and want to help you get back on track. I’m over the moon that I have just been offered a full time job as an HGV driver at the Port of Barry in Wales. Life feels good again.”

Page 11 / Changing Lives

Involve Two Saints

Lauren is a shining example Lauren Clarke is another graduate from the GROW programme with a bright future to look forward to.

CHANGING LIVES Homeless at 17, Lauren has first hand experience of what it takes to move from the streets towards a better life. She’s now on the way to complete an apprenticeship as a substance misuse worker, helping others to overcome their addictions. “I’ve always wanted to work in the support profession and just eight months after starting as a GROW trainee I am now a support worker, working directly to help others get back on their feet. Although I don’t tell clients about my past I think experiencing homelessness myself does give me a better idea of what others are going through. Before I was on the streets I thought homeless people were the stereotypical tramp with a can of beer. Being homeless at 17 was life changing and whilst I wouldn’t want to relive those days, I don’t regret living it as it’s all added to the person I am today. Even five years after being homeless I’m still in touch with people I met, they’re normal people. One lesson I learned is never judge a person.

“Working in Two Saints you see lots of reasons why people end up homeless, often it’s just a run of bad luck or having no-one to turn to. I just encourage people not to give up and to believe in themselves, which is very hard when you are homeless. With no home you have no hope, but if I could go back to my teenage years when I was homeless, I would have told myself to not give up. If you have dreams go for it, there’s no limits.”

“I just encourage people not to give up and to believe in themselves, which is very hard when you are homeless.” — Lauren Clarke

Page 12 / Can we help you? / Can you help us?


Involve Two Saints

We understand the issues which contribute to homelessness. Whether you need help with finding a place to stay, a hot meal, access to vital services, training or employment workshops, we will be with you every step of the way. We offer accommodation, support and learning services across Hampshire, West Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

If you are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, and need help to get back on your feet, we are here for you.

Call — 01329 234600

CAN YOU HELP US? Jason is articulate, ambitious, caring and a great guy to spend time with. Yet there was a time when people would cross the road to avoid him. Including his kids. He now has a bright future, you can help us to help more people like Jason kick start change for the better – for them, their families and their communities. If you would like to support us and in turn help homeless people rebuild their lives, please get in touch today. Individuals and companies can make a difference through fundraising, donating money or volunteering.

For more information. call — 01329 234600 e-mail— visit —

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