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Dear Mom Another year has come and (almost) gone. It seems that time is the most precious commodity that we all need more of! In this edition, we focus on making the most of the time we have together this holiday season. Cora Breytenbach, our educational psychologist reminds us why ‘giving time’ is the biggest gift you can give. Mealtimes are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and family. Natalie, our dietician, offers some hints and tips on making holiday meals for fun! The new year beckons with new challenges, new uniforms and more. Inside this edition you may also find the solutions to make 2014 the easiest yet. From sound financial advice, to ensuring you don’t arrive home to a flooded house after the holidays. For two lucky ladies, the “new” already started! Michelle Swart and Sharon Lloyd were our winners of the Pure Elegance and Mom’s Notes Mom’s Metamorphosis makeover competition. Glimpse at their beautiful transformation on page 27. We’ve undergone a metamorphosis of our own! We are so looking forward to 2014 - we are expanding our reach to Sabie, Lydenburg and Hazyview! In the interest of offering you the best and most relevant possible read, our distribution dates will also be adjusted to accommodate school holidays better. Did you know that we’ve just launched our very first edition of Mom’s Notes Mozambique? We are extremely proud of the “cross-border” baby!

Mom’s Notes Magazine would like to take this time to say thank you to all our readers. We wish you a safe, happy and memorable time with your family this Holiday Season! ADVERTISE IN MOM’S NOTES Reach 15 000 households every second month. Mom’s Notes are distributed in Nelspruit, White River, Malelane and Barberton - and now also in Sabie, Lydenburg and Hazyview.

Tel: (013) 744 0730 Email: Disclaimer: While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, neither Mom’s Notes nor TwoRedPens can be held responsible for damages or consequences of any errors or omissions. The publisher does not stand warranty for the performance of any article or service mentioned in this magazine whether in an advertisement or elsewhere. Redistribution of Mom’s Notes, alterations or unauthorised reproduction of any advertisers' artwork in any way, is strictly prohibited. Mom’s Notes and the artwork contained inside is the property of TwoRedPens and its advertisers.

para o divertimento das famílias

Welcome to our launch edition!

INTRODUCING Mom’s Notes Mozambique! Mom’s Notes Mozambique offers advertisers a secured distribution to 7 500 families in Maputo and Matola

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A5 Full Colour Magazine 7 500 Copies Every second month Maputo Mozambican Households + Expat Community 10 000 105gsm Matt Paper Bi-Lingual (English & Portuguese) 7-10

For bookings or any enquiries please contact us at 21 41 4506/7/8 or 82 784 8367 or e-mail






Congratulations to some of our 12 previous winners of the ARKANSAS SPUR & MOUNTAIN SPRING spur colour-in competition since the last published winners!


School & Sport Uniform Suppliers Skooldrag & Sport Klere Verskaffers

Tel: 013 741 3268 | Nelacres Shopping Centre Figtree Str | Nelspruit Email: Tel: 013 235 3302 | nr 1 Eeufees Str | Lydenburg Keep a look-out for more winners in our next edition!

Give your child a head start in life with IMPAK Home and Support Centre Education IMPAK offers a home and support centre

educational system that supports parents in preparing their children for adulthood.

Whether you want to spend more time with them, instill good values, focus on the subjects that need more attention, or if you simply live far from schools. Make an impact; contact IMPAK to open a Support Centre today. Alta Massyn│Regional Manager 0828553614│



16 December From 15h00 till 21h00 •• Kiddie Entertainment ••


Giant Garden Games Mechanical Bull Slip ‘n Slides Handmade Xmas Decorations …and much more!

•• Food Stalls •• •• A Capella Carols •• by African Songbirds

•• Carols Performance •• by Wits Choir

•• Belly Dancing & Bollywood •• by Oriental Fire Dance Troupe

•• Vaudeville Performance •• by Step Ahead

Adults R70 pre sales (R80 on the day) Children R20

treasure time with your child Do you ever wish you could freeze the moments of time you have with your children? If only we could! Although we cannot stop time, we can slow down our days and learn how to treasure the precious moments we have together. Life can get really busy for parents. It is all too easy to find yourself just going through the motions, moving mindlessly from one task to another, until you fall exhausted into your bed. Then the next day you drag yourself out of bed only to do it all again. Does that sound familiar? One of the most effective ways to change this is to start living in the present. Instead of focusing on all the things you need to do, learn how to put them aside and start enjoying the now with your children. Yes – it’s a lot easier said than done. We don’t live in a culture that encourages this kind of mindfulness. Still if you can manage it even for a few moments a day you will see a difference in your connection with your children. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Disconnect from technology Turn off your phone, computer, or the television just for a little while. Technology will distract us from being present with our children. Who, by the way, notice when we are distracted. Silence the demands of the “to do list” by setting it asidE Realize that what you have accomplished so far is good enough for today. Instead of focusing on getting it all done go and enjoy some time with your children.

For more info contact Jo-anne 082 259 4118 or Lesley 082 494 4279 riversideparkprecinct

Take the time to really notice your children while they are still with you. Be conscious of the dimples that appear when your baby smiles at you, or how your pre-schooler’s hand feels in yours, the funny faces your child makes when they are concentrating, or how your teenage daughter looks when talking about her day.

Treasure the moments you have together – as much as possible Put aside distraction and simply enjoy what you are doing together in the moment. If you enjoy writing, use a journal to create a record of your days with your children. Write about the special moments you have with your children; record the funny and insightful things they say; describe the way they looked. One day these journal entries will hold a treasure trove of memories both for you and your children. Learning how to live in the present does take practice and may seem difficult at first. If you want to learn more I would encourage you to turn to the experts you have living in your own home. Have you ever seen a child fixed on a bug crawling across the grass, freely rolling down a hill or splashing in puddles without a care in the world? Children have a gift for joyfully living in the moment. Watch and learn from them, then join them and do the same.

Here are some tips to be a PLAYFUL PARENT: Jump in puddles Play pretend Have picnics in the living room Get Messy Laugh at their jokes Camp out in the backyard Have dance parties Be FUN Play in the mud Climb trees Tickle Create Art Together play in the rain Give Eskimo Kisses Say YES often Explore more

embrace this time


Index 45 Ferreira Street Nelspruit, 1200 Tel: 013-7552146

CELEBRATING 20 YEARS 1993-2013 E-mail: Website: Join us on Facebook

Enjoy your summer in

Zanzibar! 5* Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa From R14 669pp Valid until 24 December 2013 Includes: Return flights from JNB to Zanzibar on Mango Airlines Approximate airline levy, return airport to hotel transfers, 7 Nights accommodation, breakfast and dinner daily.

Upgrade to an ALL INCLUSIVE package from only R2860pp Valid for SA Residents only, prices are subject to change due to currency fluctuations, rate and airfare increases and availability. Standard terms and conditions apply.

CORA BREYTENBACH Educational Psychologist 0828102409 Note: An airfare supplement applies from 07 December 2013


Practica is 'n voorskoolse stimulasie program vir kinders van geboorte tot 7 jaar. Ons help ouers al reeds vanaf 1993 om hulle kinders se volle potensiaal met behulp van speletjies tuis self te ontwikkel. Die program bestaan uit: 1) 40 Kg houtkis met al jou opvoedkundige apparraat vir die 7 jaar 2) Ouerhandleiding met ongeveer 4000 speletjies en idees 3) Gratis adviesdiens deur opvoedkundiges 4) Gratis skoolgereedheidstoetse 5) Opvolg info op ons blog en Facebook bladsy

Kontak ons vir 'n gratis demonstrasie: Celia (Nelspruit) 073 290 4722 Web: Hoofkantoor: 011 472 6685 Facebook/practicaprogram

Wanneer dit by die voorbereiding van 'n kind kom vir skool en die lewe, is daar 4 aspekte wat jy as ouer ingedagte moet hou: 1) Skoolgereedheid. Wat moet ontwikkel word om 'n kind 100% skoolgereed te maak. 2) Volle potensiaal. Elke kind erf potensiaal vanaf die ouer. 3) Strek en swak areas. Elke kind het sterk en swakker areas. Ontwikkel die swakker areas meer. 4) EQ. (Emosionele intellegensie.) Vandag is dit baie belangriker as IK. HET JY GEWEET? 50% van 'n persoon se intellektuele vermoe ontwikkel gedurende die eerste 4 jaar van sy lewe.

Daar is 'n totaal van 50 skoolgereedheidsvaardighede wat gestoets word by 'n kind om te sien of hy skoolgereed is. Die Practica Program is so saamgestel dat jy as ouer self kan bepaal in watter van die 50 areas jou kind se sterk en swak areas is en dan vroegtydig meer aan die swakker areas aandag kan gee.

Neglected Brain

Stimulated Brain

Skakel ons gerus sodat ons vir julle kan kom wys hoe die Practica Program julle as gesin kan help om aan al 4 van bogenoemde aspekte aandag te kan gee.

AGENTE BENODIG: Indien jy ook graag op 'n deeltydse en selfs voltydse basis 'n ekstra inkomste wil verdien, kan jy vir so min as R 295.00 as agent betrokke raak in jou area.


TES & HOT D! T S E L RL OO THE C HE WO T N I FLASK The only one in the world. ISO Certified

Water Wise Parenting Children need plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy. Water makes up more than half of your child’s weight, and a steady supply is necessary to keep his body working properly. Teaching your child why drinking plenty of water is so important can motivate him to consume more, and entertaining activities can make learning about water more interesting.

Experiment Purchase two plants that look exactly the same. Place the two plants in a sunny spot and tell your child to water one of the plants, but to leave the other plant without any water. Over the next several days, have your child observe what happens to the plant that doesn’t get any water. Tell him that the same thing can happen to his body. He will begin to feel sluggish and fatigued. Dehydration can also reduce your child’s ability to think clearly and make him sick. Talk about how healthy it looks and remind your child that when he drinks plenty of water he will be healthier and feel better.

sk el fla ss ste e l n i a d ui • St old Fl l & t or C Schoo rs r o • Ho f t c ou e h f r 4 e 2 r • P old fo eps c hours • Ke 8 1 r t fo • Ho


Mimi de Ruiter: 084 250 9375 Email: drinking more water Make your child a chart that has space for the number of glasses of water you want him to drink each day. Every time he finishes a glass, put a sticker on his chart. If he reaches his goal for an entire week, have a water party. Fill up water balloons and have a squirt gun fight. Run in the sprinkler or swim in a backyard pool. Keep water accessible to your child. Fill reusable water bottles (like ATLASWARE) and keep them handy so your child can grab one when he plays outside or goes to school. Provide flavour enhancers, such as lemons and cucumber slices, if your child is resistant to drinking plain water. Drink plenty of water yourself. When you model healthy habits, your child is more likely to follow suit!

2. It Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids Water helps with critical functions like maintaining body temperature, cushioning and protecting vital organs and aiding in digestion.

3. It Helps With Appetite Control and Gut Health In order to burn calories, an adequate amount of water is needed. Staying hydrated will also keep things in your intestinal tracts flowing.

4. It Will Improve Your Mood Studies suggest that increasing your daily amount of water intake can reduce the duration and intensity of headaches.

5. It Lowers the Risk of Heart Attacks

One study in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that drinking more water is associated with a decrease in the 5 REASONS TO START risk of coronary heart disease. And drinking liquids other than water actually increased the SIPPING MORE TODAY: 1. Water Boosts Brainpower chances of the disease. According to a new study published in the Articles retrieved and shortened from: journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, who drank water before importance-drinking-water-2744.html performing a series of cognitive tasks reacted faster than those who did not.




Natural teething relief:


Baltic Amber has been used for centuries in Europe for it’s healing properties.Amber is one of only a handful of gems of vegetative, not mineral, origin and is warm and comfortable against the skin. Natural Baltic Amber is high in Succinic Acid, a natural constituent of plant and animal tissues.

SUCCINIC ACID (RI) IN AMBER IS A POWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANT • Helps fight toxic free radicals • Helps to regulate disruptions of the cardiac rhythm. • Succinic acid has been shown to stimulate neural system recovery. • Bolster the immune system. • Helps compensate for energy drain in the body and brain • Boosts awareness and concentration • Stimulates the reflexes • Reduces stress. TO ORDER OR PURCHASE BALTIC AMBER:

Necklaces available at Mopani Pharmacy & Van Heerden Pharmacies.



December is a special month to be with family and it is a time where children are attending many festivities. They will have holiday parties at school, family and friend gatherings.We are always looking for ideas to keep the kids busy during the long summer holidays. Incorporate healthy meal and snack ideas into the daily routine. For the children to prepare their own meals is lots of fun. Healthy eating at home prepares kids mentally and physically for their day. Holiday foods can be healthy but also very delicious.

Some tips for the holiday

Prepare healthy meals together. Taking the time to cook during the summer holidays and involving the children in the cooking makes a meal more fun for them and helps you teach them about ingredients and how they help or hurt their bodies. Cooking healthily doesn’t necessarily have to take longer. Keep the little ones busy over the school holiday by encouraging them to join you in the kitchen. Let the kids help with shopping and planning. Make sure the kids help decide on meals and snacks and let them help grocery shopping. That way they can suggest some meals that they would like (which they are more likely to eat happily) and also have the chance to explore the nutritional value of various ingredients. Consider foods that attract kids. Consider serving food like veggie chips, carving peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread to look like a pirate or decorating the top of the morning breakfast cereal with a smiling face of bananas, blueberries and raisins.

Summer Lunch Ideas:

A Snack Lunch is one that kids love and that takes very little time to prepare. It consists of fruit, cheese, whole wheat crackers (Provitas and cracker bread), and maybe some hard-boiled eggs or cooked ham and sliced biltong. Wash your fruit. Slice apples and oranges and peaches or cut grapes into clusters. Treat apples with a little lemon or lime juice to prevent browning. Slice cheese, biltong and cooked ham. Boil and chill your eggs. You can either serve buffet style or have a wonderful picnic in your garden.

Christmas Snowflake Sandwiches:

Lovely idea for Christmas morning ... and the kids can make this!

time with ... your family!

Ask your kids to: Cut out the bread and spread the sprinkles. What you need: 2 slices of best of both white bread Low fat Cream cheese, Crystal sugar sprinkles*

Cut snowflake from bread slices. If your snowflake cutter is large, you may need to use 4 slices of bread and put two halves of snowflake together. Soften cream cheese. Spread filling on bottom snowflake, then add top snowflake. Spread a very thin layer of cream cheese on top and sprinkle with sugar crystals for a really festive and fun sandwich. Sprinkles, of course, are optional. Enjoy!

Fun-to-Eat Snowman Pizza

Even picky eaters love pizza, ... but this recipe has a fun holiday twist. Kids can help: Roll dough, make snowman and add sauce, cheese and ham. What you need: 1 bread dough mixed with 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese, Toppings: tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, cooked ham, capers, carrot

Place dough on a well-floured surface and roll dough to about 2cm thick. Cut out three different sizes to form each snowman, by hand or using pastry cutters. Assemble snowman on baking pan, attaching sections by pressing together. Add tomato paste, cheese and Snowman decorations. Cut ham into scarves, piecing two pieces together, if necessary. Make noses by cutting tiny carrot triangles. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 oC.

Strawberry milk pops 400g ripe strawberries 200ml fat free milk 405g tin light condensed milk

Wash and cut ends of strawberries and blend in a food processor until smooth. Mix in milk and condensed milk. Pour the mixture into 12 ice-lolly moulds and attach the tops. Freeze for a minimum of 4 hrs until solid. Warm the moulds with your hands or under warm water to release the pops. Will keep in the freezer for up to 2 months

Wishing you all a lovely healthy relaxing summer holiday‌ NATALIE GROBLER LIVEWELL DIETICIANS | 071 246 0357

Squash-­Blossom  Focaccia Ingredient *    2  tablespoon(s)  SPAR  olive  oil *    2  tablespoon(s)  SPAR  olive  oil,  for  pan *    store-­bought  bread  dough,  at  room  temperature *    1/2  cup  fresh  ricotta *    1/2  cup  grated  Parmesan  cheese *    1  teaspoon(s)  salt *    1  teaspoon(s)  freshly  ground  pepper *    8  squash  blossoms Method 1.  Preheat  oven  to  180ºC.   2.  Meanwhile,  grease  a  22cm  by  33cm  baking          pan  with  2  tablespoons  oil.  Place  dough  in  pan;͞                       it  to  the  corners  of  the  pan.  If  dough  springs          back,  let  it  rest  10  minutes  and  stretch  again. 3.  Bake  for  8  minutes. 4.  Transfer  pan  to  a  wire  rack  to  cool  for          5  minutes.  Spread  ricotta  atop  bread;͞  then          sprinkle  on  half  of  Parmesan,  plus  salt  and          pepper.  Arrange  squash  blossoms  atop  cheeses,        as  shown.  Sprinkle  on  remaining  Parmesan.        Bake  until  bread  is  golden,  10  minutes.          Remove    from  oven  and  drizzle  with  remaining        oil  beforeserving. 13


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B.Toys from Canada are very different - from the colours to the designs, and even the packaging; these toys inspire individuality. The look, feel and function are inspired by the world around us and things that offer a moment of delight. This toy-company strives to say to children that it's okay, "... to be free, to be you." Find B.Toys at Little Hoot. It will make your day!


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Lou Harvey is not only known for their fashionable patterns and covetable oil-cloth designs, but also for their incredible quality and fine attention to detail. Lou Harvey is now in-store. Pencil bags, nappy bags, shoulder bags and even lunch bags make the ideal gifts for the whole family! 17

N E W S I B LI N G 101 When your child is used to being the only one, it takes some time for her to get used to the idea of a new baby in the family. Follow these tips to prepare your child for the new baby’s arrival. Involve your child in preparation Let your child feel like a part of the entire process. Take her shopping with you to get some clothes and toys for the baby, and let her choose some items. Let her pick an item for herself at the store as well. Bring her to a doctor’s appointment, let her hear the baby’s heartbeat and let her see the ultrasound pictures. Get her acquainted with babies Especially if she is a young child, it is beneficial to get her acquainted with babies. Read books and watch movies about accepting a new baby into the family. Take her to visit friends or family members that have an infant in the home. Go through the photo album, and show her pictures of herself as a baby while you tell her funny stories about her babyhood. Make a point to make time for her Preparing for and caring for a new baby takes a lot of your time. Despite this, it is essential that you squeeze in some time for fun with your older child. She is much more likely to accept the baby with open arms when you show her that it does not affect your love for her. Staying with family It is common to send a child to stay with family while you prepare for a new baby or while spending the first few days at home with your new baby. Although your intentions are good, this makes your child feel left out and pushed aside by the new baby. It is best to let your child feel included in every other stage. Force interaction After all the preparation and excitement, do not be surprised if your child keeps a distance from the new baby. Whether she feels nervous, shy or jealous, it is a normal reaction. If your child does not want to hold the baby or feed her new sibling right away, do not force it. She is sure to come around in time. Even if she does not know it yet, your new baby is likely to be one of your child’s best friends throughout her life. Help encourage that friendship by preparing her for the new baby’s arrival the right way. Article retrieved from:



Met verlof? Om te verlof of nie? Stadig maar seker trek my keel weer strop. Hierdie tyd van die jaar is dit asof alles tot ‘n einde kom. Kinders maak klaar met skool (en eksamens), kollegas gaan een na die ander op verlof, einde van die jaar funksies (eers jou werk en dan jou eggenoot se werk) en al wat ‘n winkel in die winkelsentrum wil sy laaste beste aanbieding aan jou afsmeer. Die een winkel waar ek deesdae so bietjie langer voor die venster verby loop is die reisagent. Ek kyk so onderlangs na die drie juffies, geklee in die reisagentuniforms. Maar dis nie hulle wat my in nooi nie, dis daai televisieskerm in die voorportaal. Die prentjies van ‘n jong bikini-model wat uit die blouwatersee op ‘n drafstappie in die rigting van haar handdoek bons. Dis die yskoue vrugtedrankie met pynappel en aarbei wat perfek op die rand van die glas balanseer, en die rasper stem wat jou nader wink met skuldgevoel-woorde soos: “Jy hoort hier”, “jy verdien ‘n breek”, en “jy het die hele jaar hard gewerk”. Ek help die man ook nog aan (in my kop) met “en wat is dan lekkerder as jy en jou familie op die strand op vakansie”. In die agtergrond speel “Jingle Bells” en ruk my weer terug na realiteit. Vakansie of wegbreek? Naweek of twee weke? Alleen of saam met vriende? Kersfees by die huis of by die see? Verlede jaar het ons in Hoedspruit gekampeer en moes ons behoorlik met die bure kompeteer (Camping up with the Jones’s), die jaar daarvoor kon ons met ‘n appel en ‘n ei ten minste ons voete in die golfies van St. Lucia druk en die jaar daarvoor het ons op uitnodiging saam met familie die kerstyd in Buffelspoort Vakansieoord deurgebring. Aan die einde van elke vakansie het ek weer besef watter voorreg dit is om in die Laeveld woon. Die res van die land wil HIER kom vakansie hou. Die

bosveldhout braaivleisreuk, die wildtuinvoëltjies vroeg in die oggend,‘n naguiltjie wat met sononder roep en die luilekker warm dae in die son langs die swembad is alles hier op my agterdeur. Weer ruk die geskree van ‘n driejarige in die pram langs my, by die kassier, my terug na realiteit. Die bonsende bikinimodel word ‘n wasemgedagte in die kakofonie van winkelsentrumkersfeesliedjies en ek besef my etensuur is al verstreke. Ai, alles kom tot ‘n einde… Op my lessenaar lê die Huisgenoot, steeds op bladsy 43 met die advertensie van dieselfde reisagent, dieselfde bikinimodel en dieselfde yskoue beker vrugtepons (sonder die gewetenlose rasper stem). Ek hoor Wanda (wat die kantoor met my deel) praat op haar foon met haar ma. Sy bespreek die familie kersfees-spyskaart. Elke jaar ‘n groot byeenkoms op die plaas in die Vrystaat. Net toe ek by myself dink: “Laat die beker by my verby gaan” kry ek ‘n WhatsApp van my suster in Namibië. Alles is klaar betaal en bespreek, ons moet net self daar kom. Gaan ‘n wonderlike paar weke in die Kalahari Gemsbok Park wees (nogal), en o ja, almal gaan daar wees. As ons nie kom nie gaan almal wonder of daar familietwis onder die Botha’s is (in watter familie is daar nie twis nie?). Dis hier waar ek my voet neersit. Ek het klaar bespreek. Ek het klaar betaal, en ek het reeds die spyskaart uitgedink: braaivleis, my stoep, my swembad, my huis, net ek, mamma en my kinders. Geen drukverkeer op die N-(wat ook al) nie. Geen oorgewig nefies wat bommies in die swembad maak en almal natspat nie, en geen “skedule” wat op die minuut gevolg word nie (“om almal in ag te neem”). En terloops, ek gaan ook nie verlof insit nie, want ons werk in elk geval op “skeleton staff” oor kerstyd en gaan vroeg huis toe. Niemand dink aan “Groupon deals” koop tussen Kersfees en Nuwejaar nie. Ons gaan kwaliteit tyd bymekaar spandeer. Ek gaan met boeta maak of ons visvang in die visdammetjie. Ek en mamma gaan elke keer na die girls se opvoeringkies luidrugtig hande klap en “encore, encore” roep. Ons gaan wanneer die son sak rustig in die verlate strate tussen die bome en groen gras stap, en ons gaan tot laataand buite op die duvet lê en sterre kyk. Dieselfde goed wat almal op vakansie doen.

PS: Terloops, Makro is ook lekker naby indien ek iets nodig het. Geseënde Kersfees en Voorspoedige Nuwe Jaar!

Cnr. Ripple St & Eastern Blvd. Riverside Park, Nelspruit Tel: 0860 009 548 | 013 1011150 Mon 9:00am - 5:30pm | Tue 8:30am - 5:30pm | Sat 8:00am - 4:00pm Sun 9:00am - 2:00pm (Liquor store – closed) | Public Holiday 9:00am - 4:00pm




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Receive a FREE MEAL upon entering!

Arkansas Spur (013) 745 8043 West End Centre Mountain Spring (013) 742 2250 I’langa Mall


KIDDIES MEAL Receive any main meal from the kids menu FREE upon entering our lucky draw colour-in competition. A boy and a girl will be drawn as winners at Arkansas Spur and Mountain Spring Spur respectively. Simply hand-in the completed artwork and enjoy your free meal on or before Tuesday, 31 December 2013. Terms & Conditions: • • • • •

Children can enter more than once. Competition will be open to all kids aged from 3 - 12 years Qualification to draw subject to sit-down meal upon handing-in of original Mom’s Notes colour-in page at either Arkansas Spur or Mountain Spring Spur. Competition closes 31 December 2013. Every child receiving a FREE meal must be accompanied by an adult enjoying a sitdown meal.



5 things to know this summer hair beaut y

PROTECT YOUR SKIN Many people avoid sunblock as it can cause pimples. To protect your skin without clogging your pores, simply stay clear of waterproof sunblock. Wax in waterproof sun blocks can clog pores. Instead, opt for a sunscreen that you must re-apply. Avoid sun damage by reapplying every 2 hours. We recommend the LAMELLE range.

AFTER SUN Take care of your skin, whether you are sun burnt or not. Cells dehydrate in the sun, which cause damage and aging. Rehydrate after sun exposure – even if you are using an SPF, under an umbrella, wearing a hat and sitting inside a beach gazebo.


FRESH NAILS The hot humidity of summer allows horrible bacteria to grow much quicker under our nails! Keep them clean and fresh by wearing your nails short and chic.


MOISTURISE In summer, you may feel like avoiding facial moisturizers and body creams in fear of oiliness or shine. Don’t fall into this trap. Not using a moisturizer can double the aging process. Simply find the right moisturizer for summer: problem solved!


HAIR REMOVAL Smooth and sexy is great. Damaged and pigmented skin is not. Do not ever wax, shave, laser or use a hair removal cream before going into the sun. New skin exposed to sun can mark, become damaged or pigmented. Rather do it a day before going into the sun.


COLOUR To ensure your colour lasts the summer, ensure you choose a product that contains UV filters. These are usually found in most leave-in conditioners and styling aids.


REPLENISH Remember, hair needs hydration just as much as your skin and body does. Replenish by using a hydrating treatment every second day.


FRIZZING To avoid frizzing in the summer humidity and heat, apply a little oil or silicone before blow waving and after you blow wave.


HIGHLIGHTS Be careful to not over-highlight the hair. The sun is a natural hair brightener! Over- bleaching can cause hair breakage.

Book yourself and a friend for treatments and get 20% off the total value (not applicable to retail products). Valid until 31 December 2013. 54 Mostert Street, Nelspruit Tel: (013) 753 3466 Cell: 071 872 6882 Book early to avoid disappointment

We asked you to nominate yourself or a friend on Facebook to receive a “life-loving” makeover experience by Pure Elegance. The response was fantastic! We believe all the women who entered deserved to win, yet the support Michelle and Sharon received made them our deserving winners!

Michelle Swart

Twenty-something Michelle is a very busy mom of two. Her son, Alex (5) and daughter, Amelie (8 months) constantly keeps her on her toes! Michelle entered Mom’s Metamorphosis since between caring for her little ones, her husband and work she finds little time for herself. In the end, she just wanted to feel like a woman again! Remano addressed the colour of Michelle’s hair - which was too severe for her fair complexion and natural hair colour. Michelle went from dark brunette to easier-to-keep-up strawberry blonde! He used a fringe to frame her beautiful eyes, and make the most of her delicate and feminine facial features.



Sharon Lloyd

Fortysomething Sharon was nominated by her eldest daughter, Michelle (20). Her youngest, Pauline (13) is a Grade 7 learner at Nelspruit Primary. The support Sharon received from her friends and family was heart-warming ... they all nominated her for some TLC since she selflessly donated her kidney to her sister-in-law a few months ago. Medical procedures takes its toll on one’s hair and skin. Remano conditioned Sharon’s fine hair with home and in-salon treatments. Her hairstyle was refreshed with a warmer hair colour and more solid, sharp new style that is easy to maintain every 8 weeks.The delicate highlights around her face lessens the appearance of fine lines.

After individual consultations with Leigh and her team, both Michelle and Sharon were spoiled with a Lamelle facial peel, Gel pedicures, Acrylic manicures, brow shaping and the professional skincare advice from Leigh.The results are simply breathtaking! More photos on Facebook/Momsnotesmagazine

The winners also each received a Jock Pub & Grill dinner voucher for two and a bouquet of flowers at the reveal of their metamorphosis on the 21st of October 2013. Thank you to all who entered, Jock Pub & Grill, Showme Nelspruit and the fabulous team at Pure Elegance Hair & Beauty!

photos courtesy of Bianca Williams of AlterNation



YEARS! Make the most of the space you have - invest in the best.

It’s holiday time again; and with extra family knocking on your door, you may need to make more of the space inside your home. Why not “take it outside”? Why not choose to invest in a practical timber garden shed from Wendy Lane? Often referred to as a “Wendy House” a wooden shed/playroom/store room (big or small) is the ultimate multi-purpose space saver for your property.

Why not spoil your kids this holiday with a customised play unit for hours of healthy, outdoor fun!

We have a large selection of high quality playground equipment for you to create the perfect wonderland for your child. Choose from a selection of slides, ropes, ladders etc. Build up your own system with a variety of activities including towers, swings, ladders, fireman’s poles and others. While the children play, you can relax on our patio table and bench combinations.

Tel: (013) 755 2408 Cell: (083) 267 5341 Email: Visit our website: We have showrooms nationwide, so you are never too far away from Easylife Kitchens. Call us on 0861 EASYLIFE or visit to find the showroom nearest to you.

Quality time

... in the kitchen! With our fantastic weather and laid-back lifestyle, entertaining is a big part of Lowveld family life. Easylife Kichens celebrates 10 years in the Lowveld in November 2013, and after a decade, know exactly what will work best for you when it comes to your kitchen – the heart of home entertaining. Met die Laeveld se soel weer, en lui lekker atmosfeer is die kuns van lekker onthaal belangrik vir enige familie. Na 10 jaar in die Laeveld weet Easylife Kitchens hoe om die meeste te maak van jou kombuis, die hartklop van elke onthaal. With the perfect kitchen, designed especially to match your personality and lifestyle needs, it’s a pleasure to invite friends, family and even the neighbours over. Whether you invite them over for a quick cup of coffee (and freshly baked muffin) at the kitchen table, or a long leisurely family feast over a couple of days; your kitchen can be your house’s greatest asset. Easylife Kitchens kan jou help om jou ideale kombuis te kies, te ontwerp en te installeer. Die professionele ontwerpers maak die meeste van jou spasie, nie net om dit die beste te laat vertoon nie, maar ook sodat dit prakties, die beste werk. Easylife Kitchens in Nelspruit can help you choose, design and install your kitchen to the highest standard. Every taste and budget can be accommodated – from the latest international styles to Country - or even your most outlandish kitchen fantasy. The designers at Easylife Kitchens are all professionally trained, and skilled in solving the space problems to maximize not just how your kitchen looks – but how it

works. At the end of the day, your kitchens ability to ‘work’ for you is what makes it a pleasure to use everyday. Why don’t you invest in more quality time with friends and family in 2014? A new kitchen isn’t only an investment in the value of your property, but also an investment in quality time together as a family … eating breakfast, drinking tea, doing homework or preparing a home-cooked romantic dinner for two. Kies meer tyd saam, kies meer tyd in die kombuis – met Boetie se huiswerk, ‘n tee met Ma of ‘n romantiese, tuisgemaakte aandete vir twee.

Visit Easylife Kitchen’s showroom before the end of December and you could receive a great discount on your new kitchen in 2014! Besoek Easylife Kitchen se vertoonkamer voor die einde van Desember en jy kan ‘n lekker afslag geniet op jou splinternuwe kombuis in 2014! Tel: (013) 755 1495 / 6 Riverside Industrial Park Waterfall Street Lowveld | Nelspruit Office Hours: Weekdays: 8:00 - 17:00 Saturday: 9:00 - 13:00

Tel: (013) 752 3722 FREE QUOTATIONS After Hours: 072 612 1919 E-mail:

10 IMPORTANT HOLIDAY TIPS 1. Switch off your geyser at the circuit breaker (electricity box) when going on holiday. 2. Make sure that, whoever looks after your house, knows where to turn off your main water valve in case of an emergency. 3. Do not overload electrical outlets. Overloaded electrical outlets and faulty wires are a common cause of holiday fires. 4. Turn off, unplug, and extinguish all decorations when going to sleep or leaving the house. 5. Never connect more than three strings of incandescent lights. More than three strands may not only blow a fuse, but can also cause a fire.

PLUMBING new installations | burst pipes | geysers blocked drains | valves | septic tanks | COC's ELECTRICAL COC's | maintenance | contracts | new installations | 3 phase problems | borehole pumps MAINTENANCE fencing | steelwork | locks & doors | tiling painting | gate motors | access control

We thank all our loyal customers for their continued support throughout 2013! Swift Group will strive to give in 2014 the same "swift" 24 hour service.

6. Do a proper inspection inside as well as outside of your house to make sure there are no leaks. 7. Add water to all drains before you leave to keep plumbing wet and avoid odours on your return. 8. Check your gutters! Make sure no leaves, twigs or garden debris are blocking the inlet of the downspouts. 9. Unplug all appliances that consume electricity if they are not in-use. 10. Make sure you, your neighbour, family and housesitter know Swift Group is available to help 24 Hour’s a day, 7 days a week. Most important – share Swift’s number with them: 072 612 1919. Swift Group wishes you and your family a Safe and Joyous Holiday Season!!


Mr. Francois Roux, Governing Board Member of ICMA Background A river is shaped by the changes that take place in its catchment, whether those changes are natural or induced by humans. Rivers have a natural capacity to resist adverse changes, maintain the chemical and physical habitats necessary for the many plants, animals and people that depend on the systems. However, the degree to which a river can resist and neutralize adverse effects has limits. If these limits are exceeded for extended periods the river will lose its nurturing power and its value as a habitat for plants and animals, and as a natural resource for humans. An ecological healthy river is one of which the water is good to drink, and swim and whose fish is edible for humans as well as other predatory animals. To know whether a river is healthy or not, or whether it is getting less healthy or perhaps recovering from bad health requires regular monitoring of the vital signs of the river (from River Health Report NAEBP). The Department of Water Affairs, Water Research Commission and Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism have combined forces to develop the River Health Programme. This programme aims at using standardized and proven

scientific techniques to measure the health of all major rivers in South Africa. A multitude of factors determine the health of a river ecosystem: its geomorphological characteristics, hydrological and hydraulic regimes, chemical and physical water quality and the nature of the in-stream and riparian habitats. Monitoring every factor is impractical, so scientists select indicators representative of the main components of a riverine ecosystem to obtain a cost effective measure of the health of the system. (From River Health Report NAEBP) What are indicators of River Health? Indicators of river health are biological, physical and chemical characteristics of the river that can provide quantitative (how much) and qualitative (how good) information on the ecological condition of a river.The River Health Programme focuses primarily on biological characteristics as indicators of river health.These biological characteristics would typically be the composition of abundance of species within a particular biological community, for example a fish community. Aquatic organisms are adapted to live within certain environmental conditions. Changes within their environment may adversely affect composition and abundance characteristics of a specific community. If a river is inhibited by healthy biologic communities, the river as a whole is resilient and healthy. (From River Health Report NAEBP)

Bio-monitoring by MTPA taking place in Usuthu Catchment 2010.

RHAM modelling taking place

Electrofishing in Assegaai River Thus the main purpose of the River Health Programme is to provide information regarding the overall ecological status of riverine ecosystems in South Africa. The programme focuses primarily on biological characteristics as indicators of river health using the following primary indicators and indices: • Communities of fish – Fish Assemblage Integrity Index (FAII) • Aquatic invertebrates – South African Scoring System (SASS 4) • Riparian vegetation – Riparian vegetation Index (RVI) During the late 1996 to early 1997 the Mpumalanga Province was used as the pilot area for conducting testing and demonstration and the implementation of the River Health Programme in this province began with the monitoring of the Crocodile River and some of its tributaries. This provincial implementation initiative was made possible through the collaboration and sharing of resources between Mpumalanga Parks and

Tourism Agency (MTPA) and Kruger National Park (SANParks), assisted by the Institute for Water Quality Studies, the Water Research Commission, and the CSIR’s Environmentek.The studies focused on the Olifants, Sabie and Crocodile rivers and monitoring commenced during late 1996 and was completed during 1999. However, the intention was that provincial and local authorities will implement and maintain the programmes because they best understand the needs, constraints and capabilities relevant to their areas of responsibilities. Due to various reasons this did not happen, although role-players like MTPA and SANParks did continue with these programmes in total isolation from the national programmes. In February 2011 the Province of Mpumalanga has taken up the challenge again to revitalize the River Health Programme. Role players like MTPA, SANParks, DWA, and the newly delegated ICMA held a workshop and discussed the way forward to reactivate this important programme. A Coordinating Committee was appointed to lead the way forward and one of the first areas identified for this programme to commence with would be in the Sabie River Catchment. With the recently delegated powers to the ICMA this agency will play an important role in this programme and have already made funds available to assist in the Sabie River Bio-monitoring project.

Inkomati CMA (013) 753 9000 P.O. Box X11214 Nelspruit 1200, South Africa


Trappers and Naybers Empowering you in your community! Naybers "SMS to News" post will empower you to get your message to the community in a way that has never been easier. From identifying that suspicious person to lost and found. Naybers is your local community network Our busy lifestyles and fortress-like homes hardly allow any space for us to connect with one of our biggest support groups. Studies show that 36% of people would not recocnize their neighbour if they pass them in the street. Huntley Fyvie, CEO of the Naybers Group, has made it his mission to get neighbours more connected using a messaging service called SMS Naybers. The goal of SMS Naybers is to get the community more involved in the fight against crime. Security oranisations and the municipality can become more aware of suspicious activity with the use of real-time reports sent by you. Huntley believes that communication is the vital ingredient in getting communities organised and safe. SMS Naybers works in a two-way communication system and has multiple-level groupings. Level 1: This level links the street, complex or farm communities. One person can send out a message and it will be available for all the members in that group, free of charge. Level 2: Includes the key members of the community. These are the neighbourhood watches, street captains and community policing forums (CPF). They can resend the same message to multiple level one groups, thus reaching a larger amount of areas and communities. Level 3: This is a web based level wich allows organisations to view all the messages by area. This assists the municipality and security organisations to dispatch the required resources to the relevant area. By connecting with your neighbours and other




Key Members


Active Citizen

members of your community you help create an awareness of what is happening in the neighbourhood. This doesn't have a limit to crime alerts and suspicious activity only. Useful information such as lost and found pets or valuables, road closures, flooding, power cuts, social events and general information can be rapidly sent to the specified members.

DID YOU KNOW? You may have heard the name Fyvie before. Huntley's father, Ian Fyvie established Trappers in Nelspruit in 1985. Ian is a strong believer in assisting people by supporting local sporting event and delivering good service to customers. Trappers, in partnership with Naybers, would like to invite all community leaders to get involved and help create a safer environment for all local households and families. For more information contact Huntley Fyvie: Cell: 082 728 8274 Email:

An organised and connected community, is a safe and productive one.


NELSPRUIT JEWEL EXCHANGE Leon Roos Tel: 013 752 3071 | Cell: 084 370 2878 | Stats House Building, Nelspruit

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the value of money

Albert Einstein once noted that the most powerful force in the universe ... is the power of compounding. In investing, this manifests itself through something called compound interest. In its simplest terms, it means that you earn interest on your interest. It is the best way for your money to grow over the long term. Let’s do a comparison: Take two people – Tim and John. Tim starts investing R250 a month at age 24 until he reaches the age of 30. At age 30 he stops saving, but leaves the money invested. At the age of 35 John starts saving R 250 a month. Even if John continues to save R 250 a month for the next 30 years, he will not catch up with Tim. (Assuming 9% interest for both investments). The reason is that by the time John starts saving, the interest Tim is earning on his savings is already more than R 250 per month. (R 250 is gelykstaande aan een inkopietog by jou plaaslike supermark) Saamgestelde rente gee aan iemand wat bietjie geld kan afknyp om te spaar, die geleentheid om welvaart te bou. Die geheim van saamgestelde rente lê nie daarin dat jy reuse bedrae spaar nie – dit gaan oor wanneer jy begin. Your investment time is the length of time until you need to sell (cash in) your investment. Generally speaking, the investment time horizon can be called short, medium and long. The scale of the last stock market crash and turmoil has certainly taken its toll on investor confidence, leaving many to become extremely hesitant. Market volatility however, is not a new phenomenon. While many crisis events are etched in the minds of the investing public, few will recall that after each crisis markets return to their previous levels. It is important that investors are careful not to react on emotions. As we have seen, markets move in cycles. Over short periods, markets can be volatile and result in a wide range of positive or negative returns. The longer you stay invested, the greater the possibility that your investment will generate a positive return. Wanneer jy jou geld oor ‘n lang termyn wil belê, sodat jy die krag van saamgestelde rente kan inspan, moet jy dit egter so belê dat jy die opbrengskoers wat jy kry inflasie klop. Inflasie verwys na die styging in die pryse van goedere en dienste – en dit vreet die koopkrag van jou geld weg.



Year 1 R10 + 9%

Year 2 R10.90 + 9%

Year 3 R11.88 + 9%

Year 4 R12.95 + 9%

What is compound interest? The basic principle of compound interest is earning additional interest on interest. Once you earn your first interest payment, it is added to the principle.

Daar is in die algemeen 3 aspekte wat in ag geneem moet word met beleggings: • Die koste daaraan verbonde • Die opbrengs wat dit lewer • Die risiko waaraan jy blootgestel word Daar is dus geen verskoning hoekom jy nie die krag van saamgestelde rente in jou spaarbeplanning moet insluit nie. Dit is veral noodsaaklik wanneer jy jonk is, maar selfs al is jy al oor 50, kan jy nog 35 tot 40 jaar leef. Moet dus nie dink jy het jou kans verpas omdat jy nie in jou 20’s begin het nie.

“Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” Benjamin Franklin

Murray Street 36 Chereson Place 2 Nelspruit Karen engelbrecht: 082 907 4597


Handmade ... with love! Surprise YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WITH handmade GIFTS THIS FESTIVE SEASON! (This is also a great way to spend quality time crafting with the kids!)

Personalised mugs Paint each one in a different colour for each member of a family. Ask at your local paint shop for a paint suitable for porcelain. Use a lead pencil to lightly draw outline of letter directly onto mug. Fill tip of a paintbrush with enough paint to spot on each dot in one application. To prevent paint dripping, keep dots fairly small and lie mug on its side to dry. When dry, bake in oven at 150ºC (130ºC in a fan oven) for 35 minutes to make paint dishwasher resistant. Tip: If you can’t find the exact colour of paint you need, you can mix colours together.

Tuin tegniek Omskep vaal tuingereedskap in ‘n besonderse geskenk vir kranige tuiniers in jul familie. Verf die handvatsels van die gereedskap in die kleur van jou keuse. ‘n Helder kleur is maklik om te vind tussen die plante. Laat die gereedskap behoorlik droog word. Verf nou hier en daar kolletjies of strepies in ‘n ander kleur. Wanneer heeltemal droog, beskerm dit met ‘n lagie helder vernis.

Make a family tree picture Create an heirloom to treasure.

Bake aromatic festive “biscuit” tree decorations These biscuits for the Christmas tree are quick and fun to make with children. Adorn your tree with these easy to make, no-bake decorations, which have a wonderful, spicy scent evocative of Christmas. They will keep for many years if you store them in an airtight container where their aroma will intensify. You will need: 250g apple sauce, 1 teaspoon glue (PVA is fine),
120g cinnamon. 1. Mix all the ingredients together by hand or in a food processor to form a stiff dough (add a little water or flour if the dough is too dry or wet). 2. Roll out to 5mm thickness and cut with shaped biscuit cutters. 3. Make a small hole at the top with a skewer (to hang the biscuit with ribbon) and leave to dry for three days. 4.Thread with a fine ribbon to hang.

Note: These are not edible!

Arrange some thin branches or twigs onto a piece of A2-size card in a tree shape. Stick in place using clear-drying glue. Select photographs of family members and cut into 7cm x 8cm rectangles. Arrange around the tree and use spray glue to stick in pIace. Insert in frame. Tips: Spray glue is ideal as it allows you to reposition pieces before they become stuck down.
To print a colour photograph in black and white, you can photocopy it onto photo paper, selecting the black and white print option on the photocopier.

Maak kaneel kerse Hierdie pragtige kerse is die perfekte geskenk oor die feesseisoen, of maak dit net om jou huis ‘n kersgeur te gee! Jy benodig: Kers in glas houertjie Kaneelstokkies | 6mm rooi geweefde lint | Goue klokkie | Warm gomgeweer | Gomstokkies Sy die kaneelstokkies na verlangde lengte, plak hul sy aan sy rondom die kers houer met die warm gomgeweer. Sny ‘n lengte lint en bind om die middel van die kaneelstokkies. Ryg ‘n goue klokkie aan die lint, en maak ‘n mooi strikkie!

Make personalised Christmas paper place mats Personalise paper place mats with your guest’s name using quirky alphabet stamps and contrasting ribbon woven around the edge to match your festive colour scheme. You will need:
 Hole punch, Watercolour paper, Ribbon, Wrapping paper To make:
Using a punch, make holes evenly spaced on two edges of a square of watercolour paper. Weave ribbon through and secure with a knot underneath at each end. Use scraps of wrapping paper to make napkin rings and tie with ribbon.


For all your foam and stuffing needs!

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A DV E RTI S I N G Advertise here for as little as

R595 (excl VAT) ONCE OFF Placement includes design. 15 000 Copies of Mom’s Notes are securely distributed every second month in Nelspruit, White River, Malelane and Barberton now also in Lydenburg, Sabie and Hazyview.

Contact us today! Tel: (013) 744 0730 | 084 499 5891 Email:

Opvoedkundige Speelskool


Individuele stimulasie Opvoedkundige onderrig rrig Afrikaans & Engels onde RRR vanaf 12 maande tot Gr. Fleksietye beskikbaar

Werk of speel... Ons is kinders Work or play... We are children

Melissa van Vuuren 082 323 3461 |

Cecilia van Wijk

Kleuterskool 1960-2013

Wijkie-Bytjies Die grondslag van ons skool is gegrond op Christelike normes en waardes. Afrikaanse onderrig vanaf 18 maande tot Gr. R. 31 Murraystraat, Nelspruit TEL/FAKS: 013 752 4491

• Establis • Dedicated to giv hed 2009 ing ou the best learning r “little cubs” • Modern, airy cla experience ssroom with large play area •Grade RRR, RR &R • Cub Sport, Mini various other ac Cricket, Art and tivities are our daily activitie all part of s

Contact D 013 753 3864 / etails: 082 625 6999


BED & FURNITURE FACTORY SHOP Save up to 70% on our Ultimate 20 year warrantee range. Showroom 1st Floor. 29 Bester Str Furniture & Appliance Warehouse Nelspruit (Old Lubners Bld)

Stores Dirk Winterbach Str Lion Valley Centre Bushbuckridge, Burgersfort (Old Standard Bank Bld)

The most unique Movement Education Programme in the world! Designed by specialists, endorsed by therapists & teachers & loved by children. Monkeynastix concentrates on: General Fitness Gymnatics Basic Movement Skills Aerobics Speed and Agility Cardio Vascular Fitness Motor Imitation Skills For more information please have a look at our website: | Marle 082 304 9664 (Nelspruit/White River and surrounding areas)

NEW HOTEL RANGE OF BEDS Do not be misled by cosmetic finishes. All raw materials used are wholly supplied by subsidiaries of Steinhoff International. Including our unique double tempered spring system, high density foam, premium fabric as well as our lables. These premium components guarantee longevity. View the beds in our stores or warehouse. Uncompromising Quality at real factory prices! Wholesaling beds directly to the Hospitality Industry Jonty Ormiston Tel/Fax 013 752 6386 Cell 076 097 3881 Email:

Suzette van Zyl: 083 522 0557

Maternity & Newborn Photography Contact Annelize 082 334 4878

• Gourm et C • Wedding akes Cakes • Novelty Cakes • Birthday Cakes High quality

• Baby Sh owers • Hen Pa rties • Celebra tion Cakes • Macaron s • Cake Po ps

cakes. Glut en free


Contact M o 08 email: mo@ 23609597 or joojoobean www.joojoo

25% OFF ANY ONE ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE This discount entitles you to 25% off any item of your choice. This discount excludes livestock, dog food and other products already on promotion. One voucher per customer. This voucher is valid only as original voucher from Mom's Notes - no copies. Valid until 20 January 2014.

3km from N4 on Kaapsehoop Rd. Tel: (013) 741 4612/3348 43

Screenings: Papsmear Clinical Breast Examination PSA fingerprick test Skin Examination

If you need any information regarding cancer or want a screening done, please contact us at: CANSA Care Centre | Anneckestr 6 | Nelspruit TEL: 013 741 5442/3


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