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human beings you will have ever met. Two Roz oz little kids come there, the first thing is, R insists upon making sandwiches, so we would have eaten before we go down to see Jack, so we ate. W Wee hadd a nice time. W Wee’d go down. Again, imagine the person who is drawing Galactus at the time—we saw pages with Galactus months before they came out—speaking to little kids, and treating us like adults. It was amazing. So I had been a fan, and I got to work with Jack on covers. I got to work with—the only one I suggested was one Captain America cover. Y You ou don’t tell Jack what to do, but it was the big anniversary of 1776 to 1976, and I said, “W Wee have to do a special cover.” And he just did the most amazing stuff. And I think he enjoyed working with me because he knew me, and that was a little bit of a difffference. So I only worked with him a few times before everything was moved over to other editors and stuff like that. EVANIER: Now, I remember you telling me how much you loved the first Eternals comic when it came in, didn’t you? WOLFMAN: Well, the New Gods. That was at DC. EVANIER: Yeah, but I’m talking about Marvel. WOLFMAN: Well, the Eternals, I, Jack— first of all, I’m a mythology nut, and Jack created so much about that because of his “T Tales of Asgard” stuff, which was the most amazing comic that I had ever seen, and I loved the mythology he created. And I was a huge fan of the New Gods artwork and all of tha t, which,THIS by thePREVIEW, way, he had in his IF YOU ENJOYED CLICKhouse THE about LINK eight TO ORDER THIS years befor e it ever ISSUE INapPRINT FORMAT! peared,OR becDIGITAL ause they w ere all on the walls of his house. There were all those characters, and he would tell us what the stories were about, and we just kept waiting and waiting and waiting to see when they would come out. The Eternals was yet another take—we were talking about revisiting concepts, but taking it in a brand new direction yet again. It was the most amazing stuff. Unfortunately—I was a huge fan of his stuff. Stan was an even larger fan. He really was. He loved Jack’s work, but not all of the editors did, not all of the other people, because his writing wasn’t the same flavor as the rest of the Marvel stuff, and I think there were a lot of people who may not have appreciated the workKIRBY he was dCOLLECTOR oing, as well. B#67 ut you look at it and UP-CLOSE & PERSONAL! Kirby interviews you weren’t aware go, “Nobody has this imagina tion. Nfrom obody drasaw wshim tointhis scale. The of, photos and recollections fans who person, giant characters, anpersonal d theanecdotes n the lifrom ttle Jack’s onesfellow , anpros, d thLEE e eand ndKIRBY less backgrounds, cameos in comics, MARK EVANIER and other regular columand the most amazing stuff am cover I hitting anything nists, and more!ever Don’t.”letBut the photo fool you; this issue is that you of rare Kirby pencil art, from Roz Kirby’s private wanted me to? chockfull sketchbook, and Jack’s most personal comics stories!

WOLFMAN: Yeah, the, um… u it was Stan. And he comes back in, and it was still very quiet, still fairly secret that Jack was coming back to Marvel, which was the most amazing thing in the world. I was a huge Jack Kirby fan from the point—I didn’t even know who the artist was, but there were—I read everything, and back in Adventure Comics was the “Green Arrow” strip which was one of the more boring strips ever done, and suddenly there were a whole bunch of Green Arrow stories with giant arrows coming from outer space and all of this stuff, and I went, “Hey, this is really good stuffff.” Years later, I discovered it was Jack Kirby. Or I’m reading a comic, so I bought Challengers of the Unknown. And, again, no credits, and it’s by Jack and Wally Wally. And, wow! Where did this come from? This is was like no other comic. So I’’ve ve been b a fan of his forever, and we went to his house off and on when we were 13, 14, and 15. He was an endless fount of information. The kindest

(100-page FULL-COLOR EVANIER: Yes, yes. [laughter] I remember edmag) tha$10.95 t discussion when the (Digital Edition) $4.95 first Eternals came in. First, you were so amazed at—Marv and I one time were talking about the decision at DC to cancel the New Gods and Forever P People eople, and he said… [pauses]

WOLFMAN: Please tell me, I don’t know what I said. 86

Jack Kirby Collector #67  

In Jack Kirby Collector #67, we get Up-Close & Personal with Jack! It features Kirby interviews you weren’t aware of, photos and recollectio...

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