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December 2011

Welcome to the Christmas edition of INVOLVE! Winter is the time of year when being without a home gets particularly tough and the numbers coming to Two Saints’ hostels for emergency accommodation tend to rise.

— Louise Barnden Chief Executive

WELCOME Thankfully it is also the time when people in the community come forward with donations and offer to volunteer in our services. Volunteers can bring an enormous range of skills to Two Saints, helping run our services and opening up new interests for our clients. We offer good quality training and support to volunteers, meaning that they gain from working with us too; indeed two people who have volunteered at our Head Office in the past year have gone on to secure full time jobs after redundancy or a career break. It’s a genuine win-win situation! We’d like to hear from anyone who is interested in volunteering in any of our services. We need these resources more than ever - there is considerable change on the horizon as we head towards 2012. Times are tough for organisations like Two Saints; we are striving to maintain the levels and quality of our services whilst absorbing the significant savings required of us by local authorities. Two Saints’ Board and staff are determined to keep our focus on supporting and training our staff well and keeping abreast of good practice, so that we can offer support to clients that really helps them make a difference in their lives. We aim to help people tackle the issues which have led to them becoming homeless, and then to help them keep a stable home. In this way we can prevent further homelessness. It sounds simple doesn’t it? But we do need the resources to deliver good services, and donations and volunteering efforts from local communities and businesses really can ‘add value’ to what we do.

Louise Barnden Chief Executive

Contents 03 Our latest news 04 A helping hand to find a home 05 Our new social lettings enterprise 06 Day in the life of a floating support worker 07 Christmas present ideas that mean twice as much 08 Music therapy 09/10 Inspirational case studies 11 Corporate support To support Two Saints – either as a fundraiser, by making a donation or volunteering your time please call us on 01329 234600 or visit our website for more ideas of how you can get involved and make a difference.

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Involve Two Saints

Latest research backs our approach We tailor the support we provide to ensure that all our clients – whatever their reasons for ending up homeless - have the best opportunity to start a new life.

needs of people effected by homelessness need to be addressed, and the findings back up the work that we currently do at Two Saints. Keeping up to date with research and reacting to the latest findings by government is just one way that we ensure our services, accommodation and staff training remain at

the cutting edge. We also actively involve clients in shaping our policies and follow good practice and recommendations made by others working in our field.

NE WS New research published by the government has shown how the complex psychological and emotional

Jon Cox Head of Business Development for Two Saints says “It may seem obvious, but the best possible support equals the best possible outcomes, and we are always looking for ways to deliver the very best”.


Involve scoops gold

First aid training


Involve Magazine has recently scooped a major PR award from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRIDE awards. Two Saints would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our magazine – we hope you enjoy reading our award winning publication!

Thinking ‘green’

With 435 rooms at more than 25 locations, we know the importance of caring for the environment and we have a full sustainability policy to ensure that whenever we source building materials, we do so in a responsible way. Our hostel at Dene Court in Andover has benefited from new vinyl floor coverings which were sourced for their green credentials of being 100% recyclable, as well as being practical, durable and cost effective.

Lots of our clients have told us that overdoses, epileptic fits and alcohol withdrawal are medical dramas they have personally witnessed in the past, but felt powerless to help.

Equipping more homeless people with the skills to deal with these situations is important, and so recently we asked the British Red

Cross to run a first aid training session. The course enabled clients to learn some practical skills to increase their confidence and willingness to help in a real life medical emergency. Everyone involved declared it a huge success and really relevant. We hope to roll out the training to more of our clients.

Paul Dearing Two Saints’ Technical Services Manager says As an organisation, Two Saints now have a full sustainability policy, which is working to minimise our impact on the environment”

Page 04 / A helping hand to find home sweet home

Involve Two Saints

A helping hand to find home sweet home Working with people who are homeless is about so much more than simply providing a bed for the night and a hot meal. Yes we offer clean sheets and good food, but we want to really improve the lives of the people who come to us - not just for one night - but for years ahead. We’re committed to providing support and help to all of our clients to ensure that when they leave us they are headed on the right path for a positive future. We work with more than 3000 people every year who all have their own personal issues to overcome and who need individual help and support to get back on their feet again. That’s why our key workers get to know each and every one of our clients to help them to find a way forward to rebuild their lives. They provide support to help clients beat addictions, learn new skills and qualifications, regain self confidence, find a job, manage budgets, make new friends and ultimately settle into a home of their own and embark on an independent life.

We want to really improve the lives of the people who come to us - not just for one night - but for years ahead.

Two Saints: more than just a bed for the night Our Floating Support team make home visits to around 1600 vulnerable people each year to prevent them ending up on the streets. They also check that people who have left our accommodation are doing well living on their own. Go to page 6 for more details.

Our Supported Lodgings service in Gosport works with reputable local landlords who can offer extra support to young homeless people aged between 16 and 25.

Our sublet scheme in Fareham and Gosport provides council flats for clients to live in whilst receiving ongoing support from us. After 12 months we ask the council to sign the rental agreement over to the tenant in order for them to enjoy living independently.

In Gosport, we work with young people aged 16-25 - which is a particularly vulnerable age to find yourself homeless. Around 25% of all people who have become homeless is a result of being thrown out of the family home, and they are ill equipped to deal with finding a home and paying rent and bills. It’s a tough start to life but we are here to support them every step of the way”. — Georgina Shane Service Manager for Gosport and Fareham

Page 05 / House Hunting

Involve Two Saints

We aim to build confidence and develop skills amongst all of our clients, but finding a decent home for them when they are ready to leave us is just as important. Unfortunately good quality, affordable move-on accommodation is in short supply.

Equally, our clients have their own concerns about unscrupulous landlords renting sub-standard accommodation who may throw them out at any time. It’s an important issue that we’ve been working hard to tackle, and as a result we’ve launched a new scheme that will deliver benefits for both landlords and tenants.

Many landlords are unwilling to let their properties to former rough sleepers. They claim they’re worried about damage, anti-social behaviour and non payment of rent.

House hunting Real Lettings South : a lettings agency with a difference! We’ve launched Real Lettings South in partnership with homeless charity Broadway. It’s a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise lettings agency that aims to offer good quality homes for our clients and peace of mind for landlords. We want to lease 150 studio and one bedroom properties over the next two years. We’ll lease the homes on long contracts, provide a guaranteed monthly rent for the landlord and an assurance that the property will be returned in the same condition. We’ll deal with all rent and tenancy issues and make sure our tenants receive ongoing support to help them settle in and maintain their independence in their new home.

“This is a really exciting scheme. The Real Lettings service is good news for landlords and it will help more former homeless people to get back on their feet again in a home where they feel safe and secure.”

The scheme is supported by TV property expert Phil Spencer, who says

“The beauty of Real Lettings is that it helps homeless people find a long term place to live and also makes sense for landlords and investors from a commercial point of view.” — Phil Spencer TV property expert

— Dominic Thompson Real Lettings South Manager

If you’re a developer, landlord or property owner in Southampton, Portsmouth, Gosport, Fareham, Havant or Newbury and fancy the idea of a hassle free letting with guaranteed rent, get in touch with Dominic Thompson on 07714 181894, email or visit the website

Page 06 / Jo Edwards

Involve Two Saints

Floating Support - a day in the life of a Key Worker As well as providing accommodation and support for people without a roof over their heads, at Two Saints we also work hard to prevent homelessness from happening in the first place. Our ‘Floating Support’ service helps more than 1600 vulnerable people to remain living independently at home. Without our support and help, our clients may otherwise end up on the streets. The service is run by dedicated Support Workers who cover Andover and Test Valley, Basingstoke, Newbury, The New Forest and Southampton.

Jo Edwards is one of three Key Workers whocover Test Valley. She tells us a bit more about her job.

“I look after around 20 people at any one time and the support I provide each one will vary greatly depending on each situation. “One of my clients called Jenny* had a difficult background and moved to Andover to make a fresh start. She has mild learning difficulties and is a diagnosed agoraphobic, which means she can’t go out alone and experiences panic attacks in unfamiliar surroundings or new routines. Jenny needs extra support to live on her own so I pop in regularly to help her with lots of different things from sorting her benefit claims, to dealing with property issues and paying utility bills. I’ll be working with Jenny for a total of two years. During this time I’ll help her connect with various support groups so that when my time with her is finished, she’ll still be able to enjoy living independently and safely in her own home. “I also work with Bill*, whose life fell apart when his wife died. He lost his home and had to move into a private flat but simply couldn’t cope. His wife had always run the house and sorted the bills and he just didn’t know what to do or how to look after himself after she had gone. However he’s started again at the age of 64 and thanks to our support he got through it and he’s now maintaining his home independently.” *names have been changed.

“Although it’s a hugely rewarding job and it’s brilliant to see people like Jenny and Bill move forward, it can also be very challenging. It’s hard to see people on the brink of eviction, but we’re here to work with them and help them keep their own home.”

For more information call — 01329 234600 visit —

Page 07 / A winning team

Involve Two Saints

A winning team Portsmouth Football Club ambassador and ex-player Linvoy Primus was among the first to congratulate Two Saints’ clients and staff who competed in a recent badminton tournament. The event was organised by students at Portsmouth Football Academy and aimed to help our clients enjoy physical activity, develop team spirit, have fun and build self confidence. Despite being beaten in the final by staff members Nick O’Neill and Becky Flynn, Terry Martin and Mark Harding (who are both residents at Acton Lodge in Portsmouth) declared the tournament a huge success. “It was a great day and would be great to see more like it. I really enjoyed taking part and will definitely keep playing badminton” said Terry.

Becky Flynn from Two Saints says “Sport is such a great way to boost self esteem and we’ve found that physical exercise definitely helps our clients to feel good about themselves”. Footballl star Linvoy, who presented the certificates and medals said “The tournament was professionally well run and everybody who took part had smiles on their faces. Well done to all.”

Give a gift that means twice as much. Visit SPARK to see our wide range of individual metalwork and bespoke garden products to pick up a unique Christmas present, whilst helping the homeless.

We’re open— Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday until 4pm Saturday 9am until 1pm 361 Millbrook Road West Southampton SO15 0HW

(behind Patrick House hostel).

Contact us on 02380 788375 or online at

Picture framing service also available.

Page 08 / Jon Roberts

Involve Two Saints

Musical therapy Jon Roberts, a resident at Patrick House Hostel in Southampton, is finding that the power of music is helping him on the road to a new life. He’s just one of the residents who enjoy jamming in weekly sessions held in the music room there. Jon arrived at Patrick House two years ago when his relationship with his family broke down as a result of drug and alcohol misuse. During this time we’ve provided support to help Jon beat his addictions and turn a corner in his life. The regular music sessions have reignited Jon’s passion for playing instruments (he holds several musical qualifications from school and college). As a result he’s now feeling confident about himself and his future, and is about to start a work placement with a local music company that could signal the start of a new career in the music industry.

“The new music room is a really good idea as when everyone is in there the atmosphere is amazing. Everyone is chilling out and having a jam session. The guys who come down and run the music sessions are genuinely nice to bearound, they’re good teachers and listeners” says Jon. The weekly music sessions are run by local music company SoCo. They offer residents the chance to learn how to play instruments including keyboards, guitars and bongos and are encouraging everyone involved to play

songs together as a band. Residents can also learn how to put music on the computer and jam using an iPad! The musical experience is proving very popular with residents at the hostel and has had a marked impact on helping those involved to feel good about themselves in order to look forward to a new, independent life that doesn’t involve homelessness.

Page 09 / Jason Marshall

Involve Two Saints

“Having gone through what I did was destiny, because now I can help others through my experiences” A former rough sleeper and drug addict, Jason Marshall, is now using his experiences to help others overcome their problems and addictions. Thanks to our help and support he is looking forward to a bright future ahead and has ambitions to become a counsellor. “As a young person I had a dysfunctional family life and fell in with the wrong crowd. I just felt desperate to be someone else. I ended up taking drugs and was in and out of prison. As a result I lost my four kids and sunk to the depths of despair.’ Jason Marshall

“When I got out of prison, I walked in and out of rehab and ended up in Portsmouth where I became homeless. Eventually I checked into Two Saints’ Mill House Hostel where staff helped me to build my confidence and beat my addictions. At first I never came out of my room. I felt vulnerable, worthless and isolated, and thought everybody else was better off than me. However over time staff and other residents helped me see that others had felt the same. Now I’m a changed person. I’m confident and can cope much better with situations. Taking drugs had made me forget how to have real feelings and cope with emotions like sadness. I just ended up having panic attacks. But now I’m clean I’ve learnt how to deal with situations responsibly. “My experiences have all made me who I am today. Thanks to the support from Two Saints I realise I can be proactive in my own life

— Jason Marshall

and can make a difference to others. I’ve rebuilt my relationship with my children and am studying biomedical science. I volunteer as a paramedic for the Red Cross and at St Rowans Hospice, and I’m using my experiences to help at a local substance misuse support group. It’s as if life has thrown me an opportunity and told me ‘you’re meant to do this’. “The support I received from Two Saints is immeasurable. It’s been fundamental to who I am now and who I want to be, because it’s allowed me to reinvent myself. I’ll be forever grateful to Two Saints and Portsmouth, I have nothing but fond memories of them. I’ll always take Portsmouth with me wherever I go. I even follow the football team now!”

My experiences have all made me who I am today. Thanks to the support from Two Saints I realise I can be proactive in my own life and can make a difference to others.

Page 10 / Catherine Russell

Involve Two Saints

Volunteering – a great start to a new life Catherine Russell has been a resident at our hostel in Newbury for the last two years. She arrived with an alcohol problem that had not only cost her her family, home and job, but had almost killed her. However, she’s found that volunteering at The Base within the hostel has been a great way to get her life back on a positive track. She now spends the majority of her time supporting and helping other residents to do the same.

“The Base is a place for residents to use computers and learn new skills. I started volunteering so it could open for longer periods. Eventually I was given the responsibility to hold the keys and ultimately to manage The Base, and thanks to a team of other volunteers it’s now open every day from 8am to 10pm. “Focusing on managing The Base has replaced alcohol as the most important thing in my life. I’m kept busy and occupied all day every day.

Catherine helped organise an open day in September to show the facilities in The Base to local dignitaries and residents’ family and friends.

— Catherine Russell with Dean Higgins, Learning Services and Volunteer Manager

“I’ve got responsibilities and a new sense of purpose, and it’s helped me to become completely dry. “Before I ended up homeless I used to have a high powered job in recruitment, so I’m using my skills and experiences to help other residents search for work, write CVs and apply for jobs. I worked in IT for many years and so I can help people to use the computers to do their college coursework or apply for courses, send emails and use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends.

“The Base is such an important part of the hostel and the facilities really benefit all the residents here, I’m just glad I’m able to help make a difference. Volunteering has definitely had a huge impact on my life. It’s given me the confidence and self belief that I don’t need alcohol to survive the day and I can do something worthwhile with my future. Ultimately I want to move into my own place and get a paid job with Two Saints so that I can continue working with other homeless people and support them to change their lives for the better.”

Page 11 / Support us

Involve Two Saints

Supporting Two Saints to improve the lives of people affected by homelessness is not just a nice thing to do, it makes good business sense.

Supporting us makes good business sense

It’s a way to help your business grow whilst improving the local community; something to impress your customers, staff, suppliers and shareholders – and gain you positive media coverage. And did you know that gifts to charities like Two Saints attract tax relief? Each homeless person costs the tax payer over £26,000 per year, making our work to help get people off the streets, earning a wage and contributing to society, more important than ever before. But we couldn’t help so many vulnerable and homeless people to transform their lives without corporate support from local businesses. Two household names who regularly get involved with Two Saints are Sainsbury’s and Clydesdale Bank.

A tasty way to help Sainsbury’s kindly donate food with a short shelf life to our Southampton Day Centre and Patrick House Hostel every week. The food, which would otherwise have ended up in the bin, means that our catering costs are reduced and that we can spend this money on other worthwhile projects.

How can you support us? • Name us as your chosen charity of the year. • Organise a sponsored event. • Make a donation (of time, resources, equipment or money).

Planting the seeds of success Staff from the Southampton and Portsmouth branches of Clydesdale Bank recently spent a day out of the office to lend a hand at Patrick House Hostel in Southampton. They got involved with decorating and gardening jobs to help us reduce our maintenance bills and target resources into other areas. As well as benefiting Two Saints the day, organised by Business in the Community, proved a great team building exercise as John Anderson, Managing Partner from Clydesdale Bank, explains “It enabled the staff to witness how less fortunate people live, who without Two Saints and volunteers would have nothing! At the same time it was great to learn more about each other as people and the experience positively influenced morale, motivation and effectiveness as a team.”

Get in touch today on 01329 234600 to discuss how your organisation can support Two Saints.

Page 12 / Can we help you? / Can you help us?

Have you seen the new Two Saints website? You will find useful contacts, real life inspirational stories as well as a host of ideas to help us beat homelessness. You can even follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

No one should ever feel isolated, alone and forgotten, especially at Christmas. Make your new year’s resolution to help someone you may have never met - you could change a life, forever.

To support Two Saints – either as a fundraiser, by making a donation or volunteering your time, please call us on 01329 234600 or visit our website for more ideas of how you can get involved and make a difference.

Involve Two Saints

Involve Christmas 2011  

Involve Magazine is an award winning community magazine published by Two Saints, an organisation which works across Hampshire, West Berkshir...

Involve Christmas 2011  

Involve Magazine is an award winning community magazine published by Two Saints, an organisation which works across Hampshire, West Berkshir...