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Dear Mom, Mom's Notes celebrates creativity and colour in our July/August edition. Inside, educational psychologist considers why art is important for your child's development, while our dietician decodes the colour in food.

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Because it is at home where the art is, we find easy crafts in the kitchen and exciting ways to display your little one's masterpieces. We also meet Willie and Linda - local experts when it comes to making your house itself look like a masterpiece at the flick of a switch. In our Mom's Financial Notes we look at some serious facts about your financial future. We also consider how to save those precious moments with great tips to photograph your children like a pro. We are so excited to welcome Mopani Pharmacy at the back of our Mom's Notes. This will be a permantent, dedicated health section and a wonderful resource to refer back to. In this edition, Mopani gives advice on immunity. For more information about bronchitis to baby blues, chickenpox and flu - keep every edition and build a Mopani Health News library. Thank you for your wonderful support of our campaign to help Anika Strydom, featured in our previous edition! Alison & Tabita Advertise in Mom's Notes and reach more than 12 500 domestic households in Nelspruit, White River, Malelane and Barberton. Cell: 083 254 5004 | 072 083 7072 Email: Website:

A little magazine with big ideas!

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The importance of art in your child’s development Children are natural artists. Connecting art to learning is a great educational tool. There are many reasons why art is an important factor in the development of children’s full potential. You may not realize that your child is actually learning a lot through exploring art and doing art activities. Your child will gain useful life skills through art, so encourage them to get creative, and you will quickly see that your children are picking up these skills. Art is an experience that requires free thinking, experimentation and analysis…all part of creativity. Communication Skills: When a child draws a picture, paints a portrait, or hangs buttons from a wobbly mobile, that child is beginning to communicate visually. A child may draw to give meaning to an actual experience like playing in the park, release feelings of joy by painting swirling colours, or share an emotionally charged experience like the passing of a loved one through art. Art goes beyond verbal language to communicate feelings that might not otherwise be expressed. Problem-Solving Skills: When children explore art ideas, they are testing possibilities and working through challenges, much like a scientist who experiments and finds solutions. Should I use a shorter piece or longer piece of wool? This tape is not holding, what can I use instead? How can I make brown or how did I make purple? Art allows children to make their own assessments, while also teaching them that a problem may have more than one answer. Instead of following specific rules or directions, the child's brain becomes engaged in the discovery of "how" and "why." Even when experimenting or learning how to handle art materials effectively, children are solving challenges and coming up with new ways to handle unexpected outcomes. Social & Emotional Skills: When children work together in the art area, they learn to share, taking turns, to interact with others, to be responsible for cleanup and to put materials away. These are positive and important changes for social learning. Art helps children come to terms with themselves and the control they have over their efforts. Through art, they also learn to appreciate one another's efforts. Art fosters positive mental health 4

by allowing a child to show individual uniqueness as well as success and accomplishment. All part of a positive self-concept. Fine Motor Skills: Art activities supports children's small muscle development, as well as their eye-hand coordination. Holding a paintbrush so that it will make the desired marks, snipping paper with scissors into definite shapes, drawing with a crayon, or squeezing glue from a bottle in a controlled manner all help develop a child's fine motor skills and control of materials. Using crayons, markers, and paintbrushes helps children practice the fine motor control they will need for writing later on. Fine motor skills enable a child to do things like delicately turn the page of a book or fill in a sheet of paper with written words. Small-muscle control is needed in order to manipulate clay, cut with scissors, paint with a brush and colour with crayons. Self-Expression and Creativity: Children express themselves through art on a fundamental level. Sometimes their artwork is the manifestation of that expression, but more often, the physical process of creating is the expression. Picture the toddler who has a new baby sister squeezing his fists into clay; a six-year-old joyfully painting flowers with huge arm movements blending, reds and yellows; a ten year-old drawing a portrait of her grandmother who recently passed away. Creating art allows children to work through feelings and emotions, and referring to a finished piece of artwork helps a child talk about feelings in a new and meaningful way. Art also develops a child's creativity. Rather than being told what to do, answers and directions come from the child. It is important to remember to separate the notion of "talent" from "creativity". A child does not have to create a masterpiece to have a meaningful artistic experience. Where art is concerned, it is the process of creating, exploring, discovering and experimenting and that has the greatest value. Through selfexpression and creativity, children's skills will develop naturally and their ability to create will soar.

What can you do at home: If your house lends itself to a creative corner, make one. This will give your child a place where he knows that he can be creative and do his art. Create an “Art Box” in your home. Fill a cardboard box with crayons, old wallpaper scraps, ribbon, glitter glue, construction paper, markers, stickers, scissors, etc. Bring it out on a regular basis and let your child have creative fun.

Mom's Monet

mind matters

How to show-off in style! The Standard Clothes line This is a great way to hang lightweight creations on a wall with minimal impact to the wall, and with maximal opportunity to change the display often. Works at home or in the office, if you have dedicated wall or cubicle space. Simply affix each end of a string, ribbon, or cord to the wall with thumbtacks or picture hooks. Use clothespins or binder clips to attach paintings or drawings. Use the Computer Wallpaper Take a close-up digital photo of your child's handiwork (or scan it, if you have the capacity) and save it (from your home computer) to a photo service. From your work computer, select it as the "wallpaper" for your computer screen, or set up a screen saver program that allows you to import images. Your wee one's genius will greet you when you first boot up!

Working with different textures, shapes and substances helps improve his fine motor skills. Save your old catalogue and magazines. Let your child go through them to find, cut and glue pictures or pictures that start with specific letters. Begin with an easy letter. For example, on the top of a piece of paper write the letter, then let your child look through the catalogue or magazine for pictures that begin with that specific letter. Periodically do this activity for all letters. When the alphabet is complete staple the papers, in alphabetical order, and your child has his own creative book. When art is approached as a process, not a product, the child learns that he is limited only by his imagination. As everyday objects are transformed into imaginary bugs, sculptures, etc. the child discovers that a world of play can be created. Using materials in an art project reinforces and expands on the information a child has already learned in other contexts. Creating these "masterpieces" builds a child's self-esteem. The finished product, on display on the refrigerator or on the wall, validates a child's sense of worth. This provides another opportunity for a child to say "I can do it!" When we value our children’s creativity, we help them feel valued as people, raising their selfesteem. So why wait? ENJOY it with your child! Cora Breytenbach Educational Psychologist 0828102409

See the Space for Art ... Everywhere! It needn't be large ‌ or flat! That blank coffee cup you use every day? Perfect! There are many ways to go about this. Let your child decorate your coffee mug directly with permanent, nontoxic markers. Buy a mug built for the purpose that lets you slide a paper picture under a protective plastic outer layer. Or use a service that will imprint an image of your choice on a mug. And don't forget about pencil holders, lunch boxes, and mouse pads!

Frame it This may seem obvious because, frankly, it is obvious! If there's something you just love and is emblematic of your child's artistic touch, by all means, get it properly mounted and framed. There are also products created specifically for showing off (and in many cases storing) a constantly updated gallery of masterpieces. Alternatively, frame together a collection of reduced artwork for a contemporary look that will suit even the most fashion forward house. The Classic Calendar Making a customized calendar is easier than ever these days. Select 12 of your favorite kid creations and scan them into your computer, or photograph them and save them. You can do the whole process online for free and print your calendar yourself, or get it printed professionally for a small fee. Retrieved and adapted from and www. 5

HEALTHY & COLOURFUL Aside from making your child’s plate look more attractive and exciting, adding colour to your child’s diet has a variety of health benefits. Adding more colour can be an easy guide to ensure healthy balanced eating. I’m of course not referring to the unnatural colours (artificial colourings) found in a bag of cheese puffs, sweets or drinks marketed to children.

Most of these “super foods,” or the foods that offer us the biggest nutritional value per serving, are the ones with the deepest, most robust colours. Each hue tends to offer its own unique blend of health benefits. It’s not always possible to include all the colours in one meal, a nice variety can be accomplished over the course of a day or week.

Red fruits & vegetables:

Coloured by natural plant pigments called "lycopene" or "anthocyanins." Lycopene in tomatoes, watermelon and pink grapefruit may help reduce your risk of several types of cancer, especially prostate cancer. Lycopene in foods containing cooked tomatoes, such as spaghetti sauce and tinned tomatoes are absorbed easier than lycopene from raw tomatoes. Anthocyanins in strawberries, raspberries, red grapes and other red fruits and vegetables act as powerful antioxidants that protect cells from damage. Antioxidants are linked with keeping our hearts healthy and reduce our risk to develop cancer. More examples of the red group: Red Apples, Red Cabbage, Cherries, Cranberries, Red Peppers, Pomegranates, Radishes

White fruits & vegetables Naturally coloured by pigments called "anthoxanthins." They may contain healthpromoting chemicals such as allicin, which may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and may help reduce risk of stomach cancer and heart disease. Potatoes are also good sources of the mineral potassium.


More examples of the white group: Cauliflower, Garlic, Ginger, Mushrooms, Onions, Parsnips, Turnips

Orange/yellow fruits & vegetables Naturally coloured by plant pigments called "carotenoids." Beta-carotene in sweet potatoes, pumpkins and carrots is converted to vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy mucous membranes and healthy eyes. Scientists have also reported that carotenoid-rich foods can help reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and can improve immune system function. Citrus fruits like oranges are excellent source of vitamin C and folate and B vitamins that helps reduce risk of birth defects and may boost your immune system More examples of the orange/ yellow group: Butternut Squash, Grapefruit, Lemons, Mangoes, Nectarines, Papayas, Peaches, Pears,Yellow Peppers, Pineapple, Yellow Summer or Winter Squash, Sweet Corn,Tangerines, Yellow Watermelon

Green fruits & vegetables Naturally coloured by a plant pigment called "chlorophyll." Some members of the green group, including spinach and other dark leafy greens, green peppers, peas, cucumber and celery, contain lutein. Lutein works with another chemical, zeaxanthin, found in corn, red peppers, oranges, grapes and egg yolks to keep our eyes healthy. The "indoles" in broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage may help protect against some types of cancer. Leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli are excellent sources of folate, B vitamins and a form of iron. More examples of the green group: Green Apples, Artichokes, Asparagus, Avocados, Green Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Green Cabbage, Green Grapes, Honeydew Melon, Kiwi, Lettuce, Limes

Blue/purple fruits & vegetables Naturally coloured by plant pigments called "anthocyanins." Anthocyanins in blueberries, grapes and raisins act as powerful antioxidants that protect cells from damage. They may help reduce risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease. Research has shown that eating more blueberries is linked with improved memory function and healthy aging. More examples of the blue/purple group: Blackberries, Eggplant, Figs, Plums, Prunes


health notes Some practical tips to help you add some colour to your child's plate: COLOUR SALAD One easy recipe to get some colour in at once is to prepare spinach or mixed lettuce salad with sliced strawberries, mandarin oranges, variety of nuts and seeds and a few dried or fresh blueberries.

everything you need for your little Picasso!

Top it off with some raspberry vinaigrette dressing and some Gouda or Mozzarella cheese, and you have a delicious, colourful meal. Add some protein in your salad by adding some grilled chicken or tinned tuna or pink salmon.

COLOURFUL MORNINGS Another method for piling on the colourful veggies is to make an omelette on a Saturday morning with red and yellow peppers, black olives, grated carrots, tomatoes and mushrooms. Round out your plate with a handful of blueberries, and you have included most of the rainbow!

Pear Penguins Each chef will need:

You and your child can make a healthy pizza, use a whole grain crust and add yellow and red peppers, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, cooked ham and sprinkle with Mozzarella cheese.

2 mini chocolate chips 2 white chocolate chips 1 pear 3 tablespoons chocolate chips, melted 1 thin slice of baby carrot, cut into a small triangle 1 fig, cut in half diagonally You will also need: Pastry brush

These are all very simple ideas for creating healthful and rainbow coloured meals that are absolutely packed with nutrients to keep you and your child healthy.

1. Your penguins need eyes to see how cute they will become! Push the mini chocolate chips in the center of the white chocolate chips to form eyes. Now waddle like a penguin twice around the table.


Article written for Mom's Notes by:


2. Even though penguins can't fly, they still need wings. Use a butter knife to carefully cut a slice in both sides of the pear to form wings, making sure to keep the tops of the slices attached to the pear. Use a peeler to shave the pear skin off in between the wings in an oval shape. This is the penguin's white tummy. 3. Use a pastry brush to paint chocolate on the penguin's body, everywhere but his stomach. Use a toothpick to notch a spot for each of the chocolate chip eyes and the carrot beak. Insert the eyes and carrot beak. Balance the pear penguin on a plate and place the fig halves for feet. Dress up in black and white clothes for this frosty feast!

busy hands Classic PlayDough This is the easiest playdough recipe you can make and it is the most common. It is a great recipe because it works very well, is very kid friendly, and can be easily taught to other people. It produces a great quality playdough and it makes for quick and easy homemade playdough that works well and will make a great craft project or toy. This is a great place to start if you are looking for the perfect homemade playdough recipe. This recipe is a good playdough recipe for kids, though the cooking means they have to have a parent help out.

Ingredients: • • • • • •

plain white flour – 1 cup salt – 1/2 cup cream of tartar – 2 tsp (you can substitute 2 tbsp of baking soda) water – 1 cup cooking oil – 1 tsp (if you use baking soda, add 1 tbsp of oil instead of 1 tsp) food coloring


Mix all the ingredients together with a fork in a mixing bowl until the mixture is smooth and one solid colour. Pour the mixture into a pan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Stir until smooth and then until playdough bunches up to form a ball. Take it out of the pan and allow the playdough to cool. Knead for a few minutes and store in an airtight container. This recipe for playough is the standard homemade playdough recipe and while it does work, make sure you try out some of the other playdough recipes we have so you can find the playdough recipe which works best for you. Your kids will love trying out all these different kinds of playdough and they make a great a craft project.

Crafty in the Kitchen! Flour Power Poor a tablespoon or two of flour onto a shallow baking tray. Allow your children to 'draw' or write onto the flour while you are busy in the kitchen! Quick, cheap and educational fun! Take photos of the 'artworks' before shaking it even.

veggie prints Prepare for this craft by cutting through interesting shaped hard fruits and vegetables, and place with cut-side face down on a paper towel to soak up juices. Use Apples, Pears, Pineapples, Star Fruit, smaller Broccoli and Cabbage heads. You can also use whole Berries and the peel of Pinapple. Allow your children to make prints with these fruits and vegetables onto paper, cardboard or material. For a precious keepsake, allow them to use material paints - and make a tea towel, napkins or apron with the printed material. Follow instructions on the paint packaging.

This craft is better suited to older children, because a blunt knife is used to 'carve' out wheel. The wheel is then skewered onto a straw or sosatie stick. Roll through a flat 'well' of paint and roll onto paper.

funny faces Surprise your children with smiling snack face!


potato pattern rollers

http://www. playdough-recipes/ traditional-playdoughrecipe/






busy hands

A R T I N T H E F A M I LY Established 8 years ago and owned by a mother and daughter team, Odette Powell & Debbie Swart. This & That Art and Framing offers a colourful haven for artists and art lovers. Both mother and daughter are artists themselves and they are passionate about the industry. Odette started in the business because of her love of art.

Odette explains that she needed a reputable, reliant & cost effective way to frame her own artwork. She wanted to be able to pass on her knowledge and expertise to other art lovers in the Lowveld. If ART is part of your family's world, you need visit This & That Art & Framing! They are situated in I’langa Mall next to the Game Store.


We frame anything… • • • • • • •

Children's artwork, hand & feet clay prints, any children’s memorabilia, sports medals & certificates Box framed medals, bats, balls and ornaments We stretch canvasses and block mount posters We know all about conservation framing We have a fabulous range of wooden & synthetic mouldings to choose from to suit all pockets Exceptional craftsmanship Great prices Please come in and chat to Odette, Debbi or Corlia for friendly expert advice on how to frame your precious items.

L O V E I T, F R A M E I T ! Framing ensures that your little Picasso's master piece, or that precious heirloom from your grandmother lasts forever. Perhaps you would like to frame a sentimental family photo? Do it today. Present this voucher and receive up to 25% OFF* your framing before 15 July 2012. 12

* Depending on size of framing job. Offer valid until 15 July 2012,


From watercolour to oil paints, palettes, pencils and pastels. We can give advice on materials for Art Classes.

O u r A rt G allery

Our art gallery supports local artists. We exhibit original artwork, prints and mirrors at affordable prices. Pop-in take a look everytime you visit I'Langa Mall.

art c lasses

We also provide Art Classes for our budding artists, young and old, by Odette Powell. Art Classes for adults Tuesday 09h00 – 12h00 & Saturday 13h00 – 16h00 Booking essential, contact Odette on 082 6031321. Art classes for children Friday’s 14h00 – 15h30 Contact Debbie 082 8983367. Whether you would like to buy, paint or frame a masterpiece, we can help you at This & That Art and Framing.

Shop LG06 I'Langa Mall Tel: (013) 742 2203 Email:

great gift i d ea

Family portrait commissions Provide us with photograph and we can get it sketched or painted for you!

get U P T O

25% off framing Shop LG06, I'langa Mall | (013) 7422203 Email:

* Depending on size of framing job. Offer valid until 15 July 2012,


home work

An introduction to great lightning with Nu Light.

Willa recognised the need for a dedicated lighting showroom in the Lowveld, and Nu Light was born, soon after that.

This edition of Mom’s Notes magazine, we focus on creativity in the home. Perhaps one of the most overlooked facets of making your house a ‘home’ is creative, yet practical lightning. Correct lighting, as we found out below, can make a profound difference to not only how it looks, but also how your living spaces ‘work’ for you. To shed some light on the subject, the local experts of Nu Light will present a series of articles related to lighting and bright energy-saving ideas. In this first article, Mom’s Notes would like to introduce Nu Light, and the dynamic duo behind it, to our readers. Willa and Linda greet me with big smiles at the door of Nu Light. Their specialist lightning showroom at the Riverside Value Mart Complex in Nelspruit is quietly sophisticated, yet inviting. I get the distinct impression that even though they are passionate and creative individuals, they mean business. Recently married, Willa and Linda offer a dynamic package of creative vision and technical practicality. They met while working for the same company a few years ago.

From homes to I'Langa Mall and five star restaurants abroad - Nu Light strives to make the world a brighter place. They admit to being amazed at how well their business has been received. From contractors to DIY enthusiasts, they have answered a desperate call for product choice, product information and personal service. Their dedication to service even takes them across borders for the most accurate and site-sensitive consultations for projects big and small. Willa and Linda proudly point out to me that they are exclusive agents for some of the world’s leading names in lighting. Yet, Willa assures me, revamping your house’s lights need not be expensive. By simply better understanding your family’s needs, one can make a huge difference by just simply placing lights correctly within your home. Most homes ‘default’ light positioning don’t offer the best lighting solutions for its spaces. Linda adds that carefully planning your home’s lights, and even the colour of the light bulb itself, adds to the quality of life in your home. From looking 10 years younger in the bathroom mirror, to saving your eyes for a few decades more; correct lighting choices are crucial. Sadly, most homeowners are unaware of just how easy it can be to improve. Talking to experts can even save you thousands of Rands in the long run.

Willa explains that most people would choose a 12V down light, believing that it would use less electricity than a 240V down light. Surprisingly, it works out much more expensive since the former requires an adaptor, which together with the bulb ‘draws’ more power – which is what we pay for on our electricity bill. If you would like to revamp your existing light fixtures, simply visit Nu Light’s showroom to browse their covetable selection of glossy catalogues. The process is as simple as changing a light bulb. Visit Willa and Linda and they will gladly help you find the perfect light fixtures that will suit not only your décor needs, but also function in your home, as it should. Linda reminds me that they enjoy assisting with this process of information and guidance as much as designing big lighting installations, at no cost to you. Once you have settled on a choice of lights Nu Light will order it and it will be delivered in Nelspruit within three working days. Nu Light will also advise on correct installation and assist with finding the right technicians for the job. It was such a pleasure meeting the friendly experts of Nu Light. Together they offer personal service, astonishing choice and the ability to go that extra mile. Willa and Linda concluded that they strive to offer the best choice in lighting with unmatched attention to detail and customer service. Mom’s Notes is a fan – now go ‘see the light’ for yourself!

Willa and Linda of Nu Light in Nelspruit

Phone: (013) 757 1416 Share Call Fax: 086 594 2127 Email: Showroom: Riverside Value Mart


busy bodies



the Art of movement Martial Arts is the ancient art of movement for self-defence and emotional focus. Martial Arts also offer children the opportunity to learn the art of self control, perserverance and discipline through movement, and a better understanding and respect for our bodies.

Winter holidAy coUrses AvAilABle! did yoU knoW Wolves AcAdemy offers mArtiAl Arts coUrses on WeekdAy morninGs & sAtUrdAys? Become part of Wolves Academy and train in the mornings or once a week in Tang Soo Do Korean Karate or Haedong Kumdo Korean Sword Venue: 22 De Kock Street



Master Awie Davis: 082 939 8615 Master Xander Davis: 082 907 5067 14

Die Olimpiese Spele bestaan uit twee internasionale sportkompetisies wat elk elke vier jaar gehou word, naamlik: die Somerspele en die Winterspele. Tot en met 1992 was beide die spele in dieselfde jaar gehou, maar sedertdien word hulle met twee jaar intervalle gehou. Die slagspreuk van die Olimpiese Spele is Vinniger, HoĂŤr, Sterker, of dan Citius, Altius, Fortius in Latyn. Die Olimpiese Somerspele sal van 27 Julie tot en met 12 Augustus 2012 in Londen, die hoofstad van die Verenigde Koninkryk aangebied word. Dit sal die dertigste aanbieding van die Somerspele sedert 1896 wees. Dit is die derde keer dat Londen die spele organiseer na hulle eerste spele in 1908 en daarna in 1948. Aansluitend sal die Paralimpiese Spele ook in Londen gehou word. Die volgende sportsoorte word tydens die Somerspele beoefen: Atletiek, Pluimbal, Basketbal, Boks, Boogskiet, Gewigoptel, Gimnastiek, Handbal, Hokkie, Bofbal, Judo, Kanovaart, Moderne vyfkamp, Ruitersport, Roei, Skerm, Skyfskiet, Duik, Sagtebal, Gesinchroniseerde swem,Taekwondo,Tafeltennis,Tennis, Driekamp, Sokker, Vlugbal,Waterpolo, Fietsry, Stoei, Seil en Swem. Die oorspronklike Olimpiese Spele was in die antieke Griekse stad, Olimpia, gehou. Hierdie stad was sedert die 10e eeu v.C. al 'n religieuse en politieke ontmoetingsplek. Die eerste moderne spele vind in 1896 plaas op inisiatief van Baron Pierre de Coubertin. Die eerste spele sou in Parys, Frankryk aangebied geword het, maar later word besluit om dit in Athene, Griekeland te hou om die simboliese skakel met die antieke Spele te bevestig. Suid-Afrika is een van die lande wat aan die Olimpiese Spele deelneem. Suid-Afrika stuur vir die eerste keer 'n span na die 1904 Somerspele. 56 jaar later, in 1960, stuur hulle hulle eerste span na die Winterspele. In 2008 neem Suid-Afrika vir die 17de keer aan die Somerspele deel, terwyl hulle nog net aan 5 Winterspele deelgeneem het. Hulle het nog nooit 'n medalje op 'n Winterspele gewen nie. In totaal het Suid-Afrika al 69 medaljes verower. Maak seker dat jou kinders ook inskakel en deel in die opwinding! Oorweeg om jul eie Suid Afrikaans Winter "Olimpiese Spele" tuis te hou hierdie winter vakansie. Inligting aangepas vanuit

busy bodies

Written by Marle Ormiston, Owner of Monkeynastix in Nelspruit, White River and surrounding areas.

I've been involved with Monkeynastix in East London before purchasing the franchise in the lowveld in January 2011. My passion has always been to own and run my own business, and this was a unique opportunity for me.  Not just to be my own boss, but to be working with little children and making a difference in their lives. Monkeynastix is registered with FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa) and we are part of Supersport Let's Play. Monkeynastix is currently operating in more than 20 countries worldwide and we are the leaders in movement education.  Our fun and exciting movement education program is designed by specialist, endorsed by therapist and teachers, and LOVED by kids!  Monkeynastix takes your child on a journey of discovery that will not only shape the body, but wire the mind for academic success.  Children are born to move and through Monkeynastix we encourage them to explore and discover the world through their senses and their bodies with our unique program.   Our fun and creative approach allows children to be children again.  We are a broad-based, holistic program that combines creativity, music and storytelling with basic training in flexibility, balance, strength, agility, co-ordination, general motor imitation skills, cardio vascular fitness, aerobics, ball skills, gymnastics skills and body awareness.  Children love each energy packed lesson.  At Monkeynastix we reinforce what you are doing at home by incorporating some of the following into our lessons:  Emotional intelligence (e.g. respect yourself and others), Social skills (e.g. please and thank you), Environmental awareness (e.g. conserve water), Moral standards (e.g. waiting your turn), Healthy habits (e.g brushing teeth).  We develop self-confidence and a positive self image in a safe non-competitive environment.  We are inspired by children and our vision is to see all the children of the world fit, coordinated, confident and happy.  

Lessons run for 30 minutes once a week in term time at our participating schools and includes a warm up to music, stretch and tone and working with specialised equipment. We believe in rewarding children to build their self esteem - each child receives a sticker or special hand out at the end of every lesson.  Certificates will be given to your child at the end of each term and at the end of the year they receive a special monkeynastix medal. They also receive specially designed Monkeynastix T-shirts and a Monkeynastix cap through the year.  Lessons are being held in more that 35 pre-schools/schools/creches in the lowveld.  Our program is suitable for boys and girls ages 1-8 years!  Classes are kept small for quality purposes. Parents - please create opportunities for your child to move.  Your encouragement and support is important.  Remember that every time your child moves the door to learning opens!  The question is not whether we can afford to invest in our children's future - it's whether we can afford not to! For any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact any of the following instructors: Owner All Areas Marle: 0823049664 Instructors: White/River & Nelspruit: Nicola 0829013377 Nelspruit: Marinda 0824632690 Barberton/Ngodwana/Nelspruit: Siobhan 0834330968 Sabie/Graskop/Hazyview: Lynne 0764663605 Lydenburg/Steelpoort/Burgersfort: Leilani 0725693888

E-mail us: Website: Facebook: Online Shop: 


Baby's Vision

Development Knowing the milestones of your baby's vision development (and what you can do to help it along) can insure your child is seeing properly and enjoying his world to the fullest. We will contuinue this developmental journey to that of primary school child with Grant and Stacy Freeman. Visit Grant or Stacy Freeman Optomotrists for more advice on you and your child's vision.

During Pregnancy

Your child's vision development begins before birth. How you care for your own body during your pregnancy is extremely important for the development of your baby's body and mind, including the eyes and the vision centers in the brain. Be sure to follow the instructions your OB/ GYN doctor gives you regarding proper nutrition, including supplements, and the proper amount of rest you need during your pregnancy. Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol or drugs during pregnancy, as these toxins can cause multiple problems for your baby, including serious vision problems.

Developmental Stages

8 Weeks: The eyes already look human 9 -12 Weeks: The Retina of the eye is present 13-16 Weeks: Eyes can flinch if stimulated but they are still closed 17-20 Weeks: The eyelashes and eyebrows are present 21-30 Weeks: The eyes open 30-38 Weeks: Baby waits to come into the world and see his mommy

Complications at Birth

Early Days

crib notes

Beginning Development Embryonic development begins during fertilization (24-48 hours after ovulation). The human eye begins to develop approximately 17 days into the embryonic development, which is almost immediately after fertilization.

Development Location Development of the eye commences in the forebrain of the embryo with the creation of the optic cup. The optic cup is where all parts of the eye will eventually forms. Lifeline for the Eye

Seven weeks into the pregnancy, the embryo forms a lens vesicle and the retina begins to develop. The vesicle attaches to the developing eye and serves as the primary lifeline for the remainder of the eye's life. Eyelids The eyelids form during week eight of the pregnancy and are fused closed while eye development continues. In the third trimester, the eyelids open. Visible Eye By the ninth week of pregnancy, black dots represent the eyes on the embryo and are visible in ultrasounds.

Retinopathy of prematurely is a visual impairment that affects many infants who are born prematurely or have a birth weight under 1300g that need to receive oxygen in an oxygen tent. When the infant is weaned off the high concentration of oxygen. New blood vessels start to grow widely within the eyes. These vessels have weak walls and leak leading to visual problems.

Article by Gary Heiting, OD, retrieved from

Above: Extract from a series of Lectures by Professor Dayton O’Day (University of Toronto)

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Baba se Eerste fOTOSESSIE

Creative Snaps

Ontmoet vir Oupa en Ouma Dit is inderdaad 'n baie trotse dag vir elke Oupa en Ouma. Neem 'n foto van hierdie spesiale ontmoeting - dit is hoe onvoorwaardelike liefde mos lyk!

Baba se Armbandjie Sommige babas kry eers hul name 'n paar dae na geboorte en is net identifiseerbaar d.m.v hul armbandjie. Neem 'n foto van die oomblik in tyd. Vinger-vashou Dit is dalk net 'n primitiewe refleks (palmar refleks), maar dit is steeds wonderlik om te aanskou. Pasgebore babatjies gryp met 'n piepklein handjie Mamma se vinger styf vas. Oorsponklik deur: Rebecca M. Gruber Geneem en vertaal vanaf:

eyn Pho


LET THEM GO: Instead of trying to contain children to a specific backdrop, allow them to explore. They’ll be a thousand times more cooperative when you do try to get them to do something specific if you haven’t spent the entire shoot calling to them “look over here” and “look over there,” and “stand up, sit down." Remember, your subject doesn’t have to be looking directly at the camera (or even facing the camera at all for that matter) in order for you image to tell a powerfully authentic story.


Ontmoet vir Boetie of Sussie In 'n paar kort jare sal die twee baklei soos kat en hond. Maar vir nou - hou vas aan die kosbare, en vreedsame oomblik.

Eerste Diep Slaap Die vreedsame prentjie van 'n pasgebore babatjie in droomland definitief iets wat Ma 'n paar weke van nou af sal mis.


RELAX: Just relax. Kids respond authentically to normalcy. If you’ll just be patient and quietly go with the flow, your subject will warm right up, and you’ll eventually get what you’re looking for.

Once you are happy with your photos, remember to have them developed or printed onto canvas for the whole family to enjoy!


Fotos met Ma en Pa Skielik, is ons drie. Baba se eerste foto met Ma en Pa is een wat vir ewig gekoester sal word.

Eerste Snaakse Gesigsuitdrukking Daar lê 'n leeftyd van snaakse gesigsuitdrukkings, maar die heel eerste een sal jou laat giggel vir jare wat kom.

CUT THE CHEESE: The word “cheese” is to authentic photography what a bell is to Pavlov’s Dogs. The MOMENT your child hears it, they obediently put on their “picture face.” If you’re looking to create real, timeless images, avoid that word like an open field in a thunderstorm.

Originally by Natalie Norton Retrieved from: www.


Eerste oogkontak tussen Ma en Baba Hoe kan mens daardie gevoel beskryf? Fotos doen 'n veel beter werk.

Voetspoor deur jou Hart Meeste baba-albums het 'n plekkie vir 'n voetafdruk. Neem egter gerus ook 'n foto waar die afdruk geneem word - en onthou die be-inkde voetjie ook!


Na 9 maande se wag behoort daardie babatjie in elke foto! Jou baba se eerste dag gaan so gou verby. Maak seker dat jy 'n paar van hierdie fotos neem om, wanneer alles bedaar het, terug te kyk na die spesiaalste dag. Voordat jy jou kamera oorhandig aan 'n familielid of vriendin wie beloof het om alles te dokumenteer, maak 'n lysie wat die volgende insluit:

Quick ways to better snaps of your children.

on 31 all st can of Au vas gu st pr 20 int 12 , w ing C he ro Em n p & stretch ail ss :m ings re op se an Tel: nti iph (0 Pho ng ot 13) to thi ing o@ 7 L 5 sv u iaf 2 4 ab ric 45 ou nti a.c 1 ch l th om er. e

Fotos: Rebecca Mudrick van Darling Art


Part 3 Mom's Financial Notes

MOM, KNOW THE FACTS In the previous two inserts in Mom’s Notes we introduced Liberty and our highly experienced Financial Advisers to you as well as some pointers on building your Financial Plan and the importance of this to you and your family. To illustrate the importance of good financial planning, let’s take a look at some facts and figures. During 2011, Liberty paid policyholders a total of R2.597 billion in claims. Of the R2.597 billion paid, R2.004 billion was paid for life protection claims, R266 million was paid for critical illness claims and R327.3 million was paid in loss of income claims. Any way you look at it, this is a huge amount of money and raises the question of “where would those families be without sound financial planning”

Mom needs a mind-shift Breaking these figures down even further, out of the death claims paid 23% were claims on female lives and 77% were on the lives of males. On loss of income or disability claims, 33% were on the disability of females and 67% on males. In the Critical Illness category, 35% were on females and 65% on males. The sad part is that the above figures do not represent the incidents of occurrences in our population, but rather highlight the fact that for some reason South Africans live in the past when it comes to financial planning whereby usually the dad or husband traditionally makes provision for the shocks in life.


Surely this kind of thinking needs to change when one considers that 44% of the South African workforce is made up women and that in 42% of families the woman is the chief bread winner?

Another surprising statistic is that 45% of all women are single and 43% of these single ladies are single mothers. Additionally we find that on average women that does make provision for these disasters purchase life insurance of 30% lower cover than men. So not only do we have the problem that women seldom insure their lives, but when they do, they do not have sufficient cover.

With the above statistics in mind you as a Mom have an equally important financial role in securing the future of your family. It is the unexpected events that are needed to be guarded against. We never know when they can land in our laps, but we can be prepared for them from a financial point of view.

insure for the unforseen Too often we brush off these catastrophic possibilities with the thought of “It can’t happen to me”, but I urge you to please consider the following:

Of the instances of Critical Illness claims, 46% are due to cancer, 30% are due to cardiac disease, 8% stroke and 16% made

KNOW THE FACTS up from a variety of causes. In addition 16% of all Critical Illness claims, for both men & women, are caused by Breast Cancer in women.


By purchasing insurance cover you are effectively ‘renting’ the capital you need at a monthly cost and the best part is that from day In all instances of so called catastrophic events one of one, should something happen, you own that the results is a loss of present or future income which capital. What a relief to know that by purchasing in itself can spell disaster for your family. There is only a life product with added benefits your family one way that I know of that a person’s income can be replaced and that is by having sufficient capital that when will not have to face financial difficulties from the moment the cover is granted. invested it can produce sufficient interest or income to take the place of a person’s work income. Moms, you need to consider all of the above and own your life.

What happens if you do not have sufficient capital? To put it bluntly, you are in trouble.

Considering a couples' life stages we can break it down as follows: 1. 2. 3.

starting out in a marriage growing a family the empty nest period when children have grown up and leave home and your retirement years

Written for Mom's Notes by Tony Page for Liberty Life Nelspruit

Contact Liberty Life Nelspruit Agency Branch today! (013) 759 3300 Choose your topic! SMS the keyword LIBERTY, followed by your question and email address, to "45565"

Usually there is insufficient capital during the first 3 phases, but fortunately after working hard for years a couple manage to build some form of capital by the time they are due to retire. Should instances of death, disability or critical illness arise during these first 3 phases a huge financial burden is placed on the family. This is exactly when the miracle of long term insurance comes to the fore.


home work

What are Water Resources? Water resources are defined as the various sources from which we receive the water for our various needs. Types of Water Resources

Water resources are divided into different categories based on their location and composition. Some important types of water resources are as follows: Surface Water Resource:

Is a type of resource that is available for use from the surface of the earth and includes rivers, dams, springs, recycled water, rainwater harvesting and wetlands. A dam is a structure that impounds water, either in channel (in a river) or off channel (a reservoir that water is diverted into). A dam can increase the available water or yield that can be utilized from the resource by capturing excess flows in the wet season for use during the dry season. Underground Water Resource:

Is a type of resource that is available for use from under the surface of the earth. It is often referred to as groundwater. It can be extracted by boreholes or underground mine dewatering, amongst other methods.


Blyde River Canyon in the Mpumalanga Panorama route

An exciting new science related to this interaction is groundwater injection. Where surface water resources are pumped into the underground resource during the wet season for use out of that underground resource during the dry season. Wetlands (a surface water resource) usually occur where the

groundwater level - commonly known as the groundwater table - intersects the surface of the earth. And could thus also be considered a groundwater resource. The same is true for springs. Water quality:

Water resources are impacted by the quality of the water because water that is not of acceptable quality cannot be used and thus no longer considered a resource. Any activities which affect the quality of the water in the resource (e.g. pollution) directly impacts the availability of water from that resource.


Water Resource Management:

Surface water & groundwater often interact with each other and cannot be seen as completely separate resources. For example the base flow of rivers in the dry season is often fed from underground water resources and any extraction of underground water directly influences the surface water resource.

Is a specialist field of science and engineering that is dedicated to ensuring our water resources are effectively utilized and remains sustainable. It is becoming a hugely important field of study around the world and there is a great need for qualified people in this sector.

Did you know that: • •

Driekoppies dam in Malelane

Water Source Thesaurus:

• • •

44% of water in the Inkomati Water Management area is used for irrigation. 24% is the water that must be kept in reserve for the ecological sustainability of the water resources and for basic human needs Only 7% of water is used domestically 13% of water is used by forestry 4% of water is used by Eskom

Yield: The amount of water that can be supplied from the water resource (river or dam) on a sustainable basis. The firm yield is the amount of water that can always be supplied without any restrictions. Higher yield can also be implemented for different assurances of supply if restrictions and operating rules are implemented. Assurance of Supply: Assurance of supply is defined as the percentage of time that a water user receives all the water they require without any restriction.

Kwena Dam in Lydenburg (this is the main dam in the Crocodile River)

Water Restriction: A water restriction is the amount by which a water allocation is reduced during drought in accordance with the operating rules in affect. Water Use: The amount of water that a water user actually “takes up” from a water source. Usually this is different from what is required. Water Requirements: Theoretical calculation of water use with the use of computer modeling.

Crocodile River at Komatipoort

Water Demand: The water use demanded by users at any particular time but not necessarily received due to the effect of restrictions. Water Allocation: The legal entitlement of a user to take water from a water resource. Operating rules: Operating rules are the scientifically derived rules that determine how the water resource is utilized and managed on a daily basis including the determination of restriction and releases from dams.

Inkomati CMA (013) 753 9000 P.O. Box X11214 Nelspruit 1200, South Africa

Join us for a morning of ...

busy bodies

Jumping For Joy

in aid of Children In Distress

45 Ferreira Street, Nelspruit. Tel: 013-7552146 |

Farmstyle Centre

cnr Burger St and R40 | White River

August 18th 2012 | 9.00 am Mom, bring the kids and help us JUMP FOR JOY! Let the experts wow you and the children uplift you as they take to the trampolines to raise funds for the children of our community. With teams from local schools and the children being supported its sure to be a morning worthy of your time and money. Teams from local senior, junior and pre schools will have teams of 5 participants each competing to raise the largest sum of money for CID.

Experience the

magic of Malaysia Packages include: Return flights Return transfers Accommodation Breakfast daily Airline Levy

The winning team in each age group will be treated to an age appropriate adventure experience and great prizes await the individual jumping champions in each age group. Entries for the Grand Prize will be per R10 sponsored so the more you sponsor the greater your chance of winning. Joining us on the day will be a South African champion trampolinist giving a breathtaking display of what can be done on a trampoline and other gymnastic equipment ...hold onto your hats for this one! As an accompaniment to all of this, enjoy the spiritually uplifting sound of the African Djembe drums as performed by Kirsty and her crew together with other local live talent.

4 Star Hard Rock Hotel Penang 7 nights from R14 799pp (ex JNB) Valid until 31 Oct 2012

4 Star Berjaya Langkawi Beach, Langkawi 7 nights from R15 749 pp(ex JNB) Valid for travel between 17 May-30 June 2012 or 01 Sept-31 Oct 2012

All prices are per persons sharing twin, and are subject to change due to airfare increases, currency fluctuations, high season supplements and availability. Standard terms and conditions apply. 22

“Joy is not the absence of suffering. It is the presence of God.� Robert Schuller All proceeds from this fantastic event will go to Children in Distress. Visit their website: For more information or to register a team please call: 083 325 9160


roll out the

green carpet Maybe you don’t have enough time to grow a manicured lawn or don’t want to make the long term investment of buying Duraturf but need that picture perfect lawn for a function or party.


kiddies MEAL & kiddie MILKSHAKE Receive a free kiddies meal and milkshake with your order of a Main Meal.

WHY NOT HIRE IT? Jagaburns offers you the opportunity to hire turf at a fraction of the purchase price. Whether it’s for your child’s soccer party for a day, or for a Corporate Event running for a week, we will accommodate you. We will deliver, set it up and collect the turf.

“the grass is always greener on the side with turf”

• • • • • •

Mom's Notes Voucher must be presented to qualify. Only valued if there are kids present at the table. Offer may not be used for adults. 1 Free kiddies meal and kiddies milkshake per voucher presented. No take aways. Offer valid for sit-down only. Offer valid till 31 August 2012.

Jagaburns is an approved Duraturf Landscaper.

Contact Jacqui Burns Cell: 082 497 8203 | Fax: 086 577 8290 Email:

Tel: (013) 755 4969 Email:


Planning a party? Relax Mom, we've got it covered! Contact Siobhan Coetzee

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FOOD & BAKING We do all kinds of: Cakes, Platters, Tarts and Meals. For all your small catering & private needs.

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Besides being loads of fun, SandArt is also very educational and helps with creativity, fine motor skills and much more! Greta: 082 438 4042 24

Your Guru:

Shannon Webber Tel: 072 501 2247

Email: Website: Party food is preservative & tartrazine free!


• Koffie & Koeke | Boeke & Geskenke • Raamwerk & Kunsbenodighede • FUNKSIES OP ONS AGTERSTOEP • Ontbyt & Middagetes • NOU OOK AANdETE: Woensdae & Vrydae

(013) 741 2551 57 Sonpark Blvd. | Nelspruit Vind ons op Facebook!

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Boost your child’s confidence Provide trusted academic support Improve your child’s English ability which will assist with general comprehension of all subjects.

Besigheidsure: Ma., dins. & don.: 07:30 -16:30 Woens. & Vry.: 7:30 - 21:00 Saterdae: 08:30 -13:00



Nadine: +27 72 835 5389


Michelle Mos 079 966 0509 ESY Internationally Qualified Gift Vouchers available

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• Non invasive • Painless • Laser-based • Spot fat reduction and contouring system

Nelspruit 25

Winner of Spar Hamper Congratulations to Candice Young, a Curro mom!

A tranquil place for: Relaxation Meditation The Learning Naked Sheep co.

Win a Knitting Wool

hamper worth



An SMS only cost R1.50, and the more you enter, the greater the chance of winning! Read the terms and conditions printed on our index.

! G I B WIN Stand a chance to win a R500 SPAR voucher.

SMS "NAKED SHEEP", yo ur child's school name and your email address to 45565 before 31 August 2012.

A picturesque environment for: knitting | crochetPicnics | embroidery goldwork | stumpwork | cross stitch | quilting | patchwork | teddy bear making Weddings, private parties Shop 47 Sonpark - Boulevard Leanne: 681 6123 Concert &071 Exhibitions

Lowveld National Botanical Gardens A wealth of nature's treasures A tranquil place for relaxaton, meditation and learning. A picturesque environment for picnics, weddings, private parties, concerts and exhibitions. Operating hours:

08h00 - 17h00 from April - August 08h00 - 17h00 (April August) 08h00 - 18h00 from Sept - March Contact Details: 013 752 5531: Tel: (013) 752 5531 Email: A member of the Riverside Park Precinct A member of the Riverside Park Precinct

Simply sms the words "SPAR", your child's school name & your email address to 45565.


Enter before 31 August 2012 | SMS cost R1.50

Lowveld National Botanical Garden





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